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Updated 15 Nov Brad Manuel Stack to the Max DVD; Marc Paul's lecture notes; 

This guide originally compiled by Joe Pecore with subsequent additions provided

Provides a listing of Books, Videos/DVDs, and Products covering Dice Stacking. Please note that none of these items are for sale from this website, pricing is for reference only and is not current, and some items may no longer be available. This guide is for informational purposes only.

Courtesy of Todd Strong: "Dice stacking is the art of scooping up dice in a dice cup and setting the cup down to build a vertical column of dice. Most people's initial reaction, when first seeing the dice stacked, is astonishment. Once one has succeeded in stacking dice, there are all sorts of variations, which keep the skill new and interesting for beginners and masters alike."

More Info and animations can be found at Todd Strong's web page, Jim Zee's web page, and an article at Juggler's World by Emory Kimbrough ( "Dice Stacking Made Tolerable"


Bernard, Bobby: Teach-In Series. Bernard's Lesson On Dice Stacking. Supreme Magic. 23 pages, 35 photos. 

Crandall, Clarke: How to Stack Dice for Fun and No Profit. Magic Limited. Senator Clarke Crandall's work on Dice Stacking. 17 pages, $4 Denny & Lee's Magic Studio

Jay, Ricky: Dice - Deception, Fate & Rotten Luck. hardbound, 2003, Quantuck Lane Press.

Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade Commercial Closeup Magic. Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade. Includes Vanishing Shot Glass (Squash), Purse Frame & Sponge Ball Routine, Color Changing Knives (2 knife routine), Coin Routine, Cap and Pence (Stack of Quarters,)  Coins thru Table, Coin Fold Vanish, Torn & Restored Bill, Floating Bill, Dice Stacking, Three Shell Game, Three Card Monte, Card Stacking Gambling Demonstration, Boomerang Card, Card in Wallet, Card to Pocket, "Bullet" Card Trick, Out of Sight Out of Hand Card Transposition, and Card to Mouth. Also, information on Topit, Bottom Palm. Top Palm, Biddle Move, Classic Force, Downs Change, Double Lift, Multiple Shift, Overhand Shuffle Control, Overhand Shuffle Stack, Spectator Peek, False Cut, False Shuffle, Faro Shuffle, and the Pressure Fan. 124pg $30

Lovell, Simon: Son of Simon Says. Hardbound, 2000, L&L Publishing, 212 pages. See  page 143.

Marlo, Ed: Shoot The Works. 48 pages $7. Dice manipulation, including: Dice Stacking, Dice Transposition, Dice and Hat routine, Holdout, They're Loaded, 3 Dice and a Coin, Dice control on hard and soft surfaces, detection, switching, gambling demonstration routine, lecture outline, suggested program, expose, explanation of gambling terms, and more. Magic, Inc.

Ouellet, Gary: Close-Up Illusions (1990, Camirand Academy of Magic) 400 pages. $45. Cards, coins, sponge balls, lapping, and more. Includes a chapter on Rock and Roll Dice Stacking. A companion video is also available ($20)

Paul, Marc: Marc Paul's Lecture Notes '98. Includes: Secrets Monte - A great kicker ending for the classic Three Card Monte routine; Linking Finger Rings - without expensive gimmicked rings; New Encore Card Stab; Plus Ring in Card Case, Marc's Opener and a Guide to Dice Stacking. £10.00 TVMagic (U.K.)

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards $40. 67 effects and routiness. Includes a chapter on the real secrets of dice stacking. 200 pages with over 350 illustrations.

Racherbaumer, Jon: In A Class By Himself. The Legacy of Don Alan. Hardbound, 2000, L & L Publishing. Includes Sneakily Stacked in Your Favor: Dice stacking routine using one gimmicked die and cup cover (with image clips from un-named video). 270 pages.

Stevens, Amy: Virtual Foolery. The Virtual Foolery booklet was published by Amy Stevens of Stevens Magic Emporium to introduce the world to the columnists who write for GeMiNi, the Greater Magic Network. In addtion to stuff by ourselves, Pete Biro, AldoColombini, and other great guys, it contains a dice stacking lesson by Simon Lovell $11 Steven's Magic Emporium. See also

Strong, Todd: Dice Stacking Book. 104 pages $10. A full treatise on the art of dice stacking . Deals with Beginning techniques, Advanced Techniques, Aerial Stacks, Stacking Games, Decapitation, History of Dice, Stacking items other than Dice, etc. The entire book is clearly illustrated with actual photos including two flip books that show the basic stack and decapitation. Sample pages, an animated GIF of Dice Stacking, and full contents listing available on Todd's Perceptual Motion web site. A review can be found at:

Walsh, Audley: Dice Dexterity. 32 pages: Contents include Dice Stacking, Upsey Dicey & Other Stacks, Patriotic Dice, Chink-A-Chink, Pick Ups and Sucker Gags, Mini-Dice and others. Also covers controlled dice throws, switches, and number predictions in the stacking process. $4.50 Denny's.

Zachary, Jim & George Schindler: Zack Stacks (Magic Workshop) 85pg $15. Full treaty of dice stacking. Includes: The Basics, Taking Them Down, Loading, The Complete Zachary Routine, Building Your Own Routine, Contributions from Father Cyprian and George Schindler.


Bernard, Bobby: Videonics Bobby Banard Vol 1., Dice Stacking Videotape

Frye, Charlie: Eccentricks - The Video. Comedy magic video. Includes comedic versions of Multiplying Billiard Balls, Cups & Balls, Spoon Bending, gags such as Vanishing nail file, juggling gags, dice stacking and coin manipulation, and the Card Grab.

Gerry (Gerhard Scharnboeck): Extreme Dice Stacking DVD. Gerry is a world champion dice stacker. DVD explains all the basics, including types of dice, cups and surfaces to use, using soda cans, methods of stacking, holding the cup, rhythm, picking up dice, and so forth. Includes advanced sweeps, multiple pickups, multiple cups, two handed stacking and more. Also includes routines with sugar cubes, playing cards, envelopes, toothpaste caps, pocket sized routines, and a mid-air dice stack routine as well as a stage routine using a trash can.

Lancaster, Lou: Gambler's Secrets Exposed. IMS Volume 19. 3 Shell game, 3 card monte, dice stacking & switching, face up ace dealing, more. International Magicians Society

Lewis, Martin: Martin's Close-Up Miracles DVD. 2 live shows with performance details. Includes: Queenie, The Amazing Dancing Girl (3 card Monte type routine); Sidewalk Shuffle (classic Monte routine); The Odd Card (another Monte routine with jumbo cards); Spec Deck; The Stampede Second (deal); Dice Propagation (three dice and dice cup routine with vanishes, appearances, shrinking, color changing, expansion, and multiplication); Spelling Collins' Aces; Point of Arrival; The Computer Cards; Rabbit Test (packet trick); Texas Money, borrowed penny and silver dollar routine; Impossible Miniature Card Rise; Color Changing Pencil; Sinister Glimpse; Bridge Hand Steal; Tosser Coin Switch.

Manuel, BradStack to the Max - Impossible Dice Stacking. Learn dice stacking, from the basics to advanced techniques, including Brad's groundbreaking 20 and 25 high stacks. Brad also walks you through one of his favorite audience-involving routines where an adult attempts dice stacking with very funny and unsuccessful results, followed by a child being successful (with little help from Brad). A very strong entertainment experience, especially for a family audience, and one you can adapt to any audience. From the novice to the seasoned dice stacker, this DVD has something for everyone.

Mendoza, John: My Best DVD Volume 1. Dice Stacking - routine with shrinking & growing dice and a drink approved at the end. Also includes Ambitious 1-2-3-4-5; Ace Production; Simple Collectors; Red/Black Shuffle Routine; Chop Cup (short, sweet, and to the point); Female (card); Routined Poker Mental; Mendoza Cups and Balls. 1hr 50 minutes.

Mendoza, John: Routined Close Up. International Video Magic Series Vol. 1. Includes  Dice Stacking (in slow motion with a clear glass)

Paul, Marc: The Marc Paul Lecture Video. Dynamic FX (U.K.). Includes Marc's introduction to the art of dice stacking.

Strong, Todd: Dice Stacking Video. 50 min. How to Stack Dice, Stacking Variations, Quick Stacks, Aerial Moves, Decapitation, Stacking Multiple Dice, Stacking Tiny Dice, and Stacking items other than dice. Also Mike Maxwell performing and explaining the Senator Crandall Dice Stacking Routine. 

Various: Encore Collection, Greater Magic V46 by Steven's Magic. Includes Mike Rogers: Dice Stacking

Zachary, Jim: Art of Dice Stacking Videotape. Contents include complete performance of Jim Zachary's legendary dice stacking act and then a full detailed explanation of the act including the stack, the arc, the pick-up, the stop, visible stack, unstacking, loading the cup, calling numbers, strung stack, stacking 10 and 15 dice, and "juiced" (a bonus trick).


Gazzo: Leather Dice Cup- 4-5 Dice High or 6-7 Dice High. MagicPitch. Leather dice cup hand made by Gazzo.

Manuel, Brad: Dice Stacking Chop Cup. Custom made leather bound polycarbonate cups. Everything is performed with standard transparent casino dice. Perform your normal routines with the bonus of the "audible" illusion inside the cup. The set comes with the cup, 5 casino dice, 1 "chopped" casino die, and instructions.

Porper, Joe: Dice Cup. Stacks dice easily with an elegant, refined design. Stacks up to 6 dice. Stainless or Wood.

Rogers, Mike: Leather Dice Cups. Mike offers handmade genuine leather cups that has an acrylic lining. No internal ribs and no trip rim make these cups perfect dice stacking. Available in neutral tan or Old World finish. $30 per cup.

Starsinic, Frank: Stackomagic(TM) Dice Cups. The Ambitious Card. Leather Dice Stacking Cups. Two sizes: 6" and 4.5", 2.5" diameter, straight sides for dice stacking. Tan, Black or brown leather, w/green, red or blue suede lining. semi-rigid dice stacking cup with an internal frame. The leather is sewn around the frame. The cup has straight sides. The cup is almost 4" tall and 2.5" in diameter. Includes casino dice and bag. (also carries a leather dice stacking/chop cup, see Chop Cup reference).

Starsinic, Frank: Dice-Chop Combination Cups. The Ambitious Card. Includes crocheted balls and casino dice with each set. Rigid cup with internal frame, leather sewn around the frame. Straight sides. 3.5" tall, 2.4" diameter. Use for chop cup or Dice stacking cup. 3" diameter cup available on custom order. Tan, Brown, Black or Two-Tone leather; Leather or Felt lining.

Strong, Todd: Dice Stacking Kit. Four "cancelled" casino dice and plastic dice cup. Perfectly squared edges. Also offers tiny dice, "perfect dice", large dice, round dice, and the Mike Roger's dice cup

Waggedawn, Ergie: Finger Dinger- Der Turm Wäggilon/ The Dice Stacking Video, VHS 20 Minues (In German, PAL only?).

Zachary, Jim: Jim "Zee" Custom Dice Cups: 6, 10 or 14 high; 3/4" Vegas Dice either uncancelled or cancelled & machined flat, Half-Dice with Gaffed Can, Loaders, etc. Offers Art of Dice Stacking Video with dice cup and dice

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