Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 11-15, Jan 88 - Dec 92
2001 Harry Lorayne, Inc.; L&L Publishing, CA
Hardcover, no dj, 719 pages
Harry Lorayne:
              Apocalypse Volumes 11-15
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Comments: Illustrated by Robert Lorayne. Includes complete indices by effect, contributors, sleights within effects, and by issue. The Apocalypse series are bound versions of one of the top magic magazines of the 1980's. These volumes contain tons of close up material with cards, coins, money, and various other items. Each of the volumes is highly recommended.


1441 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 1 Jan 1988
1441 Colorful Inversion (Bill Kalush): card is chosen and inserted part way into the fanned face down deck. Fan is closed, spectator holds the end of his card, and the deck instantly turns face up except for the selection! In addition, the deck changed color.
1443 Complete Coin Dis/Appearance (Mike Gallo): good coin hiding grip for a Spellbound sequence
1444 Depth Deceptions (J.K. Hartman): three different Tilt ideas
1445 Simplex Reverse Matrix (Edward Marlo): simple direct version. 4 coins have assembled under one card suddenly return to the starting positions. No extras
1447 Swell Spell (Doug Edwards): deck cards is displayed, and spectator names any card. That card is counted & spelled to.
1448 Chain Link (Alan Alan): Method to form an instant chain of 4 Chinese linking rings using 1-k-2 rings.
1449 Alphabits (Phil Goldstein): an alphabet deck is cut into two piles. A prediction message is placed aside. Cards are selected one at a time from either pile, and forms a word when possible. The prediction matches the word!
1450 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Paul Cowling on Juan Tamariz' Blown Away
1450 Three Fo(u)r One (Richard Vollmer): spectator selects a card and loses it in the deck. Magician takes deck behind back to find card by "feel", but brings out three cards. When shown, all three cards look to be the selection, then suddenly none of the cards are the selection. Selection appears in the deck, face up.
1452 Ellipses...Tamariz' Blown away accolades, more on credits, Leo Boudreau's Psimatrika Spirited Pasteboards, travels, Smyth's Myth

1453 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 2 Special All Card Issue
1453 Gamblin' Man (Gene Maze): A card is placed face down on the table, but has been accidentally "flashed" (for example, a 6 of hearts). Another card is selected by the spectator and placed face up (say, a 3 of clubs). Magician asks if spectator would bet the cards match in value and color. Spectator says no since he glimpsed the bottom card. It is true that the bottom card is shown to be the 6 of hearts, but the 3 now changes to the 6 of diamonds, so the cards do match
1455 Time to Steal (Hippie Torrales): a card palm grabbed lengthwise
1456 Perilous Flight (Hippie Torrales): another lengthwise card palm
1457 Tabled Turnover Pass (Brian Higgins): transpose two halves of the deck. Requires a close up pad or similar surface
1457 D'Amico Snap (Randy Wakeman): top card is shown not to be selection and is inserted partway into the deck. The card is snapped and drops to the table face up and has turned into the selection
1458 Codecto (Harry Lorayne): 2 person code for transmitting cards
1460 Revelation Via Matchbook (Karrel Fox): using matchbooks as card stands and revealing a card
1460 Rainbow Transpostion (Mike Bornstein): packet effect. Red faces change to black, etc.
1461 Places Aces! (Jim Molinari): showoff control of 4 Aces
1463 What's Eating You? (Justin Higham): variation of Cannibal Cards
1464 Ellipses...Star Quality by David Regal, Phrases you wouldn't care to never hear again

1465 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 3 March 1988
1465 Rubber Band Sandwich (Mark Sicher): a rubber band and card effect with patter about the Mob
1468 Out of Three (Terry Seabrooke): two person code
1468 Right On Transposition (Harry Lorayne): direct 2 card transposition using the Ultimate Move
1470 Linked Through (John V. Hope): One ring passes through another ring, using two solid Chinese linking rings! Also, a key ring pass through move
1471 Stoneeange (Milton Schorr): Flourish, 4 Ace production, or production of 4 selected cards
1472 Take It! (Lenny Greenfader): fake placement of coin into opposite hand
1473 Blown Away Plus (Edward Marlo): variation of Tamariz' Blown Away. Requires perfect faro
1474 Phantoms! (Ian Baxter): Joker becomes the selected card
1476 Out to Lunch: Harry at camp with a swallowing problem

1477 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 4 April 1988
1477 Ring Wraith (David Harkey): borrowed ring in saltshaker
1479 Without a Wrinkle (David Harkey): a can of Coke is unflattened, popped open, and a drink poured out (uses Jeff Stewart's Appearing Coke Can)
1480 There's More! (Doug Edwards): selected card appears among the 4 Aces, and the Aces have changed back color
1481 First Sight (Bjorn Hanson): while blindfolded, magician reads cards even though the backs are always towards him. Shiner principle
1482 The Amazing Eights (John McClure): 4 Blue backed 8's turn face up one by one. At the end, it is shown that each has a different colored back
1483 Jumping Shuttle Pass Finesse (David Harder): fake pass that results in a coin switch
1485 Mardi Gras Queens (Ron Ferris): Black Queens lost in deck face up, Red Queens on top. Deck split in 3 piles, mixed face up and down, and ribbon spread: Queens are all together
1486 The Turnoverless Pass (Jeff Altman): card pass
1486 For a Change (Gerald Deutsch): quarter instantly changes to two dimes and a nickel when tossed from hand to hand
1487 Ellipses...more complaining about name credit with Tarbell 7

1489 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 5 May 1988
1489 Let's Face It (Peter Kougasian): open prediction idea with cards
1492 No St"Ring" Attached (Rajneesh Madhok): borrowed finger ring on string
1493 Transmental (J.K. Hartman): Two sets of Kings shown. Spectator picks suit. That suit is only odd backed King in each set
1495 There & Back Coin Change (Gary Ouellet): a coin change using lapping
1496 Ovette Reversal (Gene Maze): noted card is invisibly reversed when replacing top half of deck
1497 Secret Reversal During Cut (Scot Zoumbaris): similar to above, bottom card becomes reverse in center of deck
1497 Eerie Thing (Bob Friedhoffer): slow motion coin vanish and reproduction
1498 Joker Poker (Doug Edwards): A great Poker hand is shown, 10, J, Q, 6, and Joker. Since the Joker is wild, only the 6 need be exchanged. One card is switched and hand is now ALL Jokers
1499 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Carlos Schoenrich's Blown Away
1499 Ellipses...bootlegging videos, David Regal's Star Quality, praise letters

1501 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 6 June 1988
1501 Matchbox Treasury (Michael Rubinstein): matchbox opens itself, half dollar produced in smoke of blown out match, match changed to 2nd half, then giant coin appears while the matchbox vanishes
1503 Earthly Powers (Richard Vollmer): Strong location & revelation of a selected card with a 4 Ace production
1505 Swordplay (David Harkey): linking cocktail swords
1506 Close Up Card in Balloon (Bob King): almost impromptu
1507 Out of Sight Out of Mind (Bob Fitch): visual and audible vanish of 4 coins in a silk
1508 Before and After (Allan Slaight): 1st Ace found by spelling, 2nd by one hand cut, 3rd Ace by chosen number, 4th a surprise
1509 Take Off Aces (Randy Wakeman): take off on O Henry Aces
1511 Editorial: overselling an effect and timing

1513 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 7
1513 The Catalyst (Rick Silberman): 3 selected cards change places with 3 Queens inside the cardcase
1515 Placing the Switch (Doug Edwards): utilitarian sleight
1516 Romancing the Coin Box (Robert Bengel): 4 halves travel to closed Okito box one at a time
1518 Simple Oil & Water Effect (Carrol Mounier): with 4 red and 4 black cards
1519 Simpler Oil & Water (Mark Sicher): now with 3 red and 3 black
1520 Unearthly Powers (Harry Lorayne): additional thoughts on Vollmer's Earthly Powers
1521 Thighing (Gerald Deutsch): lapping when not at a table
1522 Two Named (Ray Grismer): Two spectators each take a card and find their name printed on the back.
1523 Metamorphosis in Miniature (Doug Edwards): simple double lift card "metamorphosis"
1523 Ellipses...names of the Queens, praises, Poker Set quick routine by Ron Ferris, pronouncing Dai Vernon, using a copy machine to print onto a blank card

1525 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 8 August 1988
1525 Old McDonald (David Berger): McDonald's Aces with a Blackjack addition
1527 Mental Attitude (David Regal): a small object change or vanish for one on one magic
1529 Snap Spread (Gene Maze): Flourishy way to show 4 cards as 2 or 3
1530 Snap Spread Routine (Hippie Torrales): Red Aces have their faces change to backs, then one Ace reappears, then the other, then they both change to kings
1531 Pretty Interlude (Sol Stone): spellbound type coin routine
1532 Stop to Top (Eric DeCamps): nice card control from center to top
1533 Spin Out Link (John V. Hope): spin out unlinking for Linking Rings
1534 Drunken Black Jack (Bob King): packet effect based on commercial About Face
1535 Off Bottom Glimpse (Gary Osborne): glimpsing the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th card from the bottom
1535 Out To Lunch: Army joke, time in the infantry, and a Safe story

1537 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 9 Sep 1988
1537 Static Cling (Mike Bornstein): a bill hangs suspended off the end of another bill. Clever gimmick
1539 Unfuddled Fuddle Aces (Randy Wakeman): variation of Racherbaumer's Fuddle Aces with faster start
1541 Slide Out Plus (Kevin Moran): Addition fo Clifton's Slide Out card effect
1541 Undertow (Doug Edwards): seemingly impromptu paper cup magic at the water cooler
1542 A Quarter to Nine (Zalman Puchkoff): selected card is cut into 4 and a matrix effect is performed with them. Once the pieces have assembled under one card, a blank card is waved over them. The pieces become blank and the blank card becomes the selection
1543 A Quarter to Seven (Harry Lorayne): as above, different method
1544 One Hand and Gone (Bob Friedhoffer): vanish and reproduction of a half dollar sized coin or larger
1545 Trypswytch (Gene Maze): Three 4 card poker switches
1547 Ellipses...Editorial: cruise ship performing

1549 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 10 Oct 1988
1549 Migration (Ron Scarf): 4 Aces removed, then 3 9's. Spec names favorite 9 and they are returned and mixed in the deck. Favorite 9 ends up on bottom, other 9's are sandwiched with the Aces
1552 Cord Through (Shigeo Takagi): bottle opener and string effect
1553 Card In Matchbox (John Carney): a lighter changes into a matchbox, then a chosen card appears in the matchbox
1554 Easy Go (Hippie Torrales): copper coin changes to silver as pressed between the palms. Silver then pressed in the same way, and vanishes (sleeves up, lapping)
1555 Write On (J.K. Hartman): spectator marks one of 5 double blank cards with a sticker. He then selects one of 5 cards from a royal flush in hearts. The back side of the marked card becomes imprinted with the selected card
1556 Deeply Proved (Eric DeCamps): a coin vanish without sleeving or lapping. Used when a later reappearance is needed
1557 Esrever (Karrel Fox): utility move for switching an known card that's been reversed in the deck
1559 Switch One/Four (Gene Maze): two gambling switches using Gene's Unit Grip
1560 Ellipses...Lorayne's laws

1561 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 11 Nov 1988
1561 Ask the Deck? (Francois Ziegler, Richard Vollmer): a very good, unique spelling card trick
1563 Click Steal (Kevin Moran): a coin steal based on Morris' Bottom Steal from Bobo's Coin Magic
1564 Tip Top Aces (Meir Yedid): Deck is split into 4 packets. An Ace is placed on top of each and the deck reassemble. The Aces travel to the top
1565 In Stitches (David Harkey): a toothpick in a wrapper is broken in two by the spectator. The performer rips the package in two, creating two miniature knitting needles. He then sews the toothpick wrapper back together an all is intact. The wrapper even has a little stitching near the break!
1566 Ten Card Poker Stand Up Presentation (Larry Becker): a poker demonstration for stage
1567 Block Buster Pass (Jim Swain): a 4 Ace control
1568 Link Over Wrist (John V. Hope): a linking ring unlink over the wrist
1569 One Shuffle Rollover (Jean Jacques Sanvert): version of rollover Aces
1571 Positioned (Fred Baumann): one hand is used. Card is selected and returned, deck is cut several times. Spectator counts cards, not found. Deck is cut some more. Magician counts same number: finds card
1571 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Ovette Reversal or Secret Reversal During Cut addition by J.K. Hartman
1572 Ellipses...TA Water's Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians, Card Magic of John Quine, and more

1573 Apocalypse Vol 11 No 12 Dec 1988
1573 Luck of the Draw (David Regal): a quality poker effect
1575 Finger Ring Pass Through (Mike Bornstein): borrowed finger ring vanishes from rope, then reappears in a flash
1577 Wild to the 2nd Power (Bernard Bilis): 4 Aces change to 4 lost selections, then reverse themselves. Another card is selected, the 4 Aces change to duplicates of the selection
1578 Three Matrix Moves (Alfonso Pepe): a steal a load and a finesse for coins under cards
1579 Pseudo Subway (Bob King): gambling demonstration
1581 Added Touch (Hank Miller): a coin penetrates up through spectator's hand, and they feel the coin under their hand
1581 Anything But Standard (Doug Edwards): 4 Ace Assembly followed by 4 Ace reversal
1583 Your Card My Card (Tom Craven): good opener card effect ends clean and resets, uses a My Card printed blank
1584 Ellipses...end of year notes

1585 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 1 Jan 1989
1585 A Logical Miracle (Edward Marlo): spectator picks only matching pairs of many cards
1587 Arithmagic (Sol Stone): quarter to half to two quarters Spellbound routine
1588 Farther Figure (J.K. Hartman): card of spectator 1 is found at position of spectator 2
1590 EC Cups & Balls (Hippie Torrales): "Elmsley Count" with 3 cups to show all empty when 1 has a ball
15990 Variation Elmsley (Jonathan Townsend): for cards, show faces and backs of 4 cards, hiding one
1591 Icebreaker (David Harkey): stretch an ice cube into an icicle
1592 A Four Ace Trick (Peter Marshall): 4 Aces buried, deck spread immediately to show 4 face up Aces
1593 The Same Four Ace Trick (Doug Edwards): as above
1594 Spellbound A Round (John Bentz): another coin routine
1595 Direct Triumph (Thomas Prieto): direct Triumph cards
1595 Ellipses...some bragging, David Harkey & Mark Sicher, King's Close up card in balloon, Philadelphia Magic Co., Tom Gagnon's Sympathetic Coins video, more card names

1597 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 2 Feb 1989 All Card Issue
1597 Not Quite Perfect Torn & Restored Card (Harry Lorayne): torn & restored card
1599 Double Up (Rick Silberman): ambitious card with double lift from tabled deck
1600 Single Up (Gene Maze): as above, makes good follow up
1601 The Turnover Displacement (Mark Sicher): changing the order of the cards as they are replaced on top of the deck
1602 Observ-Ace-Tion (Doug Edwards): observation trick; which Ace?
1602 The Calculating Deck (Alex Sacrella): math with cards
1604 Perpetual Calendar (Richard Vollmer): using the calendar to find the card (straddle faro)
1605 Salad Displacement (Mark Sicher): oil and water using the Turnover Displacement
1606 Spectator Upstage (J.K. Hartman): variation of Randy Wakeman's Spectator On Stage
1607 Flip Revelation (Tom Potente): One half the deck is flipped onto the other half, and the selected card appears between
1608 Out to Lunch: Story about Sardi's restaurant

1609 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 3 March 1989
1609 Under Fire (David Harkey): signed car lost in deck, matchbook rubbed against deck, ad a card visibly folds itself into the matchbook, where the signed card is found stapled inside.
1611 Twice Nice (Robert Gardner): Marlo's incomplete faro location used to locate two selections
1612 A Sponge or Two (Tom Ladshaw): Two in the hand, one in the pocket with sponges, and no pockets are used. The sponges vanish in plain sight
1613 It's A Steal (Kevin Bethea): signed card to pocket
1615 Sound Effect (Salomon Cohn): coins through the table using sound misdirection
1616 Single to Double (Bill Kalush): ambitious card type effect, a fooler
1617 Triple X (Hippie Torrales): Double X pen & coin effect used to build into a Jumbo Coin production
1618 Reddish Blue Triumph (Shigeo Takagi): Triumph effect with three climaxes
1620 Ellipses...covers, etc.

1621 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 4 April 1989 Randy Wakeman Issue
1621 Watch Me Work: fast gambling demonstration
1623 Not to Worry: stand up coin vanish and production routine
1624 Reset at Its Best: Reset card routine for magicians (and laymen too)
1626 Smorgasbord Cannibals: Lin Searles Cannibals car plot
1627 Stacked Impact: dice stacking
1629 Startling Influence: Joker changes to a named card
1630 Down the Tubes: Four coins travel to ashtray or glass
1631 Idea and Image: variation of Marlo/D'Amico Devilish Miracle cards
1632 Ellipses...about this first one man issue, paper used for Apocalypse

1633 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 5 May 1989
1633 The Wand ER Ring Clip (Mark Sicher): cute routine with borrowed finger ring and paper clips
1636 Swivel Two (Bobby Bernard): ambitious card concept useful for other effects
1636 Ambitious Prediction (Bernar Bilis): interesting force of a card at Spectator's command to stop, and a change of the card
1637 The Invisible Ring (Gerald Deutsch): a borrowed finger rings ends up turning into pennies before it is finally returned
1638 Another Poker Switch In (Gene Maze): excellent poker switch
1639 Quick Click Trick (Scott Runyon): coin click pass
1640 True Triumph (Steve Rogers, Paul Cummins): cards are unmistakeably mixed face up and face down but end up all the same way
1643 Small Packet Palm Off (Joel Siegel): gambling move
1643 Ellipses...Scharf's Migration, Tannen's Jubilee, True Triumph, TV appearances, Tim Wenk's Insomnia, Vernon Chronicles

1645 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 6 June 1989
1645 The Incredible Cardcase Sandwich (Reinhard Muller): sandwich routine with the cardcase
1647 Multiple Coin Transfer (Jonathan Townsend): hidden transfer of 3 coins while hands shown empty.
1648 Cast A Shadow (Eric DeCamps): disappearance and reappearance of three coins one at a time
1650 No Get Ready Color Change (Ori Ashkenazi): color change with regular deck of cards
1652 Goldrush (David Harkey): finger ring through watch, impromptu
1653 Para Psychology (Anthony Lindan): a 4 card monte effect where the spectator is your helper
1654 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: A. Berkely Davis on Marlo's A Logical Miracle
1655 Aced! (Frank Thompson): 4 Ace gambling demonstration
1656 Ellipses...Linking Ring reports, credits for Bilis' Wild to the 2nd Power, other magazines, more names of cards, errors in Sun Magic's catalog

1657 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 7 July 1989
1657 Cointemplate (Sol Stone): a magnetic copper silver effect with a clear glass plate
1659 Fingertip Nudge (Doug Edwards): a special double lift move with the tabled deck
1660 So I'll Do a Coin Trick! (C. Allen Martin): four coins appear from a card deck. Requires releasing one at a time 4 coins from palm
1661 Surprise Filling (Justin Higham): Two Aces placed to bottom of deck, they appear in the center, and sandwiched between them are black Aces
1662 Don't Catch Butterflies (Joe Gold/Mark Sicher): a penny is generated between two quarters, then a second, then a Quarter from between the pennies in the spectator's hand
1664 If At First (Bob King): a cutting the aces routine where the spectator misses but the magician pulls it out
1664 X-Act (Hiawatha): an effect with flash paper, box of wooden matches, business card, pencil, nailwriter.
1666 Card In Wallet Presentation (Charles Reynolds): Balducci wallet presentation. Uses two predictions in envelopes to provide good time misdirection
1666 Four Gone Conclusion (Howard Schwarzman): pretend placing of 4 halves from right to left hand
1667 Out to Lunch: selling Wolf packs

1669 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 8 Aug 1989
1669 The Color of Money (Jason Krumholtz): Four halves change to English Pennies one by one when your hands touch a Crayola crayon box.Then they change back to silver and disappear to the Crayon box.
1672 Unclosed Prediction (Tom Craven): an open prediction effect
1673 Kingly Sandwich (Doug Edwards): sandwich cards to cardcase effect
1674 A Pocket Full of Schemes (Salverio Piacente): an animated pants' pocket
1675 Cull Down (Doc Valles): cull of any four of a kind to the bottom or top of a shuffled deck
1676 Vampire Cut and Restored (Karrell Fox): one more way to add a fake loop to the middle of a rope
1677 At Least Add Something (Edward Marlo): a completion of Peter Marshall's A Four Ace Trick and Doug Edwards' The Same Four Ace Trick
1679 Not Alone (Bob King): Spectator remembers a card, randomly chooses 4 face down cards. One is the remembered card, the others are the matches
1680 Ellipses...one man's filler is another man's treasure

1681 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 9 Sept 1989
1681 The Muleshoe Gambler (Judge Frank Price): gambling demonstration with Gemini count
1684 Soft Sleeve Cover (Sol Stone): soft sleeve sleeving clean and complete vanish of a coin
1684 Double Spell (Richard Vollmer): spelling to the Aces effect
1686 A Little Bit of Rubbing (Mike Bornstein): a blank "photo copy" card prints a copy of the center of a dollar bill on both sides, then is erased
1687 One Shot Hofzinser (Robert Bengel): Hofzinser's Aces approach
1689 Bizarre Wire Cut & Routine (Hippie Torrales): challenging card routine with lots of magic and will take practice
1690 Two Coin Cuties (Jo Monti): two magical productions of a quarter from a shown empty hand
1691 Ellipses...origin of certain terms, Opus magazine, samples, Linking Ring magazine comments, trip to Rome Italy

1693 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 10 Oct 1989
1693 Quizmaster (Anthony Lindan): an Out to Lunch card effect
1696 Oil and Aces (Richard Vollmer): an oil and water card effect
1697 On the Edge (Mark Sicher): pretend placement from one hand to another
1698 How In the World? (David Regal): Spectator Cuts to the Aces
1699 For Your Eyes Only (David Harkey): Magician and Spectator each take a post it note, write a note, and cut it in half. Magician restores his half, spectator cannot. Magician then restores spectator's also
1700 Punch Finish Punch Transposition (Richard Bartram, Jr.): a hole punched in a card effect
1702 Card In Shoe (Terry LaGerould): card signed on the back appears in your shoe
1703 Half Shot Hofzinser (Doug Edwards): variation of Bengel's One Shot Hofzinser
1704 Ellipses...the Cockney Alphabet

1705 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 11 Nov 1989 Doug Edwards Issue
1705 Velocity Changes: a rapid fire card effect using a magic card to find selections
1707 Clipped At Monte: a paper clip three card monte effect
1708 About As Direct: direct copper silver coin transposition
1709 Out of Bondage: selected card appears at the face of a deck wrapped in double rubber bands
1710 How About This?!: selection is predicted, and turns out to be only face up blue backed card in a set of 5
1711 About As Direct No. 2: another copper silver change
1711 Flash In the Pad: Lost card appears instantly and magically
1712 This Too, Shall Pass: nice card effect using riffle pass 4 times in a row. Good practice!
1713 Plastric: spectator placed object in one of 5 film canisters.Magician detects which one
1714 Predic Three: 3 card prediction based on John Bannon effect
1715 Editorial: Justice and the Memory Book

1717 Apocalypse Vol 12 No 12 Dec 1989
1717 Overwelm (Randy Wakeman & Harry Lorayne): instant face up production of 4 aces with startling ending
1720 Credit Card Impression (Gerald Deutsch): Credit Card to Wallet effect
1721 Never Say Die (Richard Vollmer): magician finds the selection using an imaginary roll of the die
1722 Do It Right And (Ori Ashkenazi): opening for cut & restored rope routine. The scissors appear in a knot in a rope
1724 Why Take Chances? (Jim Moinari): 4 cards shown, none the selection. Then 1 becomes the selection, the others become the mates
1725 The Upsy Daisy Change (Bruce Berkowtz):: copper silver transposition through the hand
1726 Into Orbit (Ron Ferris): another Out of This World card effect
1727 Blues In the Night (Nick Pudar): two Aces are used to find the selection after their backs change color
1728 Ellipses.....history, Close Up Card Magic, Himber wallet book, non card material

1729 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 1 Jan 1980
1729 The Infidel Change (Gary Ouellet): a coin change using lapping
1731 Best Hand Forward (J.K. Hartman): Think Poker card theme with setup
1733 Six Bits (Sol Stone): two coins across using patter about pieces of 8
1734 Color Me Blue (Mike Bornstein): 2 effects. 1st All 4 red cards with Red backs change to 4 black cards with Blue backs. 2nd: 4 Aces with red blacks change to Kings when a selected King is added to the packet
1735 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: J.K. Hartman on Rogers/Cummins True Triumphs
1736 The Coin Diamond (David Regal): quick reverse matrix/chink a chink with coins and the hands
1737 No So Lazy Man's Card Trick (Edward Marlo): 7 variations of Harry Lorayne's Lazy Man's Card Trick
1739 Goin' Home (Harry Lorayne): a cart Tilt variation move
1739 Ellipses...Farmer's Deja Voodoo, travel, Swivel Two credits, Connie Bush's Color Isolation, Bruce Cervon's Black & White, Dime and Dime Again by Jerry Deutsch (cute impromptu), France

1741 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 2 Feb 1990 Special All Card Issue
1741 Tricky Sticky Rising Card (Eva Forman): a no-thread card rise from the card case
1743 The Fly (Aldo Colombini): progressive Aces using cards with pictures of flies on them
1744 A Couple of Tears (Bob King): a four Ace trick requiring one handed 2nd deal and decent faro
1745 I Was So Sure! (Joel Kahn): 8 cards in pocket, spectator states red or black. Packet of 4 are brought out. Two red suits, spectator names one. Named suit is only card face up out of 4, other 3 are blank
1746 Underbanded Change (Bernard Bilis): a rubber banded prediction card turns into the spectator's selection
1747 Have a Heart (David Berger): Aces change places in the spectator's hands, then change to Kings
1748 What a Mess! (Tony Mulle): although the deck is mixed face up and down, when spread, only the spectator's and magician's selections are reversed
1749 Spinout Action (Brian Higgins): 4 Ace spinout revelation
1750 Isn't That Something? (Robert Gardner): AS is used as a selector to find spectator's card, then it becomes the selected card
1751 Overhand Shuffle Action Reverse (Gene Maze): secret reversal of one or more cards during overhand shuffles
1751 Out to Lunch: Harry on memory

1753 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 3 March 1990
1753 Cornered! (Jo Monti): a 3 of diamonds is selected, but a 5 is located by magician. To compensate, he tears off the corners, making the 5 a 3. The torn card is then restored to the original 3
1755 Chopsticks and Sponges (Alexander De Cova): a sponge ball steal using chopsticks for use in a Benson Bowl routine
1756 Queens' Tour (Hippie Torrales): 4 red backed queens change to blue backed queens, then instantly to blue backed Aces, then to red backed Aces, an the blue backed queens are found in 4 different pockets
1758 Clean and Quick Coin Change (Presto): a coin change during a toss
1759 Spell To (Richard Vollmer): a spelling card trick, found card is face up
1759 Spell To, Two (Richard Vollmer): variation on above
1760 Quick and Clean (Brian Higgins): yet another coin change in the hands
1760 Triple Instant Reverse (Doug Edwards): a selected card reverses itself in the deck instantly twice in a row, with a clever clean up
1761 All Borrowed Reverse Matrix (David Regal): easy reverse matrix using quarters
1763 Ellipses...Mostly Magic, David Williamson, credits, Tom Mullica, Dan Tong, advertisements, 1089 prediction Canning's Chroma Deck

1765 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 4 April 1990
1765 Quart(er)z Watch (Mark Sicher & Steve Cohen): coin vanishes and appears under magician's watch, then the spectator's!
1767 Each of Four (Eric T. Dockery): selected card is placed in pocket. AC, 2C, 3C, 4C displayed, and each turns into the selection and is placed into the middle of the deck. Finally, the selected card is removed from the pocket. No duplicates
1769 Quartermaster (Larry Baukin): prediction effect using quarters and a matrix type move
1770 To the Cut (Shigeo Takagi): spectator cuts the Aces effect
1771 Controlled Charlier (John Quine): control to keep a card at a specific location or a complete deck set up
1772 Ring "Proof" (Carl Albright): a ring an rope move using a shoelace and 4 or 5 inch ring
1773 Ring to Ring (Carl Albright): another 4 to 5" ring move with a shoelace
1774 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Gerald Deutsch on his own Credit Card Impression
1775 Almost Perfect Color Change (Walter Cummings): card color change
1776 Ellipses...Philadelphia Magic Co convention, credits, Cockney Alphabet, word derivations

1777 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 5 May 1990
1777 The Red & Black Capers (Alberto Reyes): Interlace of 4 blacks into 4 reds, then an uninterlace, then a follow the leader piece
1780 Stand Up Coins Through Table (William Morales): stand up no lapping
1782 Second Card Palm (Harry Lorayne): palming a 2nd
1783 The Penetrating Reds (Terry Lagerould): a quickie routine with just the 4 Aces, the reds travel through the packet
1783 Sweet Disappearance (Gerald Deutsch): the magician will vanish a cube of sugar. It is placed in an ashtray, and both covered with the hand. When the hand is removed, the sugar is still there, but the ashtray is gone
1784 Six Card Royal (Doug Edwards): a royal flush routine
1785 Pokericulead-in (Allan Slaight): a poker deal lead in for Stewart James Pokericulum
1786 Twin Eagles (Hippie Torrales): production of a half dollar from a bill
1787 Kings Cross (Karrell Fox): 4 kings are cut to the middle but end up back on top
1788 Ellipses...Stewart James In Print, Tony Spina getting halves, a fix to Bornstein's Color Me Blue, and more derivations

1789 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 6 June 1990
1789 Osmosis (Howard Schwarzman): a card visibly penetrates a cardboard folder. 5 penetrations presented.
1792 On and Off (Aldo Colombini): impromptu 5" ring and rope moves; knot penetration, almost visible melt through, and chosen ring penetrates
1794 Phony Pharo (David Williamson): in the hands false faro shuffle
1796 Through and Through Again (Sol Stone): borrowed quarter penetrates spectator's jacket sleeve twice
1797 Not What It Seems (Randy Wakeman): puzzling card location using Marlo placement procedure
1798 Ace to Fifty (Mike Bornstein): Boston Box (Okito with recess) routine with cards and coins
1799 The Whole World In His Hands (J.K. Hartman): an oil and water/out of this world variation of Ferris's Into Orbit
1800 Ellipses...word puzzles

1801 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 7 July 1990 Mark Sicher Issue
1801 Ungimmicked Under Attack: selected card becomes thumbtacked to the card case
1803 Krazy Kleenex: torn and restored tissue paper, starting fully clean
1805 Right on Dime: a dime vanishes and appears on the spectator's palm
1806 Good Thinking!: a intuition card effect
1808 Rope to Finger: finger ring vanishes from rope and appears on the finger
1809 Double Image: a card effect inspired by Paul Harris' Twilight, but done with cards and a mirror
1810 Keep Your Coin on the Eye: coin vanish and reappearance in some startling places
1812 Ellipses...Card tricks and flourishes

1813 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 8 Aug 1990
1813 Now It's My Problem! (Daniel McCarthy): You do as I do with 8 cards
1815 Two Coin Acquitments (Jonathan Townsend): false coin pass, and a coin pass to a different location than it appears
1816 Centrally Limited (Charlie Randall): A number is selected and counted to, the card reached matches a prediction
1817 Billt to Last (Gerald Deutsch): torn and restored bill; twice!
1819 The Profoundly Flippant Reverse (Ken Krenzel): A one handed card trick. Card is peeked and the deck is shaken. Card appears face up at top of deck. Card is turned face down and the deck shaken again. Nothing appears to happen, but when spread, selection is reversed in middle of deck
1820 Worth Your Attention (Gary Bartlett): coin change on a close up mat
1821 Deal and (Daffy) Duck (Doug Canning): placing a chosen card to fall last during a deal and duck sequence with a selected number of cards
1823 The Modern Leaper (Doug Edwards): Card in spectator's half jumps to magician's half, at same position it was
1823 Out to Lunch: a nightmare

1825 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 9 Sept 1990
1825 Out For a Snack (Edward Marlo): another rubber banded card variation
1827 Shades of Flipstick (Joe Monti): a vanishing dollar bill, with shades of paper balls over the head...
1828 Center to Palm (Walt Maddison): single card palmoff while burned
1829 Fan to Palm (Walt Maddison): another palm off
1830 2x4 Matrix (Robert Bengel): reverse coin matrix using 2 cards
1833 OverwHelm (J.K. Hartman): variation to & to OverWelm card trick
1834 Treesp (Phil Goldstein): ESP card prediction effect
1835 Cut(e) Reverse (Gene Maze): secret reversal of a card on a close up mat
1836 Ellipses...worthless magic books, Close Up Illusions

1837 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 10 Oct 1990
1837 Tossed Salad (Doug Edwards): Red and Black Capers with only 6 cards
1839 Air Corps Coin Production (Lenny Greenfader): continuous coin production
1840 Jazzy Transposition (Jim Sisti): clean Jazz Aces effect
1842 Timblast (Hippie Torrales): thimble routine with a giant thimble climax
1844 Captured Red/Black Aces (Juan Tamariz): red and black aces change places
1846 Teddy Bear Balloon (Richard A. Levin): a teddy bear balloon
1847 The Faro Knows (Bob King): Spectator names a card, magician makes three statements, the 3rd is to name the card
1848 Ellipses...imaginary dialogue with small time magic dealer

1849 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 11 Nov 1990
1849 Paradox (Aldo Colombini): Topological paper fold separates the reds from the blacks
1851 Picture to Reality (Bruce Berkowitz): 4 cards with photos of half dollars produce real halves
1852 Simplified Simple Shift (Hiroyuki Sakai): excellent 4 Ace control
1853 A Ditch In Time (Tony Miller): a coin across routine
1854 Easy Going Nomad (Justin Higham): simplified handling of Charlie Miller's Nomad Aces
1855 The Workingman's Wild Card (Paul W. Cummins): Wild card concept using a Himber Wallet
1856 Mock Oil & Water (John W. McClure): reds and blacks don't mix
1857 Kneeling (Mark Sicher): using the back of the knee as a "lap"
1858 Fifty One Up (Roger Monaco): selection is supposed to turn face up; rather, rest of deck turns face up, selection is face down
1859 Out To Lunch/Editorial: Holden's magic shop, how Harry approached the Triumvirate

1861 Apocalypse Vol 13 No 12 Dec 1990
1861 You'd Swear There Were Duplicates (David Regal): Three selected cards are collected by the Aces. No duplicates used.
1863 It Seems So Right (Ori Ashkenazi): a coin "betcha", heads or tails
1864 Roadrunner Aces (John Quine & Tom Craven): 4 Ace revelation
1866 The Gambler's (W)Rap (Larry Baukin): a coin wrapper changes to a bill
1867 It's Uncanny (Doug Edwards): selected card keeps rising to the top, then changes to an indifferent card, then changes back to selection
1869 Mood Photo (Steve Cohen): a cute effect using photos of yourself.
1870 Tell Tale Deck (Richard Vollmer): a spell a card trick
1871 Ellipses...Uri Geller, credits

1873 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 1 Jan 1991 13th Anniversary Issue
1873 Striking Matches (J.K. Hartman): variation of Hartman's A Cut Above from Packet Magic
1875 Imp-Press (Sol Stone): an effect with imp-bottles
1876 Click Through (Sol Stone): coin through the table using Spot O Glue
1876 Two Ace Things (Bernard Bilis): 3 card switch and 4 card switch
1878 Loop De Loop (Sammy Rimington): single rubber band turns into two
1879 Sloppy Spectator (Robert Gardner): a Triumph effect with the spectator shuffling the cards
1881 Heel From Thumb Palm (Ken Krenzel): complete clean coin vanish
1882 Seen Between (Mike Bornstein): spectator inserts card in deck, picks matches to two predictions
1884 Ellipses...vacation, similar effects, Randy Wakeman's Volume Four video, puzzle, Ron Ferris Seduction Stack Idea, Time misdirection

1885 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 2 Feb 1991 Special All Card Issue
1885 It's One of These! (Eddy Taytelbaum): spectator's card is revealed from a set of 4 cards
1887 Poker Face (Ron Ferris & Harry Lorayne): a poker deal
1888 Spectator Peek Palm (Gene Maze): a card palm
1889 From a Fan (Gene Maze): another card palm
1890 One Way Once More (Ian Baxter): Tally Ho one way back ideas
1891 Joker Color Quickie (David Regal): a two deck effect similar to Lorayne's Color Quickie
1892 Easy Zarrow Shuffle (Doug Edwards): easy false shuffle
1893 Simplex Tear & Revelation (Stephen Tucker): torn & restored card
1894 Spectator's Choice Ace Assembly: Aces assemble in packet of spectator's choice
1896 Out to Lunch: More Miami Beach boys

1897 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 3 March 1991
1897 Four To One (Dean Dill): a matrix effect with a surprise. The assembled coins change to a silver dollar
1900 Discards and Draws (Daniel McCarthy): Poker demo with perfect faros
1901 The Folding Spoon (Fred Baumann): a folding spoon is unfolded and becomes solid
1902 Mr. Koenig's Tapestry (Richard Vollmer): a topological type effect using cards instead of paper
1904 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Richard Vollmer's Never Say Die
1904 Comedy of Errors (Tom Frame): coin matrix with 4 different coins, wrong coin traveling each time
1906 Unexpected Prediction (Randy Wakeman): direct card prediction effect
1908 Ellipses...canned magic, similar effects, playing card collectors, balloon animals, kudos

1909 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 4 April 1991 Stephen Tucker Issue
1909 Masters of Disguise: Three cards predict the selection, then turn into matches of the selection
1910 Sponge Away: fast sponge ball effect.
1911 Two for the Price of One: torn and restored card effect with no preparation needed
1913 Coin Cascade: a coin vanishes, and a cascade of coins pours from the sleeve
1914 Impromptu Aces from the Fore: 4 Ace production
1915 Testing 1, 2, 3, 4: another 4 ace production
1916 On No Account: Twisting the Aces type effect with no Elmsley Counts
1916 The Bottom Line: paperback dictionary word test
1917 The Shuttle Force: a card force
1918 The Knot Key: a sliding knot type effect with rope
1919 So Simple Matrix: fast and easy coins and cards using 4 different coins
1920 Ellipses...filler

1921 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 5 May 1991
1921 Winged Silver Returns (Hippie Torrales): Three coins across with 2 coins returning, in the hands
1923 Fast Color Change (Doug Edwards): card color change
1924 Swing Cut Control (Randy Tanner): deceptive control of one or more cards to the top of the deck
1925 Handy Sefalaljia (Rajneesh Madhok): finger ring on string
1925 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Gerald Deutsch's For A Change
1926 The Chosen Four (Jeff Altman): spectator stops your dealing at the 4 Aces
1927 In Your Cups (Chuck Brown): three effects with small clear medicine dispenser cups. Coin vanishes from cup. Half changes to dime. dime and half transposes
1929 Impossible 4 Card Change (Juan Tamariz): 4 card change
1930 Fun With Bruce's Book (Ian Baxter): for magicians. Calculations made on Bruce Elliot's Classic Secrets of Magic and the author's name appears
1931 Editorial: creativity

1933 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 6 June 1991
1933 The Linking Rubber Bands (Stan Hersch): two separate rubber bands link
1935 One Handed (Harry Lorayne): one hand top palm
1936 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Steve Clark on Aldo Colombini's On and Off
1937 Will the Couples Match? (Richard Vollmer): personalized version of Larry Becker's Will the Cards Match
1938 Deliverance (Patrick Page): Jumbo coin vanish with a handkerchief
1939 Insert Out (Tony Miller): control to the top of the deck or ambitious card move
1940 Boomerang (Walt Maddison): 4 red queens change to black deuces one at a time
1942 Elbow Grease (Carlos Schoenrich): squeezing elbow grease from an object
1942 Fast Serve Sandwich (Richard Bartram, Jr.): instant sandwich using a duplicate
1943 Ellipses...Penn & Teller, name dropping, word fun

1945 Apocalypse Vol 14, No 7 July 1991
1945 Reflection (Rick Silberman): An Ace becomes a "mirror" card
1947 Matchplay (Alan Alan): as a match box is opened to show the matches inside, the cover vanishes. Nice gimmick
1949 Opti Sandwich (Doug Edwards): standard card sandwich effect
1950 Four to Two (Dean Dill): Four half dollars change to $2 bill in a 2 card matrix effect
1952 Double Transpo (Jonathan Townsend): face down and face up cards transpose
1953 The Gypsy Clip (Larry Baukin): a colored paper clip vanishes and appears with others in a spectator's hand with others, along with a patter about
1954 Aces by Mistake (Harvey Cohen): Selected card is supposed to find mates, but finds Aces instead
1955 Out to Lunch: two jokes that actually happened

1957 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 8 Aug 1991
1957 No Cut Multiple Shift (Frank Thompson): a multiple shift that doesn't require a cut
1959 Strongarm (Bob Friedhoffer): bending a half dollar by brute strength
1960 Respun (Robert Bengel): another reset routine
1961 Laser Cups (Aldo Colombini): two cups shown top and bottom while hiding a ball.
1962 Changing Places (David Regal): card routine builds to color change of the backs of four cards
1964 Mini Ambush (Bob King): outgrowth of Phil Goldstein's True Blue
1965 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Jerry Deutsch on David Regal's Joker Color Quickie
1965 Watch Out (Richard W. Levine): magical appearance of a coin or small object under a silk
1967 Poker Matrix (Mike Bornstein): Aces change to Kings, Aces travel to packet, packets become royal flushes, and a royal flush is found in the pocket
1967 Ellipses...Not In Out, Simon Aronson, Dallas magic, palindromes, deaths, getting cold turkey, signatures, postal rates

1969 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 9 September 1991
1969 Disintegrating Finger Ring, Plus (Meir Yedid): a ring vanishes twice from the hand
1971 Holed Up (Bob Hirsch): a holed card becomes whole again (signed)
1973 Clear De Lune (Tom Frame): routine with a clear coin purse a folding coin, and several halves
1974 National Reversal (Harry Lorayne): a universal reversal of a card
1975 Apocalypse Variations or Additions (Stephen Tucker): So Simple Matrix
1976 Cane to Cards to Ball (Gianni Mattiolo): a quick stage change to produce a ball
1976 How Ambitious (Doug Edwards): ambitious card control
1977 Instant Aces (Roger Crosthwaite): 4 ace revelation
1979 The Finder Card (Randy Tanner): a selector card is initialed on a sticker on front and back. The selector finds the selection, now with the spectator's initials
1979 Ellipses...The Tonight Show, Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, rubber dam tricks, paying dues, TV, palindromes

1981 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 10 Oct 1991
1981 What's the Catch? (Gene Maze): Loopy Loop or The Endless Chain with a peg stand variation
1984 Poke Poker (Martin Kane): poker demonstration
1986 In and Out and Loaded (Michael Sondermeyer): an in the hands Gozinta box routine with a sponge ball production
1988 The Traveling Worm (Karrell Fox): a paper worm reveals a selection after "riding" a card wave
1988 Talk About Free Choices! (Doug Canning): prediction effect with cards, a dollar, and a small setup
1989 Out Damp Spot! (Joe Monti): a coin vanishes and reappears in the hand
1990 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Oliver Erens on Tony Mulle's What A Mess
1990 Smooth Casing (Robert Gardner): loading a selected card to a cardcase
1992 Ellipses...quitting smoking, BBs in balloon animals, fast passes, dealers, dead man's hand, more palindromes

1993 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 11 Nov 1991
1993 How Classics are Born! (Roger A. Golde): Variation on Mr. Koenig's Tapestry by Vollmer
1995 Sans Dye Tube (T.C. Churchwell): yellow to red to invisible to red silk, uses TT
1997 Phonier Pharo (Harry Lorayne): variation of Williamson's Phony Pharo
1998 Phoniest Pharo (Bill Kalush): Bill's easy method
1998 Phoniest Riffle Shuffle (Bill Kalush): another phoney shuffle
1999 Down Elevator (Daniel McCarthy): Elevator coins
2000 Everyone Wants to Get Into the Act! (Doug Edwards): sandwich effect with card reversed between Kings
2001 Sequestered Collectors (Paul W. Cummins): experimental collectors routine
2003 Ellipses...credits, Michael Ammar, submitting ideas, Dick Cavett

2005 Apocalypse Vol 14 No 12 Dec 1991
2005 Bang, Your Dead! (Carl Albright): shot rubber band comes back
2007 Tag Along Aces (Richard Vollmer): spelling card routine
2008 Crystal Clear (Jason Krumholtz): 3 sponge balls appear, vanish, and reappear under a glass
2011 Blue Prediction (Hiroyuki Sakai): prediction card effect
2012 End of the Nightmare (Jim Kahlert): end for professor's nightmare
2013 Wetback (Lenny Greenfader): selected card ends up in magician's pocket
2015 Inexplicable Miracle (David Regal): spectator makes free choice and finds match in pocket
2015 Card Production Spin (Barry Stevenson): single card productions
2016 Ellipses...comments

2017 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 1 1992
2017 Rock 'N Roll Aces (Peter Marshall): Jazz Aces routine
2020 Excellent Ring Appearance (Wayne Osinski): a knot is tied in a cord, and a finger ring appears in the knot.
2022 Sticky Location/Revelation (Harry Lorayne): Paul Harris' Sticky Fingers 4 Ace production with an added revelation of a selected card
2023 Coin Favorite (Dean Dill): chink a chink routine using a shell
2025 Reprocessed Elimination (J.K. Hartman): card elimination, 5 cards are not the selection, and each is removed one by one. The remaining card turns into the selection
2026 No Knot Now (Doug Edwards): a vanishing knot in a rope
2027 Transferink (Jonathan Townsend): a blank card is removed from a deck of cards and placed in the cardcase. Spectator selects a card (say the 6C) and it is placed face down on top of the case. The face of the 6C is wiped off, and the ink transfers to the blank card in the case
2028 Ellipses...Magic ethics and young magicians, a clown tape, V. Skip San Soucie 4 coins across using a magnet in place of a coin to "repel" or attract the coins, the Rotton Kid

2029 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 2 Feb 1992 Special All Card Issue
2029 Poker Machine (Michael DeMarco): deal any poker hand after 3 shuffles (requires faros)
2031 Talk to Me (Richard Volmer): a version of Voice Print using 8 seemingly indifferent cards
2032 To the Top (Mike Bornstein): 4 Aces shown and are dealt to the table, last card to deck. 3 Aces are now lost in the deck. Aces come to top.
2033 Out of Five (Gene Maze): card is selected and lost in deck. 5 cards are removed and displayed as they are dealt to the table. Magician states he knows the card is one of these, but spectator objects. Spectator selects one anyway, and discovers his or her own card
2034 You'll Fool All (Doug Edwards): re black separation effect
2035 Recased (Steve Bedwell): Deck is removed from case, then deck is pushed through the case and all can be examined
2037 The Tray Force (Gary Ouellet): good riffle force
2038 A Strange Bottom Slip Cut (Allan Kronzek): in hand false cut
2039 A Lorayne Storm: taking advantage of accidents
2040 Out to Lunch: booking acts

2041 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 3 Mar 1992
2041 Eerie Revelation (Yuji Wada): Variation of Britland's 4 Ace Reveal, with Kings on the other side
2043 No Propellant (Sol Stone): clean coin vanish using sleeving
2044 Down the Ladder (Tom Craven): card is selected and returned. Deck is shuffled twice, value of card is dealt to, and card is found
2045 Box, Card, Coins, and You! (Aldo Colombini): coins travel one at a time from Okito box to under a playing card
2047 Countdown (Rafael Benatar): card effect inspired by Ortiz's Hitchcock Aces and Ascanio's Aunt Henriette's Aces
2049 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Reinhard Muller on Alan Alan's Matchplay
2050 Life Saving Bill Tube (John Graham): an instant reset clear bill tube made from a tube from LifeSaver Holes
2051 The Six of Spades (Stan Cohen): cute trick; the Queen of Spades holds the 6 of Spades
2052 Ellipses...the Apocalypse name, Triskaidekophobia, Johnny Paul, Cups & Balls warning, smoking, Randy Wakeman, Tom Mullica, Tannen's, palindrome

2053 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 4 April 1992
2053 All Strung Out (David Regal): spectator selects colored lace and laces different colored beads. Magician predicts threaded colors
2056 Lickety Flip (David Acer): Four of a Kind revelation location
2057 The Diffler Riffler (Doug Edwards): full deck false riffle shuffle
2058 Frame Up (Milton Schorr): a new handling for removing a coin from a purse frame
2059 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Alan Alan on Bob Friedhoffer's Strongarm
2060 Blankjack (Justin Higham): 4 blue backed blank faced cards are shown, and each is printed with a Jack, then blue backs change to red, then back to blue
2061 Ring Through Finger (Meir Yedid): finger ring jumps to other finger
2062 Poker Machine II (Michael DeMarco): Poker Demo using faros
2063 Interesting Cut (Lorenzo Boer): flourishy triple false cut
2064 Editorial: being a magician

2065 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 5 May 1992
2065 Sandwichange (Harry Lorayne): a card sandwich routine
2067 Prediction Guardians (Harry Lorayne): another sandwich
2068 Pocket Change (Andy Leviss): copper silver transposition
2069 More Twist'n (Robert Bengel): Twisting the Aces with a selected card appearing between them
2070 The Spinning French Drop (Carl Albright): for coins
2071 Sandichange for Hofzinser (Meir Yedid): One ace reverses that matches the suit of a selected card, then becomes the selection
2072 Sight Gag (Tom Frame): magician removes contact lens and it is found to be 2" large and then replaced
2073 In and Out Force (Tom Craven): a card force
2074 All Out (John Morgan): a set up card effect
2075 Ellipses...more credits and complaints

2077 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 6 June 1992
2077 Exactly the Same! (Juan Tamariz): card is selected and deck is cased, card is pushed into center of deck. Cardcase is struck, and card ends up in spectator's hand. On repeat, card ends up in wallet
2079 Finger Through Bill (Toyosane Sanada): thumb and forefinger penetrate a bill, leaving it undamaged
2081 An Optical Control (Alain Choquette): selected card in a riffle is controlled
2081 The Moving Multiple Jog (Jean Jacques Sanvert): control of four aces
2082 Sugar Cube Through Table (Gerald Deutsch): a wrapped sugar cube penetrates the table. On the repeat, it penetrates again, but leaves the wrapper
2083 The Money Cards (Hippie Torrales): Instant production of 4 coins from four cards
2085 Pocketed Traveler (Steve Naidich): card transposition effect
2086 Under the Spectator's Control (Carlos Schoenrich): gambling demo with laughs
2087 Ellipses...Post Office Ellipse from Aug 1981

2089 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 7 July 1992
2089 Spot Remover (William Morales): a packet type effect with prepared spot cards
2091 Instant Top Card Glimpse #1 (Mike Shelley): a card glimpse
2091 Instant Top Card Glimpse #2 (Harry Lorayne): Harry's version
2092 Instant Top Card Glimpse #3 (Doug Edwards): yet another
2092 Vanishing Dust (Fred Baumann): snap sleeve of a coin
2094 Torn and Quartered (Andrea Baioni): torn and restored signed card with some Elmsley counts
2095 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Dr. Gordon J Arquette on Albright's Bang, You're Dead!
2095 French Fried (Steve Dusheck): sponge fries vanish when pushed into the fist
2097 Sandwichange Variation (Doug Edwards): another variation
2098 Flasher (Paul W. Cummins): a tongue in cheek card effect
2099 Ellipses...Miracle Math, Darwin Ortiz credits, Bedwell's Recased, fonts, world famous, phobias, a riddle

2101 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 8 Aug 1992 Stephen Tucker One Man Issue No 2
2101 The Chameleon Pen: color changing pen (needs special pens)
2103 The Return: card effect based on Gilbreath, Will The Cards Match
2104 Give Me a Ring: Finger ring and string opener
2105 Thought Provoking: a mathematical card revelation utilizing the spectators
2106 Shaper Caper: A topological card puzzle
2107 Look Away: sandwich card routine
2108 Find the Ladies: predict 4 cards of the same value
2109 Charade: force squares to force selection of an object
2110 Up To You: two Key cards find a selection
2110 Quartear: torn and restored card illusion
2111 Out To Lunch: skiing

2113 Apocalypse Vol 15 o 9 Sept 1992
2113 Rubber Wrangler (Tom Frame): card is selected and lost in deck. Rubber band is tossed at deck, and ends up around selection. Entire deck is banded and card is reinserted. Card is instantly removed. Need to be wearing jacket
2116 Quick Matrix/Instant Backfire (Sheldon Lippman): a sudden reverse coin matrix
2117 Eerie Selection Revelation (Bob Hyans): impromptu version of Yuji Wada's Eerie Revelation cards
2119 Eerie Ace Revelation (Doug Edwards): a 4 ace revelation
2119 The Flipover Flourish Load (Antonio Casas): a showy load technique for the cups and balls
2120 The Siamese Shuffle (Wesley James): A shuffle flies from one half the deck to the other, or two half decks transpose
2122 Bottom Action Palm (Tim Wright): palm during overhand shuffle
2122 Overhand Shuffle Bottom Palm (Gene Maze): another
2123 Ellipses...Tamariz Blown Away act, Linking Ring magazine, magic TV, full deck stacks, Doug Henning votes, the Magic Book, Lennart Green

2125 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 10 Oct 1992
2125 Magic Travelers (T.C. Churchwell): easy coins across with shell
2127 Midnight Speller (Doug Canning): a card spell from the pocket
2128 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: David Regal's Inexplicable Miracle
2128 A Swivel Palm (Rick Haslett): utility palm of bottom card
2129 Cut & Restored Nightmare (Bob Rees): cut and restored rope combined with professor's nightmare
2132 The Ace You Say (Doug Edwards): location of 2 red aces and change to the black aces leading to surprise ending
2133 Flip Flop (Leo Boudreau): letter puzzles
2134 One Hand Triumph Cut (Frank Paglia): a triumph effect with one hand cuts. At the end, deck is ribbon spread and only selection is reversed
2135 Ellipses...Credits, Tom Daugherty, complaints, Johnny Carson, contributions, Jack Mitzman, magic table, palindromes

2137 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 11 Nov 1992
2137 The The Tule Exchange Exchange (Harry Lorayne): a do anywhere impromptu card effect
2139 Slide Color Changing Knot (Aldo Colombini): a rope and knot routine
2140 Say Four! (Doug Edwards): 4 Ace revelation/location using flower opening flourish
2142 But You?! (Harry Lorayne): as above, with Royal Flush twist
2143 Recession (Sheldon Lippman): a matrix coin variation using 4 shells!
2144 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Earle Oakes on Stan Cohen's The Six of Spades
2144 Roving Predaceous Mates (Michael DeMarco): two black jacks inserted in the deck can find any ace in three shuffles. Perfect faros
2145 The Upside Down Retention Pass (Michael Rubinstein): for coins
2146 Quartette Divino (Ian Baxter): Two piles, spectator names value. Magician deals 1st pile face up until that value reached. 2nd pile dealt face down and magician stops at different number, turns over card and it is a match. Now magician and spectator both deal face up, and reach next two jacks at the same time
2147 Ellipses..contributions to dual magazines, Michael Vincent, August Vollmer, word derivations, palindromes, phobias, Bruce Cervon & Larry Jennings, Dennis Marks patter for Alan Choquette's Optical Control

2149 Apocalypse Vol 15 No 12 Dec 1992
2149 Flash Silk on Rope (Doug Edwards): instant appearance
21451 Simplicit (John W. McClure): signed card placed in pocket. Cards turned up one by one until stopped. Pocket shown empty, card is next!
2151 Real Wild Cards (Harry Lorayne): a gambling patter wild card routine
2153 Switch/Load for Cup & Ball (Antonio Casas): more cups and balls moves
2153 Choices (Tom Daugherty): mathematical principle card routine
2155 Inescapable (Anonymous): Shown by Scott Hitchcock. Advanced jumping rubber band on the fingers effect
2156 Ten/Four (Richard Vollmer): card effect based on Roy Walton's Triple Alliance with a set up
2158 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Jerry Deutsch's Sugar Cube Through Table
2158 Strange Sandwich (Hippie Torrales): magician card fooler
2160 Ellipses...end notes for 15th year