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by Doug A (

Last Update: 10 Feb 2007 Added Live at the Jailhouse DVD set

The following is an incomplete list of reference to books, videos/DVDs and products dealing with the various effects of ring on string and ring on rope, to include ring on wand as well. The ring sizes vary from finger rings to 3" rings and sometimes even a linking ring.

Please note that no items are for sale from this web site, this is provided for informational purposes only. Prices are estimate and are not current. Some products may be out of print or no longer available.

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Absolon: Street Magic Lecture. Cups and Saucers, Card Effects, Ring and Rope routines, etc. 23pg $9 Denny & Lee's

Acer, David: DeSouza's Deceptions, The Book. Includes Shapeshifter card change; Twin Transpo x 2 card to wallet w/transpo; Collection Agency (version of Roy Walton's Collectors); Quad-Ringle Plus - borrowed finger ring repeatedly released from rope, vanishes and appears in a card case; Die of Destiny -  blank die used to arrive at a selected card; Miniature Bowling Ball From Briefcase; Snowflake; Copper/Silver My Way, Picasso's Bill, The Cover Change, and more. 142 Pages, Hardcover. £26.78/$37.49

Avis, Jack: Vis A Vis (Kaufman): Cards, coins, mentalism, ring and rope. Christmas Coin Vanish, Movie Coin Vanish, Salute to Ramsay, Alaskan Poker, Autodeck, Mystery of Dr. Elliott's Legacy, Variations on Scarne Run Up Systems, Nu Way Shell Game, Pinochle Caper, Hofzinser Ace Trick, Siva Ace Cutting, Houdini Ring, Escape from Ellis Island, Cuball, Loops Entwined, Magical Sucuba, Poker Chip Chicanery, Spirit Detection, Spooky, Rara Avis Card Stab, Hole in the table, and more. $40

Bauer, Ron: Private Studies Monographs - The Cursed Ring. Approach to the Ring Off Wand classic that doesn't require a wand. Twice, the performer's ring suddenly vanishes, then reappears on his finger. $12

Bennet, Horace: On Your Feet. 8 routines including sponge balls, matrix, ring on wand.

Bey, Mohammed: Ellis Ring Routines. $3

Blaisdell, Dr. Frank: Just Ropes, Rings and Ropes, Rope Escapes. Preparation of the ropes, 14 Ring and Rope Effects, 3 chair escapes. $12.50 Denny & Lee's

Blaisdell, Dr. Frank: More of Magic (Magic Ltd.). Cups and Balls routine, Wandering Silks, Gone, Sexy Dollars, Wooden Egg, Cut and Restored String, Yo Yo Penetration, Ring on Rope, Solid Through Solid, Through Windows, Tectile Sense, Spirit Box, A Hunch, Snap-It, False Cut, Eight Kings, Red Your Mind, Perplexing, Three Rope Interchanges. $15 Denny & Lee's

Blake, George: Master Magic. Hades Publication. 21 effects with cards, ring and rope, cigarette papers, silks, keys, torn & restored paper, monkey bar, paper folding, sponges, straws, and so forth. $12 Denny & Lee's

Brahams, Anthony: Forty Years at the Forks. Collection of magic by Karl Norman, resident magician at the Fechter Forks Hotel. Includes: Think Of A Card Part One and Part Two, Pass Finesse, Spring Fever, Photo Parade, Card on Ceiling, Key Card Routines,Follow-Up Routine, The Coin Collection, Follow Up to Coin Collection, Coin in Bottle, Coins and Silk and Ring and Wand, Bill in Cigarette, Impromptu Torn & Restored Cigarette, Color Changing Knives, Linking Pins, Matchboxes Routine, Multiplying Rabbits, Ring Flight, Ring & Rope Routine, Sucker Egg, Polish Rocket, Carnival Loop, and the Three Shell Game. Hardbound By Brahams & Porstmann 82 pg $30.00

Burke, Eddie: George Blake's Classic Rope & Ring Routine. A 6" ring is tied to a rope and the ends held by the spectator. The magician walks away and the ring melts off the rope. The ring is instantly thrown back onto the rope. The rope is cut and the ring removed, and the rope is restored to one long rope again. The two ends of the rope are placed in the pocket; they reappear one at a time in your hand, and the center of the rope is drawn from your pocket. Routine only, supply your own ring and rope.Price only £10.00. U.S.A. $20

Cervon, Bruce: Hard-boiled Mysteries. 192pg. 52 effects including lots of cards as well as Ring Again! ring off rope routine. $40

Close, Mike: Workers 2. Rubik's Dollar Bill, El Cheepo Magic Club, Ring Shoelace and Straw Routine, Dancers at the End of Time, 26 Cents Worth of Change, Close Spread Double Lift, Frog Prince. $20

Collier, L.C.: Big Ring on String. A Parlor Sized Ring with a Stage Sized Routine. 2003, 12 pages. $10

Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini. 180pg. 60 effects with cards, coins, cups and balls, ring & rope, Oktio coin box, and billiard ball production and including: Never Say Dice, Four Card Display, Ace-embly, Hiccup Coins, Super Link (rubber bands), Hopping Cups and Balls (short routine suitable for table hopping), Back and Forth Sandwich (cards) plus many more. $30 L&L Publishing

Daryl: Fooler Drooler Lecture Notes. 2003 Blackpook Magician's Convention. Detailed notes include: Happy Birthday Card, The Gun Trick, Pyro-Maniact, Rising Cards from Envelope, Card in the Envelope, Mystery of the Traveling Marbles, Two Cards in the Eye Glasses, and Ring, Rope, Wand. With 50 photographs

Fleshman, Dan: Excellence of Dan Fleshman. Seeing Double Sandwich, Switchbox, Sandbox, Back and Forth Sandwich, Momma In My Wallet, Seing Double Switchbox, Transwitchposition, Miracle with a Signed Card, Triple Snap Change, Color Changing Deck, Coins to Glass, Coins to Purse, Bottomless Purse, Clean Up Spellbound move, Bottle Caps Across, Silver Flinger, Jokers Wild, Ring and String, A Shot for You, Cups and Balls with the Fleshman Flash. $15 Denny & Lee's

Fraps, Thomas, The Book, or Don't Forget To Point (Kaufman). $40. Magic with cards, ring and rope, coins, nuts and bolts and more. Includes: The Tweezers coin production, Scrooge McDuck coin in cigarette packet, Fruit Cups two cup (one chop cup) routine, If Worse Comes to Worse (cards), Symphathetic Ten (cards), Cupid Joker finds mates, Chameleon (cards), Double Blind card to rubber bands, It's Shoe Time card in shoe, Bombshell fused cards, Mismade Warp, Chaos Cut false cut, Thumb Tips ditch, A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose production, Theory, and more.

Gertner, Paul: Steel and Silver. 20 coin routines, 16 card routines, and the Steel Cups and Balls (uses steel balls), triple giant die production, ring on the hourglass (Familiar Ring?). $40

Govan, Barry: Barry Govan's Ring Link: Borrowed finger ring on rubber band. 16pg manuscript. $10 Mamma Mia Magic

Gravatt, Glenn: More Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt (Magic Ltd.). Mentalism, coins, silks, ropes, ring and rope, cards, canes, dice, etc. $35. Denny & Lee's

Grismer, Ray: Loopy (anyone have any more information?)

Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's A Magic Lecture! Includes cards, coins, Combo set Cups & Balls routine, and Great Scott's Symphony for Ring and String. $10

Guinn, Scott: Magishing My Way. 16 card effects, a section on finger rings including "Stick Around" ring-and-stick routine; and a Jardine Ellis ring routine combining ring-on-string and ring-on-stick. A Miser's dream with candy coins, linking rubber bands. $25

Guha, Goutam: Ring and Rope Magic. Booklet contains 15 tricks. No claims are made for the originality, includes oldies and goodies. Inlcudes stainless steel ring measuring 112 mm (4") in diameter and a hank of rope. £7.50 Magic Makers

Hooser, Troy: DesTROYers by Joshua Jay. Illustrated by Tony Dunn. HB 167pg. Bottle of wine production close up; double card color and design change; melt three chinese coins through a ribbon one at a time; coins across, coins through table, card to box, and more. $35

Kaps, Fred: Kaps on Coins. 11pg. 12 routines: Edward Victor's Spellbound, Okito Box Routine, Coins Across, Silver & China Transposition, Hooked Coin Routine, Coin Thru Hand, Coin Vanish Under Card, Ring Off String, Coin Thru Handkerchief, Twin Coin Production from Card, Coins Thru Table, and Another Coin Vanish under card. $6 Magic Inc.

Kaps, Fred: Magic Circle lecture audio tape. Coin and Glass Routine; Coins and Cup; Topit Vanisher; Palming Coins; Cigarette To Coin; The Hoo Coin; The Tie Topit; Secret Pockets; What's New; Sail Through A Crisis; Princess Card Trick; Three Jokers; Chinese Bowl and Chopstick Move; Ring Through Silk; Ring Off String; and more. $ 11.00 Hank Lee

Leveridge, Mark: The Ring Competition: Master Routine No.4 is ideal for cabaret as well as close up. A ring and cord routine with audience participation. 2 booklets only. £6.00 ($12.00). With chrome ring and cord: £17.00 ($34.00) Mark Leveridge Magic

Leveridge, Mark: Ring and String Routine. Master Routine No.6. This is Mark Leveridge's award winning routine using a borrowed finger ring and a shoe lace. Natural moves create a strong visual effect. Booklets only. £6.00 ($12.00) Mark Leveridge Magic

Leveridge, Mark: Borrowed Ring on Pencil: Master Routine No.9. In three increasingly impossible ways a borrowed finger ring penetrates an unprepared handkerchief and onto the centre of an examinable pencil. Two booklets. £6.00 ($12.00) Mark Leveridge Magic

Leveridge, Mark: The Master Routine Series Collected Works. Over 20 years (from 1984) of routines now in one collection. Re-written and re-drawn. Includes: No.1 - The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine; No.2 - The Free Selection Collectors; No.3 - Stay At Home Coins (Boston Box); No.4 - The Ring Competition (Stand up 5” ring and rope); No.5 - Wild Dice (Cups and balls / walnut shell and pea with matchbox drawers and dice); No. 6 - The Ring And String Routine (four moves); No.7 - Spot The Difference (Jumbo 3 Card Trick); No.8 - The Security Pen (coins to pen); No.9 - The Borrowed Ring On Pencil (three ways); No.10 - The Emperor’s Coins (Boston Box); No.11 - A Bic Too Far (lighters); and No.12 - Slo-Mo table hopping coin effect. 125 x A4 size pages, hard backed £25.00 Mark Leveridge Magic

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. Includes several ring and rope, ring and string routines including: Sol Stone: Strung Coin; Jon Brunelle Strung Too, Bill Wisch Chain(R)ing; McGivern (Ring)Knot Really; Robert Brooks Ring Through Rope and Ring Strip; Warren Stephens Bnagle Dangle; Eric DeCamps Impossible Visual Link, Mitch Dyszel Easy Ring off Rope, Oscar Weigle and Sol Stone Off Again, and Jack Mitzman One Handed GH Release.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. Includes several ring and rope, ring and string routines including: Peter Samelson Ring True, Tony Miler In-De-Pendant, Tom Craven New/Easy Ring Load, Mark Lefler Challenge for Two, Jack Mitzman Ring on Rope, Fred Baumann Steal Ring, Mark Sicher Through the Rope, Dr. Rajneesh Madhok The Uncanny Penetration, Eric DeCamps Snap Finger Ring Link, Gary Ouellet Boomerang (from Homing Ring).

Mentzer, Jerry: Magic With Finger Rings. A collection of effects with borrowed finger rings. Over 25 effects. $ 20.00

Michaels, Loren Christopher: Ring, String, & Capital Gain routine. Ring, string and dollar bill routine. Borrowed bill is rolled into a cone, from which a shoe lace is produced. This is followed by ring & string, with the ring appearing on top of the tabled dollar. An anytime anywhere routine. $18

Miller, Bob: Relentless Ring & String Routine video and book. See video section for details.

Miller, Hugh (editor): Rink's Magic From Holland: Includes cards (with Monte moves), Chop Cup, Coins, and more. Features Ring from Ropes (large ring) and Stringing the Ring (finger ring)

Nelson, Earl: Variations  

Ouellet, Gary: Classy Close Up Lecture Notes. (1980 original release). Includes: The Gravity Clink Pass; Magic Photography (four of a kind production); Stamp Out gag; Miracle Signed Card Trick (card to coin purse); impossible thimble vanish, rear shift lap, Ring & the Rope, Gary's Coin Vanish, Okito, Crytal Box, Little Box, French Canadian Drop and tips on Finger on the Card and The Silver Passage. 14 pages $5

Ouellet, Gary: Homing Ring Masters of Magic Series # 6 - Ring-off-rope routine done with a borrowed ring and an ungimmicked rope. Includes The Supersonic Ring (back on the finger), Swindle Ring, Boomering, and The Rear Shift Lap moves. 28 pages. $12.50

Perdigon, Rene: R3, The Ultimate Ring and Lace Routine. Multi-phase routine. 

Rosenthal, Harvey: Melt Thru manuscript. Dai Vernon called it "the finest ring and string routine he had ever seen". Available direct from Harvey Rosenthal.

Shoesmith, Tim: Fountains and Acorns for Big People. 2006 e-Book contains Tim's thoughts on close up magic and includes a ring on string routine and a version of Jon Allen's Double Back which leaves you clean. Also discusses theories on dealing with difficult people and his take on the watch steal. Finishes with four card location and the ambitious card routine which won him the Rovi trophy at the IBM and second place in the Magic Circle Close up Competition. 34 pages. $13

Tyler, Diamond Jim: Precious Gems. Close up/walk around magic. 9 effects with glossary of 13 sleights with full explanations. B&W photos throughout. Includes: Animated Cardbox, New Age Spellbound, Finger Ring & String, Soaring Straw, Fireball, Birthday Bill, Pieces of Eight, The Adventures of Diamond Jack, and How Sweet it Is. $25

Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles: Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician. Inlcudes cards, coins and more, as well as Finger Ring and String: A borrowed ring is made to vanish and reappear again repeatedly. Diamond Jim Tyler

Vergilio, RonOffring. 1976 manuscript for single move


(Note: a few products in the next section below come with videos that are not listed here)

Andrews, Carl: The Strolling Magician. Includes: How to get into the business, How to introduce yourself, What material to perform, What to wear, How long to stay with a group, How much to charge. Effects (Performance only): Linking Rubber Bands, Ring on Rubber Band, Ring Flite, 2 Card Location, Card to Wallet, Short Hop, and Teach a Trick.

Belzarak, Frank: Magic For Humans Video. Walk around magic with no tables. Includes: Sweet Flash: flashy production with giveaway; Gobefores: soda straw routine; The Puzzle: quick ring & rope routine; Invisible Hand Pocket: a "teach a trick" with a surprise ending; Sharp Color Change: a pen changes color; Ambitious (card routine).

Berry, Jay Scott: Symphony on the Ring and Ribbon: Complete ring & ribbon routine explained on CD-ROM. Comes with brass ring and ribbon. Includes Knot to Ring, Master False Thread Move, On Again Off Again, Clilfton's Ring Move, Spinning Grand Finale, and Off in Hand. $20 Denny & Lee's

Close, Michael: Workers the video. 100 minutes. More stuff with the origami bunny; Dr. Strangetrick; The ring and shoelace routine; Dancers at the end of time; The el cheepo magic club; The frog prince. $12

Close, Michael: Signature Effects DVD. Includes Workers and The Power of Palming. Workers includes: Origami Bunny; Dr. Strangetrick; Ring & Shoelace Routine; Dancers at the End of Time; El Cheapo Magic Club; The Frog Prince. Power of Palming includes a full coverage of palming playing cards. Also includes performance only of The Card, the Forehead, and the Salt Shaker; and Butte Ox? Two Butte Ox! $35

Colombini, Aldo: The Essential Aldo Columbini Volume 1 DVD. Includes cards, jumbo cards, Bleached Monte routine, linking ropes, Ringing Around four phase ring and rope routine, and more. $35

Colombini, Aldo: Ringing Around Too! Five phase routine: A knot appears on the rope; loop penetration; almost visible melt-through; ring is placed onto a rope which has a knot tied in it; Suddenly the ring appears tied inside the knot! The ring is removed leaving the knot on the rope! $18 Mamma Mia Magic

DeCamps, Eric: The Magic Classics (re-release of Stars of Magic tape). Classic "Jokers Are Wild"; Card to Wallet Routine; Ring and String Routine; The Inverted Card," Splitting The Twos," "Showboat Aces," and "Royal Travelers." $30

DeSouza, Marc: DeSouza’s DeCeptions Companion Video. Performance only video covers effects from DeSouza's DeCeptions: The Magic of Marc DeSouza (written by David Acer). Performed in real world environment. Includes a bonus performance of Chain Gang, the endless chain routine.£14.00/$19.60

Eldridge, David: Eldridge's Ring & Rope Routine DVD. Includes a 5-inch plastic ring, rope and DVD. Multi-phase routine with visual penetrations tried and tested for almost 10 years. Can be used for close-up or stage. $30

Fedko, John: Fedko School of Magic Video Series 6 Rope Magic. Rope Through Neck; Simplex Rigid Rope; Ultra Color Knots; Ring and Rope; Loop Off; Unequal Equal Ropes; 104 minutes. $20

Fleshman, Dan: The Commercial Magic of Dan Fleshman Volume 1. Sonata for Ring and String. Uses ring and shoelace. Also Cups & Balls elevator move. $40

Garrett, Dan: CloseUp Connivery. Includes Pin-Demonium, Faustus Ring, American Ninja Spellbound and more. 60minutes. $40

Gertner, Paul: Steel And Silver Video - Volume Two (video): Ring On Hourglass (Opening); That's Ridiculous;Cups and Balls; Steel Balls; Ring on Hourglass (Finish); Reversed Assembly; Blackjack Surprise; Snap/Bounce Assembly; Spellbound Roll and Reverse; Card in the Candy Box. VHS. $40

Hallema, Flip: Flip's Truly Magical Rope Magic DVD. Double length DVD. Routine One: Flip's Routine with Stretching the Rope, Cutting Rope Without Scissors, Sliding Knot with Kicker, Two Unequal Ropes to Equal Ropes, Restoring Rope in Middle, Restoring the Rope from Pocket, One Continuous Loop From Pocket, Knot Restoration, Ball of Rope Vanish. Routine Two: Chinese Knot Routine with Scientific Knot, Three Different Vanishing False Knots, Instant Knot, Reappearing Knot, Family of Knots. Also Sayonara Knot Rope Penetrations with Rope Through Leg, Rope Through Arm, Rope Through Thumb, Rope through Neck, Rope Through Necktie Method. Routine Three Vanishing and Reappearing Knot Routine with Knot Transposition, Instant Knot Vanish, Instant Knot Reappearance, Horizontal Rope Principle, Instant Knot. Routine Four Halloween Costume Routine. A comedy interlude with a single piece of rope, including Hilda the German Girl, Cowboy on Sunday with Bowtie, Belt, Disappearing Belt, Bikini Top, Cartoon Mouse, Santa Clause, Old Man with Glasses, Carrying Handles, Chinese Magician, Three Instant Knots in Rope. Routine Five: Ring on Rope Routine with Invisible Hole Penetration, Tossed Ring Penetration, Ring Removed from Center of Rope, Instant Ring Penetration, Ring and French Knot in Rope, Knot Penetration, Houdini Ring Penetration $35

Hooser, Troy: Charming Chinese Challenge DVD. A ring and string variation utilizing three Chinese coins and a silk ribbon. Routine is captured during a ive performance. Good for walk-around. Originally published in "DesTROYers, but with added handlings and contributions from Shoot Ogawa, Apollo and Thomas Wayne. $30 

Johnson, Roy: Supa Rings Video. Uses 3 bangle bracelets and two cords. 45minutes. Includes Roy Johnson's version of Anverdi's Rope Through Borrowed Finger Ring. $45

Kam, Kurtis: Kurtis Kam's Deceptions in Paradise Video. Twisted Trio coins with Kurtz's Trio, Kenner's Menage A Trois, and Kam's The Twist; Kannibal Cards with happy ending; Greensleeves card vanish and reappear; Girl's Best Friend jumping gems; Finger Ring and Rope routine, Shinking Cardcase; Coercive Purse; Framed Wild Pocket; Chink-A-Chink and Curtis's Slot Machine. $35

Leveridge, Mark: Mark Leveridge Master Routines - Volume 1. Master Routine #1 - The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine. Master Routine #2 - The Free Selection Collectors (ordinary deck). Master Routine #3 - Stay At Home Coins Boston Box routine. One at a time, four coins vanish to appear inside the box, then suddenly all four disappear completely leaving the box and both your hands empty.Master Routine #4 - The Ring Competition. Ring on rope using a length of rope and a 5" chrome ring plus some amusing audience participation $20. L&L Publishers

Leveridge, Mark: Mark Leveridge Master Routines - Volume 2 Video: Master Routine #5 - Wild Dice. Cups and balls combined with the walnut shell and pea trick done with matchboxes and dice. Master Routine #6 - The Ring and String Routine. Four strong ring on/off moves using a finger ring, which can be borrowed, and an examinable shoe lace. No duplicate rings used. Master Routine #7 - Spot the Difference. A jumbo card trick for stand-up work using a simple gimmick as a version of the Three Card Trick. Master Routine #8 - The Security Pen. Ideal table hopping coin, purse and pen routine in which three coins are magically inserted into a pen and then magically extracted again! $20 L&L Publishers

Live at the Jailhouse DVD Set. Renowned restaurant magicians performing for real audiences. DVD 1 includes: Benefits of working in a restaurant, Choosing a restaurant, How to dress, How to get (and keep) the job, Staff relationships, Promotion, Tips & pay, Character, Types of effects, Amount of material. Also, Kirk Charles performs His version of sponge balls, In-the-hands Copper/Silver, and Matches. Explains Bar Basketball and Business Card. Garrett Thomas performs Rubik's Cube, The Ring Thing, Big Coin Little Purse and explains the vanish and production of large props at a table. Paul Green performs and explains Pygmy Paddle, Here There and Chicago Too!, and Card to Wallet Routine. DVD 2 includes: Approaching the table, Leaving a Table; Dan Fleshmann performs Professor's Nightmare and explains Momma in my wallet, Card to Mouth and Rising Card. Kozmo explains Sweet'N Low Surprise. DVD 3 includes: Dealing with hecklers, Evolution of your magic, Self Promotion, Pocket Management, Mistake Recovery, Making Friends, Working for Celebs, Favorite Stories, Parting Comment, Bloopers and Credits. Justin Miller Believe and Explains Shockingly Sweet and Suggestion. Almost 5 hours total. $70 Magicpitch

Michaels, Loren Christopher: Kick the Trick video. Includes Band-It (linking and unlinking rubber bands), Bizarre Monte; Brain Seltzer (card revelation using Alka Seltzer), Ring String and Capital Gain routine (Loren's complete ring string and dollar bill routine), Enquiring Minds (mentalism)
Ultra Sucker Egg; Flash Cigarette Production; and more. 90 minutes $40

Miller, Bob: Relentless Ring & String Routine video and book. Multi-phase routine includes four methods to put a ring on the string, the Fisher Ring in Knot Production (ring appears in a previously tied knot), four methods to release a ring, 2 tricks with a shoelace, 2 with just a ring, and more. Includes illustrated book $35

Ouellet, Gary: The Very Best of Gary Ouellet, Volume 1 DVD. Three Second Wonder (Ace cutting); Ring and Rope routine; Washer Routine and Wiffle Dust Routine (coin routines with Retinal Vanish, Revolve Drop, French Canadian Drop, Al Schneider Retinal Drop, Stand-Up Vanish plus Box Coin Vanish); Sponge Balls and Banana with the the Flying Imp Pass and two sponge ball vanishes; Miracle Signed Card in Purse; Capricorn Card with Couture Spin Control and Gary's jog control; and The Silver Passage coins through table routine. $35

Page, Patrick: Patrick Page Rope Magic Video. Classic Cut & Restored Rope; Basic Move - Edward Victor; Variation Cut; Patrick Page Version - Restoring the Rope; Getting Rid of the End; Trimming Off Ends; Extra Loop Method; Other Disposal Techniques; In Top Hat; Jacket Packet Method; Over the Head Floor Method; Popular Method (Knot Method); Patrick Page Rope Restoration Move; Rope & Ring Routine with: Ring On Rope Move, Ring Off Rope Move, Knot Ending Effects with Knots; Not a Knot Throwing a Knot; Cord-a-Cup; Rope, Rope, Rope; How to Put a Magnet in Rope; and performance only of 3 to 1 Rope; Silent Trick; Rope Through Ring; Everlasting Cut & Restored Rope; The Linking Ropes. $20

Sankey, Jay: SankeyTized 1 Video. Flying Shuttle Pass/Production; Sterling Silver impromptu ring on stick routine using borrowed ring and spoon; Back in Time in-the-hands triumph; Hop Spread Flourish; Top Card & Rubber Rise; Bound to Fool; Collect Me Not....Again; Leaving Home; Floater; Illogical Shuffle; Wichita Slip. $20

Skinner, Michael: Skinner's Classic Teach-In Volume 3, The Ring on Stick. Two commercial routines. $12.50

Thomas, Garrett: Any Questions? video. Includes The Ring Thing (finger ring jumps back on finger); Soft Salt (salt change to a silk and then a surprise ending), Threasy (three coin production), Thomas' Three Fly, Knucklebuster (finger removal and restoration), Switchless PTC (cigarette thru coin), Match-Back (match return), Blind 'Em and Find 'Em (find every card in the deck while blindfolded); Big Coin Little Purse (visual coin magic), plus info on  Flipper Coin, GT Web Grip, and Garret Thomas' theory and Philosophy on presenting magic. $30

Tremain, John: John Tremain: Volume Three - Encores. Includes: Acrobatic Matchbox/Stack of Coins: combined; Gymnastic Aces; Three Silver Balls: tinfoil ball effect; Vanishing Rings: Ring Flight; 4 X 4: Two packets of cards change places; Vanishing Pen; Tear and Repair (money); Rota-Note: Borrowed bill spins on the palm; Polo-Link: Two Life Savers® linked; Ring on Rope: Finger ring and rope; Spook-Key: Card trick; Solo Twist: Card deck vanishes, leaving selection; Prize Winner: Spectator loses in 51:1 odds; Advice on Close-Up Act, Close-Up Set Up and Tremaine Prop Box. $30

Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles Video Set. Based on the book of the same name. With 25 close up/parlor routines, including: Animated Card Box, Pieces of Eight, Fire Ball, Invisible Thumbscrews, Paperweight, Mathemagic Cards, Three Burnt Matches, Burning Impressions, Trapdoor Coins, Frog Hair, Diamond's Dazzler, Nimble Corks, Wise Guys Can't Count, Whatever it Takes, Birthday Bill, and more. $45

Wessel, Willi: Ring Routine: Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine. Seven effects, 3-5 minute routine. Ring seems to melt through the rope. 12 page booklet, and video. Taught by Joachim Solberg. Comes with specially-made 4" chrome plated steel ring, soft white cotton rope; booklet and video. $50.00 Hank Lee's

Wilson, Gregory: In Action! Volume 3 DVD. Includes Time Card, The Slot Machine Scam, Chip on Shoulder casino chip, Cut Throat Aces, Foreign Affair Pound to Euro to Ruble to Yen to Hundred Dollar Bill, Garret Thomas' The Ring Thing, Bounce No Bounce balls, and more. $35 L&L Publishing

Wilson, Greg: Ringleader Video. 6 phase ring and string routine. Ring leader - Greg's 6 phase routine; Familiar ring - The classic moves that started it all by such notables as Ray Grismer, Scotty York, Earl Nelson, Jay Scott Berry, Dan Garrett, and others. Ring Master - moves of David Grippenwaldt; Fraternal Ring - Grippenwaldt and Wilson moves. Very good video. $ 39.95

World's Greatest Magicians: Finger Ring Magic on DVD. Includes Daryl - Ring, Rope, Wand; Jay Sanky - Stirring Silver, Nest Egg; Mark Leveridge - Ring and String Routine; Al Schneider - Off, Ring-n-Pencil, Ring Gag, Coin Through Ring; David Roth - Coin Through Ring; Flip - Wand-A-Ring; Michael Ammar - The Ring, The String and The Safety Pin; Alexander De Cova - Ring-O-Matic (courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.); Dan Fleshman - Ring and String, Ring Flight; Gregory Wilson - Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing; Jon Tremaine - Ring on Rope. 2 hr 5 min


Bennett, Doug: Bewildering. Performed by Doug Henning on the Tonight Show. A three-inch brass ring penetrates a velvet cord in multple ways; with spectator participation. $15

Chazpro: Gemini Ring: A variation of the Jardine Ellis Ring. Machined from black plastic, and designed so you can flip the ring without revealing the secret. Plastic makes for nearly silent, scratch free use. Effects include Ellis Ring standards like Ring Off Rope and Ring Off Wand, plus Chuck Leach's multi-phase routine Get Loopy. $15 Chazpro

Daytona Magic: Ring & String: This is a quality-machined product made from polished aluminum. Because of the straight sides of the ring it is almost self-working. Comes complete with illustrated instructions. $20.00 Daytona Magic

Dijkman: WonderRings. Three solid black rings made from steel and a small silver ring penetrate themselves and a rope several times while in full view. By

El Duco: Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine. Full routine with 7 woven effects (3-5 minutes). Includes DVD with instruction by Joachim Solberg. Includes 5" chrome plated steel ring, soft white rope, booklet, and DVD. $45

Electrofun: Yoga Coin. Designed by the late Illango of Madras. Props include a jumbo 2.5" brass coin with an exotic design, a brocade bag, a ribbon, and a printed illustrated booklet with 6 different effects. Electrofun Magic

Full Circle. Combo of Professor's Nightmare, visual rope moves, and solid ring effects. With rope, ring, and video. $20

Fun Incorporated: Circle of Time - The Master Routine. Includes Toss Link, No Release Tied Ring on Rope, with magician Steve Branham. With DVD, ring, and rope.

Hollingworth, Scott: 14K Gold Ring and String: 4" Gold Ring repeatedly penetrates a red shoelace, even after the ring is removed from the shoestring. When the shoestring is knotted, the ring jumps magically back on the shoestring. Comes complete with high quality 14K Gold plated ring, Shoestring and photo instructions. $30 Scott Hollingsworth

Johnson Products Jardine Ellis Ring: gimmicked ring allows ring off rope, ring off wand effects. $25

Johnson, Roy: Supa-Rings. Mini-close up act with 3 bangle bracelets and 2 cords. Includes both a sit-down, 7-minute routine and a stand up routine. Can be performed as a serious or comedy routine. Complete with props, illustrated instructions, and video. Video also includes Roy's version of Anverdi's Rope Through Borrowed Finger Ring. $45.00 Hank Lee's

Leslie, Jay: New Ultimate Ring and String. A ring and string routine utilizing a highly polished heavy brass engraved Chinese coin. The coin melts off and on the cord several times, and is handed for examination at the end. Includes shell coin, split coin, and regular coin, carrying bag, cord, and VHS video of performance and instruction. $85

Leveridge, Mark: The Ring Competition: Master Routine No.4 is ideal for cabaret as well as close up. A ring and cord routine with audience participation. 2 booklets with chrome ring and cord: £17.00 ($34.00) Mark Leveridge Magic

McAllister, Bob: Ringo. A 3" metal ring is threaded onto a fancy shoelace. The ring is swung back and forth a few tims, then plucked right off the shoelace. One time, a knot is even tied around the ring, yet it is still removed. Virtually self-working. Comes with ring, special shoelace and full routine. $20 Hank Lee's

McPhearson: Ring-A-Ding. A 2" brass colored ring melts off a shoelace as it is swung. The ring is tossed toward the lace, and melts on. and a shoelace is examined. The performer places the ring on the lace, and magically, it melts off. The ring is balanced on the lace, and visibly melts on the lace. $17.50 Solari Magic

Mikame: Fantasy Ring: a ring is threaded on a chain and secured. The chain and ring are placed in a metal cylinder, which is capped. The cap is removed, and the ring is off the chain. $45

Schwarzman, Howie: Uncuppled. A rope is threated throught the handle of a ceramic coffee mug, which is then covered with a handkerchief. The ends of the rope are handed to a spectator, and the rope melts right through the handle of the much. All can be examined. Comes with the cup, rope, silk, gimmick and thorough instructions. $35 Hank Lee's

Solari, Bob: Ring Rapture: Man's gold tone black onyx ring is touched to a gold-tone necklace and visibly melts onto the necklace. All can be examined. Neither the ring nor the necklace are gimmicked. The only way to remove the ring is to manually unclasp the necklace. $22

Swing A Ring: Two rings are fairly threaded on a shoelace. One of the rings is magically removed, leaving the other swinging from the lace. Give the lace a little swing, and the solid metal ring visually penetrates the lace and falls to the table, and more. The rings and shoelace may be examined. Comes with metal ungimmicked rings, lace and easy-to-follow instructions. $10

Tyler, Diamond Jim: Ring and String. 5 phase ring & string routine perfected over 20 years. Photo illustrated tutorial, leather shoestring. $10 Abbott's

Viking Manufacturing Company: Jardine Ellis Ring: In Brass. $18. Viking Manufacturing.

Wessel, Willi: Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine. With video, 12pg manuscript, 3" ring, and rope. 3-5 minute routine with 7 effects. Performed by Joachim Solbert-one of Europe's finest close-up magicians.  $42.50 Stevens

Yee, Shaun: Ring and Rope Routine. Large plastic ring and rope, unprepared. Ring and rope penetrate repeatedly; at the end, the ring is tossed into a large knot tied in the rope. Price: Euro 7.50 Shaun Yee's Magic

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