Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 16-20  January 1993 - December 1997
2002 Harry Lorayne, Inc.; L&L Publishing, CA
Hardcover, no dj, 719 pages (plus)
Harryk Lorayne: Apocalypse Volumes 16-20
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Comments: Illustrated by Robert Lorayne. The Apocalypse series are bound versions of one of the top magic magazines of the 1980's and 90's. These volumes contain tons of close up material with cards, coins, money, and various other items. Each of the volumes is highly recommended. This is the final volume in the series of four and covers years 1993 through 1997.


Foreword by Harry Lorayne about the last 5 years of Apocalypse
Index for Volume 16 1993: each index is laid out by "The Effects", "The Contributors", "The Sleights Described Within Routines" and by Issue contents for aid in finding material
Index for Volume 17 1994
Index for Volume 18 1995
Index for Volume 19 1996
Index for Volume 20 1997

2161 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 1 Jan 1993 15th Anniversary Issue
2161 Prophet Minded (J.K. Hartman): revamp of Ed Marlo's Logical Prediction (cards)
2163 Swirl Assembly & Backfire (Dean Dill): a coin matrix using only coins and the hands, no cards
2165 Bargain Four (Mike Bornstein): Rhythmically cutting to the 4 Aces
2166 A Very Pretty Thing (Sol Stone): a nice copper/silver transposition using 2 halves and 1 English Penny
2168 The "Useful" Force (Harry Lorayne): a card force with similarities to the Hofzinser slide force
2169 Speck-Ulation (Anthony Lindan): dots on a business card rearrange themselves to spell the spectator's name!
2170 Back They Come (David Regal): 4 of a kind are dealt to the table and singly returned to the middle of the deck, being exchanged for indifferent cards. The 4 cards on the table become the original 4 of a kind
2171 The Invisible Card (Gerald Deutsch): Spectator names any card and it becomes invisible and ends up in the pocket
2172 Ellipses...: Tucker's Up to You = Annemann's Locatrix; Europe trip; blue humor by magicians

2173 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 2 Feb 1993 Special All Card Issue
2173 The Best Lie Detector (Marly Kane): lie detector card routine
2175 Kr-Ace-Y Kolors (Ron Ferris): a red/black color card effect
2176 Two Times Ambitious (Juan Tamariz): 2 cards jump from the center of the deck to the top
2178 A Lorayne Storm: double turnover finesse
2178 The Band Plays On (Doug Edwards): stunning revelation of a selected card with the deck wrapped in a rubber band
2179 Instant Opener (Bernard Bilis): selected card jumps out of rubber banded deck
2180 Saga of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (Robert L. Brooks): complete deck setup story
2181 Mr. Koenig Finds Your Card (Michael DeMarco): version of Richard Vollmer's "Mr. Koenig's Tapestry"
2182 Off Handed (Gary Ouellet): off handed method to show a card has been lost in the deck while actually on top
2184 Out to Lunch: a story

2185 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 3 March 1993
2185 Rings Should "Ring" (Bob McAllister): 2 ring and rope quickie
2187 Quick and Direct (Harry Lorayne): variation of Kane's The Best Lie Detector card effect
2188 Down the Garden Path (Steve Dusheck): an invisible silk really goes invisible (TT)
2189 Lost and Bound (Dr. Michael Bilkis): another rubber banded deck effect
2191 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: another ending for Baumann's Vanishing Dust fr. July 1992
2191 Triskaidekaphobia (Tom Daugherty): a card counting effect
2192 Coin Pop-Up Finesse (Eric DeCamps): pop-up move with a coin
2193 Re-Count Demanded (Randy Wakeman): variation of Paul Cummins' Counting On It card effect
2194 Band Through Wrist (T.C. Churchwell): rubber band passes through wrist
2195 Autograph Hunters (Stephen Tucker): interesting business card effect about autographs
2196 Ellipses...Harry's new videos, William Zavis cut and restored, Ring and String comment

2197 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 4 April 1993 Doug Edwards One Man Issue No. 2
2197 Packs A Wallop: an amazing card revelation and transposition into a card case
2199 Pick Your Spot: magician correctly predicts bottom card of a deck shuffled by spectator
2200 Ring On Rope Toss: A larger ring (3") is tossed onto a rope
2201 Fake Take Count: a counting card trick with a transposition of indicator card and selection
2202 Two Hindu Shuffle Finesses: Forcing a known card; control tip
2203 More Direct Than Ever: another copper silver transposition with 1 copper 1 silver
2204 No Chances: Full deck setup and Faro shuffle required
2205 A Bill(et) Switch: excellent switch with no TT
2206 Close the Circle: Rhythmic ace location/revelation using tabled slip cuts
2206 Close the Circle, Expanded: magical production of the Aces
2207 A Four/Five Beat Control: card from middle to top
2208 Ellipses...About Doug Edwards, Gene Maze videos (Harry performs/teaches Gene's What's the Catch endless loop routine), poor magic magazines

2209 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 5 May 1993
2209 The Matchmaker's Chart (Richard Vollmer): a prediction of card switches is made. Cards are well mixed and dealt, and the switches performed to provide perfect matches
2211 Psychic Scrabble (Michael DeMarco): Magician predicts a word selected from a grid of Scrabble letters
2212 Double Revelation (Bob King): a "color change" double revelation
2213 It Doesn't Stand Alone (Les Scheyer): a cute interlude with a 3-4" ring, perhaps during a ring on rope routine
2214 Cased and Bound (T.C. Churchwell): Another rubber-band-disappears-and-encircles-a-selected-card effect
2216 The Sidejog Glide (Ed Marlo): card control
2218 Candle Appearance In a Flash (David Garrard): Fantasio appearing candle handling
2219 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Richard Vollmer on Michael DeMarco's Poker Machine II
2219 Editorial: Magic Manuscript Lorayne interview reprinted

2221 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 6 June 1993
2221 Just Imagine (George Laing): magician correctly predicts box chosen and key to open box, while all is imaginary
2223 Matchmaker's Chart, Cont'd (Harry Lorayne): shortening the chart
2224 Jinx Mate (Gerald Deutsch): a Jinx card keeps turning up when not wanted, then transposes with the match of a selection
2225 A Golden Escape (Michael Goldman): a finger ring is removed from the finger even though a rubber ban tightly joins the fingers
2226 Discrepancy Triumph (Doug Edwards): mixed face up face down deck rights itself
2227 Gone and Returned (Fred Baumann): a coin and card matrix effect using the Morritt Palm
2229 Push Together Control (Jose Hernandez): practical control of a selected card
2230 Alignment Variation (Jeff Moche): variation of Christ-Annemann Alignment Move
2231 Ellipses... Dan Harlan's Inescapable, card magic, Mathematical Magic, QVC, kids and performing, working too hard

2233 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 7 July 1993
2233 Matchbox Trilogy (Helge Thun): loading a matchbox with a card (3 variations)
2236 A Rose By Any Other (John Graham): a stage mentalist effect
2237 The Same Face! (David Regal): a prediction effect using a envelope and a double facer
2239 Twice Dice (Harold Cataquet): good color changing dice finish to a dice stacking routine
2240 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: T.C. Churchwell's own improvement on Cased and Bound
2240 Six Plus Five (Richard Vollmer): a counting card effect using a "natural" Stay Stack setup
2242 Q(uarter)-Tips (Wylee Packer): Q-Tips penetrate a Quarter (uses cigarette through Quarter coin)
2242 Almost Immediately (Bill Klaush): instant location of a selected card
2244 Ellipses...correction to Afterthoughts on Hartman's Prophet Mind, magic theft, accolades, nit picks

2245 Apocalypse Vol 16 No 8 Aug 1993
2245 An Ace of A Routine (Rick Silberman/Gene Maze): Joker placed in AS, another Ace turns into Joker and Joker turns into Ace 3 times, then all Aces gathered
- requires rear palm and Tenkai Card Change
2247 Three Knots (John Rubino): interesting cut and restored rope routine
2248 Nine All Mine (Harry Lorayne): A prediction routine using Tally-Ho deck
2249 On-Table False Cut (Doug Edwards): table cut
2250 Striking Vanish (Antonio Casas): for the cups and balls
2250 Connect Four (Joe Rindfleisch): torn and restored card effect
2252 Triple Whammy (Tom Daugherty): variation on Herb Zarrow's Revolving Aces
2254 In-Cert(ainly) (Jim Molinari): Spectator inserts card into deck, right next to previous selection (sleight of hand method):
2255 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Richard Vollmer on Ron Ferris's Kr-Ace-Y Kolors
2255 Out to Lunch: needing a doctor

2257 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 9 Sept 1993
2257 Spectator Guesses Better (Terry Lagerould): Magician guesses close to correct card, spectator guesses exactly. Anywhere, anytime effect.
2259 Ring Strip Plus (Robert L. Brook): ring off string method (see also Oct 1980 and Sep 82 issues)
2260 Every Fourth: Mike Bornstien: Four Ace effect with royal flush climax
2262 Quicker Warp: Bob Kohler: a quickie version of Card Warp
2264 Principle to an Extreme (Michael DeMarco): Faro Shuffle effect (requires 8!)
2265 Coin Roll Vanish (Sheldon Lippman): nice flourish
2265 In Appearance (Bernard Billis): the selected card magically visibly appears in your hands; requires practice!
2267 Ellipses...: Effects from Apocalypse appearing in newer magazines; typos; credit for Senor Mardo cups & balls move; Jim Sisti remarks on Lorayne video; deluxe edition book with more content than "regular"; name dropping

2269 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 10 Oct 1993
2269 Coin In Bottle (Bob Elliott): ending part of a two part quarter then half in bottle routine w/nice touches
2271 Pseudo Second Demo (Doug Edwards): gambling demonstration
2272 Second Dealing Poker (Harry Lorayne): stand alone or after any 4 Ace routine, or after Pseudo 2nd Demo above!
2273 In Your Hands (Sol Stone): Coin changes to cigarette, then back
2274 Un-Sandwiched! (Tom Daugherty): a sandwich effect in which the prisoner escapes from between two cards
2276 LTP Switch (Carl Albright): Longitudinal Tenkai Palm card switch
2277 The Programmed Rubber Band (Scott Hitchcock): a rubber band effect using #19 bands
2279 Easy Cut Flourish (Herb Zarrow): a card cutting flourish
2280 Ellipses...: NY Magic town no more; two similar effects; popular TV word; Ricky Jay info, half full or half empty?

2281 Apocalypse Vol 16 No. 11 Nov 1993
2281 Bend That Spoon! (Bob King): Spoon bending with comedy and a change to a fork that ends clean
2284 A Spectator Ace Cut (Christoph Borer): Spectator cuts to the Aces
2284 Dupe-Licate (Allan Slaight): gambling demonstration w/cards
2285 Direct Ring/Rope Penetration (Michael Sondermeyer): ring on rope using magician's ring (by necessity). Can be Ellis size ring.
2287 Please Forget Your Card! (Eric T. Dockery): two cards selected and although one is "forgotten", magician magically finds both
2288 Almost Impromptu Copentro (Rick Haslett): marked coin penetrates into glass
2289 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Aldo Colombini on Ron Ferris' "Into Orbit"
2289 Clipped Escape (Jed B. Smith): selection vanishes from between two "guards", even though the cards were clipped with a paper clip
2290 Face It, Kings are Ambitious (John W. McClure): Four Kings lost in the deck make it to the top
2292 Ellipses...: Contributing effects to multiple magazines; favorite issues; Tarbell #7; post office quirks

2293 Apocalypse Vol 16 No 12 Dec 1993
2293 Essence of the Coin (David Regal): borrowed coin marked and placed under a napkin with an inverted glass on top. Another napkin is placed next to it with another inverted glass. The marked coin moved from under the first glass to under the second!
2295 Four Through Again (Andrea Baioni): Ace Through Table routine
2297 Ho! Ho! Ho! (Wylee Packer): Ho! turns into prediction of 10 of Hearts...
2298 The Other Side of the Coin (James Chartier): showing both sides of a coin - not!
2299 Double Shift (Gene Maze): Negate the cut table shift
2300 No Reverse Reverse Count (Doug Edwards): Ace to Four of Clubs are reverse counted, then instantly jump back to original order
2301 Symphony (Stephen Tucker): key off string with money patter
2302 A Lorayne Storm: setting up the deck "live"
2302 Heavies (Tom Daugherty): magician predicts one of 10 number cards
2304 Ellipses...: Stewart James, Coin in Bottle

2305 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 1 Jan 1994 16th Anniversary Issue
2305 What's Yours Is Mine (Lewis Jones): Spectator cuts deck and selects card, selection is placed in cardcase. Magician also cuts to a card which is tabled. The cards switch. Includes an excellent force
2307 Fantasy Knives (Bob King): Uses two gimmicked knives with a total of three different colors. Includes patter.
2309 Expert Full Deck Overhand (Harry Lorayne): false full deck overhand shuffle
2310 The Mysterious Moving Coin (Philip Klipper): a coin travels by itself up a rubber band stretched between the fingers
2311 Pair Pressure (J.K. Hartman): a card trick evolution of "Mate in Four"
2313 It's Already There! (David Regal): coins across using 4 halves and an expanded shell
2314 Ad Libitum (Richard Volmer): dealt cards add up to 15, selection is found at card 15 (it reads much better than this short summary)
2315 Reverseasy (Doug Edwards): method for reversing a card
2315 Ellipses...: Just Imagine effect, Europe, 21 card trick

2317 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 2 Feb 1994 Special All Card Issue
2317 Commonwealth Collectors (Allan Slaight): clean version of Walton's Collectors. To follow "Between Your Palms" also described
2319 Eleven Plus, Plus (Peter Duffie): the original "stay-stack" effect (see also Six Plus Five, Nine All Mine)
2320 Close Up Pad's Geiger Counter (Tony Miller): selection penetrates down through the close-up pad
2321 But Wait! (Harold Cataquet): deck is cut face up to make spectator's selection, prediction matches, and selection turns out to be only card with a different back
2323 Quick Match (Lee Snyder): fast setup quickie using the Henry Christ force. Selection is placed face up, and when spread, the mate to the selection is also found face up.
2323 The Favorites (Roger A. Golde): Card effect based on the CATO, Cut And Turn Over principle
2325 Card Into Cardcase (Russell T. Barnhart): magician places an indifferent card into the cardcase, which ends up switching with the selection
2326 Under Your Spell (Tom Daugherty): routine built around the "mental spell" idea
2328 Out to Lunch: The Expert at the Pitch Table (pitching Svengali decks and the Magic Mouse); stories about pitching

2329 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 3 March 1994
2329 Reverse and Rise (Joe Rindfleisch): card rise from the card case
2331 Coin Explosion (Dean Dill): "Gymnastics with coins"; chink-a-chink display, coins backfire and many coins appear
2333 Something Strange (Gerald Deutsch): Card transportation in the spectator's hands. Quick but effective
2334 Reflected Thoughts (Andrew Galloway): a "thought of" card is found; uses an 11 card setup
2335 Triple Bill Restoration (Doug Edwards): a cut and restored dollar effect for platform, using the Clippo concept
2337 The Magic Coin (Harry Lorayne): a selection is made and returned. Spectator checks top card to ensure it isn't selection. Spectator takes magic coin, places it on the deck, and the top card turns into her selection
2338 The Bevel Force (Larry Becker): an effect using the bevel force
2339 Ellipses...: credit to Peter Tappan for full deck force, some corrections, Qui Magia magazine, Anne Bancroft, Harry Anderson, Cardini's Heel Reel, good book on card magic, Memory Power, Thompson's The Ring of Thoth, Close Up Card Magic

2341 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 4 April 1994 Aldo Colombini Issue
2341 Italian Serenade (Aldo Colombini): multi-phase card routine inspired by Kane's Jazz Aces, impromptu
2343 In-Visible Coins (Aldo Colombini): impromptu anywhere routine using two coins
2344 Tri-Emphasis (Aldo Colombini): Impromptu effect. Card is selected and returned, cards are randomly mixed into a face down/face up mess, then right themselves except for the selection
2345 Mini Maxi Hofzinser (Aldo Colombini): Card selected from miniature deck. Four regular Aces displayed, one reverses itself that matches the suit of the selection. Then, the two cards transpose!
2346 The Professor Strikes Again (Aldo Colombini): comedy lead-in to professor's nightmare rope trick
2348 Almost By Mistake (Aldo Colombini): interesting reveal of the last Ace of a 4 Ace location
2348 Apache (Aldo Colombini): face to face red eights turn into black eights. The black eights can't be pried apart, except by the magician
2349 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Aldo Colombini on Jim Morinari's Why Take Chances?
2349 Sleight of Foot (Aldo Colombini): spectator selects a colored shoelace from among many in a bag, it matches the color on a child's shoe held by another spectator (uses three way force bag)
2350 Cut Corners (Aldo Colombini): A card is cut into 4, and the pieces assemble themselves under a card (al la Matrix). The cut pieces turn out to be a Joker, and the Joker turns into the selection
2351 Two Card Revelation (Aldo Colombini): a two card revelation using a table ribbon
2351 Ellipses...: palindromes, notes

2353 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 5 May 1994
2353 Danger Dice (Harold Cataquet): dice stacking routine using a clear glass. The glass cracks, two dice "crack" in half, and the 4 die are edge stacked using another glass.
2355 Happenstance (Lewis Jones): Includes TP load to load a card to the deck from the front shirt/jacket pocket. One card of each value is taken from the deck, spectator selects half of these. The values are added, and this number counted down in the remaining deck, to find the only odd colored card
2356 Another Departed Point (Simon Lovell): One card tabled. Three cards selected, one signed, then lost in the deck. Two cards are found in magical ways, and the third tabled card turns out to be the third selection.
2357 The Hybrid Coin (Steve Dusheck): coins across routine using a unique coin gimmick you can make yourself
2358 In Spectator's Hand Sandwich (Bill Kalush): spectator's card rises between two others while she holds the end
2359 The Other Side of the Universe (David Regal): coin routine to follow "It's Already There" from Jan 94 issue. Uses three halves and an expanded shell.
2361 Spell Motivator (Doug Edwards): a spelling trick: you spell to a selection and find a royal flush.
2362 Special Coin Turnover Move (Mike Bornstein): a table coin turnover to apparently show both sides
2362 Bingo! (Tom Daugherty): 2 thought of cards and one selected card fall together as three packets are dealt
2363 Editorial: a rant about an injustice in a local tax situation

2365 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 6 June 94
2365 Three Before (Jed B. Smith): a collectors type of effect
2367 Continuous Stream Coin Production (Steve Hamilton): of four coins, used for Steve's Coins to Glass routine, but can stand alone
2368 Oil and Water Poker (Florentin): not a full routine. Principles used are parallel stack, Stay stack, Gilbreath principle, and oil and water handling
2370 Through Each Other (Meir Yedid): Two dice are held, one in each hand. They apparently pass through each other
2371 Another Way (Michael Friedland): card under glass or other object
2372 The Uncanny Re-Linked Rubber Bands (Scott Hitchcock): linking rubber bands routine
2374 Right To It (Richard Vollmer): Mathematical based card effect
2374 The Lightning Flip (Wylee Packer): Method to show both sides of a card but only show one surface
2376 Ellipses...: Magic book publishers; Carl and Estelle Reiner's 50th wedding anniversary, Harry's commentaries, By Way of Deception.

2377 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 7 July 94
2377 So Pretty (Jose Hernandez): force/steal of a card that will require practice (not angleproof)
2379 Coins Across to Glass (Steven Hamilton): coins to glass with a mid-air Han Ping Chien
2380 For Sure (Phil Goldstein): Dice are used to find matching spectator and magician selections
2381 Easy Open Sandwich (Joe Rindfleisch): an effective sandwich card routine
2382 Dia-A-Monte (Peter Kane): Monte routine with dice (short and to the point)
2384 Topsy-Turvy Twosome (Tom Daugherty): impromptu location of two chosen cards
2385 The Hot One (David Regal): nice three coins across routine
2387 Captured (Doug Edwards): a card sandwich effect
2388 Ellipses...: sayings; English usage, Tannen's locking ring, palindromes

2389 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 8 Aug 1994
2389 Wired Triumph (Bill Kalush): a Triumph effect using Spread Pass Delay
2391 Bottle Piggy Bank (DanGarrett): another handling of Bob Elliot's coin in bottle
2393 Thirteen Times and Out (Paul Gordon): All the Clubs are revealed in sequence one by one
2394 How to Hide Coins (David Regal): similar to David Roth's Hanging Coins - three coins grabbed from the air and replaced
2396 Lazy Magician's Assistant (Mike Maxwell): The Lazy Man's Interlocking Setup
2397 Royal Poker Deal (Mel Lambdin): self-working, self-resetting poker deal stack
2398 Four Hits and a Miss (Bobby Benard): quick ending or clean up for a sponge ball routine
2399 Trouser-Fold Servante (Jose Hernandez): Using your pant's leg to act as a temporary servante
2399 Out to Lunch: starting trends, memory effects, etc

2401 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 9 Sep 1994
2401 Three Proofs (Tom Daugherty): 3 cards are removed from the deck and set aside. Spectator selects favorite hour, and removes that many cards from the deck. Magician takes 12 cards and lays them in clock format. Spectator takes card at hour selected, places it face down in center, takes rest of 11 cards and places them back on deck. Magician predicts the hour, the center card, and the first three cards match center card.
2402 Shades of Gellar (Fred Baumann): a visible spoon bending, the spoon can be handed out
2403 Two No Get Ready Lifts from a 4 Card Packet (Harry Lorayne): self explanatory
2403 Reverse Five (Doug Edwards): Ace to 5S magically reversing with a new twist
2406 Three Balls Through (Joe Rindfleisch): balls through the table using a 1" multiplying ball set, wooden balls are best
2408 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Bob King): Gambling demonstration using the Bridge Deal
2409 Kirigami Revelation (Harold Cataquet): using Japanese paper folding and cutting, the magician tries to determine selected card, with a few misses
2410 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Richard Vollmer on his own Never Say Die
2410 All Hands on Deck (Mike Bornstein): Mike's handling of Lorayne's An Overhand Shuffle Stack from Quantum Leaps
2411 Ellipses...: whiskey, words, getting it wrong, the Beatles and the Bugs, Lou Gallo credit, a correction, mood swings

2413 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 10 Oct 1994
2413 Instant Face Up Catch (Harry Lorayne): an instant reversal revelation
2415 Minus Math (Kevin Moran): Charles Jordan mathematical card trick without the math showing
2416 Four Gone & Back Thimbles (Robert L. Brooks): appearance, disappearance, and re-appearance of four thimbles
2418 Fabulous Change (Juan Tamariz): magically changes three of four cards
2419 Complete Coin Vanish - And Back (James Chartier): complete non-sleeve vanish then re-appearance of a coin
2420 Rolling Flushtration (Keith Bloomfield): showing all 4 cards in a packet are the same
2421 Ring In Wallet (Gerald Deutsch): a spectator's finger ring is lost. Magician removes wallet and removes a key-ring (no thanks), a dollar-ring (no thanks), then picks up the tabled wallet and cleanly removes the spectator's ring. Dollar bill ring not taught
2422 To Mix or Not to Mix (David Regal): 6 card oil and water routine
2424 Ellipses...: prices, destruction and creation of money, more Mondegreens, discrediting Apocalypse, lecturing in Spain

2425 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 11 Nov 1994
2425 A Psychological False Count (Tony Miller): Showing the faces and backs of 4 cards while hiding one face
2426 Two Strikes (Dennis Marks): striking and lighting an already lit match
2428 What Would Have Happened? (Gerard Parkin): variation of Color Quickie from Personal Secrets
2429 ESP Coins (Aldo Colombini): two half dollars assume the shapes of selected ESP designs (coins hacksawed into a square and a triangle)
2430 The Faro & the Princess (Leo Boudreau): a no-memory, no gimmicks, no setup Princess effect requiring ability for perfect Faros
2431 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Variation on Lewis Jones' Happenstance
2432 Variant Every Fourth (Doug Edwards): variation on Mike Bornstein's Every Fourth
2432 The Sefalaljia Twins (Tom Daugherty): a variation of Stewart James' Sefalaljia finger ring on string effect using two rings
2434 Indeed a 4 Ace Trick (Helge Thun): 4 Ace revelation/location
2435 Editorial: a trend toward sloppiness; magic exposure

2437 Apocalypse Vol 17 No 12 Dec 1994
2437 The Miredieu Poker Deal (Richard Vollmer): pseudo gambling demonstration
2439 Strand Through Strand (Michael Goldman): solid through solid rubber band effect
2440 Gambler's Palming System (Patrick Cook): methods for a side steal, top palm single card/group, bottom palm single card, palm replacement
2442 Psychick Pickpocketing (Anthony Lindan): mentally pickpocket a spectator's pocket and his mind; good walk around magic
2444 A Lorayne Storm: Velcro holder idea for various loads (rope, balls, etc)
2444 Metamorphosis in Formal Wear (Jose Hernandez): two cards magically change places
2445 Get Ahead Coin Assembly (Gene Maze): a matrix routine starting one or two moves ahead from the beginning
2446 Habits (Lewis Jones): two cards predict the spectator's selection
2448 Ellipses...: typographical error, Edwards' Cardini collection, getting older, palindromes

2449 Apocalypse Vol 18 No 1 Jan 1995 17th Anniversary Issue
2449 Crossing Cards (J.K. Hartman): a thought of card in rubberband bound black pack matches thought of card in all-red rubberband bound pack
2451 Black Balled (Roy Benson): White ball multiplies into two, then one ball changes color to black. Uses two balls of contrasting color and one gimmick from a multiplying ball set
2453 Most Subtle Triumph (Bob King): a basic Triumph effect done twice in a row with a freely selected card
2455 Perfect Ring On Rope Illusion (Harold Cataquet): A "final" move for part of a routine.Uses 5 inch metal ring and 3.5 foot rope
2456 The Gypsy Shuffle (Tom Daugherty): spectator A selects card and then 4 more cards of same color. Spectator B selects card from opposite color, then adds 4 more cards of the same color. Both spectators mix their selections into their small packet. Magician mixes them some more, and results in two packets, with each selection appearing among 4 of the opposite color cards
2457 Miko #4 (Gerald Deutsch): The old 3 1/2 of Clubs effect using a 4 and a Quarter instead
2458 You Really Can Change Your Mind! (David Regal): Blue deck is shuffled and spread face down to show all backs. Spectator selects a card which is left face down, bottom and top of blue deck turned face up, and cards spread to show all faces (except face down card). A cased red deck is opened and spread to reveal one face up card: the JH. The spectator's selection matches! Uses two regular decks.
2459 Ellipses..: Name dropping, travel, Di-A-Monte and Monte Bones compared, letters about Three Before, more credits, kudos

2461 Apocalypse Vol 18 No 2 Feb 1995 Special All Card Issue
2461 Upward Mobility Sandwich (Joe Rindfleisch): quick impromptu effect with unique ending
2463 Tabled Ambitious (Doug Edwards): on the table quickie ambitious card routine
2464 Double Change of Four Cards (John W. McClure): 4 blank on both sides cards acquire backs and then faces. Uses Roll Count
2465 The Less Than One Second Card Trick (Robert L. Brooks): requires one hand Charlier Cut. Selected card is found by covering the deck with a handkerchief
2467 Mystical Countdown (Richard Vollmer): a counting effect (count to selection)
2468 Mystical Countdown Follow Up (Richard Vollmer): follow up routine to above
2468 Toss/Slap Reveal (Alan Ferland): a reveal of the last Ace of a 4 Ace effect
2470 Ten Fingers Ten Hands (Michael DeMarco): a 10 hand poker deal
2471 Out to Lunch: learning the pilot's name and memorizing $20 bill serial numbers

2473 Apocalypse Vol 18 No 3 March 1995
2473 The Marksman Force (Dennis Marks): an easy to do, imperceptible force
2475 Bill Flight (T.C. Churchwell): bill is borrowed, signed and rolled into a tube and handed to a spectator to hold. Bill tube is handed to a 2nd spectator. Magician takes rolled bill, vanishes it, and the signed bill appears inside the bill tube! Uses oversize TT
2476 Royal Flush Mini Stack (Paul Swinford): gambling demonstration
2478 Colorado (Aldo Colombini): 3 selection location effect using Marlo's AFTUS move
2479 More Coin Fusion (Sol Stone): Quick fooler using Sol's retention pass and click pass
2480 Utterly Blown Away (Tom Daugherty): Juan Tamariz' Blown Away in an impromptu way
2482 Good Job! (Keith Bloomfield): location/revelation of a selected card
2483 Ellipses...: Memory Power ad, Bridge demonstrations, magic exposure, David Regal effect, palindromes, contributions

2485 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 4 April 1995
2485 My Second Keeper (Harry Loryane): false shuffle to hold second card in place
2487 Heavy Breather (Allan Slaight): effective and easy gambling demonstration using breather crimp
2489 The Pocket Bill (Steve Dusheck): a pocket in a dollar bill for coin vanish or change
2490 Check Your Card, Sir? (David Regal): a unique card effect featuring claim checks
2492 Crazy Card (Doug Edwards): a nice routine using an Elmsley count, simplified Ascanio spread, double cut, and basic handling
2494 The Three Maidens (Hippie Torrales): a cup and ball style routine using cards and coins
2496 Ellipses...: Meir Yedid's layout of Apocalypse, ESP decks, the Flip Revelation, impromptu vs. non-impromptu question

2497 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 5 May 1995 Joe Rindfleisch One Man Issue
2497 Thumbthing (Joe Rindfleisch): magical change of a tabled face up card followed by a vanish
2499 Overly Ambitious Ace (Joe Rindfleisch): ambitious card with kicker, requires Tilt and top change
2500 Modernized Steel Ball & Tube (Joe Rindfleisch): a different use of the Steel Ball & Tube. Uses extra ball and a larger steel ball. "Move" used to apparently take the ball from the tube, rather than visually sinking into the tube
2502 Poker Deal Aces (Joe Rindfleisch): Stanley Collins style 4 Ace routine
2504 Recycling Tilt (Joe Rindfleisch): similar card routine to Joe's Upward Mobility
2505 The Ambitious Coin (Joe Rindfleisch): an ambitious routine using three silver and one copper coin
2506 Packet Racket (Joe Rindfleisch): Blue backs on 4 Aces change to red one at at time, then all faces become spades, red backs change back to blue, and Aces change back to normal. Resets
2506 Snap Variation (Joe Rindfleisch): a rubber band effect
2508 Ellipses...: Four Gone & Back Thimbles, Stevens Magic catalog, CP De Vries on John W. McClure's Double Change of Four Cards, Juan Tamariz's Sonata

2509 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 6 June 1995
2509 Memory Man (Micah C. Lasher): card memory effect for close up
2511 Cardreation (Tom Daugherty): self working card routine; automatic spelling placement
2512 Half Empty Half Full (Doug Edwards): a bottle of soda is shown and visibly poured into a paper cone with no mess; describes how to make your own bottle
2513 Reverse And Glimpse (Jose Hernandez): utility move and effect to have spectator's selection determined and appear face up in center of deck
2514 Sweet Ten (Gerald Deutsch/Sol Stone): a dime is vanished and you rip open a sugar packet, hand it to the spectator who pours out the dime
2516 Back and Blue (Tom Mullica): Close up card magic, take off on Bro. John Hamman's Two Card Trick
2517 Additions to HaLo's Revenge (Harry Lorayne): more on the casting out 9's principle using a grid of 9 numbers and a calculator
2518 Forcing a Change (David Regal): A card force with an added routine
2519 Editorial: rewarding mediocrity

2521 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 7 July 1995
2521 At Your Command (Wesley James): A good card control with an ending supplied by Harry
2523 Watch It! (Alan "Ace" Greenberg): quick but effective coin vanish
2524 Buy Something! (Stanley Prover): A trade show card trick: print "Enough With the Card Tricks - Buy Something!" on the face of an extra blank card
2525 Lightning Aces (Steve Hamilton): Magical Ace location/appearance
2527 The Stretching Paper Match (Joe Rindfleisch): a match is stretched to almost twice its size and dropped on the table
2528 A Lorayne Storm: what to do when you forget the card that has been replaced in the deck
2529 Eightsum (Peter Duffie): a variation of Lewis Jones' Happenstance card routine
2530 Four Way Smyth's Myth (Wylee Packer): 4 thought of cards show up at the same place within 4 packets
2531 Re-Retention Vanish (Harold Cataquet): retention vanish for die, ball, sponge ball
2532 Ellipses...: cocktail, more on Blown Away, palindromes, a poem

2533 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 8 August 1995
2533 Your Number, Your Fortune (Steve Dusheck): a clever use of the Out To Lunch principle
2535 The World's Only Living Rubber-Band Mindreading Magician (Ken Sutherland): a mind reading effect using a mathematical principle and a rubber band wrapped deck of cards
2537 Blind Dates (Tom Frame): Two spectators remove Kings and Queens from the deck and the suits match in order
2538 Miser's Reverie (Lee Snyder): coin production routine using 3 coins and a marker
2539 Three Quarter Time (Doug Edwards): An elevator card trick with simplified handling
2540 Collector's Addition (Robert Bengel): a collectors routine not for beginners
2542 The Magic Marker (Jim Morrison): Magician finds a signed selected card, rub off the signature, and rub it on again
2543 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Richard Vollmer with additional ideas for Mystical Countdown
2544 Ellipses...: magic exposure

2545 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 9 September 1995
2545 Really Wild Deuces (Jed B. Smith): Really wild deuces change to anything they like, in this case, Kings
2547 The Bounce-Back Sleeving Move (Harry Lorayne): a coin sleeving move
2548 Double Double Change (Richard Vollmer): a double visual card change
2550 Impossible and Impossible II (Tom Daugherty): A spelling type card effect for either One or Two audience members
2551 One Good Turn (Alan Alan): an Okito box turnover move
2552 The Wrong Ones! (David Regal): Ace location with color change ending
2554 Still the Wrong Ones! (David Regal): A variation on the above that is not as impromptu
2555 Another 4 As 4 Count (Keith Bloomfield): Hides the 2nd from top card
2556 Ellipses...: FFF convention, carbonated soft drinks, The Magic Book, more palindromes

2557 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 10 October 1995
2557 Only Aces Left - Right? (Harry Lorayne): the entire deck vanishes except for the 4 Aces
2559 Truly Through (Paul Daniels): rubber band penetrates the stem of a glass
2560 Are You Ready? (Doug Edwards): yet another card rise, completely impromptu
2561 Randominium (Lewis Jones): A red/black routine beginning with two red cards changing to 2 blacks in the spectator's hands
2563 World's 2nd Greatest Coin Trick (Jose Hernandez): a coin instantly and visibly penetrates a coin purse and glass
2565 A Pretty Ace Display (Joe Rindfleisch): flourish/display of 4 Aces
2566 While Burned (Hippie Torrales): top change that can be performed under fire
2567 Ellipses...: Ray Goulet's Caught In the Middle, magic trends, Doug Edward's Stunning, Danny Archer, using a Band-Aid, selecting judges

2569 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 11 November 1995
2569 The Illusion Control (Aaron Fisher): a card control with a sandwich effect and a joker changes to selected card effect
2572 Cup/Ball/Wand - Twice (Marcelo Contento): two cup and ball and wand moves
2573 One Faced (Tom Daugherty): A prediction card is taken by the magician. Cards are spread face up, then under the table, the spectator removes one card, turns it face down, and replaces it in the deck, cutting the deck to lose the card, and places the deck on the table. When spread, the selection is found face down in the face up deck and matches the prediction.
2575 Wild ESP-Ressions (Aldo Colombini): an ESP packet effect
2576 Maxi-Twist X (Harold Cataquet): a variation of David Stahl's Maxi Twist IX card routine
2578 Lucky Card, This Deck (Peter Duffie): a lucky card helps the magician find the selection; impromptu
2579 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: an easier memory for Marty Kane's "The Best Lie Detector"
2579 Out to Lunch: learning something by being lousy at it

2581 Apocalypse Vol 18 No. 12 December 1985
2581 Cent From Hell (Jim Krenz): a penny is cleanly wrapped in foil and held over a flame, where instead of changing to gold it "implodes" and can be handed out to the spectator
2584 The Spectator Cuts - Again (Doug Edwards): A spectator cuts to the Aces effect
2585 Doubleffect (Steve Dusheck): a nice use for the color changing shoelace; the shoelace changes color and the ring is removed while the spectator holds the ring
2586 Minor Transposition (Martin Kane): a two card transposition effect
2587 The Magic Nines (Michael Goldman): a routine revolving around the 9 cards
2588 Curious (Lee Asher): a coin vanishes under a cardcase. The case is opened, and the coin is found buried next to the selection
2589 Shell A Roon (Harry Lorayne): similar to the above, using an expanded shell
2590 This Should Come As a Surprise (Bob King): cutting to the Aces effect
2591 Ellipses...: end of the year, copper/silver using a Dull/Bright Gaff, Really Wild Deuces, spelling, kudos, credits, Max Mavin credits

2593 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 1 January 1996
2593 Amazing Commute (David Regal): a nice packet effect with a borrowed deck
2595 Double Ring Through (Francis Tabary): a rope and ring routine using a large ring
2596 An Ace Per Shuffle (Gary Plants): Culling the Aces to the bottom
2597 Si's Places (Doug Edwards): Dealing a royal flush with the spectator deciding the suit
2598 Word Wise (J.K. Hartman): Prediction effect moving from page to sentence to word
2600 Location/Placement/Prediction (Richard Vollmer): mathematically based
2602 To Materialize (Robert L. Brooks): selected card materializes under an object; uses a color change modified as a steal
2603 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Paul Hallas on Simon Lovell's Another Departed Point
2603 Ellipses...: Europe, similar effects, kudos for Wylee Packer's Four Way Smyth Myth, missed subscription, statistics

2605 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 2 February 1996 Special All Card Issue
2605 From Lapel to Wall (John West): card on wall variation, your nametag appears on the wall, the card is where your nametag was
2607 Ride and Align (Harry Lorayne): A get ready for a double lift
2608 Haptap (Volkmar Mrasek): a number and two cards match in this Mr. Koenig's Tapestry variation
2609 Count on the Variation (Roger Klause): Magician can cut an exact number of cards three times and find selection
2611 A Spectator's Estimate (Warren Stephens): spectator cuts off part of the deck, magician predicts the next card
2612 Startling Color Change (Rajneesh Madhok): a different card color change
2613 Vernon's Mental Force, Certain(ly) (Harry G. Franke): A mental force that greatly increases the odds
2615 Action Palm Variant (Wesley James): palm a group of cards using Marlo's Action Palm
2615 Out to Lunch: the importance of reading and writing

2617 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 3 March 1996
2617 Wow! (David Neighbors): Four coins placed at the corners of a close up mat instantly converge to one corner
2619 Oh, That Magnetic Ace of Spades (Joe Rindfleisch): One Ace collects the others
2621 "Visual" In Hand False Cut (Doug Edwards): imperceptible in hands false cut
2621 Rubber Band Through Wrist (Bruce Colton): variation of Michael Weber Effect, through spectator's wrist
2623 Nervous Ace & Hartman Force (Tom Daugherty): a nicely done lie detector card effect
2625 Hello Stranger (Gene Maze): spectator thinks of any card and it is found to be the only red backed card in the deck (regular cards used)
2626 Diabolical Divisors (Alan Jackson): spectator thinks of a number and transforms them into a larger number. You tell him a large number that will evenly divide into it.
2628 Ellipses...: Kudos, gum bands, IMS videos

2629 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 4 April 1996
2629 Perfect Match (Bob King): cards are mixed face up and down, spectator's packet order matches magician's. Uses a Non-Faro Faro and Gilbreath principle
2631 Driving a Person Mental (David Regal): a mental murder mystery to be performed as you're driving your car!
2632 Poerced Polyester (Felix Farrell): impromptu table knife through coat
2634 Emergency Dream Card (Paul Gordon): Magician places a signed Emergency card in pocket, it matches the spectator's selection. Based on Ortiz's Dream Card and Wakeman's Emergency Card, needs only regular deck and one extra card from opposite color deck
2636 The "Heartless" Deck (Simon Lovell): An ambitious card routine with the matches to the ambitious card being located, and then the middles of all other cards disappear. Not impromptu
2638 Bill Strip (Howie Schwarzman): metal strips on some US bills (information, not really a trick)
2639 The Automatic Gambler Is Back (Ian Baxter): magician and spectator play 4 hands of poker, the magician winning each time ending in a royal flush
2640 Ellipses...: Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop vs. Jagged Edge, why no magic happenings, beginner's luck, palindrome

2641 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 5 May 1996
2641 Fast and Loose Clover (Robert L. Brooks): a triple loop version of the Endless Loop, or Loopy Loop
2643 Numero Dos (Richard Vollmer): card effect based on Bob King's I Can Guess Your Weight, and on a mathematical principle
2645 Pasteboard Detection (Peter Duffie): two cards found reversed indicate value and suit of a freely selected card
2646 Block HaLo (Martin Nash): The Halo cut modified to keep a small block of cards on the bottom
2647 Roll-A-Ball/Squeegee Move (Harold Cataquet): a pop-up move using superball sized balls
2648 A Double Lift is a Double Lift (Doug Edwards): a way to "lock in" that a double lift is just a "single" card
2649 Midnight Special (Jose Hernandez): double sandwich card routine with a couple of locations and a card change
2651 Ellipses...: missing photocopy line, palindromes, idea on Vollmer's Mystical Countdown, Hartman's Word Wise also in After Craft, Viking Manufacturing, meeting reports

2653 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 6 June 1996
2653 All Four One (Harry Lorayne): four spectators each think of one card in 4 that have been dealt to them. The cards are collected and mixed and the magician determines each selection
2655 Pair Faced (J.K. Hartman): prediction card effect using Henry Christ force variant
2656 Off On a Bender (Wylee Packer): bent penny effect performed with a key
2657 The Spirit of Malini (Allen Okawa): a coin vanish with no flashy moves and some double-sided tape
2658 A Cardcase Odyssey (Thomas Fraps): nice impromptu card effect. Freely selected card is lost. Empty cardcase changes to selection, then back to cardcase, and selection is found in cardcase
2660 Disappearing Ink (David Garrard): A card is signed front and back by spectator and magician, replaced in the deck, and deck placed in cardcase. Deck is removed by spectator, spread, and the spectator's signature has vanished. Includes good method of showing a cardcase apparently empty when it is not.
2661 Slowly (Richard Tuckerman): Jabob Daley's The Itinerant Pasteboards using Lorayne's Ultra Move (Ultra Move not explained)
2662 "Killer" Poker Deal Demo (Gary Plants): poker deal demonstration
2664 Ellipses..: more vocabulary test, credits for Bob King's Perfect Match

2665 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 7 July 1996
2665 One Card Poker (Dan Block): a story about a one hand poker routine
2667 "Pancake" Handling (Doug Edwards): 2 cards lost in deck. Deck is flipped to table, separating to two halves. Top card of each half is selections.
2668 Ultimate Cut/Restored Bill (David Regal): "best signed and restored bill effect ever"
2670 Poke Salad (Tony Miller): selected signed card floats under the noses of the spectator. No threads, but uses a card gimmick
2671 As Should You (Gerald Deutsch): a two in the hand, one in the pocket type routine where two crumpled dollars change to a $2 bill
2672 Roving Predaceous Mates II (Michael DeMarco): Two Jacks catch all four aces one at a time (set up and 9 faros)
2673 Casual Force (Barry Stevenson): forcing one of 26 duplicates, establishing that the deck is "normal"
2674 The Double Cross Switch (John W. McClure): a card move to, for example, peel four Aces from right to left hand changing them to Kings
2675 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: Richard Busch on Jose Hernandez's World's 2nd Greatest Coin Trick
2676 Ellipses...: filler material (not), the "standard way", Colombini's What's Up Deck?, mondegreens, disguised sayings error, math fact

2677 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 8 August 1996
2677 Rip-Storation (Harry Lorayne): borrowed torn and restored bill effect. The bill is not fully restored, but Harry has still handed it back on occasion.
2679 Your Lucky Day (Aldo Colombini): a selected card effect with a 4 card switch
2680 Signed Sandwich Special (Joe Rindfleisch): a different kind of sandwich card effect
2682 No Wallet Card to Pocket (Harold Cataquet): impromptu. Card is openly placed in pocket. Another card is signed and lost. The card in the pocket becomes the signed card
2683 The Xerox Effect (Stephen Tucker): Uses double blank cards. Spectator's signature on one card is duplicated on another, the ink runs onto another card, etc. Finally all the cards are blank again, and the signature card is removed from magician's pocket. No palming.
2684 Blushing Ambition (Steve Rogers/Paul Cummins): an ambitious card routine ending with a color change
2686 Sneaky Peek (Doug Edwards): a method for peeking a card
2687 A Lorayne Storm: Wylee Packer using Tony Miller's A Psychological False Count for Dr. Jacob Daley's Follow the Leader
2688 Ellipses...: Ripstoration, Senor Wences, Mexican Turnover, more palindromes

2689 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 9 September 1996
2689 The Ultimate Transposition (Paul Gordon): Spectator A selects Queens, Spectator B selects Twos. Magician tables the twos, and distributes the Queens in each of 4 pockets. The tabled Twos become the Queens, and the pocketed Queens are now twos. Impromptu!
2691 The Daredevil's Match (Marck Sicher): impromptu folded card in the matchbook effect
2693 That Old Jumping Rubber Band (Peter W. Tappan): the old jumping rubber band but no secret get-ready needed and the hand doesn't have to open for the band to jump
2694 Right To It Location (Richard Vollmer): card location effect based on his Right To It prediction effect
2695 Force Handling (Randy Tanner): simple force utilizing a palm
2696 F(R)inger (Wayne Osinski): a ring is put on your pinkey by "penetrating" your finger
2697 The Really(?) Wrapped Deck (Stewart Judah/Tom Daugherty): a selection is lost in the deck, the deck wrapped with bands and with paper, and covered with a handkerchief. Instantly the selection is withdrawn from under the handkerchief
2698 Keeper Finder (Tom Craven): an idea to keep the 2nd card from top in place during a faro shuffle while the top card changes
2699 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: J.K. Hartman on Rajneesh Madhok's Startling Color Change
2699 Ellipses...: tabloid papers and Houdini, laughs in meeting reports, palindromes, credits

2701 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 10 October 1996
2701 Zig-Nificant (Sixten Beme): a close up zig-zag card routine
2703 This is the Hart Part! (Joshua Jay): a full deck setup routine
2704 Borrowed Coin In Bottle (John West): borrowed coin enters a plastic Pepsi bottle
2706 Twice the Collectors (Doug Edwards/Harry Lorayne): a strong collectors routine requiring a good top-card cover pass
2708 M-Mail (Mike Powers): Card is selected, signed, and tabled. 2nd card is selected as "post office" and kept in center of deck, which is replaced in card case. Tabled card is folded and vanished, and found in the case next to the "post office" card
2709 NONE-Ahead Matrix (Lee Asher): a coin matrix with lovely handling
2711 Three Alike (David Regal): nice rough and smooth effect of commercial quality. 3 cards are removed from Blue backed deck and deck is cased. Red backed deck is opened and spectator spreads the deck and points to any three cards. These three cards are inserted into the Blue case. A magical pass is made, and the blue deck is removed and spread. The three red backed cards are removed, and found to match the blue cards!
2712 Ellipses...: Tester's Clear Cote and Breck's Unscented Hair Spray for roughing fluid, Rober's marriage

2713 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 11 November 1996
2713 Jed B. Smith (Joe Rindfleisch): a spelling card trick with a surprise prediction ending
2715 A Switch In Time (Gene Maze): As a selection is made, it is imperceptibly lapped and switched
2716 Cointrol (Harry Lorayne): another coin sleeving move
2717 My Card Your Card (Bob King): a magician fooler. AS picked as magician's card, AH as spectator's. Spectator selects a 2nd card and loses it in the deck. Magician deals two cards and turns over what spectator thinks is Her card, the AH, but is My card, the AS. The other card is the third selection
2718 Misdirection Segue (Tom Daugherty): Spectator selects 2 cards and gives one to you, which you table. Spectator's card is lost in the deck. Aces and Kings are removed and one pack mixed with tabled card. Spectator can't find his card in the deck, and it turns out the tabled card is his selection.
2720 Easier Continual Production (Sol Stone): a miser's dream for cigarette production
2721 Leadership Potential (Tom Frame): a follow the leader card effect (cards follow the leader card)
2723 Editorial: endorsements

2725 Apocalypse Vol 19 No. 12 December 1996
2725 The Magic Assembly (Roger Crosthwaite): stand alone one at a time Ace assembly with reverse kicker
2728 The Leaping Card (Marvoyan): a card is selected and returned to the deck. A rubber band is stretched between the finger, the deck is cut, and the selection flies out of the deck. Quick and easy, requires lapping.
2729 The Visible Bang Ring (Doug Edwards): a routine utilizing the Nickles to Dimes set, and the bang ring is a visible part of the routine
2730 Overhand Shuffle Stack Extension (Wylee Packer): a poker demonstration based on Harry's An Overhand Shuffle Stack.
2731 Whole Hole (Nick Pudar): a clever gaff for a missing middle card effect
2733 The S.A.L.T. Coin Production (Robert Bengal): producing a palmed coin from empty hands
2734 Watch Your Back (David Regal): Blue backs on 4 Kings change to Red one at a time, then Kings change to Aces
2735 Ellipses...: kudos, last year announced, post its for Disappearing Ink, and Halo candy bars

2737 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 1 January 1997
2737 Thrice Nice (Richard Vollmer): thought of card appears in middle of all opposite color cards
2739 Four Coins Through Glass Top Table (David Neighbors): coins through the table, but the table can be glass. Stand up, no lapping
2741 Super Clairvoyant (Justin Higham): magician determines value of thought of card, uses a "natural" one way deck; from Roger Crosthwaite's Roger's Thesaurus
2743 Feinting Spell (J.K. Hartman): Two versions of this mindreading card effect. Uses partial stack
2746 A Capital Idea (Phil Goldstein): Word cards are shown, with Countries and Capital Cities. Spectator ends up selecting a matching pair. Uses reverse faros and the binary principle.
2747 Mate Switch-Out (Meir Yedid): card move to switch out one mate of a pair
2748 Ellipses...: first issue of last year, Magic on Broadway

2749 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 2 February 1997 Special All Card Issue
2749 Thunderbolt (Marvoyan): a nut and bolt are slammed against the deck, and the selection becomes "bolted"
2751 A Tribute to Houdini (Gary Rubright): an effect using the "card box" magic prop
2752 Houdini Casts A Spell (Doug Edwards): two card effects that can be used together using a full deck cyclical set up
2754 Houdini's Hand (Lewis Jones): Harry Houdini mysteriously helps the magician find the selected card, with a royal flush kicker. Includes "Invisible Cull"
2755 Mystery Card to Pocket (Richard Paddon): mystery card is placed in pocket. Spectator signs and loses a selection in the deck. Magician divines the selection and the signature, and the card in his pocket becomes that card
2757 Dealer Wins! (Doug Edwards/Harry Lorayne): the four Aces become double Blackjack hands
2758 A Lorayne Storm: a variation on dollar bill chink-a-chink where one bill is changed for another denomination
2759 To The Table Switch (Meir Yedid): A 2nd move to go with Mate Switch Out in previous issue. This one switches a card being tossed to the table with a card already on the table.
2760 Ellipses...: some changes, meeting reports, Doud Edwards' collection, JAMAGI in NY, Afterthoughts store, kudos on Thrice Nice, Houdini issue, Stewart James passing away

2761 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 3 March 1997 John Graham One Man Issue
2761 That's Fast! (John Graham): a fast color change card trick
2763 Effervescent (John Graham): a Sympathetic Coins/Chink-A-Chink routine using 4 coins and expanded shell, and a "Raven" style device to get rid of the shell
2764 Your Favorite Method (John Graham): Magically arrive at four of a kind. A good lead in for another 4 of a kind card routine
2765 It's About Time (John Graham): A variation of the "clock" idea card effect
2766 The Magic Link (John Graham): A Himber Ring effect using only two borrowed rings and the Himber ring.
2768 Mates Plus Mates (John Graham): two cards end up matching other after an apparent failure
2769 On Sale (John Graham): a parlor type routine - a shouted out price appears on a price tag
2770 Let's Go to Las Vegas (John Graham): a prediction effect using gambling chips from various Casinos (or make your own)
2771 Master of the Aces (John Graham): impossible to follow ace cutting routine performed in the hands

2773 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 4 April 1997
2773 Spel(l)egant (Harry Lorayne): some spelling card routine approaches
2775 Stranger (Lewis Jones): another spelling approach that can be used as a force, revelation, and so forth
2777 Ring Strip Deluxe (Robert L. Brooks): finger ring off string effect
2778 Daley Straightened (Wesley James): a four Ace routine based on a Jacob Daley routine
2779 Lose It - Find It (Meir Yedid): Meir's card routine using the previously covered Mate Switch Out and To The Table Switch
2780 Points In the Middle (Harold Cataquet): a dice vanishing and reappearing effect to use during dice stacking
2782 Sum Trick (Richard Vollmer): another variation of Richard's Will the Couples Match card effect
2783 Dribblocation (Alex Scarella): a card location after dribbling the deck, selecting a card, and mixing the selection in the dribbled cards
2784 Ellipses...: Krylon Spray Matte Finish for roughing, collective terms for animals, credits for Wrapped Deck, four and nine puzzles, words the same forward and back, Yedid Magician of the Year

2785 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 5 May 1997
2785 Mystic Poker (David Regal): 5 blank cards are removed from an envelope. Spectator says which suit they like best, then select one card of royal flush (say, a Jack of Hearts). 4 blanks are returned to envelope, while spectator draws a JH on the 5th. The blanks are removed, and are now printed. The only missing card is the JH!
2787 The "Hanging" Misspell (Harold Cataquet): a spelling card trick with a neat feature: the correct spell can be 'hung' until the magician wants it to work
2788 Linking Key Rings (Gerald Deutsch): two key rings are picked up, pressed and link. They are tossed hand to hand and unlink
2789 The Old "One-Two" Reverse (Wylee Packer): a mixed face up face down deck rights itself except for 2 selections (not impromptu)
2790 Cheek Turner (J.K. Hartman): Two card effects based on the Triumph idea, one using a selected card
2792 Loopenetration (Doug Edwards): two ropes are linked and shown to be clearly linked, then instantly unlinked
2793 Pretty Close to a Miracle (Richard Vollmer): a variation on Kevin Moran's Minus Math card effect done with a 53 card deck and eliminates the mental arithmetic.
2794 A Tabled Multiple Shift (Randy Tanner): a handling to bring multiple cards to the top on the table
2795 Apocalypse Variations or Additions: John Bahu on Richard Vollmer's Ad Libitum card effect
2796 Ellipses...: don't end Apocalypse, a typo in Tannen's Top Hat topics, good lecture notes by Paul Cummins and Paul Gordon

2797 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 6 June 1997
2797 Your Cut My Cut (John Bahu): Spectator cuts a random number of cards from the deck, magician Charlier Cuts exactly the same number
2799 Protecting the Ring (Gerald Deutsch/Sol Stone): borrowed ring through table top at the table quickie
2799 Same See Through Plastic Bag (Sol Stone): as a follow on, now a half dollar penetrates the clear plastic baggie
2800 Double Cut Exchange (Gordon Boyd): exchanging the top and bottom cards in only a few cuts
2801 Triple Cut Exchange, Plus (Harry Lorayne): triple cut cuts a single card twice; exchanges top and bottom card but deck is cut (with an application as well)
2803 Through the Shot Glass (Joe Rindfleisch): In the spectator's hand coin transposition using a 1oz Shot glass
2804 Royal Assembly, and More (Aldo Colombini): Variation of Poker Matrix using a setup
2805 Spell All (Richard Vollmer): another spelling card trick using an old mathematical principle
2806 The Aggressive Force/Prediction (Aaron Fisher): Deck is removed from case and spectator cuts deck. Magician shows card cut to, removes three face down cards from the case, and they match
2807 Out to Lunch: a story about Al Koran and The Lazy Man's Card Trick

2809 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 7 July 1997
2809 Show and Steal (Gene Maze): A steal move and two card effects utilizing it
2811 Two Surprises (Richard Vollmer): weird impossible to track mathematical impromptu card trick
2812 Tip No Load (Harold Cataquet): a cup and ball move; tip load used used to tip steal instead
2812 Triplocation (Doug Edwards): Magical location of three selections
2813 Drop Through (David Regal): a quick card effect utilizing reversed cards
2815 HPC For Cup and Ball (Harold Cataquet): Han Ping Chien move used for a deceptive cups and balls load
2816 "Upjog" Spread Pass Strip-Out (Jed B. Smith): the cards are spread, a card is upjogged, cards are squared and upjogged card is stripped out. You've also secretly cut the deck
2817 Jazzy Queens And Kings (Richard Vollmer): a variation on Jazz Aces; requires Elmsley Counts, Ascanio Spreads, and short Olram variation
2819 Apocalypse Variation Or Additions: Paul Gordon on Richard Vollmer's Thrice Nice
2819 Ellipses...: answer to 4 and 9 question, old effects in new books, shafted by magic clients, Yedid's offering of Altered States, palindromes, credits for Dribblocation, Herbert Becker

2821 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 8 August 1997
2821 The Mouse Trap (Harold Cataquet): an in the hands Fast & Loose, Endless chain routine done in the hands. This is a 4 loop Mouse String Figure.
2823 Down-Under Mystery (Richard Vollmer): an impromptu counting card effect
2824 Two Fan-Insert Controls (Jose Hernandez): card controls using a pressure fan
2826 Seven Magic Numbers (Tom Daugherty): a calculator mathematical mystery
2827 Mephistophalian Multipliers (Alan Jackson): another mathematical effect
2828 Sucker Monte Opening (Richard Rechsteiner): as you begin a Monte effect, you show two Aces and a 6H that you ask your spectators to imagine is an AS. When the cards are turned over, the 6H has turned into the AS.
2829 Above-Board Pencil Through Coin (Joe Rindfleisch): an eraser is used to erase a coin so that there is a hole in it. The coin is handed out at the end
2830 Illogical Location/Reversal (Mark Sicher): opening/gambit card control
2831 Ellipses...: Halo cut an d stolen effects, message to Harry Riser, Harry's lack of credits in Paul Harris books

2833 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 9 September 1997
2833 Much Better 11 Card Trick (Harvey Cohen): A Victor Eleven Card trick with a Doug Edwards ending and a selected card mixed in
2835 McCount (John W. McClure): four as four count hiding the bottom card
2835 Numismatic Nightmare (Bob King): Copper Silver Brass coin routine with just a Copper/Silver gimmick and a coin purse
2838 Absolutely Free (Doug Edwards): 2 card location effect with nice cover for classic pass
2840 Heat (Aldo Colombini): two selected cards are signed by two spectators. The cards are supposed to transpose, but end up as double facer and double backer, both signed
2841 Crazy Cashier (Marvoyan): a coin and key transposition
2842 The Caught Card (Gene Maze): A sandwich card effect utilizing a half side steal
2843 Ellipses...: last three issues, prunks, memory loss, Magic Christian's linking chain links, signed copies

2845 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 10 October 1997
2845 The Many Faces of a Woman (Michael Vincent): a full 8 minute card routine starting with a setup; bare bones of the effect described
2848 The Twist Pass (Carl Albright): an "almost" card pass move
2849 The "PH" Factor (Warren Stephens): a bill is shown both sides, it is folded and a quarter is produced. The coin is under the bill, then vanishes
2850 The Distrustful Mechanic (Richard Vollmer): a gambling demonstration where the preceding deal sets up the next deal
2851 Face Up Times Four (Doug Edwards): An Ace turns face up in the center of the deck until you have all four
2852 No Table Coins Across (Gerald Deutsch): a quick impromptu coins across routine using a spectator's hands as the table
2853 One Plus One = Two (Peter Marshall/Gerald Deutsch): Two $1 bills are borrowed; you crumple one and the spectator crumples the other. You hold one in each hand and clap the hands together, only a single bill drops out, the other has vanished. When opened, the bill is a $2 bill
2854 Eventuality Aces (Tom Frame): spectator finds the Aces
2856 Out To Lunch: a story about Stephen Sondheim

2857 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 11 November 1997
2857 Spectator Cuts - Magician Delivers (Justin Higham): A spectator cuts the Aces routine
2859 Twister (Paul Gordon): Four Kings turn face down one at a time then turn into Aces
2860 Startling Last-Coin Matrix (Lee Asher): a card/coin matrix routine with no shell and clearly shown empty hands and a visual startling end vanish
2861 Stoned Out of Your Mind (David Regal): four coins rest on a marble slap. Magician turns his back, and spectator removed one coin, and places another large marble slab over all the remaining coins. Magician determines which coin is missing. This is repeated until only one coin is left
2863 Strike A Match (Richard Vollmer): card effect inspired by Bob King's "Lucky Card"
2864 Process of Elimination (Joe Rindfleisch): a combination of a twisting the Aces plot and a Hofzinser plot with a couple extras
2865 Sounds Good! (Alan "Ace" Greenberg): four coins are dumped from right to left hand, they are clearly heard, but they vanish
2866 Mathematically Improved (Alan H. Jackson): a spelling card trick based on It Must Be Magic in Expert Card Technique
2867 Ellipses...: Harry Blackstone, Jr.'s death, Oil and Water repeated, why doesn't anyone give credit anymore, a Dover Close Up Card Magic?, All Star TGIF Magic, Dingle's Deceptions, plans for a Himber Wallet book, palindromes, a correction to Vollmer's Spell All

2869 Apocalypse Vol 20 No. 12 December 1997 Final Issue!
2869 Last (Gil) Breath (Richard Vollmer): a card routine based on the Gilbreath principle
2871 Millennium Collectors (Paul Gordon): a Collector's card plot
2872 Copper/Silver Triple Play (John West): a pretty copper silver routine that is a keeper, uses only an English Penny and a Half Dollar
2874 Call to Colors (David Regal): Four blue backed kings and four red backed Aces change places one by one
2877 Almost Hofzinser (Tom Daugherty): an almost Hofzinser plot card effect using the "McDonagh switch"
2878 Bottom Placement Finesse (Gene Maze): a variation on the Ovette Master Move (Kelly Bottom Placement)
2878 That Burns Me Up! (Harry Lorayne): complete vanish and reappearance of a lit cigarette (must be "well lit")
2880 Ellipses...: ending notes on the 20 years of Apocalypse magazine

The end...