Goshman, Albert: Magic By Gosh Lecture Notes
©1965 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 19 pages
Magic by Gosh
              Lecture Notes
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Albert Goshman: Magic by Gosh Lecture Notes



3 Some Personal Thoughts on Magic
4 Tempo and Timing
5 My Own Personal Problems: giving up bad habits
6 My Routine: Al's set of tricks for a close-up set
6 To You - My Lecture Audience
7 Coins Thru the Table: no duplicates
8 Winged Silver: Three silver coins in left hand join three gold coins in right. No gimmicks.
10 Glass Thru Table: while seated at a cloth covered table
11 Impossible Marked Coins Transpositon: two marked coins change places two times. Uses a half dollar, two English Pennies, and a marking pen
13 The Sun and Moon: copper and silver coins transpose. Uses C/S set.
15 Han Pin Chen: refers you to Dai Vernon's Book of Magic and the Magic of Slydini
16 Meeting At the Summit: Four Aces assemble from the 4 corners to under one cover. From Hugard's Magic Monthly, Sept. 1955
19 About Albert Goshman (Jay Marshall)