Henderson, James & Sons (Pub): How to Give Conjuring & Other Entertainments At Home
©1900 (circa) James Henderson & Sons, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched 5.5x8.5", 64 pages, plus ads
How to Give Conjuring and Other Entertainments at
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James Henderson & Sons, Publishers: How to Give Conjuring &K Other Entertainments at Home

Comments: Red Lion House Popular Handbooks No. 2. The print is tiny so there is actually a lot of content in this little book

Contents (from book):

3 How to Give a Conjuring Entertainment

3 Chapter I Sleights Necessary for Tricks With Coins
4 The Palm
4 The Pass
5 The French Drop

6 Chapter II Tricks With Coins
7 Catching Coins From the Air
8 Odds or Evens

9 Chapter III Sleights of Hand Necessary In Conjuring With Cards
10 The Palm
11 To Palm Cards From the Bottom of the Pack
11 The Back and Front Palm With Cards
12 To Force a Card

12 Chapter IV
12 A Startling Discover of a Chosen Card
13 Passing a Card Through a Handkerchief
13 Telling a Chosen Card By Its Weight
15 A Thought-Reading Experiment
15 To Catch a Card On the Point of a Sword
17 Trick With a Bottle, a Coin and a Match
17 Profiles Made by Paper Wads
18 Boiling Water in a Paper Cup
18 The "Q" Trick
18 The Sore Finger
19 The Whispering Trick
19 Dancers in a Soap Bubble
20 The Enchanted Knives
20 The Elastic Man
21 The Strolling Minstrels
21 Domino Experiment
22 Two Match Puzzles
22 A Trick With the Dice-Box
22 The Wandering Ace
23 To Make a Roll of Paper Go Up Hill
23 The Mysterious Steamboat
23 Revolution of the Earth
24 Swinging a Glass of Water
24 The Dancing Wineglass
24 The Obedient Fish
25 Magic Pills
25 How to Make Thunder
25 The Paper Top
26 Coloured Card Trick
26 New Trick With Cork, Tumbler and a Card

26 Charades
27 The First Charade
27 The Second Charade
27 The Third Charade

28 Tableaux Vivants
30 Hints on the Selection of Subjects
30 That Awful Boy
31 Ruined
31 Our Social Evening

32 Thought Reading

34 Simple Mesmerism

36 How to Make Up for the Stage
36 How to Start
37 Requisites
38 The Lighting of the Face
39 Some Important Maxims
39 The Making of Features
39 The Forehead
40 The Nose
41 The Eyes
42 The Cheeks
42 The Chin
42 The Mouth and Lips
43 Wigs, Whiskers, Beards, and Moustaches
44 Concluding Remarks

45 Numerical Second Sight

47 The Practical Valentine Vox
47 Any One May Become a Ventriloquist
47 The Advantages of the Study
48 Practical Hints and Suggestions
48 Exercise I Control of Facial Movement
49 Exercise II Breathing
50 Exercise III The Old Man's Voice
50 Exercise IV Old Woman's Voice
50 Exercise V Little Boy's Voice
51 Exercise VI The Coster's Voice
51 Vent Figures
52 Exercise VII The Bee Drone
53 Imitations
53 Exercise VIII Bluebottle
53 Exercise IX Sawing a Piece of Wood
53 Exercise X Kettle Boiling
53 Exercise XI The Banjo
54 Variations of the Distant Voice
54 Exercise XII The Man on the Roof
54 How to Manipulate the Figures
56 Songs and Recitations
56 The Public Entertainer

58 Uncle Charles, A Play
58 Act I
60 Act II