Harris, Ben: For Close-up Magicians' Eyes Only
©1981 Ben Harris
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 44 pages
For Close Up
              Magician's Eyes Only
1981 Edition
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For Close Up Magicians' Eyes Only
1985 Edition
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Ben Harris: For Close-Up Magician's Eyes Only



2 Dedication
3 Introduction
5 Author's Note
6 Effects Rundown

8 Effects
8 Elevated Thought: thought of card rises to top
11 Super Slice: miniature illusion with cards
15 Simplified Matrix: signed card torn and restored
20 Coin Fantasy: four coin production
25 Coin Bullet: coin vanish and re-appearance
30 Incision
33 Slip Locators
38 Blendsation

44 Final Words