James Hagy: Perennial Mystics #2
Hagy James: The Perennial Mystics #2
© James Hagy
Softcover, VeloBind, 8.5x11", 64 pages
James Hagy: Perennial Mystics #2
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Contents (from book):

3 Jim's Whims (James Hagy): News, passing of Milbourne Christopher, publications of interest
6 The Mystery of Felix Bley/Blei (Robert Lund): magician's manager
8 Harry Kellar (Frank W. Dailey): short biography with some pictures
14 Goldston and Lafayette (Arthur Setterington): Will Goldston's view of Lafayette compared with others who knew him
17 Jardine Ellis (Peter Warlock): some "fake" history debunked
22 The First Step Into the Magic World (T. Nordes): magic in Scandinavia
27 The Exquisite Conjuring Catalogues of the Nineteenth Century Part IV (Raphael Ellenbogen)
27 - Otto Maurer
33 - An Auspicious Discovery - Another W.H. Cremer Catalogue
36 - Interior Pages from Catalogue
41 Nostalgia - Collector Style! (Rober Montadon): reviewing some old brochures and magic ephemera
43 De Land's Trickards Catalog of 1914 (Warren M. Wexler)
46 Jean De Jen and the Girl of a Million Songs (James Hagy): relatively unknown but successful magician
53 - Photos, Etc.