Kattner, Wilbur: Off the Beaten Path
©1947 Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Limited, Oakland, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 22 pages plus ads
Off the Beaten Path
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Wilbur Kattner: Off the Beaten Path

Comments: Available as an ebook from Conjuring Arts Research Center

Contents (from book):

3 Preface
4 Stool Pigeons: Joker inserted into deck, and either selected card removed. Joker inserted again and both cards removed. All cards removed are of same suit and in sequence.
5 Local Card Makes Good: an ambitious card routine
6 Black and Blue: card is to reverse in the deck, but transforms as it does so
7 Effects With a Reverse Color Deck: where clubs and spades are in red, hearts and diamonds in black
7 - The Bashful Queen: idea
8 - Spirit Spots a S'Prevaricator: the slate seems to get it wrong
8 - Mental Force: an Annemann idea
9 - Card Painting: ideas for coloring cards
10 - Out of This World and Beyond!: Reverse cards make for an interesting finish
10 - Follow the Leader: idea for Dai Vernon's effect using reversed cards
10 - Everywhere and Nowhere: idea for Hofzinser's trick
11 Restless Colors (Orville Meyer): from You're On. Blacks and Reds follow the leader
14 To Make Daub a la Meyer: made from pencil graphite with instructions for carrying, and a list of references
15 Mental Discernment & Family: with a specially marked deck
17 Climax! With a Torn Corner: From Linking Ring, Feb 1945. The torn corner is matched to the selection, and is then molded to the card fully restored
19 Meet the Kids: Between the King and Queen appear a family of mini-cards
20 The Lettered Slate: a word on a slate matches the selected cards after a quick adjustment