U.F. Grant: The Mediums Scrapbook
Grant, U.F.: The Medium's Scrapbook
©1951 U.F. Grant
Softcover, folded manuscript, 8.5x11"
U.F. Grant: The Medium's Scrapbook
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Comments: From the intro, "The following pages reveal a wealth of spirit and mental material from my scrapbook - material that I have worked out from time to time and saved for just such a publication as this. The real meat of the material is here, it is up to the individual reader to dig it out and use the one most suitable for their particular style of working."

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Fall of Buddha
2 The Whispering Rajah
3 The Idol Tells
4 Private Ballot Box
5 The Obedient Door
6 The Third Person Tells
7 New Spirit Buzzer
8 Stop the Clock
9 Fortune Telling Alarm Clock
10 The Spirit Grasp
11 Phantom Matches
12 Pocket Money
13 Magazine Test
14 Slate_O_Matic
15 Message Reading
16 Your Question
17 Microphone Mind Reading
18 The Handy Cupboard
19 Trade Booster
20 Floating Table
21 The Ghost Cabinet