Edward T. Hollins: Technicolor Munchies
Hollins, Edward T.: Technicolor Munchies
©1981 E.T. Hollins, Hank Lee's Magic Factory, MA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x9", 40 pages
Hollins: Technicolor Munchies
Image courtesy eBay seller AshsMagicChicago

Comments: "3 powerful ungimmicked routines for the experienced cardworker"

Contents (from eBay description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Intro
2 Wizard Addition
3 Wizard Drop
4 Technicolor Munchies
5 Elmsley Count
6 Jordan Count
7 Prima Facie: a triple Wild Card
8 Mexican Turnover
9 Spirit Count
10 Pivot Change

11 Appendix
12 Paint Brush Change
13 Reverse P.B.C.
14 Tabled Change
15 Spirit Count
16 Pivot Change
17 Wiz Of The West: another Wild Card
18 Locked Side Glide
19 Hamman Count
20 Necktie Second
21 Back Count