Hollingworth, Guy: Once Upon a Time
Magical Tales that Come to Life
2001 Guy Hollingworth, Photos by John Woolvett
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages

Comes with specially printed deck of "cards" in the form of a special book
              Hollingworth: Once Upon a Time
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Comments: A story is told using a special deck of cards. Instant reset. Actually three stories can be told. Comes with special "book" deck of cards and 44 page manuscript. This got mixed reviews, many loving it, but some buyers apparently expecting more difficult magic. Tons of clear B&W photos throughout. The inner and outer covers include summaries of each story to aid in practicing.


3 Introduction: The premise of the effect
5 The Required Sleights: Holding the pack, holding a break
6 Getting a Break (top, bottom)
7 Cutting the Pack, cutting to a break
8 The Double Lift, The Double Turnover
9 Turning the Double Back
10 A Simple False Cut, A Running False Cut
11 A False "Swing" Cut
13 The Start of the Routines
18 The Three Bears
26 Cinderella
36 Jack and the Beanstalk