Aldini: Magic Sermonettes
Aldini: Magic Sermonettes
©1962 Abbott's Magic Manufacturing Co., MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 31 pages
Aldini: Magic Sermonettes
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Comments: From the ad copy: "book for the Magic Minister and for anyone who does Church Shows. Twenty-four 'Sermonettes' for twenty-four standard tricks. This book does not explain the secrets of the tricks, but gives you valuable stories, ideas and applications."

Contents (from book):

1 Acknowledgement
2 The Die Box
3 Twentieth Century Silks
4 Napkin Magic
5 Beauty Of Life
7 Clipp-O
8 Ball And Tube
9 Afghan Band
10 Blendo
11 Vanishing Handkerchief Wand
12 Six Bill Repeat
13 Egg Bag Magic
14 Color Change Handkerchief
15 Soft Soap
16 Siberian Chain Escape
17 Golf Ball Routine
19 Anti-Gravity Glasses
20 Chinese Wands
21 Silks From Paper
22 Traveling Blocks
23 Milk Pitcher Routine
25 Water Lota
26 Surprise Chick Pan
28 Salt-Go
30 Pencil To Silk