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Compiled by Doug Atkinson

Last Update: June 2023 added Alexander De Cova Close-Up Session Nr. 3 Video

The original ring flight, as I understand it, was by Harry Stanley and was called Flying Ring: An Al Koran Classic.


Acer, David: Natural Selections. Hardbound. 148 pages. Close up magic including: Money Flies, Cartes Blanches, Around the World in 80 Dollars, No Holes Barred, The Spice Rack, The President's Message, Missing Ink business card printing, Transposition Ring Flite, The Camera Never Lies card trick, Four on the Floor, Rink finger ring on glasses, Swiss pack deck becomes holey, Lickety Flip four ace production, Cheap Labor, The Trinary Cut, and more. 31 routines. $30.00

Bennett, Doug: Extra Sensory Deceptions. (c)1984. Softbound, 27pg. Includes: Metal Logical Options: Ring Toss; The Numis Spoon; Assault With a Blunt Instrument; Flash Card; Feather Thru Quarter; No Fright Ring Flight. Reflective Questionings: Mirror Knives; Mirroricle Card Vanish; Reflection Connection. Bonus Effect: Trial Separation.

Brahams, Anthony: Karl Norman: Forty Years at the Forks (see also Karl Norman's Here's How, below). Think Of A Card Part One and Part Two, Pass Finesse, Spring Fever, Photo Parade, Card on Ceiling, Key Card Routines, Follow-Up Routine, The Coin Collection, Follow Up to Coin Collection, Coin in Bottle, Coins and Silk and Ring and Wand, Bill in Cigarette, Impromptu Torn & Restored Cigarette, Color Changing Knives, Linking Pins, Matchboxes Routine, Multiplying Rabbits, Ring Flight, Ring & Rope Routine, Sucker Egg, Polish Rocket, Carnival Loop, and the Three Shell Game. 82pg Hardbound. $30

Cervon, Bruce: Ultra Cervon. Hardbound; 186 pages. Includes Warped (Card Warp using card and dollar bill), Free Turn Pass, Cut and Restored Rope; Koran's Hanky Panky; Ring Flight; To Pay The Price; Conus Aces and more. 35 items. $35.00

Michaels, Loren Christopher: Hide In Plain Sight Lecture Notes. Includes: The Poor Man's Dekolta Chair, Ring in Card Box Routine, Michaels' Card on Forehead routine, Karrell Fox Card on Spectator's Chair routine, and more. $15

Miller, Hugh: Al Koran's Professional Presentations. Newly reprinted in England. Includes Koran’s Gold Medallion, Ring on Stick, Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper and Flying Ring, among others. $35

Neighbors, David: Stand Up 1993 (Lecture Notes). Dave's favorite stand-up routines. Includes: Wine Glass and Silks; Quick Shot II (coins to glass plot); Card to Pocket to Pocket to Pocket; No Gaff Ring Fight; Bent Outta Shape (no gaff key bending); Three Coins Thru The Pocket. 21pg. $10 MagicSmith

Norman, Karl: Here's How. 1985 Collector's Workshop. Card on the Ceiling, Change for A Quarter (torn & restored card transposition), Coin in the Bottle, My Coin Collection (CSB & Okito box), Symphathetic Matchboxes (commercial props), Multiplying Rabbits (using 3 adults & 6 babies), Polish Rocket gag, Impromptu torn/restored Cigarette, Bill in Cigarette, Color Changing Knives (uses 4 knives, adapted from Schulien's routine), Ring Flight (commercial prop), Linking Pins with handkerchief, Karl Norman's Three Shell Game Routine (uses brass cups, can use regular shells as well), Carnival Loop Routine (Chain of Chance; with comedy, fake knot, etc.). 51 pages. 

Osterlind, Richard: Dynamic Mysteries. 99pg, 17 effects. Ring flight with ungimmicked key fob and instant reset, Borrowed Bill routine (resets), close up card routine, and lots more. $25 MagicSmith

Sankey, Jay & Richard Sanders: When Creators Collide. 88pg. Imagine torn & restored bill, Linking rubber bands, No Reel Ring Flight, and more with cards, coins, notebooks, cigarettes, and so forth. $8.50 Tannen's

Smith, Chuck: What If? 2001 lecture notes. Includes: Harvest Time; King of Club Entertainers; Bill Tube and Hand; Linking Ropes; Multiplying Rabbits (sponge); Brema Nut; Chuck Smith's Ring Flight; Imagination; Imaginary 21 Card Trik; Coin of Zo; Cards to Pocket; Blackjack Demo; Squeeze-Out; Coin Through Handkerchief; Phone Trick. $25. H&R Magic Books 

Wilson, Ron: Uncanny Scot (Kaufman). Way Out of This World, Color Changing Silk, Card in Wallet, Chop Cup, Mental Miracles, Linking Finger Rings, Ring Flight, Rope Restoration, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper, and more. $35


Alan, Don: Greater Magic V28. Chop cup, invisible deck, Don Alan's Bowl, Ring Flight, and more (not all explained). Stevens Magic

Alexander, Scott: Standing Up On Stage V3 Feature Acts. DVD. Third of 5 DVDs in the series. Includes The Flying Ring, ring flight for the stage.

Andrews, Carl: The Strolling Magician Video. Strolling magic, no table necessary. Tips on the business, what to wear, and more. Also includes performance only (with source references) of: Linking Rubber Bands; Ring on Rubber Band; Ring Flight; 2 Card Location; Card to Wallet; Short Hop; Teach a Trick. $30 MagicSmith

Cervon, Bruce: Ultra Cervon Volume 2 video. Joker, Four Dollar Confusion, Floating Aces, Silent Flight (ring flight) Cut and Restored Rope, All Backs, and Repeat Aces to Pocket $40 Stevens Magic

De Cova, Alexander: Close-Up Session Nr. 3 Video: 60 minutes. This German language video includes My Finger Ring Routine (finger ring and rope, with a Ring Flight ending). 

Close, Michael: Too Close #4. Ring Fright includes adaptation of Gaeton Bloom's apparatus.

Kaps, Warren & Friends: Magic from MUM video. A variety of MUM members performed pet routines; includes companion notes booklet. Includes: Count Artell: coin penetration; John Mintz: Point of View; Bill Wisch: Two Ring Routines; Ken Krenzel: Matrix Utility Move; Jack Malon: Back to Back Prediction; Paul Zevin: Sympathetic Coins; Warren J. Kaps: Ring Flight Version 3.02; Marsahll Johnson: Fighting Cats and Dogs; Herb Zarrow: Long and Short Spell, etc.; Jose de la Torre: The Incredible Linking Pins. $20 MagicSmith

Norman, Karl: Close-Up Table Magic DVD. Karl Norman shares Table Magic routines developed from over 25 years of experience with Eddie Flechter. Includes Karl's Ring Flight routine; Change of a Quarter torn & restored card; Bill in the Cigarette; Key Card Routines; Linking Pins (safety); Card on the Ceiling; Karl's Three Shell Game using three metal shells and a pea; It's The Nuts nut and a bolt routine; Torn And Restored Cigarette. 1 hour 50 minutes.
$34.95 Meir Yedid Magic

Tong, Dan: Dan Tong Finally DVD Volume 1.  Includes: Card To Wallet (simple no palm approach); Bill Matrix (coin assembly); Sponge Balls with an in-the-spectator's hands portion; Ring Flight/Ring on Stick; an additional Matric routine; and Bill & Bowls (Benson bowl routine with borrowed bills and a sugar bowl) 71 Minutes $35 

Tremain, John: Volume Three - Encores. Acrobatic Matchbox/Stack of Coins: combined; Gymnastic Aces: Aces are flipped out of deck; Three Silver Balls: tinfoil ball effect; Vanishing Rings: Ring Flight; 4 X 4: Two packets of cards change places; Vanishing Pen; Tear and Repair: Torn and restored money; Rota-Note: Borrowed bill spins on the palm; Polo-Link: Two Life Savers® are linked ; Ring on Rope: Finger ring and rope; Spook-Key: Card trick; Solo Twist: Card deck vanishes, leaving selection; Prize Winner: Spectator loses in 51:1 odds; Advice on Close-Up Act, Close-Up Set Up and Tremaine Prop Box. $30

Wilson, Mark: Video Course in Magic V3. Dollar, ropes, cards, ring flight, coins, and more. $29.95 L&L Publishing

World's Greatest Magicians: Finger Ring Magic on DVD. Includes Daryl - Ring, Rope, Wand; Jay Sanky - Stirring Silver, Nest Egg; Mark Leveridge - Ring and String Routine; Al Schneider - Off, Ring-n-Pencil, Ring Gag, Coin Through Ring; David Roth - Coin Through Ring; Flip - Wand-A-Ring; Michael Ammar - The Ring, The String and The Safety Pin; Alexander De Cova - Ring-O-Matic (courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.); Dan Fleshman - Ring and String, Ring Flight; Gregory Wilson - Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing; Jon Tremaine - Ring on Rope. 2 hr 5 min


Arlen Studios: Gypsy Ring Flight. Uses a top grain black leather case designed to look "old", to go along with a plot of an antique ring case. Clasp is secure and easy loading and uses a smooth reel. Case features a classy brass button closure, and includes three "skeleton" keys. $80 Hank Lee's, Arlen Studio

Bloom, Gaetan: Flying Ring. Ring is vanished and appears in a squeeze-mouth leather key case. Uses no pulls, threads or reels. Keycase can be examined before the ring appears inside, and the spectator can hold the keycase. $30 Now by Vernet Magic (2002)

Bossi, Vanni: Flying Ring. Key ring/Key fob style Ring Flight. Key ring is all metal. Ring appears between the keys. Appears to be a non-reel method. Includes a magnetic gimmick to allow you to attach the key holder almost anywhere on your person. Detailed instructions with 2 methods for the coin fold. $25 Stevens Magic (2002)

C&M Productions: Ring Zing. Borrowed ring turns into a key. Key is found inside a zippered leather key case. Uses quiet reel with secure hook. $45 C&M Productions

Coury, Al: My Ring Collection. Spectator's ring is borrowed. Magician opens his jacket to show a collection of rings attached to a red fabric holder and offers to trade for the borrowed ring. The spectator's ring vanishes, and is found amongst the other rings, securely attached with a safety pin. With instructions by Jerry Somerdin. $15 MagicSmith 

Daytona Magic: Houdini's Ring Flight. Ring vanishes to appear in leather key case. $25 Daytona Magic (2002)

El Duco: Ring Flight. Black calf leather key case with good Swedish reel. Hook designed for easy securing and releasing of the ring. $100 Stevens Magic, El-Duco Magic

Fields, Sean: Flight 204. A borrowed ring is openly placed in the palm of the hand and vanishes with a wave of the other hand. The performer pulls out his necklace, which has the borrowed ring threaded on it. No more reels, pulls, magnets or duplicate rings. The necklace is ungimmicked and unprepared. Instant reset, virtually angle-proof. Comes with 22-page, photo-illustrated, detailed instructions and gimmick. $23

Hottrix: RinKEY Dinky. Ring Flight using a specialy designed car key on your key ring rather than a key case. Attach this key to your keychain, and be ready to perform at any time. $60. Hottrix, many dealers

Leveridge, Mark: Fly Ring. Borrowed ring is threaded onto a cord. The ring vanishes, and is found in the magician's keycase. No reel, instant re-set.£25.00 Mark Leveridge Magic

Magicmania (Italy): New Flying Ring.  Reel based key case in leather.  Euro Price 55,00  Magicmania

MAK Magic: ImMAKulate Ring Flight. Vanished ring appears in leather key case. Uses ultra-silent smooth reel that locks in three positions. Good quality device. $45 MagicSmith, others

Malloy, Doug: Ring in Wallet. The ring is lost after being threaded on a cord. Magician offers a $200 laminated bill, then a check stamped "insufficient funds". Check then turns into a dollar bill. Finally, the wallet is opened, then the zippered section, with an envelope inside. The ring is found inside the envelope. Includes custom leather wallet, designed to take up to a 6 3/4" envelope. Can also be used for many card in wallet effects. Comes with wallet, velvet cord, plastic cash gag, Check to cash gimmick, Sharpie marker, and Spectacular performance and instructional video  Malloy Modern Magic

Mark, Richard: Ring On Ring On. Borrowed ring is threaded on a string, which is held in the hand of the magician with the ends of the string in full view. Ring vanishes, and is found in the magicians leather key case. Instuctions by Lewis Ganson and does not use a pull. $25.00 Hank Lee's 

Mayhol, Henry: Ring Flite Outdone. No reel ring to leather key case. No reset. $50 Not sure of availability

Martin, Neal: Rebel Ring Flight. Routine based on James Dean. Ring vanishes and is found inside a miniature leather jacket. Uses mechanically perfect gimmick. $45 Hank Lee's 

Martini, Marty (?): Ring In Tea Bag. Ring is vanished and a metal tea chest that has been in full view is opened by the spectator. The chest is filled with tea bags, one with a gold seal. This bag is cut open, and the ring is revealed. Comes with metal chest, tea bags, seals, handkerchief, and gimmick. $20 Hank Lee's 

Miracle Factory (Black Rabbit Magic?): Pegasus Ring Flight. A borrowed ring is dropped into a black velour drawstring bag and both vanish. The magician removes a leather zip-around key case from your back pocket and unzip it. There, dangling from its drawstring loop among the keys is the velour pouch, solidly locked onto a key clasp. Drawstring Bag Approximately 2 1/2 x 2 (6cm x 5cm);  Leather Key Case Approximately 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 (11cm x 8cm). $150. Elmwood Magic; Loomis Magic

Plants, Gary: Ring In Card Case. From a Peter Kane idea comes Gary Plants' work on the Ring in Card Case. Improved by allowing the mechanical card case to be seen front and back. Bicycle card case in red or blue back. Also, specify left or right handed. $25. Exclusive to Denny & Lee's

Polaris: Ring Flight Super. Soft leather with a sure fire clasp and strong reel. $60., MagicSmith, The Magic Warehouse 

Porper, Joe & Pete Biro: Just In Case. Comes with Michael Close's Ring Fright routine. Performer tosses his key case on the table, and asks one or two spectators to hold a shoelace stretched out between them. He covers the shoelace with a handkerchief and asks to borrow a ring. He explains that he will put the ring on the lace without either of them letting go of the ends of the lace. If not, the owner of the ring wins the car. When the handkerchief is pulled away, there is a key hanging on the middle of the lace! If the key is on the lace, then what's inside the key case? He opens the case, and there's the spectator's ring, securely fastened to the clasp inside. Includes routines, custom key case, and the incredible Just A Key (which is $100 on its own!) $199

Russian Wallet. Ring is vanished a small leather purse is removed from the magician's pocket. Inside this purse is another, and another. Inside of this smallest purse is a folded handkerchief and inside of the handkerchief is the spectator's ring! $45 The Magic Warehouse

Sander, Richard & Patrick Reymond: On Foot. Spectator removes ring from shoelace himself. By Camirand Academy.
$17.00 Hank Lee's, MagicSmith 

Sherer, Allan: Ring Flight: Trouble free Ring Flight. Top quality zippered leather case, heavy monofilament reel with very strong pull. $50 Daytona Magic 

Solari, Bob: Ring Riot. Ring flite with no reels or pulls. Ring is closed in fist and key leather zippered key case is waved over the hand. The vanished ring appears inside the closed case. $21.00 Hank Lee's 

Solari, Bob: Ultimate Ring Capture. Ring appears from your key ring. Uses no pulls, reels or magnets. The ring is locked on the key ring. Resets in seconds. Stainless steel and nickle plated brass key holder. $16.00 Hank Lee's 

Somerdin, Jerry: Gone With the Ring. Non-reel version. Ring is vanished from hand and appears in a snap-closure leather key case from the magician's pocket. Instant reset. $15.00 MagicSmith, Tannen's 

Sterling: Power Ring Flight. Ring to key case with powerful reel built from an industrial key retractor. Keycase is zippered and complete with keys. Comes with instructions and routines. $65.00 Hank Lee's 

Stewert, Jeff: Ring Thing. Ring Thing is a key fob that looks like those used not too long ago. It does not use a reel, but stays open for instant loading in your pocket (though be careful so it doesn't close inadvertently). The effect is that you hand your keys to the spectator, vanish their ring, and the ring ends up on the keyring. Does not instantly reset. $10 Meir Yedid Magic 

Valenzuela, Hugo: Tail of the Ring. Magician plays with a puppet mouse and puts it away. A ring is borrowed and vanished, and appears on the mouse's tail. Exclusively at Bazar de Magia

Viking Manufacturing/Collector's Workshop: Morelli Ring. The Morelli Ring apparatus looks like a simple key ring (no case). The system does not use a reel, and the spectator must unscrew the keyring to detach his or her finger ring. $35 Viking Manufacturing 

Viking Manufacturing/Collector's Workshop: Serendipity. A variation on Ring Flight in which the ring ends up inside a Zippo-style lighter that has been used by the spectator to burn the paper that wrapped her ring. $35 Viking Manufacturing 

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