Johnson, Anne Akers: The Buck Book
All Sorts of Things to Do with A Dollar Bill - Besides Spend It
1993 Klutz Press
Hardcover, spiral-bound, 7x8.5", 82 pages
ISBN 1-878257-51-X
Johnson: The
              Buck Book
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Comments: Not a magic book, but Origami figures from dollar bills can find many uses. Contains easy instructions for making 6 Origami figures from a dollar bill. While there's no rabbit in this collection, the dollar ring or "Dime-in-Ring" could be quite useful! Photos of all the completed models can be seen at: (as of 27 Feb 2010)


7 Buffalo Bill Badge
13 Bow Tie
21 Dollar Ring
29 Dime-in-Ring
37 Jumping Frog
47 Elephant
61 Peacock