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Last Update: Jan 2018

Purpose of this page:

This list has been compiled from information on Abbott's website ( and is still copyrighted by them, so please do not use for commercial purposes.

Abbott Magic Company's provides some great downloads at good prices. Their downloadable materials are split into 5 areas:

1. Abbott Instructions: over 600 instruction sheets that originally came with tricks. Most of these are useful only if you own the prop, and some are quite concise.
2. PDF Books: These are books that have been converted to PDF format.
3. Manuscripts: These are sort of between instruction sheets, but a bit less than full books.  (this page)
4. TOPS Magazine: only about $4 for each year of publication! (I do not have a page for these)
5. Workshop Plans: over 50 plans (I do not have a page for these, they are pretty self-explanatory)

One of the issues I ran into when browsing these downloads was that it was very time consuming to read the details of each book or manuscript. The main page lists the title and a brief summary, but for the details, you have to click on each individual book.

I've decided to compile lists of ALL of the instructions, books, and manuscripts into just three pages, and I've included the descriptions as listed on the Abbott's website. That way you can quickly browse all the instructions, books, and manuscripts you might want to purchase. In some cases, I've added additional details that were shown on the cover image for the book in question.

This list has been compiled from information on Abbott's website ( and is still copyrighted by them, so please do not use for commercial purposes.

Kudos to Abbotts for providing these great resources at a low price!

12 Stunts with Magic Mummy (U.F. Grant; Eddie Joseph)
12 Stunts with a Magic Mummy was written by UF Grant and is 4 pages long.
(website says UF Grant, but photo of booklet cover says Eddie Joseph)

12 Brand New Tricks (Eddie Joseph)
We located this 18 page manuscript all by itself in the Abbott archives. The twelve original card effects contained in this manuscript were especially saved for release during Eddie Joseph's visit to the Abbott Magic Get Together. The 12 Brand New Tricks are as follows.
Mystic Seven
A Reverse Problem
Behind the Back
Mirable Visu
The Four Hands
Cutting the Cards
By the Toss of a Coin
The Betraying Voice
The Personality Card Trick
The Caronia Mystery
The Colon Mystery
Not Quite Balanced

50 Kute Koin Tricks
A 7 page manuscript. This manuscript describes fifty close-up tricks, gags and stunts with coins - none of which require sleights. Every magician should be able to perform one or two coin tricks. Choose from the many in this manuscript.

50 Paper Cone Tricks
50 Tricks with a paper cone. This PDF book includes tricks with ribbons, silks, eggs, cards, tobacco, money, flowers, milk magic colors and effects like Sympathetic Silks, Cut and Restored Necktie, and other routines of comedy magic. This book will provide you with many new tricks and allow you to make use of tricks you already have. It also includes instructions on how to properly make the paper cone.

A Lesson in Card Magic (Jack Shepherd)
A Lesson in Card Magic Manuscript include 5 pages.
This routine was designed (as was my "Who Done it?") particularly for club audiences and, similarly, to give them the impression that they are seeing something new by putting the tricks in an entirely new setting. A the time of writing, I last presented this routine a few days ago at a Masonic gathering. It was done exactly as described here, and when I got to the climax and said, "and now, you take the Ten of Spades out of your pocket", my volunteer assistant said, "I'm damned if I do!" However, he put his hand into his pocket and took out the Ten of Spades all the same. For the rest of the evening, he was kidded unmercifully and you can realise the kudoes this sort of thing gives to a performer, and the way it impresses the name and skill of the performer on audiences.

Bombay (Eddie Joseph)
"BOMBAY" is not just one card trick. It is a super magic principle. Seven complete routines are given but you will be able to develop many more once you understand the versatile secret of "BOMBAY". This miracle effect has stood the test of actual performance for both laymen and magicians.

Hit The Deck (FV Schoneck)
Contents include winning at Gin Rummy, Hole Card Wild, Cards of Unrest, Double Denouement, Mental Reverse, Incredible Prediction, Four Card Finale, Thoughts Across Space, Miracle From Smoke, Impromtu Daub, Cards Do Not Lie.

Hitting the Headlines (Eddie Joseph)
You are about to behold a MENTAL MIRACLE and instead of only one subject which I usually employ I am going to engage the cooperation of FIVE for the express benefit of the sceptic. From this point the mentalist turns his back on the spectators and does NOT face them again until after everything is over.

Improved Muscle Reading
Improved Muscle Reading instructions include 2 pages and has some very good methodology for what is also known as Hellstromism.

Intuitional Sight (Eddie Joseph)
Intuitional Sight manuscript include 14 pages and is a complete blindfold act. The author (Eddie Joseph) suggests that the routine should be done by itself and not as a part of your existing program.

Its In The Bag (H. Adrian Smith)
Its In the Bag was written by H. Adrian Smith and is 4 pages long. Anyone who can shuffle a deck of cards will not find any dificulty with any of the effects to follow in this manuscript.
The subject matter herein contained is arranged in three parts.   First, the various effects are described; then comes the details of preparation; and finally the presentation of each effect, and the detnilc of working.
EFFECT No. 1: A paper grocery bag is passed for examination, and than placed over the performer's head, and tied around the neck with a piece of twine. A pack of cards is introduced, shuffled, and divided into three unequal heaps. A card is freely chosen from each heap, placed on the heap, the heaps are assembled, and the pack is cut.   A Spectator calls out the names of the cards, and the perforaer announces the name of each of the chosen cards.
EFFECT No. 2: The cards are then shuffled, and a spectator cuts off a portion of the deck.   The spectator takes the lower portion, counts the cards in it, buries a couple of cards, and then looks at the next, places it in the deck, and thoroughly shuffles it. The performer gives the deck two or three shuffles, and, handing the deck to the spectator, locates selected card in the spectator's hands.
EFFECT No. 3: The pack is again shuffled, and the spectator mentally selects a number. Counting down to the selected number, he looks at the card at the number, replaces the cards counted off, and cuts the deck. The performer immediately shuffles the deck, places the pack behind his back and removes a card which he places in his pocket. The spectator looks through the deck, and the selected card is found to be gone. The spectator removes card from performer's pocket, and it is found to be the selected card.
EFFECT No. 4: Pack is shuffled. A spectator cuts deck, looks at a card, and the card is shuffled back into the deck. A second spectator similarly selects a card.   A third spectator removes a card, reverses it, and replaces it in the pack. The two selected cards are found on either side of the reversed card.

Jumbo Card Tricks (Eddie Joseph)
Contained within the pages of this softbound manuscript are thirty three ideas for use with Jumbo Cards (cards measuring 4 1/2" x 7"). Contents include: L&W Reverse Card, A Useful Force, The Shrinking Jumbo, Turn Around Card, To Bring a Card to the Top Without a Pass, Burning a Woman Alive, Message from the Flames, A Mental Test, A Stripper Deck Trip, Two Card Monte, Prediction with a Special Deck, Mirror Box, Rising Card Trick, A Double Face Change, Reds and Blacks, Up Pops a Card, Message from the Dead, Coincidence, Reds and Blues, Chinese Card Trick, Torn & Restored Jumbo, Do As I Do, Cards in the Pocket, Three Cards and a Ribbon, Another Double Face, A Restoration, Stop Trick, Wandering Deuce, Rub Off and Patriotic Dates. A great collection!

Linking Ring Routine
Linking Ring Routine includes 8 pages.

Magic A La Carte (Ravelle & Andree)
A beautiful collection of 12 effects in this 19 page pdf file. Written by Ravelle & Andree it includes The Abominylon Snowman, Three Blind Mice, Thread It, Self Service, Peni Sponge, Crash Thru Production Box, Fantastrick.

Mail Mentalism (Eddie Joseph)
Mail Mentalism manuscipt include 9 pages and is a card trick that can be done via mail. I tried it out on email and it works fine that way to. I should mention that you can only do it one person at a time via email. In other words, you cannot send out a mass email to 500 people and expect it to work, however you could send 500 individual emails and it will work. In other words, via mail or email, the mail is personalized for that recipient and Eddie explains how. Once you send the mail, the trick is automatic.
This is the original typewritten manuscript that we scanned, it was sent to Percy Abbott and there is a brief introduction by Percy Abbott.

Memory Of The Mind (Eddie Joseph)
Here is one author of things magical that never fails to live up to his reputation for the original material. He has done it again in Memory of the Mind. 13 chapters including key codes, card systems, and mnemotechnic marvels.

Paper Magic
Paper Magic is a 13 page manuscript and was the foundation for an Abbott book on the subject. A description of the book is below.
Here are over forty of the most unusual, unique and amazing new tricks that can be worked with paper. This is a new and untouched field. Paper tricks are easy to carry and are most effective. A few of the outstanding effects are:
The performer makes a paper fir tree - and then actually climbs it! A cabinet is made from paper - shown empty - and a girl crashes through it from apparently nowhere! A paper bag escape - under test conditions! A Challenge Slow Motion Torn Cigarette Paper which will baffle well informed magicians! The Wad Catching Bullet Trick! Making a dress for your assistant! The Malini Torn Cigarette Paper! The new torn magazine page! Mickey Mouse Steps Out of the Funnies! Paper Pictures! Flag Cremation! Sun and Moon! Wall Paper Trick! Cleo's Slaves! Nu Clippo routine and many more!

Premonition (Eddie Joseph)
Premonition is the most amazing magic release of all time by that magical genius—Eddie Joseph! It is an Abbott exclusive! It is an effect in the miracle class—one that your audiences will remember you by— it is a reputation builder! You have only to perform this effect once— before an audience of one or one thousand—and we know that you will agree with our enthusiasm. Anyone in the audience is asked to call out the name of any card in the deck. That person is asked to pick up a pack of cards from the table and to deal the cards, one at a time, until he comes to the card he just named.
The assistant deals every card in the deck and fails to find his card. He then counts the dealt cards and finds that there are only 51 cards present and the missing card is the card just named aloud! The performer reaches into his pocket and without hesitation brings out the very card named by the spectator—the one found missing from the pack. At no time does the performer touch the cards. There is absolutely no force involved. The element of chance is not a factor in this effect—it works every time. It is always ready. Ordinary cards are used—there are no fake cards. The current edition of Premonition contains all of the new thinking by the author—variations which allow for the use of two spectators instead of one and for the possibility of an instant repeat of the effect! A printed manuscript.

Staggered (Eddie Joseph)
12 page PDF, here is what Eddie Joseph says about Staggered.
The generous reception meted out to my previous effort Premonition has tempted me to release yet another of my EXCLUSIVE secrets. In presenting this apparent card miracle , I have one regret and that, I am not able to demonstrate it in person before revealing the secret. If I were standing behind a magic counter and you came in as a customer and saw this effect, the chances are that you would not pass it by. This is one effect which will NOT ONLY DUMBFOUND the layman but will INTRIGUE you as well, dear brother ... at least the first few times you try it; EVEN AFTER LEARNING THE SECRET.

Starology - Thought Interception (Eddie Joseph)
This is an effect in the mental sphere. You can carry it in your pocket for closeup work at a party, around the bar, or for publicity purposes for newspaper men. Its something that I have used for years to good advantage. If desired, the idea can be used for Club or stage presentations as well. It is also suitable as a demonstration of thought transference between performer and his assistant, the medium being sent out of the room or she may be at the receiving end of a telephone many mils away. Many methods are explained in this 7 page manuscript.

Sympathetic Silks (Percy Abbott)
The sympathetic silk trick is very popular. It is flashy, takes up no space, and the effect on an audience is very good.
The performer steps forward with six silks. Three are counted out and placed in full view to one side. The remaining three are tied end to end and gathered up into a bundle. The performer commands the knots to leave the bundle and to travel over to the separate silks. Presto! The silks are pulled out from the bundle and are found to be separated. And likewise the three separate silks are found to be knotted together.
Sympathetic Silks was written by Percy Abbott and is 6 pages long. All Abbott downloads are instant when using Paypal, credit cards take a bit longer.

The Invisible Influence (Eddie Joseph)
Eddie Joseph fans will love this lost treasure we found at Abbotts. It was written on a typewriter so its not as crisp as todays word processing documents, but it contains an incredible 6 phase card routine where you do not touch the cards. If you are looking to show something that has not been seen in years, take a look at this incredible 15 page routine. Eddie works everything out for you and the instructions are very detailed (on the last page Eddie writes "All this may seem complicated to you, but actually it is not".
A convincing example of a particular branch of psychic development generally believed in and practiced in India is how Eddie Joseph describes this effect. You do not touch the cards throughout! All Abbott downloads are instant when using Paypal, credit cards take a bit longer.

Tricks with Magnets (U.F. Grant)
Tricks With Magnets includes 9 pages and is a very old manuscript from UF Grant from his days at Abbotts.

X Jargon
Looking for something different for your patter style? This is a 13 page manuscript that explains the art of "Double Talk" and how to use this to your advantage in magic shows. Written by Wallace Lee.

Spook Lecture
Spook Lecture includes 7 pages.

Who Done It? (Jack Shepherd)
Who Done It Manuscript include 7 pages and are instructions for a magical mystery routine.
A Modern Mystery In One Act. It will be obvious after reading this manuscript that for the actual magical methods it would be simple to substitute other methods and other apparatus and still keep the basic idea. This is for the reader to decide, but we would suggest that if this is done, the apparatus used should be of a simple nature and not elaborate conjuring properties, as these would divert the attention of the audience from the story and routine to the magical mechics, and it is the story that counts. The only way to get something really new is by a new routine - therein lies the future of Magic.

6 Foolers with Mini Skull (Eddie Joseph)
Six Foolers with the Miniature Skull Manuscript include 6 pages.

Chapeaugraphy Manuscript include 6 pages.

Comedy Cut N Restored Necktie (Bill Neff)
Comedy Cut N Restored Necktie manuscript is 11 pages and was created by Bill Neff. Below is description of the routine.
Here is comedy at its best. The original Bill Neff presentation with all the "bits of business", action and comedy situations as performed by the originator. It is impossible for us to adequately give a fair description of all the ramifications of this comedy gem. A man (or boy) from the audience assists the performer (a perfect follow-up to the Bill Neff Miracle Rope). The performer cuts a piece away from the tie worn by the assistant - then a second piece - a third piece, etc., until all that is left is the piece that encircles the volunteer's neck. This piece is removed and held by the subject.
The spectator then empties his right pants pocket and the actual cut pieces are placed in his pocket and the end of the tie is pulled to the opening of the pocket. This end is slowly pulled from the pocket and it is seen that the pieces have magically formed together. But, when the tie is pulled all the way out of the pocket, something is seen to be wrong. The whole end of the tie is missing! The magician passes his hand over the end and the tie is now seen to be fully restored. At no time is anything held out in the magician?s hand. No apparatus or changing device of any kind is used. Just the man (or boy) wearing the tie, a pair of shears and the magician. This trick has been time-tested and could prove to be a comedy hit in your show!
Also available in non-ebook format for $5.00

Fun with Balloons
Fun with Balloons is 15 pages and was written by the Abbott Magic Company.

Hole Collection (Billy McComb)
Hole Collection by Billy McComb is 23 pages and a description of it is below.
The performer describes the strange hobby of Dr. McNulty-Hawkins of London who collected different kinds of holes! Samples from this collection are shown as you describe and identify them. This is not a magic trick but a visual comedy routine with props that you can easily make from poster board using a razor or cutting knife. This routine can fit in anywhere in your show or may be used by itself when you are called upon for a few minutes of fun. It could also be made up in calling cards size for use in close-up situations. We have added a few additional holes to the original illustrated routine together with some additional patter. Don't miss this! A Billy McComb creation

Impromptu Card Rise (Joseph K. Schmidt)
Impromptu Card Rise is 16 pages long and was written by Joseph K. Schmidt, 1968
I have always believed that any close up card rise, wherein the chosen card is "brought up" from the rear of the pack, loses so much of its effect it must be ended too quickly; before the spectators see that the card did not really rise out of the middle. The effect of the trick is considerably strengthened by the appearance of the chosen card projecting from somewhere in the middle of the pack at the conclusion of the rise.

Jet Set
Jet Set manuscript include 8 pages and the prop is described below
Everyone at the Abbott Magic Company flipped when they first saw this backdrop frame - and so will you! JET SET is the only practical backdrop frame ever manufactured FOR THE MAGICAL PERFORMER! Folds down to three feet long by five inches in diameter and can be set up in less than thirty seconds to make a backdrop frame measuring eight feet high and eight feet wide. Completely self-contained -- no loose parts. Zip, it's up! Zip, it's down! Two Jet Set frames will interlock to make a backdrop measuring eight feet high and sixteen feet wide. This is a high class outfit that is made to our exact specifications to do just one thing--make a backdrop frame! Weighs less than seven pounds! Highly chrome plated. Complete with a seven page printed illustrated folio of instructions. Directions for making your own curtain--no curtain supplied, must be purchased separately. Ideas by Harry Roydon, the Abbott Staff, Ron Bauer and Sandra Kort! Exclusively from Abbotts.
You can buy made Jet Sets for $125 6' or $160 8'

Strictly Magic (Eddie Joseph)
Strictly Magic is 8 pages long and was written by Eddie Joseph.

TroubleWit Routines
TroubleWit (trouble wit) Routines include 11 pages and a description of the prop is below.
Troublewit has been entertaining audiences for over 300 years. A fan, an umbrella, a church window, or a lamp are but a few of the entertaining designs that can be created with just one or two folds. Prop, instructions, and a free magic booklet are all included in this special promotion.