Holt, John: Working Progress - Tricks I Do For Money
©2016 John Holt
eBook, 29 pages
Working Progress
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John Holt: Working Progress Tricks I Do For Money

Comments: Six tricks when working for real, live human beings.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Best (And Worst) One Handed Card Trick In The World: transposition with "card under box" magical moment.
2 Card To Wallet: takes the heat off the wallet
3 The Amazingly Fair Prediction: spectator's card somehow matches the magicians prediction perfectly....maybe
4 A Chop Cup Routine: two endings so that you can leave the table clean
5 The Aldi Birthday Card Trick: Version of Doc Eason's "Happy Birthday Trick", without the setup
6 The Phil Deck Opener: Presentation for classic Phil deck/Card Shark Double Decker