Haydn, Whit and Chef Anton: Notes on Fast and Loose
2000 The School for Scoundrels
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 44 pages
Haydn &
              Anton: Notes on Fast and Loose
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Comments: Very thorough coverage of Fast and Loose, or the Endless Chain. The emphasis is on how the effect should be presented as a genuine scam, that is, what presentation would really attract a 'victim' and keep him or her in the game. Uses clear B&W photos. Also available with a French Braid Chain. Recommended.


1 Fast and Loose Introduction and History: A short discussion of Pricking the Garter, On the Barrelhead, The Figure Eight, The Endless Chain, George Blake's contribution of Loopy Loop, and the development of the Haydn/Anton routines.

4 The School for Scoundrels Approach: The pattern to use (hourglass vs. figure eight vs. complicated), how it should be thrown (half, full, or off table), and other tips on presentation.

7 What Kind of Chain? 5 foot french rope chain recommended (and why)

8 Beginning Moves:
8 The Half-Table layout (based on George Blake)

14 Advanced Moves:
14 Opening the Chain, showing how one selection is "always" caught.
16 Lee Earle's Move: Proving the victim made the wrong choice
16 Tying the Knot: Move allows the victim to choose Fast or Loose.
18 Showing the 'U' Shape: A full-table method of convincing the spectator
20 Opening into the 'U' Shape: Another convincer

22 False Explanations, Come-Ons, and Hooks: Explanations that keep the victim hooked...

24 The School for Scoundrels Half-Table Layout: Allows 1 handed half-table throws of all 4 possibilities

30 Fast and Loose Routines: introduction
30 Jules Lenier Routine: Full table routine. Uses ball chain on close up pad. Short and concise.
33 Whit Haydn Routine: Two spectator routine. Allows "clear" view of 50/50 chance. Ends with spectator selecting Fast or Loose and still losing.
36 Chef Anton Routine: Two spectator routine (one wins, other loses). Uses poetry during the explanation and a grand "con" for winning a roll of $20's.

40 Afterthoughts
41 Bibliography
42 Biographies of Chef Anton, Whit Haydn, and Jules Lenier