Haines Ronald: 36 Tricks with FA-KO Cards
1962 Haines House of Cards, Ohio
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 Pages

Haines: 36
              Tricks with FA-KO Cards
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Comments: Still available from Haines House of Cards, edited by John Braun. From the Foreword: "The original FA-KO or gimmicked [sic] cards required for eight of the effects in this booklet were made by Syl Reilly. The instructions were copyrighted and the name FA-KO trade-marked. The card stock, however, was of very poor quality We have endeavored to print these effects on the best stock available, and have added gimmicked cards to enable you to perform many additional effects." For a time, there was also available a Fako Letraset Sheet" with "stick-on" pips and indices that could be applied to your own cards for making gimmicked cards.

Some of these tricks leave you "hot", with the cards non-examinable, yet with the spectator yearning to see them. Most of the later tricks, however, are better integrated, and most, of course, can be modified to help you end clean or take the "heat" of the gimmicked cards.


1 Foreword: About FA-KO cards and an overview of the book
2 The Traveling Spots: Blank cards transpose with two Fours placed in an envelope
2 The 1-2-3 Mystery: Ace, Two, and Three of Hearts are Shown. Two and Three of hearts are placed in separate hats, and transpose.
3 The Joker: 3, 4, and 5 of Clubs are shown and during a story, the 4 of clubs turns into a joker.
4 The Enchanted Spades: Six through 10 of Spades are shown. Two are placed under a handkerchief, three are placed in a covered glass. The cards transpose.
5 The Aero Ace: Ace, Two and Three are shown, 2 is placed in one glass, the 3 in another. With a wave of the Ace the cards transpose.
6 The Fly-Away Cards: Four cards are placed in a hat and one removed. The others are all blank.
6 Transformo: Two cards are placed in the spectator's pocket and spectator names one. Magician removes that card and places it in his own pocket, then the cards magically trade places
7 Five-I-Tus: Red and Black Fives transpose
8 The Color Change: a color change using the 7 of Diamonds as a paintbrush
8 Two From Five (Dave Coleman's Version): Five cards are covered with a handkerchief, two are removed, and the rest vanish
9 Presto-Chango or Eights & Deuces: Four eights are shown. 2D is switched with the 8C and the 8C is tabled. The other 8's turn to deuces. 8C is replaced and 2D is tabled. All cards are now black, then all red.
10 Three Card Monte: Spectator cannot find the Ace (of course gimmicked cards are used)
11 Two Card Monte: One card face up, other face down. Named card is placed behind back, remaining card is now shown to be the card he named. Also references Bert Allerton's "One of my Greatest Tricks" from The Close-Up Magician.
13 The Card Paradox: Two Aces are placed in one spectator pocket, and Two number cards are placed in the another pocket. Spectator names one Ace and one number card is removed and returned to the deck. The cards remaining in the pocket are those just named, and the other cards are now found in the deck.
13 The Stubborn Card: A card inserted face up in the face down deck instantly reverses itself
14 The Princess Card Trick: only partially described
14 A Twick As Wovely As a Tree (Ed Marlo as used by Don Alan): An effect for the "Tree" of Hearts
15 The Changing Spot Card: The pips on two sides of a card keep changing
16 Business Card Monte: The card in the spectator's hand turns out to be a different card
17 The Gag Cards: brief suggestions
17 3 1/2 of Clubs: an unexpected prediction
17 The Gag Cards: 14 of Spades and 15 of Diamonds: Blackjack hand
18 The Reverse Printed Card: explained
18 A True Color Change: using the above card
18 The "Y" Alphabet Card: a "gag" presentation
18 The Blank Face Card: some gags
18 Blank Face and Blank Back Routines: Spotting the Blank Pack - a blank deck becomes printed
19 A Blank Backs Routine: as above, but the blank backs print
19 Double Face Cards: references Chapter VIII of Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
19 The Four Ace Trick: four aces assemble to one pile
20 Four Ace Monte (R.W. Hull): another approach
21 Turn-Over Aces (R.W. Hull): follow up for the above effect
22 Come-Back Aces: a continuation of Ralph Hull's four Ace effect
22 The Pringle Four Ace Routine: Yet another four Ace routine
24 McDonald's $100 Routine: not described, but points to Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic book
24 Color Changing Backs Routine: Doesn't even need FA-KO cards!
24 Double Backed Cards: described, and references Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and Greater Magic for more routines
24 The Double Backed Card Force (from Encyclopedia of Card Tricks): forcing a card using a double backer
25 The Perfect Force (from Encyclopedia of Card Tricks & Henry Christ): another double backer card force
25 The Perfect Card Location (from Hugard & Braue's Miracle Methods): a card location using a double backed card (Henry Christ)
26 The Faulty Follower (Gen Grant, Ken Brooke): Five Card do as I do effect
27 The Reversing Cards Routine (with a Harry Stanley touch): Every other card is reversed in a fan of cards, but they all instantly reset. Next time, all reset except the selection
28 The Acrobatic Jacks: Jacks from Red & Blue packs are inserted into the decks of the opposite colors, yet instantly transpose
28 The Number Card: about them
20 Number Sympathy: the mate to a selection is found after some amusing failures
29 Locator Cards: the short card and the corner short, and some references where you can find other routines
30 The Tuned Deck (R.W. Hull): Takes 13 pages in Greater Magic; here it is presented in "short" form. A Six phase routine.