Guinn, Scott F.: Cops & Robbers
Three Arresting Coin Routines That are so Good, It's Criminal!
1995 (circa) Great Scott! It's Magic!
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
              & Robbers
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Comments: Effect as purchased included C/S coins and English Pennies. I must admit I was a bit disappointed upon receiving the package, as I thought the effects would all involve "cops and robbers" type plots and was looking forward to it. Instead, the Cops come from "copper", and the Robbers comes from the "thieves and sheep" plot in one effect, and the use of Aldo Colombini's Tweezer Steal in the other two. That said, the effects are decent, and the inclusion of the coins is a nice touch.


2 Introduction. Explains history of effects.
3 Sheepish Thieves. English Pennies held in each hand, 5 silver half-dollars picked up by alternate hands. Upon opening the hands, the English Pennies are together, and all the halves are in the other hand. This is repeated a couple of times and you end clean.
10 Stolen Matrix: Starts out as regular matrix, but then all coins travel back to three cards, and a Jumbo Coin is revealed at the climax. Introduces Aldo Colombini's Tweezer Coin Steal.
17 Copper Four A Change: Matrix starts out as above, with coins returning to cards, but results in half dollars changing to English pennies.
22 Additional Comments: Explains Ramsay Subtlety and Han Ping Chien moves.