Andrews, Val: Simplicity, Audacity, and Bluff
©1971 Magico Magazine, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 32 Pages
              Andrews: Simplicity, Audacity, and Bluff
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Comments: Illustrated. The Art of the Confidence-(Magic)-Trickster. Booklet that contains a series of tricks that requires more "chutzpah" than skill to be performed, along with some stories from Val Andrews'. It contains the full routine of the "Electric Chairs" as performed by Chefalo, and this is the highlight of the book.


2 Introduction: Simplicity, Audacity and Bluff
3 Taking Advantage of the Situation: Malini and other examples of always being ready
4 The Use of a Magician as an Assistant: taking the heat off the magician
6 On the Use of Stooges: and confederates
8 Giving the Cue: helping the spectator become a magician
8 - Reading the Backs: spectator can name selection by examining cards with a magnifying glass
9 - Aquatic-Card Revelation: spectator names card by looking into glass of water
10 A "Bluff-Pass": the selection is returned to the middle of the deck and immediately found on top
11 Two "Bluff" Card Rises:
11 - Jumping-Card: any deck, selection jumps out of deck
12 - Magnetic-Finger: any deck, forefinger of hand makes the card rise
13 With a Magic-Wand - An Audacious Addition to the Rising Cards: another spectator cue
14 Bluff-Wand Vanishes: using the stage
16 - Cope Cecil's Vanishing Wand Addition: making the effect stronger
18 The Last Word on the Radio-Die or Colour-Block: otherwise known as Color Vision
18 - Improvement Number One:  reason to bring the box in front
19 - Improvement Number Two: Adding rubber bands
19 - Improvement Number Three: determining a different color
19 - Improvement Number Four: vanishing the block
20 Billy McComb and the Silk-Change: exposing without exposing
21 Koran's Most Outrageous Trick!: another spectator cue effect
22 Impromptu-Audacity: an impromptu liquid effect using Drambui Glasses
23 Dante on Audacity: some outs Dante style
24 Blackstone's Misdirection Superb: a clever distraction
24 Bob Harbin Bluffs the Exposing-Journalist: Response to exposure of the Linking Rings
25 Rabbit Production - No Apparatus: from the jacket of a spectator or assistant
26 Bluff ala Dunninger: Dunninger's book of false exposures
27 The Hot-Seat: an electrifying stunt with two cooperative audience members