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This list has been compiled from information on Abbott's website ( and is still copyrighted by them, so please do not use for commercial purposes.

Abbott Magic Company's provides some great downloads at good prices. Their downloadable materials are split into 5 areas:

1. Abbott Instructions: over 600 instruction sheets that originally came with tricks. Most of these are useful only if you own the prop, and some are quite concise.
2. PDF Boos: These are Abbott Magic Company books that have been converted to PDF format. (this page)
3. Manuscripts: These are sort of between instruction sheets, but a bit less than full books.
4. TOPS Magazine: only about $4 for each year of publication! (I do not have a page for these)
5. Workshop Plans: over 50 plans (I do not have a page for these, they are pretty self-explanatory)

One of the issues I ran into when browsing these downloads was that it was very time consuming to read the details of each book or manuscript. The main page for each area lists the title and a brief summary, but for the details, you have to click on each individual book.

I've decided to compile lists of ALL of the instructions, books, and manuscripts into just three pages, and I've included the descriptions as listed on the Abbott's website. That way you can quickly browse all the instructions, books, and manuscripts you might want to purchase. In some cases, I've added additional details that were shown on the cover image for the book in question.

Note that there are many items without full descriptions

Kudos to Abbotts for providing these great resources at a low price!

Nine Unearthed at Midnight
Nine Unearthed at Midnight is our magic book for kids at Halloween. All of these magic stunts can be cut our or copied right from this book so a pair of scissors is the most dangerous prop in this book. Most of the Nine Unearthed at Midnight effects were released at Abbott's in the past in some other form. All of these effects have been tested by us to make sure they work so we know that adults will enjoy these as well because we enjoyed testing them.

Abbotts First Catalog 1934
To put 1934 into perspective, remember John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde were robbing banks in America. The first Three Stooges short was released. Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany. And Abbott Magic Published their first catalog! 23 pages.

Abbotts Second Catalog 1935
To put 1935 into perspective, Babe Ruth was still playing baseball, Parking Meter were introduced, FDR signed the Social Security Act, a new game called "Monopoly" was introduced, and Abbott Magic published their second catalog! Over 60 pages, this catalog was more than twice the size of the first!

Come Good Spirits (Eddie Joseph)
A complete act depicting with remarkable certainty that the Living can communicate with the Dead. Quite different than any other form of entertainment. For the first time, the inner secrets of Spiritualism are laid bare. The author exposes for the first time all the secrets he acquired during twenty years of Spiritualistic activities. Every detail is recorded clearly and you are shown how to repeat the hitherto bewildering phenomena of communicating with the dead without any previous knowledge or special qualifications. The author guarantees that the reader can duplicate every manifestation described in the book in the first seven days. Complete lecture and patter included.

Dark Matter Secrets
Over 80 years in the making. Abbott's Dark Matter Secrets is simply the greatest compilation of "spooky" magic effects ever assembled. The ultimate Halloween magic book, <copy from website - too long!>

15 Great Illusions (U.F. Grant)
For the performer who plays carnivals, circuses, clubs or who just has a large stage show, this book is just what you need. The sensational illusions in this book can be built up after reading the directions in this fine book. Illusion such as: Girl in Balloon, Headless Man, Rajah’s Tent, Dancing Slippers, Buzz Saw Illusion, Light Bulbs Through Girl, Book of Life, etc. For the performer who plays carnivals, circuses, clubs or who just has a large stage show, this book is just what you need. The sensational illusions in this book can be built up after reading the directions in this fine book. Add one or more of these effects for the coming season. Finely illustrated in detail, the clear instructions will enable you to build these feature illusions on your own at a small cost. A valuable manuscript for anyone. Written by U. F. Grant.

21 Gems Of Magic (Ormond McGill)
Includes an "About the Author" page by Percy Abbott
Pet ideas and effects, only the cream of the crop have been selected. Ormond McGill is the author of this 61 page pdf and describes it as a "Scrapbook of Magic" which includes chapters of Scrapbook Card Effects, Scrapbook Mental Effects, Scrapbook Miscellaneous, Thoughts on Opening and Closing, and a Magical Sensation - Walking through a Keyhole.

A Lifetime In Magic (Percy Abbott)
Written by a man who spent seventy-four years ... a lifetime in magic! A professional magician ... a world traveler ... author ... inventor ... founder of the world’s largest magic company! Percy Abbott and magic are synonymous! In this book you will discover stories, experiences, secrets and advice that only a lifetime in magic can offer. You will uncover facts about the greats that will amaze you. There is a fund of information on tricks and illusions new to present day magicians.
Contents of “Lifetime In Magic” include: The Crystal Lantern, The Nicola Show, Comedy Snake Basket, Fooling The Bookers, Lost In The Australian Bush, Inside Siberia, Ventriloquism In Java, Sawing A Woman, Clock Dial & Gambling, Carnival And Jensen, My Last Escape Dive, Stage Thermometer, Magic In The Cockpits, Phantasma, Magic In Japan, Silver Mines Of Korea, Japanese Repeats, Arrested In China, Horace Goldin In Shanghai, The Walking Ball Trick, DeBiere’s Thumb Tie, Stranded, Oswald Williams Box Of Tricks, The Harry Thurston Show, Chinese Egg Act, Magic In Schools, The Lifting Of The Steel Spikes, The Family Arrives.

Abbott Book of Escapes
This book of more than fifty-four pages fulfills a long-felt need for the magician and escape artist. Its profusely illustrated pages form a complete compendium of the best in escapes. It fully describes how to build box, bag and chain effects. The contents also include: Rod Ties, Mail Bar & Bag, Strait Jacket, Sack Escapes, Handcuff Dive, Underwater Escapes, Rope Ties & Releases, Chain Acts, Coffin Escapes, How to Open Padlocks, Wrist Ties and Challenge Acts. This work, by Abbott and Kroeger, is the most complete book on the subject ever published.
Anthology of Card Magic (Gordon Miller, editor)
Over three hundred card effects into this collection. If purchased separately they would have cost hundreds of dollars. Remember all Abbott downloads are instant IF you use Paypal so you could be reading this now.    
Ever since the Abbott Magic Company started in business, hundreds of card tricks have appeared in their different catalogs. As each new catalog was published many of these tricks were omitted to make room for newer ones ... but like good books, great music and fine art, these effects of card magic still remain classics. Gordon Miller, who has been a member of the Abbott staff for over thirty years, delved into the archives and has compiled over three hundred of these effects into this new collection. Almost all of these effects were priced from one dollar and up in the old catalogs. If purchased separately they would have cost hundreds of dollars. Did you know...Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic contains the COMPLETE TEXT of the following CURRENT Abbott Catalog titles: Advanced Card Magic, 49 Easy Card Tricks, Deceptions With a Short Card, Hit the Deck, How It's Done, Impromptu Card Routine, Jumbo Card Tricks, Magic Card System and Tricks With a One-Way Deck. Plus... The COMPLETE TEXT of these out-of-print and otherwise unobtainable titles: Amazing Card Miracles, Card System Deluxe and Klever Kard Kodes.
Plus... the COMPLETE TEXT of the following Abbott Catalog effects: Abbott's Ten, Astral Diviner, Blankety-Blank Routine, Cardtration, Color I-Do-As-U, Gambler's Expose Act, Ingenio, It's A Pip, Lesson in Card Magic, Quadruple Poker Deal, Simplex Four Aces, Straight Gambler, Think-It, Tricky Deal, Zen's Card Miracle and Zens Fifteen Card Trick. Among the fifty card experts whose effects appear in this anthology are: Percy Abbott, Ted Annemann, Dr. Jacob Daley, U.F. "Gen" Grant, Bob Hummer, Stewart James, Charles T. Jordan, Eddie Joseph, Joe Karson, Edward Marlo, John Scarne, H. Adrian Smith, Si Stebbins, Michael F. Zens, etc.
Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic is separated into seven chapters: Unique Card Magic, Tricks With Special Cards, Gambling With Magic, Clever Card Conjuring, Tricks With Pre-Arranged Decks, Novel Card Magic and Mental Card Magic.

Art of Body Loading (Eddie Joseph)
It is not idle chatter on our part when we state that every magician should have this book. And we cover a lot of territory when we say that, regardless of what kind of magic you do, this book will prove invaluable to you. It definitely opens up new and unexplored fields in magic. It provides you with undreamed of effects that you never thought possible before - and everything described is so easy to accomplish. We predict that you will never part with your copy. Contents: Introduction - Theoretically Speaking - Articles For Productions - Defining the Technique - Methods of Concealment - Practicing the Technique (many loading methods) - Body Loading In Operation - Body Productions for Night Clubs - Body Productions for Stage or Platform - Stooges & Subtrefuges. Tricks, eighteen of them, include: Glass and Orange, Productions of Rubber Goods, Money Everywhere, Umbrella From Coat Collar, Eggs From Pocket, Playing Cards From Sleeve, The Vanishing Wand, Two Good Reasons, Shower of Rice, Livestock Productions, Cinderella’s Show, Cage and Canary and A Full Bottle of Beer From Under the Coat. Written by Eddie Joseph.

Bag O Trix (Gordon Miller, editor)    
Over 330 pages! Someone once commented that "If you want to hide a magic secret, put it in a book or magazine!" There is probably some truth to that statement, as there is "buried treasure" on each and every page of this new work. Tricks, ideas, gags, presentations, suggestions and routines from a full complement of magical authors. "BAG-O-TRIX" is a collection. It contains the complete texts of many books previously issued separately. Some of these volumes are (and have been) Out Of Print. Some others are in short supply. None will be reprinted as a separate item again. This massive (330+ pages) E-book will be the only source for some of the world's greatest magic. Just look at what you will receive in this collection:
"Bigger And Better Magic" by William Harry Montgomery
"Gags-Gadgets & Gimmicks" by Alvin Richard Plough
"Magical Ramblings Of An Idle Mind" by Opie R. Houston
"Modern Miracles In Magic" by Richard W. G. Van Ray
"50 Ways To Produce A Silk" by U. F. Grant
"Magical Presentations" by Dominic Dimelow
"Magic Ala Carte" by Ravel and Andree
"21 Gems Of Magic" by Ormond McGill
"Tricks With Magnets" by U. F. Grant
"Sympathetic Silks" by Percy Abbott
"Gimac" by Walter A. Schwartz
"Paper Magic" by Percy Abbott
"Live Magic" by W. O. Turner
"Top Twenty" by Tom Sellers
"Flash Magic" by U. F. Grant
"Tricks With Hair" by U. F. Grant
"100 Tips & Gags" by Grant/Abbott
"The Magic 36" by William S. Houghton
"Ninety-Nine Tips & Gags" by Abbott/Grant
"Tips On Bill In Cigarette" by Stuart Robson
"Party Trix Ala Carte" by Howard P. Albright
"12 Stunts With A Magic Mummy" by Eddie Joseph
"Handkerchief Ball Manipulation" by Percy Abbott
"12 Methods/Cut & Restored Tie" by Frank Herman
In this super collection you will find tricks with: playing cards, rope, silk handkerchiefs, livestock effects, newspapers, flowers, Playboy magazines, balls, thimbles, etc. You will find mental magic, spirit effects, platform and stage magic. There is an assortment here which will delight the children's entertainer, those who present a general magic program and also material for the suave, sophisticated performer. If you are looking for something new (or for something old that you haven't discovered yet), look no further than "BAG-O-TRIX!"

Best of Senator Crandall (Compiled and edited by Neil Foster)
Illustrated by Sid Lorraine with an introduction by Robert Lund who says, “in his field, as the professional dissenter and commentator on the foibles of magicians, he is the most original entertaining writer on conjuring today.” He was talking about Clarke “The Senator” Crandall and his book contains the following chapters:
It’s A Mystery To Me; Let Him Who Is Without Sin, Panties, Falsies and Lolly-pops; The Egg and I ; Criticism Should Be A Reward; ... And With Much Magician’s Convention Pox; A Whisk Broom In Muncie, Indiana; Dear “Senator”; The “Senator’s” Christmas Story; New Year’s Resolution’ ... The Floor Had Just Been Waxed; The World’s Largest Dove Cote; The Next Time You Wave A Painted Stick; An Open Letter To Monk Watson; The “Mad Hatter” of Magic; All The World Is Waiting For The Stuff; ... Before The Spectator Does; The Morrison Hotel; The Inveterate :Put-er Off-er”; What Flash Paper? The Reaction Was Tremendous; Funny Ha Ha and Funny Peculiar; She Sleeps In My Bedroom; Motor Trip Through Florida; They Learn Quicker; Long Live The Great Blackstone; Letters, Cards, Books, etc., etc.; I Liked Him For It; Gaily Decorated Coffee Cans; Abbott’s 30th Annual Get-Together; Compost Hit The Fan; The “Senators” Overstuffed Notebook; When Heaven Doesn’t Want You; I May Not Be So Lucky; I Was Asleep; The Angels Must Be Laughing; I Thought You Worked That Way!; ... To Admire His Work; Little Informative Fillers; I Sometimes Talk “Terrible” To People; Handy Home Pharmacopeia; Don’t Forget to Feed The Birds; Turned The Windmill of The Old Moulin Rouge; A Royal Flush; Dr. Little Beaver & Goldie; A Drip, No Splatter, No Fuss Or Muss; Snifter, Sip, Swig, Snort, Guzzle, Swallow, Gulp, Belt, Blast; Funny Men Aren’t Supposed To Be Sad; Conclusion.

Brain Scams (Denny Laub)
Brain Scamps is a mentalism book and is 30 pages long.

Card Magic of the Mind (Eddie Joseph)     
Card Magic of the Mind is a 42 page book by Eddie Joseph that describes 14 effects that are audience tested and designed to be geared more toward mentalism than card magic. Effects include Fascination, Clairvoyancy, and Jasonism just to mention a few.

Chinese Magic & Illusions (U.F. Grant)
A collection of new, startling and sensational mysteries ... twenty feature tricks. Included are: The Chinese Screen Production; Baskets, Confetti and Doves; Parasol Production; Chinese Rope Trick; Ribbon and Hat; Gong Silk Production; Chinese Water Cups; Mystery Foulard; Beads of Chen-Lee; Flower Garden Illusion, etc. Chinese magic has color and mystery and eye appeal. Written by U. F. Grant.

Coin And Money Magic (Eddie Joseph)
This must be the most “overlooked” coin magic book ever published. The material, by Eddie Joseph, is unusual and original. There are items for both close-up and stage work; sleights, flourishes and routines. In this illustrated volume you will discover Thirty coin vanishes; Twelve coin changes; Forty-five new moves, tips and gimmicks; Ten combination moves utilizing coins and matches and Thirty-seven close-up tricks and routines. This material, available nowhere else, is a potential “goldmine” for the coin worker!

Comedy Tonight Book (Gordon Miller, editor)
Now, under one cover are nearly two hundred items: tricks, routines, patter lines, gags, bits of business, stunts, sketches, jokes, tips, presentations, advice, etc.The Abbott Magic Company is proud to present a classic book - “Comedy Tonight”, sixty-four illustrated pages. It consists of material from five separate Abbott publications. These books, if purchased separately, would cost over twenty dollars! Now, under one cover are nearly two hundred items: tricks, routines, patter lines, gags, bits of business, stunts, sketches, jokes, tips, presentations, advice, etc. This material is designed for: magicians, comedians, jugglers, clowns, ventriloquists - in fact, for any performer who wants to hear the sound of his audiences laughing, loudly and often. What a bargain!

Deck In Hand (Dr. Laszlo Rothbart)
What is new? Everything, nothing, it depends upon the individual viewpoint. Such are the contents of this book. Written, tested, performed and compiled Dr. Laszlo Rothbart in 1940, a doctor of medicine, Secretary of the Circle of Hungarian Magicians. Contents include 25 magic tricks and an introduction by Caryl S Fleming.

Eddie Joseph Magic and Mysteries of India
At long last, the Eddie Joseph classic book has made it to the instant downloads. A huge collection of magic that contains 6 chapters, nearly 60 pages, and dozens of effects from East India. Below is a handful of what is in this book.
Look Out, its a Snake
Sands of Chowpatty
Hindu Basket
Birth of Reptiles
Meal of Glass
Growth of the Mango Tree
Fire Eater
Mind Pictures
Dancing Doll
Eddie Joseph fans will love this book, lots of info besides the effects. This is Eddie's home field and it certainly shows in this book.

Eddie Joseph on Cups and Balls
Read what they say about this at The Magic Cafe. Over 60 sleights,Over 40 mechanical effects, 15 routines
Here’s great news for all close-up magicians! A new, combined edition of all the Eddie Joseph books on Cups and Balls is now available! This book contains the complete texts of:
“A Practical Lesson in Cups and Balls”
“Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls”
“Last Word on Cups and Balls”
“My Favorite Routine with Cups and Balls”.
Four great books on one classic subject in one great volume! It contains all the material and all the illustrations of the four older books, but in an edited and slightly abridged form. Also, the material has been re-formatted so that all the moves and sleights are on one section, all the novelty effects and special apparatus cups are in another section and all the routines are together in the final section. What will you receive? Over sixty sleights, moves and subtleties. Nearly fifty unique and novel mechanical effects with special cups, etc. Fifteen separate professional and commercial routines, including the justly famous routine that Eddie Joseph called “His Favorite”. If you have never attempted this classic effect before, this book will make you an expert. If you are not satisfied with your present routine ... you will find the answer and the solution to your problems in this volume. A fitting tribute to a man acknowledged the world over as a master in the field of cups and balls.

Eddies Dumbfounders With Cards
Written by Eddie Joseph, Eddies Dumbfounders With Cards contain 18 pages and features card effects which require no skill, no sleights, and no moves.

Dr. Sigmund Fraud, that is! His collected works (this book) will provide a classic touch of both dramatic and comedy mentalism that will lift your presentations above the crowd. Imagine, if you will, a perfect blend of proven effects - professional secrets and unique presentations. It’s all here in a 72 page, beautifully produced book, complete with insightful advice, material samples and reproducible props. Written by Terry (Dr. Sigmund Fraud) Nosek. Easy? For the beginner - No! For one who knows the basics, these 24 exciting effects can be learned quickly with just a few practice sessions - and just a few props. Effective? Famous mentalists and magicians from around the world would say - Yes! This book is already in the libraries of Jay Marshall, Max Maven, Larry Becker, Bascom Jones, Richard Mark, T. A. Waters, Micky Hades, Basil Horowitz, Ted Lesley, Phil Willmarth and many, many others. Entertaining? Thousands of audience members have proven it to be so with their gasps, laughter and applause - as well as with their referrals and requests for repeat performances. You can’t go wrong with this book - and that’s no fraud!

Further Tips On Zombie (compiled by Neil Foster)
The original book “Tips on Zombie” was published in 1946 and has long been out of print. The Abbott Magic Company acquired the rights to this book. Neil Foster compiled the additional material and the book has been revised and greatly enlarged. Magic’s Number One illustrator, Sid Lorraine, contributed the more than sixty detailed illustrations. If you are interested in performing the famous “Zombie” effect, you must have this book. The contents include: Zombie, Zombie Gimmicks (6 different types), The Start on the Arm, Zombie Vanish (4 methods), The John Calvert Story, The No-Gimmick Zombie, Will Desmond’s Routine, The Snake Basket Zombie, Device for Zombie Act, Zombie Routine & Patter, Zombie Presentation, The Globe of “MU” Patter Story, Pocket Zombie-Sphere, Ball Wiggles, Comedy Zombie Balloon, Full Stage Floating Zombie, The Ball Shines, If Your Finger Hurts, The Skull Idea, A Hole in the Cloth, The Luminous Idea, Like a Magnet, Juggling the Ball, The Gimmick Move, Zombie Through the Hoop, Spirit Ball, Finger Suspension of the Ball, Bouncing Ball Between the Hands, No Base Idea, Seven Additional Ideas.

Greater Card Tricks (Eddie Joseph)
The definitive card works of Eddie Joseph together in this 100 page PDF E-Book. A classic work in the field of card magic.

Handbook for the Theme Park Magician (Wayne Wissner)
If you have ever wanted to experience this performing venue ... now is the time ... and this is the book! The Handbook For The Theme Park Magician will tell you all you need to know: how the parks operate, how they book their attractions, what to expect (both personally and professionally) and more! You will be given sound and practical advice from a man (Wayne Wissner) who has made his living for many years in this lucrative field. Advice on your act, your assistants, your daily life (both on and off stage), how to make extra money, etc. One chapter, titled A Day In The Life, details, hour by hour (and sometimes by the minute), what you can expect your daily schedule to consist of. And, for the first time ... a ten-page listing of sixty theme and amusement parks which use magic and magicians ... complete with addresses and phone numbers! Prepare your publicity and send it off to one or more of these addresses! This soft cover, eighty-nine page book is sized six inches by nine inches and is bound with plastic wire spiral bound. It is well illustrated with photographs and promotional artwork. It is a book jammed full of practical advice ... presented with a genuine sense of humor. There are numerous hilarious incidents related throughout the book (and you can learn from them as well!).

Hellstromism (Axel Hellstrom)
Give yourself the thrill of a lifetime - make that next performance of yours bring them to their feet - and you can do it! Hellstromism is an authentic copy of the telepathic instructions received by Axel Hellstrom in Germany    
This lesson in telepathic experiments makes mind reading an understandable and practical thing. A method of reading one's thoughts that you can learn and apply. The secret mental equipment needed for your success as a mental performer. The late Axel Hellstrom, a German mental marvel, astounded the entire scientific world with his uncanny ability to read the thoughts of a person with whom he was in contact and to interpret these thoughts correctly. He would execute mental (not written) commands with lightning rapidity - find hidden articles wherever they were secreted - deliver sealed messages when the addresses were just thought of - do hundreds of other tests, equally perplexing, that seemed almost super human. Give yourself the thrill of a lifetime - make that next performance of yours bring them to their feet - and you can do it! Hellstromism is an authentic copy of the telepathic instructions received by Axel Hellstrom in Germany and is positively the method he used in America. It contains all the certain and long sought for data, heretofore guarded and unpublished, that was the whole secret of his success. Hellstromism is a one man mental exhibition that can be performed anywhere - anytime - any place, without previous preparation. You get the genuine secret details, including the opening lecture -which prepared that performer and allows him to almost immediately duplicate the wonders of this mind reading masterpiece.

How Its Done    
How its Done is a complete expose of tested formulas for card men. How they are made and how they are applied. Chapters include Roughing Fluid, Slicking Paste, Narrow (short or stripper) cards, Marking Cards, Shading Inks, Luminous Work, Fanning Powder, etc. The book contains the first practical formulas of this nature ever published, therefore the reader will find material of real value in the pages within this pdf. This book was the subject of an article by Gabe Fajuri in the May 2013 edition of Magic Magazine.

How to Pick Pockets (Eddie Joseph, with forward by J. Burk Whittaker)
Entertainment Purposes Only! Over 30 page PDF. If you are reading this book for the first time you will notice that the techniques are very vague. I think a lot of this was due to Mr. Joseph being the one to discover the technques on his own, or at least to use them for stage manipulation. Rest assured if you are serious about lerning to pick pockets, all the information you need is here. Most books on the market today are simply variations on this technique. They are outlines of what works for the author. Most professionals have started here and if you read their books they tell you so.

Illusion Illusion
A great collection of magical illusions - most with complete and detailed workshop plans. Abbott’s book, “ILLUSIONS! ILLUSIONS!”, contains the following: The complete workshop plans for: BARREL ESCAPE - CALIPH’S CUTTER - CANVAS CASE ILLUSION - CYCLOPS LENS - DAGGER CHEST - DEVIL ILLUSION - FARMER’S DAUGHTER - FIRE PLACE ILLUSION - plus the complete text of: “Chinese Magic and Illusions” Bamboo Pole & Box - Baskets-Confetti & Doves - Beads of Chen-Lee - Chinese Chew Tobacco - Chinese Lamp Trick - Chinese Rope Trick - Chinese Screen Trick - Chinese Water Cups Copper Bowl Production - Cup-Silk & Smoke - Cylinder-Water & Fish - Flower Garden Illusion - Gong Silk Production - Here And There - Mystery Foulard - Parasol Ball & Water - Parasol Production - Ribbon And Hat - Screen Mystery - Sensational Bowl Production. Plus, the complete workshop plans for: FRAME OF LIFE AND DEATH - GIRL IN FISH BOWL - GUILLOTINE - LEVITATION DELUXE - MIGNON ILLUSION - MINIATURE DOLL HOUSE - MODERN SWORD CABINET - MUMMY CLOTH OF THE NILE - STAGE PACKING BOX ESCAPE - plus the complete text of: “Fifteen Great Illusions” Best Packing Box Escape - Big Production - Book Of Life - Chen Lee’s Laundry Bag Illusion - Chen Lee’s Screen Illusion - Electric Light Bulbs Through Girl - Girl in the Balloon - Human X-Ray - Ovette’s Sawing Through A Girl - Sensation Buzz Saw Illusion - Two On A Park Bench - Witch’s Broom & Rope Illusion - Girl With The Pincushion Head - Dancing Slippers - Enchanted Tent Illusion. Plus, the complete workshop plans for: UNDERWATER PACKING BOX ESCAPE - PHANTASMO - SEASIDE ILLUSION - SHRUNKEN LIVING HEAD ILLUSION - SPIKE ILLUSION - SURPRISE APPEARANCE - THROUGH AND THROUGH - TWIN BOXES - WALKING THROUGH A STEEL PLATE - WHERE’S THAT GAL? - plus the complete text of: “Night Club Illusions” Chinese Chopper - Cutting A Woman In Half - Golin Illusion - Hindu Basket - Modernistic Amputation - Night Club Girl Vanish - Rod Through Girl - Sword Box.

Illusion Show Know How (Ken & Roberta Griffin)
Again the Abbott Magic Company hits a high spot in magic with the publication of a book that through the years has been recognized as a standard work. The Ken Griffin illusion show toured the world for well over a quarter of a century. The priceless ideas and methods used by the Griffins in their climb to prominence and profit are fully explained. Almost every magician has dreamed, at one time or another, of headlining his own mystery revue. He visualizes the glamorous side of the picture ... the stage flooded with colored and glittering lights, the dazzling scenery, the gorgeous assistants, breathtaking illusions, the music from the orchestra surging to a crescendo, the thunderous cymbal crash as the magician strides on stage for his opening bow to tumultuous applause! This can become reality but what is missing in that dream is the important KNOW-HOW living this way of life. The traveling and living out of a suitcase, the advertising, the routining of the show, the packing and the unpacking, theatrical KNOW-HOW, etc., etc. In “ILLUSION SHOW KNOW-HOW”, Ken and Roberta Griffin disclose not only their time-tested ways of operating a big show but give you all the information needed to go along with the other aspects of this business. An important part of the book deals with presenting stage illusions. Experts agree that fully 80% of the effectiveness of magic depends on its presentation. There are thirty-one detailed line drawings giving exact measurements for building props and scenery, plus seventy-three photographs. You’ll learn all the secrets of backstage life plus the KNOW HOW that ordinarily takes a lifetime to learn. Here you have all the KNOW-HOW of the ILLUSION SHOW. This will be one of your favorite books. Even though you may never take out “the big one” you’ll be enlightened to its inner workings. Even if you do just a small act you’ll still learn much valuable KNOW-HOW. Several years in preparation, never before has such a complete and authoritative book on touring a big show been published. The profession demanded it. Ken and Roberta Griffin created it and Abbott’s have published it and offer it to you for your enlightenment and glorification.

Jumbo Card Tricks (Eddie Joseph)
Contained within the pages of this softbound manuscript are thirty three ideas for use with Jumbo Cards (cards measuring 4 1/2" x 7"). Contents include: L&W Reverse Card, A Useful Force, The Shrinking Jumbo, Turn Around Card, To Bring a Card to the Top Without a Pass, Burning a Woman Alive, Message from the Flames, A Mental Test, A Stripper Deck Trip, Two Card Monte, Prediction with a Special Deck, Mirror Box, Rising Card Trick, A Double Face Change, Reds and Blacks, Up Pops a Card, Message from the Dead, Coincidence, Reds and Blues, Chinese Card Trick, Torn & Restored Jumbo, Do As I Do, Cards in the Pocket, Three Cards and a Ribbon, Another Double Face, A Restoration, Stop Trick, Wandering Deuce, Rub Off and Patriotic Dates. A great collection!

Kid Show Showmanship (Bruce Posgate)
The material in this work will guide you as to what to wear, how to plan your program, how to choose assistants from the audience, how to open the show, how to close the show and how to handle repeat engagements. This book provides an entirely different approach to entertaining children. Original material and suggestions - “bread and butter” information by an experienced performer. This volume explains the psychology and know-how of working children’s shows. The following is an excerpt from the book: “Entertaining children is a profitable business. Depressions may come and go; movies, television and other diversions can come and go ... but children are in constant supply. One generation after another as your potential audience.” Only an experienced performer could write a book of this kind. No theories, but facts and tested procedures, invaluable when put into practice. If you are “afraid” of working kid shows, this book will change your outlook and you will soon profit from them.
The material in this work will guide you as to what to wear, how to plan your program, how to choose assistants from the audience, how to open the show, how to close the show and how to handle repeat engagements. It tells you what to say and what not to say and even gives sound advice on how to sell your act. The book is printed, photo illustrated and recommended by kid show performers one hundred percent! Written by Bruce Posgate.

Lessons In Scripture (Donald Bodley)
Written by Rev Donald Bodley, this book contains a dozen effects and a section to help you put it all together.
Includes effects such as The Blood of Jesus, I was Only Fooling, The Need For Missionaries, Parable of the Mustard Seed, The Lord Is Risen Indeed, The Power of God, A Christian Gone Sour, Filled With the Goodness of God, The Loaves and Fishes, Full Armor of God, Setting the Example, and A Little Child Shall Lead Them, Also a section called Presenting The Program which helps you put everything together and dress it up.
Live Magic (W.O. Turner)
Livestock workers - this is the booklet you have been waiting for! Printed and published by Abbotts, the twenty-four illustrated pages detail The Rabbit and Hat, The Rabbit Disappears, Rabbit to Box of Candy, The Coming of a Cavy, The Vanish of a Dove, The Guinea Pig Goes to Heaven, ProDUCKshun, etc. Practical magic with livestock - all necessary apparatus is easy to make. Written by W. O. Turner.

Magic Gospel Lessons (Lawrence Burden)
Here is a book of real value to the performer who performs gospel magic. Written by Rev. Lawrence Burden, the PDF is 30 pages long and contains 19 chapters including the following:
-The Creation, Fall, Restoration
-A Witnessing Prisoner
-The Bread of Life
-The Box of Prayer
-The Restored Life
-The Cleansing Channel of Christ
-Choose Ye Whom Ye Shall Serve
-Time is Vanishing
-The Great Commission Go
and ten more chapters...

Magic Sermonettes (Aldini)
Written and compiled by Aldini there are 24 routines in this book for Magic Ministers including "The Die Box, 20th Century Silks, Egg Bag Magic, Salt Go, Siberian Chain Escape, Beauty of Life, ..."

Magic That Gives An Upward Lift (Jim Dracup)
Jim Dracup is the author of "Magic With An Upward Look", published by Abbotts. In the brief time that book has been available it has established itself as one of the most complete, most original and most valuable source books for those in the field of gospel magic. Now, here is the second volume in a three book series, "Magic That Gives An Upward Lift". This is another brilliant reference book filled with perfected and polished routines that have been used on a day to day basis by the author. "MAGIC THAT GIVES AN UPWARD LIFT" includes a section called "The Seed Basket". Here are over 25 pages of outlines, ideas, quotations, illustrations and food for thought. This is material that can be incorporated into a patter line or story - or material that can be used just to inspire and get those brain cells working! Another special section of this book is called: "A Bit Of Humor". Over fifty pages of carefully selected gag lines, funny stories, daffynitions, puzzles, silly signs, one liners, etc. Special material for magicians and ministers and special material for an audience of children. Everybody in magic is always looking for new ideas and new presentations. For the gospel magician there is no better source than a book by Jim Dracup. Contained in this volume (and in all his works) are fully developed patter presentations for the most standard magic effects. They are written in a clear and concise style and embellished with numerous illustrations. In many cases, alternate uses are suggested and different approaches are offered. No wonder so many are enthusiastically jumping on the Dracup "bandwagon". This is material you will use and which your audiences will enjoy! This 136-page, 8 1/2" x 11", plastic spiral bound book contains detailed and complete routines for the following standard magic effects: Close-up magic - Ball Thru Bolt, Color Changing Knives, Glass Penetration, Imp Bottle, In N Outer Boxes, Linking Pins, Linking Ropes, Multiplying Rabbits, Nickels To Dimes, Out To Lunch, Salt Go and Squash. Club and Platform Magic - Chinese Flame Clock, Crystal Casket, Humpty Dumpty, La Paloma, Lottery, Magic Lamp, Parasol, Rice Orange & Checkers, Tear Apart Vanish and Tricky Bottles. Illusions - Aerial Suspension, Burned Alive, Cutting A Girl In Sixths, Doll House, Frame of Life and Death, Sawing a Lady in Two, Suckerette, The Vanishing Girl and The Vanishing Radio. This latest volume, "MAGIC THAT GIVES AN UPWARD LIFT" will fast become a standard textbook and reference source for all who perform gospel magic.
Magic That Points To The Upward Life (Jim Dracup)
Here is the third book in Rev. Jim Dracups gospel magic trilogy! The first two books, "Magic With An Upward Look" and "Magic That Gives An Upward Lift" have proven to be best-sellers. All the books in this three-book series are loaded with practical and audience- tested material. Each book contains so much material that you are sure to find an application for tricks you already own. (You will also find applications so perfect that you will convince yourself to buy the corresponding effect!) All of this stems from Jim Dracups extensive backgrounds in both gospel work and magic. Both have been his lifes work and these three books are the combined collection and culmination of that work. "Magic That Points To The Upward Life" carries on this tradition beautifully. One of the early chapters deals with the oft-asked question: "Why Magic?" (in regards to the teaching of gospel truths). Here you will find a logical and well documented statement of the authors beliefs wherein the gospel and magic are used to support each others positions. This is followed by an extensive section on advertising and promotion. A section that is jam-packed with actual examples of business cards, handbills, letterheads, brochures, give-aways, novelties, etc. These should stimulate your own creativity and spur on your enthusiasm. The next large section is titled: "Magic In The Making" and it deals with constructing some of your own equipment. To aid you in this undertaking, there are numerous blueprints and illustrations for the following effects: A Magic Black Art Table, A Block- Frame-Ribbon Trick, Candle From Pocket, Magnetic Milk, Chinese Rice Canister, Confetti To Candy, A Crystal Casket, Wrist Stock Escape, and more. This section is filled with useful hints and tips for the do-it-yourselfer!
The final selections of the book are devoted to what Jim Dracup has become famous for ... magical presentations and applications for standard magic effects. Look at these effects: Acrobatic Cane, Cane to Silk, Candle to Silk, Flame of Kan-Del, Multiplying Candles, Visible Candle to Salt, Berland Bill in Lemon, Coin Pail & Miser?s Dream, Diminishing Bills, Pencil Thru Nickel, Visible Coins in Glass, The Black Hand Gag, Breakaway Fan, Comedy Cut & Restored Necktie, Comedy Bang Gun, Expose Vanish, Fountain of Silks, Garden of Flowers, Gloves to Bouquet, Blendo, Crystal Silk Cylinder, Soft Soap, Tri-Fly Silk, 20th Century Silks, and a complete section dealing with Holiday Christmas Magic utilizing: Multiplying Candles, Drawer Box, Genii Tube, Traveling Block, Cabinet of Foo, Square Circle, Dove Pan, Crystal Silk Cylinder, Appearing Candle, Key-R-Rect, and Abbott?s Blooming Bouquet. This 158-page, spiral bound book is (like all the Dracup books) loaded with colorful and humorous illustrations. Highly recommended!

Magic with an Upward Look (Jim Dracup)
Jim Dracup is the author of a long out of print book, "A Magician Goes To Church." That book has become one of the most requested and sought after works in the field of gospel magic. Since the publication of that first book, Jim has been gathering material and perfecting and polishing the routines that he uses on a day to day basis. That new material is now ready in the form of "Magic With An Upward Look". This is the first book in a trilogy of gospel magic books by Reverend Dracup. "Magic With An Upward Look" contains only the best and the brightest material. There is, for instance, a chapter on the History of Magic and another on The Story of Silk. The author has also included an invaluable chapter on mixing music with magic ... an area frequently left unexplored. And there is a chapter on the "Ps" of magic: Presentation, Performance, Personality, Preparation, Patter, Promotion and Publicity. Perhaps its possible you'll find these chapters perceptive and penetrating. In the second half of this 166-page, 81/2"x11", spiral bound book you will find detailed and complete routines for the following: Ball on Wand, Candle-Lite, Chinese Prayer Vase, Clippo, Dizzy Dial, Milk Bottle, Multiplying Money Tray, Phantom Tube, Red Ashes Cremation Papers, Repeat Bill Trick, Rigid Rope, Pavels Round the Square, Ball Vase, Comedy Bang Gun, Deluxe Dove Pan, Drawer Box, Forgetful Freddie, Fraidy-Cat Rabbit, Glass Levitation, High Sign, Hippity-Hop Rabbits, Metamorpho Spots, Vanishing Milk Pitcher, Run Rabbit Run, Silk Serenade, Squaring the Circle, Stop-Lite Trix, Professional Blindfold, Blooming Bouquet, Candle Thru Arm, Chinese Gong, Church Silk Cabinet, Beat-All Clock Vanish, Double Visible Block-Go, Firebowl to Flowers, Super Duper Balloon, Guillotine, Handcuff Escape, Handkerchief Frame, Hot Book, Key-R-Rect, Super-X Levitation, Goofus Plant, Multum In Parvo, Stocks of Zanzibar, Professors Nightmare, Rice Bowls, Skeleton in the Closet, Spikes Thru Balloon, Square Circle, Squeezaway Blocks, Vampire Block Escape, etc. A veritable treasure chest for those who perform magic with a gospel application.
Magicians Guide to Making and Using Lockpicks     
This booklet is divided into three sections: how to make tools, how locks operate, and the secrets behind lock picking. I know we don't have to tell you its for entertainment purposes only! The pdf contains 43 pages.

Oracle (Dennis Laub and Gary Inglese)
This 30 page book consist of several routines, moves and effects. A real nice collection of mentalism.
Ribbon Control
Billets (several variations, moves, and routines)
Graphic Devices
Images and Images 2
Master Datebook (4 routines)
Bonus Sections include Dr Q thePsychic and much more
Scotch Brand of Magic (Joseph White)
This book will show you how to place a coin at the tips of your fingers and, in full view of the audience, cause that coin to vanish in an instant! All this without the use of a pull! You may shake your hands vigorously to prove that nothing is contained therein. You then proceed to produce coin after coin from mid-air – you will produce a number of coins, not just one. With this new method of palming it is possible for the magician to work in short sleeves (or, for that matter, with no sleeves at all). You can show both hands convincingly empty and at the same time have a load of flowers, coins or other items concealed in the hand. This book will also show you how to produce dozens of cigarettes – using one cigarette all the time – each time showing the hand empty. At the finale of the cigarette production your hand will appear to be empty yet without going near your body or anything else you produce a lighted pipe, shake dozens of cigarettes out of the hat and walk off stage waving the hat and smoking the pipe. Nothing is used for the continuous production of cigarettes and the pipe except one cigarette and one pipe!
It is the firm opinion of the author that “double stick tape” magic (thoroughly explained in this book) when used and developed to its fullest potential will take its place alongside the Thumb Tip, the Dye Tube, Magician’s Wax, the Pull, etc., etc. Twenty eight audience tested effects are described in this forty-one page book. They range in variety from effects with coins, balls and silks, to the Three Shell Game, a ‘Scotch’ Miser’s Dream, Holy Smoke!, Holy Cow!, etc., etc. Tape Palming is a technique that will become as familiar in the lexicon of magicians as body loads, vesting, stealing, the lift and so forth., As the reader becomes familiar with this technique he will find it an easier method for loading items without having to go to pockets, sides of coats, behind tables or list but a few examples. If the reader will ‘stick’ with the contents of this book, the author guarantees that he will have a new adventure in creative conjuring by using “double stick tape” and “tape palming”. Written by Joseph White.

Secrets of Occidental & Oriental Mysteries (Percy Abbott)
A 56 page PDF which contains many secrets including a few stage illusions. Written by Percy Abbott. Contents of “Secrets of Occidental & Oriental Mysteries” (which is also known as "Magic For Magicians") include: Fingertip Card Protection, It Hasn’t Started Yet, Mental Masterpiece, Double-over Card Steal, Testing Strength, The Game Of Thirty One, Thirty Cards, Twitching Muscle, Two To Four Ball Move, Novel Four Ball Production, Mouth Ball Move, The Last Ball Move, Closed Fist Ball Move, Four Thimble Vanish, Passing Thimbles, Body Load, Disappearing and Reappearing Coin Stand, The Hairy Match, Comedy Penetration, The Repeat Candle, Vanish Of Grains Of Rice, An Egg Bag Move, Flashy Pagodas, The Lung Tester, Dry Wine, A Novel Load, Wine and Water, Clink Coins, Double Effect Silk Transposition, Flash Cigarette, Handkerchief Box, The Haunted House, Strait Jacket Fake, The A.B.C. of Ventriloquism, Chapeaugraphy, Chinese Double Bowl Production and Five Trays, Chinese Rice Bowls, and much, much more.

Sid Lorraines Scrap Book
Sid's material, honed over a lifetime of performing, could be counted on show after show, year after year, to entertain his audiences. Sid Lorraine made his reputation as a writer and performer with a keen eye for the commercial. Sid's material, honed over a lifetime of performing, could be counted on show after show, year after year, to entertain his audiences. That's what magic is all about. This book, Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook, is a compilation of five of Lorraine's most popular works: Patter, More Patter, A Magician in the House, Twenty Two Terrific Tricks and Gags, Routines and Patter. Yes, you'll learn tricks from Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook. Mechanics are described in detail, teaching dozens of card tricks and close-up tricks. Stage tricks and effects of nearly every genre (including a complete Troublewit routine!) are included, as well; Sid was a master of the magical melange, mixing together paper tears and appearing canes, spirit slates and spelling tricks to amuse, amaze, and entertain. Now Sid's collected wisdom is available in book form. Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook is a well produced, 168-page spiral wire-bound publication, chock full of patter, tricks, gags, insight, opinion and above all, entertaining material for the magician. Highly recommended.

Smagorad (Denny Laub and Gary Inglese)
Smagorad is a ledgendary magick book whose very content was thought to be able to affect the course of the cosmic universe. Its secrets were believed so powerful that they could alter the natural elements. Written by Denny Laub and Gary Inglese this E-book contains 15 effects and over 40 pages. Some of the effects include...
 The Dream
 Psychic Detective
 Just In Case
 Post Mortem
 Divine Madness
 The Shining

Sparkys One Balloon Menagerie     
By “Sparky - The Magic Clown”, a completely new soft cover edition. Forty-eight pages, thirty-seven different figures, type completely re-set plus fifty-five crystal clear Ed Harris illustrations and a special Ed Harris art cover.
The Swan
The Alligator
The Basic Figure
Four Cute Pups
The Dachshund
The Giraffe
Peter Rabbit
Peter’s Dad
The Aardvark
The Elephant
The Snake
The Standard Poodle
Four Headpieces The Fancy Poodle<
br> The Cat
The Zebra
The Tiger
The Kangaroo
The Monkey
“Tillie” the Turtle
The Mouse
The Roadrunner
Dragon & Aeroplane
The Blimp
The Doll
Spider & Octopus

Strange Secrets Addendum (Gordon Miller, editor)
Strange Secrets Addendum is a valuable booklet of 46 pages, containing additional material to support and update the information contained in the two volumes of "Strange Secrets". Contents include:
"Character Reading" by R.S. Glover;
"Astrologia" by Howard P. Albright. A
"sealed message" psychic routine completely detailed and incorporating the Automatic Prompter--an invaluable aid in delivering a convincing and unusual psychic reading.
Techniques and presentations that appear nowhere else.
Strange Secrets Volume 1 (Gordon Miller, editor) 
Strange Secrets Volume One contains the complete text and illustrations from the following Abbott publications:
"Thrilling Magic" by Leonard H. Miller;
"Super Sensitive Fingertips" by Howard P. Albright;
"Map Mirako Act" by Vin Carey;
"Mindreading for Two People" by Sydney de Hempsey;
"Super Memory Plus" by Gerald Kosky;
"Forbidden Wisdom" by Howard P. Albright;
"Thought Wings Onward--Part One" by Eddie Clever.

Strange Secrets Volume 2 (Gordon Miller, editor)
Volume Two contains the complete text and illustrations from:
"Needle Routine" by M.S. "Doc" Mahdendra;
"Super Psychic Mental Effects" by Howard Albright;
"Sand Painting" by Howard "Mel Melson;
"Simplified Memory Act" by Samuel Shapiro;
"Dwarf Act" by Richard Merry;
"X-Jargon by Wallace Lee;
"Thought Wings Onward--Part Two" by Eddie Clever.
Super Psychic Mental Effects (Howard Albright)
By Howard Albright, this classic publication first appeared in 1948 and is still sold at Abbotts to this very day. Consists of Gypsy Fortune Teller, Perfect Card Divination, Unique Telephone Test, Spirit Whispers, Psychological Disernment, and Sightless Vision. Also includes the original introduction by Howard Albright.

Superb Tricks (H. Adrian Smith)
A compilation of effects by H Adrian Smith including Modern Card Miracle, Magic Square, Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick, and an Effective Handkerchief stretch. 16 effects in all plus a introduction from Percy Abbott.
Talk - Professional Prose and Polished Patter  (Gordon Miller, editor)
This book is A Panorama of Professional Prose Palaver and Polished Poetical Patter! Whew! It is also a collection of six previous TALK Abbott publications:
"Practical Patter" by Percy Abbot;
"Patter Punches" by Sol Stone;
"Routines In Rhyme" by Bill West;
"Merrier Magical Chatter" by Don Rogers;
"202 Ways To Stop Hecklers" by Otis Manning;
"Punch And Judy" by Sydney de Hempsey.
Within its seventy-nine pages are hundreds of routines and ideas for the talking trixter and magic/ comedian. Purchased separately these six volumes would cost more than twenty-five dollars! Now, this soft cover, printed edition can be yours for a very economical price...thus proving that, once again, "Talk" is cheap!

The Card Expert (Lynn Searles)
This classic booklet, written by Lynn Searles, contains 48 pages with 26 line drawings. The contents include: The Psychology of the Card Expert, Basic Sleights, Lace Through False Shuffle, False Cut, Compound False Cut, Simple False Cut, Second Deal, Bottom Deal, Miscellaneous Sleights and Moves, Back Palming a Complete Deck, Riffle Cut, One Hand Shuffle, Weave-In Shuffle, Multiple Lift, Subtle Card Location, Ace Control, Jacks & Aces, Second Deal Four Aces, A Renovated Trick, Novel Change Surprise, Multiple Card Force, Double Deal, Master Dealings and Bottom Deal Poker Demonstration.

The Professional Touch (Monk Watson)     
Written by Donald "Monk" Watson. No matter what your interest in magic, we know that you will derive incalculable benefit and much worthwhile magic material from The Professional Touch. Only an experienced performer could write a practical book of this kind. No theories, but facts and tested procedures - that are invaluable when put into practice. Therefore, you are not only getting a book containing original tricks, moves and routines, but information that will pay you dividends, be you beginner, amateur or professional. Written by Donald "Monk" Watson.
There is nothing dry in the reading of The Professional Touch. You will love Monk's natural breezy style - and while you are absorbing the splendid advice on acquiring the professional touch in your performance, you will get many a chuckle in the bargain. Chapters embrace the following subject:
Lets Have A Reason For It
Yes , and a lot depends on just this. Tempo
Have you ever given any thought to this? You will! Stage Fright
You will feel more sure of yourself after reading this. Can A Trick Be Too Perfect?
Some magicians think not. Not What You Do
You will agree 100 percent on this one. To Acknowledge Applause
When you get it, make the most of it. Keep Your Salary Up
And why not? What Does It Get You To Expose? - Read what Monk has to say about this.
And, in the trick section you have the following to choose from:
Card Frame
Uncanny Block
A Quickie
The Birth of a New Trick
A Twist on Anti-Gravico
The Lota Drink
In addition, The 50-Card Lift will make a hit with all card workers as will the Behind Your Back routine which is a real fooler. Face To Face was one of Monk's favorites and it is still hard to beat. Those who saw Monk perform his invisible milk routine will know what to expect in a Milky Mix-Up and the Hand Rabbit Routine is included in these pages by the kind permission of Dell O'Dell who also allowed her original rhymed patter to be included. The book is printed in easily readable type on high quality book paper. The PDF book is 53 pages in length with many illustrations.

TOPS Treasury of Thimble Magic (Gordon Miller, editor)
This book is an edited, augmented and slightly abridged version of material whih originally appeared in the pages of TOPS Magic Magazine and New TOPS Magic Magazine, over a period of time spanning January 1934 through December 1994.

This Is Magic (Loring Campbell)
Written by Loring Campbell this book includes dozens of effects including Card In Egg, Shooting Hank Through Girl, Spirit Slate Test, Spirit Photography, Passe Card and silk, and many more. Very well illustrated (reminds me of reading a Tarbell book). Over 60 pages plus Author Note and Introduction by William W. Larsen.

Tips On Soft Soap (Gordon Macdonald, compiler)
Magicians who use the well-known Soft Soap effect will treasure this collection of more than twenty tricks, ideas, patter themes and presentations for use with this trick. Among the contributors are Milbourne Christopher, Hen Fetsch, Arnold Furst, Karrell Fox, Ken Allen and many others.

Tops Treasury of Ball Manipulation (Gordon Miller, editor)
Over 60 routines and effects and over 100 pages in what must surely be one of the greatest books ever conceived on ball manipulation. Contributions by various     magicians including Dale Salwak, Ian Adair, Robert Olson, Percy Abbott, Walter Gibson, Charlie Miller, Peter Warlock, James Reneaux, and dozens more. This book is an edited, augmented and slightly abridged version of material which originally appeared in the pages of TOPS Magic Magazine and NEW TOPS Magic Magazine over a period of time spanning January 1934 through December 1994.

Tops Treasury of Cigarette Magic (Neil Foster, editor)
More than fifty illustrations clarify everything in this 24 page pdf book. All the effects, ideas, stunts, gags, routines, etc., are not only practical but, to the experienced performer, they spell entertainment as well. Tricks involving lighted cigarettes, flames and lighted matches, cigars, pipes, etc., appeal to every audience. All the material in this work was originally contributed to The TOPS Magazine and has appeared nowhere else. Over fifty effects with cigarettes, cigars, pipes, matches and smoke!

Tops Treasury of Dove Magic (Neil Foster, editor)
Tops Treasury of Dove Magic was compiled by none other than Abbotts own Neil Foster. The manuscript is 29 pages long and all about dove magic and also the care of doves.

Tops Treasury of Halloween Magic
In the Fall of 2011 put together a collection of Halloween magic and articles that appeared in past issues of Tops magazine between 1936 and 1994. The "2011 Halloween Special" was so successful that we decided to compile the information into a PDF format. <need to copy from website>