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Art of Astonishment Vol 1 (1996): Contains Paul Harris' magic from 1973 –1985. New stuff includes:
* The Light and Heavy Dime - a remake of Robert Houdin's famous Light and Heavy Chest using a common dime, which ends up permanently stuck in the most uncommon place. This will become the "Card-on-the-Ceiling" of Coin Magic.
* Lip Balm - An organic, "naturally-gimmicked" coin box (a special brand of Lip Balm) that climaxes with a container full of Lip Balm.
* Ultimate Rip-off - Dancing with the Last Piece - The ultimate bluff ending for Paul's Torn N' Restored Card. Twenty years later, a way to restore the last piece.
* Creation - Patrick Martin's practical "workers" approach of producing a live moth to create maximum astonishment.
* Shell-Shock - Gregory Wilson's practical technique for blowing a hardboiled egg right out of its shell, then finding a marked coin inside its yolk.
* Tunnel Vision - A just-barely-possible way to make yourself disappear using a rolled-up paper tube and more nerve than most of us possess.

Art of Astonishment Vol 2 (1996): Contains Paul's work from 1979 and 1980 (which includes his famous linking cards routines: Immaculate Connection and Cardboard Connection). New Stuff includes:
* Counterfeit Spectator - On a borrowed dollar bill, the printed signature of the Treasurer of the United States transforms into the spectator's name.
* Swiss Movement - An ingenious P.H. discovery enables you to mysteriously animate an ungimmicked Swiss Army Knife. Completely impromptu; works with any Swiss Army Knife, anytime.
* Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues - Two of these pesky advertising cards that clutter up your deck are accidentally selected...and then transformed into an impossible object that was secretly already there.
* Fizz-Master - Cause the carbonation to travel magically from one soda to another. Absolutely killer...completely impromptu.
* McGimmick - You levitate a milkshake using only your finger...then you completely vanish the milkshake leaving only its crumpled container
* New Linking Card Routine - Osmosis

Art of Astonishment Vol 3 (1996): Contains Paul’s work from 1981-1991. New stuff includes:
* The Shape of Astonishment - The imprint of a quarter in a piece of foil instantly changes from heads to tails.
* Hot Chocolate - You bring out a flat, folded Hershey wrapper out of your wallet and inflate it into the real thing.
* The Anything Deck - Place a small packet of cards under the case...ANY word or name is called spread the packet to reveal the exact same word, written in thin black marker across the backs of the cards.
* Peanut Butter & Jellyfish - An anytime levitation of your favorite snack.
* Bat Fishing - A spectator brings out any dollar and fairly selects eight cards. The numbers on the eight cards astonishingly match all eight serial numbers on the dollar...and you never touched the bill or the cards!
* Leaf - You tear a leaf off someone's house plant...then press the torn stem back against the branch...where it takes root and restores itself back into a healthy growing leaf.
* The Shuffling Lesson - You sit back and enjoy the show while you induce a spectator to unknowingly stack, false shuffle, then false cut a deck all by that she can deal herself the winning hand.

Secrets of the Astonishing Executive. Avon Books 1991: Written for the general lay audience with Bill Herz, but there are some interesting things in it. It uses simple principles to use in the office or at business lunches. It includes some mental stuff based on Max Maven effects, and the Mac King creamer bit.

MAJ Paul Harris, Michael Ammar 1987: Michael published the MAJ (the Magical Arts Journal) magazine in the late 80's; this is one of the special final issues. The Paul Harris issue represents four issues in weight and size. In this heavy, 64 page (advertising free) booklet, Paul Harris stunned the magic field by offering his entire act – verbatim. The patter is hilarious! Hannah Ammar drew 168 illustrations to fill the issue with wonderful, reputation-making card effects including: · Paul Harris Act, · Galaxy by Wyman Jones & Paul Harris, A Night at the Improv by Eric Mead, Articles by Michael Ammar & David Harkey, Performance Contracts (great advice article) by Jim Kleefield. Softbound.

Paul Harris, The Act. Michael Ammar 1987: Contains: Free Flight, Biological Shuffle, Tap Dancing Aces, An Instant Replay, Real World Invisible Palm, Venezuela Vanish, Wack Your Pack, Las Vegas Leaper, The False Count. Softbound

Close-Up Seductions. 1984: 18 wild and crazy routines in one wild and crazy book. "Limo Service" -- Some audio deception helps four jacks vanish from your hands and appear inside a card case. "Seductive Switch" -- A bad blackjack hand (a 6 and a jack) is turned face down. You rub a folded card over the cards, and the 6 is replaced by an ace. The folded card turns out to be the original 6. Hardbound.

Brainstorm in the Bahamas. 1983: The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm in the Bahamas. This is a book of close-up magic in which Mike Ammar, Darryl, and Paul Harris got together to brainstorm and develop new routines in the aforementioned location, and published this book of their results. Hardbound, 104 pages.

Super Swindle Booklet: A signed selected card is placed between two other cards, folded up and held by the spectator. When the spectator unfolds the package, the selected card has vanished. It is found back in the deck, face up!

Close-Up Kinda Guy. Tannen 1983: You'll learn weird and secret things that'll inspire you to shuffle your very own fingers into a deck; produce an impromptu pyramid right out of the pack; discover chocolate in a borrowed coin; unscrew your deck like a custom pool cue. There's Whirlpool, the most diabolical destruction of a deck of cards since Cardboard Connection. Learn Screwed Deck, Bizarre Shrink, Instant Replay, HardCore Travelers and much more. Illustrations by Richard Kaufman. Hardbound

Immaculate Connection. Stars of Magic 1983: The follow-up to the original linking cards routine. Softbound

P.H. Breakthrough/ Martinez. 1981: Paul Harris has discovered something mighty peculiar about the way card cases are made that he thinks you ought to know about. A peculiarity built into every case currently being manufactured that transforms a borrowed pack of cards into a powerful weapon of deception. This built-in secret enables you to cause deck to visibly dematerialize as it penetrates to the inside of its closed case! One moment the deck's on top -the next moment it's not. Every-thing can immediately be examined. No gaffs, gimmicks, palming, lapping. Softbound

Close Up Fantasies Finale. 1981: 186 pages of Paul Harris card and coin magic including contributions by Looy, Daryl, & Ackerman. Contents include Escape from the Inner Circle, Vacuum Cleaner Card Case, Electric Aces, Panic at the Poker Table, Shuffle Time, Tayan's Camouflage, Incredible Shrinking Hand, Thumb-Break, Bizarre Vanish, Very Strange Exchange, Heart Burn, Mickey Mouse Math, Beast with Two Backs, Close Quarters, Second Middle Bottom, Bill Collector, Call Me Mr. Wonderful, Hit Me Again, Guts, and Torn & Restored Deck

Close Up Fantasies Book One and Two. 1980: Contents include Double Decker, England's Penetration, Fantasy Aces, Flip Jacks, Safe Cracker, Dream Boat Dazzler, Discount Deck, Million Dollar Mind Reader, Biological Vanish, Overkill, Sliding Ink, Traveling Triumph, and Tuning Fork. hardbound

Close-Up Entertainer - Paul Harris 1979: Includes magic with cards; coins; cigarettes; and even Wax Lips! 171 pages; Hardbound. "The Silver Elevator": 4 coins, one at a time, penetrate up from the table to the center of the deck. Also a classical move that every magician performing a matrix effect should know. "Ackerman's Face Lift": another nice transposition of 2 cards.

Las Vegas Close-up. Chuck Martinez Productions 1978: Includes: Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician": a triumph effect with a very nice presentation. "Uncanny" - a one of a kind showstopper using a full, unopened can of beans. "Cross Twist" - the Bizarre Twist performed with just one hand. "Pen Ultimate" -a revolutionary, in the spectator's hand effect where a signed card shishkabobs itself on an ink pen. "Stapled" - a lightning fast transposition of 2 cards which have been stapled together. "Absorption" - the weirdest trick in the book! Under the guise of an observation test, a playing card is actually absorbed by the card case! "Silver Slide" - an ungimmicked, no lapping, method for magically producing four half dollars from under 4 cards. "Invisible Rising Card" - the classic invisible deck routine brought up-to-date with an entertaining new presentation and new method using an ordinary, shuffled deck of cards.

Supermagic. Martinez 1977: It features such super routines as: The Ultimate Rip-Off, Las Vegas Split, Hi Ho Silver, The Torn Restored Coin!, The Ace Trap, The Library Card, etc. Over 130 pages, spiral-bound.

Cardboard Connection. Softbound, 1977: Paul Harris has put over 250 hours into the creation of this routine. Briefly, the centers of two cards are torn out and then the two cards magically link together. They are actually seen to be linked one inside the other. Cards can be signed by spectators. The cards are then unlinked and immediately handed out for examination. No rips or tears. Something different in card magic.

The Inner Circle Book. Martinez: A special effect designed for the professional close up entertainer Step One: A rubber band is snapped around a borrowed deck. The band is clearly seen to encircle every card. Step Two: The stretched band which secures the deck melts away into nothingness. There is no "move." The rubber band simply vanishes. Step Three: The performer slides his thumb and second finger along the sides of the pack. One card from the deck's center clings to his fingers. The extracted card is seen to be a previous selection. Encircling this single card is the missing band of rubber. Step Four: The rubber band instantly vanishes from the selection and is once again seen to be stretched around the borrowed deck. There is no preparation, gimmicks, or extra props. Everything can be examined. Illustrated manuscript.

Cardboard Connection. 1977: Two cards are shown -- they can even be signed. The centers of the cards are torn out, making two "card rings." Now, the two rings are linked together! The cards are actually seen to be connected through one another. The linked cards are then magically disconnected and immediately handed for examination. A new principle in penetrations enables you to perform this effect under any conditions without resorting to special gimmicks, gaffs, switches, or key rings. Completely impromptu -- can be done with any deck. A 32 page manuscript with 31 illustrations.

Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets. Rainbow 1976: Chapter 1 contains Solid Deception, X-Press, Reflex, Dehydrated Deck, Jigsaw, La Las Lu Lu, Free-Flight, Tap-Dancing Cards, Dancing Finale.

Magic Of Paul Harris. 1976: While the book emphasizes card magic, there are also routines with coins, business cards, and even a chop cup routine with a paper bag!

Tannen's Paul HARRIS SAMPLER: For those of you who are not familiar with Paul Harris and his exceptional close-up creations, you now have the opportunity to review a sampling of his works which are spread out in his many writings and videos. Twelve effects are reprinted together in two pamphlets, allowing you to be exposed to the unique style of Paul Harris before actually purchasing his books.

Paul Harris in Las Vegas: Saw this for sale on an Internet site. Might have been mis-labeled, as I have never heard of this one before.


Cardian Angel Video: Tips, Presentations and handlings of the Cardian Angel deck

Stars of Magic Video #1-Frank Garcia One/ Videotape / Garcia, Frank / A-1 Multimedia: Contents include Surprise Finish, Four Bullet Routine, Triumph Outdone, The Traveling Visitor, Sponge Ball Routine, The Master Vanish, Eyemazing, Elevator Cup and Ball Routine, and Paul Harris' Overkill (performance only on this effect).

Stars of Magic Video #3-Paul Harris One/ Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia: Contents include Super Swindle, Bizarre Vanish, Sidewinder, Ultimate Ripoff, Mickey Mouse Math, Wack Your Pack, Las Vegas Leaper, Solid Deception, Elevator Card Trick, Bizarre Twist, and Overkill

Stars of Magic Video #4-Paul Harris Two/ Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia. Contents include Bush Whacker, Seductive Switch, Strange Exchange, Hi-Ho Silver, Ballerina Cards (Las Vegas Split), Interlaced Vanish, Reset, Limo Service, and Screenplay.

Stars of Magic Video #5-Paul Harris Three/ Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia: Contents include Flash Fold, Vanishing Deck, Open Revelation, Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm Aces, Sticky Fingers, Vacuum Cleaner Cards, Immaculate Connection, Monster Coin Routine (Silver Slide, Giant Killer Coin, Free Flight, Michael's Proposition, and PDQ Coins Across), Twilight, Color Stunner, Blue Tatoo, The Uncut Version, and TV Magic Card. Paul Harris has included a very special video gimmick. This video gimmick enables you to push a selected card through the top of your TV set and into TV land where it glides across the screen and then back up into the real world!

Stars of Magic Video #6-Paul Harris Four/Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia: Contents include Bleached Blackjack, JAPH Maneuver, Mondo Nifty False Count, Cellophane Surprise, Immaculate Breakthrough, Flap Jacks, Stapled, Uncanny, Tap Dancing Aces Finale, Galaxy, the Unshuffle (perfectionist), Immaculate Video Scam, and the Ultra PH Immaculate Psychological PSwitch.

Stars of Magic Video #7-Paul Harris Five/Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia: Contents include Bizarre Shrink, Cue Cards, Screwed Deck, Fantasy Aces, Card Cuffs, Rubber Band Scam, Sugar Shocker, Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician, Double Decker, Cardboard Connection, and Balducci Levitation

Stars of Magic Video #11-All Stars/ Videotape / Garcia, Roth, Harris, Dingle / A-1 Multimedia: Four of the world's greatest close-up workers teaching some of their finest routines. Frank Garcia (4 Ace Location, Card Stab, Card Penetration), Paul Harris (Cards Across, 4 Ace Revelation), David Roth (4 Cards Across, Wild Coins, Okito Box Routine), and Derek Dingle (Too Many Cards, Riffle Pass fully explained)

Stars of Magic Video #16-Sampler/ Videotape /Garcia/Harris/Dingle/Roth/Bilis & DeCamps / A-1 Multimedia: Six great close-up workers. Frank Garcia's Cig-A-Rama, Paul Harris' Super Swindle, Derek Dingle's Universal Card, Bernard Bilis' Cut & Restored Card, Eric De Camps' Ring & String Routine, and David Roth's Three Ball Routine.

PAUL HARRIS #1 - Tannen’s Video Tape Series No. 2: Paul Harris is the second release in Tannen's Video Teaching Tape Series. See Stars of Magic Video #3-Paul Harris One/ Videotape / A-1 Multimedia

PAUL HARRIS #2 – Tannen’s Video Tape Series No. 5: See: Stars of Magic Video #4-Paul Harris Two/ Videotape / A-1 Multimedia

STARS OF MAGIC VIDEO SERIES – Tannen’s Video Tape Series No. 7 - Featuring Frank Garcia, Paul Harris, David Roth, Derek Dingle See: Stars of Magic Video #11-All Stars/ Videotape / Garcia, Roth, Harris,Dingle / A-1 Multimedia

PAUL HARRIS #3 – Tannen’s Video Tape Series No. 10/ Adventures in Close-Up: See: Stars of Magic Video #5-Paul Harris Three/ Videotape / Harris, Paul /A-1 Multimedia

PAUL HARRIS #4 - Video Tape Series No. 12 See: Stars of Magic Video #6-Paul Harris Four/Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia

PAUL HARRIS #5 - Video Tape Series No. 14 See: Stars of Magic Video #7-Paul Harris Five/Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia

PAUL HARRIS IMMACULATE CLOSE-UP See: Stars of Magic Video #6-Paul Harris Four/Videotape / Harris, Paul / A-1 Multimedia

The Exciting World of Magic Video/Videotape / Ammar, Michael / L&L Publishing: Michael Ammar and Paul Harris have coproduced and exciting new video on general close up magic. Clearly explained, step by step instruction on magic with cards, coins, rubber bands, mentalism, finger rings, balloons, sponges, string, etc. Also included are sections on how to buy magic, joining magic clubs, attending conventions, subscribing to magazines, basic rules of magic, hard tricks vs. easy tricks, etc. Learn the power to entertain anytime, anywhere with this video.

Art of Astonishment Video: Includes Unshuffling Rebecca, Backlash, Angel cas,e Zen & The Art of Boomerang, Flesh, Impromptu Nightshades, Buck Naked, The Shape Of Astonishment and Fizz Master

A-1 Stars of Magic Sampler: Six of magic's greatest close-up performers on this one hour video. Includes Super Swindle (Paul Harris' easy to do card miracle)


Paul Harris Vanishing Deck: A spectator is asked to think of any card. You now remove a deck from its case and set it down on the table. You ask the spectator to name his card, which you say you will vanish from the deck. Covering the deck with your hand, you remove the joker and tap the back of your hand. "Your card has vanished," you proclaim. "Oh, you don't believe me?" You remove your hand to show that the entire deck has vanished! The deck can now be reproduced from the card case. A very clever gimmick does all the work. Comes complete with new long lasting plastic gimmicks for use with Bicycle Rider Back poker-size decks (red or blue) or Aviator bridge-size decks (red or blue) and illustrated instructions.

Screwed Deck: Two halves of a deck of cards - not simply two piles of half the deck - are shown in their half boxes. They are screwed together until they are securely fastened together. Not realizing that the halves are mismatched, the performer takes the cards out of the box. The cards are also mismatched, much to the performers surprise. But, it's nothing that a quick twist can't fix!!! With a twist of his hand the cards are twisted hack in line and can be handed out for examination.

Twilight Angels: This is a very visual effect where you actually capture an angel off of the back of a Bicycle playing card, using a small mirror, and place the captured angel next to the one on the other end of the card. This is a very cool effect and while it is not hard to do, it will take some practice to make it look good -- but when it looks good, it looks Great!

Cardian Angel: One of the Angels on the back of a Bicycle Deck, Red, animates kind of like a cartoon or what you are used to seeing on the web, as you riffle through the deck. The Angel then produces a card with the spectator's personal or meaningful name printed on it.

Twilight: Paul Harris' effect, Twilight, is truly a supernatural coin experience! It uses a mirror and a half dollar. The Half is transported into the twilight zone of its own mirrored reflection. While in this dimension, the coin is visibly condensed, dematerialized, recreated, and reproduced. The spectacular Twilight finale in which the mirror's reflected images are instantly transformed into four genuine Half Dollars will leave them breathless! Twilight is unlike any coin effect you’ve ever seen, read, or heard about! It's as close to real magic as you'd ever want to get! ! Illustrated Twilight manuscript, complete with mirror.

Hard Boiled Quarter: Paul Harris brought his original idea to Johnson Products and together they created the incredible Hard Boiled Half! Hold a borrowed half dollar over the flame of a lighter and it becomes "hardboiled." Drop the half on the table and it cracks into three separate pieces!! Stack the three pieces together and ask a spectator to place their finger on top of the stack. Now, use the lighter as a welding torch! When the spectator lifts his finger, the three pieces instantly and visibly re-unite into their original unbroken form!! You immediately return the restored coin to the amazed spectator.

Solid Deception: It starts off as an ambitious card routine, using a signed card. The routine progresses along until the climax in which the deck fuses together! It is now a solid block of cards!! There is no switch!

Nightshades: I heard that Paul used to sell a gimmick for the Improved Nightshades routine in the Art of Astonishment Series, but I have never seen it advertised.

CONTRIBUTIONS: (Products from others that Paul has contributed to or that use a Paul Harris effect)

Apocalypse Vol 1-5: Here are the first five years of the famous Apocalypse magazine by Harry Lorayne all in one hardbound volume. 720 pages jam packed with over 250 card effects, over 140 coin effects, plus 145 other items, editorials, and articles. Contributions by Paul Harris

Self Levitation Video: Michael Maxwell teaches how to perform The Balducci Levitation. Also, tips from David Roth and Paul Harris. Amazing video of self levitation requires no special gimmicks.

Magic for Dummies By David Pogue: Paul is in the credits and includes a card tick called the shuffling Lesson by Chad Long. This trick first appeared in The Art of Astonishment (by Paul Harris), so you know it is going to be good.

Stockholder: The Stockholder is a sleek and stylish business card holder that you'll want to carry with you everyday. It has a built-in secret device that launches the Out To Lunch principle into the next century! No mere rubber bands! Included with The Stockholder is a portfolio of more than 20 original and powerful routines in a fully illustrated booklet. Routines from guys like Michael Weber, Paul Harris, Dan Harlan, Jay Sankey, Daryl and Michael Close!

Eclipse / Tenyo: A platform with four coin sized recesses is displayed. Two quarters are placed onto the platform, in the rear left and front right positions. When a mirror is placed onto the center of the platform, an illusion is created. Both coins appear to be on the right side of the platform. When the mirror is removed, reflection has become reality! Both coins are really on the right! ! Next a quarter and a penny are placed onto both the front and rear sections of the platform, but in opposite positions. The mirror creates the illusion of the coins being on the same side. When it is removed, the reflection has once again become reality!! Only one coin is used in the next phase. It is placed in the front. The mirror creates the illusion of two coins, and the reflection becomes reality! When the mirror is removed, there are two coins! Another quarter is added to the front. The mirror creates the illusion of four coins. When the mirror is removed, there are four coins! A beautiful routine! Based on Paul Harris' wonderful Twilight effect.

Card Stunts, Greg Wilson: Card tricks with flourishes to leave them dazed and amazed. Six amazing card effects that have a similar theme. All are visually eye popping and action oriented. Contents include Reset with a Hook (Paul Harris' aces and jacks transposition)

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 1 / Micheal Ammar: Michael Ammar teaches the following effects on Volume 1: 8 Card Brainwave (Nick Trost), Red Hot Mama (Leech), Acrobatic Aces, Secret to a Perfect Royal Flush, Triumph (Dai Vernon), Further Than That (Stewart James), Las Vegas Leaper (Paul Harris), Cannibal Cards (Lyn Searles), A Night at the Improv (Eric Mead), and as a bonus effect the Insurance Policy by Tommy Windsor.

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 2 / Ammar Michael: Ammar teaches the following effects on Volume 2: Twisting the Aces (Dai Vernon), Daley's Last Trick (Dr. Jacob Daley), Card Warp (Roy Walton), Poker Routine (Dai Vernon), Poker Face (Al Baker), Overkill (Paul Harris & Alan Ackerman), Card Through Handkerchief, Card Penetration & Change (Cy Endfield), That's It (Fechter), Ambitious Card and as a bonus effect, MacDonald's Aces.

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 4: Michael Ammar teaches the following effects on Volume 4: Dunbury Aces (Charlie Miller), Your Signed Card (Brother John Hamman), Ambitious Classic (Larry Jennings), J.C.'s Super Closer (J.C. Wagner), Reset (Paul Harris), Untouched (Daryl), Lazy Man's Card Trick (Al Koran), Rubber Band Surprise (Bert Fenn), Card Thru Table, Gambler Vs. Magician (Dr. Daley. Bonus effect: Factory Misprints by J.C. Wagner.

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 5: Michael Ammar teaches the following effects on Volume 5: Virginia City Shuffle (Martin Lewis), Another Quick Coincidence (Ackerman), Fabulous 4 Ace Trick (Henry Christ), Cards into Card Box (Mark Lefler), The Gun Trick (Ken Krenzel), Card on Ceiling (Ammar), Torn & Restored Card (J.C. Wagner), Hofzinser's All Backs (Harry Riser), Grasshopper (Paul Harris), Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Dai Vernon) and a bonus effect of Paramount by Aldo Colombini.

Easy To Master Money Miracles Volume 3: Contains: Coins Through Silk (Michael Ammar) , Dining On Dollars (Rick Johnson) , Flying Eagles (Eddie Fechter) $5 and $1 (Tom Ogden) , Coin From Pen Cap (David Williamson), Chocolate Coin (Paul Harris) E-Z Money (Patrick Page & Fred Caps) , The 10,000 Grains of Salt

Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 17 Videotape / Mullica, Tom / A-1 Multimedia: Here is the final video of a three volume set by Tom Mullica, the king of impromptu magic. 90 minutes of performance and teaching of magic done with almost any object. Contents include Piano Matches, Vanishing Comb, Mind Reading, Double Drawer Matches, Dropped Box Matches, Broken & Restored Band, Two-Match Transfer, Bill to Matches, Chink-A-Chink, Bill Roll, Burned Bill, Hell Tear, Crying Quarter, Collar Coin Vanish, Vanishing Penny, Stern Paper Fold, Coin thru Pants, Pencil Coin Vanish, Traveling Match #2, Cellophane Surprise, Coin thru Hand, Swallowing a Knife, Stretching Arm, Removable Finger, Removable Thumb, TV Coin Production, Glass thru Table, Smoke Cocktail, and Paul Harris Fizz Master.

Very Very Close VOLUME TWO / Mike Close: The El Cheepo Magic Club is a very nice version of Paul Harris' Flash Fold. Provides a nice logical reason for matchbox.

Early Ammar VOLUME 2 - WORLD-CLASS CLOSE-UP: Contains Beanie Weenie, I'm assuming this is a version of Paul Harris Uncanny

Carl Andrews Video: "Making A Living Performing Close-up Magic". Contains Beanie Weenies - The cup a ball routine with a empty can of beans - they're "has beans!” This is definitely a version of Paul Harris' Uncanny.

Robert Neal Folding Money Fooling: Folding Money Fooling Hardbound, by Robert Neale. Over 500 illustrations. Imagine folding a beautiful creation, then doing trick with it, then giving it to a spectator! In Folding Money Fooling, bills change shape, magically transform into six different objects, find selected cards, get stabbed and restored, and even shrink! This is not your typical Origami book. Included in this book is Robert Neale's famous "Bunny Bill," long sold as a separate manuscript. (A bunny magically appears from a top hat folded from a bill. Mr. Neale includes additional tips and Paul Harris adds presentaional tips. Besides magic tricks, there are also action figures and baffling puzzles, all folded from paper currency.

The Little Egypt Gazette: The Lecture 96: Contains the best of the personal card tricks from Volume 1 of The Little Egypt Gazette. Included are "Let George Do It" (a presentation for Paul Harris's "Night Shades"), "Everywhere and Nowhere Goes Hollywood," "From the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes," "Ranch Hand," "Red and Blue Cannibals," "The Great Al Baker Three-Card Mental Test," "Satan's Monte," and "Celebrities."

Double Take: Greg Wilson's Double Take put's the world's greatest double lifts at your finger tips. This step-by-step instruction video is packed with 90 minutes of practical material, including 25 different lifts, plus sevenpowerful routines shown in live performance. Double Take is ideal foreveryone, from beginner to advanced. Beginners can perform miracles in minutes with Greg's Quick Start-up section, and the more advanced students can study the techniques of masters: Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo,Martin Nash, Jon Racherbaumer, Jerry Andrus, Ken Krenzel, Paul Harris, Harry Lorayne, and Darwin Ortiz.

Learn to Levitate - Teaching Video Tape: Includes the 3 minutes from Paul Harris vol. 5 video. Learn the most amazing feat of magic possible - LEVITATION! No effect compare to having an ordinary, everday object seemingly defy gravity. Watch your audience gasp with delight as they witness the miracle of levitation. Items covered on this video include. The Floating Dollar Bill (3 methods), The Floating Match, Swiss Movement (Paul Harris' Animated Pocket Knife), The Floating Card, The Dancing Cane, The Floating Ball (for stage) and the Balducci Levitation (floating Yourself!)

The Tommy Wonder Video: Tommy Wonder is one of the world's finest performers and magical thinkers, and this video captures some of his best close-up work when he presented his lecture at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium. Shot with two broadcast cameras. Includes Tommy's handling of the classic Paul Harris single torn and restored card in which the fourth piece appears to restore as well!


Magic 11/1991: Product Reviews / Tapes: Audio & Video / Product Reviews. Tannen's Stars of Magic Video Series, Vol. 5. Author: Paul Harris. Page: 50

Magic 1/1992: Tricks / Cards - Gimmicked / Inner-Workings. Return of the Bizarre Shrink, The. Author: Paul Harris. Page: 45-47

Magic 1/1993: Tricks / Cards - Prepared / Inner-Workings. An Improved Screwed Deck. Author: Paul Harris. Page: 50-53

Magic 11/1995: Product Reviews / Tricks / Marketplace. Cardian Angel. Author: Paul Harris (plus). Page: 83-84

Magic 12/1995: Product Reviews / Tapes: Audio & Video / Marketplace. Art of Astonishment, The. Author: Paul Harris. Page: 89-90

Magic 12/1996: Product Reviews / Publications / Marketplace. Art of Astonishment, The, Vol. 1-3. Author: Paul Harris. Page: 85-86

Magic 8/1999. Features / The Century. Paul Harris. Author: John Moehring. Page: 54


David Blaine – Magic Man and Street Magic TV shows. Technical advisor was Paul Harris

Movie: Nice Girls Don't Explode. Chuck Martenez and Paul collaborated on the movie “Nice Girls Don't Explode”, with Wallace Shawn and Barbara Harris. Starring Michelle Meyrink, William O'Leary, Wallace Shawn, James Nardini, and Margot Gray. A silly comedy (with a memorable title) about a girl who causes things to explode, especially when she gets amorous. Harris and Meyrink, as mother and daughter who share this curse, give it their best, but the sparks don't ignite. Directed by: Chuck Martinez (1987, Rated PG)

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