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Last update: April 2015
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Transferring Cassettes to CDR: An article on how to transferr your old cassette tapes to MP3 format Oct 2009 (minor updates)

CD Labeling Programs: A review and link page to programs that allow you to create labels for your CDs. (Please note: putting paper labels on DVD is not a good idea as it upsets the balance of the disk) Oct 2003

Digital Audio Editors and Tools: Provides brief descriptions and a long list of many of the available WAV editors and other software tools that will be handy for digital audio processing, CD burning, converting to MP3, and so forth. Last Update Mar 2010
Bible Software Overview: This overview briefly covers study tools you may find on your desk, and relates a few of the advantages a computerized version of that tool might provide.
Evaluating Bible Study Software: Over ten years ago I performed a fairly in-depth evaluation of most of the programs listed on the Bible Programs page. This article covers some of the aspects I looked at during that evaluation, and may be helpful for others who are trying to compare the various programs and some things to look for.
Bible Software: survey of many of the Bible software programs available for multiple Operating Systems
MP3 Audio Bibles: Article and listing of some of the many Christian Bibles available in MP3 format.
Electronic Audio Bibles: These products provide Bible audio installed on some type of hardware player. Please note I am NOT selling any of these; information was gathered from the websites and are presented here just for your own information.
Software Tools I Recommend: Through the years I have used quite a variety of different shareware and freeware software tools. This list is a set of those that almost always make it on a new PC when I get one.
Guide to Parental Control Software. Some years ago I looked into software that would help me monitor and/or control the websites that my children would have access to. I ended up not doing much in this area and for the most part I think it turned out okay, but this is an area you'll want to seriously consider as you provide your children tools to access the Internet.
PDF Tools. Another older article on many of the tools available for managing PDF tools. If you look at this article and compare to the software available today, you'll be able to see those companies that have proven themselves over the years.
PDF Tools Article: This article explains many of the features you may look for in a PDF tool.