Harris, Ben: Quarks & Quirks
©2000 Ben Harris
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 39 pages
Quarks & Quirks
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Ben Harris: Quarks & Quirks

Comments: Takes on the Torn & Restored Card. Available as an eBook from Lybrary.com

Contents (from book ToC):

10 The Quarter Back Tear: method for apparently tearing a card in half, while only tearing one quarter
12 Particle Vanish: clean playing card vanish after being torn in quarters
14 Twist Assist: visible restoration of one or two quarters of a playing card
18 Space Oddity: Card is torn in half width-wise, and then lengthwise
24 Particle Physics: signed card vanishes while torn into quarters and re-appears in the deck
29 Many Worlds Climax for Hoodwink: restored card shatters into four pieces
32 Wink Wink: Examinable method for Hoodwink