Hallas, Paul: The Even Cheaper Booklet
©1986 Paul Hallas
Softcover, spiral-boud, 8.5x11"
The Even Cheaper Booklet
Image courtesy eBay seller StuartMagic
Paul Hallas: The Even Cheaper Booklet


Contents (from front cover, numbers are not page numbers):

1 A Prediction In Millions
2 Zener Parade
3 Zener Prediction
4 Mental Chance
5 Hallastack
6 Hands 0ff Presentation For Hallastack
7 The Margaret Thatcher Card Trick
8 Card Thoughts
9 Back Door Royal Assembly
10 Empty Sandwich
11 Bendix Bombshell Aftershock
12 Burnt Corner
13 Off The Cuff
14 Colour Snap Update
15 Computer Style Dating
16 Chinka Clunk
17 Future Sight
18 Book Test Bits