Harris, Ben: Off the Wall
1988 by BHM Industries, Australia;
1990 Tannen's Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 101 pages
Ben Harris : Off
              the Wall
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9 Foreword (Jay Sankey)
11 Introduction
13 4 Corners: 4 coins appear simultaneously at the four corners of your close-up mat
16 Static: a "sell" of the power of two cards
18 The Geller Card: a playing card bends on its own
21 Divine: uses the Geller Card
24 Invertz: achieving a red/black separation
27 Pyrobox: signed/chosen appears inside a matchbox
38 Pyrobook: another effect with a match-book
44 Foto: photographic card effect
51 Invisible Sandwich: selection is sandwiched between two other cards
54 Slip Cut Sandwich: another version
59 S.C.S. #2: Slip Cut Load Sequence
60 Twirl: Psychic spoon bending
62 S.F.U.C. Super Flip Utility Concept: with four brief ideas
67 Dynamic Duo: two card tanspo
71 Staple Diet: signed card ends up stapled to another card
75 Tight: another two card transposition
82 Pilgrimage: coins across on a close-up mat
91 Strange Harmony: idea for a complete vanish of a card
96 H.G. Wells: Joker goes back in time to predict selection
100 Under Your Finger: with spectator involvement
103 Biography