Leaves from J.N. Hilliard's Notebook
Hilliard, John N.: Leaves From My Notebook
©1935 Floyd G. Thayer, Los Angeles, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 47 pages
Hilliard: Leaves From My Notebook
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Comments: Originally published in 1924/1925 in Floyd Thayer's magazine "The Magical Bulletin".

Contents (from book):

5 Foreword (Floyd G. Thayer)
7 A Personal Note by way of Introduction (Hilliard)
9 The Triple Mystery: two selections are dealt to by chosen number, and the third is spelled
22 The Chinese Rings: routine using 9 rings, including one oversized
33 The Quick or the Dead: a living and dead test
45 Roll Your Own: tobacco and a cigarette paper are placed into the fist, and a rolled cigarette emerges