Sam Berland: Portfolio of More Exclusive Tricks
Berland, Sam: Portfolio of More Exclusive Tricks
©1950 (circa) Sam Berland, Chicago, IL
Softcover, report-bound, 8.5x11", 50 pages
Sam Berland: Portfolio of More Exclusive Tricks
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Contents (from one page of contents listing, may not be complete)

1 Blockbuster Opening
2 Routine For the Coin Through Borrowed Handkerchief: with a cut and restored handkerchief, and variation
3 Marked Card in Purse
4 Jumbo Stabbed Card: or use with ordinary cards
5 Cup and Ball Magnetic: Make your own Chop cup
6 Impromptu Method for a Vanish of a Shot Glass Containing Liquid
7 The Bill in Lemon Trick
8 Cutting a Borrowed Bill in Half
9 Improved Torn and Restored Card: card marked by spectator
10 Haunted Cigarette Pack: silk and cigarettes transpose
11 Tear a Bill
12 Thimble Jumbo: manipulative novelty
13 Ultra Prediction
13 Malini Outdone