Hayden, Allan: Haydenizms
©Allan Hayden
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 29 pages
Hayden: Haydenizms
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Comments: Allan Hayden performs comedy magic, as those who have read his linking ring routine may know. Haydenizms is a collection of ideas and tricks that cover the range from "beginner" type stuff to effects he performed at competitions. The drawings are mostly stick figures, created by Allan himself. They add to the light hearted nature of the notes and do provide sufficient information. The Monte effects are good, as is the Gozinta Sponge ball routine.


1 Spot/Dot: homemade paddle routine
3 Paper Thin Dovepan: making a dovepan from pot lids
3 Blondin "Better Like This" Balancing Act: glass placed at 45 degree angle balances against a playing card. It is then placed on top of the playing card, which is on its edge.
5 The Old Coin from Ear: gag with a rubber ear
5 Cootie in the Coffee Cup: plate lifter gag
7 Shaking Hands: Hope for Fraidy Cat Magicians: an essay
9 Two of Spades, Nine of Hearts: For Magicians. A Cut to the Aces routine misfires and produces a 2 and a 9 instead. These are placed into the pocket. More cuts and the 2 and 9 appear again. The missing Aces are now in the pockets.
11 Card to Hamburger: Card rises to the top of the deck and turns into a hamburger (mostly a gag)
12 Watch, Shoe, and Chair (impromptu): While conversing at a table, the magician finds his watch falls off and band is too small to put back on, his shoe falls off, and when he stands, he has become belted to the chair! (sometimes magic goes awry!)
13 Fifth Ace Out: recovery from 5 cards produced instead of 4 Aces
14 Card on Floor: After ambitious card routine, another card is selected and lost in the deck. The Ace is used to find the card, but the Ace is found instead and tossed to the floor. Later, the tossed Ace turns out to be the selected card.
15 Gozinta! Sponges from an in-n-outer boxes. Full routine
19 Wax It/Snatch It: "impromptu" money snatcher
19 Molly Mania: introduction to next trick
19 Wildcard Monte: 2 Tens and Queen. Queen always comes to the Top, then turns into 3 Queens, then back again, then 2 Jokers and the Queen ends up on the magician's face. (R&S)
22 Bullet Monte: Souped up Color Monte (more R/S). 2 Jokers, Red Queen shown. Queen comes to top, Jokers change into Queen, then back again. Queen turns into an Ace, then FOUR Aces are discovered.
25 Miser's Wax: Using Sid Lorraine's Handi-Ruff with coins to handle stack as one
26 Egg Foo Jung: Foo Can routine with a broken egg
29 Wisdom From the Forks: brief tips on performing