Reference Guide

to Pen Magic

Pen Thru Anything

Last Update: May 2005 Niedzwiecki's Just Passin' Thru,

Pen magic includes effects such as pen through dollar bill, coin from pen cap, flash pens, and so forth.

Note that none of the items listed here are for sale from this site. All prices are estimates and are not current. Some items are likely no longer available.

For a brief article on the Pen Through the Dollar effect, click HERE


Ammar, Michael: The Magic of Michael Ammar. Tons of magic including David Williamson's Coin in Pen Cap routine, Pencil Through Quarter. $40

Bennet, Horace: Familiar Themes. Includes A "Bic" Pen Coin Vanish: coin vanishes and is dumped from the pen cap; and Drinking Straw Through Playing Card among others.

Brewer, Doug: High Impact Coin Magic. 7 good coin routines including Cap-Tivating: Three coins produced from pen cap.

Brewer, Doug: The Unexpected Visitor. 11 routines containing some of the same routines as High Impact, such as Cap-Tivating three coins from pen cap.

Fulves, Karl: Self Working Coin Magic. Includes Puncture: A pencil penetrates a bill wrapped in paper.

Futagawa, Shigeo: Introduction to Coin Magic. Good introductory text. Includes a Coin and Fountain Pen Routine. Also available as an e-book from

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Volume 1. Includes Dual Control suspended pencil, and Gozinta Pencils (Cecil Keech): Red and Blue pencils change places in a small tube.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Volume 2. Lots of good magic. Includes a Chapter of David Berglas on sleeving, which features Producing a Pen, Pencil or Cigar, and The Autograph Hunter's Nightmare, where the spectator's pen disappears and reappears in playful ways.

Gladwin, Andi: Virtual Reality. 7 routines, including Andi-Cap: a pen and rubber ball routine; and A Miracle With Monte: another angle to the Three Card Monte. By A2 Productions.

Harkey, David: Simply Harkey. Lots of close up magic including East Meets West impromptu pencil through bill routine. $30

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment Volumes 1 and 2. Includes lots of selections from Paul's works. Volume 1 includes Greg Wilson's Re-Cap routine; Volume 2 includes Breaking Point (from Close-Up Fantasies I and II): A humorous bit where you can't remove the cap from a pen so move it to the other end.

Kaufman, Richard: 5X5. Routines with cards, coins, bills, matches, matchbooks, silks and more. Coins multiply on the table; A dollar changes its size as it passes through another bill; Coins change places; and more. Includes Cocktail Bill Penetration: A bill is folded around a cocktail napkin and a pen penetrates the center of the napkin/bill with the bill unharmed. $30

Kaufman, Richard: The Collected Almanac (bound collection of magazine series). Includes Flair Play by Max Maven, a Flair pen 2 person mentalism routine.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 2. Mueller's Bill Steal swindle; O Pen Sez A Me bill in Pen; Hirose The Invisible Hole (pencil through bill & paper); David Ben's How Sweet It Is destroyed bill found in sweetner; Bengel's Bill Matrix; Marshall's Quick Warp and Down and Out Bill Switch (no TT); Bornstein's Bill Stretch; Richard Bartram's Pinetrated Bill, and more.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 3. Includes Hippie Torrales Triple X Double X pen & coin effect used to build into a Jumbo Coin production; The Chameleon Pen: color changing pen (needs special pens); and Sanada's Finger Through Bill.

Lorayne, Harry: The Magic Book. Includes Pen Through Handkerchief; and Everything Goes. Quickie where pen disappears, then paper disappears.

Lovell, Simon: Simon Says! Includes Pen Through Toungue and Self Writing Pen.

MacGregor, Jerry: Real World Magic. Includes The Logic Cup chop cup; Arnold by Mark Benthimer: Produce bullet, ribbon from a dollar bill, and finally change it to a $100 bill; Rush Lintball sponge balls; Pick a Key, any Key ring flight; The Pill Box Okito box; Star Ring finger ring on string; Perfect Voodoo - Perfect Pen routine; Rick Anderson's Ultimate Floating bill, and more cards, coins, and others.

Minch, Stephen: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Four. Includes Blotched by Lisa Menna. A signed card to pen routine.

Neighbors, David: The First Japan Lecture 1993. 50pp. 10 routines. Pocket Coins portable hole with a real pocket; Open Travelers with coins; Hypnotic Stone silver/brass transmutation; Wild Coin Triple Change; Trilogy signature piece; Capped coin from pen cap plot; Ball and Coins halves change with mini baseball; Hang Time Hanging Coins plot; Thanks to Kaps coin and silk; Easy Hankerchief Backfire. $15

Ogden, Tom: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks. Includes the old pen vanish behind the ear routine with a business card flair.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards. Includes Marlo's Pencil-A-Coin: Coin vanish using a pencil or wand. Also in The Complete Mike Rogers.

Rogers, Mike: The Complete Mike Rogers. Includes Pencil A Coin (Ed Marlo): Vanish move with a wand (seated). Also in Arcade Dreams.

Stone, David: X-Rated Lecture Notes. 5 routines from 2001 tour. Includes Moorea Straw through chin; Rocket Card flourish; Eureka Koin coin jumps from floor to fingers; The Wallet Pen four coins from pen cap. $12

Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 1. Includes Pencil Coin Vanish and Reappearance: Coin vanishes and reappears using pencil wand.

Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 2. Includes the Vanishing Pencil (using cigarette magic manipulation)

Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 3. Includes A Fountain Pen Nifty: The cap of a fountain pen disappears, to reappear back on the pen. Also includes A Dollar Makes a Break: A dollar bill is used to strike and break a pencil, but the dollar breaks instead and drops change on the floor. Finally, another dollar is tried using a stunt and breaks the pencil.

Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 7. Includes Ear It Is: Pencil vanishes, then paper.

Tarr, Bill: 101 Easy-to-Learn Classic Magic Tricks. Includes The Rising Pencil, Ralph Read's Tapping Pencil, and The Standing Pencil

Tucker, Stephen: The Best of Spell-Binder Collection One. 85 tricks from Spellbinder Magazine. Includes Pentell by Mark Lee: Cap of pen shrinks.

Williamson, David: Williamson's Wonders (written by Richard Kaufman). The Striking Vanish, Torn and Restored Transposition, 51 Cards to Pocket, Coin in Pen cap, and more. $35

Wilson, Mark: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. Includes Coin A Go Go: Pencil coin vanish and restoration.

Zak, Frank: On the Boards Lecture Notes. Dice Game 2 in hand, 1 in pocket; Power of Observation quarter to half and back; Pen and Cap striking vanish and reapparance; Let's Make a Deal signed bill to locked box; Trap Door TT salt vanish & restoration using borrowed bill; Flim Flam signed bill in impossible location; One Cup Routine with shot glass and olive; plus more. $18.


Ammar, Michael: Early Ammar Video Series 2. Includes Beenie Weenie, Williamson's Striking Vanish, Williamson's Coin in Pen Cap, Gallo's Coins Across, $2 Bill to 2 Ones, and more. $25

Ammar, Michael: Master Money Miracles Volume 3 DVD. Coins Thru Silk; Dining On Dollars; Flying Eagles; $5 and $1; Coin From Pen Cap; Chocolate Coin; E-Z Money; The 10,000 Grains of Salt; Bill To Nut; Bill To Impossible Location. $35

Convention at the Capital Video 99. Sponsored by A-1 Magical Media. Includes Aldo Colombini, Paul Greene, Lee Earle, Paul Wilson's Spellbound to Please coin routine, Gregory Wilson's Body Piercing, Chad Long's Ninja Coin and Ninja Key, Frank Balcerak's Color Changing Pen (Sharpie), and more. $20

Cova, Alexander de: Treasures Video Vol. 3. Includes 7 Card Monte, McDonald Aces, Spring Gag (jumbo spring falls from your non-working pen), Ultimate Coin Penetration (A Lethal Tender coin routine), and more. $25

Krenz, Jim: The Pen Through Anything DVD (A-1 Multimedia). The video to accompany the John Cornelius Pen Through Anything effect. Hosted by Jim Krenz, and you will learn from John Cornelius, Michael Close, Mike Maxwell, James Lewis, and Giovanni. Also suitable for other versions, such as John's Perfect Pen. $10

Leveridge, Mark: Mark Leveridge's Master Routines Video 2. Four routines: Wild Dice monte effect, Borrowed finger ring on string, Spot the Difference stand-up jumbo Monte, and Security Pen coin in pencap routine. $20

Magic Max: Laser Pen Video. 15 minute video featuring Carribean Magician E. J. Cardona, assisted by Verne McCarthy, showing tips about the Laser Pen. $13.50 Magic Max

Wilson, Gregory: Off the Cuff Video. Lots of great impromptu magic including Recap, a 5 phave routine with a borrowed pen and its cap. $30

Wilson, Gregory: On The Spot Video Set. Impromptu magic. Includes Quick Silver quater vanish/reappearance; Sponge Napkins; + Across coins across; Toll Free miser's dream, 99 Cent Trick multiple coin vanish/transposition; Florida Keys keyring linking rings; Ring Fright karate ring; Questionable Trick copper/silver transposition; ReCap Revisited pen magic, and lots more. $50


Banachek: Psychokinetic Pen. A regular looking Bic pen is placed on the edge of a table. Upon the magicians command, the pen topples off the table onto the ground. Self contained and easy to do. $17.95

Card in Pen. A card is selected. A small tophat at the bottom of the pen's barrel is shown. Slowly the card peeks out of the hat and rises out of the hat. $8

Cohen, Al: Bill Buster. A dollar is shown and placed on top of a piece of paper, and both folded in half. A pencil is pushed through both, and can be seen going through the outer pencil. All is unfolded and the bill is undamaged. $5

Cornelius, John: Bendable Pen. A pen is shown to be solid, then bent by the magician, straightened, and handed to the audience to examine. They can't bend the ben. Only one pen. I can be written with. $20 John Cornelius

Cornelius, John: Pen Through Anything. This is the original (circa 1993). High quality "Cross" type metal pen. Requires switch for examination or writing with the pen. Comes with two pens. $25 John Cornelius

Cornelius, John: Perfect Pen. This is John's improvement on the Pen Through Anything. It is an executive metal pen. The Perfect Pen does not require any switches, it can write, and can be examined (though with some possibility of exposure). $50. John Cornelius

Cornelius, John: Signed Bill in Pen. A borrowed bill is signed, and the pen is shown to be empty. The bill is vanished and found inside the pen. Examinable. $35.

Dayton, Ron: Shr-Ink. One black and one blue Bic Pen are shown. Spectator selects one and writes a message. The magician points out that the spectator wrote in longhand, and that the other pen only writes in shorthand. The other pen is now compressed to half its length and can be handed out for examination. No sleights, instant reset. $7.00

Dushek, Steve & White: Amaze-Ink. A Bic Pen is shown full of ink. A pass of the hand, and the ink is gone from the pan and a blob is in your hand. Another pass and the ink is back in the pen. $5

Dushek, Steve: Change Ink. A red ink Bic Pen and a black ink pen are shown and written with to verify the pen color. The caps are exchanged. With a magical pass, the ink colors transpose, and the pens are again written with to show the colors really did change. $7.50

Dusheck, Steve: Pen-Go. A Bic Pen is used to sign a paper, and suddenly vanishes when held between your hands. If you like, the cap can be left behind. Extremely clean. $6.50

Edwards, Doug: Wonder-Pen-A-Tration: a Pen Through Anything using an examinable black Bic style Pen. One of the first well-done takeoffs on the Pen Through Anything, uses a slightly different approach to the gimmick. No switching required and the gimmick will not be found. Many seem to like this pen thru effect the best. $30

ElectroFun (India): Pen Thru Dollar Bill. Sam Dalal produces several inexpensive versions of the Pen Through Dollar, featuring brightly colored pens of the original Cornelius "Pen Through Anything" style (requires switching). $15-20 Electrofun Magic

Electronic Rating Pen. A penny placed on the back of a spectator's hand instantly turns into a dime with a touch of the pen. $5

Empire Magic: Pen Penetration. All-Black roller-ball pen in the style of the Edwards "Wonder Pen". Can write with it and no switch is required. $12

Fearson, Steve: Pen From Anywhere. A pen can appear from anywhere: matchbox, mouth, etc. Mechanical pen and ideas. $15

Fisher, Cody: Counterfeit Money. Pen through bill. Pen is ripped through bill but bill is unharmed, proving that the bill must be counterfeit. $15 Cody Fisher

Flash It! Flash paper ignitor in a pen. Silent operation, no caps, no reload, can be put away immediately. $55

Grant, Gen: Color Changing Rotating Pen. Magician writes his name in blue ink with a Bic pen, then writes the address in red from the same pen. The pen is pushed through your fist point end first, but the cap end comes out first. The phone number is written, now in green. The pen is again pushed through the fist, but now the cap is green. $7.50

Grant, Gen: Hop to It. A pen cap magically hops toward the pen as both are held apart (sounds like the old "snapper" trick done with a pen cap). $5

Harris, Paul: Reality Twister. A pen is placed on the spectator's fingers and a plastic lens is placed above it. The lens is twisted, and the center of the pen becomes invisible, the spectator's fingers being clearly seen. The lens is twisted again, just enough to distort the pen. The lens is removed, and the pen is permanantly distorted. No switches. Pen writes before and after the effect. $15

Hiatt, J.C.: ReCap. The cap on a Sharpie jumps from end to end when passed through your fist. The Sharpie can be used to write with. $25

Kevlar Pen Reel 2002 Trick. An unbeakable Kevlar ITR in a pen. $50.00

Lesley, Jay: Quarter Through Pen. Unprepared quarter penetrates a regular pen that has been inserted through a hole in a small block of wood. All can be examined at the end. $21.50

Lewis, Martin: The Ghostwriter. a card is selected, and a circle is drawn on a napkin. The napkin is wrapped around the pen and handed to a spectator. When opened, the napkin has written on it the value of the selected card. $40

Lovell, Simon: Pen Thru Tongue. An "impromptu" effect. A pen is thrust through your tongue, removed, and can be examined. (see also book, Simon Says!). $10

Magic Makers International: The Pen. Also "Deluxe Pen" or "Ultimate Pen" Through Dollar. A chrome executive style pen for the "Pen Through Anything" effect. The pen features a pen cap that is about half the pen length. It can be examined at the end and is a knock-off of the Cornelius Perfect Pen. $25

Magic Max: Laser Pen (also Penguin Pen Through Dollar). Grey PaperMate Flexgrip pen in the original Pen Through Anything design (i.e. requires a switch). Good penetration depth. $30 MagicMax; Penguin Magic

Money Pen-E. A paper is lit and a pen appears in the flame. The pen shrinks, then is restored. The cap is removed and a quarter is produced. The quarter is to be vanished, but the pen vanishes instead, then the quarter grows to a giant coin. $18

Niedzwiecki, Russ: Just Passin' Thru (with DVD). Bill folded around a pencil and visibly penetrates the bill. This is repeated for a slow melt. Also includes Lonnie Chevrie's "Finger Thru Bill". $20

Pen & Tell. A Bick Pen is used to draw a line on your business card, and in a flash, the line disappears. Gimmicked pen. $5

Penetration Pen, Perfect PENetration, Stealth Pen, Write Thru Pen (manufacturers unknown). Various other "Pen Through Anything" props are available from other manufacturers. Quality may vary. $15-20

Pen Flash. A flash in a pen. $40.

Penguin Magic: Stealth Pen. Thin black ball-point ben. Uses same double-ended principle as the Doug Edwards' Wonder Pen-A-Tration. Penetration depth is short. $15 Penguin Magic

PENomenon. A borrowed pen is placed on a flat surface. Your empty hands cause the pen to spin in a circle on the edge of the table. You can speed it up or slow it down at your control. All is examinable. No threads, magnets, or blowing. $25

Pen Ultimate Prediction. The window on a pen says "Concentrate on Your Card". Next click says "It's a Red Card", but is wrong. Next Click says "It's a High Card" (correct), "It's a Club" (correct), "It's the King of Clubs" (correct!) $12

Powel, David: Vanishing Pen. A magic word is written on a piece of paper, then the ball-point pen is wrapped in the paper. Suddenly, the paper is crushed with no sign of the pen, which is produced from your pocket. $10

Raven, Richard: Voodoo Pen Trick. No switch "pen through anything". Completely examinable before and after. The spectator can use the pen to sign the bill. Includes method to show the bill torn. Includes video of Rich Raven demonstrating and teaching technique. Pen is a black roller-ball style pen (looks similar to Empire Magic Pen), gimmick is similar to the Edward's Wonder Pen-A-Tration pen. $28 Raven Magic

Ronjo: Pen Through Everything/Pen-A-Trating: Large Black fountain pen style w/ clip. Design similar to Cornelius Pen Through Anything. Requires switch. $30 Ronjo Magic

Sanada: Money-Tration. A bill is sliced with a real razor knife, then fully restored. The audience sees the blade go through the bill. $20

Sharpie We Use, The (manufacturer unknown): The pen through anything using a Sharpie Marker. Requires a switch of the gimmicked and regular Sharpie for use or examination. $30 Hank Lee's Magic Factory

Sibbernsen, Michael: Pivot Pen Trick. Pen Magically Rotates At Your Fingertips all on its own. Comes with gimmicked and matching normal pen. $10

Smashed. Machined coin designed to look like a pencil pushed through the coin. To be used with a cigarette through coin effect. Comes with Derek Dingle's routine for the Johnson Product's Cigarette Through Coin and the Smashed coin; Michael Ammar's pencil through coin using the Johnson coin tied in with the Smashed coin; Jay Sankey's two routines with the Smashed coin; 10 page manuscript written by Richard Kaufman. $10

Sterling Magic Pen Thru Quarter. A quarter is shown on both sides. A pen is pushed through the center of the coin, and both sides are shown. No angle problems. $25

Taylor, Sean: Pen Lighter. A refillable metal pen lighter with a 5 of Hearts printed on it for prediction effects. $12

Telekinetic Pen (aka Psychokinetic Pen). A ballpoint pen is balanced on the edge of the table. At your command, the pen tumbles to the ground as you concentrate. $8.00

Tenyo Invisible Zone (1996). A pen is inserted in a case, with each end sticking out. The center of the pen vanishes. $20

Tenyo: Wandering Hole. A pen is inserted into a hole in the end of a plastic board. The pen is slid, and the hole moves with the pen. You can move the hole in any direction. The Pen is moved all the way to the other end of the board and removed, the hole having moved from one end to the other. Nothing is examinable, however. $25

Wenk, Timothy: Misled. Pencil through bill. Well done gimmicked pencil. Works with a method different than the Pen Through Anything gimmicks. $15