Harlan, Dan: My First 20 or So Years
©2008 (circa) Dan Harlan
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 39 pages
              First 20 or So Years
Image from Magic, Inc.
Dan Harlan: My First 20 or So Years

Comments: "Harlan's greatest hits with previously unreleased material. A handpicked collection of the highest quality original magic that has defined Harlan's incredible career. It's a long, strange trip through a creative mind filled with cards, coins, ropes, rubber bands and processed cheese. So, turn the pages to discover how a legendary magical genius thinks."

Contents (from Lybrary.com, numbers are not page numbers):

1 All Clear
2 Hologram Hare
3 Snappy Penetrations
4 Traveling Cash
5 Burnt to the Core
6 Meltdown
7 Whiplash
8 One of These Days
9 Joint Venture
10 Psychotic Surgery
11 Rising Dough
12 Newsline
13 Equalibrium
14 Tight Rope
15 World's Saddest Trick
16 Cheez Wiz
17 The Popcorn Trick
18 Win-Win
19 Push