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Last update: Jan 2018

Purpose of this page:

This list has been compiled from information on Abbott's website: and is still copyrighted by them, so please do not use for commercial purposes.

Abbott Magic Company's provides some great downloads at good prices. Their downloadable materials are split into 5 areas:

1. Abbott Instructions: over 600 instruction sheets that originally came with tricks. Most of these are useful only if you own the prop, and some are quite concise. (this page)
2. PDF Boos: These are Abbott Magic Company books that have been converted to PDF format.
3. Manuscripts: These are sort of between instruction sheets, but a bit less than full books.
4. TOPS Magazine: only about $4 for each year of publication! (I do not have a page for these)
5. Workshop Plans: over 50 plans (I do not have a page for these, they are pretty self-explanatory)

One of the issues I ran into when browsing these downloads was that it was very time consuming to read the details of each book or manuscript. The main page lists the title and a brief summary, but for the details, you have to click on each individual book.

I've decided to compile lists of ALL of the instructions, books, and manuscripts into just three pages, and I've included the descriptions as listed on the Abbott's website. That way you can quickly browse all the instructions, books, and manuscripts you might want to purchase. In some cases, I've added additional details that were shown on the cover image for the book in question.

This list has been compiled from information on Abbott's website and is still copyrighted by them, so please do not use any of this information for commercial purposes. This one page catalog simply provides a more detailed listing of each item in a single location, so that you don't have to browse to every single page to see the details. Note that there are many items listed on the Abbott's Magic website without full descriptions.

Kudos to Abbotts for providing these great resources at a low price!

Abbott's Cage Transformation.
Abbott's Cage Transformation instructions are half a page and is primarily for collectors. Here is a treat in the form of a two-way change effect. A round cage is shown and placed in a container of similar size. From that same container a large production of silks, fruit, etc., is made. Again, the container may be shown empty. Now the container is loaded with objects: rabbits, silks, doves, etc. When the container is again opened the round cage and its bird are removed. A very showy piece of apparatus, made completely of metal.

Nest of Boxes:
Nest of Boxes instructions are 2 pages (including Hank Moorehouse routine) and are primarily for person's who already own the prop. Here is a perfect trick for all occassions - no set-up - always ready. The magician borrows a dollar bill (or coin, or ring, etc.) and causes it to vanish. This same bill (which may be marked) is found in the smallest an innermost of a set of nesting metal boxes. In this presentation, the magician passes the nested boxes to a spectator and allows him to open them. No offstage or secret assistant is used or needed. Each box is made of metal in finished in lacquer. Each box is a different color. The size of the smallest box is 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"  1 1/2". This is one of the most beautiful (and mysterious) outfits we have ever offered. Complete with instructions and routine.

Short and Long Rope Mystery:
Short and Long Rope Mystery Instructions include 4 pages. By Harold Sterling.

Paper Tearing Act:
Carey's Paper Tearing Act Manuscript includes 5 page book version and the original 6 page version. This is the one that has the cut out skeletons. Vin Carey's Patter and Routine for a Complete Paper Tearing Act. Includes Ship's Wheel and Girls.

1 Hand Houlette Rising Cards
One Hand Houlette Rising Cards instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

15 Card Trick
15 Card Trick instructions include 4 pages. This is a masterpiece in card magic.
This is a masterpiece in card magic. A member of the audience counts out fifteen cards from the pack, places them into an envelope and places this into his pocket. The cards are not touched by the performer. Another audience volunteer counts fifteen more cards from the deck and three spectators each select one card from this packet. Each card is noted and replaced. These fifteen cards are then shuffled, placed in a second envelope and help by a spectator. The magician commands the three selected cards to leave the one envelope and to appear in the original envelope. When the envelopes are opened the second contains only twelve cards and the three selections are gone. The original envelope contains eighteen cards, including the three selections are gone. The original envelope contains eighteen cards, including the three selections! No sleight of hand required.

20th Century Flag
20th Century Flag instructions include 1 page.

20th Century Silks
20th Century Silks instructions include 1 page.
This is always a pleasing effect - accepted as a magic classic! Two solid color (18") silks are shown knotted together at their corners. They are placed in a glass in full view of the audience. A rainbow silk is shown and then caused to vanish. When the silks are removed from the glass, the rainbow silk is securely knotted between the two solids silks! Pure silk - a real professional outfit

7 Come 11
7 Come 11 instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

A Box of Matches
A Box of Matches instructions include 5 pages.
Match-netism by Eddie Josehp. While seated at a table, the magician causes a match to cling to his fingertips. This match is placed back into the match box and the box immediately goes into action. It crawls away from the performer, stops, turns and comes back. It then stands itself on end. A super baffler which can be done completely surrounded

A Drink Surprise
A Drink Surprise instructions include 1 page and is a card effect where a drink makes a surprise appearance.

A Magical Mixture
A Magical Mixture instructions include 1 page.

Abbotts Blendo
Abbotts Blendo instructions include 3 pages and a description of the prop is below.
By Ross Bertram. Three 18" silk handkerchiefs visibly and instantly are transformed into a 36" rainbow colored silk square! Entirely self-contained. No pulls or body loads. This is a real flash effect for any act. The large silk can be shown on both sides and can be used as a production cloth for further effects. Its appearance must be seen to be appreciated. We supply this standard effect with high quality pure silk made up in a beautiful combination of brilliant colors.

Abbotts Salt Shaker
Abbotts Salt Shaker instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
By Grant and Bordner

Aces Up
Aces Up instructions include 3 pages.     
By Lynn Searles. An entirely different Four Ace trick. The four Aces are removed from a regular deck and three cards are dealt onto each Ace. The spectator makes a selection of one of the four packets—no force— and he finds that he has all four Aces!

Acrobatic Cane Routine
Acrobatic Cane routine include 3 pages.

Adonis Table
Adonis Table instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors and people who own an Adonis Table.     
The Table Beautiful by Sidney De Hempsey

Aerial Fishing
Aerial Fishing instructions (Catching live goldfish on the end of a line) include 1 brief page.

Ali Baba Jr
Ali Baba Jr instructions include 3 pages.
Harry Stanley, Gil Leaney, Arnold Furst, Patter Story by Wilfred Tyler, author "Open Sesame"

All Fair Rope Trick
All Fair Rope Trick instructions include 3 pages.
A length of rope cut into two pieces is visibly restored to one piece

Always Ready Lit Cigarette Act
Always Ready Lit Cigarette Production instructions include 1 page
A clean, practical method of producing lighted cigarettes - at any time during your act! No need to worry about cigarettes going out - they are not lighted until they are produced. No special cigarettes are used and there are no dummy cigarettes. Without any preparation and with the hands shown empty, a cigarette is produced. A match is also produced and is used to light the cigarette. This cigarette is tossed into a container (transparent, if you choose) and another cigarette appears at the fingertips. Each cigarette is produced fully lighted!

Ambitious Candle
Ambitious Candle instructions include 1 page.
An A&B Product. A candle is placed in one tube and set in holder on stand. Two silks are placed in second tube, and placed in another holder on stand. Candle vanishes from first tube, the two silks taking its place in the tube. The candle is reproduced from the second tube. The effect may now be repeated.
And Some Left Over
And Some Left Over instructions include 2 pages.
First introduced at Abbott's 1948 Magic Get-Together, and in response to requests, is now made available to the Magic fraternity.

Animated Rabbit
Animated Rabbit instructions include 1 page, are very old and primarily meant for collectors.

Another Hole in the Head
Another Hole in the Head instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.
W.L. Tresslar. Magician thrusts an eight inch dagger into the head of spectator! After the implalement magi may walk away and knife remains buried to the hilt in the "victim's" head. Dagger is then removed, volunteer thanked and applause received!

APEX Clock Vanish
APEX Clock Vanish instructions include 1 page.

APEX Rising Cards
APEX Rising Cards instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.     
V.L. Tresslar. An Abbott Exclusive. Any number of cards are selected, returned to the pack and the pack placed within the plastic holder. One at a time, the cards rise. All fingers and thumb being in full view. At any time the houlette can be turned around while on the hand.

Arabian Bead Mystery
Arabian Bead Mystery instructions include 1 page.
By Albenice. This could be a feature effect for any type of magic act. A beautiful string of beads is displayed and held, dangling, over an empty and unprepared glass tumbler. The necklace cord is cut and the loose beads fall into the glass. The performer pours them into his mouth - and they are then slowly drawn from the mouth - completely restrung! Positively no exchanges. Only one string of beads is used. Instead of putting the beads into the mouth the performer may retain them in the glass, swirl them around and then flip them into the air. When they are caught they are seen to be restrung! To perform this correctly you need every detail in a complete instruction sheet and the correct equipment - with our outfit you receive both! By Albenice.

Arrow Head
Arrow Head (aka Arrowhead) instructions include 1 page.
This illusion consists of a small folding cabinet, base, top and twelve real arrows. You can use your own assistant although we like to use a member of the audience. It looks marvelous and you will hear gasps as each arrow is forced into the cabinet. But the biggest surprise is yet to come, for when the front doors are opened the girl's head has disappeared! The arrows fill and divide the cabinet into small sections leaving no space for even a shrunken head, let alone a real living and breathing head. No mirrors!

Asrah in Miniature
Asrah in Miniature instructions include 1 page.
One of the greatest levitation mysteries in the history of magic is now available in miniature form! A beautiful doll, twelve inches tall, is hypnotized and placed upon a thin couch and then covered with a cloth. The magician then causes her to rise, under the hypnotic influence, from the couch and into mid-air. The form floats above the performer's head and completely around his body (ala Zombie). Blowing upon the cloth- covered form causes it to slowly begin to float away, then it comes towards the performer, etc., etc. A solid hoop is next passed completely over the form, thus proving that the doll has no connections or means of support. The magician then whisks the cloth away and the doll completely vanishes in mid-air! The miniature couch is a beauty. From the front it is very deceptive and it appears to be very thin. Everything is self-contained in the couch and in the cloth. Nothing is added or taken away. Positively no threads are used. It may be performed under bright lighting. With appropriate background music and a few introductory remarks you can capture the imagination of your viewers with this miniature illusion as did the past masters of magic with their larger stage versions. Complete with doll, couch, cloth and illustrated instructions complete with suggested patter. No hoop is supplied. (No workshop plans available.) A John Fabjance creation.

Astral Diviner
Astral Diviner instructions include 2 pages and is by Eddie Joseph.
A card merely thought of by a spectator! A pack of cards is dropped onto the table. A pencil and a slip of paper are handed to the spectator and he is asked to think of a playing card - any playing card. He is then requested to write the name of the card on the slip of paper - to fold the paper - and to leave the paper on the table. The spectator is asked to concentrate on his card and the performer picks the right card. Remember: At no time does the magician have anything palmed in his hands - he starts with empty hands and ends with empty hands. Every move is slow and deliberate. The ruse employed is so subtle that any spectator will be convinced that you actually read his mind! Created by Eddie Joseph.

Attaboy instructions include 5 pages These later Attaboys will Fit both Poker and Bridge size decks.
Originated by Jack Hughes. This high quality painted wooden utility prop can be used for many purposes. It includes routines using playing cards, lettered cards, and numbered cards. It has also been used by mentalists as a DNA test where a child successfully selects their parents drivers license from a stack collected from the audience. Performer has someone select a card and shuffles it into the deck. The performer then drops cards one at a time into Attaboys Houlette until told to stop by a spectator. The Performer turns over the card he was told to stop at and it is the selected card. Wizard is an inch taller and a bit more expensive. These later Attaboys will Fit both Poker and Bridge size decks.

Australian Bar Escape
Australian Bar Escape instructions include 1 page.
From "the land down under" comes Charlie Myrick's Australian Bar. This is a new and different ... and very versatile escape device. It may be performed as a feature effect or, it may be incorporated with other escapes: Underwater Escapes, Substitution Trunk routines, Spirit Sack escapes, Mail Bag escapes or in conjunction with other chain or rope releases. The Australian Bar is a twelve inch length of heavy steel tubing (1 1/8" in diameter). Attached at each open end are two short lengths of chain. These lengths of chain are fastened inside the tubing by a pair of steel bolts which penetrate the tubing at its center. The performers right wrist is shackled by one pair of chains; his left wrist is fastened within the other pair of chains. His hands are now separated by twelve inches of solid steel! And yet, he makes his escape in split-seconds!

Automatic Coin Wand
Automatic Coin Wand instructions include 1 page.
This is the perfect coin wand and an invaluable accessory to any magician. Use it for producing coins from the air, for reaching into a spectator's pocket and producing a coin at the tip of the wand, for removing a coin from a boy's mouth, etc. Coin is removed and can be given for examination and the effect is repeated. Perfect in combination with Abbott's Latest Coin Pail or Abbott's Multiplying Money Plate, etc. Abbott's Automatic Coin Wand is now supplied with a real half dollar.

Back Again
Back Again instructions include 2 pages and is an Eddie Joseph effect.
An effective close-up routine using ordinary objects, such as a ring, a coin and a cigarette. The coin and the cigarette are openly placed into the left hand, which is closed and the ring is placed into the right pocket. The left hand is opened and the ring is now with the other two objects. This is repeated with the cigarette being the object being placed into the pocket. Again all three objects appear in the hand. The third time the coin is placed into the pocket. When the left hand is now opened the three objects have vanished and a handfull of half dollars pour out in their place! A startling climax to a mystifying effect! By Eddie Joseph.     

Baffler instructions include 1 page and is a mentalism living and dead effect.
Baffling Bulb
Baffling Bulb instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Bally Prediction
Bally Prediction instructions include 4 pages.
By Wm. A. Stevenson. The mentalist visits the newspaper office and informs the editor that he is going to make a prediction of a future event. Mentalist explains that he is sending a letter through the mail to the editor which will be marked "Prediction". He instructs the editor to place the orediction in his safe until the day of the show. Mentalist explains that the prediction will be a prophecy of a future current event. Editor further seals the postmarked letter prediction between two pieces of cardboard. On the day of the show the editor brings the sealed postmarked letter to the show and the editor opens the original sealed postmarked letter himself. Before opening, the editor truthfully states to the audience that it has been in his possession exclusively for several weeks, and that the mentalist has not touched the letter mailed to him. Here are the fine points: No confederates, no sleight-of-hand, self-working, and mentalist never touches the original letter at any time after it is mailed to the editor, either before the show, or during the show.

Bang Up Surprise
Bang Up Surprise instructions include 2 pages.     
The greatest comedy trick in years! A really funny combination that is a sure laugh producer. A fancy metal tube with a removable lid is shown empty. A silk handkerchief is placed inside, the lid is placed on and the tube is given to a boy to hold. A small box is next shown empty. Its lid is replaced and it is given to a second boy to hold. The magician explains that the purpose of the trick is to pass the silk from the tube into the box held by the second assistant, on the other side of the stage. The magic words are pronounced and Wow! What a surprise!
When the boy removes the lid from the tube a five foot long spring snake springs out of the tube and high into the air. At the same time there are two loud bang noises. The silk has vanished! The boy with the box naturally joins in with the laughter of the audience. He then opens the box he has been holding. Bang! Bang! Two more loud noises followed by a production of flowers cascading from the box. More laughter and plenty of it. And is the second boy surprised! The boys are asked to help in picking up the flowers and there is a bigger howl than ever. On one boys back is a sign reading "Nuts". On the other boys back is the missing silk! The apparatus is self-contained. There are no moves. No sleights. It is practical for club, parlor, floor show or stage. The presentation includes comedy business with a tray that is good for additional laughs. The apparatus is finished in lacquer. The box is blue, black and gold. The tube is chromed. Complete with snake, two silks, bingo shooting devices, flowers, gimmicks and instructions.

Basket Girl Illusion
Basket Girl Illusion instructions include 3 pages.
Here is a feature illusion that can be done anywhere ... even close up ... even surrounded by spectators. This specially-made basket is so small in appearance and so deceptive that it will fool the experts! The basket is made of strong Fiberglass and decorated to resemble a woven Indian basket. All the extra paraphernalia - the swords, the spear, the cloth - will fit inside the basket. In fact, it's great for carrying the rest of your show. Special illustrated and detailed instructions and a complete routine are supplied. This illusion is small and lightweight - easy to carry, yet it is big in effect. Publicize that you have this illusion in your show and you will receive more bookings!
The basket is freely shown. A girl is introduced and she steps into the basket. She tries to get down into the basket but has difficulty owing to the smallness of the basket. A large Oriental type cloth is thrown over the girl and the performer manages to force the girl into the basket by pushing and shoving on the girl's head.
The basket lid is put on as the cloth is removed. The cloth is bunched up and thrown into the air. The performer may even stomp the cloth - it is impossible for the girl to be hidden there. He now runs four swords through the lid and out each of the four sides of the basket, following this by plunging the spear down through the center of the lid and into the bottom of the basket. The swords and the spear are removed. The cloth is thrown over the basket and the lid and cloth are lifted together. They are both taken away, disclosing the girl. The cloth is again thrown over the girl and she is again forced into the basket. Then the performer steps into the basket. After stomping all about the inside of the basket the performer steps out and replaces the lid. This is most convincing. He now appears to see something off to one side and approaches the spot and drapes the cloth. A form is seen to appear under the cloth. The performer walks over to the basket and throws it into the basket. Suddenly the cloth moves and it raises higher and higher. Upon being thrown to one side, the cloth discloses the sensational reappearance of the girl

Basket of Silks
Basket of Silks instructions include 2 pages.

Bathing Beauty
Bathing Beauty instructions include 6 pages.

Beat All Clock Vanish
Beat All Clock Vanish instructions include 1 page.
An alarm clock, approximately three and one quarter inches in diameter, is displayed on a decorative tray. The alarm bell is activated and it rings loud and long. The clock is covered with a square of fancy cloth material. Thus covered, the clock is held well away from all tables, stage furniture, etc.
A last-minute glimpse of the clock is given by lifting one corner of the cloth. This “bit“ is very convincing. Next, the cloth is thrown high into the air - the ringing stops - the clock has vanished!
Comes complete with tray, cloth, clock and instructions. It can be done close-up and surrounded. It can be presented as a one-man effect, or with your assistant holding the tray. When the cloth covers the clock and is taken away, the tray may be shown freely on both sides.

Beat All Rabbit Vanish
Beat All Rabbit Vanish instructions include 1 page.

Berland Bill in Lemon
Berland Bill in Lemon instructions include 12 pages.
Now you can forget any bill in lemon trick that you have ever seen or heard of. None of them can equal the ultimate effect and the daring of this method. Sam Berland who has given the magical fraternity numerous methods for this trick, now offers his latest and greatest! No assistants. No trick knives. This is the most subtle and direct method ever conceived. Guaranteed to be the most talked about effect in your program. The complete and photo illustrated instructions give you three separate yet interlocking methods for performing this effect—one for close-up conditions, one for platform or club showings and one for stage work. Great variety and versatility.
The performer requests the loan of a bill—of any denomination. This bill is marked by the spectator to disprove the idea of duplicates, etc. The bill is folded and placed within the folds of a handkerchief, which a spectator holds securely. A clear plastic bag full of lemons has been on the table in full view since the start of the program. One lemon is selected by a spectator. This lemon (without exchanges) is removed from the bag, placed on a napkin and is held by the spectator. The bill now vanishes from the handkerchief. The performer’s hands are empty. The lemon is removed from the napkin. It is cut open and there, right in the center, a bill is seen. The owner of the bill removes it from the lemon who unfolds it and identifies it as his bill! Impossible? Not really—only in the minds of your audiences.
Sam Berland now offers his latest and greatest method! No assistants! No trick knives! The most subtle and direct method ever conceived. Guaranteed to be the most talked about effect in your program. The photo illustrated instructions give you three methods for performing this effect; close-up, platform or stage. This is the ultimate!

Berland Watch Bag
Berland Watch Bag instructions include 8 pages
Sitting at a table with a number of people, the magician introduces a cloth bag. To prove the innocense of the bag it is turned inside out and they are asked to examine every stitch to prove it to be without preparation. Several coins are dropped in the bag, even a pocket lighter. Then, noticing one of the spectators with a wrist watch, the performer asks to use it to "sweeten" the contents of the bag. The mouth of the bag is folded over, and now the bag and its contents are wrapped in a pocket handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold. During this entire action specators have been watching very carefully and not a fasle move has taken place. Spectator shakes the handkerchief and it sounds like everything is intact. Performer announces he has in his possession a most amazing magnet that has been treated with Cobalt. He shows the magnet and claims that it is capable of pulling articles out of cloth regardless how thick it may be, perhaps even through the top of the table. He places the magnet under the table top and asks spectator holding the wrapped handkerchief to rest it on the table top. After a few attempts at using the magnet, and not getting any results, he admits the magnet has lost its power. He takes the wrapped handkerchief from spectator and places it on the table. He unwraps the handkerchief in reverse order that it was wrapped Finally the bag is revealed and it is seen folded just as it was left originally. Grasping the bottom of the bag, it is lifted and the contents are allowed to spill out of the bag. There are the 4 coins and the lighter, but something is missing...THE WATCH! After a suspensful moment...the performer move back his coat sleeve and resting on his wrist is the borrowed watch!

Best Yet Cigarette
Best Yet Cigarette instructions include 2 pages.
Originated by Percy Abbott, January 1935.

Best Yet Penetration
Best Yet Penetration instructions include 2 pages.

Bewildering Vanish
Bewildering Vanish include 1 page.

Blackbirds Fly Away
Blackbirds Fly Away instructions include 2 pages.

Blankety Blank Routine
Blankety Blank Routine instructions include 4 pages.
A card chosen from a borrowed, shuffled deck appears at any number thought of. While shuffling the cards the backs of the cards disappear and then reappear. Next, any card thought of vanishes from the deck-in fact all the faces of all the cards are shown to be blank! But the deck is not ruined-with a wave of his hand the deck is restored to its original condition and returned to its owner. An impromptu miracle! A startling series of surprises presented on the spur of the moment! Remember -a borrowed deck is used. This effect is weird and uncanny, yet requires little skill. We supply explicit directions, pattern, and special gimmick. You supply a minimum of practice and the result is a worthwhile accomplishment in card entertainment. By Howard P. Albright.
(Note: instructions download is $4, yet effect is only $3)

Blendo instructions include 2 pages. This is an older version of Abbott Blendo.

Blendo Flag & Rainbow
Blendo Flag & Rainbow instructions include 2 pages.
Flag Blendo & Rainbow Blendo

Block Go
Block Go instructions include 1 brief page and is a discontinued effect .

Blooming Rose
Blooming Rose instructions include 1 brief page.
The performer produces or is presented with single stem branch, covered with green foliage but minus any flower bloom. He picks up a folding fan and as he fans the green stem a small bud appears at the top. This bud gradually blooms into a full- size flower. This is a beautiful effect. As he takes his bow, the bloom leaves the stem and instantly appears on his coat lapel. The branch is discarded, he removes the rose, sniffs it and replaces it on his lapel and continues with his regular routine.

Book of the Dead
Book of the Dead instructions include 2 pages and was created by Stewart James. An Abbott Exclusive

Borrowed instructions include 2 pages.
With three borrowed objects you perform the impossible! A close-up classic that can be done anywhere. You borrow a half dollar. It is marked before you even touch it. A handkerchief and a finger ring are also borrowed. The performer’s hands are seen to be empty. The coin is placed in the center of the handkerchief and the ends of the hank are brought up and through the ring. A spectator holds the corners of the handkerchief and feels confident that the ring cannot be removed as it is too small to pass over the coin. (At this point, the spectator is holding the hank, the ring and the coin. The performer’s hands are empty.) Now, the impossible takes place. The performer removes the ring by passing it over the half dollar! And here is the pretty part of the routine. The performer has just removed the ring. The spectator is still holding the handkerchief by its ends. He hits the handkerchief against the table and a “clink” is heard. Yes, the borrowed half dollar is still inside! He slowly unfolds the handkerchief and there, in the center, is the borrowed coins! It is returned to its owner who checks his identification marks. No folding coin is used! Only one coin is used and that is borrowed and marked. And, remember, the ring and the handkerchief are also borrowed. Yes, there is a gimmick and you receive it with illustrated instructions. This startling effect may be performed anytime and anywhere. By Eddie Joseph.

Botania (and Special Botania) instructions include 1 page.
BOTANIA This is the most spectacular flower growing effect ever made! No skill! No special tables required! This outfit has all the advantages of being self-contained . Can be done anywhere - surrounded by spectators and close-up, too. Flowers are the usual Abbott high quality. All parts are mechanically perfect. Note: This effect is available in two styles. Regular Botania contains eighteen large blooms. The magician displays a chromed metal cone. He permits the spectators to see right through this cone. He places the cone over a chromed metal flowerpot. When the cone is removed, an enormous flower growth is revealed. This growth is four times greater in height than the cone and many times greater in diameter. This unusual flower growth is unbelievable in both size and beauty and must be seen and performed to be appreciated.
SPECIAL BOTANIA The magician displays a chromed metal cone. He permits the spectators to see right through his cone. He places the cone over a chromed metal flowerpot. When the cone is removed, an enourmous flower growth is revealed. This growth is four times greater in height than the cone and many times greater in diameter. This unusual flower growth is unbelievable in both size and beauty and must be seen and performed to be appreciated.

Botaniette instructions include 1 page.
This effect is an Abbott original both in treatment and design. Please note that both ends of the tube are shown freely to the audience. They can see completely through the tube. If desired, you can first make a silk production from the tube. Then display the flowerpot, place the tube on the pot, remove the tube and you now have a beautiful flower growth. This production consists of twelve large size blooms. The total spread is approximately 15" spherical and the total production stands 21" high. All this from a tube measuring 3 1/2" x 9". You could close a club or platform act with Botaniette and be assured of sustained applause. The entire effect originated at the Abbott plant and consists of a metal tube, lacquered in blue with a gold palm tree design and a metal flowerpot decorated in red and black. The flower growth is made from the best quality feathers in a mixture of assorted bright colors. This unit takes up very little space, is entirely self-contained and takes only seconds to prepare for presentation.

Bottle Balance Vanish
Bottle Balance Vanish instructions include 1 page.

Bottle Neck
Bottle Neck instructions include 1 page.

Bottlit instructions include 1 page.

Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up instructions include 2 pages.

Bouquet to Silk
Bouquet to Silk instructions include 1 page and are primarily meant for collectors.

Bowl of Plenty    
Bowl of Plenty instructions include 1 small page.

Box Escape
Box Escape instructions include 1 page.
Here is a simple and effective packing box escape which has proven its merit as an entertaining illusion by repeted performance.

Box of Pam
Box of Pam instructions include 1 page. This is one of the most baffling production/vanishes in the history of magic.
Box of Pam can be used as both a production or to vanish an animal or a load of silks! Box is opened and shown to be empty, and turned inside out. Lid is replaced on top, and animal is produced! Red on the outside, yellow on the inside.

Brak-A-Wa Wand
Brak A Wa Wand instructions include 2 pages.
Originated by George Wetherald

Bran Glass
Bran Glass instructions include 1 page.

Break It
Break It instructions include 1 page.
For a magician who wants to hear his audience roar with laughter - this is it! One of the funniest bits of business in magic. On a table or chair you have placed a cheap glass vase or bottle. This is set to one side of the stage. A member of the audience shoots a toy cap pistol or rifle at something (target, etc.) on that side of the stage. Bang! Crash! The vase breaks into a hundred pieces! This can be used with almost any trick. It is laughs and then some! Use with the torn card in envelope. Use with a silk or livestock vanish. Use with any effect that requires firing a gun, real or otherwise. The mechanism is foolproof and dependable and durable.

Break Open Dove Box
Break Open Dove Box instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors of Abbott props.

Brema Changing Cannister
Brema Changing Cannister instructions include 1 brief page and is a very old effect, primarily here for collectors.

Brema Television Mirror
Brema Television Mirror instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors. A clever effect none the less.     

Bremas Bill Vanishing Tube
Bremas Bill Vanishing Tube instructions include 1 page.

Bremas Dollar Bill & Tube
Bremas Dollar Bill & Tube instructions include 1 page.
Brema Precision Made Magic    

Bryce Screen
Bryce Screen instructions include 3 pages.
Bryce Chambers.
You invite spectators onto the stage to inspect and to remain behind the screen all through the presentation. Not only that but the screen is turned completely around, bringing the back to the front. The screen is then closed, thus forming a cabinet. Remember, the spectators are still at the back of the screen or they can move freely around it. It must seem unbelievable as you read this. Nevertheless, it's true. The folded screen is opened disclosing a young lady - or a man - or Santa Claus - or the President of the company for whom you are doing a trade show, etc. We didn't believe it was this good until we made it up and tried it. It's truly magnificent magic! Ingeniously made to break down to a package six feet long by eighteen inches wide and only six inches deep! Now every wide awake performer can pack this illusion in his car along with the rest of his show. Each frame is made of one-half inch plywood. There are no bolts or hinges - no hardware of any kind. Bryce's Screen is quickly assembled. The cloth covering is in a combination of colors and is made to slip on over the wooden pieces. A perfect background for the act and at the same time it is a marvelous illusion! Understand that no special costumes are used to bring about the above effect. No special background. You can do it in front of a brick wall, and you don't have to worry about angles, etc. If you are doing a long act the screen can be used as a background and the illusion used as a closing feature. Another presentation is to do the illusion without spectators on stage. Screen is turned so both back and front are shown, then folded and then the appearance of the girl. There are no tricky moves when showing both sides of the screen. Still another method is for the magician to don a costume and show the screen. He leaves the stage. Assistant enters and opens the screen and a figure emerges. When the costume is removed it discloses the magician!

Buddha Temple
Buddha Temple instructions include 2 pages.
Vernon Carr.

Buddha Tubes
Buddha Tubes instructions include 1 brief page.

Bunny Hat
A grand bit of fun and entertainment that is going to be popular with the children entertainer. Bunny Hat instructions include 1 full page and is primarily for collectors.

Bunny Here Bunny There
Bunny Here Bunny There instructions include 1 page.

Cabinet of Foo
Cabinet of Foo instructions include 1 page.
This deluxe outfit has a separate pedestal base and an oriental-type cabinet. The cabinet is approximately eight inches on a side. All four sides are opened and the two side panels are removed, showing the interior of the cabinet to be empty. While in this condition the cabinet may be turned and shown on all sides. The panels are replaced, the four side doors are closed and the production begins. This apparatus may be used as either a production or a vanish. The load capacity is twelve 36" silk squares and two spring rabbits and skunks and one spring duck. Live animals may be used as the load chamber is almost as big as the cabinet. This can be used close-up, on a platform or on stage and surrounded. The working action is automatic and this precision-made apparatus is exquisitely finished in bright lacquers.

Cage Metamorphosis
Cage Metamorphosis instructions include 1 page.

Caliphs Garden
Caliphs Garden instructions include 2 pages.

Canary Cats
Canary Cats instructions include 4 pages. This is an older prop suitable for collectors.
Amazing, Confusing, Easy to Do

Canary in Lamp Bulb
Canary in Lamp Bulb instructions include 1 page.

Capers with Paper
Capers with Paper instructions include 6 pages.
A paper tearing act to rhyme by Bill West

Capital Rice Bowls
Capital Rice Bowls instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Card & Pencil Penetration
Card & Pencil Penetration instructions include 2 pages.
Milbourne Christopher. Two marked cards are impaled on a pencil. One is slid off an attention is called to the resulting hole through the center. The second is slid off, and the Magician rubs his thumb over its middle. The hole vanishes! The card is intact!

Card Box
Card Box instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Card Hat and Rabbit
Card Hat and Rabbit instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Card in the Orange
Card in the Orange instructions include 1 brief page.

Card Star
Card Star instructions include 1 brief page.

Card Sword
Card Sword instructions include 1 page.
Abbotts Card Sword, in appearance, is a slender, rapier-type blade with hilt and handle. It is beautifully made. All the objections of the old fashioned card swords have been overcome in this model. No cards are concealed by folding them against the handle. You can handle the sword casually and carelessly and still have full control over the cards and their release. This card sword comes complete with a hardwood carrying case. In the standard effect, three cards are freely selected (and we give you a no skill method for accomplishing this) and these cards are returned to the deck. A spectator throws or showers the cards into the air. As the cards fall the performer thrusts the sword into them and the three chosen cards are impaled on the sword. This effect may be done close up and surrounded.

Card to Match Box
Card to Match Box instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Card Trick Extraordinary
Card Trick Extraordinary instructions include 2 pages.
Eddie Joseph. We take pride in releasing this masterpiece to the Magic Fraternit. This is not just another card trick but an effect that, with presentation on your part, will prove an outstanding effect in your repertoire.

Cardecto instructions include 1 page.
Billy Hamilton.

Cards In Glass
Cards In Glass instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Cards Nuts and Bill
Cards Nuts and Bill instructions include 2 pages.
For full effect, refer to page 89, No. 7 catalog

Cardtration instructions include 2 pages.
A card presentation in the super-mentality class. Twenty spectators each freely select a card. As the cards are returned to the deck the magician identifies each card with a number such as, No. 1 for the first card returned, No. 2 for the second card and so on. After all the cards are returned, the pack is riffle-shuffled and placed into the performer's outside coat pocket. Without hesitation, the performer begins to produce cards calling out their corresponding number and asking for verification - and he never misses! This can be done blindfolded. No memorizing and no skill.
Note: effect is only $2.00

Carnival Ribbons
Carnival Ribbons instructions include 2 pages.
Here is a startling production of a dove - without body loads or steals of any kind! The magician picks up and displays a number of ribbons. He starts twisting and twirling these in the air, where they make a pretty sight, all the ribbons being of different colors. The ribbons are gathered up into the hands and instantly a dove appears from the ribbons. Yes! A real, live dove! And all this without ?moves?. This is a self-contained trick that always registers at any time during your show. You can pick up the ribbons and work the trick anytime, anywhere!

Caroselli Coin
Caroselli Coin instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors. A very old instruction!

Carosellis Metalism
Carosellis Metalism instructions include 1 page.
The effect accomplished is to pass a marked penny through two pennies, a dime, and a card

Casadega Cabinet
Casadega Cabinet instructions include 2 pages.
An outstanding effect for any part of your program. The magician assembles a cabinet in full view of the audience and then sets it on an ordinary table or on the backs of two chairs. The performer explains that the cabinet is haunted by spirits. A tambourine and a bell are placed into the cabinet. The bell rings and flies high in the air. The tambourine jingles and it, too, flies completely up and out of the cabinet. The magician borrows a handkerchief. A knot is tied at one corner and the handkerchief is placed into the cabinet. Immediately a corner of the handkerchief appears in one of the cut-out openings in the cabinet?s doors. The handkerchief acts as spooky as a ghost, moving from side to side, gradually crawling farther out of the cabinet. Suddenly, it springs all the way out, standing upright, one corner just touching the floor. It dances, it falls to the floor. At the magician's command it springs up into the air and comes to rest in his hands. It still moves from side to side as the magician returns it to its owner. The cabinet may be dismantled in full view of the audience. The Casadega Cabinet is full professional size and finished in natural wood and lacquers. Comes complete with workshop plans, routine bell, tambourine and gimmicks.
Note: plans are $4.00

Cash a Check
Cash a Check instructions include 1 page and is an Abbott exclusive by UF Grant.
U.F. Grant

Casket of Pandora
Casket of Pandora instructions include 1 page.
This excellent piece of apparatus can be used in many ways--as a production, a vanish or to exchange articles. It is lightweight, strong and sparkles in iridescent beauty. It is laminated between layers of clear plastic to ensure the sparkle will not chip off. Produce silks, confetti, or perhaps a white dove. The load capacity is one six-foot silks or four 36" silks or a large load of smaller silks and streamers. Use it with the Mutilated Parasol in place of the handbag. A piece of rope or ribbon can be cut and placed inside the casket and later removed restored. Flower seeds poured into the empty casket change to spring flowers. The Casket of Pandora is nine and one-half inches tall and three and one-fourth inches in diameter. A quality prop! A versatile utility device.

Center Tear
Center Tear instructions include 2 pages.
This is the absolute and the greatest! Created by Neil Foster, the Center Tear is an Abbott exclusive. A folded newspaper is opened and shown slowly on both sides. The paper is refolded and the center of the paper is torn out. This center piece is torn into smaller pieces which are dropped onto the folds of the paper. The newspaper is immediately opened and is seen to be whole again! Once again it is slowly shown on both sides. In fact, the newspaper may be used in some follow-up effect. There has never been anything like this--it is so easy! No duplicates, no exchanges, no palming. You can do it close up and surrounded. Only a few minutes from reading the illustrated instructions to performing the trick! You will receive 6 prepared papers and instructions on how to make your own. If you prefer not to make your own, you may order packets of 12 refills.

Chain Handcuffs
Chain Handcuffs instructions include 2 pages.

Chair To Suitcase
Chair To Suitcase instructions include 1 short page and is primarily for collectors.

Challenge Button Vanish
Challenge Button Vanish instructions include 1 page

Challenge Glass Vanish
Challenge Glass Vanish instructions include 1 page.

Change a Five
Change a Five instructions include 1 page and it is a bill change.

Change Bag
Change Bag instructions include 1 page (including zipper and deceptive bags).
One of the most useful and versatile tools available, Change Bags offer an easy and effective method for productions, vanishes, changes and much more.

Changing Color Flower
Changing Color Flower instructions include 1 short page and is primarily for collectors.

Changing of Currency
Changing of Currency instructions include 1 page and is an older effect, primarily for collectors.
Eugene L. Bulson.

Changing Tray
Changing Tray instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Chango Paco
Chango Paco instructions include 1 page.

Chanin Untility Coin Vanish
Chanin Untility Coin Vanish instructions include 1 page
Invented and routined by Jack Chanin

Checkers Rice and Orange
Checkers Rice and Orange instructions include 1 brief page.
Checko instructions include 1 page and include patter by Sid Lorraine. Primarily for collectors.
Originated by Jess Thornton, patter by Sid Lorraine

Chick A Dee Pan
Chick A Dee Pan instructions include 1 page.
The magician displays a small pan and opens it, showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or any other object which fits inside) appears!

Chinese Coins
Chinese Coins instructions include 4 pages.

Chinese Rising Cards
Chinese Rising Cards instructions include 1 page.

Chinese Stack of Bowls
Chinese Stack of Bowls instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Chinese Sticks and Cords
Chinese Sticks and Cords instructions include 1 page and includes Chinese Sticks and Cords and also Abbotts New Chinese Sticks.

Chinese Straight Jacket    
Chinese Straight Jacket instructions include 2 pages.

Chinese Wishing Papers
Chinese Wishing Papers instructions include 1 page.
This is a sure-fire torn and restored paper effect with a "sucker" finish that is a real surprise. A yellow piece of paper, approximately 8 1/2" x 22", imprinted with Chinese characters is displayed and referred to as a Chinese Wishing Paper. The paper is then torn into a number of pieces which are folded together. In the process of restoring the pieces, a packet of pieces drops to the floor. The magician looks embarrassed but tries to pass it off by acting innocently. The torn pieces in his hand are now opened and the paper is seen to be restored. After mild applause (and derisive laughter) the magician takes note of the packet of pieces on the floor. He picks it up, opens it out and says, "This is a picture of the fellow who taught me how to do the trick!" He then displays a large printed picture of an oriental face. Packaged in dozen lots.

Cigarette Reproducer
Cigarette Reproducer instructions include 2 pages and requires the gimmick.

Cigarettes to Cards
Cigarettes to Cards instructions include 1 page.
Lynn Searles

Clarks Ribbon Release
Clarks Ribbon Release instructions include 1 page. Abbotts still has about a dozen of these props.

Clean Cut Bowl Production
Clean Cut Bowl Production instructions include 2 pages.

Clock Cabinet
Clock Cabinet instructions include 1 page.

Club Bowl of Water Production
Special Club Bowl of Water Production instructions include brief 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Shaker instructions include 1 page.
One of many Hen Fetsch inventions. The audience sees a tray holding four wine glasses, a full milk pitcher and a chromed cocktail shaker. The milk is poured from the pitcher into the shaker. The contents are shaken and then different colored liquids are poured from the shaker into the four glasses. Next a 36 inch silk scarf and a long string of beads are produced from the shaker. Three more bead and scarf sets (matching the colors in the wine glasses) are produced from the shaker. For a finale, a large flower bouquet is produced from the shaker. This bouquet is more than twice the size of the cocktail shaker. This outstanding effects comes complete with the original Hen Fetsch patter story. It follows every move and every production being based upon the story of four ladies at a party enjoying four drinks and each receiving a present of a scarf and necklace climaxed by the production of a centerpiece table decoration in the form of a flower bouquet. Beautiful continuity blended with impressive magic. Supplied with routine, patter, cocktail shaker and bouquet. A Hen Fetsch creation.

Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.
A special type funnel was supplied for this effect

Coin and Metal Plates
Coin and Metal Plates instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Coin Ladder
Coin Ladder instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Coin Thru Ring
Coin Thru Ring instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
EFFECT:    An ordinary half-dollar is apparently passed through a borrowed finger ring. For this, there is a minimum of preparation and it is not necessary to use a folding coin, or a trick ring

Coins in Glass
Coins in Glass instructions include 2 pages. Similar in effect to Copentro but uses a different method. Invented by Jack Hughes.
Exclusive sales and manufacturing rights by Abbott's. Originated by Jack Hughes. This is the Original Jack Hughes Effect which won the Cup at the first Annual Competition of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians.
Effect: Four half dollars are borrowed or magically produced and plaoed on a stand. A whiskey glass is placed on a small tray and covered with an inverted larger glass.   A foulard is next thrown over them and one by one the coins are taken from the stand and vanished from the right hand, from whence they pass magically into the whiskey glass, each one being heard to fall with a distinct 'ring". The foulard is removed and the coins poured from tumbler to tumbler. If borrowed they are then returned to their owners.

Coke of Plenty
Coke of Plenty instructions include 1 page.

Color I Do As U
Color I Do As U instructions include 2 page and you can make your own gimmick easily from these instructions.
A completely self-contained effect with two decks. One pack is taken by a spectator who cuts it any number of times. (Magicians back may be turned during this step). The spectator then removes three or four cards from his deck and places them in his pocket. The performer takes the other deck (which can be examined) and cuts it a number of times behind his back and with the deck still behind his back removes the same number of cards. The spectator removes and shows his cards one at a time. The magician is able to match each of these cards with one of his chosen from his pack.
Note: effect is available for $2.00

Color Sphere
Color Sphere instructions include 2 pages.
by Al Zink & Al Monroe

Comedy Tape Measure
Comedy Tape Measure instructions include 1 page.
This comedy accessory represents a wrist watch, with flexible elastic ban and a regular printed dial face complete with numbers, etc. However, for comedy purposes, the case is fitted with a 36" flexible tape measure. It is a sure laugh when you look at your watch, pull out the tape and declare, "It's fifteen inches past eight o'clock. Time enough for another trick!" This is a real surprise and good for a big laugh.  

Comedy Umbrella
Comedy Umbrella instructions include 1 page.
This item is especially good as an opener. The performer enters wearing a hat and carrying a realistic-looking umbrella. He removes the hat and nonchalantly places the full size umbrella into the hat. An off-beat effect and a real laugh-getter!

Confoundit Dollar
Confoundit Dollar instructions include 2 pages.
Continental Cabinet
Continental Cabinet instructions include 1 page.
This apparatus consists of three parts - a base, a top lid and a four-sided wooden tube. Each part is shown separately and fairly. The tube section is large enough to slide your forearm through. All the parts are assembled, tube on the base and lid on the tube. Then the production begins and may consist of silks, rubber goods, a small rabbit or a dove. Abbott's Continental Cabinet may also be used as a vanish. The apparatus is self-contained and may be performed surrounded.

Coon-dle Lite
Coondle Lite instructions include 1 page and is a self lighting candle effect created by George Coon.

Cork Screwy     
Cork Screwy instructions include 1 page and is primarily meant for collectors of older Abbott magic.
Comedy Magic that is Inside-Out, Upside-down, and Backwards!

Crazy Rabbit Vanish
Crazy Rabbit Vanish instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Crystal Goblet
Crystal Goblet instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Cube On Release
Cube On Release instructions include 4 pages and includes an Additional Presentation by Neil Foster.
Two lengths of unprepared rope are passed for inspection. A block of wood, over five inches cubical with a hole running through its center, is also passed for examination. The two ropes are threaded through the block. The performer holds the ropes by their ends with the block suspended in the center. It is turned around slowly, showing all to be fair. The block is set on the stand with the ends of the rope remaining in full view. The top of the stand is fastened down, forming a framework around the block. The ropes are pulled back and forth ... the entire stand with the block in place may be lifted by the ropes. Spectators may hold onto the ends of the ropes. The ends of the rope never leaves the sight of the audience yet, impossible as it seems, the performer now slowly removes the block from the frame ... penetrating through the ropes! A Jack Hughes creation. (Cuban Release)

Cups and Balls Routine
Cups and Balls Routine include 3 pages.

Curse of the Pharaoh
Curse of the Pharaoh instructions include 4 pages.
By: The Mystic "Mr. Mack". An Abbott Exclusive
Effect: A volunteer from the audience is used to demonstrate the subtle powers of an ancient Egyptian curse. A colorful Egyptian table is described as having come from the cursed tomb and that it exerts a mysterious force over any that come in contact with it. By way or demonstration the volunteer finds that when standing next to it he cannot lift his leg, open his eyes, or keep his balance. Seated he cannot rise and lying down finds himself unable to rise.

Cut and Crush Illusion
Cut and Crush Illusion instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.
We believe that the ingenuity of this, our latest, illusion will appeal to all magicians.  We do know from practical performing of this illusion that, presented corectly. It has 100% audience appeal.

Cut and Restored Light Wire
Cut and Restored Light Wire instructions include 1 page and shows a method of doing the cut and restored electric wire to a lit light bulb.
Effect: Performer picks up the extension cord supplying current to a lighted bulb and cuts it with pliers, the light immediately going out. Magically he restores the cut wire and the bulb flashes on again.

Cut and Restored Necktie
Cut and Restored Necktie 12 Methods instructions include 8 pages.

Cut Telephone Wire
Cut Telephone Wire instructions include 1 page.

Dagger Chest
Dagger Chest instructions include 1 page. An attractive cabinet, large enough to accommodate a person’s head, is shown. The front panel is removed so that the spectators have a clear view of the empty interior. The front panel is replaced and the back door of the cabinet is opened. The cabinet is placed over the victim’s head and the back door is closed. Twenty solid metal daggers are impaled through the cabinet at every conceivable angle. The front panel is removed showing the interior filled with the daggers ... the head of the victim having vanished! You may even walk the victim down the aisle in this condition. The front panel is replaced, the daggers withdrawn and the cabinet is removed. The victim’s head is once more intact.

Dagger It
Dagger It instructions include 1 page.
Originated by E.J. Moore, Improved Abbott.

Daring Spring Trap
Daring Spring Trap instructions include 3 pages.
A plated spring trap is shown. The device is set and the performer shows the effectiveness of the trap by placing a pencil (or pretzel stick or bread stick) between the heavy spring jaws. The trap is sprung - Bang! - breaking the pencil (or shattering the pretzel or bread stick) The trap is re-set and the magician places his hand near the trap - withdraws it and continues speaking to the audience about the trap. This back and forth by-play continues a number of times and, when the tension is at its highest, the magician actually places his hand into the trap which springs shut. The spectators may assist in removing the performer's UNHARMED hand from the trap. A truly unique piece of entertainment!

Daylight Screen
Daylight Screen instructions include 2 pages.
Originated by Al Munroe and Al Zink. We believe that all Magicians will appreciate the cleverness of this idea, which, in our opinion, is a worthwhile contribution to Magic. Note: The hinges used were made especially for this trick at the Abbott plant.

Deck Vanish
Deck Vanish instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
(Avis-Hughes) Effect: A shuffled deck is placed face down in a card box which is then covered with a handkerchief. Looking through a tube the performer succeeds in naming the top card. This is done four times and then a spectator is asked to try. Looking through the tube, the victim declares that he can see nothing. "I'm not surprised", says the magician, who then removes the handkerchief to show that the box is empty and that the pack has vanished.

Deluxe Drawer Box
Deluxe Drawer Box instructions include 1 page.
The drawer box is one of the oldest production props ever devised and has survived over the decades because of its simplicity and ease of operation. It is one of the very few production props capable of holding a load almost as large as the prop itself! It is excellent for stage or platform use and especially good for livestock. Colorful and well made.

Deluxe Silk Appearance
Deluxe Silk Appearance instructions include 1 brief page.

Demuth Mirror Tumbler
Demuth Mirror Tumbler instructions include 1 page.
This effect combines a mirror and a clear plastic half tumbler insert. This insert fits behind the mirror on one side. This fake is also removable. It was first used with the Perfect Milk Trick by DeMuth, but its uses are many. Made of clear, thick plastic, this tumbler is durable and deceptive.

Den O Zen
Denozen instructions include 1 page.
Audiences want to see showy and spectacular effects--Den-O-Zen stands way out in front in this category. The magician shows a beautifully decorated box, open at the top and bottom. The audience can see right through it. The box is unmistakenly empty and is placed on a thin wooden base. Immediately, a large production of silks is made. The box is once again shown empty and this is followed by production of two live doves. Beautiful magic! May be performed completely surrounded. May be performed at anytime during your act as the livestock are comfortable throughout. Will hold 36" silks or their equivalent. Silks and doves never come into direct contact with this apparatus. Instead of doves, Abbott's Lifelike Rabbit or Realistic Skunk may be used. Will also hold a very small live rabbit. The box is 15" x 8 1/2" x 8". The principles used are different from any other production box on the market. Created by Bud West

Devils Coin Box
Devils Coin Box instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors of Abbott magic effects.

Devils Hank
Devils Hank instructions include 1 brief pag. A description of the prop is below.
An indispensable piece of apparatus that appears to be nothing more than a large handkerchief. With our latest model it is easy to vanish an egg, a watch, cards, balls, etc. Cover the object (or drop it into the gathered folds of the handkerchief), give it a flick and the article has vanished. Hank can then be shown on both sides.

Devils Pillars
Devils Pillars instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Die Box Routines
Die Box Routines include 4 pages including routines for the Standard box, Abbott box, Deluxe box, Shenanigan box, and a couple for the Twin Di as well.

Dipsy Doodle Match
Dipsy Doodle Match instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Disappearing Coin Stand
Disappearing Reappearing Coin Stand instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
A simply constructed piece of apparatus to enable magician to demonstrate his sleight of hand skill, whereas very little skill is needed.
Effect: Magician removes one coin at a time from stand with right hand, seemingly transfers to left hand. When opened, coin has disappeared, then all the coins are gone, magician appears to hear a remark that coins might be concealed on the cake of stand. To show that such is not the case, magician removes stand from table, showing it on both Bides.   Replacing same on table again, he now drapes hank over stand.   Reaching into the air he produces a coin in right hand seemingly placing coin in left hand, which hand makes a throwing movement in the direction of stand.   This is repeated for the four coins.   Then magician removes hank showing coins back again on stand in their original position.

Disc Through Hand
Disc Through Hand instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Disecto instructions include 2 pages.
Abbotts "DISECTO" provides mystery, entertainment, ingenuity and quality construction. Show the spectators how the "DISECTO" works by cutting three carrots; one where the victims hand is inserted, one above the hand and one below the hand. With the blade in full view of all, the victims hand is now inserted in the "DISECTO" and held in place with the locking pieces attached for that purpose. A carrot is placed in the top hole, another is placed in the bottom hole and a lighted cigar or cigarette is placed in the opening alongside the victims hand.
Slowly and deliberately the magician forces the blade through the first carrot, cutting it cleanly into two pieces - the blade still being visible. Even as the blade is forced through the victims wrist (and before it cuts through the lighted cigar of cigarette) the performer asks the victim if he or she can feel the blade and, strangely enough, they will say, "Yes!", for they do feel the blade!
As the blade passes through the victims wrist, at the same time it cuts through the lighted cigarette and then through the carrot in the lower hole. We unquestionably guarantee that there is no danger to the spectator - nothing can go wrong. Do "DISECTO" within six inches of the spectators and with the audience all around you. It is foolproof. Perfect for the largest of stages and any type audience.
The blade is 1/16 of an inch thick and 12 inches long and is of the highest grade polished stainless steel. Only one blade! You can perform Abbotts "DISECTO" in less than five minutes after you receive it. No previous preparation - always ready. Weight of the entire illusion is three pounds. The base supports fold flat for packing. The apparatus is finished in red, black and yellow lacquers. The unusual shape of "DISECTO" has been carefully designed to add further appeal, interest and attractiveness for your audiences. The unique design will intrigue and hold the undivided attention of all.
The idea for this illusion came from Lester "Marvelo" Lake, who originated the first Guillotine and Abbotts Chinese Chopper, and all details and application of the principles involved were worked out by Recil Bordner. We stake our reputation on this illusion and guarantee that this description is true and in no way exaggerated. A terrific magic value! (No workshop plans are available for "DISECTO".)

Dissolving Light Bulb
Dissolving Light Bulb instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Dissolvo instructions include 1 page.
Effect: A length of ribbon (or fancy card) is formed into a loop by securely tieing the ends. A small bone ring is passed over the loop and, at the magician's will, it remains in different positions. Then the ring mysteriously passes through the ribon and can only be removed by unknotting the ends of the ribbon.

Doodie the Duck
Doodie the Duck instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Dots and Dashes
Dots and Dashes instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for Collectors (its a very old effect).
Jesse Thornton

Double Bang Card In Balloon
Double Bang Card In Balloon instructions include 1 page and require a prop.

Double Bouquet and Gloves
Double Bouquet and Gloves instructions include 1 page.

Double Bouquet Production
Double Bouquet Production instructions include 1 very brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Double Exchange
Double Exchange instructions include 1 page.

Double Flash Silk Mystery
Double Flash Silk Mystery instructions include 1 page.

Double Paper Tear
Double Paper Tear instructions include 1 brief page.

Double Production
Double Production instructions include 1 page.

Double Silk Production
Double Silk Production instructions include 1 page.

Double Television Card Frame
Double Television Card Frame instructions.
Originated by Jack Hughes

Double Touch Card Prediction
Double Touch Card Prediction instructions include 1 page.

Double Tray of Glasses Production
Production of Double Tray of Glasses instructions include 2 pages.

Dovan instructions include 3 page.
Originated by Ren Fetzer
The magician removes a live dove from a cage and places it between two decorative boards which are hinged together like a folder. Instantly, the boards are opened out flat in a horizontal position. They are shown on both sides. The dove has vanished! Each panel of the folder is 12" x 12" and only one-eighth of an inch thick, decorated in black and silver. The cage is blue with silver bars and trim with a black interior to contrast with the white dove. Positively no bags, tipping principles or tumbling block ideas are employed. No sleeve or body work. This can be performed surrounded and in your bathing suit! It's all in the boards!

Dove From Scarf
Dove From Scarf instructions include 1 page,
Here is a method which eliminates ordinary dove steals and, at the same time, incorporates a one-hand release for the dove. This model comes complete with everything necessary, including a beautiful white, formal-type evening dress fringed scarf. Imagine the effect on your audience when you enter - remove the scarf from around your neck - and instantly produce a live dove! A Thomas Beasley idea. "The magician enters, wearing full formal evening wear. He removes his scarf from his neck and instantly produces a live dove! Here is a method which eliminates ordinary dove steals and, at the same time, incorporates a beautiful one-hand release for the dove production.

Dove Harness
Dove Harness instructions include 2 pages.
Magic by Thomas.

Dove in Balloon
Dove in Balloon instructions include 1 page.
This is a flash effect that can become a feature in any act. An unprepared balloon is inflated and attached to the top of a thin tray. At the magician?s command the balloon bursts and a live dove makes its instantaneous appearance! Modern magic in every respect! Work it surrounded. An excellent followup effect for any dove vanish. The thin-looking tray does the work for you - perfect in shape and size. Tray may be mounted on a table base and used as a side table before and after the effect. Note: This effect matches the appearance of Abbott?s Gloves To Doves effect and both can be mounted and used as side tables. A quality effect

Dove Thru Glass
Dove Thru Glass instructions include 1 page.
The magician shows a sheet of clear plexiglass plastic which is encased in a decorative wooden frame--all of which is mounted upon an attractive wooden base. The spectators may touch and tap the plastic, proving it solid. There is a hinged star-trap flap at the center of each side of the sheet of plastic. With the flaps in position, a live dove is passed through the solid sheet! The live bird-actually-physically-penetrates right through the solid sheet of plastic! (Any small animal or object may be used). The flaps are flipped down immediately and the sheet again tapped and touched and proved to be solid. The entire sheet and frame are in full view throughout the performance. This may be performed completely surrounded with no fear of detection. Overall height is twenty inches, approximately fifteen inches wide with a beautiful lacquer finish. A mechanical mystery, elegant in appearance, super in effect. An Abbott quality product.

Dove Workers Vest
Dove Workers Vest instructions include 2 pages and is one of Abbotts biggest sellers (the vest, not the instructions).
Magic by Thomas. Body Loader's Best Friend.
The body-loader's best friend! This vest eliminates the need to sew pockets to the inside lining of your coats. It can be worn under any coat. This vest eliminates the traditional coat sag caused by the weight of the doves. The coat drapes naturally over the loaded vest. Although a similar vest was introduced originally by Fantasio, this is the only vest that holds six doves, available on a commercial basis. Although specifically designed for live doves, the vest can be used for candle and silk loads, or any combination of the above-mentioned items. You might almost have an entire program under your coat? The vest is adjustable for all sizes and is available in either black or white material. Please specify when ordering.

Dramatic Living and Dead Test
Dramatic Living and Dead Test instructions include 1 page.
This is without shadow of doubt, one of the most dramatic and unusual Living and Dead Tests that has made its appearance in Magical Circles.

Dream Glass
Dream Glass instructions include 1 page.
Referring to a dream he has had, the performer removes from his pocket a cigarette case and takes out a cigarette which he places in a holder. As he goes to strike a match it turns into an electric light bulb. While puzzling over this transformation, the bulb is seen to change back into a match again. As the match is eventually struck and performer goes to light cigarette, he remembers he has given up smoking, whereupon the cigarette vanishes, leaving him with an empty cigarette holder.

Dream Light
Dream Light instructions include 5 pages.

Drinks For The King & Queen
Drinks For The King & Queen instructions include 1 page.

Duck Bucket
Duck Bucket instructions includes (a brief) 1 page.
The magical performer displays an hexagonal-shaped wooen bucket. This device is over twelve inches tall and is twelve inches in diameter at its base (and nearly fifteen inches in diameter at the top). It is made from selected hardwoods and is trimmed with brass hardware. The half-lid at the top is unclasped and opened to show the completely empty interior of the bucket. This display may be done close-up and surrounded. The lid is closed and a magical gesture is made over the bucket. Instantly, as soon as the door can be once again opened, a large (and usually vocal) duck is seen to be occupying the entire inside space of the bucket! As you must know ducks are funny to audiences (think of a current, popular, comedic commercial running on TV), and this production is both puzzling and entertaining. We recommend Abbott's Surrounded Duck Vanish in conjunction with the Duck Bucket.

Duck Pan Streamlined
Duck Pan Streamlined instructions include 1 page.

Duck Production
Duck Production instructions include 1 page.
This outfit is a beauty and the effect is really, really big! An attractive, decorated, stand is shown - also a small tub and two solid wooden trays. All parts are separate and are assembled, placing one tray on the stand, the tub on this tray and using the second tray as a cover or lid. A shot is fired, the top tray is knocked to one side and three live ducks make their appearance in the tub! Water may be poured into the tub before the production and the ducks then appear to be swimming in the water. Any other kind of livestock (of similar size) can be used. An easy to do trick that positively will get results - laughter and applause. An Abbott quality product finished in lacquer with attractive and original designs.

Dukes Dye Version
Dukes Dye Version instructions include 3 pages.
By Duke Stern. Dukes Dye Version. This trick brings the term packs flat and plays big to a whole new level! It can also be specifically tailored to your audience with a custom message or logo, and can be performed close up, on stage, or any venue in between. A tube of paper, about a foot long, is shown. From it the magician pulls out 5 15" silks. Two spectators assist and are handed 2 silks each. The last silk is tied around the tube. The four silks are replaced in the tube one by one. The spectators are asked to remember the order of the silks. A small portion of the silks stick out each end of the tube. The spectators are asked to take hold of the visible ends of silk and slowly pull in opposite directions. As they pull and pull, it is apparent that a change has taken place, for each now holds opposite ends of a 24 foot long rainbow silk streamer. The tube of paper is now unrolled revealing nothing inside, except for the custom message printed on the paper. The paper can be left as a memento, so be sure your contact info is printed on it as well!

Duo Fish Bowls
Duo Fish Bowls instructions include 1 page.

Duplex Glasses and Silks
Duplex Glasses and Silks instructions include 2 pages.
The magician displays a piece of newspaper - both back and front. He punctures a hole in the paper and a silk appears and is left halfway through the paper. The paper is turned around and the produced silk is seen on both sides. Four more holes are punched into the paper and each time a silk appears and is left in the hole on display. Finally, another hole is made and a glass of wine is produced followed by a glass of green creme de menthe ( or cola and Kool-aid for children). The paper is handed to a spectator. He may remove the silks and examine the paper. The performer's hands are empty. No gimmicks to get rid of. No body or sleeve work. Positively self-contained. Complete with glasses, silks and instructions

Easy Do Water Production
Easy Do Bowl of Water Production instructions include 1 page.

Easy Monte
Easy Monte instructions include 1 page.
By Gil Scott.

Eddies Natural Card Switch
Eddies Natural Card Switch instructions include 1 page.
Originated by Eddie Clever

Egg & Fan Tricks
Egg & Fan Tricks include 6 pages.
U.F. Grant. This is a manuscript detailing all the information on the various methods for performing The Egg On Fan effect. You will discover various steals, the types of fan to use, the lead-up to the trick and the follow-up after the trick. Tricks, tips, ideas and routines make this a valuable publication on this subject.

Egg Bag
Egg Bag instructions include 1 page.
One of the oldest, yet one of the most famous and popular effects, and one that is easy to perform. Our routine and patter include the production of an egg from a spectator?s nose, the bag turned inside out, etc., and the disappearance of the egg. Then follows a "sucker" gag. The audience think they know "how it?s done" but find themselves more mystified than ever as the magician "explains" the trick. Our egg bags are made in our own design and are the easiest working bags available.

Einstein Theory
Einstein Theory instructions include 1 page. A clever mathematical novelty based on a question supposedly given to Einstein,
A novelty blackboard number stunt. A clever mathematical novelty based on a question supposedly given to Einstein, “Who will go to heaven first – Republicans, Democrats or Socialists?” A circle is drawn and divided. Numbers are called out to represent each of the three groups. A series of simple calculations show which group will go to heaven first. No memorizing, easy to do. In manuscript form – easily adaptable to other patter stories.

El Bartos Wine & Water
El Bartos Wine & Water instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors. Original forumula and patter.

Elastic Plastic
Elastic Plastic instructions include 2 pages.
Based on Abbott's Steel Ball Through Glass

Electric Cigarette Act
Electric Cigarette Act instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors.
Originated by Al Aldini

Elusive Bunny Box
Elusive Bunny Box instructions include 1 page.
Wally Reid. This effect can be a feature in your repertoire! It can be performed surrounded, no angles to worry about. It can be performed at any time during your show. The performer displays a box and opens its two front doors. Inside the box is a silk handkercief. This is removed and displayed. It bears the stenciled drawing of a rabbit. The silk is replaced in the box and a corner of the silk is poked out of a hole in the box lid. The front doors are closed--the silk is removed and when again displayed the drawing of the rabbit has disappeared! The front doors are opened and filling the box is a live rabbit! The box will hold a five or six pound rabbit! Silk can be supplied with either a rabbit or a dove design--specify when ordering. A Wally Reid creation.

Elusive Miss
Elusive Miss instructions include 2 pages.
Jimmy Flowars, Jack Hughes

Embarrassing Rope
Embarrassing Rope instructions include 1 page.

Enchanted Cigarette Holder
Enchanted Cigarette Holder instructions include 1 page.
The performer enters, smoking a cigarette in an attractive cigarette holder. He takes a few puffs from the lighted cigarette. Suddenly, the burning cigarette and its holder are transformed into a beautiful silk handkerchief. This handkerchief is held at the extreme fingertips - hands being otherwise empty. The entire change, visible and instantaneous, happens in the twinkling of an eye. Nothing is palmed away. Nothing shoots up the sleeve or behind the coat. The entire effect is self-contained. The Abbott Magic Company acquired the manufacturing and distribution rights to this effect from Sam Berland, prior to his passing. Years of patient work have gone into its development. Yes, it is a real lighted cigarette - yet there is no danger to either the performer or the silk handkerchief. Pure enchantment! Deceptive simplicity! Berlands "Enchanted Cigarette Holder"-back again and better than ever.

Endless Neck Rope
Endless Neck Rope instructions include 1 page.
Here is a new twist on a popular effect. An endless circle of rope is examined. It is twice looped around the neck as in the illustration. A portion of the rope is grasped in each hand. Slowly the arms are extended out from the body and the rope passes through the neck! This astonishing penetration may be repeated as often as you desire. Always ready - easy to do. Perfect for any size audience.

Enis Milk Vanish
Enis Milk Vanish instructions include 2 pages.
We believe this to be one of the most direct milk vanishes ever originated at the Abbott plant. The moves are so easy that after a few trials, they become almost automatic in operation. From an audience point of view, it is an unbelievable vanish and reproduction, and, after all, it's always the audience that counts in any trick.

Every Card Rises
Every Card Rise instructions include 1 page.

Evolution of the Afghan Bands
Evolution of the Afghan Bands instructions include 3 pages.
A red cloth band in the shape of a circle is torn through its center, the long way, making two bands, separate from each other. One of these is torn and it makes one large band, double the diameter of the original band. The second band is torn and it makes two bands, the same size as the original - but linked one within the other! A generous supply of cloth bands, instructions and suggested patter.

Exciting Milk Vanish
Exciting Milk Vanish instructions include 2 page and is primarily for collectors.
Originated by Ed Wolff

Expose Vanish
Expose Vanish instructions include 1 page.

Extraordinary Chain Release
Extraordinary Chain Release instructions include 1 page.

Famous Zella Piano Act
Famous Zella Piano Act instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors.
U.F. Grant

Fantastic Fan
Fantastic Fan instructions include 2 pages.
Jesse Thornton

Fantom of the Opera Glasses
Fantom of the Opera Glasses instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Far East Silk Cabinet
Far East Silk Cabinet instructions include 1 page.
This beautiful piece of apparatus will prove indispensible to the magician who works repeat dates. Its variations in routine are almost unlimited. Its improved construction is ingenious there will never be a problem with wedging or sticking - it is as smooth as the silks used in this effect. Cabinet is finished in black, gold, white and Mandarin rose. The hinges and hardware are of brass. Height is five inches, cabinet measures 3 1/2" x 8". There is a hole through the center of both ends of the cabinet. This can be used for the production or vanish of silks. It is excellent for the Mis-made Flag effect. Use it to perform 20th Century Silks using unprepared silks! Blendo effects! Silk Dyeing! Cut and Restored effects! Repeat 20th Century effects! The cabinet is first shown empty with both doors open. It may be worked surrounded. The doors are closed and silks are pushed into the cabinet by way of the end holes. They then vanish, change color, are transformed, etc. Complete with instructions - use your own silks and production articles. An Arturo creation.

Farmer and the Witch
Farmer and the Witch instructions include 2 pages.
At last, a Double Exchange Illusion worked with children from the audience. No additional props or apparatus required. A baffling exchange that will bring rounds of applause. The greatest achievement in modern mystery that has ever been brought out for the club and church performer. The magician has three children step up on the platform. Two girls and one boy with one of the girls to act as the Wardrobe Mistress and the other two children to act as the main characters in the sketch. The girl is dressed in a Witch's costume with a mask and a broom. The boy is dressed in a Farmer's costume - a real comical character. The performer relates a story of how an old Witch called at the Farmer's door at the witching hour of midnight, asking for food and water and how the farmer turned the witch away, tired and hungry. But this old witch had magical powers and waved her broom in the air and changed places with the farmer, putting him out in the cold and then she ate all his food, etc.
The performer says he will show how the old Witch and the Farmer changed places. He waves a wand over each child's head and on removing the Farmer mask, instead of the boy - it is the girl; and in the Witch costume, in place of the girl is the boy! This is sensational and startling! The method of exchange is brand new. There is NO preparing the boy and girls ahead of time, use any children who step forward. No quick moves are required and no running around. Everything is worked out so naturally that the spectators will leave the show wondering how such a thing is possible. We send you the complete method, the costumes and the masks.

Finale Rising Cards
Finale Rising Cards instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors.
F.V. Schoneck. Made at the Abbott Plant, Colon, Michigan. Important: Read and study these instructions first. Learn and appreciate the ingenuity of the "motor" -- how it works -- how to set up the deck -- how to present -- and finally how to replace the only part that in time will wear out.

Find The Lady Cards
Find The Lady Cards instructions include 3 pages.
The classic Three Card Monte trick made in super-jumbo sized cards that do all of the work for you! No matter how fair the magician makes the shuffling process, and even without touching the cards, the Queen eludes the view of the audience. One minute it's on the left, then it's on the right, and then it's in the center of the three cards. Even when the Queen is marked with a red silk handkerchief, it travels from one position to the other - invisibly.

Finger Slicer
Finger Slicer instructions include 2 pages.

Finger Stretcher
Finger Stretcher instructions include 1 page.

Firefly Cigarette To Silk
Firefly Cigarette To Silk instructions include 1 brief page. It is a cigarette to silk routine.
A lighted cigarette magically changes into a silk handkerchief. A surprising and self-contained effect. No pulls and no body hookups. The left hand forms into a fist and a lighted cigarette is placed therein. At the opposite side of the fist appears a spot of silk which materializes into a full - size silk. The cigarette has vanished! You will enjoy performing this as a separate effect or as part of a longer cigarette routine.  

Fish Tear
Fish Tear instructions include 2 pages.

Flag Staff Production
Flag Staff Production instructions include 2 pages.
Flash magic at its best! The sudden and unexpected appearance of a rigid flagstaff and flag never fails to bring rounds of applause. Can be easily operated with only one hand. Made entirely of brass and constructed to stand hard usage. Staff and silk collapse and fold into a very small space. Can be set in almost any production type prop or worn as a body load.
Note: Neil Foster wanted to perform the flagstaff production but didnt care for the idea of the body load. Instead, he coats the larger, outer tube of the staff with black paint or black tape. Then he adds white paint or white tape to the end to form a tip - magic wand style. The staff is collapsed and the pleated flag is wrapped snugly around the untipped end. The flagstaff and silk is put into a magicians top hat with the white tip protruding. It appears to be just a magic hat holding a magic wand. When it is time for production, the hat and staff are gripped, one hand on each. The hat is swooped out of the way (it may be placed on the head, if desired) and with a snap of his other wrist the flagstaff is produced. The flag and staff extend full length with the silk billowing into view.
Note: Flagstaffs may be purchased either with or without the silk attached. The 3'x6' flagstaff silk or the 6'x6' flagstaff silk may also be purchased separately. Please specify when ordering. The regular flagstaff, when extended, is five feet long and is designed to display the three foot by six foot silk streamer (or a three foot by five foot silk flag, etc.) The giant flagstaff, when extended, is seven feet long and is designed to display a six foot by six foot silk streamer (Abbotts Mammoth Production Silk, etc.)  

Flamette instructions include 1 page.

Flash Appearance
Flash Appearance instructions include 1 page.
The perfect opening effect. The curtains part to reveal a dimly lighted stage. Weird, mysterious music gives an eerie background as the audience sees an Egyptian-style, beautifully designed canopy supported by side pillars. A crash of cymbals, a blinding flash of fire and there stands the magician, appearing instantly out of a cloud of smoke. A visible appearance without covering of any kind. This opening will put any audience into the proper mood for the rest of the show.

Flash Card Frame
Flash Card Frame instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
John L. Dennerlein

Flash Lemon Silk
Flash Lemon Silk instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors since it is so old.

Flash Magic
Flash Magic instructions include 9 page and contain a selection of U.F. Grant effects. The manuscript was published by Abbotts in 1941.
A series of eight finest tricks for club performers that depend on clever adaptations. Still they pack in a small space and use ordinary items that most Magicians have or can easily procure from local stores at a very small cost. List of contents: 1) A Chinese Holiday; 2) The Phantom Goldfish 3) Say - When 4) Carnival Hat Load 5) Visible Silk Flight 6) Rainbow Fantasy 7) Lantern of the Air 8) Surprise Duck Trick. Published by Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., 1935, 2nd Edition 1941

Flash Pot
WARNING, FLASH POTS ARE DANGEROUS - Use only with Abbotts flash pot. Flash Pot instructions include 1 page and require an Abbott Flash Pot.  This is a dangerous instrument! The merchandise supplied is in use by many magicians and is being used successfully. Adhere to the instructions supplied. We will not accept any responsibility for damage - personal or otherwise - resulting from the use of this merchandise. Use it at your own risk!

Flashy Tub of Flowers
Flashy Tub of Flowers instructions include 1 brief page.
This spectacular production can be performed surrounded by spectators. The magician displays a fancy cloth (not supplied) and this cloth is thrown over one arm. The performer places this object onto a small table. When the cloth is removed a large and fancy metal tub full of flowers is seen. The tub is larger in diameter than the table top. To the further amazement of all, two live doves are produced out of the flower growth. This is a real surprise. This is perfect magic! Easy to do! No body loads! Diameter of the tub is 12". Height of the tub is 6". Total height of the flower growth and tub is 17". The table base is an Abbott?s Supersonic model. Note: Price does not include cloth cover or doves.

Flexible Glass
Flexible Glass instructions include 2 pages.

Flip instructions include 1 page and is a very clever effect.\
By Ed Ralston

Flippity Flop Rabbits
Flippity Flop Rabbits instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Floating Light Bulb
Floating Light Bulb instructions include 1 page.
A standard 100-watt electric light bulb is taken from the footlights, a reading lamp, or the like, and, strange as it seems - it remains lighted! The performer makes a few mysterious passes and the bulb hangs suspended in mid-air-still lighted!

Floating Table
Floating Table instructions include 1 page.
Table is freely shown as magician places his hands flat on the tabletop. Immediately the table is seen to move, rock from side to side, and finally rise.

Florida Crate
Florida Crate instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Flower Burst
Flower Burst instructions include 1 short page and is primarily for collectors.

Flower Growth
Flower Growth instructions include 1 page.

Flower Surprise
Flower Surprise instructions include 2 pages.
Here is a beautiful and artistic magical effect. An artists palette decorates a wooden panel. Five white silks are seen occupying the spaces usually reserved for the colored paints. A small cabinet is shown empty (continually throughout the presentation) and the white silks are passed, one by one, through this cabinet. As the silks emerge they have been dyed in bright colors! Each silk is replaced in the vacant space in the palette. Up to this point the magician has performed a clean-cut silk dyeing effect - one requiring no skill and little practice to accomplish. The displaying of the silks in the palette is both artistic and logical. But, that?s not all! The climax comes when all the silks are seen to have formed a colorful painting of a bouquet of flowers! This transformation is terrific! Super deluxe apparatus at a reasonable price. A masterpiece of simplicity and beauty. This self-contained effect is one you'll love to own. You get everything: ten silk handkerchiefs, the silk dyeing cabinet, the large panel (15"x 12") and the support base. All wood construction finished in hard lacquers. A gorgeous and eye-appealing effect that will be a hit in your show!

Flower Tabouret
Flower Tabouret instructions include 1 page.

Flowers At Fingertips
Flowers At Fingertips instructions include 1 page.

Flowers To Cage
Flowers To Cage instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Foolproof Bowl Vanish
Foolproof Bowl Vanish instructions include 1 page and was Originated by Percy Abbott.

Fools Gold
Fools Gold (aka gold rush, aka there's gold in them hills) instructions include 3 pages.
Three glittering gold nuggets are shown to a spectator. Two of the nuggets are placed in the magician's hand, and the other is placed in his pocket. The magician then opens up his hand to reveal that all of the nuggets are back in his hand. The gold he placed in his pocket has mysteriously traveled back to his hand! This is repeated, and each time the gold nugget placed in the magician's pocket somehow travels back to his hand. Just when the audience thinks they know how this is happening, all of the gold nuggets vanish and are magically turned into an 1864 gold coin replica! Easy To Master! Real Gold Plating! Comes complete with gold nuggets, gold coin replica, and detailed instructions explaining how to perform this goldmine of an illusion!!!

Foxy Paper Tear
Foxy Paper Tear instructions include 1 page.
By Karrell Fox. Two pieces of tissue paper, one black and one white, are torn and crumpled into a ball. Upon opening these pieces, they have changed into a black tissue paper top hat and a caricature white paper rabbit which is extracted from the hat.
The Foxy Paper Hat Tear is the perfect trick for a kids birthday party performance. It allows you to do what magicians are famous for--pull a rabbit out of a hat. A dozen hats and rabbits are included in each package, plus instructions. Relatively easy to do. If you can tear tissue paper, you can do this trick. Standard trick comes with black hat and white rabbit. Now available with pink hats for girls.

Fraidy Cat Rabbit
Fraidy Cat Rabbit instructions include 2 pages.
By Bill Paul.

Free Choice
Free Choice instructions include 1 page.
Originated by Don Hans.

Fresh Flowers
Fresh Flowers instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
According to the instructions, the prop used to include a "special wand" and flower holder so. By Merrill.

Full Light Spirit Seance
Full Light Spirit Seance instructions include 2 pages.
A one-man spiritualistic feature that is suitable for parlor, club or stage. Unprepared articles such as a bell, tambourine, slates, etc. are examined and placed on an ordinary table. After showing both sides of a cloth square, the performer holds the cloth with both hands so as to momentarily hide the articles on the table. Immediately the bell is heard to ring, the tambourine plays and rattles, a message appears on the slates, objects fly over the top edge of the cloth and many other spooky manifestations occur. Both sides of the cloth may be shown at any time and the articles may be examined at any time during the seance. Performer's hands, holding the cloth, may be seen at all times. This baffling spirit seance is easily performed in any fully lighted room and without the aid of assistants. We supply the best quality apparatus obtainable for this effect. Complete with cloth, gimmick, instructions, bell and tambourine.

Gag Bag
Gag Bag instructions include 1 page which includes Hank's routine.
Routines by Hank Moorehouse; The Gagbag was Originated by Tom Palmer.
Here is a classic comedy effect! The performer picks up a small plaid cloth bag. He turns the bag inside out, showing its red interior. When he reverses the bag once more, the bag is spotted! And when he reverses the bag again, the material is striped! And finally, when the bag is once again turned inside out - a fifth and final cloth material pattern is revealed! Think of it as a color changing Egg Bag (and, yes, it can be used as an Egg Bag). Or, produce a different small object (or a different color modeling balloon) each time the bag changes color. Extremely well made to last a lifetime. A rainbow riot!

Gamblers Expose
Gamblers Expose instructions include 3 pages. The cards are shuffled by a spectator yet you still produce the four Aces or deal out all winning hands. In this routine you appear to deal seconds, tops and bottoms. The cards are shuffled by a spectator yet you still produce the four Aces or deal out all winning hands. In addition, while blindfolded, you deal a poker demonstration and end up the winner. No skill is involved. Manuscript only.
Note: effect is only $2.00

Gamblers Golden Gimmick
Gamblers Golden Gimmick instructions include 2 pages. The gimmick can still be purchased at Abbotts.
By Braham Reed.

Garden of Flowers
Garden of Flowers instructions include 1 page and is an audience tested favorite.
"This effect is audience tested and has proved 100% effective."
A handsome production cloth is shown on both sides. The performer grasps the center of the cloth, holds it high and, in rapid succession produces four beautiful bouquets of flowers. A flash effect! A real mystery! An Abbott original requiring no body loads. A spectacular flash opening or closing to any act. Can be performed completely surrounded! The fancy-patterned cloth is self-contained for the production of four bouquets. The bouquets supplied are Abbott?s Indestructible Bouquets, made of the highest quality feathers, Each bouquet consists of six large blooms. Complete with four bouquets, cloth and instructions.

Gaslight instructions include 1 page.
Originated by Jack Hughes; American manufacturing rights by Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

Ghost Glass
Ghost Glass instructions include 3 pages.

Ghostly Tumbler
Ghost Tumbler instructions include 3 pages.

Giant Guillotine
Giant Guillotine instructions include 1 page.
MONSTER GUILLOTINE Asking for the bravest volunteer in the audience and enticing him onstage, a huge six foot tall replica of the device that would make Dr. Guillotine proud is wheeled into view. The stocks of the hideous device are unlatched and the magician lays a carrot onto the larger neck opening. The blade is dropped and the carrot is resoundingly destroyed in half. Next the volunteer is coerced to kneel down behind the device into a “praying position.” The magician latches the upper stocks around the volunteer’s neck to help him keep from “changing his mind.” Two carrots are placed into the chopper, one through each smaller hole on each side of the volunteer’s neck. Again the blade comes crashing down, and after their initial scream, the audience sees that the two carrots have been sliced in half. However the volunteer is unharmed despite seeing blade through the carrot holes and a tip of the blade extending below the stock. The blade is raised back up, the volunteer is released from both the stocks and his harrowing experience, and the magician gets his well-deserved applause. This classic prop is the sister of Abbott's classic Giant Guillotine illusion and was invented by none other than the famous Lester “Marvello” Lake. The whole prop is built out of the finest birch luan, and then laminated with wood-grained formic type laminate to withstand scratches and abrasions. The wheeled wing feet come off and the guillotine itself unlatches and folds in half for ease in transport. Traditionally a “pain in the neck” to perform, this is a beautiful illusion that is easy to “execute” and has built in comedy that has delighted audiences for generations.

Gileegaloo Bird
Gileegaloo Bird instructions include 6 pages.
By Howard P. Albright

Girls and Oranges
Girls and Oranges instructions include 1 page.
Two girls from audience remove an equal number of oranges from a basket, and at the finish, one girl has five and the other only two. Performer directs girls from a distance.

Gizmo Glass
Gizmo Glass instructions include 1 page.
Every now and then a magic trick appears which defies explanation - a trick that looks like real magic! Such a trick is Abbotts Gizmo Glass. Just look at all you can do with this versatile prop. The performer holds and displays and empty wine glass. It is positively empty. By simply passing his hand over the glass it is seen to become filled with wine, cola, ginger ale, etc. not imitations, the real thing! The liquid seems to materialize out of the air. The performer raises the glass to his lips and apparently drinks the contents of the glass. He even turns the glass upside down, positively proving that not one drop remains in the glass. A member of the audience now drapes a borrowed handkerchief over the glass. The magician counts to three and then removes the hank. To everyone?s amazement - the glass is filled once again with liquid. Positively only one glass is used! One hand is formed into a fist and the contents of the glass are poured into this fist. The spectators will swear this is the case - yet when the hand is opened it is empty (or you can show that the liquid has changed into a silk handkerchief). Remember, no double walled glass and no celluloid inserts are used. What the audience sees is just an ordinary looking crystal-clear wine glass. A puff of smoke is blown in the direction of the wine glass and quicker than an eye wink, the glass is filled with your favorite drink. The drink is real - no chemicals are used. If you perform comedy, imagine this. The glass is filled with cola or milk. Place one end of a short piece of straw in a boy?s mouth and the other end in the glass. Tell the boy this is a new type of soda straw. As the boy sucks on the straw the liquid in the glass slowly becomes less and less until it is all gone. This situation will produce laughs - but wait - tell the boy you want the liquid back and that you will milk it from him. With the ends of a string in his mouth and in the glass, run your fingers down the string and seemingly squeeze the liquid from his body down the string and into the glass until it is filled again

Glass and Coins
Glass and Coins instructions include 2 pages and was a favorite of Eddie Joseph.
By Eddie Joseph

Glass Handkerchief Ring
Glass Handkerchief Ring instructions include 2 pages.

Glass thru Glass
Glass thru Glass instructions include 2 pages.
By Demuth.

Gloves to Bouquet
Gloves to Bouquet instructions include 1 page.
The magician enters either wearing a pair of white gloves or carrying them. If worn, they are removed and in a natural manner they are placed together and thrown into the air. The transformation that follows is startling! In place of the gloves is a beautiful bouquet which the performer catches and places on display. Certain applause will greet this opening effect. A clever gimmick is responsible for disposing of the gloves and at the same time bringing about the transformation to the bouquet. There are no attachments to the gloves, no pulls, no elastics. The bouquet, created at Abbotts has four blooms in dazzling, bright, variegated colors. The height and spread of the bouquet is approximately nine inches.

Gloves To Dove
Gloves To Dove instructions include 1 page.
By Neil Foster and Recil Bordner
This superior piece of magical equipment was devised by Recil Bordner and Neil Foster. The magician enters - removes his white gloves, slowly and casually. The gloves are then dropped onto the top of a thin, un-draped table - where they instantly and visibly change into a live, white dove! One of the most beautiful and mystifying opening effects in any magician's repertoire. The applause is spontaneous! In the past there have been several methods for changing the gloves to a dove but never before has there been a mechanical device that would do this for the performer automatically. No body or sleeve loads to worry about before your entrance. Merely walk on stage, toss your gloves onto the table top and the table makes the change for you. The table top is very thin in appearance. Effect comes complete with gloves and instructions. Note: No dove or table base is included. Table top is constructed so that any standard table base may be attached with a flange, etc. Note further that the table top can be used as a tray and held by an assistant during the change. Abbott's 'Gloves to Dove' matches, in appearance, Abbott's "Dove in Balloon". They may both be mounted on table bases to form matching side tables. This effect may be performed entirely surrounded.

Going Up
Going Up instructions include 3 pages and is an Abbott exclusive originated by JF Orrin.
Unique "Hughes Made" Magic, Originated by J.F. Orrin. An Abbott Exclusive.

Good Shot
Good Shot instructions include 2 pages.
A black and silver bullseye target (10" x 10") is seen on its elevated pedestal base. The entire outfit stands 22" tall. A spectator is asked to fire a gun (a cap pistol, a blank gun, a bang gun, a breakaway gun or even an imaginary one) at the target. He is told that the playing card he previously selected and which has vanished will appear in the center of the target. (The effect could be done with a borrowed and vanished watch or ring rather than with a playing card.) After several misses and lots of by-play, the target breaks open to approximately four times its original size and reveals a magician's top hat with the traditional rabbit popping up from it, two sunflower blossoms and two signs with the words "Good Shot" emblazoned upon them. The vanished article is reproduced. This is a bright and flashy unit, combining good magic with socko sight comedy.

Great Balls of Fire
Great Balls of Fire instructions include 1 page.
Abbott's Flash Fire Finale. Magic by James.

Gwynnes Tip Over Vanish
Gwynnes Tip Over Vanish instructions include 1 brief page.
Our model of this classic creation by the late Jack Gwynne is the neatest and best offered to the magical fraternity. A rabbit or pair of doves is placed into the box. The magician holds the box between both hands with a finger fitted into the holes provided in the ends of the box. With a spinning motion, the top and bottom are allowed to fall open, allowing the audience to see right through the box. The livestock has vanished. Extremely easy to do. Our boxes are fitted with a smoother working device to allow for easier turning of the box. This is a dandy piece of apparatus, beautifully finished in lacquer. Note: We manufacture two sizes of this effect. The regular size measures 12" x 9" x 5". The larger size measures 16" x 11" x 7". Please specify when ordering.

Half Dyed Hank
Billy McCombs Half Dyed Hank instructions include 12 pages.
Hank changes from white to red and back again. Then surprisingly, it changes to 1/2 red and 1/2 white. No trace remains of the original hankies. You will receive two finely engineered gimmicks; three pure silks handkerchiefs of the proper size, design and color and a 10-page booklet which includes the origin and history of this effect plus presentation points, advice, hints, warning, etc. Six solid entertaining minutes from a professional performer who developed and polished this routine for more than 45 years.

Half Dyed Hank Closeup
Billy McCombs Half Dyed Hank Closeup instructions include 2 pages.
A magician produces a white silk, then pokes it into his fist. When half of it emerges from the other side of his fist it is seen to be red. The magician continues to push the white silk and pull the red until the silk has completely changed to red. The magician repeats this effect, changing the red silk back to white. Under the pretence of explaining how this miracle is accomplished, he again starts the effect changing the completely white silk to red. Except, when the silk is shown it's half red and half white. If ou like the half dyed hank can then be vanished.
This has been specially designed for the close-up performer. Smaller silk squares ... smaller gimmicks. Perfect for the strolling close-up performer who is working for a small group of spectators. Same great effect with some slight changes in handling and presentation. Resets in seconds. Complete with all necessary gimmicks, silk handkerchiefs and routine.

Hand of the Caliph
Hand of the Caliph instructions include 1 page.
By Thornton. The magician introduces a hand (made of wood) set into a small platform. He explains that this hand represents the hand of a famous magician - now departed. With the aid of this hand he will attempt a miracle in card magic. Five spectators from the audience each select a playing card. They display and remember their selections and return these cards to the deck. The performer holds the deck of cards in one hand and the wooden hand and its platform in the other hand. The cards are sprung or showered into the air over the wooden hand. The spirit of the departed magician causes the five selected cards to appear at the very tips of the thumb and fingers of the hand in the stand. A spectacular and bewildering mystery!
Because of the ingenuity of this device, created by Jesse Thornton, no effort on the part of the magician is necessary to bring about the effect. This is a one-man effect. There are no assistants and no stooges. It can be performed under almost any conditions. Recommended by top professionals for use in trade show situations as the cards which appear can be letter or symbol cards which spell out or display a commercial message. This is startling and is the type of magic which registers with any audience. A trick which will have you doing "hand" stands!

Hand Suspension
Hand Suspension instructions include 1 page.
Something suspends from the hand with no apparent support

Handcuff Escape
Handcuff Escape instructions include 1 page.

Handkerchief & Soup Plate
Handkerchief and Soup Plate instructions include 2 pages and also includes the Handkerchief and Soup Plate Deluxe instructions.

Handkerchief Ball Manipulation
Handkerchief Ball Manipulation instructions include 5 pages.

Hathaway Handkerchief Cabinet
Hathaway Handkerchief Cabinet instructions include 2 pages (two different versions, the current version we sell is page 1).
This may be the world's greatest mystery with a borrowed handkerchief! The performer requests the loan of a gentleman's white handkerchief. It may be marked, if desired, for later identification. However, the handkerchief never leaves the sight of the audience - never! The diagonal corners are run through the end slots of the supplied cabinet as in the illustration. The hank is pulled back and forth. After suitable patter about the similarity of cutting a woman into halves and cutting a handkerchief into halves - in full view of the audience (and the owner of the hank) the magician cuts out the entire center section of the handkerchief. The front door of the cabinet is then closed - but remember the ends of the hank are still in view. The cutout portion is tossed into the cabinet. A spectator is asked to tug on one of the protruding ends - and the other end immediately moves! The door drops open and the handkerchief is completely restored! The spectator may remove it from the cabinet himself. We know this sounds impossible but that's is exactly what happens. Remember, a borrowed handkerchief is used - it can be marked - no sleight of hand is required the handkerchief never leaves the sight of the audience. A necktie, ribbon or long thin stocking may also be used. A stunner!

Haunted Candle
Haunted Candle instructions include 1 brief page.
Lit candle extinquishes itself by rotating 180 degrees. Under your control you can use in anything from a seance to a comedy routine. Performed by the great Neil Foster, the haunted candle is a prop you will use for many occasions!

Haunted Hank
Haunted Hank instructions include 3 pages.
The magician rolls up his sleeves, takes out a pocket handkerchief and, holding it away from the body at all times, and without adding anything or taking anything away, the hank stands up straight, shoots over to one side and then to the other. Its alive! It jumps! Its ticklish! Its acrobatic! There are no threads-no wires-no practice-no worry. This is self-contained and practically works itself. It defies detection and is a clean cut effect. A hoop is passed over the hank in all directions. It is crushed in the hands and it immediately shoots up and stands straight again. Tickle it and it squirms. Place it into a hat and it leaps out over the edge or high into the air. Again it stands upright or takes a bow towards the audience. Without stealing anything away you can immediately pass it out for thorough examination. Complete with handkerchief and illustrated instructions.

Head in Orbit
Head in Orbit instructions include 1 page.

Hindu Ring Mystery
The Hindu Ring Mystery instructions include 2 pages and was written by Eddie Joseph.
Here is a tricky rope and ring release that is very effective from an audience viewpoint. We supply a ring and a length of rope.

Hinged Slates
Hinged Slates instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Hinged Slates instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors. In fact, according to the instructions you really don't need instructions but we are including them on the site to be complete and also for those who own the prop and need the instructions for it to be complete.

Hippity Hop Rabbits
Hippity Hop Rabbits instructions include 2 pages.
By Norman. (Hippity Hop Chinamen, Hippity Hop Santa Claus, etc.)
The magician shows two cut out rabbits one White and one Black. They are covered with two covers, the White rabbit going into the cover with a White hat, and the Black rabbit into a cover with the Black hat. The covers are moved around, and the rabbits are found to have exchanged places. This is repeated a number of times, and the audience believes they have caught you out. They inform that the rabbits are White on one side and Black on the other, and you are merely turning them around to change places. Finally you turn the two rabbits around, and show that they are not Black and White as the audience believes, but entirely different colors Red and Green.

Hole In One
Hole In One instructions include 1 page. Easy to do and one of the most confounding tricks ever invented.
The properties consist of a tray approximately 8" x 16", one-half inch thick surrounded with a round wooden rail, as illustrated. Add to this one small ordinary glass; one large ordinary glass and six balls, each 1 and 3/4 inch in diameter, colored Red, Yellow, Green, Silver, Blue, and Black. The tray, balls and glasses are shown. The small glass is placed on the tray and covered with the inverted larger glass. One of the colored balls is selected. There is no force and the ball may be marked for identification. The mouth opening of the small glass is positively covered by the large glass making it impossible for anything to enter the small glass without the knowledge of the spectators. The different colored balls are placed on the tray around the nested glasses. The performer holds the tray between his hands as a spectator drapes a large hank or fancy cloth over the tray, covering the glasses and the balls. No sooner does the spectator accomplish this than the tray is handed to him. The magician explains that he will show how to make a hole in one. "What colored ball did you select Red" All right, I will extract that ball, invisibly, from the covered tray then throw that invisible ball through the cloth, through the cloth, through the large glass and into the small glass. (His actions suit these words and when the cloth is removed, believe it or not, the selected ball is nested between the glasses.) There you are! The colored ball you selected is now in the small glass! Let's try it again! This extraordinary effect may be repeated at once. Re-read the above description and take note of the speed at which it is performed. The working action is remarkable. It can't fail. It is mechanically perfect. Yet, it is easy to do and one of the most confounding tricks ever invented. Use it for close-up, use it for platform or stage work. The entire outfit makes a most colorful display. Comes ready to work, including tray, glasses, balls and instructions

Hole in the Head
Hole in the Head instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Originated by William L. Tresslan

Humorous Production of Eggs
Humorous Production of Eggs instructions include 1 page.
Includes assistant and non-assistant method
A page from a newspaper is folded and a spectator is allowed to break an egg into the folded paper. The paper is then opened, turned edge by edge, shown carefully and the egg has vanished! Imagine the suspense and complete surprise as your audiences witness this. Good as a trick on its own great in combination with other effects. There are no body loads or body steals. Completely self-contained.

Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty instructions include 1 page.
We have been asked many times to produce an effect that would be suitable for tiny kids as well as older children. Well, heres one that even the smallest will appreciate and, believe it or not, big people like it too! It is beautifully made - up to our highest standards. Humpty himself is brilliantly colored and the house is finished in green, black and gold lacquers. The house is a utility device that could be used outside the effect it was designed for.
The magician displays the handsome figure of Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall (supplied) alongside a handsome house. He recites (and asks all the children to join with him) the famous nursery rhyme: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. As the performer says fall, Humpty Dumpty visibly breaks into pieces! Opening the door of the house, the performer places the pieces that were once poor Humpty, inside and then closes the door saying: All the Kings horses and all the Kings men; Couldnt put Humpty Dumpty together again. But the magician (thats you) was much wiser. He just waved his magic wand and weaved his magic spell and when the door is opened, there is Humpty magically restored to one whole piece again! This is novel! This is nice! This is clean and colorful magic! Humpty Dumpty is a great value and comes to you complete, ready to work, with a story and routine by Gil Leaney.

Hydrostatic Glass
Hydrostatic Glass instructions include 1 page.
Patter Routine by Dix Robbins.
This improved model allows you to show a glass which is filled with water. The mouth of the glass is covered with a square of paper. The glass is now turned upside down and the water does not spill as the paper clings to the mouth of the glass. Slowly the paper is peeled away from the glass and still the water remains suspended. At the command of the performer the water falls into a pitcher or receptacle. A startling and perplexing puzzler. Gimmick is lathe-turned.

Hypnotizing a Rabbit
Hypnotizing a Rabbit instructions include 1 page.
Back by popular demand! A unique magic classic created by Ormond McGill. The performer places a rabbit (any live rabbit), on a wooden display stand. He makes mystic passes over the rabbit - and the animal becomes hypnotized! No matter if the audience is screaming and shouting - the rabbit remains in the state of suspended animation. Yet, at the magician's command - the rabbit instantly awakens! The rabbit is not fastened to the stand. There are no added fakes. The animal is never in any danger or discomfort. Complete with the special hardwood stand and instructions.

Imagin O
Imagin O instructions include 1 page and has been used as a teleportation effect in recent years.
By Robert Harbin.
Here is an effect with an unusual appeal ... for the discriminating magician ... for the performer who wants a trick with sustained interest and a surprise finish. In effect, the performer displays a wooden tray upon which are two square wooden tubes. These tubes are both shown empty and replaced upon the tray. To the accompaniment of some inconsequential patter, the wizard proceeds to produce a handkerchief from one of the tubes. He then deposits the handkerchief in the other tube. This is repeated six times. Finally, the performer indicates that magic is all a matter of imagination and to prove this he calmly shows that the first tube never contained any handkerchief and there was certainly none put into the second ... the tubes are empty! No trace of any handkerchief is left at all. The effect is entirely self-contained and can be performed under any conditions ... even entirely surrounded. No skill or sleight of hand is needed. The apparatus is beautifully made and finished. The tubes fold flat. Complete with patter and instructions . By the inventor, Robert Harbin.

Impossible Glass Penetration
Impossible Glass Penetration instructions include 3 pages.
Routined by George L. Boston. A box is shown having two doors, one at the front, the other at the back. Attention is also called to a slot in the top, large enough for a piece of glass to be inserted and thus inserted in the box. Upon opening the box, the performer calls attention to two metal brackets, one on each side of the box in line with the slot in the top. Also shown are twelve metal rods having a point on one end, and two pieces of ribbon. Attention is also called to the fact that there are corresponding holes running from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. After everything has been freely shown, performer inserts the glass into the brackets by means of the slot. Closing the doors, he next places the rods through box in all directions, AT SAME TIME, in spite of the fact that glass is still in box.   The ribbons also are run back and forth through box, apparently penetrating right through the center of the glass. A few rods are then withdrawn and the box opened, showing that the glass is stlll in place in the brackets in spite of the fact that half the rods still remain in position in the box. Rods are then withdrawn, glass removed and everything is freely shown again.

Improved Card Drawer
Improved Card Drawer instructions include 1 page. By Berg.

Improved Card on Wand
Improved Card on Wand instructions include 1 page.

Improved Die Box (Abbott's)
Improved Die Box instructions include 2 pages and is a version of the die box where you can open all the doors, front and back, and see through the die box.

Improved Handkerchief Cassette
Improved Handkerchief Cassette instructions include 1 page.

Improved Last Card
Improved Last Card instructions include 4 pages (including David Seebach's exclusive routine which makes this effect even more mind blowing than before)
A Jack Hughes creation, four cards are secured under each of the clips on the stand, the magician explains that the last card remaining will be the chosen card, and that as a color is named, the cards clipped on that color will be removed and eliminated. Three colors are called, one at a time and their cards are removed. The remaining four cards are re-distributed so that one card lies under each of the four clips. Once again the spectator calls out the colors and the cards are removed until only one card remains clipped to the stand. When the chosen card is named, the card on the stand is turned around and it is the selection!

Improved Muscle Reading
Improved Muscle Reading instructions include 2 pages and has some very good methodology for what is also known as Hellstromism. Abbott's Secret Service.

Improved Rabbit Vanish Gwynne (Jack Gwynne)
Improved Rabbit Vanish Gwynne instructions include 1 page.

Improved Sack Escape (Abbott's)
Improved Sack Escape instructions include 1 page.

Improved Sawing Illusion (Abbott's)
Improved Sawing Illusion instructions include 2 pages

Improved Vampire
Improved Vampire instructions include 1 page.
A feature trick - made in full stage size with improvements for easier handling. A special patter story accompanies this effect which explains about vampires in general and one in particular. The block is dropped into the tube and is visible through the open front. A solid, wooden rod is passed through the tube and the block, thus holding the block securely. The tube is now inverted and, in accordance with the patter story, the audience sees the block pass visibly out of the tube, through the solid rod. This is a startling climax to a most entertaining feat of magic. The block is lacquered in bright red. The tube is yellow, with red and black highlights, covered with an eerie bat design. The rod is painted silver (a silver spike for the vampire!). Note: This effect is easily redecorated by the magician during the Christmas season so that the block represents Santa Claus and the tube represents a chimney he got stuck in. The magician comes to his rescue and Christmas is saved for all the boys and girls.

In Case
In Case instructions include 1 page.
A pack of cards is removed from its case. The case is closed and left in view on the table,. A card is chosen, noted,and placed back into the deck reversed. A spectator deals through the pack, counting the cards, checking for duplicates, When he comes to the reversed card he sets it aside, Later, when he turns over the reversed card he finds, to his astonishment that it is not his chosen card! Instead it is a blank faced card on which is printed, “Look inside the card case!” Following these instructions the spectator himself opens the card case (which you will remember has been in full view throughout) and there, inside the case, is his chosen card! Get away from the usual run of card tricks. This is unusual and different and you don’t have to practice this one. Includes the special printed card (which can be examined), the routine and a special something that does the trick for you. This is a trick you should always us carry-just In Case!
(Note: effect is just $3.00)

Ingenio instructions include 1 page.
This is not a "take a card" trick, but a clever method of naming any card thought of by a spectator. Created by Jack Yates, there are no moves and it works automatically. The deck may be borrowed. The spectator thinks of a card - no force - and you name it. We have tested Ingenio on visiting magicians and no one offered the correct solution. Sold in manuscript form. Read the directions and, a few minutes later, you can do the trick.
(Note: effect is just $2.00)

Inkette (Abbott's)
Inkette instructions include 1 page.

Inkstra (Abbott's)
Inkstra instructions include 1 page.

Invisible Card (Jack Hughes)
Invisible Card instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.

Invisible Ribbon (Jack Hughes)
Invisible Ribbon instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.
A pretty and appealing "20th Century" with two visible ribbons and an Invisible one. The invisible one vanishes and appears between the other two - a priceless gag, for when the ribbons are flicked out, the vanished one really would appear to be in position, for there is a space between the two ribbons, and the bottom ribbon is "suspended in air"! Offering to make the invisible ribbon visible, the magician gathers up the ribbons and shakes them out, when to everyone's surprise, the ribbons are seen to be actually joined together with the invisible ribbon visible for all to see between the other two.

Jack the Giant Killer
Jack the Giant Killer instructions include 4 pages.
An exciting release effect for children

Jason's Box
Jason's Box instructions include 2 pages and the incredible prop is available from Abbotts.
The performer removes his favorite coins from a beautiful wooden box. He then performs any routine with them and at the end of his coin routine the coins are vanished one by one, or all at once and they reappear in the empty box that they were just dumped out of. The routine included in the instruction even has a variation with signed coins, and a reproduction from the box.

Jay Dee Liquid Vanish
Jay Dee Liquid Vanish instructions include 4 pages and is primarily for collectors.
Peformer displays three empty (?) tin cans and a small whiskey glass that is filled with coffee. He openly dumps the coffee into one of the cans, casually mixes the cans by sifting them about, invites (?) some spectator to indicate the can containing the liquid, and regardless of can selected, spectator is always wrong. Magi proves this by pouring the liquid from one of the two remaining tin cans. This is done three times, and upon the third demonstration, the spectators are amazed to then perceive that NONE(?) of the cans contain the coffee. It has completely disappeared, and, as a climax, they are further astonished to find that even the whiskey glass, in sight (?) at all times, has also vanished.

Jonah Card
Jonah Card instructions include 3 pages and has two methods - sleight and no sleight - to do this effect.
By Al Koran. Two methods are given for this effect, the first for the non-sleight of hand man, and the second for the man who can handle his cards.

Joseph Levitation
Joseph Levitation instructions include 2 pages.
By Eddie Joseph. I maintain, without any hesitation, that my exclusive method of levitation it the father of them all. Read the effect, which it without a single word of exaggeration. You borrow two glasses and a gentleman's handkerchief and these may be examined. The two glasses are placed side by side. You pick up the handkerchief BY THE EXTREME TIPS OF FIRST FINGER AND THUMB ONLY by the two upper corners and show it on both sides. THEY DEFINITELY SEE THAT YOUR HANDS ARE OTHERWISE EMPTY. You now fold the handkerchief into a strip and place it across the mouths of both glasses. You now ask SOMEONE ELSE to tuck the corners of the handkerchief into the glasses - one corner going into each glass. You light a match to warm the bottom of both glasses. This is done, ostensibly, to weld the handkerchief to the bottom of the glasses. You borrow a fountain pen or pencil and slip it under the handkerchief and between the two glasses. When you raise the pencil, the glasses go up and remain suspended in air. You next lower the glasses and extend your index finger. The extended finger is now placed under the handkerchief with the same result. Now you ask someone else to extend his index finger. Ask him to place his finger under the handkerchief and then to raise his hand. BELIEVE IT OR NOT ... HE IS ABLE TO SUSPEND BOTH CLASSES WITHOUT SUSPECTING OR COMING TO KNOW HOW IT IS DONE! Finally, you merely pick up the handkerchief and without a single other move toss it out and they may examine it and the glasses without finding anything wrong with any of the objects. There is NO PALMING ... not a single Sleight ... and you will do it five minutes after you read the secret. If you think you already know how It's done - go ahead and try it!

Jumbo Card Tricks
Jumbo Card Tricks instructions include 8 pages and has several effects with large cards.

Kling Klang
Kling Klang instructions include 1 page.
We offer an improved version of this effect with a comedy finish. The magician displays a clear tumbler, a colored silk hank and a real egg. He places the egg in the tumbler and covers both with an ordinary pocket handkerchief. He then causes the silk to disappear by rubbing it between his hands - and, in its place, appears an egg. He then removes the pocket handkerchief to disclose that the colored silk handkerchief has taken the place of the egg in the tumbler After this miraculous change takes place, the performer attempts to explain the “working” to the audience. He shows how the silk is made to disappear - by poking it into a plastic egg with a hole in its side. He suits action to his words. The audience is amused and pleased to be let in on the secret - but, they will still be completely mystified as the magician proceeds to break the egg, proving it genuine. Both hands are shown otherwise empty. Complete with tumbler, silks, special egg and instructions.

Knots Off Silk
Knots Off Silk instructions include 3 pages and a description is below.
This is a pretty and appealing magical creation. A twenty-four inch silk is shown. It is rolled and twisted rope fashion and a single knot is tied in the center. The performer gives the silk a slight shake and the knot slides downward! He continues this shaking action and the knot slides lower and lower - until it drops off the silk at the bottom corner! This effect may be immediately repeated - again and again! Remember that the knots are tied in full view of the audience, yet they come off. (Many performers, for a comedy finish, will open out the silk handkerchief at the conclusion of the knot sliding sequence, to show three holes in the silk, as if the actual material of the departed knots came from the body of the silk square. The individual purchaser may cut these holes himself - the 24" silk supplied is shipped whole.) Complete with silk, necessary accessories, routine, ideas and instructions.

Krazy Kube
Krazy Kube instructions include 1 page and the patter and presentation is by Donald "Monk" Watson.
By Roy Shrimplin, with additional patter and presentation by Donald "Monk" Watson

Kuller Deck
Kuller Deck instructions include 3 pages. The deck changes repeatedly from blue backed to red backed and then back to blue.
by Cecil Keech. This deck, created by Cecil Keech, is an absolute fooler with a novel presentation. The deck changes repeatedly from blue backed to red backed and then back to blue. Then, half the deck changes to red while the other half remains blue. One card is chosen from the blue half and the entire deck changes to red including the chosen card!
This is no "rough and smooth" setup. At the conclusion the cards may be dealt one at a time onto the table. No skill is required. It is a mechanical deck that is easy to work with. In the presentation you say that you will do a card trick that you saw another magician perform, that is, if you can remember it. Then the fun begins. You will never regret purchasing the Kuller Deck. Supplied in bridge size Aviator cards.

La Paloma
LaPaloma instructions include 1 page.
Neil Foster. This unusual effect has its surprise impact at the finish.
Dove magic is here to stay. Magicians produce and vanish doves but there aren't, ordinarily, very many other effects to do with the birds. "La Paloma" is the answer. This is not a guillotine or chopper type of effect - it is a penetration! A 7" x 9" piece of polished metal, with a hole in its center, is openly displayed and may be passed for examination. A wood stock is shown and the metal plate is slid up and down in it. The metal plate is raised - a live dove is placed into the hole in the stocks - the metal plate is dropped and immediately the top half of the stock is removed - the metal plate is lifted out from the base with the dove still in place perched in the center hole of the metal plate! A truly startling effect! The wood stock is lacquered in blue and black which contrasts nicely with the white dove and the chromed metal. Comes complete with everything, except the dove. (Note: Instead of using a dove, any object that will fit into the hole may be used - such as a balloon, a silk, a cane, etc.) A Neil Foster creation.

Latest Card Rising
Latest Card Rising instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Mechanical Houlette

Latest Coin Pail
Latest Coin Pail instructions include 2 pages.
An extremely smart-looking champagne bucket style pail, made of chrome plated metal is displayed. There is a knob and ring on each sid of the pail. These knobs are the coin holders, designed to hold twelve coins in each holder, twenty-four coins total. The holders are spring loaded and require only a fingertip touch to release one coin at a time into the pail. The pail is eight inches high and seven inches at the top diameter and five inches at the base of the unit. The performer shows the pail to be empty. He reaches into the air and coin appears at his fingertips. The coin is thrown into the pail with a clang. This action is repeated until all twenty-four coins are produced. The performer can walk through the audience producing coins from various places, etc. No skill is required. This is a precision-made quality product. Note: No coins are supplied with this pail. Further note: Abbotts also manufactures the Foster/Chavez style Latest Coin Pail. This is the standard unit fitted with additional holders and gimmicks to accomadate Neil Foster's Miser's Dream routine. (This routine is the one Neil Foster taught as part of the Chavez Magic Course and is also to be found in the current edition of Bobo's "Modern Coin Magic".)

Latest in Floating Light Bulbs
Latest in Floating Light Bulbs instructions include 2 pages.
A standard 100-watt electric light bulb is taken from the footlights, a reading lamp, or the like, and, strange as it seems - it remains lighted! The performer makes a few mysterious passes and the bulb hangs suspended in mid-air-still lighted! The bulb then floats about the stage, circles the performer's body, sails high overhead or close to the floor - even out into the audience! To disprove the possibility of any secret support, a solid hoop may be passed over the floating bulb in various directions. Finally, the bulb floats toward the performer's hand where it comes to rest. The bulb is returned to its original location and the light is turned off. NOTE: This outfit comes complete with bulb and accessories plus a copy of Miracle Floating Light Effects. This effect is a reputation-maker!

Legend of Dracula
Legend of Dracula instructions include 2 pages.
W.L. Tresslar, An Abbott Exclusive

Lemoneze instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors. $2.00

Lighted Cigarette Act
Lighted Cigarette Act instructions include 4 pages, very little preparation - ready to go at a moment’s notice.
By Don Greenwood. A complete act! The routine is fully described by the author and creator just as he performed it in night clubs. This is one act with very little preparation - ready to go at a moment’s notice. Everything fully described. Manuscript only - no gimmicks supplied.

Lighted Cigarettes
Lighted Cigarette instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Limit Vanish
Limit Vanish instructions include 2 pages.

LINKS (aka L.I.N.K.S.) instructions include 1 page.
This is a new method for performing one of the classiest effects in magic! This can be performed entirely surrounded! Quality apparatus throughout! Sixteen large brass links are seen stacked on a closed oriental fan. They are dropped one at a time into an attractive metal canister. The magician pours the links from the canister into his hand. The links are fanned, then tossed high into the air and become linked together into a chain! A new principal is used - notice that no glass or tray is used. The links are highly polished brass, the chain is eighteen inches long. This can be seen in the largest auditorium. Canister is tastefully decorated, is 5 1/2" high and 3" in diameter. Created by Arturo.

Livestock Production Bag
Livestock Production Bag instructions include 1 page.
Perfect Load Bag.

Long John Wand
Long John Wand (aka pop away wand) instructions include 1 page.
A comedy sensation! Long off the market and unavailable. Now Abbott's Pop Away Wand returns in a new and improved version. Fifteen inches in length with two white pop off tips. Each has twisty, squiggling plastic cord attached which allows the wand to stretch to six feet. Can be used with dozens of standard magic effects. Strong durable and flashy--built for laughs. Wave and wobble the wand over the trick in question and surprisingly, the magic still works!

Macs Diminishing Pack
Macs Diminishing Pack instructions include 4 pages and was created by George McAthy
By George McAthy

Magazine Test
Magazine Test instructions include 1 page.

Magic Flower Book
Magic Flower Book instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.
By Walt Cunningham.

Magic Lock and Keys
Magic Lock and Keys instructions include 1 page.

Magic Skipper
Magic Skipper instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Magic Skip-Rope, made and perfected by Abbott's from an idea by Francis Martineau

Make Pig Slate
Make Pig Slate instructions include 1 page.
U.F. Grant. A novel (and correctly-made) effect as referred to in 'Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook." The size of the slate is 11" x 15" and the slate is bordered with a wood frame. The performer draws a picture of a square pig on the slate. He then announces that he can make the square pig look "round". At the snap of his fingers, the head of the pig weirdly (and visibly) turns "round" (around) as illustrated. A fine comedy addition to any show.

Many Cut Rope Mystery
Tarbell Many Cut Rope Mystery instructions include 1 page.
A length of unprepared rope is folded over a number of times. The performer cuts through many strands and loops of the rope at the same time - wholesale destruction! Many ends are clearly visible. Again and again the performer cuts the rope. Yet, the moment you throw the rope into the air it is restored. This may be performed with any type of rope, twine, cord, ribbon, etc. Nothing added and nothing is taken away. The mystery depends on simple moves which are easy to master by following the illustrated instructions. This is different!

Master Blindfold Act
Master Blindfold Act instructions include 4 pages and was created by Eddie Joseph.

Mechanical Talking Skull
Mechanical Talking Skull instructions include 2 pages and is the predecessor to the Abbott electronic talking skull.

Metal Round Circle
Metal Round Circle instructions include 1 page.
Two metal tubes are shown. The outer tube is of polished brass and has two large circular holes in its side. The inner tube is solid and is chromed. The fake supplied for this effect is a new departure and it makes for foolproof working. The cut-out circles in the outer tube give the audience an unobstructed view of the inner tube. In the routine, the tubes are displayed simultaneously, are nested and the production begins immediately. Self-contained. Apparatus can also be used as a vanish. Load capacity, approximately eighteen 18" silks.

Metamorpho Spots
Metamorpho Spots instructions include 1 page.
Magician displays an empty black can with white spots, a black silk and a white silk. The two silks are placed into the can. Just pass your hand over the can wiping off all the spots. The magician magically tosses the spots into the can and removes two handkerchiefs, which are spotted all over! FANTASTIC magic effect for children of all ages.

Milk Away
Milk Away instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Milkette instructions include 1 page.
Here is a self-contained effect - perfect for any spot in your show - and, it can be done surrounded! A crystal clear 100-watt lightbulb is shown and placed into a paper sack. It is immediately given to a spectator to hold! Next, using a magic milk pitcher, the performer pours milk into a paper cone from which it vanishes. The spectator is asked to remove the bulb from the sack! The bulb, in the spectator's hand, is seen to be full of milk! The socket cap on the lightbulb is removed and the milk is poured out. Only one bulb is used - and the spectator holds it through the entire effect. The special bulb is made of glass but with proper care it will last indefinitely.

Miniature Pocket Illusion
Miniature Pocket Illusion instructions include 4 pages. Truly, a close-up pocket illusion
By Eddie Joseph of Calcutta, India. Matches are removed from a match box. A solid steel plate is handed for examination. This plate totally fills the inside bottom of the match box drawer. The drawer, with the steel plate inside, is placed inside the match box cover. Holding the match box in his hand, the magician asks a spectator to pass a long needle through the center of the match box-thereby penetrating the cover, the drawer and the metal plate! The explanation given for this is that the needle is specially fabricated of a material 100 times harder than the steel plate they examined earlier. A length of ribbon, yarn or thread is hanging from the open end of the needle.
The spectator pushes on the needle and it does pass right through the box and the plate, followed by the ribbon. The magician explains that the weak always submit to the strong-the needle being harder than the plate is passed right through the latter. The piece of ribbon is held at both ends and the drawer of the box is opened and everyone can definitely see that the steel plate is still in position on the floor of the match box drawer. The ribbon must be passing right through the steel plate! To further prove this, the magician holds the box and has the people holding the ribbon to pull on each end alternately. The ribbon passes to and fro! The ribbon is then pulled free of the box, the box is opened and the steel plate is dumped from the drawer. It is unharmed, free of holes and still on one piece. There is only one steel plate used. There is no switching and not a single false move in the routine. Only one needle and one length of ribbon are used. The match box, ribbon and needle may be borrowed. You will be able to perform this five minutes after reading the instructions. Truly, a close-up pocket illusion! An Eddie Joseph creation

Miracle Cage Vanish
Miracle Cage Vanish instructions include 1 page.
By Ren Fetzer. A large cage is seen sitting on a table. Live doves are placed inside, where they remain in full view. A large cloth is thrown over the cage. The magician lifts the cloth covered cage and walks forward with it. He suddenly tosses the cover and its contents high into the air and, to the amazement of the onlookers ... the cage and the doves have completely vanished! A startling and perfect closing effect! Created by Ren Fetzer (inventor of Dovan). Our method for this livestock illusion are tried and tested and practical to the utmost degree. The outfit is smooth working. The table is of the finest quality and workmanship. At the conclusion of the effect the table appears to be only a few inches in depth. This effect is self-contained and may be performed completely surrounded! (No doves included.) Available in two models, each comes complete with cage, table, table base, cloth and instructions. The two-bird model is approximately 17 inches x 12 inches. The four-bird model is approximately 21 inches x 12 inches. Please specify model desired when ordering.

Miracle Milk Pitcher
Miracle Milk Pitcher instructions include 2 pages.
Here is what this pitcher will do. You pour milk into a paper cone--the paper cone is opened and the milk has vanished. What's that? You already have a milk pitcher? All right, then read on and we feel sure you will retire your old pitcher right away. Abbott's Miracle Milk Pitcher has the following features: You never need to fill it. You never need to clean it. There is no preparation. It is always ready to work. In a fraction of a second the pitcher becomes filled. Practically unbreakable--made from crystal clear lucite plastic. It's diameter is approximately four inches and apparent capacity one and one-half quarts. be done anywhere, surrounded and within a few feet of spectators. The effect can be repeated immediately. The Miracle Milk Pitcher is always ready and you don't have to be super careful when pouring. Just pour in a natural and easy manner. There's nothing to worry about--the milk can't spill--ever! You deserve the best, and so does your audience. This is the best!

Miracle Tumbler
Miracle Tumbler instructions include 1 page.
No filling! No cleaning! No fuss! No bother! For packing, just pack it into your suitcase--that's all! Less than one second to set! Made of clear lucite plastic, the tumbler is nearly six inches in height and shaped like an ordinary tumbler. Originated by and made exclusively at the Abbott plant. Use it in place of the ordinary milk pitcher. You don't have to pour slowly and carefully; just tip the contents into a paper cone or paper bag, etc. Only a very little liquid is left in the tumbler after the pouring. Unusual effects and sensational tricks are possible with Abbott's Miracle Tumbler. Hold the tumbler to your mouth and drink the contents. The audience will see the milk diminish and, in less than the wink of an eyelash, the tumbler is full again! Repeat this as often as you wish. Pour the milk into a paper sack and show the sack empty. Place the nearly empty tumbler into the sack and then take it out again filled with milk as at first. Each tumbler is handmade and we guarantee it to be perfect in working and workmanship.

Miracles of the Bells
Miracles of the Bells instructions include 2 pages.
Norman - Hughes. Manufactured in America exclusively by Abbott's, through arrangement with Hughes, Stanley and Dowler. Here is a novel and colorful item for your program that combines simplicity of working with directness of effect. EFFECT: Six wooden cut-out nells, each of a different color, are displayed and a spectator is allowed an entirely free choice of three of them. All the bells are now dropped into a box one at a time, eacch going into a separate compartment.   A wand is now
run through the box by means of the slots in tne sides, which action impales the bells as well. The wand is raised, lifting all the bells from the cox to show this is actually so. They are lowered baok into the box, wand removed, and thrust through once more by the performer; but on raising the wand this time it is seen that only three bells are impaled, and they are the selected ones! The remaining three are tipped from box (or lifted out on wand) and everything may he freely displayed once more.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.
This is a clever variation on the Buddha Whispers Card Mystery.

Morales Mexio
Morales Mexio instructions include 2 pages.
Originated by Valente Morales. Sales Rights purchased by Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

Muddled Milk
Muddled Milk instructions include 2 pages.

Multiplying Bottles
Multiplying Bottles instructions include 1 page.

Multiplying Silks
Multiplying Silks instructions include 1 page.
Ken Allen

Multiplying Soap Bubbles
Multiplying Soap Bubbles instructions include 1 page.
Multum In Parvu
Multum in Parvu instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Mummy Cloth of the Nile
Mummy Cloth of the Nile instructions include 3 pages.
Mutilated Bouquet
Mutilated Bouquet instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Mutilated Parasol
Mutilated Parasol instructions include 2 pages.
Abbott's has made minor improvements on this effect in the last year or so, making the effect slightly lighter in weight and easier to handle.
This is the finest mutilated parasol effect in the world! This is the single parasol method. The silk cover is dyed in bright multi-colors, radiating in concentric circles from the center in a veritable sunburst of beauty. This flashy trick packs small. The usual turning and twisting of the parasol with the silks when replacing it in the fake parasol in the rolled up paper is entirely eliminated. In this improved method the parasol is pushed into the opposite end from which it was withdrawn. It works smooth as velvet. All fittings are custom made from brass. More professionals use the Abbott Improved Mutilated Parasol than any other manufacture. Comes complete with parasol, cover, silks, changing handbag and routine.

My Heart Madam
My Heart Madam instructions include 1 page.
By Sidney de Hempsey

My Lady Steps Out
My Lady Steps Out instructions include 2 pages.
Jack Hughes. A three-sided frame is displayed. It has two hinged doors which are opened. It is fitted around the waist of a lady who holds it in this position. Rope is then passed through an opening in each side of the frame, the ends of the rope are handed to two assistants. The rope passes in front of the lady and imprisons her within the frame. The performer stands behind the lady, holds onto the frame and directs the lady to walk forward through the hinged doors - and through the rope! The two spectators never release their ends of the rope - the lady walks freely forward - and the frame is seen with the rope stretching across the opening of the frame. The lady must have walked right through the rope! There is no other way she could have escaped. A new principle makes this the cleanest and most dramatic penetration ever seen! One rope only is used! No knots are tied in the rope! The lady and the two assistants can be volunteers from the audience! It can be performed in the smallest room - or in the largest theater! Virtually angle proof! The frame which breaks down, is finished in blue and white lacquer. Each panel is four inches by sixteen inches. An affordable small illusion - packs small and plays big!

Mystery Box
Mystery Box instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Mystery of the Chinese Ticket
Mystery of the Chinese Laundry Ticket instructions include 1 page.
Harlan Tarbell. Performor shows an envelope empty and threads a ribbon through it. He places a Chinese Laundry Ticket in the envelope and seals it therein. Upon tearing open an end of the envelope and taking out the laundry ticket, it is found mysteriously threaded on the ribbon.
Mystery Tumbler
Mystery Tumbler instructions include 2 pages.
An effect that is in the unusual class - and to the onlookers there is not solution.

Mystery Whirlaway Card
Mystery Whirlaway Card instructions include 1 page.
Mystic Vase of the Orient
Mystic Vase of the Orient instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors and historians (very similar to today's modern prayer vase which is included in many magic kits). Note: The Suspended Vase was originated in the Orient, and first introduced in America by Percy Abbott.

Name It
Name It instructions include 1 page and is a liquid effect.
Neat Cigarette Vanisher
Neat Cigarette Vanisher instructions include 1 page.
Cigarette Pull.

Neck Twister
Neck Twister instructions include 1 page.
Karson - Abbott. An Unexplainably Mystifying Illusion that Adds Laughter on Top of Great Comedy! The "victim" puts their head in a small box inside an outer cabinet box. Both cabinets have open fronts, so the "victim" is clearly seen at all times. Inside the box is a tight fit, no room to move around or even wiggle their head. Everything is ready for the Twister now, have fun with jokes of past victims, etc. You grab hold of the massive handles on the top of the cabinet and twist the crank! LOUD Crank ! CRANK ! CRANK ! Sounds are heard! The "victim's" head spins completely around their body several times! Then spins in the opposite direction, then comes back to normal! The audience see's the victims face each time their head spins around!
Needle Trick
Needle Trick instructions include 1 page.

Neil Foster Dove Production
Neil Foster Dove Production instructions include 5 pages.
Since its release, over twenty-five years ago, the Neil Foster Dove Production has been acclaimed by magicians from all over the world as the smoothest method on the market. It has been endorsed by all leading professional dove acts. You can purchase and perform this effect with the utmost confidence. This is a professional prop, expertly made. It comes complete with a twenty-four inch rainbow silk, the special dove fake, a properly made holder and instructions. And what instructions!
You receive a step-by-step tutorial, complete with sixteen illustrations! You learn exactly how to place the dove into the fake- how to place the loaded fake into the holder - exactly where to place the holder - and finally, how to produce the dove during your act. This method absolutely eliminates any "arm swooping" and "elbow flapping" movements during the production. This production is smooth, safe and extremely magical! This the easiest and fastest method for loading. This the easiest and fastest "steal". This model has the easiest and fastest release. The dove is safe and comfortable throughout. This effect may be performed surrounded. The Neil Foster Dove Production is as revolutionary today as it was when it was first introduced!
Neonistic Silk Fountain
Neonistic Silk Fountain instructions include 1 page.
A sensational effect, a light bulb illuminates the inside of a box, behind the box is a blinking light, you can see the blinking light from the front of the box showing that you have a clear line of sight from front to back. The magician reaches into the the light and produces yards and yards of silks. An incredible effect and big enough for a stage.
This Effect has ATMOSPHERE
This is the first of the "Retro Abbott" project which is creating collectible magic that has long since been discontinued. This effect was discontinued due to a hard time finding the proper fluorescent bulbs, but now you can buy the bulbs at any hardware shop.

New Egg and Handkerchief Routine
New Egg and Handkerchief Routine instructions include 1 page,
New Model Milko
New Model Milko instructions include 1 page and was created by Stewart James. Primarily for collectors.
Originated by Stewart James

Newest Card Producer
Newest Card Producer instructions include 4 pages and includes both the original instructions and the improved version.
There have been many devices which make it possible for the magician to produce cards at the fingertips. Devices designed for the performers who do not have the time to practice front and back palming. We claim that this latest device, originated by H. Goad, is the simplest and most practical gimmick ever offered. With this Abbott exclusive the palm of the hand is open and toward the audience and the performer produces ten or fifteen playing cards at the fingertips.

Nickel Penny Plus
Nickel Penny Plus instructions include 3 pages and the routine is by Hank Moorehouse.
Hank Moorehouse Presents.

Nifty Trio
Nifty Trio instructions include 2 pages and consists of 3 tricks that can be worked into almost any routine.
By David Martin. Here are three tricks that can be worked into almost any routine.

Nimbus by Mind Mirage
Nimbus instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for historians. Imagine this: a clear plastic bag and a flashcube shown. The cube is dropped into the bag, isolating it from your body and hands. Now, as the audience focuses its attention on upon the cube, they concentrate on energizing it. The cube flashes, giving off a brilliant light. Immediately the cube and the bag are handed to the spectators. No magnets, wires, or any of the other well known ideas. Nimbus is a one man effect that uses a totally new concept that will deceive even those who think they know.

Nite Club Bottle (Abbott's)
Nite Club Bottle instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Nite Club Cylinders (Zella)
Nite Club Cylinders instructions include 1 page.
A fast, classy and mysterious effect accomplished with three attractive metal tubes, one red, one green and one yellow. Each cylinder is approximately 8 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" in diameter. The cylinders are shown empty by passing one through the other, etc. Instantly, the magician produces potato chips from one, pretzels from the second and from the third a foaming glass of beer. No double wall or Phantom tube principle used. No bags or hook-ups to worry about. A clever self-contained effect. Production items may be varied from the suggested routine.

No Fake Hydro Glass by O.W. Pitts, Jr.
No Fake Hydro Glass instructions include 2 pages and explains a way to "suspend" liquid without a gimmick or fake.
No Knot Cut Rope (Abbott's)
No Knot Cut Rope instructions include 3 pages.

Novelty Fishing Trick (U.F. Grant)
Novelty Fishing Trick instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors, although I believe it could be built quite easily.
Now You See It
Now You See It instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Cards transpose with the help of a magic folder

Nu Coin in Lemon
Nu Coin in Lemon instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Nu Mystic Links
Nu Mystic Links instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Nut Deck (A.R. Irwin)
Nut Deck instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Oblong Square
Oblong Square instructions include 1 page.

Orange Classic
Orange Classic instructions include 1 page (There are no body loads).
A table cloth is removed from a thin-topped table. This is shown and then placed over a large clear glass (or plastic) bowl. With a slight shake, a dozen real oranges drop into the bowl. Any table can be used. There are no body loads. Items other than the oranges (flowers, silks, rabbits, ducks, chickens, doves, etc.) may be used. Complete with white tablecloth, gimmick, instructions. Use your own bowl and table
Oriental Fantasy
Oriental Fantasy instructions include 1 page. Made by Arturo, this version of the rice and checkers is the most elegant ever. A stack of checkers and a glass of rice change places.

Out of my Hat
Out of my Hat instructions include 1 page.
The Abbott Magic Company has purchased the rights to this effect from The Magic House of Charles. This is one of the most amusing and entertaining tricks in magic. The outfit consists of a black felt hat fitted with a white rabbit puppet. The rabbit is hand operated through an opening in the back of the hat. A card is selected and returned to the pack. The performer picks up the hat and a rabbit pops into view. The cards are shown to the rabbit and he is asked to pick out the selected card. The deck is dropped into the hat. The rabbit tries and tries. Cards fly wildly out of the hat in all directions. Eventually, the rabbit reappears with the selected card held between his paws. The gags and bits of business that can be used with this effect are unlimited and it all makes for real magical entertainment.
Painless Surgery
Painless Surgery instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.

Paper Hat Trick
Paper Hat Trick instructions include 1 brief page.
A classic of magic! The magician shows two pieces of tissue paper and tears them to pieces. When the pieces are unfurled, they have been transformed into a large, Bonnet-style hat that can worn by a spectator and given away as a souvenir! These Christmas Bonnet hat tears are made by Stilwell Magic, one of the finest name in Hat Tears for decades, and supplied complete with illustrated instructions and a suggested routine. Perfect for kid shows, birthday parties, and just about any performing situation you can imagine. Makes a great giveaway, even when performing for adults.
Paper Pants Trick
Paper Pants Trick (Tear) instructions include 1 brief page.

Passe Bottles
Passe Bottles instructions include 2 pages, the standard passe routine and a comedy routine.
On the stage there are two tables. The table at the magicians right has a half filled glass while the one on the left has a bottle. There is a tube by the side of the glass as well as the bottle. The bottle and glass are covered by their respective tubes. After some by play the glass and bottle change places
Pencil Thru Nickel
Pencil Thru Nickel instructions include 1 page.

Penetrating Bands
Penetrating Bands instructions include 2 pages.
The performer stretches two rubber bands, one over the index finger and thumb of each hand. He places one band behind the other so that they are at right angles to each other and interlinked - and both are still held by the forefingers and thumbs. Immediately one band seemingly penetrates the other.
Percy the Penguin (Jack Hughes) An Abbott Exclusive
Percy the Penguin instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
This can well be the hit trick of  your show. It ia mighty good entertainment, however presented, either seriously (straight) or playing it for all the comedy and laughts possible. The apparatus in itself is attractive and will arouse interest the moment it is introduced.

Perfecto Wax
Perfecto Wax instructions include 2 pages.
Always ready ... no pre-warming necessary ... easy to remove. The very best wax on the magic market. Available in black and flesh tone. Please specify.
Currently available for $6.00
Perfectus Slate Act. Orginated by Clarence W. Hodge
Perfectus Slate Act instructions include 1 page.
A slate and number mentalism effect for four spectators.

Performing Fleas
Performing Fleas instructions include 2 pages. This item will fit into almost any magic act.
A Burlesque by George Tollerton. The supplied manuscript gives a full presentation and routine for this screamingly funny burlesque! This type of material is very rare and we feel very lucky to have the opportunity of passing this comedy gem on to our customers. There is no magic. There is no mystery. However, this item will fit into almost any magic act. It is suitable for any occasion and it is always ready. The introduction to the act is as follows: “Ladies and gentlemen, I have something unusual to offer you now. For some years I have felt the necessity of introducing a novel feature into my program, something which would improve my act and make me known as undoubtedly the most up-to-date magician in this part of the world. Let me introduce my performing fleas!” And with these words, the fun begins - and believe us, the laughs are plentiful.
Perpetual Balls
Perpetual Balls instructions include 3 pages.
An intriguing close-up or stage effect. A ball held in the right hand is placed into the pocket. Up pops another ball in the left hand. This ball is taken by the right hand and placed into the pocket. Again, up pops another ball in the left hand. This can be repeated indefinitely! Several suggested routines are included. Nothing to get ready. Use any kind of balls. No balls are supplied. You (and your audiences) will find it fascinating.
Full Effect is available for $5.00

Phant O Sphere
Phant O Sphere instructions include 1 page.
This is an extremely easy trick to perform. However, to the uninitiated, it is a perfect mystery. This trick was Percy Abbott's pet pocket trick for more than thirty years. This trick can be done anywhere! Easy to do! Mystifying! A real thriller! You place a solid glass sphere (a marble) on a flat surface and cover this with an unprepared handkerchief. This hank is continually folded over the marble which is constantly tapped to prove it is positively under the hank. Both hands are shown empty - a corner of the hank is grasped and the hank is snapped in the air and shaken. The marble has vanished and reappears between the performers lips! A startling climax!
Full Effect is currently available for $7.50
Pinnacle Bowl Vanish
Pinnacle Bowl Vanish instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Pixie Glass
Pixie Glass instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors. A description of the prop is below.
A cleverly constructed glass made of clear lucite plastic. For a milk routine the effects possible with this glass offer many interesting and entertaining possibilities.
Glass is shown filled with milk. And then, with everyone watching, the milk visibly disappears - a beautiful magical effect. In a second effect, the glass is shown empty and in full view will gradually fill itself to the brim. For a third effect, the milk is poured into a paper cone (ala the Milk Pitcher) until the glass is empty. When the cone is opened out, the milk has vanished. A fourth effect is possible with the use of two glasses, and is a combination of the visible vanish and the visible appearance effects - the milk apparently transposing from one glass to the other. For a fifth effect, the milk visibly vanishes and leaves behind an egg - an unexpected transformation.
Full effect is currently available for $10.00
Plastic Cards
Plastic Cards instructions include 1 page. Plastic cards are specially made by Abbotts to help with split card fans.
Plato (Gil Leaney & Sid Emons)
Plato instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Two metal plates are each shown back and front. They are placed together, sealed with four rubber bands and handed to a member of the audience to place in his pocket. From a pack of cards, one is chosen, noted, and returned to the center of the pack reversed. The spectator is requested to hold the plates in full view; the pack is now shuffled and counted but only fifty-one cards are found and there is no trace of the reversed chosen card. The holder of the plates is now told to remove the rubber bands and there, to his amazement, between the plates is the chosen card.
Pogo Ball (suggested by R.C. Anderson, designed by Myron E. Scott)
Pogo Ball instructions include 1 page.
A wooden frame is shown empty, as illustrated. A glass in placed inside the frame at one end. A ball is placed inside the frame at the other end. The door panels are placed at the back and in the front. When the doors are removed, the ball is seen to be resting inside the mouth of the glass! May be repeated immediately!
Full effect is available for $75.00

Pom Pom Prayer Stick Routine (originated by Kovari Magic of England)
Pom Pom Prayer Stick Routine include 1 brief page.
It is suitable for magicians who work for children of all ages. There is no preparation required. It is always ready to use. In this effect you have a length of tube with a piece of cord passing through each end. There are different colored pom-poms attached to each end of the cord. When one pom-pom is pulled by the magician another pom-pom, goes into the stick indicating that it is connected. This happens no matter which pom-pom is pulled by the magi. It gives the illusion that the string has four ends. The finale' of the trick comes when the magi separates the stick to show, that there is no cross-connection between the pom-poms. The stick is put together and again it works.
Various versions of this effect are available from Abbott's.
Pop N Corn
Pop N Corn instructions include 1 brief page.

Predict A Total (Bob Mason)
Predict A Total instructions include 2 pages.
The mentalist displays a sheet of plastic which has three rows of silver pegs upon it. He also displays a stack of yellow metal discs, each of which has a single digit imprinted on one side of the disc. Three spectators direct the placement of the nine discs (face down) onto the nine pegs. The nine discs are then turned to face the audience and the three columns of figures are added together. The resulting total matches exactly a sealed prediction given to a fourth spectator at the beginning of the test. This is a one-man test--no confederates. The spectators don't even have to come up on stage to assist. The numbers are two inches in height and quite visible. It appears you have the magic power.
Abbott's Predict A Total is available for $50.00

Pull Thru Pencil & Silk Thru Cig (Duke Stern)
Pull Thru Pencil & Silk Thru Cig instructions include 2 pages and was a Duke Stern favorite.

Push Out Gimmick
Push Out Gimmick instructions include 1 brief page.

Pyromaine Act (Kenneth Allen)
Pyromaine Act instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Rabbit Hat
Rabbit Hat instructions include 1 page.
Effect: The magician dislays his empty hat to the audience. From this hat he then produces a rabbit. (Note: Other items may be produced in place of, or in addition to, the rabbit. For example: silk handkerchieves, latest rubber production items, ribbons, etc.)
Here is an easy-to-do and foolproof way of producing a rabbit from a hat. There are no hanging bags, no wires, no threads. The hat is tossed from hand to hand. The interior of the hat is shown to the audience. Nothing could be fairer and yet, without any body loading, table loading, etc., the performer reaches into the hat and produces a quantity of silk handkerchiefs. Surprising enough, but when he reaches into the hat and produces a real live rabbit the full climax has been reached. To your audience you are unquestionably a magician. You can use an imitation rabbit if you wish, but this is really designed for use with a live rabbit. A great opening trick! Good for any spot in your act. Can be done close-up and surrounded. We send you a specially prepared, fine quality black felt top hat and the directions. You supply the bunny and you are all set to go.
Abbott's Rabbit from Hat Production is available for $75.00

Rabbit Hutch (McGill-Cunningham)
Rabbit Hutch instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Effect: A rabbit passes from hat to hutch. Rabbit then passes from hutch a-la die box back to hat.

Rabbit Monte
Rabbit Monte instructions include 1 page.

Rabbit Tray (Abbott's)
Rabbit Tray instructions include 1 page.
Effect being to wrap a rabbit in a newspaper, when paper is opened a box of candy is discovered. Paper rolled into a bundle, torn open and rabbit produced.

Rabbit Wringer
Rabbit Wringer instructions include 1 page.
The magician ties a ribbon around the neck of a live rabbit and places him in a fancy, decorated box. The ends of the ribbon are passed through the holes in the ends of the box. Attention is directed to the set of rollers set in the front panel of the box. The performer states that to be sure the rabbit will vanish, he will first flatten him out. As the magician slowly turns the handle, the rabbit (?) is seen to emerge from between the rollers - as flat as the proverbial pancake! The box is picked up and with a spinning action, the top and bottom panels are allowed to fall open and, with the exception of the ribbon, the box is empty! The flat rabbit is placed into a paper sack - the sack is crushed and the flat rabbit has vanished! The real rabbit may be reproduced again from the Rabbit Wringer box, if desired, alive and kicking! There is nothing better made for the vanish (based as it is on Jack Gwynne's Tip Over Vanish) and you have the additional effect of the flat rabbit and the reappearance of the bunny. This outfit is a beauty, finished in black lacquer, trimmed in gold with white cloth rollers. Complete, including ribbons, Abbott's Flat Rabbit, box and instructions.
Abbott's Rabbit Wringer is available from Abbott's ($195)

Rabotine instructions include 2 pages.
Two flexible panels are hinged together. Each panel measures 6"x 8". Unfold the panels and slowly show both sides. Fold the panels together and tuck a silk square inside. Upon unfolding the panels the silk has vanished! Again show both sides of the panels. For a production simply show both sides of the panels, fold them together and produce silks! Positively no hidden bags or extra folding flaps. Load capacity: Four 12" silks or three 18" silks or one 24" silk! The perfect silk vanish! The perfect silk production! Self contained! Always ready! No skill! No practice! Can be performed completely surrounded!

Radio Spirit Cabinet
Radio Spirit Cabinet instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Rapping Hand Patter Presentation by M.S. Mahendra
Rapping Hand Patter Presentation include 6 pages and is primarily for collectors. It provides patter and presentation only.

Rarebit Pan (Abbott's)
Rarebit Pan instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Recil Diminishing Cards (Recil Bordner)
Recil Diminishing Cards instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors.

Record Mystery (Jack Hughes)
Record Mystery instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Red and Blue (Eddie Joseph)
Red and Blue instructions include 9 pages.
Two solid brass coins or tokens are shown. One is lacquered red on both sides, the other is lacquered blue on both sides. The spectator holds the blue coin and the magician holds the red. When the hands are opened the coins have changed places. The spectator holds both coins. The magician takes away the red. When the spectator opens his hand - he holds the red and the magician has the blue. The effect is repeated for a third and last time and proves to be even more amazing than the first two times! No shells. No covers. No magnets or shims. The disks will stand rigid examination. BONUS EFFECT: Abbott’s has added, to the present effect, four additional matching disks and an extended routine from a previously published ( and marketed) Eddie Joseph effect (called “Black & White”). These additions allow you to present a “coin assembly” type of effect wherein the spectators choose which color disk will pass into the closed fist. You can now get both great effects in one package at one great price!

Repeat Bananas
Repeat Bananas instructions include 2 pages.

Repeat Bill Trick (Tom Bowyer)
Repeat Bill Trick instructions include 1 page.

Repeat Knots (Joe Ovette)
Repeat Knots instructions include 4 pages.
A piece of rope is freely shown. A hard knot is tied in its center. The magician then slides the knot right off the rope and passes the knot to a spectator. Now, without any exchange of the rope, the effect is repeated - a second knot being formed, slid off, and openly removed. No palming, this is easy to do. A self-contained trick for close-up or stage.
Abbotts Repeat Knots is available for $5.00

Repeating Snake Basket
Repeating Snake Basket instructions include 2 pages.
Say hello to "Repeater Pete", the big brother to Abbott's Simplified Snake In The Basket. All of the features of the simplified routine are included with Abbott's Repeating Snake In The Basket, with several important additions. "Pete" will rise up for a bow after successfully finding the selected card. He will return for another bow, and another, and another. Again and again he rises ... just as many times as the performer wishes.
"Pete" is under the complete control of the performer at all times. The difference? Abbott's Repeating Snake Basket is electrically operated. There is no winding necessary. It is always ready - just flick the switch. It is battery operated, requiring no outside wires or connections. It works completely away from special tables or assistants.
You will also receive a special comedy routine involving members of the audience, special costumes, musical instruments and bits of business. Abbott's snake baskets may be used with playing cards, number or alphabet cards, Old Maid or picture cards, etc. A selected color silk may be found by "Pete" or any small piece of apparatus may be incorporated into the basket routine. "Pete" could even share your applause as a running gag throughout your show by rising up out of his basket. The ultimate in snake baskets!
Repeating Snake Basket is available for $300

Rice Cups
Rice Cups instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Ringastra by Eddie Joseph, Calcutta, India
Ringastra instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors.
EFFECT: A ring is slipped on to a string and the, two ends held by two people.  Magician explains that the only way that ring could be released now is by cutting the string. A gentleman's handkerchief is borrowed and spread over the ring. One of the two gentlemen is asked to hold that ring from over the handkerchief to make sure that it cannot be releaeed and to do this he la told to pull the ring. He says that the ring cannot be released. Magician waves over the spot where the ring is and which was BY THS VOLUNTEER ALL THE TIME and says to pull. The volunteer complies and the ring and the handkerchief are both pulled stright off the string. Remember these points: {a) When gentleman is told to hold ring from over the handkerchief the ring la definitely still on the string. (b) Once the gentleman holds the ring he does not let go until he pulls that ring from off the string himself. (c) At no time you have anything concealed in your hands either before during or after the trick. d) No sleight of hand required to do this. e) The ring is not prepared and the string is ordinary.

Ringing Clock Stand
Ringing Clock Stand instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Rising Card Chest
Rising Card Chest instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Rising Floating Dancing Silk
Rising Floating Dancing Silk instructions include 4 pages.

Rising Floating Lighted Cigarette by Vern Schoneck
Rising and Floating Lighted Cigarette instructions include 1 page.

Robot instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors, although I believe it could be built quite easily. Effect: The magician says that people have seen performing fleas performing elephants and performing seals. Tonight he will show them something different...a Performing Die! A die is passed for examination. It is then placed on the bottom rung of a ladder, slowly it climbs to the top...then it slowly descends! It will climb up and down at the performers command. This is a clever trick to perform before  your Standard Die Box routine.
Robot Hand
Robot Hand instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Rod Thru Girl Presentation
Rod Thru Girl Presentation include 2 pages.

Rose To Silk
Rose To Silk instructions include 1 page and explains how to create this effect without gimmicks.

Roses That Change Color
Roses That Change Color include 1 page and is an old chemical effect.

Run Rabbit Run
Run Rabbit Run instructions include 1 page.
The performer holds a section of brick wall with a rabbit hutch at each end. He removes a cut-out rabbit figure from a hat and places it in the hutch at the right. The children are asked to keep an eye on the rabbit and to let the performer know if the rabbit runs over to the hutch on the left. Then the fun an uproarious laughter begins for, sure enough, the children see the long ears of the rabbit as he moves to the opposite hutch behind the wall. The children scream and point and shout and the rabbit scoots back to the hutch on the right. Then suddenly he is seen at the left again - then back behind the wall - then he peeks out from a crazy angle from the left hutch. For the final climax, the rabbit vanishes from the wall and the hutches and is found back in the hat. Well made, from wood, approximately 15" x 6". Complete, including routine and patter.
Available for $150.00

Safety First Razor Blade Trick
Safety First Razor Blade Trick instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
There is positively no danger with this method.

Sand and Sugar by Dr. H. Park Shackleton
Sand and Sugar instructions include 1 page.

Sand and Water Trick
Sand and Water Trick instructions include 1 page.

Santa Claus Paper Tear
Santa Claus Paper Tear instructions include 3 pages.
We are pleased to introduce this timely novelty in paper tears, one especially designed for your shows over the festive season. A trick, however, which will gain you laughter and applause all year round. Red, white, green and black papers are torn up and when opened up restored, reveal a full color picture of that lovable old gentlemen--Santa Claus. We know that your audiences will appreciate this clever and topical effect. It is just perfect for both children's or adult shows. No skill is required and there is nothing to dispose of. Enough paper is supplied for twelve shows, with complete instructions.
Available for $15.00

Schwocho Box
Schwocho Box instructions include 1 page and the prop is available at Abbotts.
Effect: a small ball is placed into one of two small glasses, which are inside a taller wooden box. The door of the box is closed. When the door is open again, the ball has magically moved to the other glass! This back and forth movement may be repeated. Finally, when the door is opened, the ball has disappeared.

Scripture Tear
Scripture Tear instructions include 1 page.

See All Blindfold
See All Blindfold instructions include 1 page.

Seeing Double
Seeing Double instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Shenanigan Die Box by Bud West
Shenanigan Die Box instructions include 1 page.
Here is a brand new idea! A Die Box with no shell to worry about ... you never need to touch it! Shenanigan Die Box may be performed surrounded! An entirely new principle is used. The Die Box effect has always been a sure-fire trick and now its better than ever with the new Shenanigan Die Box. No skill is required - its easy!
The magician may borrow or use his own hat (the hat is unprepared and is never secretly loaded as in some older methods). A handsome natural wood finish box with brass hardware fittings is shown all around. The top lid and the two front doors are opened. A white die with black spots is seen inside. (The spots are concave and three-dimensional, not just painted on.) There is no center divider in the box and more than one side of the die is visible. The die is removed and may be examined and it is then placed into the hat. The magician pretends to invisibly remove the die from the hat and tosses it towards the box. A distinct thud is heard as it arrives. The magician opens the doors of the box to reveal the die! Now for the sucker by-play. The performer pretends to cause the die to vanish. He opens only one of the front doors to show the box empty on that side. Closing this door he gives the box a sudden movement and something is heard to slide inside. Opening the other front door discloses that that side of the box is empty also. But wait ... the spectators can see the die inside the box. The performer quickly closes the door. The top lid and the two front doors are once again opened and the box is shown unmistakenly empty. The die is removed from the hat and once again may be examined.
This prop is versatile and you may choose to work out your own routine. The box is approximately seven inches by five inches by four and one-half inches tall. The die is two and three-quarters of an inch cubical. The workmanship is of the highest quality. You will marvel at the secret. Do not confuse Shenanigan Die Box with any other die box advertised. This is the creation of Bud West and we positively guarantee it to be easy, practical and fool-proof. Note: It is also available in a jumbo size with the size of the die being five inches cubical! Please specify.
Two versions available: regular size $100, Jumbo $150

Shifty Milk
Shifty Milk instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Shirt Pulling Trick
Shirt Pulling Trick instructions include 2 pages.
It doesn't seem possible that the performer could remove the shirt worn by a member of the audience - without the victim first removing his coat and/or vest, but you can do that very thing and do it right in front of any audience in a jiffy! This is a great comedy stunt and a favorite of acts who perform any type of pickpocket stunts.
Shirt Pulling Trick is available for $2.00

Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Short and Sweet by Percy Abbott
Short and Sweet instructions include 1 page and was a favorite of Percy Abbott

Shrunken Head Illusion (with Workshop Plans)
Shrunken Head Illusion instructions include 12 pages - 4 of which are workshop plans so you could build the prop yourself - there is one piece that might be difficult to obtain so we are listing it as collectible.
A description of a similar prop (Witch Doctor) is below.
A thin wooden tray or platform is displayed. Mounted at one end of this tray is an open framework. At the audience side of this framework is an opening nine inches square. A spectator is invited onstage and is seated. This spectator holds this wooden tray on his shoulders (there is a cut out provided for his neck). His head is completely visible, at this point, from all sides - including through the opening of the framework. The performer then covers the spectators head by extending a folding expansion bellows (made from reinforced fiber stock) from the framework back and over the spectators head. An electric light is now turned on (accompanied by a futuristic sound effect), illuminating the spectators head inside the cabinet.
A thin, decorative panel is inserted behind the opening of the framework. another strange sound effect is produced. The spectators head is out of sight for less than one second! The panel is immediately removed. Inside the cabinet - the same spectator - the same lighting - but the spectators head has shrunk to half its original size! A sensational and startling transformation! Points to remember; The spectator can smile or frown - wiggle eyebrows - make his nose twitch - wiggle his ears - stick out his tongue, etc. The interior light is connected to a dimmer switch to produce special lighting effects, if desired (more light, less light, etc.)
The unit is slowly turned from side to side so that all in the audience can witness this strange effect. Completely safe and completely baffling!

Signed Note in Wallet (Terry Seabrook)
Signed Note in Wallet instructions include 4 pages.
The Seabrooke Wallet is available for $65.00

Silk Blowing Act
Silk Blowing Act instructions include 1 page.

Silk Cascade
Silk Cascade instructions include 2 pages.

Silk Fountain (With Bouquet Finale)
Silk Fountain instructions include 2 pages and a description of the prop is below.
A silk is produced from a torn or burnt strip of paper (or use any means of production). This silk swells to a splurge of silks of different colors ... like a bubbling fountain or a giant blooming flower blossom. Suddenly, a bouquet of flowers bursts through the silks making an imposing array of colors. Comes complete with eight 18" silks and a package of Abbotts Small Spring Flowers, plus directions
Abbott's Silk Fountain is $125.00

Silk From Newspaper
Silk From Newspaper instructions include 1 page.
An unprepared sheet of newspaper, shown both sides, is placed over the right hand. Punching a small hole in the paper, the performer reaches in and pulls a handkerchief halfway out of the paper. He makes another hole and produces another handkerchief. Altogether, four silk handkerchiefs are produced. The newspaper is then torn into small pieces and placed into magi's pocket. Excellent parlour or stage magic
Silks From Newspaper is available for $5.00

Silk Production Box
Silk Production Box instructions include 1 brief page.
In this fast and snappy production, the silks appear instantly up to sixteen 18" silks in a matter of a few seconds. The box is so constructed that it seems impossible for anything to be concealed - yet it is self-contained. Box size is 7" x 4" x 3 3/4", consisting of a four sided box and a loose bottom. Included with the instructions is a method for producing a large additional load of silks as used by Percy Abbott in his own show.
Silk Producton Box $75.00

Silk To Watch
Silk To Watch instructions include 1 full page and does require additional props.
Supplied with a 12 inch silk and a gimmicked watch

Silkola instructions include 1 page.
An examined bottle is sealed with a metal cap and placed beneath a metal container. After a silk scarf is vanished, it reappears inside the sealed bottle. This one fools even the wise ones.
Silkola - Aluminum is $42.00

Silks at the Fingertips by Percy Abbott.
Silks at the Fingertips instructions include 1 page and was a favorite of Percy Abbott.

Silks Between
Silks Between instructions include 2 pages.
A piece of clear plastic is mounted in a wooden base. The plastic has three holes drilled through it. Three silks (one through each hole) are displayed in this stand. They are openly shown, front and back. One silk (from the center) is removed and placed aside. The remaining two silks are removed and given to a spectator to hold. The first silk is now vanished and reappears between the two silks held by the spectator. He may examine and even untie these hanks. This confounding mystery can be done close-up and surrounded. Use your own silks (12", 15" or 18"). Complete with stand (which may be examined) and instructions.
Abbott's Silks Between is available for $25.00

Silks Cards and Water (U.F. Grant)
Silks Cards and Water instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Silver Shower (Forest Chesbro)
Silver Shower instructions include 3 pages.

Simplex Four Ace Trick
Simplex Ace Trick instructions include 1 page and can be used with any deck.
Sixteen cards, four of which are the Aces are hopelessly mixed, then returned to the deck. These sixteen cards are then dealt into four heaps and the Aces end up in the heap chosen by the spectator. No skill. No moves. No preparation. Use any deck
Abbott's Simplex Aces $2.00

Simplex Card In Balloon
Simplex Card In Balloon instructions include 1 page.
Effect: A card is chosen by a member of the audience. It is placed back in the deck, cards are shuffled and cards in case are put in the magician's pocket. Several balloons are shown and one color is chosen. The Magician or spectator blows the balloon up. A knot is tied in the balloon. The performer tosses the balloon back and forth freely between his hands. The spectator is asked to name his card, the balloon breaks and there at the magician's fingertips is the selected card.

Simplicity Frame
Simplicit Frame instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
Simplicity Skull Board (Jimmy Trimble)
Simplicity Skull Board instructions include 3 pages.

Simplified Dyeing Silks
Simplified Dyeing Silks instructions include 1 page.

Simplified Levitation
Simplified Levitation instructions include 2 page. You could call this a poor man's Asrah.

Simplified Snake Trick
Simplified Snake Trick instructions include 1 page.

Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.
An A&B product. In our opinion this is a most unusual trick. The effect is good. The method is absolutely foolproof. Effect: A borrowed quarter is placed in a small examined metal box, handed to the magician and he immediately states what part of the coin is uppermost, heads or tails. The box will stand rigid examination. It is made especially for this trick.

Slow Motion Cigarette Vanish
Slow Motion Cigarette Vanish instructions include 1 page.

Snake and Card
Snake and Card instructions include 5 pages, one is the instructions and 4 pages are graphics that allow you to print and make your own props.

Snakes Alive by Sid Lorraine
Snakes Alive instructions include 5 pages and was a favorite of Sid Lorraine.
This is definitely a trick in which "business" plays an important part. A performer able to handle children, and to get the most out of situations with gags, will find this presentation to his liking. Its success will depend on his ability to get every possible laugh out of the situations created.

Snow Storm in China
Snow Storm in China instructions include 4 pages.
One of the most beautiful effects in magic, generally a wet wad of paper is dried with a fan and flakes fly across the stage creating the illusion of a snowstorm
Various versions are available from Abbott's.

Soft Glass Improved
Soft Glass Improved instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Sonic Cleaning Chamber
Sonic Cleaning Chamber instructions include 2 pages.
Idea conceived and routined by Hank Moorehouse.
By combining the concepts of The Sun and Moon Handkerchief trick with The Chinese Washing Machine, Hank Moorehouse has developed a modern, up-to-date routine which can be used for both children and adult audiences. "THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" ... combines action, color, flash, noise and excitement. A perfect audience participation trick. The performer shows "THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" and a dirty and soiled man's pocket handkerchief. The hank is placed inside the chamber and a member of the audience turns the crank on the top of the chamber. A raucous and ratchety noise is produced. The performer explains that the noise is what does the cleaning. When the hank is removed ... it is clean ... bit it now has a gigantic hole in its center! Back into the chamber it goes. This time when the handkerchief is removed it has shrunk to miniature size! The performer places the small hank back into the chamber and the crank is turned once more. But something has gone wrong once again. The hank is back to full size ... but now it has changed to a bright red bandana! The bandana is placed back inside "THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" and after a series of noise-producing turns on the crank handle the pocket handkerchief is removed bright and white!
"THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" is constructed from selected hardwoods and quality metal hardware. The ratchet noise-maker is designed to last. The interior of the chamber may be shown empty at any time during the routine. The lid of the chamber is hinged to the box, thus eliminating clasps and fasteners. The chamber is lacquered in white and gold with black accents. "SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" comes complete with all necessary handkerchiefs, plus routine and patter.
Sonic Cleaning Chamber available from Abbott's $200.00

Special Rising Cards
Special Rising Cards instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Spectacular Finale
Spectacular Finale instructions include 1 page.
Positively nothing ....but nothing in the whole field of magic has proven so sensational ... so exciting ... as Abbott's SPECTACULAR FINALE! Two decorated Oriental Pagodas are seen hanging, one on each side of the stage, throughout the entire act. At the finish, as the performer takes his bows, two large silk rainbow flags mounted on staffs suddenly appear, one in each of his hands. Simultaneous with the production of the flags and staffs all pandemonium breaks loose. Bang! Bang! Bang! Automatically the pagodas transform themselves into a colossal display of parasols, flags, ribbons, garlands, confetti and rainbow streamers cascading onto the stage in a never-ending stream. Then, seemingly from "out of the blue", a series of colored banners appear ... to completely fill the stage!
It all happens so suddenly and so unexpectedly. Filling the stage with action, flash and color. Spectacular Finale is breath-taking! The entire outfit includes: 2 Rainbow Silk Flags (3 ft. x 6 ft.) and 2 Collapsible Flagstaffs which extend to 5 ft. when produced; 2 Oriental Pagodas measuring 7 inches by 7 inches by 24 inches and which transform into a display measuring, over all, 4 ft. by 4 ft. by 6 ft. The backdrop consists of 12 Banners in assorted colors, each banner is 18 ft. long and 18 inches wide. The instructions explain how surprisingly easy and simple Spectacular Finale is to set. The banners come in individual sections and the complete outfit fits into a wooden packing and traveling case, which we supply
Spectacular Finale is available for $10,000.00

Spectre Tie, An Abbott's Exclusive
Spectre Tie instructions include 2 pages.
Placement on table in conspicuous place. Effect: Magi hands out all apparatus for examination. He slips tube in center of cord, has two spectators each hold one end of cord, throws the covering over tube and rope and explains that with the aid of the long past dead, he will tie a knot over the tube. Reaches under covering, makes motions of tying knot, and when covering is wisked away, a real knot is tied over tube. Knot cannot be removed without release of one end of rope.

Sphinx Cigarette. Origninated May 1936.
Sphinx Cigarette instructions include 1 page.

Spider instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Spider and the Card
Spider and the Card instructions include 1 page.
A card is selected and is caused to vanish. Magician displays a stand which is outlined in the form of a web with a large spider in the center. The web is set spinning and gradually a white spot appears which visibly forms into the selected card, held in the spider's feet. A self-contained effect and easy to work. Packs small, Plays BIG, Easy to do. This has been a favorite illusion for years. Pictures do not do give this illusion justice. Smooth Red, Blue, and Black laquered finish. Approx 16.5 inches high and 16.5 inches wide. "spins like a top" great mechanical workings.
Card Spider $150.00

Spirit Cabinet Act
Spirit Cabinet Act instructions include 2 pages.

Spirit Pictures
Spirit Pictures instructions include 3 pages and was created by Lester lake.
This exceedingly clever piece of apparatus is one that can be used for numerous effects

Spirit Slates
Spirit Slates instructions include 1 page.
Effect: Two slates - shown to be free from writing, etc. Both slates are placed together and tied if desired. Upon separating the slates we find writing on one of them...a spirit message. Note: We strongly recommend the use of "soft" chalk when performing with the Spirit Slates - as opposed to "hard" chalk. "Hard" chalk is similar to that used in schools, being white, tightly packed and available in most dime stores. "Soft" chalk comes in colors, usuallly in larger diameter sticks, and is commonly called "sidewalk" chalk.
Both sides of two slates are freely shown. The performer may even go as far as cleaning them with a damp sponge! The slates are then held together (they may even be tied or taped together, if desired). The spectator holds the slates. When the slates are once again separated the name of a selected card, or the answer to a question is found written on one or both of the inside surfaces of the two slates.
Various versions are availble from $50.00 to $200.00

Spirit Spooks
Spirit Spooks instructions include 4 pages.
Here is a spooky interlude that is almost a complete act in itself. Performer invites two men from the audience to act as a committee. He shows two long tapes and allows committee to tie one to each of his wrists - the tie being at the middle of the tape - so that the two ends dangle from each wrist.

Splitting A Hare
Splitting A Hare instructions include 1 page and a routine by Hank Moorehouse.
Magician produces a rabbit through his favorite method, then instantly splits the rabbit in two, now having two identical white rabbits.
Abbott's Splitting the Hare $150.00

Spooky Silk
Spooky Silk instructions include 1 page.

Spotted (Henry Durkin)
Spotted instructions include 2 pages.
A yellow and black card (10" x 10") with four large black spots is shown. The performer comments that maybe the audience is seeing "spots before their eyes". The card is waved in the air and two of the spots disappear. This is repeated and the spots return. This sequence is performed again until the audience is sure that the performer is only turning the card around, etc. So, the performer slowly turns the card around and that side is completely blank! No spots at all! When the card is once more turned slowly around there are still four spots - but now they are each a different color - Red, Green, Blue and Orange! Perhaps the audience is "seeing things" and so that they can test their eyes the card suddenly opens out to twice its original size revealing an Eye Chart, with diminishing black letters on a white background! A visual climax! A Henry Durkin creation.
Spotted $30.00

Spotting the Block
Spotting the Block instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Spurting Rice Bowls
Spurting Rice Bowls instructions include 1 page.

Spykher instructions include 1 page.

Square Circle
Square Circle (classic and Standard) instructions include 1 page.
A four-sided wooden tube, open at the front, is shown freely and placed on a thin pedestal base. A tall metal cylinder, open at both ends, is shown freely and placed inside the wooden tube from where it remains in view at all times. From this combination the magician produces yards and yards of silks, etc. This improved model has the capacity of twenty 36" silk squares or, a squirming live bunny rabbit may be produced. There is nothing better for production as it can be performed surrounded. The load chamber is gimmicked on the bottom to secretly hold a hat coil, for an additional production.
Abbotts Classic Square Circle $150.00

Squaring the Circle
Squaring the Circle instructions include 1 page.
An all-metal ring is shown - a perfect circle (fifteen inches in diameter). It is tossed into the air. The performer says, “Scientists state that it is impossible to ‘square the circle’. It just can’t be done. Yet, that is just what you will see me do! Here is a metal ring, a complete unbroken circle. No openings - secret or otherwise - in this ring. Notice that I hold this ring at the extreme fingertips and, quicker than the eye can wink, right before your eyes, it is now a perfect square!” (The square is twelve inches on a side.)
No covering of any kind! This is a visible change. Instant! Startling! Baffling! Made entirely from chrome-plated metal. This effect requires no skill and no practice. It takes less than one minute to master and we know you will be so fascinated by this ingenious effect that you will do it over and over again for your own amusement, even before showing it to your audiences.
Giant Squaring the Circle: $20.00

Squash by Percy Abbott
Squash instructions include 2 pages and is known as the trick that built the Abbott Magic Co.
"Squash" was originated by the late Percy Abbott and is known as "the trick that built the Abbott Magic Company." A shot glass containing any kind of liquid is seen in full view on the palm of one hand. The other hand covers the glass and the hands are squeezed together. When the hands separate the glass of liquid has vanished and both hands are empty. The same glass (not a duplicate) is produced from behind the performer's knee (or from anywhere else) and the effect is repeated! There is no get-ready or preparation. Another presentation is to have the glass setting on a table - slap the glass - clap your hands - and the glass and its contents are gone! Originated by Percy Abbott and first manufactured and sold in 1935, over the years Squash has proven to be a sensation among magicians and laymen alike. Often copied it has never been equaled! This is our own! You can perform this two feet from the audience and still fool them! And, you can work it five minutes after you receive it!
Abbotts Squash $10.00

Squeeze Away Block by Ed Massey
Squeeze Away Block instructions include 2 pages.
Three examined wooden blocks, two red and one yellow are placed into an open cabin with the yellow block between the red ones. The two red blocks are pushed together squeezing the yellow block smaller and smaller until it vanishes completely!
Squeeze Away Block $66.00

Squeeze It
Squeeze It instructions include 4 pages and was created by Percy Abbott in 1935.
We release "Squeeze-It" to the Magic Fraternity, feeling sure that we are once again advancing Magic another step forward. "Squeeze-It" is an extremely easy Trick to present, although this lengthy instruction might, at first, impress you otherwise. We advise you to first get the general idea of the different moves and presentation, thenuse moves best suited to your own mannerisms, etc., giving plenty of thought to the Misdirection, best suited to your individuality.

Squelch instructions include 7 pages.
We believe that Squelch is a fitting follow up to our two previous effects along the same line, namely "Squash" and "Squeeze-It", both originated by Percy Abbott.

Stack of Glasses
Stack of Glasses instructions include 1 page.
Many a club performer has no doubt wanted to produce a stack of fish bowls, but due to carrying space and the fact that he frequently had to work completely surrounded by his audience this great feature item was never added to his routine. With Abbott?s Stack of Glasses you can get the same effect and you can do it in the center of any floor or stage without screens or any other special equipment for a hideaway. After any silk production the performer picks up a few silks and walks forward with them. The free hand dips underneath, the silks are pulled away and there, reposing on the palm of his hand, is a stack of five full-sized plastic tumblers - each tumbler filled to the brim with liquid! Even holding them appears to be a feat of balance or juggling but there is no need to worry on the performers part. The glasses may then be unstacked, one at a time, with the contents poured out or consumed. Remember, you can work this effect surrounded and you do not have to carry any special or draped tables, boxes, screens, etc. Still, you do not use an body loads, either. And the stack of glasses (now supplied with clear, specially constructed, heavy plastic tumblers) will fit into any corner of your suitcase. Just fill them with liquid at your show site. Complete with glasses, clever gimmick and instructions.
Stack of Glasses Production $65.00

Startling Coin Pail
Startling Coin Pail instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Straight Gambler
Straight Gambler instructions include 4 pages.
This is a terrific gambling routine with a patter story that is 100 percent logical and entertaining. The gambler in the story is not crooked. No, sir! He is a straight gambler. Five hands of Poker are dealt and he gets the straight: 5,6,7,8,9. He deals four hands three hands - two hands, and always deals a straight to himself. He gives the spectator the choice of the top or bottom card. It makes no difference - when he is dealing crooked he gets the four Aces! This practically works itself. No moves, no sleights. In manuscript form.
Abbotts Straight Gambler: $2.00

Straight Jacket Release
Straight Jacket Release instructions include 4 pages.
This is a professional-looking restraint device, specially designed for both the escape artist and the magician who wants to add one feature escape to his regular program. The jacket is made from heavy canvas material and all edges, hems and cuffs are bound with leather. Restraint is fastened with metal buckles and heavy leather strapping. Jackets are constructed to male suit coat sizes. Please specify size when ordering.
Abbotts Straight Jacket $250.00

Stung & Stung Again
Stung & Stung Again instructions include 1 page.
Abbotts ABC Stung (a similar effect) is $60.00

Stung Rabbit Cards
Stung Rabbit Cards instructions include 1 page.

Stupendous Production
Stupendous Production instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Suckerette instructions include 1 page and is a livestock effect.

Sugar Short (Sid Lorraine)
Sugar Short instructions include 2 pages.
By request, Abbotts is again making Sid Lorraine's "Sugar Short" in a new and more modern design. This sure-fire laugh getter can be used in conjunction with such tricks as Pudding in the Hat, Cake in the Hat, the Dove Pan, etc., or used by itself as a comedy magic item or as an M.C. bit. The sugar shaker is new and modern in design. The cap is stainless steel. The trick is self-working. Sid Lorraine's patter is funny and fits the action perfectly and the finish is a sure laugh. You can use either sugar or salt. The magician explains that his wife wanted him to get a cup or so of sugar to complete a baking job. He drops into a restaurant and picks up the sugar dispenser. Opening a paper bag, he proceeds to shake the sugar into it. (Suiting actions to words, the audience sees the performer shaking the contents of the shaker into a paper bag and sees the sugar level diminish in the shaker.) The restaurant manager comes over and tells the magician that he doesn't appreciate what the performer is doing. The magician replies, "Well, if you don't like it - you can lump it!" He turns the paper bag over and out drops lumps of sugar! The loose sugar has vanished!
Sugar Short is $40.00

Sunburst Color Change
Sunburst Color Change instructions include 1 brief page.

Super Botania
Super Botania instructions include 1 page.
This most spectacular flower production has many features that should not be overlooked. A small chromed metal cover is used, 11" tall and 6" in diameter at its widest point. The cover is shown empty--the audience may look through it from BOTH ends! The performer may push his arm through it to show it empty. This cover is set upon a flat green board. A single bloom flower dart is dropped though the cover--the cover is lifted and the dart is seen to be sticking upright in the green board. This sequence is repeated several times in rapid succession. The last time the cover is lifted, instead of a single flower dart, a giant bouquet of flowers is revealed! The bouquet is nearly twice as tall as the cover (approximately 24" spherical). It is hard to believe that such a huge display could be concealed in the small chrome cover that was shown empty so convincingly at the start! All parts are mechanically perfect. The flowers are our best grade feathers. Comes in all red blooms with yellow centers. Assorted colors at no additional costs. Other solid single colors also available. If you are looking for novelty, surprise and mystery--look no further. This is it! Abbott's Super Botania contains eighteen blooms. No skill required.
Abbotts Super Botania $850.00

Super Bowl of Water Production
Super Bowl of Water Production instructions include 1 page.
Another Abbott innovation! A popular stage effect, compact enough for the club situation yet big enough in flash to work anywhere. A great night club trick as it can be performed with the audience all around you. The magician displays a cloth foulard and drapes it over his arm with a throwing motion. A shape appears under the cloth. The performer places the contents of the foulard on a neat-appearing table. When the cloth is removed the audience sees a large texture-finished clear plastic bowl filled with water and goldfish. The bowl could also contain an iced drink or fresh fruit. The bowl measures nearly fifteen inches in diameter and is almost six inches deep ... and, because of its design, it looks even bigger! After the production the audience will notice that the bowl is bigger than the table top! Comes complete with Supersonic Table Base, table top, bowl, accessories and instructions. No cloth foulard supplied.
Abbotts Super Bowl of Water Production $500.00

Super Duper Balloon. Originated by John E. Payton
Super Duper Balloon instructions include 2 pages.
A large, round balloon is inflated (the spectator can do this), and held between the hands of the magician. Slowly the hands are removed and the balloon floats in space! There is positively, NOTHING attached to the balloon! Can be done in a church basement, or the largest of stages! This is the perfect way to go into super needle or dove from balloon since the balloon is un-gimmicked!
Abbotts  Super Duper Balloon $425.00

Super Surprise Wand (Al Munroe)
Super Surprise Wand instructions include 1 page.

Super Ventriloquists Tumbler
Super Ventriloquists Tumbler instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Super X Levitation
Super X instructions include 6 pages.
This illusion can be performed in the center of a brilliantly lighted stage, away from all curtains and drops. A board is seen resting on two decorated supports. Any spectator (or the magicians assistant) is placed on the board. The supports are removed and the board (and the person) remains suspended in mid-air!
A flexible hoop is passed completely around and over the person on the board. The audience can clearly see under and above the floating subject. This is a one-man illusion, requiring no assistants. The Super-X Levitation weighs less than fifty pounds, is quickly assembled and has nothing that will wear out or go wrong.
Abbotts Super-X Levitation surpasses them all for practicality and effectiveness. A proven-safe method. It can be performed anywhere: club, living room, on stage or outdoors. There is nothing attached to the performer at any time. You can work this illusion immediately.
Abbotts Super X Levitation $750.00

Supreme Dove Vanish
Supreme Dove Vanish instructions include 1 brief page and is primarily for collectors.

Supreme Silk Routine (Louis A. Marloe)
Supreme Silk Routine instructions include 4 pages.

Supreme Vanishing Bird Cage
Supreme Vanishing Bird Cage instructions include 2 pages.

Surprise Thimble Act
Surprise Thimble Act instructions include 3 pages
Originated by El-Ray. Exclusive sales rights purchased by Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

Surrounded Bird Box
Surrounded Bird Box instructions include 1 page.

Surrounded Duck Vanish
Surrounded Duck Vanish instructions include 1 page.
This box was designed to vanish a duck while surrounded by spectators. The top lid of the box is opened as shown in the illustration. The livestock is placed inside and the lid is closed. The front door panel is unlatched and lowered down ... nothing can be seen inside the box! The top panel is re-opened and both hands are inserted into the empty box ... the livestock has vanished! The box may be turned around and shown on all sides while working this effect. It's different! It's fast working! No fumbling! Attractively finished, the size of the box is twenty inches by twelve inches by twelve inches. This is an excellent vanish to use in conjunction with Abbott's "Duck Bucket". An Arturo creation.
Abbotts Surrounded Duck Vanish or Production $400.00

Surrounded Livestock Vanish (Arturo)
Surrounded Livestock Vanish instructions include 1 brief page.
This box is designed to vanish several doves or a good-sized rabbit, while surrounded by spectators. The top lid of the box is opened - the livestock is placed inside - the lid is closed. Suddenly the performer grasps the handle on the side of the box and sets the box upright. The box has no bottom and the interior is clearly seen to be empty! The box is turned to show all sides. The livestock has vanished! Remember, the audience can be on all sides while working this effect. It?s different. It?s fast-working. There is no fumbling. Attractively finished in bright lacquer colors the box measures 11" x 7 1/2" x 7 1/2". Here is class - speed - and mystery. Note: Abbott?s Surrounded Livestock Vanish is perfect in combination with Abbott?s Surrounded Livestock Production. Both boxes are of the same size, design and color motif.
Abbotts Surrounded Livestock Vanish $95.00

Svengali Magic Cards
Svengali Magic Cards instructions include 2 pages and contains routines and ideas for the Svengali deck.

Sword Thru Neck
Sword thru Neck instructions include 2 pages.
A sword is freely shown. Neck stocks are displayed and the sword is thrust through their center. A balloon may be placed in the opening of the stocks and burst by the sword. The stocks are then placed around the neck of an assistant - a volunteer from the audience may be used. The magician explains that it is possible for him to push the sword through the victim’s neck without them, in any way, feeling any pain. Slowly and deliberately the sword is forced through the assistant’s neck, from side to side so that both ends of the blade are in full view. The sword is withdrawn and the assistant is none the worse for his sensational experience. This is the same type of sword previously supplied in Abbott’s Sword Through Girl and it is not the flimsy type formerly sold as a “Needle penetration. It is startling to the extreme. A slightly gruesome effect, yes, but one that never fails to click. This is just the illusion you have been waiting for as you can use a volunteer assistant. The other spectators may be all around you, even close up, without the fear of detection. The apparatus supplied is innocent in appearance ... a mechanical masterpiece. Your volunteer assistant will never learn the secret. (No workshop plans available.
Sword Thru Neck $200.00

Sympathetic Napkin Rings
Sympathetic Napkin Rings instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Sympathetic Silk Tricks
Sympathetic Silk Tricks instructions include 8 pages and is a compilation of several effects.

Tambo Rings
Tambo Rings instructions include 1 page.
Two metal rings and a piece of paper are used to form a tambourine. Both sides of this are shown. The paper is then punctured and many yards of colored paper ribbon is produced. From the produced paper a live rabbit (or any object) is produced. The paper hat coil is introduced into the tambourine in a very subtle manner, using no body loads and no special tables, etc. Rings are plated metal and are eight inches in diameter. The trick is supplied with both rings, three coils and a rabbit fake, plus directions.
Tambo Rings $50.00

Tantalacto (Originated by W.H. Freer)
Tantalacto instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Tantalizing Wand
Tantalizing Wand instructions include 1 page.
This is a classic comedy effect which has been improved to be a real fooler. It goes something like this, the tip of your wand breaks off, only to be replaced but at the wrong end, suddenly the wand has restored itself and looks normal, until the tip falls off which is vanished in a devils handkerchief and reappers on the wand, which has suddenly changed to a multi color wand right before their eyese. Did you get all that? A very versatile prop that you can use anytime in your routine, even as a running gag. The transformation at the end to the multi-colored wand is nothing short of beautiful and is a real fooler. The set comes complete with wand, gimmicks, and even a devils hankerchief. Very easy to do, just follow the included instructions which will walk you through each step of this wonderful effect.
Abbotts Tantalizing Wand $35.00

Tappit (Heath)
Tappit instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Tarbell Rope Mystery (Harlan Tarbell)
Tarbell Rope Mystery instructions include 1 page.

Tear Apart Livestock Vanish
Tear Apart Livestock Vanish instructions.
The apparatus consists of a box: top, sides and bottom. Each section is a wooden frame and the panels are covered with newspaper. In performance, two doves (or a small rabbit) are placed into the box. Each section is taken apart separately. First you push your hand through the lid frame, tearing the paper. You leave this torn frame hanging on your arm, then in rapid succession the four sides are broken over your hand and hung on your arm. Lastly, the bottom paper is broken over your head, leaving the frame and its paper around your neck. The livestock has completely vanished! At the start of this effect the box may be setting on any chair or table. No table drapes are necessary. No body holders or pockets are used. Nothing is stolen away. It is all self- contained. The paper may be broken out of the frames over the arms of an assistant or you may use a member of the audience.
Abbotts Tear Apart Vanish: $125.00

Televis Chest
Televis Chest instructions include 1 page and was created by Marion Black.

Television Card Frame
Television Card Frame (TV Card Frame) instructions include 4 pages.
A classic effect, a card is selected and appears visually between two plates of plexiglass. There have been many variations on this trick including it's use with devices such as beam blaze where the card not only appears between the plate but appears in a brilliant flash of light. A great prop and highly recommended.
Abbotts has three versions of a TV Card Frame: $89.90, $125.00, and $199.00

TEN instructions include 1 page.
This is the kind of card trick you have been waiting for. No skill. No practice. You can learn to do it in a minute. It is intimate. There is no preparation. It will fool magicians and laymen alike. And, you can repeat and repeat it - the more you do it the more you mystify. Any ten cards are used. These are mixed thoroughly. The cards are in no particular order. You turn your back to the spectator. With the cards in his hands he moves any number of cards from the bottom of the packet to the top. You take the cards and without a bit of hesitation you turn over one card - its value matches the number of cards you moved. Cards are again mixed and the effect is repeated as many times as you wish. You are always correct. For a finish, you repeat the effect without touching the cards. You can be in another room. The spectator moves a number of cards and you tell him to turn over a specific card, say the fifth one from the top. He does this and sure enough, that card matches the number of cards moved. And even this stunning effect may be repeated!
Abbott's Ten is $2.00

Tennis Anyone (Neil Foster, 1976)
Tennis Anyone instructions include 2 pages.

The Chopper
The Chopper is an effect by Lester Lake and the instructions include 1 page.

The Farmers Daughter
The Farmers Daughter and Traveling Salesman instructions include 4 pages and include poetic patter, drawings, and presentation. Original patter by Bert Douglas revised here and there to suit routine.

The Magic Nut
The Magic Nut instructions include 1 page and describes a nut that is threaded onto a string, yet you are able to remove it. Requires gimmick

The Sting (Tony Chaudhuri)
The Sting instructions include 2 pages.
Here is something new! An entertaining three card monte routine by an innovative close - up performer. There are no complicated moves. You can concentrate on the presentation and produce pure entertainment. The Sting is a four phase routine. Each phase builds towards the conclusion. Each phase is subtly different from the others and the spectator never has a chance. You will receive three special playing cards, one special size card clip, one leather-like card wallet and clear and concise instructions. The sting comes complete with a suggested gambling patter story but it will also lend itself to any story you may choose. Don?t get stung - get The Sting! A Tony Chaudhuri creation.
The Sting $5.00

Thief of Judpaw (Eddie Joseph)
Thief of Judpaw instructions include 2 pages.
This is the story of the Hindu magician collecting money and valuables after his performance. All the coins, rings, etc., are thrown onto an ordinary, spread-out, handkerchief. The magician picks up the hank in the form of a bag. It is then stretched out between the hands and everything has vanished! The hank is even slapped hard against the table to prove the magicians statement that he has lost the coins and the jewelry. This effect may be performed impromptu or at any time during your close- up act. By Eddie Joseph.
Thief of Judpaw $2.00

Thimbleze instructions include 2 pages.

Think It
Think It instructions include 2 pages.

Thru and Thru
Thru and Thru instructions include 1 page.

Thru Ball (Warren Stephens)
Thru Ball instructions include 1 page.
Warren Stephens has created this penetration of a solid through a solid, using an empty shot glass which is covered with an inverted plastic tumbler. A bright colored ball is placed atop the tumbler (as in the illustration) and everything is covered with a handkerchief. The palm of the hand is placed on the covered ball and a rubbing motion is made. Suddenly, the handkerchief is removed and the ball is seen to be sitting in the inner shot glass-having penetrated through the base of the tumbler! Only one ball is used and there are no sleights involved.
Abbotts Thru Ball $10.00

Thumb Tie
Thumb Tie instructions include 2 pages and there is a gimmick involved which is available separately from Abbotts.
This is the exact method that Percy Abbott used for his entire career. The late Howard Thurston, upon witnessing a performance, was so mystified and pleased that he asked Percy to teach him the routine. The thumbs are legitimately tied with four, five or six tapes or string. Even wire may be used. The thumbs are in no way manipulated to gain slack, etc. In the routine, hoops are caught and pass through onto the arms. The magician?s tied thumbs pass through the legs or linked arms of a spectator, etc. This routine is easy to do but will require rehearsal to polish the presentation.
Thumb Tie: $30.00

Thurston Rising Cards
Thurston Rising Cards instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Tip See Bottle (Stewart James)
Tip See Bottle instructions include 1 page.

TJC Coin Rack (T.J. Crawford)
TJC Coin Rack instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.

Torn & Restored Dollar Bill (Eddie Joseph, Calcutta, India)
Torn & Restored Dollar Bill instructions include 6 pages.

Torn & Restored Newspaper
Torn & Restored Newspaper instructions include 3 pages.
Four pages of a full-sized newspaper are freely shown and then torn into strips - folded into a bundle - the bundle of pieces is merely opened out to show the newspaper completely restored! No stalling - no unnecessary folds - a quick, snappy torn and restored newspaper effect. Comes complete with a sample paper and directions for making your own. Complete with patter and presentation.
Abbotts Torn & Restored Newspaper $20.00

Torturette instructions include 2 pages, an older version and a newer version of the instruction.
For a change, the magician tortures himself. Yes, you Mr. Magician, show how your arm is immune to pain by driving solid steel spikes through your arm. The cabinet is just large enough to comfortable hold your arm. You can walk right into the midst of the audience and let anyone try it - yes, let them examine it carefully. The spikes in the handle are all solid and conform to the holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet. Now, with the arm in position you force the spikes through the holes.
You show it on all sides. The audience plainly sees the top of the spikes showing in the handle, while the points of the spikes are visible at the bottom of the cabinet. And the way the spikes are set in the handle and the number of spikes used leaves no room for trickery. That is why TORTURETTE is so convincing. You can use any arm in this illusion. The idea of the magician using it on himself is both new and novel. We unhesitatingly say that this is the most astonishing, best-looking torture effect ever released. Finished in lacquers with the design in a Hindu motif. (No workshop plans available.)
Nails through arm. Looks impossible. Best used with a savvy assistant or your own arm.
Abbotts Torturette $175.00

Transposition Card Box
Transposition Card Box instructions include 1 page.
Effect: The spectator chooses one of two cards shown by Magi. Cards are then placed in the tranposition box. One of the cards is placed in spectator's pocket or some other place. The Magic then through the "powers of mentalism" causes the chosen card to change places with the remaining card in the box.

Tricks With Hair
Tricks With Hair instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors.

Tricksy (originated May 1934 by Percy Abbott)
Tricksy instructions include 1 page.

Tricky Deal
Tricky Deal instructions include 1 page.
This is something you can and will use often. In the course of doing a card trick, say, “I’ll show you why people won’t play cards with me.” You shuffle the deck (overhand or riffle), then ask how many draw poker hands they would like dealt (any number). The cards are dealt and the players discard and draw as many cards as they like. When the hands are shown you have the four Kings. Without hesitation the dealing is repeated and this time you get the four Aces. This is a great impromptu demonstration of skill and yet, no skill is required. And remember, the cards are shuffled.

Triple Alliance Glass Penetration (Abbott, Baker, Grant)
Triple Alliance Glass Penetration instructions include 1 page.

Triple Block Mystery
Triple Block Mystery instructions include 2 pages and is primarily for collectors.

Triple Spike Mystery (W. Tresslar)
Triple Spike Mystery instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Triptych (by Dennis Laub)
Triptych instructions include 4 pages.

Trixie the Puppet Mouse
Trixie the Puppet Mouse instructions include 4 pages and a description of the prop is below.
Life-like mouse that creates the illusion that it is alive. Available in brown or white.
Trixie/Judie the Mouse $10.00

Tu Wa Milk It
Tu Wa Milk It instructions include 5 pages.
With patter by Sid Lorraine

Tube Tumbler
Tube Tumbler instructions include 1 page.

Tumble Bug
Tumble Bug instructions include 1 page.

Two Card Monte
Two Card Monte instructions include 1 page.

Ultimate Twin Dove Production
Ultimate Twin Dove Production instructions include 2 pages.
The magician shows two 24" silks (not included). He ties them together at one of their corners. The knot is briefly placed between the performer’s teeth. His hands slide down the silks and - INSTANTLY - a live, fluttering dove appears in each hand! Spectacular magic! The “Ultimate Twin Dove Production: by Thomas Beasley is the most modern and sure-fire method ever offered to the magical world. There is no awkwardness and no fumbling. The doves are secure, right up to the second of their production and their release is totally automatic. No snaps. No Velcro. No catches. No finger movements. Totally automatic! The outfit comes complete with body holders, dove fakes and explicit instructions. You add two 24" silks of your own color choice and the proper amount of rehearsal and your audiences will soon be enjoying and marveling at the “Ultimate Twin Dove Production!”

Ultra Coin Stand
Ultra Coin Stand instructions include 1 brief page.

Ultra Modern Suspension
Ultra Modern Suspension instructions include 1 page and is primarily for illusionists.

Uncanny Slate Mystery
Uncanny Slate Mystery instructions include 1 page, Brilliant gimmick does all the work for you, no stooges, no other tools except the chalk and special slate which does the work for you.
The performer shows a slate, on which are drawn four horizontal chalk lines.
If you need a mentalism effect that plays to several people at the same time, yet is foolproof and so easy to do that all you need worry about is the presentation, then read the ad below.
We are pleased to present this masterpiece, which enables the performer to write a prediction, place it in a sealed envelope, and hand it to a spectator at the beginning of the trick. He then has four sets of numbers told to him by the audience (which he writes down in front of them) and has a fifth spectator add up the total. When this figure is read, he asks the spectator holding the prediction to read it, and it is found to be the same figure as the total on the slate
Uncanny Slate Mystery $100.00

Utility Ghost
Utility Ghost or Wandering Skeleton instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Vanishing Bird Cage
Vanishing Bird Cage instructions include 3 pages
Instructions by Neil Foster, 1963. A brass metal cage, trimmed with red ribbon, containing a (latex rubber) yellow canary is displayed between the magician's hands. The bird and the cage immediately vanish! And, this effect may be repeated while the cage is being held by spectators at the front, back, top, bottom and both sides of the cage! One of the greatest effects in magic- and a reputation maker for numerous performers. The Abbott cage may be set into position in seconds. It can be held in one hand by some performers. The special construction of the cage allows you to hold the cage as if it were rigid and yet, because of its extreme flexibility - it is the fastest vanishing cage ever made!
Abbotts sells two different cages: Small $200.00 or Large $200.00

Vanishing Handkerchief Wand
Vanishing Handkerchief Wand instructions include 1 page and was created by U.F. Grant.

Vanishing Head and Skull
Vanishing Head and Skull instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Vanishing Silk
Vanishing Silk instructions include 1 page and is the "fingertip method".
Effect: A silk handkerchief is rolled up into the hand of the performer and a small corner is pulled out from the closed fist - showing the silk handkerchief is still there. Still, watch as they may, with a poke of the finger the silk goes - vanishes - even though a spectator may be holding the wrists of the performer.

Versatile Change Bag
Versatile Change Bag instructions include 1 page.
This bag was specially designed to fill some long-felt magical needs. The load capacity is extra large (the depth of the bag is 12 inches). It is easier to handle than many standard bags as the handle has been eliminated. This all- purpose bag can be used for vanishes, productions and exchanges. The frame of the bag (about six inches in diameter) is made of molded white plastic. The bag is constructed of red velvet material with gold braid trim. Large enough to change silk handkerchiefs to a live dove-or the production of two live doves-or for the continuous production of paper streamers. We supply complete instructions with many suggested routines.

Victory (Sid Lorraine)
Victory instructions include 4 pages and was created during World War 2 to support the Allied troops and boost moral of those who saw the effect. Very patriotic and historic!
Effect: On the easel are seven cards, each having a letter of the alphabet. They spell "THE HEEL". Performer calls attention to them and says it isn't his business card but a title earned by a rather infamous fellow. He says that if they can't recognzie the "HEEL" part, "maybe this is better"...and he picks the four cards, flicks them with his fingers and deals them out again and the display reads "The Liar". Pattering along, he says the character may still be unrecognizable so he herely rearranges the cards until they form into the words "HEIL RAT"...and he adds, "Maybe you'd like his public name. Here it is" and he arranges them once more and they spell "A HITLER".  A paper bag is then introduced with suitable remarks, and the cards dropped in... pattering to the effect that to bag Hitler is ambition... then reaching in the air you produce a length of rod-white-blue ribbon which you intimate will be the colors to eventually tie him up... and this is dropped into the bag. Then screwing up the mouth of the bag, you blow into it, expanding it...explaining that you'll add a lot of hot air to make Hitler feel at home ... then say, "It won't be long before we'll hear the big bang that ends Hitler (burst the bag and the cards and ribbon sticks out. These you withdraw and display.."and this will be the result for us."   Here you display the seven cards hanging on the ribbon and they now spell "VICTORY."

Visible Coins in Glass
Visible Coins in Glass instructions include 1 page.
Now Totally Self-Contained Automatic Unit FANTASTIC Coin magic! Show a large glass, a small glass and a wooden base. The small glass is placed on the base and the large glass inverted over the small one. Four coins are shown resting on a stand. One by one the coins Vanish! And, one by one, they Appear inside the small glass! You can actually hear each one as it arrives in the small glass. Supplied complete with: Two Glasses Turned Wood Gimmicked Base Hardwood Coin Vanishing Stand
Abbotts Visible Coins In Glass $185.00

Visible Misers Dream
Visible Misers Dream instructions include 1 page.
The performer shows both hands empty. He then displays a clear glass tumbler. He holds the tumbler in his left hand and, reaching out into the air with his right hand, he produces a coin at the fingertips. This coin is actually thrown into the glass. Three or four more coins are produced in the same way. The glass is transferred to the right hand and the left hand continues with the catching of the coins. The glass is transferred back to the left hand and the right hand produces more coins at the fingertips. The magician may go into the audience and produce coins from a spectator's clothing, his nose, his elbow, his ear, etc. This will give you a brief idea of what can be done with "Visible Miser's Dream".
We anticipate that this will continue to be one of magic's most outstanding tricks. The special clear glass tumbler has been designed and manufactured to deliver ten coins into the hands. Although you may give the effect of producing as many as twenty-five coins, only ten are used. This is made possible because of the clever construction of the tumbler. Sleight of hand moves may be added to this routine but it should be clearly understood that by using the apparatus and the routine that we supply no skill and no palming are required. This effect may be done close-up and surrounded. There are no body loads. It is a self-contained trick. Comes complete with a heavy duty glass tumbler and ten Abbott Palming Coins and complete instructions. (Note: Real half dollars may be used in place of the palming coins, if desired.)
Abbotts Visible Misers Dream $75.00

Visible Silk Vanish
Visible Silk Vanish instructions include 1 page.

Vocab instructions include 4 pages. A great mentalism effect using a pocket dictionary.
The "Improved" $100.00 Dictionary Challenge

Walking Through A Steel Plate
Walking Through A Steel Plate instructions include 3 pages and is primarily for collectors. A description of the prop is below.

Watch Routine
Watch Routine instructions include 1 page.

Watch Winder
Watch Winder instructions include 1 page and includes Karrel Fox's 12 Hilarious Gags using the prop.
All Abbott downloads are instant when using Paypal, credit cards take a bit longer. This deluxe gimmick is small enough and light enough to be a constant pocket piece. Although it is known as a watch winder, and may be used for that purpose, there are many different gags this item can be used for. This is our own manufacture and should not be confused with the cheaper novelty item. Comes complete with an instruction sheet featuring twelve hilarious gags by Karrell Fox using the Watch Winder with cards, ropes, bananas, the Pop-up Tie, Disecto, fun with kids, etc

Watchwork Rising Cards
Watchwork Rising Cards instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

We Pay The Postage (by G. McAthy)
We Pay The Postage instructions include 1 page and it is a very large page. In fact we could not fit the title on the page.
Magician has an envelope selected by spectator. This is noted to be empty and spectator's identifying mark placed both on the face of the envelope and flap, thus being on both sides. Deck is now taken by spectator and shuffled. It is then spread out by him and any card selected. Card is noted and Magician tells spectator to select one of three postage stamps, a one-cent, a two-cent, and a three-cent. He explains that the card is to be sent by magical mail, and We Pay the Postage. The selected stamp is now stuck on the back of selected card. Magician takes card face down and inserts it in the examined envelope which is seen to have both marks on it placed there by spectator. Envelope is sealed up and placed aside. Deck is now gathered and placed some distance from envelope. Card is now commanded to pass from envelope to deck. The spectator is now allowed to pick up envelope and identify his marks, then tear it open. He finds the card gone. He now runs through the deck, backs up, until he comes to a card with a stamp on its back. The card of course turns out to be the selected card. Points to remember: Envelope is not faked. No sleights are necessary and it can be done under all conditions.

We Predict (Sid Lorraine)
We Predict instructions include 3 pages and was created during World War 2 to support the Allied troops and boost moral of those who saw the effect. Very patriotic and historic!

Wetterette (originated by Percy Abbott, June 1936)
Wetterette instructions include 2 pages.

Where Do The Ducks Go
Where Do The Ducks Go instructions include 2 pages.
This spectacular effect always leaves an audience spellbound with amazement. Three live ducks are removed from the duck crate and placed in a box which sets on a draped table. This box is removed, piece by piece, and the pieces are stacked flat in an assistant?s arms. There are several sucker gags employed and other bits of humorous byplay as the audience tries to guess where the ducks are concealed. Finally, the performer stacks all the pieces on top of the duck crate after showing each piece on both sides. The drape is whipped away from the table and the table is lifted to show nothing is concealed. The ducks have vanished into thin air, leaving no trace behind. Our outfit is beautiful in appearance and is supplied complete with table, drape, box and duck crate. The paint job and the decorations are of the highest quality. The entire outfit (minus the duck crate) breaks down for packing. There is nothing better!
Abbotts Where Do They Go $2,000.00

Wilting Bloom
Wilting Bloom instructions include 1 page.
Here is a real surprise that every magician should have and use. It's different. It has class. The magician states that he will magically materialize a bouquet of beautiful roses. An unprepared handkerchief is shown and a shape is seen to form within its folds. The hank is pulled away and, to the magician's disgust, he holds only one green stem with a single rose bloom thereon. "It must have been the stuff I drank," he says as he smells the rose. Slowly, the stem and the rose wilt over in a tipsy manner. The magician looks at the audience in surprise and as he does the stem returns to its former position. He looks at it again and the rose wilts in the opposite direction - and again comes back to its former position.
Wilting Flower: $40.00

Wisenheimer Coin Trick
Wisenheimer Coin Trick instructions include 1 page and is a sucker effect with a coin. The vast majority of instructions do not have a date, this one does - 1934
Effect: a borrowed coin visibly covered with a ring and disc immediately vanishes when the performer removes the disc. Of course, "Mr. Wisenheimber" surmises that this is the old form of the trick where the ring has a paper bottom fastened to it, which hides the coin from view when the ring is placed over the coin. Oh yes, he has seen that trick before. The attention of the performer should be directed elsewhere at this moment. (He may turn his back). It is certain that "Mr. Wisenheimer" with a "know-it-all" look will pick the ring up to examine it, only to find he has been "stung" - as he will discover no false bottom to the ring, and will find that the coin has disappeared, and the ring and the flat disc may stand thorough examination.

Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor instructions include 2 pages.
Abbott's Amazing Shrunken Head Illusion. A creative merger between Abbott's Magic and Bill Tresslar.

Wiz Cards
Wiz Cards instructions include 1 page.

Wiz Jigger Hank
Wiz Jigger Hank instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors.

Wonder Box
Wonder Box instructions include 1 brief page.
Remember the little car (a Volkswagen Bug) that would pull into one of the circus rings and about twenty clowns would get out? How did they all fit into that tiny car? That's what your audience will think when they wonder how all these scarves came out of this tiny box!
With this new version, ALL doors drop down to reveal a skeleton framework, proving the box is empty. Here is the effect: Show a beautiful, small chrome box, about 3 X 2 X 2. You let the front and back doors flop down, as well as opening the top door as shown in theanimaged gif. It is unmistakably empty. All the doors are now closed.
You now proceed to make an UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCTION OF UP TO TWELVE SILK SCARVES OF ALL DIFFERENT COLORS! What's so amazing about this little box is that each time you produce three or four scarves, you can immediately open all doors to show the box again empty, yet after closing,you again proceed to produce an endless amount of scarves!
This is the only production box that can be examined! And when you try to stuff all the scarves back into the box, they dont seem to fit back in! Made of brass, chrome plated.
Wonder Box Improved $20.00

Wonder Cylinder
Wonder Cylinder instructions include 1 page and is primarily for collectors. Instructions are to a prop made on the order of the Phantom Tube.

Wrist Tie
Wrist Tie instructions include 5 pages (original and revised instructions, one is 2 pages and the other is 3).

Yogi Hyp (Colin Bray)
Yogi Hyp instructions include 3 pages and a description of the prop is below.
As you may have guessed, Hyp is short for Hypnotism and the Yogi, in this case, is in name only. How many times have you been asked, "Can you hypnotize?" Did you have to dodge the issue? Take our tip and get Yogi Hyp and you will be set for that next occasion. If you want ten minutes of good comedy entertainment- Yogi Hyp is the answer. Here is a gimmick, tried and tested by its originator, with all the ear marks of true Hypnotism. No practice. No study. You give a little talk on the subject, get four or five volunteers onto the stage and with no previous coaching they fall asleep, go fishing, imitate monkeys and other funny stunts. You will be amazed at the results possible with this clever device. Many magicians are using it- proof positive of its value and effectiveness. You get the gimmick, the Hyp talk and the presentation, real entertainment. Devised and routined by Colin Bray.
Yogi Hyp (An Act of Yogi Hyp) $30.00

Yorick Electronic Talking Skull (Yorick Tresslar)
Yorick instructions include 5 pages, this is an electronic talking skull that is under your control.
Magician displays a "human" skull and places it on a table, book, etc. Upon command to "wake up and pay attention" the skull tips up to "look at" performer. Skull is now asked a series of questions and responds by loudly opening and closing his bony jaw. We think YORICK fills a need for a no-frills talking skull. He looks innocent of deception yet actuallly contains a state-of-the-art radio control receiver and a motor which actuates the jaw. The transmitter button is about the size of a quarter and can be worn or hidden anywhere you like. The range is up to approximately ten feet! Ideal for club work, floor shows or on stage. The skull picks out prominent people in the audience and tells them their innermost secrets. It picks out the "would-be" golfers, tells a man how many cigars he has in his pocket, gives the dates on coins, Have him say AAAHHH because you think he's looking a little thin and pale, have him name a selected card, blindfold him, etc. In other words, you can almost work a two person mental routine by having the skull act as the medium.
Electronic Talking Skull - YORICK $300.00

Zella Mind Reading Act
Zella's Mind Reading Act instructions include 2 pages.

Zella Nite Club Cylinders
Zella Nite Club Cylinders instructions include 1 page.

Zella Watch Act
Zella Watch Act instructions include 1 page.

Zens 15 Card Trick
Zens 15 Card Trick instructions include 4 pages.
This is a masterpiece in card magic. A member of the audience counts out fifteen cards from the pack, places them into an envelope and places this into his pocket. The cards are not touched by the performer. Another audience volunteer counts fifteen more cards from the deck and three spectators each select one card from this packet. Each card is noted and replaced. These fifteen cards are then shuffled, placed in a second envelope and help by a spectator. The magician commands the three selected cards to leave the one envelope and to appear in the original envelope. When the envelopes are opened the second contains only twelve cards and the three selections are gone. The original envelope contains eighteen cards, including the three selections are gone. The original envelope contains eighteen cards, including the three selections! No sleight of hand required. By M. F. Zens.
Zens Fifteen Cards $2.00

Zens Card Miracle
Zens Card Miracle instructions include 3 pages.
This is one of the greatest card tricks ever invented! A spectator cuts the pack of cards and counts off 25 cards. Shuffle these cards and have five of them selected by members of the audience. The magician does not view this selection process as his back is turned away during all this. The cards are replaced and the pack shuffled. A spectator is asked to place the cards in five rows of five cards each on an unprepared stand or easel or display board. (When performing this close-up or at a party situation the cards may be placed on the table surface, rather than using an easel.) Note: The cards may be placed in any order, on any row, either face up or face down. The performer then picks out the selected cards, one at a time. No sleight of hand. Easily performed. A real mystifier. By M.F. Zens
Zens Card Miracle $2.00

Zinab Fanning Deck
Zinab Fanning Deck instructions include 1 page.
The Abbott Magic Company is proud to announce their new fanning cards! From the company who has given the magic fraternity the Z-B Deck and the Zinab Fanning Deck! Imagine a card whose back pattern contains five colors: red, black, white, yellow and blue! The upper left quarter is brilliant red with a black highlight half-circle at the edge. The upper right corner is deep blue with red and yellow highlights. The lower left quarter is shocking yellow with a black highlight. Printed on the proper card stock, with standard faces, these cards need very little "breaking in". Just card-fan-atic!
Abbotts Fanning Deck: $20.00

Zombie (Karson's Zombie, 1963)
Zombie instructions include 2 pages.
A ball is on the magician's table. A silver ball. Like a mirror it reflects the many lights about it. The shadows about the ball reflect like hollow depths. A cloth is shown on both sides. The ball is covered. The performer holds two corners of the cloth. Slowly and unbelievably the form of the ball rises , taking the cloth with it. It rises up, up, until it is clear of the table. Then, the ball floats away from the table, under the cloth, and now it sinks down, out of sight leaving the cloth limp in the performer's hands. But wait! It now slowly floats up and into the view - towards the performer! He steps backwards, then towards the audience. The ball and the cloth follow his movements. The ball disappears behind the cloth and then up, up, and still up until the cloth is almost out of the performer's reach. With his hands high, the magician may turn showing all sides. With a lot of apparent concentration he guides the ball down. Down to the table and back onto the base, its resting place. The cloth is removed and the ball is now at rest.
This is a one-man effect. The performer has absolute control over the ball at all times. The cloth is unprepared. This is the most amazing floating ball ever produced. It can be worked in full stage light. There is no need to dim the lighting as with the old fashioned floating ball method. Comes complete with the original Karson instructions, ball, base, and gimmick. No cloth is supplied. This effect is suitable for club, living room or stage. Highly recommended.
Abbotts Zombie: $35.00

Zombie Case (Carlos Colombi)
Zombie Case instructions include 1 page.
The Case of the Mysterious Zombie, Buenos Aires, Argentina. An awe-inspiring opening effect, created by Carlos Colombi, for the mysterious Zombie floating ball. The chest enhances the entire Zombie presentation by adding animation to the routine before the silver ball even appears! The chest entirely eliminates all worry in regards to attaching or detaching the ball and the gimmick. NOTE: This effect does not include the Zombie floating ball, gimmick, routine or silk foulard. The Case of the Mysterious Zombie is sold as a separate item for those who already own an Abbot Zombie. This chest is also a perfect container in which to transport your Zombie ball, thus preventing if from becoming dented, etc. The wooden chest is highly lacquered in red, black, and gold. The chest can be setting on a table or an assistant may carry it in. The magician opens the top twin doors, then displays a silk foulard and covers the chest with this cloth. After a few mysterious gestures a movement is seen to manifest itself under the cloth! Slowly a form is seen to rise upward under the cloth. A silver ball peeks over the edge of the silk as the magician performs the famous Zombie routine. At the conclusion, the ball mysteriously sinks back into the chest, the cloth is removed and the performer closes the lids and takes his bow.
Abbotts Zombie Case: $60.00

Zombie Flower Finale (Neil Foster)
Zombie Flower Finale instructions include 1 page.
For more than four decades, Neil Foster closed his famous Zombie routine by changing the floating silver sphere into two bouquets of flowers. Now you may add this startling finish to your routine. We furnish a highly polished Zombie ball and two packs of unique spring flowers along with Neil Fosters instructions. NOTE: This is NOT the complete Zombie routine. This is a finale for those who already own a Zombie. In order to keep the price as low as possible, this item will only be obtainable from Abbotts The ball furnished for this effect matches, in size and appearance, the ball in Abbotts Zombie effect, advertised elsewhere
Abbotts Zombie Flower Finale by Neil Foster $50.00