Rix, Claude: Claude Rix presents Original Close Up Routines
1980s (circa) Claude Rix, France. No date or publisher
Obtained from I Saw That!
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.x5x8.5", 30 pages
Claude Rix Presents Original Close Up Routines
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Comments: Lecture notes by Claude Rix. Includes 8 Routines for magicians of average ability. A nice set of notes, including a Benson Bowl type routine..


3 Coins Into a Glass Routine: Coins through the table into glass (shell)
6 The Magic Die: Card selected and returned. Cards dealt into 6 piles and die thrown. Selected packet taken and dealt into 6 cards. Die thrown and selected card shown: it is selected card
9 The Stamp Transposition: A matrix type effect with red and green postage stamps and cards
12 The Phantom Card: Impression of chosen card appears on glass, mirror, etc.
13 A Gamblers Story: A routine idea of cigarette vanish, Fast & Loose chain, vanishing chain, matches, and 3 card Monte. Fast & Loose and 3 Card Monte are not explained.
16 The Ring Micro Illusion: Himber ring and Grandma's necklace routine with a small doll
18 The Faked Deck of Cards: Double backed red deck shown. One is removed and called a Joker. Deck suddenly becomes normal deck. Spectator selects one card: a Joker. Joker jumps in deck. All deck becomes Jokers. Card removed at beginning turns out to be a Joker, and rest of deck is now blank.
22 Le Jeu Des Tomates (The Tomato Game): Benson bowl type routine with two bowls