Reference Guide

to the

Card to Wallet,

Himber, and other

Magic Wallets 


Compiled by Doug A.

Read a brief article on Card toWallet types and some tips on selecting them here: Card to Wallet Article icon page.

Last update: Oct 2021: Rene Levand's Close Up Artistry Volume 5 DVD
2021 June: Added Ed Marlo's Card to Wallet book
Cleaned up June 2019

The following is a partial list of books, videos/DVDs, and products relating to Magic Wallets, such as the Himber or other switching wallets and the Card to Wallet effect (see the Card to Wallet Article linked above for more information on wallet types). Most of these references should be available today, although some listings are 'historical' so it is possible that some references might only be found in "used" magic book stores. This is far from a thorough coverage.

If a title or products name is "clickable", that means there is an entry for the book, video, or product in the "contents" listing area and you can select the title for more detailed information. Use your BACK button to get back to this page.

Note: Selecting a suitable wallet for the Card to Wallet effect is not easy these days. A search on Google and e-Bay will turn up a ton of wallets available, and most of them are not very descriptive except to say the selected card winds up in the wallet. Even this guide won't help much in differentiating between the wallets for two reasons: 1) detailing the descriptions of the wallets reveals the "secret", and I try to avoid that on this site; and 2) I don't know the details of all the different wallets anyway! If you can narrow down your choices, then perhaps you can check the on-line Magic bulletin boards for particular advice.

Note: An early version of this list can still be found at:, which was posted back in 1998 courtesy of the site owner ( Also, NONE of these items are for sale from this site. Prices shown are estimates only and are likely out-of-date. 


Ammar, Michael: New Easy to Master Lecture Notes: 16pg booklet, B&W photos. Card thru handkerchief, card and handkerchief transpo, card in wine glass, topit review, cash back, card to wallet, bill to nut, the poem "The Careful Builder" and essay "Memory is Malleable" $10

Baker, Ken: 21 Himber Wallet Routines: Includes Polaroid Money and others.

Bannon, John: Smoke and Mirrors: Includes Kaps/Balducci routine "Oz Deposit"

Becker, Larry: Mental Masterpieces. Includes Himber Wallet routine

Bengel, Robert: Back to Basics lecture notes. Contains a palming card to wallet routine

Bertram, Ross: Bertram on Sleight of Hand. 255 pages, hardbound. Tons of B&W photos. Contains Card and Wallet, using the close up mat, and much more. Great stuff.

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke's Magic Place. Instruction sheets for many effects, including: Working Performer's Card in Wallet, and more.326pg, leatherette cover.

Burger, Eugene: Secrets & Mysteries for the Close Up Entertainer: Card to Wallet routine (Mullica wallet)  and more.

Daryl: Ambitious Card Omnibus. Includes LePaul and Kaps/Balducci routine

Dixon, Doc: Everything is Funnier with Monkeys. Includes Kaps/Balducci routine

Duco, El: Simple Ideas. Softcover, 39 pages. 11 effects including card in wallet

Fedko, John: Magic Treasures: Hardcover. 54 effects including wallets

Fleshman, Dan: Excellence of Dan Fleshman. Includes Momma In My Wallet (palm card to wallet)

Fox, Karrel: AbraKFox. Bendix Bombshell recommendation and routine "A Better Bendix". "A Better Bendix" card to wallet routine using a Bendix Bombshell wallet also appeared in the April 1995 Linking Ring.

Giobbi, Roberto: The Las Vegas Lecture Notes 1996. Includes Giobbi's Card to Wallet routine (palm).

Green, Paul: Take a Stroll with Me. Includes The Left Handed Card to Wallet for Right Handers, and The Card in The Matchbox, among others.

Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's A Magic Lecture! Lecture notes include Red Hot Mama's Lips: Signed card becomes the only red-backed card in a blue deck. A second card transposes with the first, and the first is found in a wallet (uses a Kaps/Balducci Wallet).

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment, Volume 1. The first volume of the Art of Astonishment series, a collection of Paul Harris magic with cards and may other items. Volume 1 contains material from Magic of Paul Harris, Intimate Secrets, Super Magic, Las Vegas Close-Up, and more. Includes Greg Wilson routine "License to Thrill" card to wallet type effect (palm)

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment, Volume 3. The third volume of the Art of Astonishment series, a collection of Paul Harris magic with cards and many other items. Volume 3 contains material from Close Up Fantasies Finale, Close Up Kinda Guy, Close Up Seductions, and more. Includes GUTS, which is a no-palm card to wallet routine (originally in Close Up Fantasies Finale).

Hooper, Edwin: A Host of Surprises. 1990. 84 tricks in 14 chapters. Includes Card in the Wallet Surprise, and E-Zee Card to Wallet, amongst other effects.

Hunter, Rudy: Over the Falls Notes: 1999 Lecture notes. Includes a no palm card to wallet.

Johnson, Roy: The Roy Johnson Experience. Includes Mental Card in Wallet

Kaufman, Richard: Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver. Inculdes $100 Card to Wallet

King, Bob: Five Star Magic. Includes B.K.'s Solution Wallet (pocket sized Bendix Bombshell routine)

Kurtz, Gary: Unexplainable Acts: Includes Kaps/Balducci routine.

Knepper, Kenton: Kolossal Killer. Any card in wallet. No special wallets, no gaffs, no card selections.  A spectator merely names any card and it is removed from your wallet. It's always ready and can be carried in your wallet with you to perform totally impromptu.

Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade Commercial Closeup Magic. Softcover, 124 pages. Includes Card in Wallet, Card to Pocket, Card to Mouth among many other effects. 

Lorayne, Harry: The Himber Wallet Book. Hardcover, 232 pages. Includes many ideas of Richard Himber as related to Harry Lorayne. Use of the wallet's built-in rear slit, methods for 6, 8, 12 or more possible predictions, using paper clips, and more. $35 L&L Publishing

Lorayne, Harry: Reputation Makers. Includes no-palm card to wallet routine by Lenny Greenfader

Lovell, Simon: Simon Says! The Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell. Includes cards, coins, and other magic. "Packed" is a card to wallet routine using ungimmicked duplicate wallets.

Luka, John: Uncovered. Hardcover, 100 pages. Includes: Card To Wallet (no-palm); Airplane Card (impossible Card to Pocket);  and more.

Marlo, Ed: Card to Wallet. Softcover, 31 pages. 1961/2001 Muriel Marlo and Randy Wakeman. Reproduced from Marlo's original typewritten manuscript.

Marlo, Ed: Exclusive Card in the Wallet. Feb 1961. 31 typed (8 1/2 by 11)(Includes Wallet). Includes 4 loading methods, Marlo Pivot Spread, Marlo's Triple Routine (killer!), No Palm Card to Wallet, Impromptu Steal of a Card, Guide Transposition, Broken Zipper, Forgot Your Wallet?, Additional Wallet Suggestions. Has been reprinted

Marotta, Rich: 13 Tricks from the Marotta Lecture. 13 effects including Visible Card to Wallet

Maxwell, Mike: Larry Jennings the Cardwright. Hardcover, 216 pages. 48 Jennings creations. Includes chapter on wallets with Jennings and Mullica wallets and Dai Vernon's Slow Motion Aces

Mendoza, John: John, Verse II: Includes routine, discussion of Bendix Bombshell, LePaul wallets.

Mentzer, Jerry: Card To Wallet. Hardcover, 1991, 166 pages. Descriptions and routines for both Himber and Loader wallets, with information on Kaps/Balducci, Himber, LePaul, Mullica, and more, even routines with normal wallets. This is a great reference to have for the Card to Wallet routine.

Ortiz, Darwin: Cardshark: 30 items. Includes Card to Wallet in spectator's wallet, routines for Kaps/Balducci and Mullica wallets.

Owen, Anthony: Sticky Blue Book. Includes cards and materials. Contains the Perfect No-Palm Card to Wallet (any wallet); On The Level; The Light Card - no palm version of Darwin Ortiz's Dream Card effect;

Ouellet, Gary: Class Act - The Magic of Tony Binarelli. Hardcover. Includes trick wallets and more.

Parr, David: Brain Food. Includes well-reviewed Mullica Wallet routine "D.P.'s Card in Wallet" 

Racherbaumer, Jon: Lecture Notes 1. 1976, 29 pages, softcover. Includes Talismanic Card in Wallet.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Magic of Dominique Duvivier. 179 pg, hardbound. 30 card routines (Triumph, Ace Assemblies and more), Duvivier Wallet, three coin routines including Duvivier coin Box. Duvivier Cups & Balls with 4th cup, Dark Room Linking Pin. Includes cards for Printing effect.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Card Finesse. 202 pages. Describes sleights, then provides some effects. The Affects chapter includes "Next to Impossible Card to Wallet". 

Riggs, John: The Magic of John Riggs. Includes a Mullica Wallet idea.

Scarne, John: Scarne on Card Tricks: A little giant book of mostly no-sleight of hand card magic. Includes a simple Card to Wallet (no-palm) routine.

Skinner, Michael: Classic Sampler. Hardcover, 120 pages. Includes  On the card to wallet (palm)

Swain, James: Miracles With Cards. Includes "The Airmail Card" (palm) card to wallet routine.

Tarbell, Harlan: Course In Magic Volume 7 (by Harry Lorayne): includes Barry Stevenson's Card in Wallet using an unprepared wallet, and Bob Gunther's Repeat Card to Wallet using a gimmicked wallet.

Tucker, Stephen: Himbering Ways. Booklet comes with a small (5x3") leather Himber Wallet by Tony Clark Magic. Includes 6 routines for the Himber wallet.

Votaw, Bob: Simply Magic. Gallo Pitch variation, Ambitious Card with two cards, Card to Wallet, In the Hands Triumph, Bill in Cracker Jack box, Dream On signature transposition, Copper/Silver/Brass, and more.

Wilson, Ron: Uncanny Scot (Kaufman). Includes Card in Wallet

Young, Daniel: From the Other Side. 2006 ebook. Mentalism with your Himber wallet! Includes "Drawn from the Other Side" (drawing duplication); Path to the Other Side (storytelling routine); Destiny's Apostle (one-on-one Q&A effect); Booked Chair; and more. From


Ammar, Michael: Early Ammar Video Series 4. Includes: Color Changes Card to Wallet

Ammar, Michael: Easy to Master Card Miracles V3: Includes a Card in Wallet L&L Publishing

Andrews, Carl: The Strolling Magician. Includes: Effects (Performance Only): Card to Wallet

Baker, Carroll: Magic On The Menu DVD. Table-hopping/strolling magic. Includes: Ambitious Card to Wallet (no-palm) 

Burger, Eugene: Gormet Close Up Magic Video: Includes Mullica Wallet, Schulien's Signed Card Under the Tablecloth

Coats, James: Card In What? DVD. Discusses, teaches and performs many versions of the "card to impossible location" plot. Routines include: Card In Spectator's Bra, Card In Spectator's Underwear, Card Through Window, Signed Card In Box, Card To Anywhere, Card To Wallet and more. Also teaches four forces and a card control. Includes Outtakes. Produced by Murphy's Magic Supplies. 60min.

Cyprian, Father
: Videonics #41 Father Cyprain V5: Comedy Card to Wallet

De Camps, Eric: Stars of Magic Classics (A1 Multimedia):  Card in Wallet

De Cova, Alexander: Close Up Session Nr. 5. Video. (German Language) Includes: Credit Card to Wallet effect; Stolina Magie (Germany)

De Cova, Alexander: Professional Card to Wallet video (German language). The performer's wallet is placed on the table. Spectator selects and signs a card. The card winds up in the performer's wallet amidst other cards. 30 minutes. Stolina Magie (Germany)

De Cova, Alexander: Treasures Volume 2. Includes: Professional Card to Wallet

Diamond, Paul: Videonics #77 Paul Diamond V3: No palm card to wallet

Duvivier, Dominique: Magic of Duvivier Vol 3. Includes Mini Duvivier Wallet 2 signed card to wallet

Elmsley, Alex: Magic of Alex Elmsley V3: card to wallet. L&L Publishing

Fedko, John: School of Magic Volume 7 Card Illusions: Simplex Card in Wallet. 85 minutes.

Flip: Flip-pical Parlour Magic Part Two DVD: includes Wallet & Signed Card Trick

Gernter, Paul: Steel and Silver V1. Includes Himber wallet routine $40

Gertner, Paul: Steel and Silver V3. Includes: $100 Card to Wallet Routine.  (Kaps/Bulducci)

Giobbi, Roberto: Taped Live at the 7th British Close Up Magic Symposium. 112min. Card to Wallet

Grams, Marty "Martini": Lickety Split, The Art of Card Splitting DVD. Step by step guide on how to make your own gimmicked and gaffed cards. Also demonstrates packet tricks and how to make & perform them. Includes Card To Wallet;

Kurtz, Gary: Creating Magic. Includes Kaps/Balducci routine $40

Lavand, Rene: Close-Up Artistry Volume Five DVD. Includes Perhaps Some Day (card and wallet routine) and Homage to Larry Jennings (cards to pocket), among others.

Levand, Rene: Legacy By the Legend, Technique 3 $37.50: Signed Card in Wallet, Simplest One of All. Techniques include Force, key card, palming of one card, palming of four cards, and more.

Live at the Jailhouse DVD Set. Renowned restaurant magicians performing for real audiences. DVD 1 includes: Paul Green performs and explains Card to Wallet Routine. DVD 2 includes: Dan Fleshmann explains Momma in my wallet, Card to Mouth and Rising Card.

Lovell, Simon & Mike Austin: An Evening With Simon Lovell & Mike Austin Video. Two hours of lectures live. Includes Packed Wallet

Marlo, Ed: Ed Marlo Private Studies Video. Over 25 ideas, moves, and routines explained by Ed Marlo.  Includes: Card to Wallet

Marotta, Rich: Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta, V3. Includes Visible Card to wallet; Contains Adult Language. $29.95

Mason, Mark: Real World Magic V1&2: Volume 1 includes Mark Mason's Card in the Wallet; Volume 2 includes Incredible Wallet Move. L&L Publishing

McComb, Billy: Greater Magic V30. Credit Card in Wallet

Mendoza, John: My Best Volume 2 DVD. Almost 2 hours. Includes Bendix Bombshell (2 signed cards to wallet; no palm routine good for strolling)

Muerte, ManuelDone by Misdirection DVD. Over 2 hours. 21 stand up and close-up routines. Includes award-winning FISM act with Card In Shoe; Credit Card To Wallet

Osterlind, Richard: Osterlind's Challenge Magic Video. 2 hours, 15 routines. Miracle Flying Signed Cards 3 cards to wallet

Ortiz, Darwin: At the Card Table (A1 Multimedia): With Dream Card (Ultimate card to wallet)

Page, Patrick: Secret Seminars of Magic Volume 2. Reveal-A-Card Discoveries and Card In Wallet DVD. Originally released with a wallet from Trick-A-Tape U.K. Stand Up routine classic card in wallet (standing and table hopping). Includes: Opening, Coin Gag, Scottman's Shuffle, Page's Card to Wallet, Type of wallet to use, history of card in wallet, close up version, credit card in wallet, palming techniques, and more. $12.50 L&L Publishing

RSVP: Best of RSVP Magic. 2 DVD Set. Over 3 hours. A selection of routines from RSVPs first seven titles. Includes selection from Corporate Close Up With Martin Sanderson - Ambitious Four Phase (top of deck, in your mouth, then in a sealed  envelope in your wallet, then changes into a block of plastic in the spectator's hand)

Sanderson, Martin: Corporate Close-up DVD. Almost 2 hours. Includes: Ambitious Four Phase (with card to wallet and surprise finish)

Tong, Dan: Dan Tong Finally Volume 1 DVD.  Includes: Card To Wallet (simple no palm approach);

Tullock, Eddie: The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic Two Volume Set. 85/70 minutes. Volume 1 includes: Timely Card To Wallet

Various: The Dungeon Video. Anthony Owen, John Lenahan, Marc Paul, Daniel Buckler, and Emma. Includes No Palm Card to Wallet, Bachelor's Needle

Various: Greater Magic Library Vol 44: The Art of Restaurant Magic. Includes Dan Fleshman Card to Wallet

Various: Greater Magic Library Vol 52: Magic of Italy. Aurelio Paviato: Includes Aldo Colombini Card to Wallet

Wilson, Paul: Restaurant Act (A-1 Multimedia). Includes: Card to Wallet (table hopping)


(Note: for the purposes of this listing, all switching wallets are labeled as Himber wallets (whether Z-fold, strapped, or other mechanism is used), and all Balducci, LePaul and other loading wallets are labeled as Loaders. There are some wallets I'm not sure of and are not labeled; Also a few wallets provide both features.)

Ammar, Michael: Showcase Wallet. Z-fold Himber wallet for credit cards or playing cards. Available in Leather or Vinyl. Leather version has Himber pass through feature not available in vinyl version. Leather. Vinyl. Ammar Magic

Anderson, Harry: Cuff Links. comedy routine which includes a locking Himber wallet. Includes torn and restored bills, handcuff escape, and restored bills in wallet. Includes wallet, handcuffs, fake hand, and routine. Uses flash bills and hot wallet (not included).

Back to the Future. Non-signed chosen card to envelope inside wallet. No palming, instant reset. With cards and traditional leather Himber wallet. (Himber wallet also available alone)

Baxter, Ian: The Eldritch Wallet. Freely chosen card vanishes from deck. Performer removes wallet and removes a card: the selection. Signed selection is placed back in the wallet and pocketed. When removed, the card has vanished, and the selection is found back in the deck. Loader?. No palm, little skill. Australian Cowhide Leather.  Ian Baxter, Australia (Aug 93 Linking Ring)

Bendix, David: Bendix Bombshell Wallet. Manufactured and distributed by R.A.R. Magic, Wales, U.K. Signed card to wallet and Himber capabilities. Made in quality smooth black calf leather with turned in edges and silk linings. Comes highly recommended. Includes booklet with 20 routines by David Solomon, Bob Driebeek, Larry Becker, Karrell Fox, Phil Goldstein, Roberto Giobbi, 'Borodin', Peter Isaacs, Roy Roth and Dave Bendix.

Bennett, Keith: KB Balducci Wallet (loader): Full size design, slots for credit cards on the right, flaps on the left. Designed from the start as a quality wallet. Plastic slide to load into zippered compartment and includes flap for card to sealed envelope. Includes an extra pocket to affix inside the jacket for easier loading.

Bennett, Keith: KB Himber Credit Card Case. Z-fold Himber style with passthrough. Leather case lined with red satin, holds playing cards or credit cards. 3.25x5"  (click for image: KB Himber)

Bennett, Keith: KB Hip Pocket Card to Wallet. Loader. Bi-fold hip pocket style gents wallet in soft black leather with gold corners and snap closure. Slots for credit cards, bills. Concealed slot load and smooth feed.

Berg, Joe: Berg's Super Wallet (as described in Mentzer's Card to Wallet): Three fold wallet with clear window in middle. Includes two gimmicks to load, steal away, or reveal a card in the window. Loader.

Breese, Martin: The Horowitz Wallet. Black leather wallet with 20 page book and five routines: Signed Card in Wallet, Just Chance Routine, Mind Control, Mental Hypnotic Pickpocketing (requires two wallets, or one Horwitz and one mock-up) and Do as I Do Gamble.

Brennan, Father: Wonder Wallet. Signed card to zippered compartment in wallet, no palming. Leather, non gimmicked wallet. Comes with wallet, gimmick, and instructions.

Bronzini, Carlos: Bronzini Wallet. New design in tradition of the original Himber wallet. Two spectators select, sign and return cards to the deck. Performer discovers one card and places it in the wallet. The card vanishes from the wallet, and is found back in the deck. The second signed card is now found in a zippered portion of the wallet. No palming, duplicates, or forces. Other effects include blank paper to currency; Keys to Baldpate; Do As I Do routine; selected card revealed on printed silk; and more. Made of select split leather, soft and supple.

Brooke, Ken: Five Star Miracle Wallet. Ken Brooke Signature Classic. Stevens Magic Exclusive U.S. Distributors In Association With Paul Stone And The Unique Magic Collection. Envelope with playing card is placed in a wallet and handed to spectator. Spectator deals cards one at a time into performer's hands, and stops at any card. The card matches the card in the envelope. As featured by Al Koran. High quality leather. Limited quantities.

Buma: Buma's Hip Wallet. Bi-fold wallet contains many features. Loader & Himber. Two way Himber wallet, signed card in zippered window, signed card in zippered compartment behind credit cards. Two load compartments. No reset time. Can be used as an everyday wallet. 3 3/4" x 5 3/8".
Burger, Mark: Any Card to Wallet. Spectator mentally selects a card while looking through the deck, and give the deck back to the performer. Performer snaps the deck and declares the selected card is in his wallet. A backwards card is seen in the wallet. The specator searches the deck for his card, but can't find it. The card is removed and proves to be the chosen card. No sleights, no force. Comes with leather wallet and instructions.

Burger, Mark: Hip Himber Double Kaps Wallet (loader, too). Great "all around" utility wallet can be used for everyday. Includes Himber Switch Wallet and multi-faceted card in wallet features. A signed card can end up inside a zippered, window compartment. A card can appear inside another zippered compartment behind your credit cards. A card can be loaded right under the spectator's nose as you open your wallet. This Buma Wallet offers two different load compartments and takes no time to reset, other than close the zipper! Made of fine, high-grade leather and measures 33/4 x 5 x 3/8-inches.

Burger, Mark / House of Magic: Vision Wallet: Designed to be used as your everyday pocket portfolio, incorporating all of your wallet and magic needs within its leather folds.  Exquisitely constructed with the finest natural leather, it incorporates the latest in impression technology with a Post-It-Note Pad. Can be performed with any paper and resets in seconds. A Kaps principle signed card in zippered compartment has also been expertly incorporated into the design of the wallet. You will find a pocket for your photo ID, as well as numerous other pockets expertly crafted to contain your credit cards, cash, passport and even your favorite packet tricks. With photo-illustrated instructions and two special Sharpies

Camirand Academy: Elite Fred Kaps Style Wallet (loader). Signed card to zippered compartment. Includes smooth guide for instant repeat. Hand made from fine leather. Two flaps plus slots for credit cards. Dark Burgundy Red. 5-3/4x4-1/4".

Camirand Academy: Elite Garnier Wallet (Canada): Kaps/LePaul/Mullica loader. Fine leather. Right side features Paul LePaul wallet and a removable Tom Mullica wallet. Left side is identical to Elite Kaps Wallet with smooth guide for instant repeat card to zippered compartment. 5-3/4 x 4-1/4"

Camirand Academy: Elite Himber-Bomb Style Wallet. Fine leather features both Himber and Bombshell functions. Banded himber wallet. Zippered on edge to make retrieval easy. Black. 6-3/4x4-1/4"

Camirand Academy: Pimpernel Wallet. From England's Peter Scarlett. Bi-fold loading wallet provides functions of Himber/Bombshell wallet, although mechanically different. Resets in seconds. With routines by Peter and Phil Wye.

Card In Notepad: Signed card to leather notepad loader. Pad will fit in shirt pocket, and contains a zippered compartment. The note pad is the loader. Has place for business card, pen and utility pockets.

Clark, Tony: Himbering Ways with small Himber Wallet. Wallet is leather 5x3" w/un-obstusive straps. Booklet by Stephen Tucker includes 6 routines for the Himber Wallet.

Cohen, Al: Shogun Wallet.: Hip pocket sized Himber-style wallet. Wallet opens like a common billfold, Himber area is top/bottom. Essentially a closed end Z-fold. I don't believe this has a pass-through.

Cornelius, John: Instant Pro Card to Wallet. Uses "Duo Tech" technology to steal signed card from the deck, with no palming or sleight necessary. Includes comedy cards and routine. Wallet allow you to know the selection before it is revealed by the spectator.

Dobson, Wayne: Classic Card to Wallet. A card is freely selected, signed and returned to the deck, which is then shuffled. Removing a wallet from inside his jacket pocket, it is shown on both sides. He then opens the wallet and draws the spectator's attention to the zipped compartment. Slowly and cleanly, the performer unzips the compartment and reaches inside. He then removes the card and shows it to be the signed selection!  You receive a specially designed leather wallet imported from England and detailed handling instructions in order to add this classic to your arsenal! Although Wayne claims no originality for the plot presentation, he is producing the *perfect* wallet to achieve a classic miracle of magic!

Dobson, Wayne: Simplex Card 2 Wallet with Z6 Booklet. Himber Z-Wallet with 6 routines: Improved Simplex Card 2 Wallet; Autographs; Missing Think?; Z-sy Does it; Sting; Tax. Note: card to wallet routine is a non-loading approach (no examination of signed card)

Draun, Steve: Real Man's Wallet. Based on an item of Bob Downey's marketed by Magic Inc. Hip pocket bi-fold loader wallet of supple black leather. Loads while closed. Spectator can open wallet, open snapped flap, and remove card from behind clear plastic window. Includes detailed instructions. Hip Pocket sized.

Dusheck, Steve: Poly Gripped. Signed bill or card vanishes and appears between two bound clear plastic plates. Uses no slider or loader.

Duvivier, Dominique: Mini Duvivier Wallet. Vinyl playing card size Himber wallet (Z-fold?) with matching normal vinyl wallet. Includes two routines from Dominique.

Eason, Doc: Out to Dinner. Not really a wallet, this metal clip is designed to allow you to perform the "Out to Lunch" effect with business cards, but with much more class than a rubber band. Includes routines and ideas by Doc Eason. 

El-Duco: Credit Express. Borrowed Credit Card to Wallet with no palming (loader).

El-Duco: Signed Card In Envelope Wallet. Well thought out "guide" wallet (loader). Guide is permanent and looks like part of the wallet design. Allows you to introduce a signed card into the envelope which is removed from the zippered portion. Comes with instruction and envelopes.

Electrofun: Imitation Leather Change Wallet. Switching (Himber) wallet from India

Emerson, Arthur: Pocket Secret-ary. Leather grained vinyl breast pocket secretary wallet. Signed card to zippered wallet with Kaps type loader. Spectator can open the compartment. Also includes switching device, a 52 billet index, and routines. 

Escolano: Escolano Kaps Wallet (Loader): Hand made in Spain by Escolano. This is billfold size Kaps style wallet. The left side of the wallet has slots for credit cards. The spectators card gets loaded into a zipper compartment through the top credit card slot. The right side has a clear pocket for your driver's license. Made of soft black leather. 4 inch wide and 7 inch long.

Ex-Change Wallet. Leather switching wallet lined with Red Satin. 3.25x5"

Fisher, Cody: Impossible Signed Card To Any Wallet. For parlor, stand-up, or stage. Red-backed card removed from wallet with signature on back, and replaced. A blue backed card is selected, signed on face, lost in the deck, and placed back in card box. Prediction card is removed and not only does it match the blue-backed card, but it also bears the spectatorís signature on the face and the magicianís signature on the back. Can be handed out after the effect as a souvenir. No sleights, no gimmicked wallets, no palming.

Fun, Inc.: Himber Wallet. Leather, full sized Himber Wallet (straps), with passthrough. Black satin lining. Includes routines Card to Wallet, The Money Routine, and The Card Routine. Nice wallet.  (click for image: Fun Inc. Himber)

Future Zone: Specator deals thru deck and stops on any card. The card is revealed, the wallet is opened and a small envelope removed. Inside the envelope is one card which matches the spectator's. With deck, predictions, and a pocket size leather Z-fold wallet (Himber).

Gauci, Charles: Charles Gauci's Diabolical Miracle Transpo Wallet. Wallet shown with single blue backed card prediction. Selected and signed red backed card matches prediction. Signed card placed face down on table. 2nd card shown and changes into a blank. Card on table turned over, and is blank, too.

Goldman, Bill: Kona. Selected card vanishes from deck and appears in wallet in sealed envelope. No palming.

Hampton Ridge, S.S. Adams, etc.: Vinyl Himber Wallets (by various makers). Inexpensive Himber wallets made of vinyl and plastic. (click for image: Adam's Wizard Wallet)

Hank Lee: Himber Wallet. English Black Calf Leather, full size (straps). Designed to look like a real wallet. Includes routines polaroid money, money from nowhere, bill to bills, card to cash, check to cash, selected card routine.

Hank Lee: Himber Style Notebook Wallet (straps). Like the Hank Lee Full Size Himber Wallet, but smaller and designed to hold a notepad; with Polaroid Money routine.

Harkey, David: Pocket Cache. Switching Money Clip. Black leather magnetic money clip allows you to almost visibly switch bills, billets, and so forth. Well made.

JB: JB Himber Wallet (Credit Card Size). Z-fold Himber fits playing cards. Real black leather with red cloth interior. Center portion provides pass through feature. (same as KB?)

Just in Case. Plastic switching (Himber)wallet can be held by the spectator.

Leach, Chuck: Eclipse Wallet. One sided visible changing wallet (Himber). Card can be seen entering wallet and is visible at all times through a hole. Yet when removed, the card has changed. Leather, 3.5x4.5, with cards (click for image: Eclipse Wallet)

LeGerould, Terry: Celebrity Autographs. Business card/photo small size wallet in leather. Signed card to wallet filled with other celebrity autographs. No palm, no dups. Wallet is in view before card is signed.

Leveridge, MarkProfessional Magicians No-Palm Card to Wallet. Pocket secretary size loader wallet (7x3"). Signed card ends up inside zippered compartment

Leveridge, Mark: Professional Magician's Signed Card to Wallet. £30.00 $60.00. No palm, totally surrounded signed card to wallet. No setup or reset required. Good quality black leather, with no external slits and can be held by the spectator. With commercial routine.

Levin, Rick: Another Signed Card in Wallet (Loader; Tannen's). No palm, wallet must touch deck. Signed card to wallet. Nine plastic credit card holders, leather. Includes cards, gimmick, 3x4" wallet.

Magicmania/Blackman Magic (Italy) Super Balducci Wallet:(loader) Remove an envelope from a zippered compartment.

Magicmania/Blackman Magic (Italy) Bustelli Card in Wallet: Automatic Torn & Restored Card In Wallet. Copy of Richard Himber's Pocketbook (though no credit provided). Well made maroon smooth leather wallet.

MAK Magic: Himber Wallet. Full size Himber wallet (straps) of quality leather

Malloy, Doug: Hip Pocket Card to Wallet.

Malloy, Doug: Ring in Wallet. The ring is lost after being threaded on a cord. Magician offers a $200 laminated bill, then a check stamped "insufficient funds". Check then turns into a dollar bill. Finally, the wallet is opened, then the zippered section, with an envelope inside. The ring is found inside the envelope. Includes custom leather wallet, designed to take up to a 6 3/4" envelope. Can also be used for many card in wallet effects. Comes with wallet, velvet cord, plastic cash gag, Check to cash gimmick, Sharpie marker, and Spectacular performance and instructional video

Mason, Eric: Beta Wallet (loader): Signed card to wallet or sealed envelope. Automatic reset. Has zippered wallet inside another zippered wallet for dual predictions, or smaller zippered wallet can be used alone. Can be used as a Himber or Mullica wallet. Leather wallet with shim card, shim Joker, packet of envelopes, and 52 on one card.

Mason, Mark: Credit Card Size Himber Wallet. Black real leather with 6 pockets. Made in England. 3x5".

Mason, Mark: Isolation Wallet (loader). Card ends up in clear sealed window. Kaps/Balducci style load from top, but produced from bottom. Billfold size wallet of genuine leather. Made in England, requires skill with cards.

Mason, Mark: Jacket Size Himber Wallet. Black, real leather made in England with 4 pockets. 4x8". Does not state if it includes a passthrough. 

Mason, Mark: Member's Only. Membership card removed from wallet and shown both sides and inserted into deck. Spec looks at card selected. Card ends up in wallet; membership card ends up in card case. No palming or slieghts needed. Quick reset. English leather credit card sized (2.5x4.5") Himber wallet.

Mason, Mark: Mirage Wallet. (loader) Allows you to perform a no-palm, signed card to wallet. The signed card is found clipped inside the wallet. English leather, precision made gimmick. Reset in seconds. Available in two versions, deluxe is English Calfskin

Mason, Mark: Ultra Slim Wallet (loader). Card to Wallet fits in any pocket. No slides, no reset. Looks like everday wallet. Made of English Leather. 

Mesika, Yigal: Mesika's Wallet (loader). High quality leather, designed to be used as a regular wallet. Signed card appears folded inside of coin compartment. 

Miller, Tony: BKM Wallet (Murphy's Magic; loader): Combines the best of Kaps/Balducci and a new twist on the Mullica insert. Kaps loader is built into the wallet, which can be used as your everday full size wallet. Include credit card slots and matching checkbook cover for the Mullica insert. Made of lambskin. 7.5x4" Comes with routines. Highly recommended by many.  RFA Productions (click for image: BKM Wallet)

Miller, Tony (RFA Productions): Hip Pocket Bombshell. Multi-function wallet. Includes no-palm card to wallet. Also, is a deceptive switch wallet without all the bulk of a himber or Z-fold wallet. Wallet resets almost instantly. Can also be your regular wallet.

Miller, Tony (RFA Productions): Hip Pocket Mullica. A custom designed wallet created to fit into a modern performerís pocket. A compact Mullica that actually looks good and works like a dream. Perform the Card to Wallet effect with no palming.

Miller, Tony: Hip Shot Wallet (loader; RFA Productions): Signed Card to Wallet in hip-pocket size (5.25x4"). Genuine Calf Skin bi-fold wallet. Has two zippered compartments which load separately. Instructions include no palm to wallet effect. Carry as your real wallet.  RFA Productions

Miller, Tony: Pocket Star (by RFA Productions): Pocket sized Himber wallet (Z-fold) with Kaps/Balducci functions. 3.5x5". RFA Productions

Miller, Tony: Star Himber Wallet (by RFA Productions): Full size wallet (Z-fold) made from genuine virgin calfskin. 4x6.25". Space for credit cards, money, business cards. Also acts as a Kaps type loading wallet and a Bombshell type wallet. RFA Productions (click for image: Star Himber)

Miller, TonyTriple Threat Wallet(by RFA Productions): No palm wallet enables one or two signed cards to go to different sealed areas of the wallet. Includes a peek feature and ability to load predictions. Top quality leather wallet can be used as everyday wallet. 3.125 inches x 3.625 inches closed and fits in your front pocket with ease. RFA Productions

Mullica, Tom: Mullica Wallet (Loader, Magic Methods): No palm signed card to wallet. Large wallet is opened and back of the card is seen. Card is turned over, and seen to state "other wallet". Smaller zippered wallet is removed and opened to reveal card. Instant reset. $70 Cuckoo's Nest, Hank Lee's Magic Factory, L&L Publishing

Breese, Martin: M Wallet. Signed card to wallet (loader). Card appears in zippered compartment inside wallet. No palming needed because of special gimmick and card.

Nemo: Nemo 1500 De Luxe: As performed by Johnny Thompson. Performer bets $1000 and states the wallet contains a card. Spectator deals cards face up to table, and stops whenever he wants. The spectator picks up the wallet, removes the card: it is the same. Upon turning the wallet over, the selected card is engraved in gold letters. Comes with four wallets plus Al Koran-Paul Stone deck of cards.

Norton, Coe: Omega Wallet. No palm signed card to wallet. Leather credit card style with crossed tapes that secure the card. The card disappears from wallet to appear in banded note-book (notebook not included). With routines by Karl Fulves.

O'Connell, Jerry: Wallets - Series of Fine Leather from London, gold plated hardware, made by hand. Designed for everyday usage
The Plus Wallet is three wallets in one: includes card to sealed envelope in zippered area feature, standard card to wallet, and a No Palm pelmet feature. 185 x 95mm. $135.
The Mini Plus Wallet is the same as the full size Plus Wallet but 140x92mm. $135
The No Palm Wallet uses a "pelmet" which holds a card or cards taken from the top of the deck. The card winds up in a zippered compartment. 185x95mm. $90
The Credit Card Case is like the No Palm Wallet but in hip style size (140x92mm). Includes 8 pockets for credit cards, two pockets for money.
The Switch-It Wallet is a thin Himber wallet. Perfectly aligned by hand. 175x95mm. $80
The Mini Switch-It is like the Switch It wallet, but in 125x77mm size.

Okawa, Alan: Eelskin Switch Wallet. Very high quality eelskin Z-fold Himber wallet, only 3" x 4". Available in either burgundy or black.

Onosaka, Ton: Ton's Wallet. Leather Loader/Himber wallet. Wallet has pinned holder so an inner pocket is not needed. 3x5".

Out to Lunch. Not really a wallet, but a classic business card/packet routine. Several routines using this principle can be found in Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic (referred to as Genii Cards). See also Greg Wilson's Stockholder wallet.

Piatt, Ray and Larry Becker: Gravity Case. Small high quality Morrocan leather willet in special Z-Himber configuration. Also gimmicked to allow a glimpse of writing on a card in the wallet pocket. With video, gimmicks, pen, and wallet.

Piatt, Ray: Miller Miracle Wallet. Himber style card case holds business or playing cards up to Poker Size. Ultra thin but allows you to open 4 different compartments instead of just 2. Also includes 4 built in wet-erase pads and a Viz-a-Viz wet-erase pen. Includes several mentalism routines plus a money routine. Designed by Roy Miller, custom built by Ray and Lisa Piatt of quality leather.

Polaris: Polaris Card in Wallet. Credit card sized wallet. Balducci style loader of leather. Can be loaded with either hand. 

Price, Barry: Barry Price Card To Wallet (loader). Fine LePaul style Card to Wallet. Limited quantity, Highest quality. With routine for Steinmeyers "stapled" effect and gimmick to allow you to instantly adapt this LePaul style wallet to a Kaps/Balducci Wallet. Contains the "Marlo wedge" for sure fire loading.

Romero, Antonio: The Perfect Hold Out. A new dimension pull. Includes instructional CD-ROM with video and three effects using the device. Routines are: 1) Super knives, 2) Incredible Card to Wallet, and 3) Multiple Vanish: Four coins vanish

Roth, Roy, Hank Moorehouse & William Zavis: Comedy of Errors. Signed card is lost in deck. Magician fails to find it. Magician removes card from wallet, wrong. A stream of cards falls, all wrong. Ask spectator, then open zipper and show signed card. Again drop stream of cards, they are now all the same as selected card. Leather, 3.75x5".

Roth, Roy & Billy McComb: Fastest Wallet in the West. Fast load, no-reset top load Pocket Secretary wallet with outside and inside I.D. windows. A card can be loaded into the interior window. Borrowed Credit Card vanishes in handkerchief and appears in wallet. Wallet has snap closures.

Roth, Roy: Reverse Osmosis Outdone. No reset, different result each time. A card is chosen and signed by a spectator and shuffled back into the deck. A leather case that has been in full view is unzipped and a card is removed with the fingertips. The card is turned over and revealed to be the signed card. Idea by Chris Moore, designed by Roy Roth. Leather.

Roth, Roy (R.A.R. Magic): The Wallet. Fast Kaps Loading wallet. Signed card appears in zippered compartment. Leather. Right half has credit card slots, left side has flaps and zippered compartment.

Seabrooke, Terry: Signed Note in Wallet. (loader)

Seabrooke, Terry: Terry Seabrooke Wallet Routine. Signed bill lost and found in sealed envelope in zippered wallet. Includes leather wallet. Mentzer's Card in Wallet book refers to the Seabrooke wallet as the original 3 sided zippered LePaul type wallet.

Silkie, Joe: No-name Card to Wallet: (loader) Hip pants pocket style signed card to wallet produced by Joe Silkie. Card appears in zipped compartment. Leather wallet can be used as your everyday wallet. Does not use a slide

Solution Wallet: Shirt-pocket size Himber-type wallet. Moroccan leather, credit-card sized and holds poker-sized cards. "Z" fold type with pass-through feature. With routine by Bob King.

Starsinic, Frank: The Twins. Includes a pair of leather wallets with Simon Lovell's "Packed Wallet" routine.

Swap Wallet: Small leather wallet with metal corner fixtures. Himber wallet with obvious straps.

Switchback Wallet. Visual switch incorporates a truly revolutionary principle very similar to the gaff in David Regal's Special Delivery. Can be used with business cards also. A signed card appears inside a clear section of the wallet. Wallet must be unzipped to obtain card.

Tenyo: Wild Wallet. An empty animal cage card is placed in a wallet. Four animal cards are shown and one is selected by the spectator. The chosen card is placed in the wallet. The wallet is closed and opened, and the animal is seen to be in the cage and vanished from the original card. Uses the Himber type prinicple and can be used for other effects. Cards cannot be examined.  (click for image: Wild Wallet)

Vallarino, Jean-Pierr: Vallarinos Wallet. Spectator selects one of four cards, magician removes envelope from his wallet and dumps out a duplicate of the card. Allows you to end packet tricks clean. Measures 4" wide by 5.75" tall.

Varrichio, Phil: Varrichio Wafer Thin Wallet. Z-fold Himber with shared compartment. With booklet of handling and routines by Phil Varrichio and Michael Weber. Pocket sized. From Paradise Amusements. (possibly same as Scotty York Wafer Thin wallet?) 

Vernet: Balducci-Kaps Type Card In Wallet (Loader; Michel & Greco Quality Line). Instant reset without preparation makes it ideal for table hopping. Leather. Full size.

Vernet: Himber Type Card Case (Michel & Greco Quality Line): Himber type wallet designed for credit cards, business cards and ID. Quality leather; has see through window. Vernet Magic

Vernet: Himber Type Wallet (Michel & Greco Quality Line). Full size leather Himber Wallet. Vernet Magic

Vernet: LePaul Wallet (Loader; Michel & Greco Quality Line): Signed card to zippered wallet sealed envelope. Quality leather. Vernet Magic

Viking/Collector's Workshop: Any Card to Wallet. From the description on the Viking web site, the spectator is handed a deck of cards and mentally selects a card. The deck is tossed back to the performer, who states that the card is now in the wallet, and a face down card is seen in the wallet. The deck is tossed back to the spectator, who names his card and then finds he cannot find his card in the deck. Performer removes selected card from the wallet. No sleights, no force. Leather wallet. Viking Manufacturing.

Viking: Card to Wallet Hip Style. a leather pants pocket sized loading wallet for the Card to Wallet. Signed card appears in zippered compartment. No slides. Top quality split leather hip style wallet for coat or hip pocket. Viking Manufacturing., Stevens Magic Emporium

Viking: Card to Wallet Plus. Similar to Hip Style loader, but includes a coin purse section for marked coin! Viking Manufacturing.

Wakeman, Randy and Harrison Carroll: Wildebeest Wallet. Switching business card wallet with hole, made of vinyl. 

Wakeman, Randy: Expert Card to Wallet. Balcducci/Kaps type wallet, handcrafted soft black leather. Smooth zipper, Burgandy nylon lining. 3 3/4 x 6 1/8". Allows effortless palm and no palm signed card to wallet routines. Uses polycarbonate guide card attached to your own credit card. With 10 page booklet of routines and ideas. 

Waters, T.A.: T.A. Waters Card to Wallet (loader): Selected card vanishes instantly. Spectator opens leather wallet he has been holding and finds the selected card in a clear compartment. Wallet can be examined. Additional routines supplied. Wallet, cards, fake, and manual included.

Waters, T.A.: Swopper Wallet. Switching wallet of soft leather. Pocket secretary type. Exchange is performed outside of wallet. No reset. 28 page booklet.

Wilson, Greg: Stockholder. Leather business card holder performs the Out to Lunch principle. Comes with 72 page book of ideas and routines from Michael Weber, Paul Harris, Dan Harlan, Jay Sankey, Daryl, and Michael Close. (click for image: Stockholder)

Wilson, R. Paul: LePaul Style Card In Wallet (loader). Hand made in Spain. Load palmed card into the wallet from the outside, card will appear inside the zippered compartment of the wallet, or inside a smaller zipped pouch or envelope inside this zippered compartment. Black leather, 4" wide by 7" long. Six slots on the left for credit cards and compartments on the right for dollar bills and other cards.  The zipper unzips in the center to remove the smaller zippered pouch from inside. Outside of the wallet has a snap close leather pocket to hold other items and acts as your "point of entry" with the palmed card. No instructions. 

Wilson, R. Paul: Kaps/Balducci Style Card In Wallet (loader). Hand made in Spain of an extremely soft brown leather. 4" wide 7" long. Has a leather flap on the left side and under this flap are slots for credit cards.  The right side has sections for other credit cards and a clear pocket for your driver's license.  The center of the wallet unzips where the signed card can be found. No instructions.

York, Scotty: Japanese Passport Wallet. Himber style switch wallet designed for Japanese travellers. Includes instructions in Japanese.

York, Scotty: Passport Wallet. Scotty York Passport Wallet: Himber style switch wallet of dark passport blue calf's skin leather, stamped with Official US Passport Seal. Includes 26 page spiral bound instruction book for three routines: The Bashful Nuns of San Cristobal (risque), Escape from Bulgaria (signed card to wallet), Kinky Queens.

York, Scotty: Wafer Thin Wallet. Himber style switch wallet developed by Michael Weber and Phil Varricchio. Black genuine split calves skin leather, by the same company that makes the Wafer Thin Passport Wallet above. Uses similar mechanims as the Passport wallet, but smaller at 3 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 inches. Includes a 14 page booklet by Earl Oakes.

Zippered Wallet: LePaul Style Loader. Full sized, thick leather wallet. Signed card appears in zippered wallet inside sealed envelope. (click for image: Zippered Wallet)

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