Hawthorne, Julian (Editor): Library of the World's Best Mystery and Detective Stories
©1908 The Review of Reviews Company, NY
Hardcover, 295 PAGES
Library of the
              World's Best Mystery and Detective Stories
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Comments: Mostly a book of mystery stories, but has three sections of interest to magicians by Robert-Houdin, David Abbott, Hereward Carrington, and an Anonymous writer.


11 Introduction (Charles Johnston): A World-Old Web of Oriental Tales
15 The Power of Eloquence (Japanese)
23 The Dishonest Goldsmith and the Ingenious Painter (Turkish)
26 The Craft of the Three Sharpers (Arabic)
36 The Cheerful Workman (Arabic)
38 The Robber and the Woman (Arabic)
40 The Wonderful Stone (Chinese)
45 The Weaver Who Became a Leach (Arabic)
49 Visakha (Tibetan)
56 Told by the Constable (Arabic)
63 The Unjust Sentence (Chinese)
66 The Scar on the Throat (Arabic)
82 Devasmita (Sanskrit)
91 The Sharpers and the Money-lender (Arabic)
93 The Withered Hand (Turkish)
96 The Melancholist and the Sharper (Arabic)
97 Lakshadatta and Labdhadatta (Sanskrit)
101 The Cunning Crone (Arabic)
104 Judgment of a Solomon (Chinese)
107 The Sultan and His Three Sons (Arabic)
113 Tale of a Demon (Sanskrit)
125 The Jar of Olives and the Boy Kazi (Arabic)
134 Another Solomon (Chinese)
136 Calamity Ahmad and Habzaloro Bazazah (Arabic)
156 A Man-Hating Maiden (Sanskrit)
162 Told by the Constable (Arabic)
169 The Clever Thief (Tibetan)
173 The King Who Made Mats (Persian)
178 The Brahman Who Lost His Treasure (Sanskrit)
180 The Duel of the Two Sharpers (Arabic)
188 The Lady and the Kazi (Persian)
196 Mahaushadha (Tibetan)
198 Avicenna and the Observant Young Man (Turkish)

203 A Conjurer's Confessions
203 Self-Training
207 Second Sight
222 The Magician Who Became an Ambassador
232 Facing the Arab's Pistol

239 Fraudulent Spiritualism Unveiled
239 A "Doctor of the Occult"
244 How the Tricks Succeeded
249 The Name of the Dead
259 Mind Reading in Public
275 Some Famous Exposures

279 More Tricks of "Spiritualists"
279 Matter Through Matter
280 Deception Explained by the Science of Psychology

292 How Spirits Materialize