Reference Guide to Business Card Magic

Last Update: New! 01 Jan 2008


As a working magician, one of the best ways to get business is by providing your business card in a way that your potential client will never forget you. Performing magic with your business card is the natural approach!

There are tons of effects that feature methods for magically handing out more business card. Some are impromptu or almost impromptu, others require special wallets or other gimmicks. Each has their own merits and may be mor or less suitable to your particular situation.

This guide is only a starting point, as there are many business card routines that are not included here. In addition, many magic tricks that don't specifically mention business cards may be adaptable with just a little bit of thought. Props such as invisible thread, Himber and other Switching Wallets, Peek Wallets, and the Pen through Anything, for example, can be applied to your business card. In addition, many card tricks and mentalism effects can utilize your business card instead of a playing card or billet.


Acer, David: 7 By Rick Bronson (written by David Acer). Big Time - selection maginifies, then the entire deck; Lighter Than Air - borrowed lighter vanishes; Missing Ink: A stack of blank business cards prints between your palms; Needle Through What? - needle through balloon variation; Ricky Bottles - tricy bottle routine;

Acer, David: Natural Selections. Includes a variety of magic. In Missing Ink, a stack of blank business cards print in your palms (see also 7 by Rick Bronson)

Anderson, George B: Magic Digest. This is a great beginner's book with magic that is usable by all. Includes Print Your Own by Hugh Hogan, a paddle move with your business card.

Baker, Ken: 21 Himber Wallet Routines. Good ideas for your Himber Wallet. Includes My Card Sir!, a presentation for your business cards.

Bingham, Euan: Cardboard Capers. Over a dozen effects. In Au Revoir, 5 cards change to 4, then 3, then 1, which ends up as your business card

Burger, Eugene: Solomon's Mind. Featuring the Card magic of David Solomon. Includes a Business Card Prediction.

Close, Michael: Workers #1. Includes The Pothole Trick, which is a moving hole routine utilizing your business card.

Cohen, Al: Magical Mish-Mosh. Collection of magical thoughts over the years. Includes Astral Ashes, Al's approch to have the name of the selection appear on the back of the magician's business card

Duffie, Peter: England Up Close. Includes over 70 (mostly card) routines from a variety of authors. Sean Carpenter's Insertion Technique is a business card prediction effect.

Dusheck, Steve: Dusheck's Close-Up Magic. A collection of a wide variety of clever effects (over 30 routines). No Apologies is a presentation based on numerology and uses the Out to Lunch principle. In Don Qhiholey, a hole moves about a business card. In Ashes to Ashes, ashes turn into a number or symbol on your card.

Elliott, Bruce: Classic Secrets of Magic. A great beginner's magic book that deserves reading by all. Includes in the chapter Peripatic Paddle, a paddle move for business cards for the self-printing buisness card effect.

Fulves, Karl: My Best Self-Working Card Tricks. Lots of card tricks. Includes Business Card ESP.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 2. A great book of close-up magic. Includes Flash Business Card, a blank card to business card tranformation using flash paper

Harkey, David & Eric Anderson: Ah-Ha! A selection of off-beat effects. In DBA, the magician's business card transposes with the spectators, but you need a STACK of the spectator's cards. If Looks Could Kill is a mentalist routine using business cards.

Harkey, David: Simply Harkey. More off-beat routines. Sunburst is a resetting application of the Out to Lunch principle for business cards

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment Volume 1: Tons of great magic. Flash Fold is a signed business card to matchbox routine.

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment Volume 3: Tons of great magic. In Window of Opportunity, your signed business card vanishes and is found in an envelope previously mailed to your host. In Rumpled Splitskin a pair of business cards (one signed) weld together. Break Out Boredom Buster uses five business cards with names written on the back.

Heldman, Ernie: Cards That Mean Business is a book published by Lee Jacobs that is all tricks using business cards. I think it's still available although it may be hard to find. Check Magic Inc.

Jay, Joshua: Magic Atlas. A collection of close up magic with a variety of objects. Includes Beach Business Cards.

Jensen, Jon: Business Card Miracles. 13 routines for giving out your business cards. Only a few use the Out to Lunch principle.

Kenner, Chris: Totally Out of Control. A book of great close-up magic. Includes Print Shop, a business card printing effect

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 1. Collection of Apocalypse magazines from the 1980's. Includes Time Out by Mark Levy using the Out to Lunch principle.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 2. Collection of bound magazines, volume 2. Harry's Spots New features a business card on which the card initials move around, and then the card self prints. Michael Rubinstein's Business Card Production uses a plastic wallet to change a blank card to a printed one. Center Tear Substitute (Kingdon Lieberman) allows the magician to read a message on a business card even though it is enclosed in a dollar bill.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 4. Last volume of this magazine compilation filled with tons of great close-up magic. In Anthony Lindan's Speck-Ulation, dots on a business card rearrange themselves to spell the spectator's name. Stephen Tucker's Autograph Hunters is a business card effect about autographs.

Lovell, Simon: Simon Says, The Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell. Includes Business Card Giveaway.

Lovell, Simon: Son of Simon Says. Includes Business Card Flash.

Lyons, P. Howard: Ibidem Volume 2. Includes Ed Marlo's Business Card Prediction

Mentzer, Jerry: Close-Up File. A collection of 35 routines without playing cards. Stephen Tucker's The Bizarre Square is a Magic Square routine you can do with your business card.

Mentzer, Jerry: Packet Tricks. A decent collection of packet tricks. In X Marks the Spot, the spectator picks the only business card with a different back.

Minch, Stephen: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Five. A nice collection of routines from the performers at the Symposium. Includes Daryl's The Milti-Colored Pen, in which a card is removed with the words written in the color spelled (Out to Lunch principle)

Ogden, Tom: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks. This popular beginner's guide to magic includes Presto Printing, a blank business card that prints itself. In the Vanishing Pen and Business Card, first the pen vanishes, then the card.

Powers, Michael: Close-Up Variety Pack I: Mike's 1995 notes. Includes 14 items using cards, coins, bills, rubber bands, rings, ropes and a moving hole item using business cards. Items include: The PM Principle, Varying Variance Variant, Cased Thought, Ultra Fast Coins Across, International Matrix Reverse, Jelly Roll, Swinger, Business Card Terror, The Professor's Dream, Two Bandittos, The Inverted Bill. $15

Powers, Michael: Close-Up Variety Pack II: Lecture notes from 1996 Wizard's Weekend. 9 items using cards, coins, rubber bands, pens, and business cards. Items includue: Impossible Collectors, I.T.H. Triumph, Open Prediction 999, Pen Transpo, Warp 9, The Alchemists' Dream, Routined Rubber. $10

Racherbaumer, Jon: Jay Sankey Unleashed. A collection of Jay's quirky magic. Includes Power Lunch, an Out to Lunch style business card effect. In Healed Holes, a business card with holes punched in it heals itself. XXX-Rated has X's drawn on business cards, that transfer to one card, then to the spectator's card. Between the Sheets is a Spirit Slates routine with business cards. Merger is a business card prediction routine.  Drew As I Drew has magician and spectator each drawing the same scribble on their cards.

Regal, David: Close Up and Personal. Chapters include Cards, Neither Fish nor Foul, Cards &, Money, Assemblies, Mental, Gaffed Decks. Includes Business Relocation - your business card changes places with spectator's while he's holding it.

Regal, David: Constant Fooling 2. Another great collection of David's magic. Magic Incorporated is a clever use for self-printed business cards, a card prediction with two handlings.

Rogers, Mike: The Complete Mike Rogers. Good close up. Includes several business card routines such as Eddie Fields Handling of the Card Prediction; Rubber Foot Print Stamp and Ashes on Business Card ideas; and Business Card Brain Wave.

Simon, Bill: Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals (previously published as Effective Card Magic). Amongst a lot of good beginner/intermediate card magic, includes an effect called Business Card Prophesy, which is a card stab with business cards.

Sisti, Jim: The Magic Menu Years One Through Five. This compiled magazine has tons of restaurant, walk-around, and bar magic. The Jan/Feb 1992 issue included Forget Me Not by David Acer, in which a signature magically appears on a playing card that is given away with your business card

Sisti, Jim: The Magic Menu Years Six through Ten. Includes Simon Lovell's Business Card Giveaway, The Business Card and Rubber Band Trick (Kirk Charles), David Harkey's Spaz in which a folded business card transposes with a straight one

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course In Magic, Volume 7 (Harry Lorayne). This is the 7th Volume in a classic set of beginning to intermediate magic. Includes Ed Schuman's Sightless Sight, which is a business card revelation.

Thompson, J.G.: Magic to Delight. A collection of magic by J.G. Thompson, a delight to read. Includes One More Message, in which the magician duplicates a message written on a business card. Also Crosses Across, a quick business card effect based on Carlyle's Cards (Phoenix No. 196) and Christopher's Double Cross (Tarbell Vol 3)

Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles. A collection of close up magic. Includes Burning Impression - the image of a selected card appears magically burnt into a business card

Victor, Edward: Further Magic of the Hands. A classic in manipulation magic. Includes Spiritualistic Visting Card Mystery, a sort of Spirit Slates routine with business cards

Wilson, Mark: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. A great beginners course in magic. Includes a section on the "Genii" Cards, teaching the Out to Lunch Principle along with six uses for this clever invention.


Ammar, Michael: Business Card Miracles DVD. Teaches: Business Band-It, Rising Profits, Magnetic Personality, The Incredible Business Machine, Self-Printing Business Cards, Super Self-Printing Business Cards, Good For One Free Lunch, Will The Cards Match, Hard Cash, Magic Words, The Showcase Wallet, Doug Bennett's Business Merger. $35

Ammar, Michael: Easy to Master Thread Miracles Volume 1 DVD. Introducing thread and how to get it. Includes amongst other routines the Rising Business Card and the Whirling Business Card. $35

Ammar, Michael: Ice Breakers DVD. Social Magical Surprises With Everday Objects. Includes 12 effects such as: Broken and Restored Rubber Band, Self-Printing Business Card, Bouncing Roll, Rolling Cigarette, Match Trick, Burnt Matches, Bending Spoon, Salt Shaker Through the Table, Rising Cigarette, Linking Toothpicks. Also includes Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3-Card Monte cards.

Close, Michael: Ultimate Workers - Volume 2 (DVD).
Pink Floyd - The backs of four jokers change from blue to red to blue again. The perfect opening routine, and it resets immediately! Pink Floyd is an object lesson in logical and efficient card handling. Renaldo the Great - A routine for the venerable Chinese Prayer Vase that will fool your magic buddies and the smart-aleck kid at the restaurant. This funny routine is perfect for table hopping. The El Cheepo Magic Club - Based on Paul Harris' Flash Fold, this is a great routine for kids, and it leaves your business card with the parents. The El Cheepo Magic Club also provides a lesson in using presentation to cover methodological restrictions. Coda Chrome - An unbelievable three way coincidence that will completely baffle magicians and laymen. Based on a trick by Stewart James, Coda Chrome brings the use of "outs" to a new level. Chicken Teriyaki - A beautifully routined Copper- Silver transposition which rings in the gaff in a way that will fly by anybody. Perfect for walk-around conditions, and the magic happens in the spectator's hands. You Hue - A Wild Card routine using the spectator's name and a freely selected color marker. You Hue demonstrates another diabolical use of outs, and the gaff can be used in many other effects. A stunner! Red Blue Mama Fooler - This trick has a strange name, but the effect is killer. The audience decides on the name of any card. A red-backed deck is spread; there is one blue-backed card in the deck. It is the named card. For a kicker, a blue-backed deck is spread. There is only one red-backed card in it. It is also the named card. The Wishing Trick - This is the trick Michael Close developed to help him become comfortable using a memorized deck. The routine is charming, and you will learn important techniques for the memorized deck. The Haunted Deck - Anyone names any card. Without any overt manipulation, the deck cuts itself at the named card. This is another memorized deck trick, but it can also be done without the memorized deck. In addition, Michael has added a visual touch that makes it look as if the deck is alive. Reverse Logic - Here's the perfect card routine for the strolling performer: a series of baffling card reversals. Because the routine is modular, you can stop at any point and still have a strong ending. 26 Cents Worth of Change - This routine is a rarity in magic: a truly impromptu coin trick. Two dimes go through a series of logical changes, ending up with the magician holding only a penny. This is another excellent strolling routine. Flying Home - This is Michael Close's routine for the classic "Homing Card" effect. A signed card flies to the pocket two times. As a kicker, the entire deck flies to the pocket, except for the signed card.

Curry, Brian: Business Card-Iographic DVD. This is an instructional video for how to make your own gimmicked cards for this effect. In one presentation, magician shows a stack of business cards with a deck of cards drawn on them. As the cards are shaken, a card slowly rises out of the deck, which matches the spectator's selection. $30

Daryl: Daryls Card Revelations - Volume 1 (DVD). Volume One Contains: Chicago Opener; Happy Birthday Card; Himber's Name Cards; Boston's Card Stab; Poker Voice/Lie Detector; Circus Card Trick; Skullocation; Moving Pencil; Secret Mathematician; Face Up Locator; Psychological Force; Card At Selected Number; Spectator Stop; Simple Mind Reading; Business Card Prophecy; Rub-A-Dub-Dub; Rising Aces; 21 Force; Pivot Revelation #1; Long Distance Spinner; Knock Out; Throw Down Change; Gag Sandwich.

Fleshman, Dan: Live At the Jailhouse - A Guide to Restaurant Magic (3 DVD Set). With Dan Fleshmann, Garrett Thomas, Dan Tong, Kirk Charles, Paul Green, Justin Miller. Disc 1 Contains: Benefits of working in a restaurant Choosing a restaurant How to dress How to get the job How to keep the job Staff relationships Promotion Tips Getting paid Character Types of effects Amount of material Kirk Charles performs: His version of sponge balls(performance), An in the hands Copper/Silver(performance), Matches (performance), Bar Basketball(explanation) and Business Card(explanation)
Garrett Thomas performs: Rubik's Cube(performance), The Ring Thing(performance), Big Coin Little Purse(performance), plus Garrett explains his amazing way to vanish and produce large props at a table.
Paul Green performs: Pygmy Paddle(explanation), Here There and Chicago Too! and Card to Wallet Routine with a great tip to help you never miss and give away your Business Card at the same time(explanation).
Disc 2
Approaching the table: When & How Three ways to leave the table: Entertainment no desired, The food arrives, You finish the show Dan Fleshmann performs: Prof. Nightmare(performance), Momma in my wallet(explanation), Card to Mouth(explanation) and Rising Card(explanation)
Kozmo performs: Sweet'N Low Surprise(explanation)
Disc 3
Odds and Ends: Dealing with hecklers, Evolution of your magic, Self Promotion, Pocket Management, Mistake Recovery, Making Friends, Working for Celebs Favorite Stories Parting Comment Bloopers and Credits Justin Miller performs: Shockingly Sweet(explanation), Suggestion(explanation) and Believe(performance)
Disc 1 Running Time Approximately 2hr 7min
Disc 2 Running Time Approximately 1hr 32min
Disc 3 Running Time Approximately 1hr 22min

Giobbi, Robert: Taped live at the 7th British Close-Up Magic Symposium DVD. Includes: Wild Business (Wild Card routine with Business Cards; The Peek; The Master Grip; Miracle Prediction; Card To Wallet; Sponge Ball and Bowl; LePaul Envelope Nest. 112 Minutes.

Guastaferro, John: Second Storm Volume 2 DVD.
East Meets West - A half-dollar and Chinese coin repeatedly travel and change places in this multi-phase coin routine.
Optical Opener - The spectator finds the only printed card in a completely blank deck. But just like an optical illusion, things aren't always what they seem.
Here, There, Everywhere - The spectator's card is seen in several places at the same time, finally appearing in a mysterious location.
Collectors With A Twist - The spectator slowly cuts the four Aces into the deck. First they turn face-up, then they capture three selected cards. A great twist on a classic effect.
Constellation - The spectator marks dots on your business card, which VISUALLY reposition themselves to reveal a selected card. A wonderful close-up illusion.
The Masterpiece - The magician tells a story about four artists and a blank canvas in this imaginative packet effect, which utilizes Peter Eggink's "Ace Oddity" card.
Googly Eyes - The spectator finds her card by doing a Google search with the deck. A novel spelling effect with a surprise kicker.
Turning The Tables - The spectator plays the role of magician and finds the four Jacks without a clue how it was done! This novel presentation builds to a spectacular finish.
Ultimate Fate II - In this extension of Aldo Colombini's "Contact Colors," the spectator plays the lottery by placing her dollar in the deck. Her luck keeps on riding to a million-dollar ending!
BRAINSTORM BREAKS Bonus ideas and effects
Cookie's Fortune - Learn John's clever method for pre-loading a bill in a fortune cookie.
Matchbook Transpo - A quick in-the-hands transposition.
Fortune Flash - A clever way to turn flash paper into a logical and visually-interesting prop.
Running Time Approximately 1hr 50min

Harlan, Dan: Early Harlan DVD. Routines performed and explained: Capper Silver - coin into magic marker cap; Off-Beat Flyers - coins across; Business Sense - business card prediction; Auto Suspension - card deck balancing; Quick Cutaway- deck vanishes leaving selection; Colorful Circus - selection ends up with odd colored back; Old Speller - spelling trick with kicker; Nightmare's End - classic rope trick but ropes end at three different lengths; Newsline - newspaper prediction; Now UZ It - pencil through borrowed bill; Soft Silverware; A Case of Color Blindness - two-deck color change routine; Ring Around The Ropesy - linking ring routine transforms to linking ropes routine; Tame Cards - Ace of hearts changes six jokers into duplicates of itself. 110 minutes.

Harlan, Dan: Premium Blend- No.5 DVD. Volume Five - Funny Business
BUSINESS CARD NIGHTMARE -- A drawing of three different length ropes changes to ropes of the same length using the Out-to-Lunch principle. YOUR FORTUNE -- Two halves of two borrowed bills are destroyed, only to be discovered sealed inside fortune cookies held by the spectators the whole time. PENNED-IN -- A borrowed dollar changes into an I.O.U. in the spectator's hand. The bill is found rolled up inside a pen he has been holding the whole time. PICTURE THIS -- An entire card trick performed with photographs which somehow magically correspond to the spectator's choices. TENYO ZIG-ZAG CRAYON -- A crayon is cut and restored. You'll want to dig out this classic prop and use this new presentation which justifies its existence and may be used for audiences of all ages. ART EXCHANGE -- A spectator's drawing changes places with the magician's drawing instantly with no false moves. HOTEL PARADOX -- An old puzzle where 10 travelers fit into only 9 rooms is turned into a physical magic trick, yet still works. CAPTAIN DREAD -- The spectator becomes a pirate and using a treasure map finds the treasure buried on an island with instructions given by the ghost of Captain Dread. 'SCUOWVIC JO OML' which means 'Perspective is All,' -- A selected card is revealed by the motto.

Jenest, Mark: Miracles While You Wait DVD. Includes: BILLoon signed bill in balloon; Chaptrick card in Chapstick container; Short Hop copper/silver routine; Demotivation business card (Out to Lunch principle);  Classic Farce ambitious card; Jiggernaut cups and balls with an olive and a jigger.

LeClair, Jon: Whos Afraid of Invisible Thread (DVD). This is considered the definitive work on magic with invisible thread. If you have ever wanted to perform astounding magic where objects seem to move and float on their own this is your opportunity. Based on Jon LeClair's best-selling book "The Art of Invisible Thread," this program takes you on a candid outing where LeClair performs live for startled spectators in a restaurant. You are then taught how to perform everything. LeClair's techniques can be used at virtually anytime and in any situation -- they are the most practical methods for using invisible thread ever developed.
Routines performed and taught:
Whirling Card: Inspired by Bob Hummer's Whirling Card, a borrowed business card spins in mid air and flies around your body.
Standing Card: Based on a routine by Gaeton Bloom, a borrowed business card is balanced on it's edge on the back of your hand.
Erectile Bill: LeClair's version of Al Baker's popular routine where a borrowed bill is folded lengthwise and placed on a table -- it slowly begins to rise until it is standing upright.
Floating Bill: A borrowed bill is crumpled into a ball and placed on your palm. It slowly begins to move and float while your hands wave above, below and all around it.
Ring on Wand: A handling of Jamy Ian Swiss' Animated Ring on Wand where a borrowed finger ring magically moves along the length of a Plexiglas wand. As a repeat the entire sequence is performed while everything is in the spectator's hand.
Animated Matchbox: Amadeo's classic Animated Matchbox where a matchbox which is laying on your palm flips over and then its drawer magically and eerily opens. What makes this version special is that the matchbox is examinable before and after the routine.
Animated Deck: LeClair's most popular routine is a version of Al Baker's Pack That Cuts Itself, where a selected card is returned to the deck as the pack cuts itself and pushes the selection out.
Rising Card: A selected playing card rises out of the deck.
Cigarette Follies: A borrowed cigarette moves and jumps while on the table.
Defying Death: A spectator writes the name of someone who has died on a piece of paper which is folded and placed into a vase along with four similarly folded papers containing names of living persons. All of a sudden one of the papers starts bouncing in the vase and finally jumps out -- on it is the name of the dead person -- his spirit made it happen!
Also taught are the most important techniques used in invisible thread magic: how to overcome thread breakage, making your own invisible thread, quick thread set-up, practice tips, vital thread handling, and much more. You are also taught the secrets of the LeClair Animator, which makes everything on this video possible.
Comes with a free starter package of invisible thread and specially compounded flesh colored putty so you can start performing immediately after learning the techniques. Even if you never tried to use invisible thread before, this program will give you the confidence and teach you everything you need to know. This is one of the most diabolical tools available to the close-up magician. A real reputation maker.
Special DVD Features:
Instant access to 29 scenes DVD Trailers Superior video quality Dolby Digital sound Interactive menus No-region encoding for worldwide viewing

Platt, Brian: Catapult! (2 DVD set). An exploration of strikes, pitches, sleeves, and 1 ½ calorie mints. BACK: BASIC CATAPULT VANISH AND VARIATIONS. The basic building block. Explained CATAPULT COIN COLOR CHANGE (SAWA) A simple, brilliant, clean coin color change. SNAP VANISH/CHANGE Coin sits in right hand. Snap your left hand fingers and it's gone. WSSV MOVE The Williamson Striking Vanish. Only BOTH hands are immediately clean. DIME PUSHED THRU BACK OF TIC-TAC BOX- Push a signed dime right through the back of a Tic Tac Box. DIME THROWN THRU FRONT OF TIC TAC BOX- Throw a signed dime right through the front of a Tic Tac Box. You've never seen anything like this. Many other squeaky clean versions of Dime thru Tic Tac Box demonstrated and explained! INSIDE OUT - A freely chosen and signed playing card is folded into quarters and paperclipped. With apparently no moves it turns inside out. Then inside out again. T&R SIGNED BORROWED BUSINESS CARD THEORY ON BUSINESS CARDS- THE ULTIMATE WEAPON. BUSINESS CARD COIN VANISH/CHANGE Wave a business card over a quarter. It changes to a dime. You're clean. JELLY BELLIED Three jelly beans sit in your closed hand. Spectator calls out one of them (free choice). Open your hand and the called out jelly bean has vanished completely. Everything including your hands can be examined. ABSORPTION- THE OJ SIMPSON DIME IN EQUAL PACKET- A ruthlessly ambitious and ridiculously clean take on this classic plot. Try not to look guilty. LINKING CLIPS /LIFESAVERS- Two paperclips linked together in the cleanest of manners. Platt then goes on to do the same effect with Lifesavers. CHUCK WOOLERY COINS ACROSS Two quarters in the right hand. Two quarters in left. With no moves, only a simple wave, all four quarters find themselves in the left hand. . It doesn't get any cleaner than this. FANNING PITCH- Platt's been honing this move for many years. This is the one that fries laymen, magicians, everyone! Explained in full detail. INDEX TO INDEX - A penny sits on an index finger. Gently touch it with the other index finger and It's gone! And you're left clean. RED LIGHT. GREEN LIGHT. A fresh take on the 50/50 prediction. WIPE AWAY VANISH/CHANGE A coin in the palm of you hand is brushed into thin air or changed into another coin by simply brushing it with the back of your other hand. You're immediately clean. SLEEVES UP COOL GUY VANISH Sleeving with sleeves up? Platt shows you how for a variety of sleeving techniques. MAGIC BY THE FOOT A whole new technique for coin to impossible location. BONUS TRICKS: ONE IN FIVE. Sign your initials on the back of one of five playing cards. It's the one the spectator freely picks. No equivoque. Everything immediately examinable. UNEXPLAINABLE EFFECT. An X is drawn on the back of card. Wiped off. Drawn back on. Super slowly wiped off. Then wiped back on! Nothing to hide or ditch. You're immediately clean. 50min

Powers, Michael: Top Secret Close Up Video. From the Professional Video Magic Series, this video was shot in a studio in Nashville TN. Contains nine items using cards, coins, bills, rings and strings and even a jelly container. Items include: Gary Oulette's Three Second Wonder, The Invisible Aces, Squeezing the Queens, International Matrix Reverse, Ultra Fast Coins Across, Swinger, Double Your Money, Business Card Terror, and Jelly Roll. 90 minutes. $20

Robison, Shaun: The Art And Magic Of Shaun Robison Volume 1 by East Coast Magic (DVD).
Four What - 4 aces are shown and then are seen to change into 4 cards that resemble the spectator's card. Then the 4 cards change into a 4 of a kind!
Burning Business Merger - This effect answers the question: "What can I do to get the spectators to keep my business card?" A very eerie revelation of a selected card!
And Yet, Another Coins to Glass - Starts out as a broken and restored wine glass and ends with an amazing coins to glass effect. The last coin will bring gasps!
Spots a Poppin' - A red spot on the back of a playing card comes to life!
Lovers Dance - Shaun's take on the Anniversary Waltz trick. This version is one of the cleanest there is! Doc Eason loved it! Worth the price of the DVD!
Wand and Coins - A simple and very stunning 3 coin vanish and reproduction.

Rorrison, Alan: Fingers of Fury Vol.1 (Weapons Of Choice) DVD. Deep Impression - A selected card slices into your arm like a knife into butter;
3 Shot Slammer - A 3 phase coin through glass routine (and the third phase is a DOOZY!); Broken Home - Borrow a bunch of keys and then BREAK (and restore!) one of the keys!; Evolution - watch as the head of a stickman drawn on your business card impossibly moves across the paper.; Hells Bend - You bet your hapless spectator that you can bend a coin by blowing on it. And that's just what you do!; Lightless Lights - After showing your hands clearly empty you proceed to pluck flickering lights from the ether.; Relentless - A spectator's coin visibly penetrates the screen of your mobile phone.; Running Time Approximately 2hr 17min

Royal Magic: Amazing Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects. Some of the effects include: Predict the rolls of a set of dice! Tear a paper napkin to shreds and then, suddenly, make it whole again! Cause your personal information to materialize on blank business -cards! Make a rubberband penetrate through your flesh! And more.

Various: Convention at the Capital 1999- A-1 Magical Media (DVD).
Aldo Colombini - No- Palm Repeat Card To Pocket - Imagine, the spectator's selection magically travels to your pocket - TWICE - with no palming required!
Paul Green - Tradeshow Transposition - A working pro teaches you his most sought- after tradeshowstopper!
Lee Earle - Life Force Triangle - An amazing effect that gets them to take your business card home!
Gregory Wilson - Body Piercing - A very creative and magical one-coin routine!
Paul Wilson - Spellbound To Please - Scotland's top sleight-of-hand artist gives up one of his pet coin routines!
Chad Long - Ninja Coin & Ninja Key - Two extremely magical effects that make it appear you have the dexterity of a Ninja magic Master! Flip a coin high in the air and appear to catch it deftly between your thumb and forefinger! Or toss your keys in the air and catch the right key at your fingertips every time. It looks impossible, but it's easy to do!
Frank Balcerak - The Color-Changing Pen - A beautifully thought- out method for magically changing the color of your trusty sharpie!
Mark Strivings - Psychic Influence - A wonderful mental effect wherein the performer predicts a matched pair from a spectator-shuffled deck!

Various: Magic With Everyday Objects (World's Greatest Magic).
Dan Harlan - Business Card Nightmare
Bill Malone - Skinner Matches
Johnny Thompson - Chink-a-Chink
David Regal - Not This!
Jay Sankey - Clipped
Dan Harlan - Cellophane Surgery
Tom Mullica - The Book Test (courtesy of Murphy's Magic)
Banachek - This 'n That
Fielding West - Ring Vanish
Joshua Jay - Heightened Senses
Tom Mullica - Ultra Sensory Perception
Dan Harlan - Starcle
Joe Rindfleisch - Smarty Pans
Jeff Sheridan - Cut and Restored String
Jay Sankey - Unleaded
Running Time Approximately 1hr 40min

Wilson, Mark: Business Card Magic DVD. Includes: Print your Business Card by Magic; Three Blank Cards; Son of Three Blank Cards; Push-Out Printing; Magic In Their Hands; Both Sides Blank; A Magical Routine with your Business Card; Making Blank Business Cards; Your Business Card Magically Appears; The Twenty-One Dollar Business Card; Magical Business with Playing Cards; An Easy Prediction; Business Card Prediction; Three-Card Monte; The Customer Always Wins; One Down, One Under; Delivering Your Message Magically; Genii Cards (Out to Lunch principle); The World's Greatest Business Card Trick! $30 Magic International;


Ammar, Michael: Showcase Wallet. A leather Z-fold specially designed for business cards. Has also been available in a Vinyl version (and I've seen knockoffs as well).  $25

Bavli, Guy: Show Biz Card. A stack of business cards with hands printed on them are riffled, and the hands are seen to "clap" and produce a deck of cards with one card rising out - the selection. This last card is given out since it is your business card. Can be performed each time with a different playing card. Includes special set of animated SHOW BIZ CARDS, 24 special stickers to put on the back of your own business card, and instructions. Refills also available.

Bennett, Doug: Business Merger (Sterling Magic). A clever gimmick allows the magician to tear off a corner of his business card, and then change his mind and restore it to be given away. Can be purchased with The Business Merger Book that provides four additional routines.

Cornelius, John: Business Card Case. Show a small brass business card case. Very classy! Open the case, and your business cards will be visible. Slowly, and visibly, one of the cards rises out of the case! After the card has risen for half its width, you remove it and hand it out!
What a super way to hand out your business card! A very classy prop indeed! Easy to do; the perfect item to carry your business cards in! No threads, wires, or body attachments. Self-contained! $15.00

Eason, Doc: Out To Dinner Clip: metal clip to replace the rubber band used in Out-to-Lunch routines

Eldo: Shuriken Card. The Magician lets a spectator freely choose a card. He picks the card up and places it on his hand. He blows on card while it starts slowly to rotate. The card is rotating like a helicopter and starts floating above the hands of the Magician. The card is always under the Magician's control. Slowly the card lowers and stops back on the Magicians hand. The card can be handed out again. No threads! Simple to use! Can also be used with business cards! Always under your control! Designed for low light situations, and ideal for Stage or Parlor, you will have lots of fun using Shuriken Card. Comes complete with Shuriken Card gimmick and instructions.

El Duco ( Business Card Scanner. Business cards are removed from your card wallet and are found to be blank, so they are put back in the wallet where they are still visible. A pen is run over the face of the card like a scanner, and the card is now printed on the other side. Card holder can also be used for an "Add a Number" effect. Includes a hand made ultra thin card holder in black art leather (65 x 105 mm or 4 x 2.5"), instructions with 3 routines. US$30

Forrest, David: Autobahn. Any Card at Any Number (ACAN) for strolling. Spectator names any card, they deal the cards face up to the randomly selected number. Instant reset, and you leave the spectator with two of your business cards altered in such a way you know they'll be kept. PDF with artwork neede to create the props.

Jenkins, David: Warp One DVD. Warp One is a completely re-wired version of Roy Walton's classic Card Warp. The big news? David removes the cover card and performs the entire illusion in full view! NO EXTRA PIECES! NOTHING TO PALM OR SWITCH! NO GIMMICKS!Warp One uses a single card from a normal deck... held out at the very tips of your fingers. You fold the card in half then simply wave your fingers over the card, and the single card visibly turns inside out: First half the card, then the other half (both sides are shown), then the card turns completely inside out and then back to half and half. Each stunning visual change happens with a single normal card held at the tips of your fingers! You end with the classic Roy Walton ending by tearing the warped card in half and handing out the pieces for examination. David Ren Jenkins' Warp One is a visual treat. The moves are completely invisible. The handling is a downright joy to perform. All you need is a single card and your bare fingers to permanently warp your audience's reality. Includes David's special handling for restoring the card. THE FINGERS MAKE NO MOVEMENTS OTHER THAN A GENTLE WAVING ACTION! Special Features: Multiple Camera Angles (including your point of view) Alternate Ending (David's method for restoring the torn card) Pre-show (how to bring the card into play) Warp ONE inc. (using a business card) Paul Harris presents trailerRunning Time Approximately 39min

Jheff: Ultimental. A participant freely thinks of a number of thoughts, such as words or dates. The performer writes something down on a business card and seals it up inside a small envelope. To make it even more challenging, the participant is instructed to focus on just one of those thoughts. The choice is randomly chosen. The participant removes the business card form the sealed envelope and finds the freely chose though written in the message on the back. And, of course, this business card can be given away as a perfect and unforgettable souvenir of the performer's incredible abilities! Only the envelopes and business cards are used! Any pen or pencil can be used! No switches, carbons, or electronics! The random thoughts are not forced!

Krenz, Jim: Anagramation. The performer displays a stack of business cards which each have a magical logo and the phrase "For Astonishment..." on them. The spectator initials the top card of the stack and a playing card is also selected, but not yet revealed. The performer flips through the stack of cards and the printed letters move slowly at first, then begin careening all over the card, bouncing off the edges and each other. As the letters slow down, they are seen to be forming into new words in an "anagramic" way. When they are finished moving, they read "Nine Of Hearts!" When the spectator s selected card is revealed it is, indeed, the Nine of Hearts! The top card still has the spectator s initials on it. It may be examined... Neither the initials, nor the "Nine of Hearts" will rub off or smear. Comes complete with enough business cards for nearly 50 performances!

Lovins, Rodger: My Card. Spectator chooses a playing card from a packet of four. A prediction on the back of the magician's business card matches. The prediction then vanishes from the business card and appears on the back of the playing card! Comes with gimmick, special four card packet, business card holder and instruction sheet with bonus routine.

MagicSmith: Super Sharpie. Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time! Does magic get any more direct than this? Now you can predict a spectator's freely thought of name, number, date, age - even the amount of change in their pocket. The list goes on and on - and your reputation will only grow and grow! All this is possible with the Super Sharpie. The Super Sharpie is a revolutionary redesign of mentalism's most potent weapon. It's so incredibly simple to use, you'll be performing mind boggling mental miracles just minutes after practicing with it. The Super Sharpie can be used as a regular Sharpie - because it is! Feel free to hand it to spectators to sign cards - they'll never discover its hidden secret. There's a built-in precision gimmick that allows you to make sharp, distinct predictions with clarity and legibility. Best of all, you'll do all this right under their noses - while they're staring at you. Since it's all built into the pen, there's no fumbling. You start clean when you pull the pen out, and you end clean when you put the pen away. It's self-contained, self-inking and undetectable, and it's always ready to go. You'll make your predictions on playing cards (even plastic cards), business cards, and virtually anything else that you can write on with a regular a Sharpie pen. In the 15 minute companion video CD (included), you'll learn expert technique that will get you up and running with your Super Sharpe immediately. Comes with Super Sharpie, video CD and illustrated instructions.

Pace, Jim: Hot Leads (improved version of Afterburn): Magcian produces his business card on fire. A sure way to get attention!

Page, Bob: Business Card Paradox. Magician assembles a 5 piece jigsaw puzzle into a Four of Hearts. He turns the cards over and assembles the back of the card, but it only takes 4 parts! The left over part is given to the spectator, it is your business card! Can be carried in your wallet. About $10 Meir Yedid

Paterson, Aaron: O.D. (Optical Delusion) with DVD. A spectator's business card is obtained...That same spectator is asked to think of a playing card out of 52 possibilities...The performer presents his cell phone camera and takes a picture of his own eye...The spectator is asked to gaze into the photo eye...As the spectator gazes into the pupil of the photo eye, a card enigmatically begins to materialize and subsequently dematerialize only to materialize once again a moment later, permanently altering the photo. Using the info from the previously obtained business card, the performer actually emails the transformed photo along with his contact info to the spectator from his cell phone (provided his cell phone has that capability). Leaving them his electronic calling card and an unforgettable memory.
Includes: Instructional DVD, complimentary access to the exclusive OD forum and free downloads.
- Can be performed with almost any cell phone that has a camera
- Can be immediately repeated with a different outcome
- Extremely easy to perform once prepared
- Includes no force variation
- Includes bonus Ideas section that alone is worth the price of the DVD
Shot in high definition and presented in widescreen
Note: While the preparation of OD is fairly involved, once prepared OD is easy to perform, practical and ready to go anywhere, anytime.
Running Time Approximately 47min

Paulu, Dan: What Competition? The magician shows several of his competitor's business cards wrapped in a dollar bill and a rubber band. Removing the bill and band he proceeds to read some of the cards to his spectators. All are humorous and each competitor sounds less than appealing when compared to the performer himself (we assume). "That's why I keep a dollar wrapped around these cards. To remind people that you really do get what you pay for!" The dollar bill and the rubber band are again wrapped around the bottom portion of the stack of cards, leaving half the stack protruding from the bill. The magician then pushes the stack of business cards through the wrappings of the bill. When he does, the competitor's cards that was on top of the stack magically changes to one of the magician's own business cards as it comes through the other side. The stack is pushed back through the bill and the other half of the card changes to the magician's own card as well! "I highly recommend this guy!" says the magician as he removes his business card and gives it to the spectators to keep. Includes Ten Fictitious Business Cards and Detailed Instructions

Romero, Antonio: Laminated. Perform the following effects: Signed Laminated Card - found laminated in an impossible location; ID Prediction - laminated Magician's ID with your contact info and a correct prediction of a called number, country or name; Laminated Business Card - your business card becomes laminated together with your spectator's. Can be done with bills, credit cards or other cards. Includes video CD, 25 'Magician's ID' cards and a custom-made wallet with 25 refills.

Romhany, Paul and T.C. Tahoe: Free Lunch: Designed for stage or walkaround performance. Spectator selects a business card from a fish bowl, and the magician is able to describe exactly the selected card. Provides opportunity to pass our your own card AND to collect those of potential clients. Comes with 30 professionally printed business cards for the Stage Version and 20 cards for the Walkaround version, Fish Bowl, CD ROM with templates to personalize your own business cards. $124.95

Sankey, Jay: Moving Violation (With DVD). It looks like something out of science fiction movie! The performer opens a small wallet to show a business card featuring a hypnotic printed pattern with a small hole near one end. Then slowly, very slowly, the hole impossibly melts its way across the entire length of the card! The visual impact is incredible! And then the performer HANDS EVERYTHING OUT FOR EXAMINATION! The card, the wallet, EVERYTHING! It takes 10 seconds to reset this mind-blowing effect and the extremely clever gimmicks do all the work for you! You can even perform the same stunning effect with your own business card, a playing card or a dollar bill! Deadly easy to do, it's the perfect walk around trick you will do everywhere! And remember, EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED! Comes complete with wallet, gimmicks, specially printed cards and instructional DVD featuring a variety of handlings and effects including "The Classic Handling," "One of Six," and the "Ultimate Business Card Giveaway!"

Sheets, John T.: Clipped! A paper clip and a business card are introduced. The paper clip is balanced on the edge of the business card and then magically melts right through the card! This impossibility can then be handed to a spectator for examination and left in this altered state!Awesome Climax Business Card Can Be Given Out In This Altered State

Shufton, Steve: Shufton Card Catcher. The Card Catcher is a sturdy specially constructed windowed envelope that can hold playing cards, credit cards, business cards, paper money, written predictions, etc. Cards can appear instantly in the Card Catcher, or can transform cards that can be clearly seen through the window. Use for Card to Wallet, Torn & Restored effects, mentalism, Business Card Magic, and more. Come with Card Catcher, ungimmicked duplicate, 28 page booklet with 8 routines.

Sibbernsen, Michael: Business Card Production Wallet. A leather business card wallet is shown empty, but the magician reaches into the air and produces a fan of business cards. Around $16 Hank Lee's

Wilson, Gregory: The Stockholder. Leather wallet designed for the Out to Lunch principle