Sisti, Jim (editor): The Magic Menu Years Six Through Ten
2001 Jim Sisti, Published by L&L Publishing
Hardcover, w/dj, 384 pages
Sisti: Magic Menu Years 6-10
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Sisti: Magic Menu Issue 32
Sample Single Issue #32
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Comments: Design & Composition by Andrew Pinard. The International Journal for Professional Restaurant and Bar Magicians Years Six through Ten; Issues 31 through 60; September 1995 through August 2000. In 1990 Jim Sisti began "The Magic Menu", a magazine geared for the restaurant and bar performer. Each issue included tips, stories, product reviews, and effects all oriented toward restaurant, bar, and strolling magic. This type of magic must pack small, easily reset, and often play for family audiences, though some of the effect for bars are certainly adults only. The magazine has been republished both as individual year volumes (year one, year two, etc.) and as two hardbound books by L&L Publishing, one containing years 1-5 and the other years 6-10. There was also one final book made called "The Final Four", including the last four editions of the magazine. These books are highly recommended for any magician interested in close-up magic, not just for restaurant magicians, as the tips, essays, and tricks will certainly apply to other venues as well.


ix Foreword (David Acer): an intro to Magic Menu
xi Introduction (Jim Sisti): tidbits about the 2nd five years
349 The Magic Menu Issue 31 Sept/Oct 1995 Jay Sankey Issue
349 Here's...Sankey! (David Acer): an interview with Jay Sankey
352 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): a bar bet and the odds
352 John's Column (John Fareed): "Are you and Ass or an Asset?"; on being a help rather than a hindrance
353 Ask the Only (Al the Only): on approaching and leaving a table
353 In the Trenches (with Paul Green): a story of using sleight of hand in the wrong way, and of diversifying your talents
354 New Magic and Book Reviews
354 Cardian Angel by Paul Harris and Mike Maxwell: (review) a good effect with a few limitations for table-hopping
354 Miller's Dice by Paul Green (review): gaffed dice
354 The Vest by Eddie Raymond (review): a multi-pocketed under-jacket vest
355 Card Compulsions by Peter Duffie (review): a backwards note stating this book was not available for review!
355 The Art of Card Manipulation Volumes 1-3 videos by Jeff McBride: (review) some stuff for close up performances as well as stage
355 Cabaret Connivery video by Dan Garrett: (review) "exceptionally commercial magic"; Sphere-It! sponge balls, Professor's Daydream, etc.
356 Tricks for the Trade
356 Sankey Eats Out! (Channelled by David Acer): intro to Jay Sankey's effects
356 Creamed (Jay Sankey): Magician tears lid off empty creamer, wipes interior clean, balls up lid which vanishes to be found under creamer. At the end, the creamer is restored.
356 Free Choice? (Jay Sankey & David Acer): an in-the-hands book test
358 Sugar Rush (Jay Sankey): Card is selected, returned, and cased. Sugar packet is waved over the case and a card is suddenly seen in the packet. Inside the sugar packet is the folded card
359 My Turn (Jim Sisti): announcement of Magic Menu - The First Five Years, death of Robert Chambers and Richard Knierim.
360 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): adjusting rates for the holidays, Balloon Magic magazine and a Balloon newsgroup, Chuck Fayne's The Card On The Seat, and a short list of combo walk-around and platform effects: Card on Ceiling, Close's The Frog Prince, York's Candy Kiss Machine, and Mis-Made Bill
361 The Magic Menu Issue 32, November/December 1995 Jim Artle Issue
361 Bar Magic My Way (Jim Artle): positives and negatives about bar magic, hints on tips, accepting drinks
363 In the Trenches (with Paul Green): adventures with the Card on the Ceiling
364 John's Column (John Fareed): discussion of being "undercut" for a gig
365 Ask the Only (Al the Only): How to approach a table; Commando, Invitation, Suggestions, Passive Approach
366 New Magic and Book Reviews
366 Out of Order by Angelo Carbone (review): an intriguing puzzle, short on magic effect
366 Stranger's Gallery by John Bannon (review): extremely visual color changing deck routine; may need a table
366 Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis Ganson (review): "terrific material"
367 The Art of Astonishment video by Paul Harris (review): "worthwhile"
367 My Turn (Jim Sisti): differing views on Eddie Raymond's vest review
368 Tricks for the Trade
368 Gambler's Routine (Jim Artle): gambling theme with 4 Aces, chip value changes from $100 to $50 to $20 to $0.50!
369 Cigarette Through Quarter (Jim Artle): a combo of Cig through quarter and Bennett's "Fire Trap"
369 Chop Cup Routine (Jim Artle): uses a folding dice cup and balled-up dollar. Dollar ends up inside a cigarette.
372 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): Pied Piper Syndrome - being followed to your next table
373 The Magic Menu Issue 33 January/February 1996 Jon Allen Issue
373 Thoughts About M.A.R.L.O. (Magic and Real Life Occasions) (Jon Allen): tons of tips on performing in the real world
374 Ask The Only (Al the Only): When and how to leave a table
375 Fees and Tips (Charles Greene III): what to charge, reasons NOT to accept tips
376 My Turn (Jim Sisti): Clowns not showing up, Jeff Busby
377 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): Difficulties of working behind a bar
377 New Magic and Book Reviews
378 The Stockbroker by Gregory Wilson (review): "Out to Lunch" principle effect recommended
378 Audio Prediction by Larry Becker (review): electronic recorder recommended
378 Jokers are Wild by Eric DeCamps (review): specially printed cards make this a good Wild Card routine, but will take some practice
379 Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz (review): "should be a part of your library"
379 Eugene Burger's Gourmet Close Up Magic by Eugene Burger (review): "cannot be recommended highly enough"
379 Professional Balloon Sculpture (Volumes I, II, III) by Michael Veinbergs: good
380 Tricks for the Trade
380 Drop Zone (Jon Allen): Spectator peeks at a card. An imaginary coin is flipped by another spectator while the magician cuts the deck. A real half dollar drops on the deck on top of the selected card.
380 High Society (Jon Allen): A card on ceiling approach
380 Twin Peaks (Jon Allen): Endings to Coins Across, Ring on Rope
382 In the Trenches with Paul Green: stories about knowing the limitations of your audience (speak English, blind?)
383 Thinking Aloud (Stuart Bowie): More on charging fees
384 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): More on people who follow you during a performance and how to handle it
385 The Magic Menu Issue 34 March/April 1996 Non-One Man Issue
385 A Few Tips on Close-Up Magic (Richard Osterlind): Long essay on proper dress and grooming
387 In the Trenches with Paul Green: Milestone clients
388 Performance (Charles Green III): When/How to approach a table, the Close Up pad, working out of your pockets
389 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): Advantages of working behind the bar
390 New Magic and Book Reviews
390 Fortuneteller's Book of Days by Paul Green (review): "beautiful prop"
390 Shenanigan by Aldo Colombini (review):  packet card trick, charming for children and adults
390 Natural Selections by David Acer (review): extremely commercial
391 The Video Encyclopedia of Card Sleights by Daryl (review): "extremely significant achievement"
391 Ask the Only (Al the Only): back to table hopping and getting a job
392 Tricks for the Trade
392 Stand Up (Aldo Colombini): an impromptu card rise
393 Nested Dolls (George Schindler): vanished bill ends up in middle of nested dolls that were on the table during the performance
393 The King! (Courtney Grant): Performer picks wrong card, and asks spectator the value. When they say "King of Hearts", the "King" (Elvis) is found on the card, which then changes into their selection.
394 Thinking Aloud (Stuart Bowie): Misdirection
396 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): your business card
397 The Magic Menu Issue 35 May/June 1996 Richard Sanders Issue
397 The Sanders Inquisition (David Acer): an interview with Richard Sanders
400 Audience Participation & Looking for a Nice Place to Work (Charles Greene III): essay
401 Thinking Aloud (Stuart Bowie): Six steps beyond just "practice"
402 New Magic and Book Reviews
402 The Limited Edition by Gordon Bean and Larry Jennings (review): an improved Princess Card Trick with some limitations
402 Cigarette Through Chip by Mark Leveridge (review): both sides are shown and chip can be examined
402 What's Up Deck? by Aldo Colombini (review): Simple but direct card magic
403 The Underground Man: Lou Gallo by Richard Kaufman and Mark Phillips (review): strong material
403 Close-Up Troublewit by Patrick Page (review): instructional video of Troublewit paper folding
403 The Reformation by Guy Hollingworth (review): "everything it's been touted to be"
404 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Richard Sanders (edited by David Acer)
404 Cramped (Richard Sanders): Bill vanishes to be found in magic marker and removed by spectator
405 Employee of the Month (Richard Sanders): A photo of the Employee of the Month is inserted in the deck and pulled out, now showing the spectator's selection
406 The Belanger Cigarette Through Quarter (Richard Sanders): an approach to the Belanger gimmick
408 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): the telephone
409 The Magic Menu Issue 36 July/August
409 Approaching the Table (Tommy Wonder): how to do it, long essay
413 In the Trenches with Paul Green: becoming his daughter's hero
414 New Magic And Book Reviews
414 Eclipse Wallet by Chuck Leach (review): visual way to switch flat items (cards)
414 The Books of Wonder Volumes I and II by Tommy Wonder and Stephen Minch (review): "these books live up to all their advance press"
415 Ask the Only (Al the Only):  What to do when you forget or lose your props
416 Tricks for the Trade
416 Karl Norman Forty Years at the Forks: a brief intro
416 Card Routine For the Bar, including Think of a Card (Karl Norman): with a card under glass climax
418 Ring Flight (Karl Norman):  using reel method
419 My Turn (Jim Sisti): changes in Magic Menu
420 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): cellular phones and booking sheets
421 The Magic Menu Issue 37 September/October 1996 All-Trick Issue
421 Our First All-Trick Issue! (Jim Sisti): intro letter
422 Four Ace Me Not (Richard Sanders): Deck is cut, then split into 2 halves. With a gentle shake, 4 Aces visibly appear face up on top of each half
423 The Card Warp Get Read (David Acer): a cleaner method to start Card Warp
425 A Match By Any Other Name (Jay Sankey): a match is shown to "match" the others, then they are all burnt, then they are all restored.
426 Brilliant! (Brian Glow): one of several flash bulbs mysteriously flashes (uses F.I.S.M. Flash)
427 Intangibill (David Acer): a finger through dollar bill effect, to be performed "offhand"
429 Vicious Circle (Phil Matlin): Loopy loop or the Endless Chain using a rope. In 4 phases
432 The Finger Ring Subtlety (David Acer): using a finger ring for the endless chain as an additional help
433 The Magic Menu Issue 38 November/December 1996 Michael Close Issue
433 Venue (Michael Close): creating a venue for magic
435 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): being a friend at the bar
436 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): Questions and answers about ballooning
437 My Turn (Jim Sisti): comments about Magic Menu
437 In the Trenches With Paul Green: a different approach to the card in "something" routine
438 New Magic and Book Reviews
438 The Web by Jim Pace (review): a high impact packet effect
438 Warm Fuzzies Up Close by Mark Strivings (review): a packet effect for couples
439 Twisting History by Larry Moss (review): the care and handling of balloons
439 The Video Encyclopedia of Card Sleights (Volumes 4, 5, & 6) by Daryl (review): "excellent instructional tools"
440 Tricks for the Trade
440 The MC Spread Double Lift (Michael Close): a comment on the subconscious assumption used in Workers 5
440 Out of U and Me (Michael Close): a card is selected from a fan and signed. The card is returned to the deck, a "glorpy" is used to lift the deck, and the signed card appears face up in the middle of the deck
441 The Faro Shuffle (Michael Close): tips for doing the Faro
441 Let's Pretend (Michael Close): uses Faro shuffles and a brand new deck
444 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): what to do when you don't feel like performing
445 The Magic Menu Issue 39 January/February 1997 Mentalism Issue
445 Mentalism Close Up (Mark Strivings): Mentalism in a close-up environment
446 In the Trenches With Paul Green: how magic can save your life
447 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): straightlining and simplicity of effect
448 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): myths of balloon sculptures
449 Ask the Only (Al the Only): insurance discussion
449 My Turn (Jim Sisti): new books, exposure, magic sets
450 New Magic and Book Reviews
450 Ultimate Brainwave by Bob Solari (review): "very clever and practical"
450 Dishonest Abe by Gregory Wilson (review): Growing coin effect. "will work especially well in walk-around situations"
450 Workers 5 by Michael Close (review): last of 5 book series, "worthy addition to your library"
451 The Restaurant Worker's Handbook by Jim Pace and Jerry MacGregor (review): This book is of limited use to readers of Magic Menu since much information is similar in vein, but it does include some commercial routines as well.
451 1996 Magic Menu Awards: The Books of Wonder, Gourmet Close Up, The Stockholder
452 Tricks for the Trade: Walk Around Mentalism by Mark Strivings
452 Thirty Seven (Mark Strivings): a guessed number matches that in a manila envelope
453 50-50-50 Chance (Mark Strivings): "guess which hand", updated so a single spectator is always right (nice)
454 ESP in My Pocket (Mark Strivings): One of 5 ESP symbols chosen matches a prediction in an envelope
456 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): Mentalism vs. Mental Magic
457 The Magic Menu Issue 40 March/April 1997 Michael Skinner Issue
457 Michael Skinner - A Friend and Much More (Roger Klause): an introduction to Michael Skinner
458 In the Trenches with Paul Green: How do you set your fee?
459 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): walk-around mentalism
460 Ask the Only (Al the Only): the Hidden Tailor (Flex-Belt Company)
460 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): getting a card signed, and why
461 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): playing pied piper at a festival
462 New Magic and Book Reviews
462 Three Ropes and a Baby by Richard Sanders (review): good variation of Professor's Nightmare
462 Mystery Box by John Kennedy (review): "workable solution for walk-around performers"
462 The Art of Astonishment Three Volume Book Set by Paul Harris (review): "the wait was worth it"
463 The Video Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Volumes 7 & 8 by Daryl (review): the series ends with a bang
464 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Michael Skinner
464 Torn and Restored Soda Straw Wrapper (Michael Skinner): only slight preparation needed
466 The Trash Compactor (Michael Skinner): a paper napkin is wadded up and vanished
468 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): magic exposure
469 The Magic Menu Issue 41 May/June 1997 Simon Lovell Issue
469 On the Lovell (by David Acer): an interview with Simon Lovell
473 The Magic of Simon Lovell
473 Business Card Giveaway (Simon Lovell): the business card finds the selection
475 Sebastian - The Mind Reading Chicken (Simon Lovell): a gag using a poorly drawn chicken and egg
476 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): using and buying a balloon pump
477 In the Trenches with Paul Green: Murphy's law and a lost $100 bill
478 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): Mental magic vs. Mentalism
479 My Turn (Jim Sisti): On David Blaine
480 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): knowing your avenue
481 The Magic Menu Issue 42 July/August 1997 Meet the Financial Wizard
481 Worker or Worrier? (Eric Henning): thinking like a performer vs. thinking like a business owner
483 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): how to take a break
483 In the Trenches with Paul Green: taking advantage of a good situation
484 Ask The Only (Al the Only): The different types of tippers
485 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): on signing and tearing cards
486 New Magic and Book Reviews
486 The Expert Card to Wallet by Randy Wakeman (review): a reason to get another Card to Wallet
486 Magicard by Mark Jenest (review): a worthwhile "gag" card
487 The Amazing Miniature Card Sticker Book by Jeff Brown (review): "a great idea"
487 Close Up Magic for the Dinner Table and Bar by Dennis Barlotta (review): lecture notes
487 The Art of Hopping Tables video by Mark Leveridge (review): "required viewing for anyone even considering walk-around magic"
488 Tricks for the Trade
488 Ultimate Multiplying Rabbits (Eddie Ace): uses a Hold-out, but could be modified
489 The Braille Trick (Jean-Frederic Blain): random dots assemble to reveal selection
490 Sealed Deck Rising Card (Cliff Cowling): using a Piatnik Devano deck
490 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): more on strolling mentalism
492 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): keeping a log
493 The Magic Menu Issue 43 September/October 1997 Jim Ryan Issue
493 An Inner-View (Interview) with Jim Ryan (Tom Mullica)
495 Jim Ryan A Biographical Sketch (Jim Sisti)
496 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): balloon caricatures
497 Ask the Only (Al the Only): should you get a contract?
497 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): more on strolling mentalism
498 New Magic and Book Reviews: Special Pre-Release Review
498 Easy to Master Card Miracles Volumes 4, 5, & 6 by Michael Ammar (review): Meet or exceed first three
500 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Jim Ryan by Phil Willmarth
500 Almost Impromptu Solid Ghost (Jim Ryan): a ghost is captured in a handkerchief
500 The Broken and Restored Match (Jim Ryan): a matchstick is broken, the head tossed away, and restored multiple times
501 Cathy's Screwy Finger Bit (Jim Ryan): a clever finger stunt
501 Good Night, George! (Jim Ryan): another clever stunt using just a rubber band
502 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): on managing your money
504 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): getting hired through contacts
505 The Magic Menu Issue 44 November/December 1997 Paul Green Issue
505 A Gift From Me to You (Paul Green): an introduction to Paul Green
506 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): deciding what to charge
508 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): dangers of latex
509 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): should you be the hero or the fall guy?
509 Ask the Only (Al the Only): increasing your pay
510 New Magic and Book Reviews
510 Super Showdown by Nick Trost (review): good in the right time and place
510 Switch-A-Roo y Russel Niedzwiecki (review): clever thinking with a few shortcomings
510 From A Shuffled Deck in Use Parts One and Two by Paul Cummins (review): "handsome amount of entertaining mysteries"
512 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Paul Green
512 Introduction (Paul Green): a discussion of presenting your routines
512 Mission Impossible (Paul Green): a selected card is found in a miniature briefcase
513 The Pygmy Paddle (Paul Green): using a stirrer as effective promotional magic, with patter
514 The Odds Are With Me (Paul Green): Two spectators each select a card, the magician apparently fails to get them, but actually does (good!)
515 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): using the right "personality"
516 In the Trenches with Paul Green: confronting a heckler with success (a story)
517 The Magic Menu Issue 45 January/February 1998
517 The Exposure Problem (Jim Sisti): discussed
518 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): mentalism in restaurants
519 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): The new 160Q
519 Ask the Only (Al The Only): alleviating burn-out
520 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): Building a following
521 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): defusing difficult situations
522 New Magic and Book Reviews Special Pre-Release Review
522 Doc Eason's Bar Magic Volumes 1, 2, & 3 by Doc Eason (review): "the results are stunning"
523 1997 Magic Menu Awards: Classic Sampler, Art of Hopping Tables Parts I & II, Mystery Box
524 Tricks for the Trade
524 Ring Flite Revisited (The Great Sandor, Stan Jacobson): an in-the-spectator's hands approach to reeled ring flight
525 Bicycle Box Built For Two (Danny Archer): take a picture of a selection with the card box, the blank paper inside now shows the selection
526 Marked Bill In the Purse (George Schindler): a simple approach to the burned bill in purse routine
527 The Acer File (David Acer): Supernova: a surprise balloon effect for children and the F.I.S.M. Flash
528 In the Trenches with Paul Green: knowing when (and when not) to laugh
529 The Magic Menu Issue 46 March/April 1998 Terry Parrett Issue
529 Character Development for the Restaurant Performer (Terry Parrett): a long essay
532 The Acer File (David Acer): A Carl Cloutier anecdote
532 The Bill In Cigarette (Carl Cloutier): a bill is ripped in two, one half destroyed, only to be found in a cigarette
534 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Terry Parrett
534 Mental Kombat (Terry Parrett): a card trick using superhero cards
535 Founding Fathers (Terry Parrett): performer predicts and imagined signer of the Declaration of Independence
536 ESP-TV (Terry Parrett): a mind reading act based on the canceling of a television show
537 New Magic and Book Reviews
537 Celebrity Autographs by Terry LaGerould (review): a good alternative to the Card to Wallet
537 Light Illusions Lapel Pin by Bright Magic (review): a tiny LED pin to attract attention
537 Acting for Magicians by Richard L. Tenace (review): "required consumption"
538 Miracles While-U-Wait! video by Mark Jenest (review): "unbelievable bargain"
538 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): making a housefly balloon
540 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): Your newsletter
541 The Magic Menu Issue 47 May/June 1998 Youth Gone Wild Issue
541 A Safe Bet (Joshua Jay): on performing "betcha" effects, and a short autobiographical sketch
543 The Acer File (David Acer): Do you hate card tricks?
543 A Light Touch (John Talbot): a use for a D'Lite and a Laser pointer
544 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): The informational interview
545 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): working with the waitstaff
546 New Magic and Book Reviews
546 Gaetan Bloom's Flying Ring by Vernet (review): a good ring flight
546 Original Thought Transmitter by Jon Cornelius (review): gimmicked business card case to reveal writing
546 Buffaloe'd - The Magic of Jim Buffaloe by Jim Buffaloe and Dan Garrett (review): "most refreshing"
547 Don Alan's Magic Ranch videos by Don Alan & William H. McIlhany (review): "graduate course in close up presentation"
547 Ask the Only (Al The Only): how to approach a table
548 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Joshua Jay
548 A Preposterous Paper Clip Problem (Joshua Jay): a card placed in a paper clip keeps changing to a Joker, then the paper clip grows
549 Behind the Scenes Transpo (Joshua Jay): a two card transposition in the spectator's hand
551 In the Trenches with Paul Green: what to do when asked to repeat a chance miracle
552 The Last Word (Chris Hurlbert): performing at an all-nighter for teenagers and a Card on Ceiling idea
553 The Magic Menu Issue 48 July/August 1998 Gregory Wilson Issue
553 A Big Tip (Gregory Wilson): etiquette for tipping
556 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Gregory Wilson
556 Off Base (Gregory Wilson): the base of a stemmed glass is removed and "heated" back on
558 Card Through Table (Gregory Wilson): using a nice piece of gum
559 Credit Card Through Table (Gregory Wilson): similar to above but with different cover
561 Kissing Up (Gregory Wilson): an X is placed on a sheet of paper and audience asked what it means. You announce "kiss", light the paper, and a Hershey's kiss appears
563 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): Booking the Gig
565 The Magic Menu Issue 49 September/October 1998 Kirk Charles Issue
565 Professionalism (Kirk Charles): excerpted from The Complete Guide to Restaurant and Walk Around Magic
567 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): Singapore and the need to change styles
568 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): How's Your Transition Game? Going Pro
569 In the Trenches with Paul Green: a strange happening at Stonehenge
570 New Magic and Book Reviews
570 The Golden Shells by Whit Haydn and Chef Anton (review by JS): nice shells in gold
570 Very Very Close The Magical Masterpieces of Michael Close Volumes 1, 2, & 3 and Too Close! The Stand Up Magic of Michael Close by Michael Cloe (review by JS): a greatest hits video collection
571 Three Pieces of Silver video by Rune Klan (review by EH): "solid no-gimmick coin work"
572 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Kirk Charles
572 The Business Card and Rubber Band Trick (Kirk Charles): a business card is removed from a rubber band
572 The Cat's Card Trick: a card with paw prints finds the selection
573 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): should you use a mentalism disclaimer?
574 The Acer File (David Acer): about L'il John and a recommendation for Solomon's Mind effect
574 Ripped Torn (L'il John): a brief stunt with a card case, don't rip it!
575 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): more wait person relations and questions from guests
576 Ask the Only (Al The Only): How to get more work
577 The Magic Menu Issue 50 November/December 1998 Dedicated to the Memory of Chris Hampton
577 The One and Only (Chris Hampton): With some introductory remarks on the death of Chris Hamptom, Chris relates how to improve your own self image
580 Soul Survivor (Chris Hampton): Chris talks about his illness, the depression of not doing magic, and what magic has taught him
581 In the Trenches with Paul Green: Chris relates a story about Snowstorm for a girl in a cast
582 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Chris Hampton
582 Seven Hearts (Chris Hampton): a story card effect with 7 hearts
583 A Few Words About Deck Management (Chris Hampton): the deck recycle system
583 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): deck switches
584 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): preparing restaurant clients for your arrival
585 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): What's holding you back?
586 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): A clown balloon figure
589 The Magic Menu Issue 51 January/February 1999 Tim Spinosa Issue
589 The Winning Approach (Tim Spinosa): how to have them wanting more
590 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Tim Spinosa
590 Show Me the Money (Tim Spinosa): a one cup and ball routine using a coffee cup, a wadded bill, peppermints, and a fork
592 Sponge Ball Routine (Tim Spinosa): uses four sponges and one 3" rabbit sponge
594 Gregory's Greetings (Gregory Wilson): Opening Lines for approaching a table
598 The Acer File (David Acer): Hofzinser's Delusion card effect
598 1998 Magic Menu Awards: The Complete Guide to Restaurant and Walk-Around Magic, Doc Eason's Bar Magic Volumes 1-3, Thought Transmitter
601 The Magic Menu Issue 52 March/April 1999
601 Burning Out (Jim Sisti): why it happens, how to deal with it
602 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): Look before you leap, more on going full-time
603 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): more ways to establish your reputation
604 The Acer File (David Acer): true forces vs. switch forces
604 I Hear Voices (John Talbot): an electronic recorder states the selection
605 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): making huge balloon sculptures
606 Tricks for the Trade
604 An Easy Opener for Adults (Peter Mennie): using a double faced 52 in 1 card
604 Math Miracle (Peter Mennie): signed match stick restores itself in the spectator's hands
607 Walk Around Copper/Silver (Joseph F. Noll): using a story line about two princesses
608 Chicago Opener Variation (Joseph Otto): a card chosen from a blue backed deck becomes the only red-backed card, then gets a message, such as "Happy Birthday" on it
609 New Magic and Book Reviews
609 Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy by Jay Sankey (review by AJP): "one of the best books...related to performing for live audiences"
610 In the Trenches with Paul Green: when the walls came crashing in, literally
611 The Bar Fly (Simon Lovell): going to see the competition
612 Gregory's Greetings (Gregory Wilson): two more opening lines
613 The Magic Menu Issue 53 May/June 1999
613 Working the Leno Line (Larry Crews): performing for the Jay Leno studio audience
614 The Acer File (David Acer): Barry Julien and the mirrored door; recommendation for Real Secrets of the 3 Ball Routines
615 Plop (Richard Sanders): simple production of a ball from a purse frame
616 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): Your Most Important Business Partner, your spouse
617 In the Trenches with Paul Green: making a basket with a cut and restored rope
618 New Magic and Book Reviews: Give the Cards a Rest
618 Bounce Across by Daryl (review by EH): the bounce moves to a piece of clay! "highly recommended"
618 Dollarama by Bob King (review by EH): paper to money transition, highly recommended
618 The Okito Voodoo Doll by Top Hat Productions (review by EH): a rising straw doll, highly recommended
619 Stir Fry by John Kennedy (review by EH): a coin penetrates a mug, both are ungimmicked (though there is a gimmick)
619 3 Fly III by Daryl (review by EH): "I like this routine"
620 Tricks for the Trade
620 Rose & Crown Double Sandwich (Jon Armstrong): two selections are found, one reversed in the deck, the other sandwiched between two tabled Kings
623 Gregory's Greetings (Gregory Wilson): more lines for restaurant magicians
624 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): maintenance rehearsal
625 The Magic Menu Issue 54 July/August 1999
625 Serious Bizness - Injecting Comedy Into Your Performance (Andrew J. Pinard): using humor, a long essay
629 The Acer File (David Acer): Changes. The club cards change into other clubs
633 New Magic and Book Reviews
633 Special Delivery by David Regal (review by DA): a selected card ends up in a windowed envelope.
633 Metal Bending: The Real Work video by Patrick Kuffs (review by DA): "excellent, densely-packed, well-produced"
634 Technicolour Cheek by R. Paul Wilson (review by PG): In your hands color changing deck routine. "I know you will like it"
634 Stabtastic by R. Paul Wilson (review by PG): a stabbed deck routine using a gimmicked deck
634 In the Trenches with Paul Green: doing your homework
635 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): Getting It All Together
636 Just Thinking (Mark Strivings): more on using mentalism disclaimers
637 The Magic Menu Issue 55 September/October 1999
637 Changing Performance Modes (Jim Sisti): depending on your immediate audience
638 My Turn (Jim Sisti): on late issues
639 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): on taxes
640 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): basic balloon hats
642 New Magic and Book Reviews
642 Intercept by Harvey Berg (review by JS): re-routined Vernon "Out of Sight-Out of Mind"
643 Well Done: Cooking with Lee Asher video by Lee Asher (review by DA): a re-make of an earlier release
644 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of David Harkey
644 Postique (David Harkey): a torn stamp restores itself while resting on a coin
644 Tailwind (David Harkey): ambitious card and Post-It notes
645 Spaz (David Harkey): a folded business card transposes with a straight card
646 The Acer File (David Acer): performing without pants
646 The Huot/Duperre Control (Michel Huot/Steve Duperre): a card placed in the center really goes to the bottom
649 The Magic Menu Issue 56 November/December 1999
649 Having an Old Friend for Dinner (Hannibal): the performer as a friend
651 New Magic and Book Reviews
651 Joshua Jay's Magic Atlas by Joshua Jay (review by DA): "insignificant gripes compared to the overall quality"
651 Destiny, Chance & Free Will by Allan Zola Kronzek (review by JS): 4 refined effects that will take practice
652 The Power of Inflation (Larry Moss): making a face
653 In the Trenches with Paul Green: finding out your audience is blind in the middle of an act
654 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Hannibal
654 The Pringles Act: A tableside presentation in three parts. The card under, the Card In, the Chop Chips (a Pringle can presentation)
659 In the Spotlight (Simon Lovell): The Mob and the Magi! knowing your audience
661 The Magic Menu Issue 57 January/February 2000 Robert Bengel Issue
661 Successful Restaurant Magic (Robert Bengel): why they hire, why they don't, and more
664 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): more on taxes
665 In the Trenches with Paul Green: entertaining angry customers in line
666 New Magic and Book Reviews
666 Pockets Full of Miracles by Diamond Jim Tyler (review by JS): "a terrific book"
666 Son of Simon Says by Simon Lovell (review by DA): recommended
667 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Robert Bengal
667 Would You Give Me A Hand? aka Unstenciled Aces from Back to Basics II (Robert Bengal): a fine Ace Assembly with no gimmicks
668 Caseload from Bengel's Best of Spades (Robert Bengal): signed card to card case with 3 strong points
669 Commercial Coins Across from Bengel's Best of Spades (Robert Bengal): direct four coins across with no gimmicks
672 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): complaints about not performing at a table, who to perform for
673 The Magic Manu Issue 58 March/April 2000 Diamond Jim Tyler Issue
673 Magic Has Been Very Good to Me (Diamond Jim Tyler): some autobiographical notes
675 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Diamond Jim Tyler
675 Whatever It Takes (Diamond Jim Tyler): a number, letter, and a card are selected by audience and revealed by magician
678 Soaring Straw (Diamond Jim Tyler): a floating straw effect
680 The Birthday Bill (Diamond Jim Tyler): a bill becomes punched with holes that read "Happy Birthday"
682 In the Trenches with Paul Green: the "look", when they've figured out the method
683 1999 Magic Menu Awards: Real World Magic, Commercial Classics of Magic, Jiggernaut
684 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): about the chatterbox, the spectator who won't stop
685 The Magic Menu Issue 59 May/June 2000 Don Alan Issue
685 Don Alan: Circling the Wagons (Jon Racherbaumer): from prologue to In a Class By Himself: The Legacy of Don Alan.
688 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Don Alan
688 Devilish Devano Rise (Don Alan): card rise
691 Big Deal (Don Alan): a jumbo card trick
694 Surprise Quickie (reprinted from The Last Word On Cards, by Rufus Steele): the spectator pulls his own card from the card case
694 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): taxes, part 3
696 Sneaky Things to Remember (Don Alan): tips on close-up work
697 The Magic Menu Issue 60 July/August 2000 Martin Lewis Issue
697 The Magic Cellar Saloon (Martin Lewis): memories of the Magic Cellar
699 Tricks for the Trade: The Magic of Martin & Eric Lewis
699 Cheap Cup (Martin Lewis): how to make the chop cup and a clever routine
700 The Card Player's Nightmare (Martin Lewis): Five alike Ace of Spade cards are dealt and each ends up with a different back
701 A Musical Monologue (Eric Lewis): a story to go with a musical comedy book (a gag, not magic)
702 New Magic and Book Reviews
702 Proline Close-Up Wand by Shamrock Magic and Collectibles (review by JS): a line of wands including some for close up work
702 Close-Up Show Timer by Kindred Arts (review by JS): a case for your close up props
702 Roy Johnson's S.U.M. Deck by Casino Magic and additional routines by Martin Lewis and Cody Fisher (review by CH): a superb marked deck
703 The Strolling Magician (Carl Andrews): "far too short"
704 The Financial Wizard (Eric Henning): taxes part 4
705 What I Learned at the Inaugural (Eric Henning): tips at table hopping at banquets
706 Absolutely Entertaining (Andrew J. Pinard): layering effects and some thoughts on ambitious card
707 In the Trenches with Paul Green: Paul's start in magic
708 My Turn (Jim Sisti): about the last issue of the 10th volume
709 The Magic Menu Memorabilia: some flotsam and jetsam
712 Foreword by Eric DeCamps (to Year One Book): intro to Magic Menu
712 Foreword by David Acer (to Year One Book): about restaurant magic
712 Foreword by Neal Prete (to Year One Book): Jim's call
713 Introduction by Jim Sisti (Year One Book): the beginnings
713 Foreword by Michael Ammar (Year Two Book): Jim Sisti the visionary
714 Foreword by Doc Eason (Year Three Book): very short
714 Foreword by Scotty York (Year Four Book): Scotty's grandfather

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