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Todd Lassen Okito Box

Compiled by Doug A with additions by Joe Pecore

Last Update: June 2023: added Paul Cummins FASDIU Part 2 book.
Jan 2022: Books: Bob Farmer Mojo Boogie Boxes, Scott Guinn's U.N. Coin Box Routines; Dale Hildebrandt's Reality as Canvas; Kaplan's The Fine Art of Magic; Richard Kraus Trick Technics; Jimmy Ray Between the Acts; Steve Sanders Take a Chance;
Videos: Michael Gallo The Dynasty Continues video; Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine video,
Products: Kartis Okito Box (by Tango magic).

The following is a partial list of books, videos, and products for the magic effect "The Okito Box" and similar coin boxes.

Disclaimer: Please note that none of these items are for sale from this web site, this page is for informational purposes only. Prices are estimates and are not necessarily current. Some items are likely no longer available. This is far from a thorough coverage.

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Bamberg, Theodore (Okito): Title Unknown. The inventor of the Okito Box did write a routine for it around 1948. This may be "An Okito Classic" book authored by Robert Parrish listed below?

Bennett, Horace: Bennett's Best. Softcover, 115 pages. Includes coins, cards, giant coins, Okito boxes, pearls and other small items.

Betz, Larry. Tricks for the Okito Box. 1986. 18pg.

Bey, Mohammed: Mohammed Bey's Routine with the Okito Coin Box. 8 pages. Early edition with just the one routine.

Bey, Mohammed: Okito Coin Box Routines. 1963 D. Robbins. Long title is: Horowitz, S. Leo's Mohammed Bey's Routine with the Okito Coin Box and More. Includes: Mohammed Bey Okito Coin Box, 2 Master Routines Plus bonus Ideas by Harvey Rosenthal, Edward J. McLaughlin.

Bobo, J.B.: New Modern Coin Magic. Hardcover, over 300 pages. Includes all kinds of coin magic, including coin boxes. Chapter 10 is specifically on Coin boxes. Over 300 pages.

Bornstein, Mike, Original Commercial Routines With Okito Box. 1989 44 pages.

Brahams, Anthony (with Karl Norman): Forty Years at the Forks. Hardcover, 82 pages. Among many other routines, also includes "The Coin Collection (with Okito), and "Follow Up to Coin Collection. (see also Karl Norman's Here's How, below)

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke Series #1 - The Magic Box. 1984, 16 pages. On the Okito & Boston  Box, with B&W line drawings.

Brown, Ed: The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser. Excellent book, entertaining to read. Includes not just cards, but several ball routines, Okito box, and more. Includes: Copper Silver Gold Coin box routine (Okito box); Crossed Hands Vanish Coin Box Routine (Okito box, two silvers, one copper).

Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini. L&L Publishing, 180 pages. 60 effects with cards, coins, cups and balls, ring & rope, and more, and of course a routine with the Oktio coin box. 

Criswell, Chastain: From the Stall Lecture Notes. Includes The Box, an Okitio Box routine with a difference.

Cummins, Paul: From a Shuffled Deck in Use (FASDIU) Part II. Almost every effect can be performed without any prior preparation. Part 2 contains Double Cross Changed and Penetrating Thoughts using an Okito box. 

De Camps, Eric: Compositions of Conjuring; A Lecture on Natural Magic. Includes Okito's Box, Three Shells & a Pea, Two Cups are Better than One, and some other coin, rope, and card magic.

Doggett, Bob: Dr Bob's Complete Okito Box Routine. Several routines explaining the use of the Boston, Fakito, So-Kito and No-Kito Boxes.

Farmer, Bob: Mojo Boogie Boxes. 1999, 14 pages. A three phase coin box routine using on Boston Box and two Okito Boxes. Also came as part of a package with the necessary boxes.

Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles. L&L Publishing, 395 pages. Book represents bound issues of this magazine which ran from 1978 - 1988. Includes tons of effects with cards, coins, Okito boxes, bills, rope, rings, rubber bands, business cards, and more.

Ganson, Lewis: A New Look at the Okito Box. Supreme Magic Teach-In Series. 40 pages, 82 photos, 1978

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up, Volume 1. Chapter 3 Boxes and Brass includes: German Box Routine (Jack Ganson); Coins Through; Tea for Two (Ken Brooke, German box); Okito Box Routine (Ken Brooke); Boston Three Step (Fred Lowe, Boston Box); The New Pocket Coin Trick (John Ramsay). Also includes Rink's Migrating Pennies Okito Box routine.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up, Volume 2. Includes Coin Exchange, an Okito Box routine transposition of English Pennies and Half Dollars; and Tea for Okito using an Okito Box and a Tea Cup.

Guinn, Scott: U.N. Coin Box Routines. 2007. Includes two routines using a Boxton Box and a Slot Box.

Hay, Henry: The Amateur Magician's Handbook. Lots of great advice and information for beginner/intermediate magicians. Includes a short section on coin box magic with routines from Lewis Ganson books: German Box (Ganson routine summarized); Tea for Okito from Lewis Ganson's Close Up Vol II; and Fred Lowe's Boston Three Step from Ganson's Close Up Vol 1.

Hildebrandt, Dale: Reality as Canvas. 2019 eBook. Includes Blue Pill Red Pill,  a "Matrix" movie inspired effect with an Okito Box

Hilliard, John Northern: Greater Magic. A Practical Treatise On Modern Magic. Tons of classic magic. Includes section on The Okito Coin Box and The Brema Coin Box. 

Hopkins, John T.: The Professional Coin Box Magic of Dave Neighbors. 2002, 111 pages, comb bound. . Entire book on coin box magic and manipulation. Presupposes knowledge of basic coin and coin box handling. Suitable for intermediate/advanced magicians.

Kaplan, George G. & Warren J. Kaps: The Fine Art of Magic. 1948 Hardcover. This classic work includes "The Kaplan Okito-Box Presentation.

Kaps, Fred: Kaps on Coins. 11pg. 12 routines, including Okito Box Routine

Kardyo, Tony: Close-Up Deceptions. 36pg. Includes German Coin Box, Coin Box Routine Supreme, and more.

Kardyro, Tony: Kardyro's Kolossal Kompendium of Klever and Kommercial Klose-Up. Includes T.K.'s Coin Box Routine Supreme (Okito Box with English Penny, Half Dollar, and C/S) and  T.K.'s German Box routine, among others.

Kaufman, Richard: Collected Almanac. Bound Collection of Richard Kaufman's magic newsletter that ran from 1982 to 1987. Includes tons of cards, coins, and other magic. Includes: Okito Oddity: an Okito box and single half quickie.

Kaufman, Richard: David Roth's Expert Coin Magic. Tons of coin magic using regular coins, gaffed coins, coin boxes, and more. Includes Shuttle Pass Box Switch; Coins Through Hand (uses Boston & Okito boxes); The Sokito Box (solid); Nokito Box (no bottom).

Kaufman, Richard: The New York Magic Syposium Close Up Stage Collection Two. Nice collection of close up magic. Includes David Roth's Okito Copper Silver transposition.

Kohler, Bob: Kohler's Tap. Bob's first set of lecture notes, originally released in 1985 as Black Tie Magic. Includes Sucker Copper Silver Brass (no gimmicks); Spellabration; Buffering (ring to Aspirin bottle); Just Tweezing; Ramsay & Okito (Cylinder and Coins & Okito mix); A Case for a New Color; A Grain of Salt (coins from salt shaker); Flipprick; Knich-A-Knich.

Kraft, Frederick L. and Arthur KraftMagneticoins: Paul Diamond presents his Gems of Magic Book No. 1. Magic using magnetic coins. Includes an Okito Coin Box routine.

Kraft, Frederick L. and Kraft, Arthur: Coin Magnetrix-Paul Diamond presents his Gems of Magic Book No. 3. More magic with magnetic coins. Includes Okito Ultissimo - the coin penetrates the box into a glass, with no telltale normal Okito moves.

Kraus, Richard G.: Trick Technics.  1974, 23 page softcover. Includes Okito Coin-Box Routine: using standard box, handkerchief and a half dollar.

Leveridge, Mark: The Master Routine Series Collected Works. Hardcover, 125 pages. 12 routines over 20 years (from 1984) now in one book. Includes No.3 - Stay At Home Coins (Boston Box); and No.10 - The Emperor’s Coins (Boston box); 

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. 720pg hardcover. Over 500 items from the first 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. Includes 250 card, 140 coin, and others using bills, ropes, rings, cups & balls, sponges, knives and more. Okito box routines include Okito Opener (Geoff Latta); You Gotta Be Kidding! (Geoff Latta); Sokito Box (David Roth); Tannen's One Hand Okito Box Sequence; Coin Box S&I (Kirk Stiles); Out Boxed (Woody Landers); Soc III (Blair Bowling); Okinesis (Jon Brunelle); Throughy Amazing (Mark Lefler); 4 Okito 4 (Frank Zak); Penetrating Thoughts (Paul Cummins); Cross Changed (Paul Cummins); Something Happened (Bob Gabrielle, Boston Box).

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. Tons of more magic from the 2nd 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. Okito related routines and moves include: Toss Load (Robert Bengel); Open Okito Load (Robert Bengel); Back In the Box (Mark Lefler); Money Is Time (Herve Pigny); Hidden (Okito) Pathways (Jeff Moche); Shake and Fake (Kent Boklan); An Okito Box Turnover (Jeff Moche); Opening Okito (David Regal, plug box); Closing Okito (David Regal); Twist on Winged Silver (Bruce Berkowitz); Three's Company (Joe Safuto); The Spirit of the Coin transposition (Russ Burns); Banned in Boston (Russ Burns, Boston Box & Okito). 

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalyse Volumes 11-15. Tons of more magic from the 3rd 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. Okito related routines & moves include: Romancing the Coin Box (Robert Bengel); Ace to Fifty (Mike Bornstein, Boston Box); Box, Card, Coins, and You! (Aldo Colombini)

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalyse Volumes 16-20. More magic from the 4th 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. This series only contains one Okito box specific item: One Good Turn by Alan Alan, a turnover move.

Luka, John: L.I.N.T - Pocket Stuff for Close Up Magicians. Informal effects including Ron Bauer's Lie Detector and four other effects, Milt Kort Okito Box routine without the Okito Box, and more.

MacGregor, Jerry: Real World Magic. First section covers magic theory, second section provides many contributions by various magicians such as Jim Pace, Bob Cassidy, and others. The Okito related routine is The Pill Box by George Olsen. 

Marlo, Ed: Coining Magic. 40 pg. Part one covers coin fold magic (14 effects); Part two covers Okito coin box magic, including Marlo's SOC.

Mentzer, Jerry: Close Up File. A collection of 35 magic routines without playing cards. Okito routine is An Okito Box Move by Rick Johnsson. Also include ring & string effects, paper money chapter, cups & balls magic, the three shell game, and lots more coin magic.

Norman, Karl: Here's How. 51pg. 1985 Collector's Workshop. Later incorporated into Braham's Forty Years at the Forks book. Includes My Coin Collection, a CSB & Okito box routine.

Olson, Robert: Extra! Extra! Extra! Close up magic with balls, Ellis ring, coins, Giant Coin magic, a thimble vanish, and more. The Okito box related effect is Two Coin Okito Box, an Okito Penetration.

Ouellet, Gary: Classy Close Up Lecture Notes. Camirand Academy of Magic. 14 pages. Includes Okito routine.

Parrish, Robert (author) & Tom Rainey (editor): An Okito Classic - The Coin Box. Softcover, 1954, 12 pages, A Chimacen Publication. An Okito box routine as told by Okito (Theodore Bamberg), with an introduction by Dr. Harlan Tarbell and photos by Ed Stech. Reviewed in the August 1954 Hugard's Magic Monthly.

Poland, Ellison: Wonderful Routines of Magic. Hardcover, 6x9", 251 pages, with 155 line drawings. 50 Routines, tricks, sleights. Includes No turn over steals from Okito box.

Powers, Mike: Boston Massacre. Diabolical coin box routine in which four coins disappear one by one and are found inside a coin box. For a killer ending the coins visibly vanish from the open box and are found under the four cards, where they began. From Mike Powers Magic.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams (Marlo w/o cards). Coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup and more.  Includes: S.O.C., an Okito box routine with no-turnover; and Gaffless S.O.C., Okito box and no gaffed coins.

Ray, Jimmy: Between the Acts. 1961 softcover, 32 pages. Includes China Town Half and Coin Box Routine, and Okito Box routine.

Rogers, Mike: The Complete Mike Rogers. Excellent book of close-up magic from Mike Rogers, including  cards, coins, sponge rabbits and lots more. Okito Visits Han Ping Chien uses two half dollars, 2 English Pennies, one nut and bolt set (from a hardware store), and an Okito box. Also has an Easy Turnover for Okito Coin Box. 

Roth, David: Okito Box Magic. New Stars of Magic Volume 1, Number 3, by Louis Tannen and written by Karl Fulves. Okito box routine.

Sanders, Steve: Take a Chance. 2015 eBook. Five effects based around the game of Monopoly. Includes Hotel Okito, where a green house always finds it way to a red hotel.

Simmons, Ken: Scotch and Soda Part Three (Finale). The third and final volume of Scotch & Soda Magic by Ken Simmons. Includes An Okito Box Routine: using a loose Scotch & Soda set. 

Sadowitz, Jerry & Duffie Peter: Inspirations. 56 tricks and sleights, including a chapter on Okito Box magic and Peter's incredible Bedazzled routine. 

Shute, Merlyn T.: The Little Things . Softcover, 49 pages. Includes Okito Coin Box.

Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 3 (Lessons 34 to 45). Lesson 38 includes Okito Coin Box: Three methods of performing a vanishing coin. 

Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 7. Includes Boxed Coins (Cervon): 4 coins in hand to Okito box one by one. 

Tarr, Bill: The Second Now You See It Now You Don't. Includes well illustrated magic with cards, coins, balls, silks, cigarettes and more. Includes a section on the Okito Box that explains the Okito Box, the Boston Box, and the Incredi-box. Also features Turnover moves, Tossing the Box, Coin Through Box, Simple Box Penetration, and Silver to Copper transposition in box with spectator participation.

Thompson, J.G: Magic to Delight. Includes among many other items Stretch Socks (Okito, Shell, & Handkerchief)

Thompson, J.G.: The Miracle Makers: Quite a bit of Okito box information along with lots of other gems. Includes Skoal! with photos of the old style box, The Magna Coin Box, the O-Korto set, and more.

Webb, Gregg: Feen-X Magazine Volume 2: PDF e-book includes "What Is the Sound of One Coin Clapping", an Okito box routine.

York, Scotty: Scotty York on Coins. 44 pg. Includes a Nonokito-Okito Routine.


Colombini, Aldo: Classics of Magic (VHS) (Previously Classical Magic the Colombini Way by Supreme Magic). Includes Okito Box Routine.

Colombini, Aldo: Ken Brooke Okito Box Routine. Video. Using an Okito box and a cardbox. Ken's routine performed by Aldo Colombini.

Doggett, Bob: The Coin Box (DVD). 45 minutes.  The complete "Routine of the Dragon Box", with 6 stages and no difficult sleights. Bonus feature is Bob's Chop Cup routine. Intermediate level.

Gallo, Michael: The Dynasty Continues. Video. Includes Okito Gone Wild. With 3 coins and a box, with a Chinese coins climax.

Galloway, Andrew: The Magic of John Ramsay Volume 2 DVD. Includes an Okito Box Routine

Kimlat, Kostya: Okito Box Routine. Video download available through Vanishing, Inc. Uses an Okito box and four coins.

Leveridge, Mark: Leveridge's Master Routines. (DVD) All 12 Master Routines now on one DVD. Includes a Boston Box routine

Leveridge, Mark: Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 1 (Money Magic; DVD). Includes a multi-phase Okito and Boston Box Routine (multi-phase)

Norman, Karl: Close-Up Table Magic DVD. 1 hour, 50 minutes. Karl Norman shares Table Magic routines developed from over 25 years of experience with Eddie Flechter. Includes The Coin Collection, a copper, silver, brass & Okito coin box routine with plug box finale.

Rindfleisch, Joe: Extreme Coin Magic DVD. Almost 2.5 hours of coin magic. Includes the Rindfleisch Okito Box Routine

Roth, David: Expert Coin Magic Video #11: Okito Box Magic. (VHS) This volume concentrates on the Okito Coin Box. Included: History of Boxes, Okito Copper & Silver, Turnovers, Final Turnovers, Out With Four, Triple Change, Steals, Basic and Advanced Applications, Out With Five, Box Thru Hand, Final Loads, Box and Cups.

Roth, David: Stars of Magic #9 DVD. Includes David Roth Live In London and Live in Philadelphia videos. Effects include David's Okito Custom Box Set explained and demonstrated, and much more.

Roth, David: Ultimate Coin Magic Vol 2 (DVD). Includes the Okito Coin Box (formerly Expert Coin Magic Vol 11).

Rubinstein, Michael: Advanced Applications; Videonics Video. Includes an Okito box routine.

Rubinstein, Michael: Knock Out Coin Magic DVD. The former Videonics videos now on one DVD. Includes tons of coin magic including Okito Klinker - coins are heard to arrive in the previously empty box.

Shufton, SteveWrinkles on the Table. 2 DVD Set. Includes 4 Out and In Okito Box Routine (no extra coins), and Okito Copper Silver routine, among many other routines.

Stars of Magic Video #11-All Stars. Includes a David Roth Okito Box Routine

Wethington, Jason: Tied DVD. Includes an Okito Box Routine in three phases with a version of Chad Long's "Okito Reversemmbly" that doesn't need a Boston Box and finishing with "Okito Unplugged"


Bazar De Magia: Classic Okito box and Boston Box. For half dollars or Two Euro size. 

Chazpro Buddha Boxes: Attractive design. Uses curved sides rather than traditional straight sides. Brass, includes cloth bag. Available in half-dollar size or US Quarter/2Euro size.
Buddha Okito Box
Buddha Boston Box
Buddha Slot Box. (Mfgd. with permission)
Buddha Sucker Box. Small diameter, no lid
Buddha Plug. Solid box (no hole, no lid)
Buddha Magnetic Okito Box

Chazpro: Shamrock Cup: Produce or vanish 1-4 cups from this tall coin box. Aluminum, half dollar size. With instructions and routine by Aldo Colombini.
Lots-A-Coins Cup: Each time this cup is turned over, additional coins drop out (up to 9) Half dollar size.
Shamrock Sucker Cup: Small diamter cup, half-dollars won't fit.
Shamrock Video: Details handling and routines for three cups above.

Cohen, Al: One Cup and Coins by Al Cohen. Chop Cup routine with a Half Dollar. Polished metal cup allows coin to be removed, vanished, and instantly appear back under the cup. With Cup, Half Dollar, routine by John Murray. 

Definitive Magic (Viking Manufacturing):
Beyond Okito Box (BO Box)
Set. Developed by Bob Solari and The Trickery. Set includes a standard Okito box and a BO Box, which is a specially gimmicked variation. Precision machined from brass with a high-polish finish. Sized to fit the United States Half Dollar or old-style English Penny. You receive both boxes, handling instructions in a booklet format for 2 routines with each box, along with photographs. The boxes come in a padded plastic box. $55.00  Dan Watkins provides a positive review at his CoinVanish site. 
Okito, Boston, Slot Box set. Heavy Guage brass or sterling silver with high polish finish. No instructions. Half Dollar size brass set; Half Dollar size Sterling Silver

Dean Dill: "O" Kito Box: Interesting property to this Okitio box. With full routine by Dean Dill. Box designed by Jamie Schoolcraft Precision Magic.

Dr. Bob: Coin Boxes (Bob Dogget): All of Brass. Oktio boxes are found on two different pages: two under "Magic Tricks O", and a whole list under coin tricks.
Dragon Boxes feature a sculpted dragon on the lid, with velveteen bag.
Okito Box with shaved half dollar
Okito Box half dollar size; dollar size
Dragon Box (brass): half dollar size; dollar size
So-Kito (solid plug): half dollar; dollar size
O'Korto (too small box): half dollar size; dollar size
Fa-Kito (solid with lid attached): half dollar size; dollar size
No-Kito (no bottom): half dollar size; dollar size
Boston Box: half dollar:; dollar size
Dragon Boston Box (brass)

Duvivier, Dominique: Duvivier Coin Box: Okito or Boston box without switching. Climax as a solid box, with no switches.

Gibson, Eddie: Aqua-Oktio Box. Combination of Okito and Boston Box. Includes a special "inner box" that provides additional possibilities.

Johnson Pro Magic Boxes:
Johnson Boston Box Brass
Johnson Okito Box Brass
Johnson O-Korto Box set (Okito, Boston, Small Diameter box, one lid)
Johnson Small Diameter Box
Johnson Plug Box (solid)
Johnson Magna Coin Box. Includes two gimmicked halves and address book.
J.G. Thompson Coin. Coin used with Magna Box or Jo Pro Box. Coin can appear or vanish under test conditions.
Jo Pro Coin Box: thin walled, light-weight Okito box. Examinable though gimmicked. Includes brass box, gimmicked coin, and playing card.

Joker Magic (Hungary): Okito Coin Box designed for Chinese Coins. The Chinese coins are slightly larger than a half dollar, have milled edges, and come in a variety of colors ($9 each). Shells, folders, and other Chinese coin variations are available as well. The Okito box was designed for the Chinese coins and has a silver finish.

Keuppers, Roy: Okito boxes custom manufactured in Canada by Machinist/Magician Roy Kueppers.
Standard Set: consists of Okito box, Boston Box, and lid. Available in US, Canadian, and Euro sizes. Aluminum, Brass, Cocobolo Wood
Other boxes available individually include Oktio Box, Boston Box, Slot Box, Plug Box, Lid, Small Box
Mojo Boogie Boxes by Bob Farmer & Roy Kueppers. Three coin boxes used in a three shell game type format. Coins placed in one box continually vanish and appear in another box as each box is eliminated from the lineup. Hand spun metal, velvet drawstring bag, 14 page manuscript.

Lassen, Todd: Custom Okito boxes in a beautiful format. Contact Todd Lassen for pricing and availability. See some sample images at the Okito Article page. 

Leveridge, Mark: Colour Coins. Set of 9 brightly colored brass discs about the size of a half dollar, and an Okito box. Instructions include 9 effects, and comes with a DVD. "Chips" manufactureed by Per Clausen

Leveridge, Mark: The Walkabout Coin Box Routine. Okito Box routine designed for the strolling performer. Four part routine does not require a table. The Okito box is removed from a jeweller's box, and a half dollar vanishes from the Okito box and appears outside. The coin then penetrates the box and is found inside. The Okito box and coin are placed on top of a card box, and the coin penetrates them all into the spectator's hand. The jeweller's box is shown empty and the Okito box is placed inside. The coin vanishes, and when the jeweller's and Okito box are opened, instead of a coin a sponge ball is found inside! Includes brass Okito Box, jeweller’s box, supersoft Goshman sponge ball and a DVD.

Magical Enterprise (USA): Jim "Zee" Zachary: High quality brass boxes. Thick walls, loose fit covers, rounded corners. All (except classic style) boxes accept expanded shells. Available in silver dollar and Walking Liberty sizes in addition to the standard half-dollar size. Jim Zee Magical Enterprise
Okito Box (regular or wafer thin): half-dollar size, Dollar, Walking Liberty
Boston Box (recessed bottom): half, dollar, Walking Liberty
Slot Box: 2-coin half, dollar; 3-coin half, dollar; 4-coin half, dollar, Walking Liberty; 5-coin half, dollar
Three Box set (regular, Boston, slot, 1 cover, case: half, dollar, Walking Liberty
Solid Plug (regular or wafer): half, dollar
Solid Plug Inside box: half, dollar
Undersize Box: half, dollar
German Box (thin coin in bottom, no cover): half, dollar
Classic Box (original Okito style): half, dollar, Walking Liberty

Magic Effex: X-Ray Coinbox: a clear Okito box.

Magic King (India) Okito Boxes: all in 24-Karat gold plated brass and diamond etchings and complete instructions.
Another Coin Box (Brass):
Okito Box
Boston Box

Miracle Cups and Coins. Cups and Balls routine with Coins. Aluminum cups, coins do not contain magnets. Includes 3 cups, 4 half dollars, a solid cup, and a solid "stack of three", carrying bag, and booklet of routines. Cups are 1.5" diameter, 1.25" tall.

Paul Howard: Paul Howard Okito Box 1/2 dollar size.(U.K.) Heavy solid brass for ease of handling and highly polished. Attractive design in cover. Can be custom made for any coin size; Plug Box; 1/2 dollar solid load; Solid Box (with attached lid)

Porper, Joe
: Porper Okito Box.
Stainless Steel Okito Box half dollar size
Dollar Size in Brass

Powers, Mike: Boston Massacre. Diabolical coin box routine in which four coins disappear one by one and are found inside a coin box. For a killer ending the coins visibly vanish from the open box and are found under the four cards, where they began. Manuscript Only; Manuscript & Boston Box

Okito boxes:
Dollar Okito Box Brass: limited to 50. 4 coin capacity. Includes instructions.
Dollar Okito Box Stainless

Roth, David: Coin Box set: Set of three matching boxes: Examinable slot box, thick walled Okito Box, deep recess bottom Boston Box. Turned in solid brass, weighted, accept an expanded shell. Come in a partitioned velvet carrying case. With in-depth 25 page manuscript.

SASCO Boxes: Quarter Box Set. Brass. Four Piece Set (Okito, Boston, Small Diameter, Lid) Okito Box-Improved-With Shaved Down Half Okito Box-Half and dollar sizes Boston Box-Half and dollar sizes Okito Box-3" Jumbo

Schwarzman, Howard Okito Box Routine. Complete with video, gaffed box, special English pennies.

Shufton, Steve: The Worker's Choice Okito Box. Holds 5 coins, with extra height for rim stealing, thick & wide rim and beveled edges. Accomodates a shell and is highly polished. Each is stamped to ensure authenticity. 

Swadling, Bob: Bob's Coin Box. Machined aluminum Okito-style coin box, specially black anodized and jeweler cut to show silver circles in the lid. Perform standard Okito box routines and more. Gimmicked to eliminate slieight of hand. Comes with box, two special Half Dollars and full routine in a booklet

Tabman: Tabman's Turnover Boxes for Casino Chip Magic: these are Oktio style boxes designed for Casino Chips. They are square rather than round, and feature Tabman's craftwork. Available in Mahogany or Rosewood.

Tango Magic (Argentina): in Brass
Okito and Boston Boxes, in Quarter, Half-Dollar and Dollar sizes.
Kartis Okito Box: designed by Argentinean magician Kartis, designed for half-dollar sized coins

T.C. Coin Box. Brass box. Coins, and even the box penetrate the hand. At the climax, the box becomes solid without switches.

Trickery: Metal Mystery Series. Exclusive aluminum (thin walled) Boston and Okito box set. Anodized in black with silver jeweler's cut design in lid. Sized for new gold dollar coins/ Susan B. Anthony dollars. Comes with routines by Richard Robinson.

Viking Manufacturing:
Quart-Okito: Brass. Quarter can be seen in a hole in the box up to the last minute when the quarter disappears.
Star Okito Box: Okito box with a hold out built in and an Art deco design. Brass.
Okito 24kt. Gold Set (5 asst. boxes/lids & instructions. Walnut display case; finest quality, collectors edition limited to 50 sets)
Okito Box, Star -VH design (built-in hold-out; for 4-50˘ coins)
Okito Box-Boston w/lid (VH design; brass, holds 4-50˘ coins) 
Okito Box-reduced diameter, no lid (VH design)
Okito Box-solid, no lid (VH design)
Okito Box-standard w/lid (VH design; brass, holds 4-50˘ coins)
Okito Penny Box Set (Lowe/Okito; brass, 4 pc. set for pennies.)
QuartOkito Coin Vanish (Okito-VH original; visibly vanish a marked 25˘ coin; fabulous delayed vanish)

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