Coin Magic Reference Guide

Updated: 10 Mar 2007

Trying to reference the category of "coin magic" is likely a bit too ambitious, as there are simply tons and tons of coin magic books, videos/DVDs, and effects out there and through history that making an exhaustive guide would be difficult to impossible. Rather, this guide is intended to point out some of the major coin works available today as well as some significant works that may be out of print. I tried to keep it to works that are dedicated to coin magic or that have significant chapters/sections devoted to the subject. There is also a bias toward those books in my own collection, simply because they are available for me to glance through and see how much coin magic is really present. This is more difficult to do, of course, from on-line descriptions of books!

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This guide provides a listing of Books, Videos/DVDs, and Products covering Coin Magic. Please note that none of these items are for sale from this website, pricing is for reference only and is not current, and some items may no longer be available. This guide is for informational purposes only.

Books: Ammar, Michael: The Magic of Michael Ammar (1991, 306 pages). Includes: Stand Up Cups & Balls routine; Several Coin routines and Utilities such as retention vanish, Lou Gallo's Silver Certificate (dollar to silver dollar transformation), David Williamson's Coin in Pen Cap and Now Cut that Out (coin and purse), and Kontakey (Half to Key); Card utilities and effects such as Switching Sandwiches and Bluefield Debut; and tricks with other items such as Ring Band-It (finger ring & rubber band link) and Billy the Hypnotized Balloon; and essays and Chapters on Magic Management, Excerpts from the Inner Circle Audio Series and Negotiating Higher performance Fees.

Barnowsky, Larry: 21st Century Coin Mechanics. 25 Chapters and over 300 photographs. Sleights include Flying Changeover Palm, Double Helix Change, Unversal Retention Vanish, Retention Trip Vanish, Open Palm Retention Vanish, and more. Routines include Coins From Vegas; Field of Dreams; Boomerang Coins; The Watch, the Wallet, and the Ring; and more. A companion CD with 29 MPG video clips is also available. Larry Barnowsky

Bertram, Ross: Bertram on Sleight of Hand. 255 pages, hardbound. Tons of B&W photos. Contains Coin Magic Part One; Coin Magic Part Two; Coin Magic Part Three; T. Nelson Downs (with Miser's Dream and Coin Star); and Cards, Card and Wallet, using the close up mat, and much more. Great stuff.

Bertram, Ross: Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram. (1978, 163pg). Tons of B&W graphics. Includes Chapters: Coin Magic Part One; Coin Magic Part Two; Card Magic; At the Card Table; General Magic; About Sleeving; Francis Carlyle: a tribute; Paul Fox; Count Me In; Historical Bits. More great stuff.

Bobo, J.B.: The New Modern Coin Magic. This book is an essential if you are interested in Coin Magic. It contains many of the core moves and routines to allow you to branch out into coin magic. There are two editions of this book currently available. New Modern Coin Magic is preferred; it is available in hardcover and inlcudes additional chapters. Modern Coin Magic is a reprint of an older version, but is available in paperback or e-book format for much less.

Born, John B.: Matrix God's Way. 100 pages; B&W photos, with companion Video CD. Over 15 items. Includes: Mini 4 of a Coin (coins and cards); 4 of a Coin (another version); Matrix God's Way (signature piece); Matrix ReBorn; Borrowed Quarter Matrix; Off The Hook; Totally Off The Hook; Over The Top; Silver Dream; Fingertip Three; Hole-dout (holdout for Chinese Coins); Purseonally Ironic (coin purse routine); Muscle Catch; Bite Me (bitten & restored coin); Trans-Knee-Cation; Silver Seasoning; Finger Ringer (finger ring vanish, penetration, etc.); Gotta Light? (lighter effect).  

Brewer, Doug: The Unexpected Visitor. 2001. Includes: Sounds Familiar (English Penny & Chinese Coin routine); The Famous Three Coin Trick (uses a coin purse, no gimmicks); Backhanded (uses a Half, English Penny, Mexican Centavo, and a playing card); Intermission (essay on Mentoring, Audiences, a card force and sleights, and the right pause); E-Z Triple Wildcoin; Cap-tivating (coins from pen-cap); Hook Revisited (a hanging coins routine); Down Spout (coin in bottle); Three Across the Fly (flying coins); What's a Miracle Coin Cup? and The After Dinner Trick (coin cup explained with routine); Chopped Taters: Chop cup routine.

Buffaloe, Jim: Buffaloed. 220 page hardbound. General close-up magic with a strong focus on coin magic. $45

Burke, Corey: Sense. Lecture Notes with four routines. Includes "an eye popping three coin production"; Two in the Hand One in the Pocket; Coins Through Pocket; and a Three Coin Vanish. $12. Corey Burke

DeBarros, Jules: The Coins of Ishtar. Includes: The Coins of Ishtar (2 rows of copper/silver transpose); The Easy Way Coin Transpo; The Hypocritical Coins (in the hands transposition); The Coins of Isthar Meet the Chinatown Quarter; Utility Move; Classical Coin Transposition; The Neurotic Coin; The Midas Lift (utility coin move); The Grasshopper Coin Trick; Impromptu Grasshopper (no gimmicks); The Hammam Routine (full routine at the table); Analecta (essay)

Downs, Thomas Nelson: Modern Coin Manipulation, Illustrated. A classic of coin magic. Includes many photos of the hands of Downs detailing every important sequence in a move and also offers helpful tips on presentation, patter, and other techniques. Includes The Miser's Dream act, coin vanishes and passes, miscellaneous coin tricks, mechanical devices  for performing the Miser's Dream, and much more.

Dusheck, Steve: Duscheck's Coin Magic. Hardcover.

Friebe, Dennis: Muscle Memory (book with DVD). Includes: Anabolic (three coin production in one hand with no gimmicks); Tricipital (Three Fly with only three coins and no gimmicks); Atrophy (2 in the hand - one in the pocket). Also includes a 19 Minute DVD.

Fulves, Karl: Self Working Coin Magic; 92 Foolproof Tricks. Published by Dover Books, 1989; A small but useful book of mostly easy to do tricks with coins. $6, 136 pages

Futagawa, Shigeo: Introduction to Coin Magic. 1978, 199pg, Paper, perfectbound. Very good introductory book on coin magic. Includes chapters on: The Close Up Mat; Tricks Without Sleights; The Finger Palm; The Coin Vanish; The Tunnel Vanish; The Thumb Palm; Han Ping Chien Coin Move; The Classic Palm; The Coin Change; The T. Nelson Downs Palm; The French Drop; and Coin And Playing Card. Each chapter includes exercises and effects utilizing the sleight introduced.

Gallo, Mike: Lecture Notes. Mike's first set of Lecture Notes. Includes: The Gallo Pitch; Which Way Wild (wild coin routine); Bust Up Bucks (2 Silver Dollars to Halves); Coins Across and Back; Spectator Coins Thru Table; Cornered (Chink-A-Chink); Mashed (climax); PDQ Cards to Pocket; Suited All the Time (find the Aces plus); Mental Poker; Pinochle Madness; Ball And Vase. $15

Gallo, Mike: Second Set of Notes. Includes: Sponge Ball Memories; Three Balls In a Fountain; Ramsay Without Tears; Mike Sells Seashell; The Psychological Coins to Glass; Mike Meets Four; Gold Kaps; The Coin Act. $15

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 11996 L&L Publishing. Hardcover, 401 pages. Excellent book of close up magic. Chapter 9 on coins includes effects from Horace Bennet, Dai Vernon, Ross Bertram, and more. Chapter 10 features combination of coins and props.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 21996 L&L Publishing. 286 pages, hardbound. Another good collection of close-up magic. Features coin magic by Rink, Horace Bennet (complete chapter); David Berglas, and Bobby Bernard. 

Guinn, Scott F.: Profiles in Coinage. 133 pages. Highly commercial coin magic.

Harbottle, Kainoa: Coins on the Edge. 114 pages. Includes: Another Flipping Three-Fly (no-gaff; edge grip); Sneeze Guard (four coin production); Flourious Four (singe coin to four); Pendulum Hanging Coins I and II; Delayed Expectations (lost and found coins); Punctuated Equilibrium Coins Across; Deja-Flew (coins in the spectator's hands); Flying Wombat (Mutobe palm); Beijing Trio (version of Curtis Kam's Beijing Coins Across). Includes sleights: The Action Steal; X for X X-Change; Edge Grip to Edge Grip Transfer; Edge Grip to Curl Palm Transfer; Drop Transfer; Drag Transfer; Edge Flip Steal; Edge Flip Placement. Kainoa Harbottle

Harbottle, Kainoa: Cointopia. Includes: Fingertip Muscle Pass; Upside Down Spellbound; Slapping Mutobe (coins vanish and return during clapping motions); Woverine (8 coin production); and eight more. Kainoa Harbottle

Harbottle, Kainoa: Coinapalooza I: Shell Shocked. 36 pages. Routines for a shell. Includes: Tablehopper's Quattro; Deja Flew, Too (coins across); Evolution (Gary Kurtz's Trio with four coins); Always on Top (standing coins thru table); Gadabout You; A Lesson in Coinjuring (coins go transparent then vanish). Kainoa Harbottle

Harbottle, Kainoa: Coinapalooza II: International Deceptions. 42 pages. Routines featuring foreign coins. Includes: Easy Extraction (Expansion of Texture); Painful Extraction (advanced version); Edge of Hell; Edgy Bender (Bent CS); Edgy Copper Silver (transpostion w/edge grip); A CBS Production (CSB opener); Edgy New York Spellbound by Curtis Kam; Diminishing Returns by Joe Cole. Kainoa Harbottle

Jay, Joshua: DesTORYers; The Superlative Magic of Troy Hooser. Hardbound, 167 pages. Includes a color changing card routine, Charming Chinese Challenge (Chinese Coins through ribbon); exTORYdinary (coin production and vanish at the fingertips); Redirection Coins Across; Table Flipper (Coins Thru Table w/flipper coin); Squeezed Away (coins vanish at fingertips; flipper); A Touch of Brass (halves to Chinese coins); Hooked on Coins (hanging coins); Coin Melange (3 coins vanish & reappear); Counter-Point (false count); Copper Silver Transmutation; Counter-Point Coins Across; Coinfusion; Three Fly Simplify

Jay, Joshua: Troy Hooser's The Silver Surf, Volume II: The Flipper Coin. 2000. 29 pages, paper. Routines for the flipper coin. Includes: Flipping Out (with coin purse); Touched Twice (halves to Chinese coins; updated); Flippurse (with purse frame); Three Fly Experimentation First & Second Methods; Underhanded Coins Across; and Coins to Glass. 

Jennings, Larry: On Card and Coin Handling. 20 routines including: Twenty-Two Cent Trick; Coin Out; Coins Across; Coins Thru Table; Look - An Illusion; Numerical Aces; Where's the Discrepancy?; Challenge Cards to Pocket; Immediate Side Steal; Follow the Leader; Color Changing Deck; Between Your Palms; Blank an Blue; Chop Cup; and more.

Kaps, Fred: Kaps on Coins. 11 pages, softbound. Twelve coin routines: Edward Victor's Spellbound; Okito Box Routine; Coins Across; Silver & China Transposition; Hooked Coin Routine; Coin Thru Hand; Coin Vanish Under Card; Ring Off String; Coin Thru Handkerchief; Twin Coin Production from Card; Coins Thru Table; Another Coin Vanish Under Card. $5 Magic, Inc.

Kaufman, RichardCollected Almanac. 398 pages, hardcover. 1982-1992. A hard cover collection of the Richard's Almanac magic magazine produced by Richard Kaufman. There is close up magic of almost every kind. Well illustrated and written.

Kaufman, Richard: Complete Works of Derek Dingle. Hardcover, 219 pages. Over 120 items with cards, coins, and cigarettes.

Kaufman, Richard: CoinMagic. 1981/1992. 266pg, Hardback. An incredible collection of coin magic from David Roth, Geoffrey Latta, Sol Stone, Derek Dingle, and more! Well illustrated and explained. The David Roth section is somewhat duplicative of Kaufman/Roth's Expert Coin Magic, but there is certainly enough here to warrant getting both volumes.

Kaufman, Richard: David Roth's Expert Coin Magic. 1985, 371pg Hardbound.Tons of coin magic using regular coins, gaffed coins, coin boxes, and more. Clear line drawings throughout. Each description includes credit information and thorough explanation. Highly recommended. See many of the routines performed on the Expert Coin Magic video series

Kaufman, Richard and Mark Phillips: Lou Gallo: The Underground Man. Hardbound. 46 Routines. Includes the Gallo Pitch, along with coins, cards, bills, sponge balls, and a beer bottle.

Kaufman, Richard: Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver. 1994. 213 pages, hardcover. Full of well thought-out routines and includes lots of coin magic. Examples include: The Flick and K.I.X. (utility moves); Three and Three (Segregated)(Coins Across with no extra coin); Three and Three (Integrated)(with a gimmicked coin); Copper/Silver Variations In Four Parts; The Imaginary Coin (one coin routine); The Very Big Penny; That's Ridiculous (coins, cards and a jumbo coin); and many more. 

Kaufman, RichardAmazing Miracles Of Shigeo Takagi. 1990. 120 pages, Hardcover. Includes cards, silks, ropes, Owan To Tama Japanese cups and balls, a one cup and ball routine, and linking rings. Coin routines include: Takagi's Coins Across; Trans-Purse-Sition (purse, halves, and a Chinese Coin; Takagi's Purse Steal); Trans-Purse-Tation; The Oriental Coins (four coins and two bowls); and Convergence (four cards and coins).

Kaufman, Richard: Williamson's Wonders (David Williamson). 1989, 96 pages hardbound. Coin routines include: Wonderful Coin Vanish; Cross-Eyed Coins Across; Rebate (coin in pen); The Striking Vanish; Copper, Silver and Purse; Wishing Well; Money Talks; When You're Behind, You're Ahead; The Change Bag (coin purse). Also has chapters on Coins and Cards (three routines); Cards (8 routines); and The Rest (Whirlybird Silk Vanish; Beelzebub's Blade - Knife through napkin; The Gold Cups - Dave's famous 2 Cup and Ball routine.

Kenner, Chris: Totally Out of Control. 1992, 183 pages, hardcover. Chris Kenner's Three Fry has been a well regarded "Three Fly" coin routine. Other coin routines include: Hellbound (Spellbound); Aftershock: (Matrix); Long Gone Silver; Menage Et Trois (fingertip coins across); Cloth And Pence (coins and silk); The Deep (four coins across); 3, 2, Gone; and O.O.S.P.C.A. (four coins across). Some of the card routines are: Perversion; Travlrs 1 (Travellers); For 4 For (card switch); Diet (Kings eat cards); In Ten City (card transformation); Print Shop (business card); Schwing! (rising card); Twin Peeks (cards); and Twister (Twisting the Aces). Also includes a cigar from purse routine, linking rubber bands, and a cut and restored rope routine.

Kohler, Bob: Kohler's Tap Lecture Notes. 1990. Includes: Sucker Copper, Silver, Brass; Spellabration; BuffeRing; Just Tweezing; Ramsay vs. Okito; A Case for a New Color; A Grain Of Salt; Fliprick; Knihc-A-Knihc; Peanut Butter Sandwich; 4 Coin Vanish Sequence.

Kort, Milt: Kort. Hardcover, 376 pages. 46 close-up effects including: cards, coins, dice, balls, razor blades, eggs, handkerchiefs, pens, and elephants (toy ones!).

Kosnitzky, Gary: Heads or Tails. A treatise on how to control a coin flip. $10.

Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade Commercial Closeup Magic. Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade. Includes Vanishing Shot Glass (Squash), Purse Frame & Sponge Ball Routine, Color Changing Knives (2 knife routine), Coin Routine, Cap and Pence (Stack of Quarters,)  Coins thru Table, Coin Fold Vanish, Torn & Restored Bill, Floating Bill, Dice Stacking, Three Shell Game, Three Card Monte, Card Stacking Gambling Demonstration, Boomerang Card, Card in Wallet, Card to Pocket, "Bullet" Card Trick, Out of Sight Out of Hand Card Transposition, and Card to Mouth. Also, information on Topit, Bottom Palm. Top Palm, Biddle Move, Classic Force, Downs Change, Double Lift, Multiple Shift, Overhand Shuffle Control, Overhand Shuffle Stack, Spectator Peek, False Cut, False Shuffle, Faro Shuffle, and the Pressure Fan. 124pg $30

LaRue, Bob: Heavy Work Made Easy (Dave Neighbors). 1998, 35 pages. Coin and card routines designed for a reduced sleight of hand load to take the beginner forward.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5; 6-10; 11-15; 16-20. Printed 2000-2002, L&L Publishing. These are 4 volumes of compilations of Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse magic magazine, which ran from 1978-1997. There are tons of coin effects throughout. For full table of contents, see: Volumes 1-5; Volumes 6-10; Volumes 11-15; Volumes 16-20.

Mentzer, Jerry: Magic With a Copper/Silver Coin. 1988, 32 pages, paper. Nice collection of C/S routines, though eight are straight from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. 

Mentzer, Jerry: Professional Close Up Magic of Curtis Kam. Hardcover, 110 pages. 19 routines include: Twisted Trio (version of Gary Kutz' Trio); Kamnibal Cards; Greensleeves; A Girl's Best Friend; Ring Ring & Rope; Shrink A Card; Coercive Purse; Framed Wild Pocket; Chink-A-Chink; Coffee and Dough; and more.

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Volume 1 manuscript. Advanced work. Not for the beginner, though this book includes his "easier" work. Includes: Scotch and Soda for Real; Co-Pro (four coin production); Timing (three coins to spectator's watches!).

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Volume 2 manuscript. Includes: Three with CSB (this is the "star" routine of the booklet); Ninth Dynasty (coins across with 9 coin climax); Seven the Hard Way (a coin production; not for the beginner!)

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Volume 3 manuscript. Includes: International Fantasy; The International Dissolve; International Hanging Coins.

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Volume 4 manuscript. Four routines: Neverland Coin Production; New World Chink-a-Chink (in the hands); No One to Four (Curtis Kam's four or eight coin production); The American Dream (close-up Miser's Dream).

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Volume 5 manuscript. Three routines. 

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Volume 6 manuscript. Three routines.

Neighbors, David: Coinjuring. 1987, 78 pages. Dave's first book on coin magic. First section includs 7 low difficulty routines. 2nd section is on routines performed while seated at a table. 3rd section is on foreign coins with routines. Final section covers sleights required.

Neighbors, David: Combined Lecture Notes 1991. Includes notes from Slightly Gaffed, Innovations, and Next Door Neighbors.

Neighbors, David: The Fist Japan Lecture. 1993, 50 pages. Ten routines, including: Pocket Coins (portable hole); Open Travelers (halves); Hypnotic Stone (silver & brass transmutation); Wild Coin Triple Change (halves to English pennies to Chinese coins); Trilogy (signature piece); Capped (pen cap); Ball and Coins; Hand Time (hanging coins); Thanks to Kaps (silk and coin); Easy Handerchief Backfire.

Neighbors, David: Freshly Minted. 1989. Sections on coin sleights, complete routines, and even two card routines.

Neighbors, David: Las Vegas Lecture. 1997, 65 pages, Comb Bound, L&L Publishing. Complete lecture notes, though not for the beginner. Most routines use gimmicked coins. The second half consists of concise descriptions of coin sleights. Line drawing are used throughout.

Ouellet, Gary: Close-Up Illusions (1990, Camirand Academy of Magic) 400 pages. $45. Cards, coins, sponge balls, lapping, and more. Includes a chapter on Rock and Roll Dice Stacking. A companion video is also available ($20)

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards 1997. 67 effects and routiness. Coin magic includs Okito box magic, Copper Silver routines, Coin Fold Magic, and more. 200 pages with over 350 illustrations.

Racherbaumer, Jon: In A Class By Himself: The Legacy of Don Alan. Hardbound, 2000, L & L Publishing. Includes Sneakily Stacked in Your Favor: Dice stacking routine using one gimmicked die and cup cover (with image clips from un-named video). 270 pages. 

Racherbaumer, Jon: Jay Sankey Unleashed. 2004. Great collection of Sankey's quirky magic. Coin magic includes: Slick Splits (coin split into 2 coins); Push Button (Versa-Pitch; Coin Roll Hang Ping Chien; Pop Outs - David Roth); Holistic Medecine (Holes in coins multiply, transpose, etc.); Strange Journey (dime pushed through a straw); Prime Time Bend (melting quarter); Secret Passages (coins to glass). These are amongst many other effects utilizing cards, rubber bands, balls, and so forth.

Robbins, Apollo: Time for a Change… Apollo's Lecture Notes. 17 pages, stapled, with B&W photos. These are notes, not fully scripted effects. Includes: Apollo Palm (purse palm); A Quick Feel: An empty-handed shake; Whither (coin vanish); Nabil's Change (spellbound change); Latex Load (load a rubber band on spectator's wrist); Doing Business (load business card into spectator's pocket); His Watch (coin and watch); 

Roth, David: A Magical Lecture. Includes: Shelled Coins Across; Fugutive Coins; Three Coin Click Pass; Wild Coin; Stonehenge; Edge Grip Technique; Winged Silver with Edge Grip; Original Chinese Coin Assembly; and Purse An The Glass.

Simmons, Ken: Amazing Magic With Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny. 1995. 30pg, Paper, stapled. No illustrations. Routines for Scotch & Soda coin gimmick or locking Dime & Penny. Good introduction to ideas with this popular effect.

Simmons, Ken: David Neighbors on the Double Coin Gimmick. 1988, 46 pages. Use and abuses of gimmick coins in this treatise on the Double Coin Gimmick. Covers timing, introduction, and extraction of the gimmick during close-up performance. Includes 8 sleights, six matrix routines, and six new routines. 

Simmons, Ken: Scotch and Soda Part 1. 1982, 30pg, Paper. Part 1 of a 3-part series set featuring a Wizard on the cover. Good ideas for your Scotch and Soda, Gin and Tonic, or similar set. The entire series is recommended if you can find them.

Simmons, Ken: Scotch and Soda, Part 2. 1986, 53pg Paper. 

Simmons, Ken: Scotch and Soda Part Three (Finale). 1988, 92pg stapled paper. 

Starke, George, & Dr. Jacob Daley (editors): Stars of Magic. Includes: John Scarne's Classic Ball Routine & Silver and Copper Trick; Dai Vernon's Triumph; Cutting the Aces; Spellbound; Kangaroo Coins; Impromptu Cups & Balls; Ring On Wand; and Royal Monte; Bert Allerton's Bamboozle (short-change money routine); S. Leo Horowitz Malini-Bey Chink A Chink (with sugar cubes) & Egyptian Ball Mystery; Fancis Carlyle's Homing Card & Wrist Watch Steal; Slydini's Flight of the Paper Balls & Flyaway Coin Routine; Ross Bertram on Coins (Rubdown; Double Cross; Passing the Half Bucks; Porous Paws; and Coin Assembly); Malilni's Favorite! (coin toss vanish); and more.

Tarbell, Harlan. Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 1. 1927 (original; several reprints). 408 pages HB. Volume 1 includes: History of Magic; Magic As A Science; Sleight of Hand with Coins (Palms, Holds, Vanishes, Aquitments); Coin Tricks (Dissolving Coin; Vanishing Coin In Handkerchief; Coin Through Handkerchief; Copper Or Silver Penetration; Pencil Coin Vanish and Reappearance); More Coin Tricks (Joe Berg's Miracle Coin Vanish; Coin, Envelope, and Handkerchief; Vanishing a Coin by Wrapping It In a Piece Of Paper; Homing Coins; Invisible Money Transit; Multiplying Money Tray); The Thumb Tip; Impromptu Tricks; Ball Tricks (Cups And Balls with paper coffee cups and sponge balls; Three Wandering Sponge Balls; Four Traveling (sponge) Balls; Patriotic Paper Balls); Mathematical Mysteries; Effective Card Mysteries; Impromptu Card Mysteries; Mental Card Mysteries; Card Sleights (Pass; False Shuffle; False Cut; Classic Force; etc.); Novel Card Mysteries; Restoring Torn Papers; Rope & Tape Principle; Handkerchief Tricks; Knotty Silks; Eggs and Silks.

Tarr, Bill: Now You See It Now You Don't "Lessons in Sleight of Hand". 1976, ISBN 0-394-72202-7, 224 pages. Not a book of routines, but enough tricks are presented so you can see how to apply the basic sleights you are taught. Coin magic includes:  palming, gimmicks, vanishes, switches, etc.;Coin tricks include coins through table, come back coins, miser's dream.

Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish. 2002. 10 sleights and effects. Includes: The Back Thumb Palm Retention Pass; Middle Finger Backclip; Wiped Clean (hand washing); Coinvanish Trio (production/vanish); Sleight of Elbow; King Midas Spellbound; Lightning Copper/Silver; Penetrating Okito & Beyond; Jumbolaya (one coin flurry with Jumbo Coin climax); Double Take Transposition. 24 pages. Also available as an e-Book. CoinVanish

Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish Volume 2. 45 pages. Focus on walk-around performers. Includes: Middle Finger Backclip; Holster Holdout; 4 Coins, Your Hands (coins across in spectator's hands); Three Way Crossing (stand-up coins across); Convention Crossing (visual coins across); CSB Assault (uses standard gimmick); Barley Hop (Copper & Silver coins); Simple 4 Coin Production; Fingtertip Sticky Coins (streamlined Gadabout Coins); 3-Try (3-Fly).

Wilson, R. Paul: Completely Crowded! e-Book. R. Paul Wilson's version of 3-Fly as featured on his video Knock Em Dead. Based on the work by Kenner, Kurtz, and Townsend.


Ammar, Michael: Complete Introduction to Coin Magic DVD. Good introduction to coin magic. Includes: Palms (finger, classic, thumb); Clips (back, finger, deep back); A Sure Bet; The Phone Home Pen; Double Your Money; Completely Gone!; What's That In Your Ear; Coin From Tie; Tricky Trousers; Natural Lay of the Hand; Simple Take/Put; Schneider Vanish; Le Tourniquet; Reverse French Drop; Classic Fake Transfer; The Slide Vanish; Friction Palm; Spider Vanish; Silver Dollar to Quarters; Half Dollar to 5 Dimes; Coin Thru Table; Simple Coins Across; Misdirection; The Magic Wand; Revolve Load; Thumbpalm Load; Sonic Squeeze; Copper/Silver Transposition; Vanish; Timing; Coin To Key; Gone!; 1 Minute Coin Vanish; Thieves, Sheep, and Barn.

Ammar, Michael: Easy to Master Money Miracles Volumes 1-3 DVD. Volume 1: 41 Cent Miracle; Continuous Production; Credit Card Quickie; Hornswoggled; Snappy; Michael's Matrix; Star Warp; Bent Penny Transposition; Incredible Coins Across; Hanging Coins; Cash Back. Volume 2: Shadow Coins; BeSwitched; Coin Flurry & Jumbo Production; Sensory Control; Copper Silver Transpo; The $2 Bill Tear; Sonic Squeeze; The 4 Coin Roll Down; Expansion of Texture; Self-Folding Bill. Volume 3: Coins Thru Silk; Dining on Dollars; Flying Eagles; $5 and $1; Coin From Pen Cap; Chocolate Coin; E-Z Money; The 10,000 Grains of Salt; Bull to Nut; Bill to Impossible Location.

Angel, Criss (w/Wayne Houchin): Coin Thru Soda Can / Sinful. A coin is borrowed from a spectator and is signed. A can of soda or beer is also borrowed. The magician then proceeds to cause the coin to penetrate into the sealed can. Can be found as either Criss Angel's Mindfreak 

Born, John & Jason Dean: Cutting Edge Cards and Coins Volumes 1-3. 2005, over 3 hours, by Magic Makers, Inc.  DVD #1 is card stuff and includes: The Sandwich Outdone (cards); Twisting the Illusion (twisting the Aces variation); One-Handed Card Trick; Punch Transpo; The Vanishing Lesson; Pik-A-Nip; Sand-U-Wich-A; The Flying Sandwich; I Love You. DVD 2 (Cutting Edge Coins) includes: Translocation Reborn; Balance Palm and Layover applications; Muscle Pass Coin Change; BQM (Borrowed Quarter Matrix); Trans-Knee-Cation; The Woble Vanish. DVD 3 (Cutting Edge Flourishes & The Jam Session) includes discussions on items such as: Card flourishes; starting a 3 Fly routine; ending clean; balance palm; The Dean's Double (lift); The Toss Double (lift); The Glide Double (lift); The Finger Flick Production; Flip Out; and more. 

Brewer, Doug: The Unexpected Visitor DVD. 2004. Includes most of the effects from the book except for "Three Across the Fly", "After Dinner Trick", and "Chopped Taters", but adds three others. Includes: Sounds Familiar (3 English pennies and a Chinese coin); Backhanded (Half, Penny, Centavo vanish and appear under playing card); The Famous Three Coin Trick (coin purse); EZ Triple Wildcoin; Down Spout (coin in bottle); Cap-tivating (coins from pen-cap); The Hook Revisited (hanging coins); Wishing Cards (new to DVD; card and coin); Payout (new to DVD; continuation); Coins & Cylinder (performance only).

Burke, Corey: Payphone DVD. Coins and Cards. Coin effects include: Coinfusing Production; EKN (Morgan dollars vanish and reappear); Triclops (three coin production); There's a Fly in my Soup (3 Fly); Smooth As Silk (Expansion of Texture); Framed (purse frame routine); Money Pen-E (pen and jumbo coin). $35

Burt, Brad: Basics of Expert Coin Technique.

Cummins, Paul: Up In Smoke. The Underhanded Coin Magic of Paul Cummins. 2004 (original 1999). Six routines. Includes: Invisible Hand; Citation Silver; Pitchin' Penetration; Underhanded Coins Across; Top Billing; Knihc-A-Knihc. With bonus card routine. Also teaches some fundamental sleights.

Daryl: 3 Fly III DVD. Three silver dollars held in a fan at the fingertips fly from hand to hand. Finish clean and rest. Comes with DVD and three practice chips. 

Dill, Dean: Extreme Dean Volume 1 DVD. From Mad Tad Magic. Includes: Call Shot (coin translocation and more); Call Shot Instant; Isolation (coins and cups - clear); The Dinner Napkin #1; The Dinner Napkin #2; Vanishing Matrix; Swirl Assembly (coins); Simple Matrix with Backfire. Sleights: Heel Clip; Purse Palm; Dill Displacement; Paul Harris Steal; Fingertip Rest; Retention Vanish; Twirl Load. Also includes Dean Dill on the Tonight Show, Sleights, and more.

Dill, Dean: Extreme Dean Volume 2 DVD. From Mad Tad Magic. Includes: No Extras (assembly with coins or other objects); No Extra's Instant Assembly (followup); Coins, Glass, and Silk; The Power of 3 (mentalism); 81 Cents; Translocated; Coins Thru Table (caught in glass); The Tonight Show Matrix. Sleights: Heel Clip; Purse Palm; Finger Palm; Thumb Palm; Dill Displacement; Paul Harris Steal; Al Schneider Steal. Also includes a photo album.

Fisher, Cody: Unforgettable Coin Magic DVD. Fisher Magic Productions. Includes: Theft Proof Purse (copper silver and purse routine with a jumbo coin climax); Turtle Coins (coins across routine); Real World CSB.

Fisher, Cody: Cody Fisher On Magic DVD. Starts with a live performance. Includes: Real World CSB; Sleeves Up Mercury; The Headache Trick (card to box); Dr. Dailey's Last Blackjack; Turtle Coins (coins across); Impossible Singed Card to Any Wallet; Las Vegas Aces (Open Travelers). $30

Frye, Charlie: Eccentricks - The Video. Comedy magic video. Includes comedic versions of Multiplying Billiard Balls, Cups & Balls, Spoon Bending, gags such as Vanishing nail file, juggling gags, dice stacking and coin manipulation, and the Card Grab. $30

Gallo, Michael: The Dynasty Continues Video. 2001. Includes: Presto Change-O Mike-O (Silver to Copper to Silver to 2 Coppers); Case of the Mysterious Penetration (Coins to glass); Okito Gone Wild (Okito box); Jumpback (coins across); Splitting the Silver (Dollar to Halves and back); Backfire Coins Thru Table; Silent Mike, Mora Mike; Cutting the Aces Plus (bonus card effect). $35

Gallo, Michael: The Magic of Mike Gallo Volumes 1-3 DVD. East Coast Magic Productions. Volume 3 features magic of Lou Gallo. Volume 1 includes Sponge Ball Memories; Four Ace Production with O'Henry Aces; Coins Across; Coin Penetration; and The Gallo Pearl. Volume 2 includes Shakesphere; Wild Transpostion; Coins to Cup; Which Way Wild, and Coins and Cylinder with the Spider Vanish. Volume 3 (Remembering Lou Gallo) includes: Gallo Pitch; New Wave Coins Across; Rub-Rub; Coins Thru Table; Winged Silver; Coins to Purse. Total time approx 2 hours 45 minutes. $90 set. Meir Yedid Magic

Gibson, Eddie: Eddie Gibson Magic. One of the leading manufacturer's and suppliers of close-up coin magic tricks in the United Kingdom. Eddie's effects are highly regarded and most are available in either Euro or US denominations. A few of Mr. Gibson's exclusive products include: Coin Unique; Three Coin Monte; Kangaroo Coins; Check Mate; and more.

Hooser, Troy: Charming Chinese Challenge DVD. 2003. First introduced in DesTROYers. Three Chinese coins penetrate off a ribbon with lots of "in the hands". Inlcudes additional handlings by Thomas Wayne, Apollo Robbins, and Shoot Ogawa.

Hooser, Troy: Total Destruction DVDs Volumes 1-3. Volume 1 includes: Extroydinary; 3 Fly One and Two; Coins to Glass; Guess Your Weight; Bottle production; Throw Switch sandwich; Pendulum Cut; Zombie Change. Volume 2 includes: Touch of Brass; Color Changing Deck; Redirected Coins Across; Coin-Fusion; Ultimate Illogical Cut; Slipstream; Double Decker Plus; Dexterous Ditch; Sponge Ball Bonus. Volume 3 includes: Squeeze Away; 3 Fly Simplified; Bogus Torn & Restored Card; Troy's Triumph; Coins Through Table; Troy This One; Cool as Ace; Garrett Cut

Jesse, Joe: Jumbo Coins DVD. Jumbo Coin magic designed primarily for no need for tables, to be highly visual, and with limited speaking. Includes: Tenkai Palm; Benson Subtelty; Curl Palm; Heel Palm Steal; Effortless Touch (Spellbound); Wiped Clean; Retention Vanish; Kaps Subtelty; Ramsay Throw (Spellbound). Includes several routines.

Jesse, Joe: Xtreme Koin Magic DVD. Designed not to need a table and for limited talking. Includes: Thumb Palm; Benson Subtelty; Flying Vernon Load; Downs Palm; Classic Palm; Spider Vanish; Retention Vanish; Kaps Subtelty; Ramsay Subtelty; Muscle Pass; Coin Roll; Split Rollout; 4 Coin Downs Star; 5 Coin Downs Star; Multiple Coin Toss; Cobra Coins; plus a walkaround coin routine.

Kam, Curtis: Palms of Steel VHS. Curtis' first in a series of advanced coin magic. Includes: New York Spellbound (opener); The Silver Circle (silver dollars appear, vanish, transpose); Chinese Silk and Silver (Jumbo coin ending); Falling to the Fingertips; Harbottle Rolling Discrepancy.

Kam, Curtis: Palms of Steel 2:  Fists of Fury DVD. Produced by MagicSmith. Shot at the 2002 IBM convention. Beijing Coins Across (with Chinese Coin); The Coercive Purse (purse frame and jumbo coin climax); The Goblet (and silver dollars/Chinese coins); Reed McClintock's "International Dissolve" from Knucklebusters 3; Tiananmen Square (coin purse & Chinese coins); Kainoa Harbottle's "Repeat Coins from Nostril"; Over the Top with Spider Vanish; Spread and Wiped Clean. 

Kam, Curtis: Palms of Steel 3:  Silverado DVD. Produced by MagicSmith. Shot at the 2002 IBM convention. Includes: Through and Through (coin thru pocket; finger thru coin); Triple Alliance (Coin transpo with three different coins); Reed McClintock's "4 Co Pro" and "Super 4 Co Pro"; Inverted Matrix; Copper Silver Bent; Sandwich Movathon (cards).

Kokinos, Kirk: Bare Handed DVD. Quick and straightforward routines. Includes: Angel Coins (vanish); Coins Through The Table (one at a time); CTP (fingertip coin vanish); Gold and Silver (copper silver routine w/Space Shuttle Pass); FreakCoinCy (Coin vanish/reappearance); Kirk's Coin Vanish (from the table); Kirk's Coins Across; Vapor Coins (performance only).

Korn, Chris: Extreme Korn DVD. Fire in the Hole (coin purse and flash paper); One For the Bar (card and napkins); Double Crossed (coins and pens in the spectator's jacket); Lip-tak Sighting (multiplying coins);

Korn, Chris: Radical Korn DVD. 2004. Bob Kohler Productions. Includes: 3 Korn Vanish (and production); Brutal Deck Switch (card effect); She Holds the Money (Spectator helps coins vanish and reappear); Coppa Silva (copper silver transposition).

Leveridge, Mark: Magic of Mark Leveridge: Money Magic DVD. Mark performs and explains a wide range of routines using coins and bills. While some sleight of hand is, on occasion, required, there is nothing very difficult here. $35

Lewis, Martin: Martin's Close-Up Miracles DVD. 2 live shows with performance details. Includes: Queenie, The Amazing Dancing Girl (3 card Monte type routine); Sidewalk Shuffle (classic Monte routine); The Odd Card (another Monte routine with jumbo cards); Spec Deck; The Stampede Second (deal); Dice Propagation (three dice and dice cup routine with vanishes, appearances, shrinking, color changing, expansion, and multiplication); Spelling Collins' Aces; Point of Arrival; The Computer Cards; Rabbit Test (packet trick); Texas Money, borrowed penny and silver dollar routine; Impossible Miniature Card Rise; Color Changing Pencil; Sinister Glimpse; Bridge Hand Steal; Tosser Coin Switch. $35

McClintock, Reed: Coin Ovations DVD. Reeds first coin magic DVD. Includes: 13 Coin Matrix (jumbo coin climax); Elbow Knee and Neck (coin production and vanish); Scream Fly (fingertip 3-Fly); International 3 Fly (three different coins); 

McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Vol 1: Reed presents a combination of required skill & effective routines to show off these skills. Routines include: Scotch and Soda for Real (

McClintock, Reed: Coin Patriot. Includes: Resolution 1777; Flying Colors; United We Stand (performance only); Uncle Sam Wants You; Freedom Flight; American Dream. $30

Mendoza, John: Routined Close Up. International Video Magic Series Vol. 1. Chop Cup, Collectors (Performance Only), Dice Stacking (in slow motion with a clear glass), Coins Across (Performance Only), Ambitious 1,2,3,4,5, Torn & Restored Card(Performance Only), The Squeeze, Cups & Balls (Performance Only), Routined Poker Mental, Mendoza's Cups & Balls $50

Neighbors, David: The Coinjurer. 1994 VHS Video (originally A-1 Multimedia). Includes EZ Hank Backfire; Hypnotic Stone; Winged Copper/Silver; Palm-to-Palm Transfer; Open Travellers; 3 Coin Monte; Trilogy; Classic Palm to Finger Palm. $30 Meir Yedid Magic

Paul, Marc: The Marc Paul Lecture Video $45 and Notes $7.50 . Includes Secrets Monte 3 Card Monte kicker ending, Miracle Deck explanation, Linking Finger Rings, and Marc's introduction to the art of dice stacking. Dynamic FX (U.K.)

Rindfleisch, Joe: Extreme Coin Magic DVD. Almost two and a half hours. Effects are arranged in performance sets to provide instrucion in routining. Includes: Homeward Bound; Coins on Clothesline; Downs Would Be Proud; Jr. Coins Across; Matrixy; Rindfleisch Okito Box Routine; Invisible Dust; Ambitious Coin; Cards and Coins; In the Hands Ambitious Coin; The Fidgety Coin; High Rise Matrix; Hopping No Gaffs; Hangin' Around; 6 Coin Transpo; No Gimmick Copper/Silver; Human Copentro; Mind Over Matter; Coins Through; Borrowed Hands; Joe's Bending Coin; Polished Sterling; Dust to Dust; Flipping a Coin; Gone ITM; Keep Your Hand Closed; Coin in Pen 1, 2, 3; Disintegrated. $35

Robbins, Apollo & Shoot Ogawa. Cultural Xchange 1. 2003 Bob Kohler Productions. Card and coin magic for the walk-around performer. Cultural Xchange 1 includes: Trinity (coins appear and transform in the fingers); Neo-Purse Frame (coins from purse frame); Right on Cue (8-ball from cards); Royal Transpo (cards); Slide (coin vanish); Coin Exercise; Shoot Shot; Pits to Pockets (cards); Fore Coins; Changing Tebe (cards); Pit Palm (card holdout); Anniversary Salsa (cards); Apollo: Toast Aces (cards); Shooting Kennedy (jumbo coin);  
Robbins, Apollo & Shoot Ogawa. Cultural Xchange 2: Son of Recap (pen); Coins to Glass; Heel Tap (switch); Impossible Change; Kelly in the Box (card); Great Triumph (card); Perp to Pocket (cards); No Steal Matrix; Kelly Cuts Aces; Gamblers Transpo (cards); Flip Tip (one coin vanish & reproduction); Quick Matrix; Trapeze Trio (3 coins across); 8 Way Change (cards); 2B Gone (two versions). Not for the beginner. 

Roth, David: Expert Coin Magic Made Easy DVD Volumes 1-3. Volume 1: Basic Coin Magic includes: Palms; Fingertip Rest; Utility Switch; Shuttle Pass; Winged Silver; Chink-A-Chink; Ramsay Subtlety; Bobo Switch; and more. Volume 2: Beginning to Intermediate Coin Magic including Curl Palm; Hanging Coins; Wild Coin; Coins to Cup; Coin Thru Hand; Spellbound; Multiple Production; Coins Thru Table; One-Handed Spellbound Change; Retention Pass; Click Pass. Volume 3: Intermediate to Advanced Coin Magic including: Miliken's Transpo; Cardini Steal; Tenkai Pennies; Metamorphosis Change; Advanced Chink-A-Chink; One Coin Routine; Magical Filtration; Advanced Copper & Silver; Advanced Coins Thru Table; T.V. Surprise; Purse & Glass; Silver & Copper Extraction.

Roth, David: Ultimate Coin Magic Collection DVD Volumes 1-4. Volume 1 Magic with Copper/Silver Coins & Expanded Shells and Magic with Folding Coins and Specialty Gaffs. Volume 2 includes 

Rubinstein, Dr. Michael: Creative Coin Magic 1986 Lecture DVD. Shot live in Philadelphia, PA. Approx 50 minutes. Includes: Crazy Coins Across; Twilight Zone Wild Coin (with a cup); Quadra Coin Reverse Matrix; Triple Coin to Card (business card).  New York Coin Magic
Rubinstein, Dr. Michael: Creative Coin Magic 2004 Lecture DVD. Shot during a live lecture in Philadelphia, PA, at Marc DeSouza's Casa DeSouza theatre. Approx 1 hour. DVD begins with a complete show featuring all of the effects, then he explains his Matting techniques. Routines include: Stand Up C/S Routine; Triple Play; Stand Up Coins Through the Table; Retro Fly; Silver Lint 4; Merlini Purse Routine; Matting techniques. DVD-R. New York Coin Magic

Rubinstein, Michael: Coins Through the Table DVD. Formally only available to attendees of the New York Coin Magic Seminar, this is Dr. Rubinstein's sit down handling for his Four Coins Through the Table. $10. New York Coin Magic

Rubinstein, Michael: Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights DVD Volumes 1-3. Dozens of coin sleights including variations and Dr. Rubinstein's ideas. Volume 1 includes Concealments; Steals; Shuttle Pass; Changeover Palms; and Vanishes. Volume 2 includes: More Vanishes; Loads; Spellbound Moves; and Double Faced Coin Moves. Volume 3 includes: Moe double faced coin moves; Han Ping Chien; Subtleties; Coin roll; Switches; Click Passes; R.O.P.S. Technique; Coin & Card Moves.

Rubinstein, Michael: Knockout Coin Magic DVD Volumes 1-3. Routines Include: Bologna Debut (coin producton); Purse Spellbound; Twilight Zone; The Black Hole; Shuttle Flight; Okito Klinker (Okito Box routine); Voodoo Revelation (card and coin); Arithmatic Coins; Kaps Matting Copper/Silver; The Dream (coin purse); Tax; Magic Coins (ungimmicked); Giant Sucker Coin Vanish; The Heckler; Silverlint II (copper/silver); Two Card Reverse Matrix; Giant Four coins Through the Table; Karate Coin. Also features many moves such as the Gallo Pitch, Shuttle Pass, Fake Purse Takeout, etc. Has a bonus section with performance only of other effects. 

Sankey, Jay: Revolutionary Coin Magic. DVD. Sleights Include: Capricorn Change; Warm Up Production; Newton Drop; Himber Sankey Count; Spiderman Vanish; Pancake Toss; Flying Shuttle Pass; Two Fisted Vanish; BP Ditch; Waterwheel Production. Routines include: Ups and Downs (coin thru table); Blackstack Production (bare-handed production); Copper/Silver/Sankey; Television Bend; Nest Egg (nest in boxes); Push Button; Mr. Clean Coins Across; Underwraps; Plastic Surgery (dime thru straw); Penny Ante (marked coin thru Ziploc bag); No Jacket Required (Open Travellers with coins); KISS transpo; and more. Warning: contains profanity. $40

Schneider, Al: Al Schneider Technique DVD volumes 1-4. Volume 1 Theory and Magic: Crossed Card Jr; Basic Vanish; Expansion of Texture; Five Steps of Chink-A-Chink (Shadow Coins); Vanishing Salt; Quick Snap Back; German French; Pop-Up; Double; Perfect Palm. Volume Two: Cards; Dynamic Coin; Tri Vanish; Coins Across; Himber Wallet Routine; One Half Gone; and more. Volume 3 contains Coin Thru Ring; Coin Thru Hank; Ring and Pencil; Split Silver; Cone and Coin; Cups and Balls; Copper/Silver transpo; and more. Volume 4 contains: Linking Rings; Rope; Golf Balls; Coin Tray Routine; Fusion; Zombie. $35 each.

Smith, Samuel Patrick: Funny Money. How to Entertain with Coin Magic. Video. 1995; 22 minutes; SPS Publications. Includes Mulholland’s Slide Vanish; Classic Palm; Valadon Catch; Flying Eagle (Muscle Pass); Vanishing a Stack of Coins; Finger Palm; French Drop; Reloading Classic Palm

Simmons, Ken and Ed Andres: The Scotch and Soda Video. Includes: The coins set and its origin (explanation); How to tighten the set; The Classic Palm (Watch!); The Finger Palm (Foreign Exchange); The Thumb Palm (The Flash Copper and Silver); Palm to Palm Switch (Jimmy Valentine Picks A Lock); A Bold Idea (The Necromantic Change); Being Bold (Coin Through Hand); Filling in the Gap (Coin Through Table); The Tumbling Display (Instant Location); The Basic Routine (Teetotaler Coin). Plus two bonus effects not using the Scotch and Soda.

Stone, David: Basic Coin Magic Volume 1. VHS 1994; DVD 2004. Teaches more than 15 basic coin sleights and 9 routines. Routines include: The Wallet Pen; A Little Trick; Bridal Journey; Guarded Hunt; The H.P.C. Travel; Copper Silvered; Star Travel; The End of the World; Never 2 Without ...4.

Various: COINvention, Inaugural Collection. Two volume DVD filmed at COINvention 2003 by Five Star Magic Media. Approx 3 ½ hours.  Includes: David Roth: Wild; The Planet; The Big Finish. Curtis Kam: Performance; Coin Trick That Cannot Be Explained; Geoff Latta: Five routine show; Dave Neighbors: Coins In the Hat; Purse Frame Pro. Dr. Micheal Rubinstein: Ultra Reverse Coin Matrix. Apollo Robbins: Interchange. Doug Brewer: Magic Caldron. Shawn Greer: Miser's Dream. Kainoa Harbottle: Performance; Slapping for Compliments. Reed McClinktock: Performance. Bob Fitch: Abracadabra; Tornado. Jeff Haas: Down's Eureka Pass. Chris Korn: Origin of Palms; Tooth Fairy; 3 Korn Vanish. Mark Strivings: Borrowed Quarter Date Prediction. Dan Wakins: Three Way Crossing. John Born: Matrix Performances; Translocation Backfire. Geoff Williams: Miracle Coin Vanish. Danny Archer: Sub-Atomic Coin routine. Marc DeSouza: Six Coins Thru and Flew. Dean Dill Call Shot-Explosion. Garrett Thomas: Hangin Clean. Roger Klause: Sun & Moon. Shoot Ogawa: Double Matrix; Coin & String. Mickey Silver: Human Slot Machine. Also: Three Fly Forum & Grip Forum. 

Various: LVMI Live! 2003 DVD. Five Star Magic Media. 35 performances and explanations from both the headliners and attendees of the 2003 Las Vegas Magic Invitational. Some of the items include: Geoff Latta: A Trick with Three Coins; Curtis Kam: Coins and Goblet; Danny Archer: Pick a Coin, Any Coin; Robert Stevens: Don't Blink; Michael Rubinstein: Triple Coin to Card; Howard Stevens: Invisible Matrix; and much more!

Various: Encore Collection, Greater Magic V46 Video by Steven's Magic. Juan Tamariz: Total Coincidence, Book Test; Brother John Hamman: Skipping Kerns, Jack's Come Back, Pinhchle, Invisible Card, Poker Palm Shift; Mike Rogers: Cups & Balls, Dice Stacking, Coins Across, Unconquered Card; Roger Klause: Billusion. Steven's Magic.

Various: Greater Magic Video Library: Coin Classics Volume 1 DVD. Don Alan Cigarette Through Quarter; Bobo; David Acer; Mike Ammar; Vani Bossi; John Born; Eugene Burger; John Carney; Daryl; Gary Kurtz; Jay Marshall; David Regal; Jay Sankey

Various: Greater Magic Video Library: Coin Classics Volume 2. Jay Sankey: Paper Prison (coin in wadded bill); James Cielen: Coins Across; John Carney: Coin in the Bottle; Daryl: Two Quarters; Don Alan: Nickel on Forehead  & Scotch & Soda (both performance only); T.A. Waters: Double Coin Vanish (Himber Pass); Masao Atsukawa: Coins Across & 2 Coin Sequence; Dr. Hiroshi Sawa: Vending Machine (Splitting Silver), Heads or Tails, Submarine, and Coins Through the Hand. Karrell Fox: YenSational (coin, handkerchief & Jumbo coin); Washington's Wig. Richard Ross: Coins to Glass (stage)

Various: New York Coin Magic Semnar DVD Volumes 1 & 2. 2005. Featuring David Roth, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta, Michael Gallo, and Kainoa Harbottle. Over four hours of material. Focus is on the Coins Across plot. Roth section includes Winged Silver; Chink-A-Chink; Shell Coins Across; Chanin Coin Production & Victor Coins Across. Rubinstein section includes: Retro Fly; Impossible 4 Coin Trick 1 & 2; Long Term Short Term; The Speccolini Brothers 1 & 2. Latta Section includes: Slippery Silver & Not So Slippery Silver; Spectator Coins Across; M.A.Y.B.A.L.I.N.E.; Trick With Three Coins; Technical Rehandling of ThreeFly. Gallo section includes: Han Ping Chien-less; B.O.B.; Easy Coins Across; Sliding Eagles; Coins in Spectator's Hands. Harbottle section includes: Another Flippling Three Fly; Punctuated Equilibrium Coins Across; Deja Flew; Deja Flew, Too. Also includes a bonus section with much more.

Various: World's Greatest Magic: Matrix/Coin Assemblies. Al Schneider: Matrix. Bill Malone: Matrix Presentation. J.C. Wagner: Poor Man's Matrix. Harry Allen: Matrix. Aldo Colombini: Matrix/Chink-A-Chink; Michael Ammar: Michael's Matrix. Johnny Thompson: Coin Assembly. Dan Fleshman: Matrix. Dan Harlan: Horror Matrix. Derek Dingle: Bertram Coin Assembly. Ross Bertram: Coin Assembly.  $20 L&L Publishing

Various: World's Greatest Magic: Expanded Shells. David Roth: Coins Across; Coin Thru Glass; Coins Thru Table; Photo Coins; Perfected Coin Through Handkerchief. Dan Harlan: Rising Dough. Mark Leveridge: Slo Mo. Harry Allen: China Change. Jon Allen: Coins Across. Michael Ammar: Shadow Coins. Garrett Thomas: Imagination Coins. $20 L&L Publishing

Watkins, Dan: Coin Man Walking DVD. Features nine coin routines and three utility sleights designed for the walk-around performer. Includes: Middle Finger Backclip; Holster Holdout (for one coin); outsDANding (3 coin fingertip production/vanish); Fingertip Coins to Pocket; CSB Assault; Coinvention Crossing (stand up coins across); Double Take Transposition; Flash Hop (Hopping Half without the gimmicks); Flash Bill fold; Lightning Copper/Silver (no gaff); Breaking a Dollar (silver dollar); 4 Coins, Your Hands (coins across); and performance only of Cylinder & Coins.

Wethington, Jason: TIED DVD. 2005. by Digital Video Artists. Approx 2.5 hours. Includes: Giggle Coins Across; 2003-3&3 (Coins across with 6 coins); CST (Copper/Silver Transpo with coin purse); Pen and Drink Routine; Who wants to be the Firebug (pen through coin); Oil and Water; Eat More Popcorn (cards); Okito Box Routine (with a close up mat); The Gambler's Cards Across.


(Find COIN PURSES here. I won't list all the coin gimmicks available here. Rather, I will list some of the manufacturers, along with some more unusual coin-related products.)

Alonso, Cesar & Mariano Goni: Cesaral Melting Point. A coin visibly passes right through a pane of glass. Very clever; the demonstration video is very well done. 

Coin Purses: How to carry all those coins? See a page of Coin Purses available from various sources by clicking the link.

Gallo, Mike: Siamese Coin. Gimmick, book, and DVD. 44 page book explains 12 routines and sleights, including: Gallo Spider Vanish; Heel Clip; Kick Vanish; Professor's Nightmare Count; Purse Swindle Move; Ramsay Subtlety; Scneider/Dingle Pick-Up Move; Siames Coin Switch; The Swish; Twirl Move; and more. Video shows all 12 routines in the book. Comes with the gimmick made from two American half-dollars. Meir Yedid Magic

Johnson Products, Inc.: Johnson Products is well known for making a variety of coin gaffs that are of good quality and at moderate prices. They are a wholesale company only, but a simple search on the Internet will reveal many dealers. Johnson also makes a nice set of Cups for the Cups & Balls. Johnson Products, Inc.

Keuppers, Roy: Coins for Magicians. Roy is based in Canada, so for those looking to use Canadian Coins, Roy is your source! He also makes coins in US and Euro denominations. Roy also makes some unique items such as Sankey's 3 Ring Circus and Killer Key, Mojo Boogie Boxes (Okito boxes), and The Black Widow utility for vanishing coins. Prices are between  Johnson's and Lassen/Schoolcraft; I don't know how the quality compares.

Kranzo, Nathan: Stoned Purse

Lassen, Todd: Coin Gaffs. Todd makes all the coin gaffs himself, by hand, on manual machines. Includes a wide varity of "standard" gaffs such as Copper/Siver, Sun and Moon sets, Shells, and so forth. Also makes Okito boxes, flipper coins, and several unique items. Todd Lassen

Mentzer, Jerry: One Cup and Coins. Direct from Jerry Mentzer's Lecture. Half dollars are magically produced one at a time beneath a small aluminum cup (which can be repeatedly shown empty) until three coins have been produced! Then the coins vanish one at a time from the performer¹s hand and appear back beneath the coin cup! (A simpler "low skill" method, requiring only a finger palm, is also included in which the coins apparently travel from the performer's pocket and appear back beneath the coin cup. The advantage of the "low skill" method is that it makes easy a climax for the routine in which a jumbo three inch half dollar is apparently knocked out of the cup!) $30

Miller, Tony (RFA Productions): The Real Man’s Coin Wallet. Custom designed to comfortably hold Coins from quarter to silver dollar size. Multi compartmented to keep gimmicks separated. Also includes a special function to deliver an extra coin into your hand when you really need it. You dump the coins out for the spectators. Your hands are obviously empty except for the perfectly empty Coin Wallet. Yet in a flash, you are now secretly armed and ready. Custom designed leather. $20

Porper, Joe: Joe Porper Originals. Joe handcrafts a wide range of custom magic. Coin magic items include: Coin Rattle; Dollar Coin Clip; Half Dollar/Dollar Okito Coin Box; Classic Cylinder and Coins; Morgan Silver Dollar Set; Quarter Bend.

Ronjo: Miracle Cups and Coins. Perform a cups and balls routine with coins (half dollars) instead of balls. Coins appear and disappear at your command. Switch a small object for a coin. Make the coins penetrate the cups, and so forth. Cups are crafted from sold high-quality aluminum. Coins do not have magnets in them, so you can manipulate them freely. When the coins are in the cups, they are undetectable - you can handle this incredible set with complete confidence. You can show the insides of all the cups throughout the routine. Includes a set of three cups, 4 special US Half Dollars, a solid cup, a solid stack of 3 cups, a carrying bag, and "The Complete Guide to the Miracle Cups & Coins" with over 10 routines. Cups are 1 1/2" diameter and 1 1/4" high. The stack stands 2" tall. $200

Rubinstein, Michael: New York Coin Magic
Mint Condition: borrowed coin is marked and vanished; to reappear in a box of Listermints. $15
Fusion: A penny is fused INTO a quarter, then with a shake, the penny falls back out and all can be examined. $25
Double Mat System: designed for Dr. Rubinstein's matting techniques. $40
Soldered Coins: half or dollar size; suitable for Siamese Coin routines. $10 Quarter; $12 half.
Coin in Coin Roll: half dollar visibly sinks into a coin roll in which it cannot fit. $5

Sasco Magic: Sasco manufactures over 150 coin tricks and related items such as double headed quarters, Scotch & Soda, Lethal Tender, and so forth. A short, non-descriptive catalog is at their website. Address is: 403 E. Pennsylvania Blvd, Feasterville, PA 19053. Phone (215) 364-7717.

Schoolcraft Precision Magic: Jamie Schoolcraft is a manufacturer of high-quality, high-end coin gaffs. He also makes the gaffs for Dean Dill. Catalog includes shells, folders, copper/silver coins, and so forth, as well as Dean Dill's products.

Sterling Magic: Sterling is a wholesale manufacturer of mostly coin magic products. If thier on-line catalog is complete, the line is fairly small, including: Business Merger; China Change; Chinese Coins; Classic Coin Transpo (CSB); Copper/Silver Coin; Double Sided Quartes; Fire Trap; Folding Coin; Hopping Half; Karate Coin, Lethal Tender; Locking $1.35; and Scotch and Soda. Sterling products can be purchased through distributors such as Magic City, Mak Magic, La Rocks Fun and Magic, and Morrissey Magic. Their address is: PO Box 7670 Auburn, CA 95604.

Wong, Johnny: 4 in 1 Necklace Coin Set. Precision made coin set in a necklace. Gimmicked coin sits in its own "bang ring" and is worn around the neck so you always have your coins with you. Coin set is a $1.35 trick (U.S. half dollar) and can also act as a magnetic or shim half. $75.

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