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Comment: This page covers Books, Videos/DVDs, and Products covering the standard 3 Cups & Balls routine with a couple of listings for 2 cup routines using non-gimmicked cups. It also includes the Indian Cups and Balls. The Indian Cups and Balls are short, squat, inverted bowl cups with small handles. They don't stack, and the handling moves differ from the traditional Cups & Balls, although many of the loading moves are the same. See the Chop Cup Reference for coverage of the Chop Cup, Single Cup routines using a non-gimmicked cup, and the Benson Bowl. Combo sets (Cups & Balls sets including a Chop Cup) are included in both listings.

Please note that none of these items are for sale from this website. This listing is provided for informational purposes only and many of these items listed here are likely to be no longer available.

Read an article written by myself about the cups & balls (this site)
Cups and Balls Article
James Riser produces excellent cups, and has some great pages on the history and design of Cups and Balls sets. (external website)
Bill Palmer's Cups & Balls Museum (external website)


Aalto, Simo: Arctic Bells. 1992, 14 pages. A version of the cups and balls using bells and chimes, with a musical ending

Ammar, Michael: The Complete Cups & Balls. Hardcover book (2 Accompanying Videos also available, see video section). While not encyclopedic, The Complete Cups & Balls book provide unique instruction in the cups & balls routine. The book uses many, many photographs along with annotated arrows and lines to show lines of movement. It was designed to be used with the videos as a course in cups & balls.

Ammar, Michael: The Magic Of Michael Ammar. Hardcover. Contains a very thorough coverage of Michael's Stand Up Cups and Balls routine as well as a ton of excellent magic. Includes the Vernon Wand Spin.

Annemann, Ted: The Jinx CD-ROM. Houdini's Magic USA. Over 800 pages of The Jinx, originally published in the 1930's and 40's now in searchable electronic format. Includes magic of every type. The Stanyon articles on the Cups & Balls are reprinted here starting in the August 1937 issue. Also includes Jacob Daley's Cups & Balls routine in the Aug 1938 issue.

Bannon, John: Impossibilia. Includes lots of magic including "Of Cups And Fuzzballs" a Cups and Balls routine, and "Chop" a chop cup routine with several loads.

Bauer, Ron: Dixie; Private Studies Monographs. Southern version of Cups and Balls using Dixie Cups and balls made from a fake confederate bill (which can be photocopied from the book). Humorous script. Contains a discussion of the En Route Principle.

Behnke, Leo: Magic City Library Volume 3 Cups & Balls. Softcover. Provides an introduction to the cups and balls at a low price. I would recommend Osborne's or Shute's books first, though.

Benatar, Rafael: Transit Cups and Balls. Softcover, 1989, 20 pages. Foreword by Ascanio. Content's Include: Transit Cups and Balls; In-Transit Actions and The Cups and Balls; Routine; Alternate Ending; Some Tips For Rehearsal

Bertram, Charles: Charles Bertram, The Court Conjurer - A Biography. Hardcover, 360 pages. With Bertram's Greatest Tricks Explained by Edwin A Dawes. Bertram's life and routines explained in detail. Includes Cups and Balls

Bertram, Ross: Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram. Hardcover. A section on the cups & balls discusses using large chicks as loads, though a full routine is not provided.

Biro, Pete: The Indian Cups and Balls. Softcover. Pete's routine along with reprints of routines by Eddie Joseph and Johnny Platt.

Blaisdell, Dr. Frank: More of Magic. Magic Ltd.. Includes Cups and Balls routine

Brahams, Anthony: Fred Kaps Cups and Balls, as taught by Fred Kaps to Trevor Lewis. Softcover, 20 pages. Entire routine, uses standard cups.

Brahams, Anthony: Ken Brooke's Magic Place. Hardcover, 326 pages. Includes instruction sheets from tons of magic effects produced by Ken Brooke, including: Cup and Balls

Brown, Ed: The Feints And Temps Of Harry Riser. Hardcover, 270 pages. Lots of great routines including Unique Cups and Balls

Burtini: Burtini's Cups & Balls Routine by Supreme Magic.

Burton, Steve: Hocus Pocus Junior, The Art of Legedemain Discovered. This book was originally written in 1634 by an anonymous author known as Hocus Pocus, Jr. One of the earliest coverages of the cups and balls and the "Stack of Pence".

Cellini - The Royal Touch. 200pg. Covers street performing, including a cups & balls routine.

Colombini, Aldo: Classics of Magic. Includes his FISM winning Cups and Balls.

Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini. Hardcover, 180 pages. 60 effects including Hopping Cups and Balls (short routine suitable for table hopping)

Colombini, Aldo: IMPACT. Softcover, 145 pages. Includes Cups & Knots: A cups & balls routine using a rope and knots, Pom Pom Cups, and Laser Cup: A chop cup routine using a green and white pair of "chop cup" balls, one regular red ball, a 2" multicolored ball (red, green, and white), and a cigarette and lighter.

Colombini, Aldo: Mama Mia Cups and Balls. Softcover, 8.5x11", 87 pages, 1993.

Darbyshire, Lydia (editor): The Magic Book. Hardcover, 224 pages. Large format beginner's book with a good variety. Includes: Cups & Balls,

Draun, Steve: Secrets Draun from the Underground. Kaufman. Includes cups & balls.

Eldin, Peter: The Magic Handbook (Also found as the Kingfisher Pocket Book of Magic). Beginner's book with good quality magic, and includes a cups & balls routine with final load.

Elliot, Bruce: Classic Secrets of Magic. Hardcover, 266 pages. Great instruction. Includes chapter on cups & balls (simple through gimmicked, and a Benson Bowl routine), and more. 266 pages.

Fajuri, Gabe: Cups and Balls - A Treatise on the World's Oldest Deception. Softcover. A short but decent booklet on the Cups & Balls by Fun, Inc. Includes beginner to intermediate information, including Dai Vernon's classic "Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine," false transfers, selecting equipment, loads, patter, misdirection, and more.

Farelli, Victor: John Ramsay's Routine with the Cups & Balls. (1948) 103pg. Well printed and illustrated with many photographs showing the hands of the master manipulator, John Ramsay, performing the various moves of the effect. The text, except for Ramsay's brief foreword, is by Victor Farelli. There are eight chapters on the routine itself and as well a chronological history of the effect.

Farmer, Bob: Cyclops. 1998 by Every Trick In The Book, Inc, of Brockville, Ontario, Canada. 11 pages. A unique Three Cup and "One" Ball routine (plus two loads). No need for over-loaded pockets, no lapping.  One large ball and three cups are examined by the spectators. The ball is covered and vanishes, then jumps from cup to cup, penetrates a cup, and appears under a chosen cup. The ball multiplies to three, one under each cup. Instant reset.

Fayne, Chuck: Instant Miracles package (110) by Collector's Workshop. Includes 5 routines, props, and videos (where to list it?). Routines include simple & clean cups & balls routine. Props include Collector's Workshop Brass cups (available separately), 3 ersatz limes for the finale, balls and glass, and necessary cards. Also includes a video with the full routine and patter.

Fedko, John: Magic Treasures Hardcover. Compiled and Edited by Tom Clifford. 54 effects including Chop Cups, Cups and Balls and more.

Fleshman, Dan: Excellence of Dan Fleshman. Includes A Shot for You, Cups and Balls with the Fleshman Flash.

Fromer, Roy: The Cups, A Manual of Cups and Balls Magic. Softcover. Collection of unusual, off-beat, and sometimes useful ideas for Cups & Balls. Not a must have, but inexpensive.

Funtime Magic
(Calcutta, India): The Cups & Balls Tutor. Softcover. Covers basic moves for the cups and balls. Includes vanishes, loading, etc., as well as an easy and an advanced routine with six phases and a final load.24 pages.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Volume 2. Hardcover, 286 pages, L&L Publishing (reprint). Includes One Cup Two Balls (by J. Van Rinkhuyzen "Rink", short routine using chop cup & two balls), David Berglas on Sleeving (includes Cups & Balls info!), and more.

Ganson, Lewis: Colombini's Cups & Balls. Aldo's Prize winning FISM routine written by Lewis Ganson.

Ganson, Lewis: The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. Hardcover. Includes The Cups & Balls (simple and straight-forward with three object climax), Potpourri (including Charlie Miller Cups & Balls move), Ball, Cone, and Handkerchief, and more.

Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon Cups & Balls Routine. 15 pages published by The Supreme Magic Company - Devon, England.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Parts I & II. 286 pages. Includes Ken Brook Cups & Balls routine

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Finale. Includes Hans Tixer's Miniature Cups & Balls (Walnut Shell & Pea type routine with a coin)

Garcia, Frank: Very Best of Cups & Balls. Includes: Frank's Million Dollar Cup and Ball Routine; Paul Gertner's Superlative Steel Sphere Routine; Sam Horozit'z routine; and more.

Gazzo: Gazzo on the Cups and Balls. Gazzo's classic street performance for over 25 years. Describes the cups, balls, pouch, table, loads and the full routine. Photo illustrated.

Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's A Magic Lecture! Lecture notes contain Great Scott's Table Hopping Cups and Balls Routine: Uses 2 cups from Combo set (one Chop Cup). Includes a large ball climax.

Hammond, Rae: Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles. 1985, hardcover. Includes Methods for Miracles Number Seventeen - Edward G. Brown's Cups and Balls Routine, described by Fabian.

Hatch, Richard: The Magic of J.N. Hofzinser. Over 200pg. 80 effects. Includes Hofzinser's Cups and Balls

Hay, Henry: Amateur Magician's Handbook: Chapter 10 briefly discusses the cups and balls. Shows small ball palm, fake loads, and some ideas on routining.

Hilliard, John North: Greater Magic. 1400 page classic includes cups & balls.

Hoffman, Professor: Modern Magic. Classic of magic with cups and balls and lots more

Hugard, Jean: Modern Magic Manual 372pp. Includes cups & balls

Ilango, P, Indian Cups & Balls. Supreme Magic Publication. 

Ireland, L.L.: Ireland's Original Cups & Balls. 36 pages. Comprehensive coverage including double loads.

Ireland, L.L.: Ireland Writes a Book. 36pg. 25 tricks and ideas including Cups and Balls, (features small standard cups, 2 cork balls, and three loads

Joseph, Eddie: A Practical Lesson In Cups and Balls. 1937. See Eddie Joseph on Cups & Balls 

Joseph, Eddie: Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls. 1938. See Eddie Joseph on Cups & Balls

Joseph, Eddie, Eddie Joseph on Cups & Balls. A collection (slightly abridged) of: "A Practical Lesson In Cups and Balls" (1937), "Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls" (1938), "Last Word On Cups and Balls" (1942), and "My Favorite Routine with Cups and Balls" (1949).

Joseph, Eddie: Hindu Cups. A treatise on the Indian Style Cups and Balls.

Joseph, Eddie, Last Word on Cups & Balls. See Eddie Joseph on Cups & Balls

Joseph, Eddie, My Favorite Routine with Cups & Balls See Eddie Joseph on Cups & Balls

Kanter, Mitchell: Cups and Balls Magic - Manipulation and Routines. Softcover, 58 pages, 1955 Kanter's Magic Shop, Philadelphia. Illustrated by Bill Hanna.

Kaufman, Richard: The Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi. 120pp. Close up, stand up, and stage magic. Includes The Solid Cup (a one cup & ball routine), Owan To Tama (Japanese Cups & Balls routine)

Kaufman, Richard: Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver. 20 coin routines, 16 card routines, and the Steel Cups and Balls (uses steel balls)

Kaufman, Richard & David Williamson: Williamson's Wonders. 23 routines, step by step. 9 coins, three coins & cards, eight cards, and cups & balls.

Kort, Milt: Kort is Now in Session. 64 pages. 12 Close-up routines with cards, coins, dice and miniature cups and balls. Miniature Cups & Balls routine also available from Rings 'N Things II.

Lane, Frank: Funny Talk for Magicians #1 Stories and jokes for your presentations including cups & balls

Lasher, Micah: The Magic of Micah Lasher. Lots of good beginner to intermediate magic. Cards, coins, balls, kitchen, mental, and rope magic. Includes a cups & balls routine that starts with no-sleights moves and ends with three loads.

Leslie, L: Triple Color Cups & Balls. $2.50

Lewis, Eric: Personal Magic Volume 1 (CD-ROM). Tons of magic including Milt Kort's Chromo Cups & Balls.

Loomis, Dennis: The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine. 32pp, L&L Publishers. Clean handling and economy of motion, resets for table hopping. To be performed seated. Includes Three Ball Assembly and Smash Color Change.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. Hardcover, 720 pages. Over 500 items from the first 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. Includes Allan Hayden's One Cup Routine, Barry Govan's Las Vegas Dice one cup and dice routine

MacCarthy, E. Brian: The Chameleon Cups and Balls. 44 pages. Performed seated on the floor, and in which the balls change color after the cups are placed over them.

Mardo, Senor: The Cups & Balls. Softcover, 35 pages, 1955 Magic Ltd. Passes, palming, loads, baby chicks, three full routines, the Homing Ball (ball and cone), three shell game, sponge ball routine, and Mardo's Chinese Cups and Balls routine.

Mardo, Senor: Routined Magic. Softcover, 29 pages, 1945 Max Holden. Includes Mardo's Cups & Balls (uses standard cups & 4 balls), and some Cups & Balls sleights

McFalls, E.M.: Cellini, The Royal Touch. Hardcover, 188 pages. Includes Where to Work the Streets, Street Performer's Workshop and Tools (including the famous Cellini Topit), Cups & Balls Routine One, Cups & Balls Routine Two, and much more.

McClintock, Reed: Defiance II Booklet. Reed's presentation of this classic effect. Three cups shown with a wand. A ball appears at the fingertips, vanishes, and appears under a cup. This is repeated with a ball under each cup. The balls vanish, and appear under the cups again. A sequence using one cup is next, with three balls appearing under the cup. The balls are vanished once again, and final loads appear under each cup.

Mendoza, John & Fleshman, Dan: Magician Tested/Audience Approved - the Magic of Dan Fleshman.  Softcover, 70 pages. Includes a chapter on Cups and Balls Move

Mendoza, John: Mendoza Cup & Ball Routine. Uses the Combo Cups & Balls Set, with minimum sleight of hand, performed seated.

Mendoza, John: Sequel To The Mendoaza Cups And Balls Routine. Softcover, 6 pages, Morrissey Magic. A follow up routine for the Mendoza Cup & Ball Routine, featuring the use of the Combo Cups & Balls set (one cup is a Chop Cup).

Mentzer, Jerry: Close-Up File. Hardcover, 195 pages. Table Hopping, Cups and Balls, etc.

Mentzer, Jerry: Effective Cups & Balls. Easy-to-do, stand-up version of the cups and balls routine with three load finale.

Miller, Hugh (editor): Rink's Magic From Holland: Includes cards, coins, closeup and more. Features Indian Cups and Balls routine, a start for Chop Cup, a Chop Cup prelude, and a Double Chop Cup routine.

Minch, Stephen & Elmsley, Alex: The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Vol 1.  Hardcover, 424 pages. Over 100 effects, including Elmsley's cups & balls.

Minch, Stephen: Kort, The Magic of Milt Kort. Includes Kortospheres classic three ball mystery, cups and balls for the mentalist, etc.

Mishel, Ed: Hold Out Miracles. Softcover, 64 pages. Note, not all effects require use of holdout. Includes three versions of Cups and Balls

Mullica, Tom: It's Show Time at the Tom Foolery. Hardcover, 240 pages. 21 routines including cups and balls.

Nemoto, Takeshi: Tokyo Trickery. Magic, Inc. 160 photos. Tricks include Japanese Cups and Balls and more.

Ogden, Tom: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks. Softcover. A good beginner's book. Includes lots of impromptu magic. Has a simple no-sleight cups & balls routine with the balls penetrating the cups.

Osborne, Tom: Cups & Balls Magic. Softcover, 60 pages. An encyclopedia of cups & balls magic. Sleights, moves, and full routines.

Pabular Magazine of Close-up Magic Book 1 vol 1 and 2. Hardcover, 300 pages. First 24 issues bound in one volume. Includes cups and balls, and more by masters such as Avis, Bertram, Wonder, Elmsley, Kaps, Lewis, etc.

Pabular Magazine of Close-up Magic Book 2 vol 3 and 4. Hardcover, 300 pages. Second 24 issues (300pp) bound in one volume. Includes more cups and balls and lots more magic.

Palmer Bill: The Cups and Balls and Other Sleight of Hand from Hocus Pocus, Junior. Adessoverlag. E-book extract from "The Art of Legedemain Discovered" in modernized English with patter and illustrations. From the 3rd edition of 1638.

Platt, John: John Platt's Cups & Balls.

Ponsin, Jean-Nicholas (translated by S.H. Sharpe): Ponsin on Conjuring Book. 177 pages. Originally published in French in 1853. Includes a section on Cups & Balls with an idea of using metal balls. 177pp.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo without cards. Hardcover. 67 effects including State-Street Cups & Balls, Chop Cup to the Max (three Chop Cups!), Tea for Three impromptu cups & balls,

Raucherbaumer, Jon: Magie Duvivier - The Magic of Dominique Duvivier. 179 pages. Includes Duvivier Cups and Balls (a fourth cup appears at the end and uses a chop cup!),

Read, B: Penultimate Cups And Balls. Softcover, 20 pages. Classic cups & balls routine.

Regal, David: Close Up and Personal. Hardcover, 264pg. 72 items and includes cups and mice, etc. 

Regal, David: Constant Fooling Volume 1. Includes lots of card magic, Cups & Balls & Cups & Balls routine, and a section with no cards.

Riggs, John: The Magic Of John Riggs. 89 pages. Close-up magic with Cups and Balls, and more.

Rings 'N Things II: Milt Kort's Miniature Cups & Balls Routine. Manuscript normally comes with RNT II Miniature Cups, The Foxy Ones.

Rings 'N Things II: John Mendoza's Routine and Milt Kort's Miniature Cups. Manuscript normally comes with RNT II Miniature Cups "Black Beauty"

Rings 'N Things II: VM (Vernon-Mendoza) Routine and Cups & Balls Routine. Manuscript normally comes with the RNT II Foxy Two Cups.

Sachs, Edwin: Sleight of Hand. 408pp. Cards, coins, cups and balls, handkerchiefs etc.

Schneider, Al: Al Schneider on Closeup. 1980 hardcover. Includes Quickcups, a routine using standard magic kit cups.

Scot, Reginald: The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Written in 1584. Section on magic covers the Cups & Balls

Shane, R. The Sting, A Deadly Routine for the Cups and Balls. e-Book, 2006, 18 pages, Simple cups and balls routine combined with a "two in the hand, one in the pocket" routine. Storyline revolves around assassination and death.

Shute, Merlyn T.: Nine Modern Classics. 80 pages. Using the standards including the Indian Cups & Balls

Shute, Merlyn T.: Cups Cups Cups. Softcover, 44 pages. Thorough coverage of Cups & Balls magic. Explains one ahead principle, openings, moves, flourishes, and full routines. Includes routines for the Combo Cups & balls Set (includes a chop cup). This book is mandatory for anyone owning the Morrisey Combo Cups, and is recommended for anyone else.

Stanyon, Ellis. Stanyon's Magic, 1900-1914, 1919-1920. L&L Publishing (reprint). Contains a series of articles on the Cups and Balls in the Feb 1912 - July 1912 issues. Includes ideas, sequences, and moves for the cups and balls.

Starke, George (editor): Stars of Magic. Hardcover. Features Cups and Balls

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Volume 1. Includes: The Cups And Balls using paper coffee cups and rubber balls

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic, Volume 6. Among others, includes: Cup and Balls

Tarr, Bill: Now You See It, Now You Don't. Softcover, 224 pages. Well done graphical lessons in sleight of hand. Tricks include cups and balls

Thompson, J.G. Jr: Magic to Delight. Softcover, 124 pages. Includes 2 Cups & Balls using different colored cups

Thompson, J.G. Jr.: Top Secrets of Magic. Softcover, 125 pages. Includes a first-class cup and ball routine

Tong, Dan: Close Up Magic of Dan Tong. 30 pages. Includes Cups & Balls

Trost, Nick: Nick's Routine With the Cups And Balls. 1971

Turcotte, Dan: In Your Hands Cups and Balls Monte Routine. An e-book and Quicktime video product from 46 image PDF e-book, video filmed at Golden Nugget Steakhouse. An in the hands routine for street or restaurant performance. I've read a couple good reviews on this routine. Comes with 14 page PDF e-book, and additional e-book on building a magic table, and two 2-minute Quicktime videos of the performance (one in restaurant, one on street).

Vernon, Dai: Expanded Lecture Notes. Includes Dai Vernon Cup and Ball Routine

Watson, Brian: Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls Book. 95 pages. No set up, no body loads, no pockets used.

Williams, Dick: Cups & Balls for the New Millennium.

Willane: Complete Methods for Miracles (edited by Rae Hammond). Softcover, 246 pages, Davenports Magic, U.K. Magnificently illustrated manual of manipulation and general magic from greats including Edward Victor, N'Gai, Gus Southall, Edward G. Brown, Peter Warlock, Fabian and Willane. Includes cups and balls. Original manuscripts have been meticulously edited by Rae Hammond, and additional notes have been added to bring everything up to date.

Wilson, Mark: Complete Course in Magic. Covers cups and balls and much more.

Wonder, Tommy: Tommy Wonder Entertains. 50 pages. Canned Craziness chop cup routine with a soup can and a meatball. Cough Cough routine. Jos Bema Cups & Balls routine.

Wonder, Tommy & Stephen Minch: Books Of Wonder - Volume 1 & 2. Hardcover, 350 pages. Includes The Updated Two-Cup Routine 50 other tricks, routines and sleights.

York, Scotty: Scotty York on Cups & Balls. "X-Rated" (not adult!) cups and balls because you could do it in the nude.


Alan, Don: Don Alan's Magic Ranch Series. Four videos of historic television footage. Features Don Alan performing close up magic and special guests for each show, such as Jack Gwynne, Johnny Platt, Clarke Crandall, George and Betty Johnstone, Al Flosso, Richard Himber, Jummy Reneaux, Sam Berman, Karrell Fox, Jay Marchall, Chan (Vic Torsberg), Ralph Pierce, and Neil Foster. Includes performances of  an Indian cups & balls routine, among much more.

Amazing Magic: 25 Tricks and Tips with Cups and Balls. Low priced introduction to the Cups & Balls.

Ammar, Michael: Michael Ammar's Complete Cups & Balls video set. L&L Publishing. Videos to accompany the book. Volume 1 contains the fundamentals and an impromptu routine. Volume 2 includes more instruction and the Dai Vernon Cups & Balls routine.

Ammar, Michael: Greater Magic V6. Includes: Fireball, Two Card Trick, Card Well Hung, Silk to Egg, Cups and Balls

Ammar, Michael: Live at the Magic Castle!: Includes a performance only presentation of the Cups & Balls

Andrews, Carl: Table Hopping Cups & Balls Video/DVD. Two cup routine for the cups & balls. Quick & direct, ending with the production of sponge balls. Goes into the Ain't No Mo Sponge Ball routine (also taught).

Baker, Carroll: Xposed - Cups & Balls Secrets Revealed. Make a ball penetrate a solid cup, move three balls from one cup to another, learn the Click Vanish, Galloping Post, Tip Off Vanish

Benatar, Rafael: Elegant Cups and Balls on DVD. 70 minutes. Teaches timing, misdirection and handling that you can readily apply to all of your magic. Includes his new eCups presentation that features a captivating e-mail premise. Also, how to customize the Cups & Balls for tradeshows and to integrate a company's message.

Benatar, Rafael: The Elegant Magic Of Rafael Benatar-Volume 3 Video, The Cups & Balls, Execution, Theory & Practice. In depth instruction on the Cups & Balls.

Bertram, Ross: Legendary Magic Volume 2 DVD. L&L Publishing. Includes the Egyptian Cups & Balls.

Breese, Martin: Percy Press Interviewed by Martin Breese - A Traveller's Tale. This is actually an audio file on CD. Percy Press was an English Street Conjuror. Provides details of Cups & Balls, the Cap and Pence, Ropes and Rings, and more.

Cape Cod Conclave, The Video 1991 Hank Lee's Magic Factory: 2 hours. Learn Cups & Balls from Aldo Colombini; Bev Bergeron's Ring on Stick, and more from Eric DeCamps, Mike Rogers, Scotty York, and so forth.

Carney, John: Caffeinated Cups and Balls DVD. An impromptu routine with coffee cups and balls, with additional Vernon routine variations, moves, tips, finesse.

Colombini, Aldo: Classics of Magic (Video). Previously released as Classical Magic the Colombini Way by Supreme Magic Co. of England. Re-edited version by L&L Publishing. Includes: Aldo's Award Winning Cups & Balls.

Colombini, Aldo: The Essential Aldo Columbini Volume 2 DVD. Includes Balls & Cups two cup and ball routine with the production of a third cup, and more.

Colombini, Aldo: Ken Brooke Cu[s and Balls. DVD.

Colombini, Aldo: Lasting Impressions - Commercial Magic with Aldo Colombini Volume 4. Mamma Mia Cups & Balls (uses 3 different colored balls).

Colombini, Aldo: Mamma Mia Magic Vol 1. Includes Aldo's world famous Cups & Balls routine.

Daryl: Dary's Fooler Doolers Vol 1 DVD. Includes Daryl's Cup and Ball, and more.

de Cova, Alexander: Treasures Video Volume 2. Cups & Balls.

Ellis, Tim: Runaround Sue. FISM Award-Winning Cups & Balls Routine. Over one and a half hours of teaching with live performances and detailed teaching of the entire act. $30

Elmsley, Alex: The Tahoe Sessions Vol 4 (video). Includes: the cups & balls.

Fayne, Chuck: Instant Miracles package (110) by Collector's Workshop. Routines, Props, Video. $249.95 See listing under books

Fedko, John: School of Magic Volume 3. Includes: Cups & Balls

Fleshman, Dan: The Commercial Magic of Dan Fleshman Volume 1. Cups & Balls elevator move.

Fleshman, Dan: Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman, Volume 3 - Desserts DVD. Cups and Balls (featuring the Fleshman Flash final load sequence)

Frye, Charlie: Eccentricks Video. Offbeat stunts, gags, and routines. Includes Cups and Balls, Assorted Juggling Gags, Coin Sleights and Flourishes, etc.

Fun, Incorporated: 25 Amazing Tricks with Cups and Balls DVD (with Troy Hooser). Video studio production includes a full routine plus Traveling Balls, Appearing Balls, Bagless Purse, Solid Through Solid, French Drop Vanish, Thumb Vanish, Curl Palm Vanish, Drop Vanish, 2-Cup Travel, Traveling Balls #2, Color Change Balls, and Wand Vanish.

Galloway, Andrew: The Magic of John Ramsay Volume 1 DVD. Presented by Andrew Galloway. Included on this tape is a wonderful lecture by Andrew on the art and science of misdirection. There is also rare footage of John Ramsay himself. Routines on Vol.1 include The Ramsay Cups and Balls

Garcia, Frank: Stars of Magic DVD Volume 3 (also Stars of Magic Video #2). DVD includes two videos: Frank Garcia and Frank Garcia Magical Classics. Includes Elevator Cups & Balls, Cups & Balls, and more.

Garcia, Frank: Stars of Magic Video Tape Eight, Frank Garcia #2: Clever variations on the Cups & Balls. Galloping Post, The Crash Move, Solid thru Solid, and more.

Garcia, Frank: Stars of Magic Video Tape One: 55 mins, Triumph Outdone, Eyemazing, Elevator Cups and Balls Routine, and the Master's Vanish.

Gazzo: Cups and Balls - Prime. 67 minutes, DVD. From Gazzo's 2018 lecture. He presents his cups & balls act in a no-nonsense, bare-bones manner.

Gazzo on the Cups and Balls Video by the School for Scoundrels. Legendary street routine detailed with all the subtleties. Includes holding and controlling a street crowd.

Gazzo Gazzo on Video. 25 minutes. Gazzo's street performance of the cups & balls. Also includes his Card in Mouth routine. This is a performance only tape. Cups & Balls routine can be found in Gazzo's book.

Gazzo: Street Cups DVD. Three Hours. Gazzo demonstrates and teaches his famous tried and true Street Cups routine. Includes an overview of equipment; presentation of the routine; teach-in with Guy Collins.

Gazzo Video Uncensored by the School for Scoundrels. A raw show performed at the Magic Castle, including his famous cups and balls routine.

Gentle, Jonnie: The Famous Cups and Balls (Poor Man's Version) CD Rom. As performed by Patrick Page, uses normal cups or mugs and paper balls. The balls reappear under the cups, jump from cup to cup, and ends in large loads. Includes video demonstration.

Gertner, Paul: Steel And Silver Video - Volume Two (video): Includes Cups and Balls

Mendoza, John: John Mendoza Live V2. Includes Cups & Balls

Mendoza, John: My Best Volume 1 DVD. 1 Hour 50 minutes. Includes Mendoza Cups and Balls.

Mendoza, John: My Best Volume 2 DVD. Almost 2 hours. Includes Bowl Routine (Roy Benson routine with an in the spectator's hands portion); ; Vernon Cups and Balls (Vernon's used as a starting point);

Menoza, John: Routined Close Up. International Video Magic Series Vol. 1. Includes Chop Cup, Collectors (Performance Only), Cups & Balls (Performance Only), and Mendoza's Cups & Balls

Miller, Charlie and Johnny Thompson: Geater Magic V29. Stevens Magic. Includes Charlie Miller Cups & Balls: Hindu Cups, Chinese Cups

Muerte, Manuel: Done by Misdirection DVD. 21 routines in over 2 hours. Includes: The Cups and Balls and more. Manuel also performs his award-winning FISM act. In English and German.

Novak, John: 2 Cups One Ball (by Backyard Video). 2 Cup routine uses one regular and one chop cup from your combo cups and balls. Also includes how to make your own set of cups. Routine is a 2½ minute professional cabaret routine.

Novak, John: Basic Cups & Balls Video (by Backyard Video). Beginner’s first professional routine. John Novak teaches one easy-to-learn sleight for all basic necessities. Includes how to load and produce large climax balls. Includes a surprise version for the pocket-size cups as well as the “EZ-Magic” type aluminum cups and balls.

Novak, John: "Khufu's Knoptics" Cup & Ball Routine Video (by Backyard Video). Entertaining and easily learned commercial routine. Warning: contains adult patter

Page, Patrick: Close Up Video. Professional spongeball routine, Impromptu Cups & Balls, etc.

Palmer, Johnny Ace: Johnny Ace Palmer Video 2: Includes Close-Up Cups and Balls for table hopping.

Paul, Johhny: Greater Magic V15. Includes Cups & Balls

Raffles, Mark: The Legacy. DVD. Mark Raffles the pickpocket reveals his act. Includes archive footage, watch steals, practice techniques, and the Cups and Balls with Chicks including types of cups, tables, loading methods, and hints & tips.

Ray, Eddy: Complete Course In Magic With Cups & Balls. 2 DVD set with Plastic "chrome" Cup set. Features over 75 moves, sleights, and manipulations for the cups and balls.

Regal, David: Volume 2 - More Tricks. Video/DVD. Includes 12 effects including The Origami Bill and Cups & Balls & Cups & Balls.

Reynolds, Steve: Uploaded. Download Video. 20 minutes from multiple angles, short & sweet, with some new sponge ball & cup moves.

RSVP: Best of RSVP Magic. 2 DVD Set. Disc 1 - 1hr, 46min; Disc 2 - 1hr, 35min. A selection of routines from their first seven titles. Includes Cups and Balls.

Shufton, Steve: Wrinkles on the Table. DVD. 2 DVD set. Includes: Cups and Balls and more.

Shryock, John: Live at Ceasar's Magical Empire. Video. John's performance in the close up room of the Caesar's Magical Empire in 2002. Eight routines, 1.5 hours. Includes Mini Cups and Balls Routine, and Classic Cups and Balls Routine.

Skinner, Michael: The Legendary Repertoire of Michael Skinner Volume 2. Video. A performance only video includes Rub-a-Dub-Dub Cups & Balls, Skinner Cups & Balls, and more.

Stevens: Cups and Balls Teach-In Session. Michael Ammar, Charlie Miller, Mike Rogers, Johnny Paul.

Thompson, Johnny: Commercial Classics of Magic V4. L&L Publishing. Includes Cups & Balls, Color Changing Knife, In Depth Interview with Michael Ammar, and more.

Vernon, Dai: Dai Vernon's Secrets of Magic. (video) 25 minutes of Dai Vernon (at age 76), 1 Hour of Bruce Cervon. Dai Vernon teaches the Cups & Balls (among others)

Vernon, Dai: Dai Vernon - An Interview. (1974) 2 video set, 1 hour each. Dai Vernon interview with Tony DeLap. Dai relates early years, and performs cards, Cups & Balls and more.

Vernon, Dai: Videonics Program #49 Revelations Vol. 5. 1 hour. Includes The Cups and Balls (Vernon tells of the various cups, the holds, the steals, the loads and the misdirection; presentation by Michael Ammar); Now available with two volumes on one video (volumes 5 & 6, volume 6 is mostly cards).

Various: Encore Collection, Greater Magic V46. Juan Tamariz: Includes Mike Rogers: Cups & Balls,

Wakeman, Randy: Randy Wakeman Video 3. 90 minutes of close up: cards, coins, cups & balls, sponge balls.

Wardell, Peter: Crowdpuller DVD. 2 DVD Set of Street Magic. Includes Behind the Scenes and how to get a crowd, Peter's Cups and Balls routine along with a One Cup variation, and more.

Watson, Brian: Anytime, Anywhere Cups & Balls. Double DVD. No setup, no body loads, no pockets used.

Watson, Brian: Cupdate Volumes 1 and 2. New moves and improvements for the Cups & Balls worker. Vol 1 includes Topas' Wand, Cup Production, No Sleight 3 Ball Production, Whole Sequence, Cup Through Cup, and how to strip a patina and how to polish copper cups; Vol 2 includes World's cleanest 0 3 0 sequence; Open Miller Move; Psychology of the 4th ball; Watson Revolution; Williamson/Watson Penetration; plus how to protect with wax, and secret cup slicking method.

Wilson, Mark: Video Course in Magic V2: Includes Cups & Balls and lots more.

Williams, Dick: Magic In Focus. Dick Williams presents family-oriented magic and comedy including Cups & Balls, and many more.

Williamson, David: Sleight of Dave 1. Video. Covers: cups and balls routine using only 2 cups, Rocky Racoon, etc.

Xiao, Qin Ming: Oriental Mysteries. Video $40ppd. Includes Wonder Peaches cups & balls precursor


(Note: any prices mentioned are estimates at the time the cups were introduced or advertised - current prices, if the cups are even available, may vary greatly).

Adams, S.S.: Plastic Cups & Balls set. This is the set that comes with many beginner's magic sets. The cups nest, and use pom-pom balls. Usually the cups are all different colors, which isn't ideal if you want to do a "monte" style routine. I suppose for the "penetrating ball" effects described in the basic instructions, the different colors help the audience keep track. Similar sets are made by Royal Magic, D. Robbins, and others.

Ambitious Card, The (Frank Starsinic The Ambitious Card): Cups & Balls Accessories. Frank provides a variety of leather bags and pouches useful for the cup worker. Includes bags for carrying cup sets, pouches for street performing, and colorful felt ball sets for the Cups & Balls. Also carries several leather and wood Chop Cups and Dice Stacking Cups. Highly recommended.

Animal, Gary: Animal Cup. MagicPitch. Designed by Gary Animal and produced by hand in Sheffield, England. Similar to the Gazzo cup, but smaller. Sold as-is with carry pouch and set of soccer balls. 79mm (3.1" inner diameter. Copper. Were over $200.

Animal, Gary: Babe Cup. MagicPitch. Produced by hand in Sheffield, England. Designed to hold baseball as final load. Sold as is, with carry pouch and set of soccer balls. 75mm (2.95" inner diameter). Copper. Were over $200

Arjan's Professional Copper Chop Cups & Ball Combination Set. Arjan's Magic Shop, Netherlands. Made from polished solid brass. German made. Supplied with hand knit balls, no instructions. 

Bazar de Magia Cups and Balls. Bazar de Magia makes a good set of inexpensive cups from all the reports I've read. They make cups in spun Aluminum, Copper, or Brass, all available in a Combo set. All sets come with 4 balls (Combo sets with one chop ball), draw string carry bag, and instructions.

Bennett, Keith: Cups in Polished Copper. Mirror polished Copper, with Balls & Bag. Holds a Tennis ball load and up to 3 1.125" balls in the saddle.

Biro, Pete: Galli Galli Cups. Named after Egyptian magician Galli Galli, known for popularizing a routine using live baby chicks. Will take a large 3 1/2-inch load and easily hold three balls on the deep concave top. Nickel-plated cups. 4-inch height, 3 1/2-inch diameter, 11-inch circumference. Were over $200

Biro, Pete: Indian Cups & Balls. Hand hammered silver plated engraved cups, hand crafted in Nepal. With crochet balls and illustrated booklet "Pete Biro Presents The Indian Cups & Balls; Thoughts, Ideas & Routines". Contains history and routines.

Biro, Pete: Johhny Paul Reproduction Cups. These cups of spun brass are the traditional tall tapered design. They are designed for use with sponge balls. See also the Stevens video tape of Johnny Paul's routine using these cups.

Bertram, Ross/Charlie Miller Cups & Balls. Description from Magic, Inc. site, "Heavy, sturdy, and chunky with a fine grip to them. Spun with the 'Dai Vernon style' rounded shoulder. Heavy beading around the mouth. Gleaming with the red gold tints of burnished copper, absolutely beautiful. 3 inches tall, 3 1/8th mouth diameter." These were off the market for a while, and at their last listing were $125. Their main difficulty is that the nesting space is small. Nesting two or three balls makes it rock. Use the smaller 7/8' balls. Magic Inc.

Buma’s Monte Monkey Business. Three cups that look like a fez feature the chop cup gimmick. A small monkey that fits under the cups can't be tracked. A jumbo peanut comes at the climax.

Burger, Mark: English Pewter Cups and Balls with 14k Gold Accents, or .925 Sterling Silver Cups & Balls with 18 KT Gold Highlight. Cups are weighted for balance and heft. Height is 3", diameter 3", 6oz per cup (pewter). Prices ranged from $250 to over $500.

Cellini Cups. Solid brass cups. Durable and capable of withstanding endless amounts of punishment. Manufactured in Germany to Cellini's exacting standards. Were around $300.

Collector's Workshop Cups and Balls (432). Viking Magic. Polished spun-brass cups with sample routine and 4 knit balls. These cups are also included in the Chuck Fayne Instant Miracles package, listed above under books. Were around $200.

Daytona Magic Solid Brass Cups & Balls. Daytona Magic. Made from solid brass ingots. No bead. Comes with knit balls.

Duvivier Cups And Balls. As featured in Raucherbaumer's book Magie Duvivier - The Magic of Dominique Duvivier. This set includes 4 copper cups (one chop cup), 8 balls, drawstring bag, and Duvivier's routine.

El Duco's Golden Cups. By El Duco. Brass cups. El Duco's Magic Supply. Ground, polished, and burn-lacquered. 80mm height, 40mm bottom, 70mm mouth. 130g. 3 cups, 4 red balls (solid rubber core), and cloth bag. $50.00 US. Mini size (6cm tall)

El Duco Golden Combination Set by El Duco. El Duco's Magic Supply. Two normal cups and one chop cup. Brass cups are ground, polished, and burn-lacquered. With 4 red balls (one gimmicked) and cloth bag.

Electrofun Cups and Balls. (India). Available in aluminum, brass, and copper. Each set comes with cups, 4 hand crocheted balls, wool carry bag, and tutor manual of the basics. Available in: small 3" diameter 3.5" high; standard 3" diameter 4" high; or large 3.5" diameter, 4.6" high.

Electrofun Wooden Cups and Balls with Kicker. (India) Yellow wooden cups with one solid cup for a kicker ending. Cups and balls in a drawstring bag.

Encore Magic Ammar/Encore Cups. Set of "squarish" cups designed with Michael Ammar from the Fab fruit final loads out. Made from heavy copper and meant to be a worker's cup set. Cups will stack with 1" balls. Limited to 500 sets.

Fantasma Cups And Balls. Plastic cups in silver. 2.5" tall, 2" diameter. Comes with three cups, balls, special magic wand, and instructions with 15 different ideas and tips.

Fohrman Cups. Bright Nickel or Gold Nickel flash plated with industrial gold as used on satellites. Designed with the working performer in mind. Each cup cut from a solid block of aluminum, polished, and electroless nickel plated to never tarnish, nick, or chip. Can take a tennis ball load. 6.75oz per cup. With four 1" red crotched balls, velvet drawstring bag. Prices ranged from around $300 to $500

Garcia Cups for the Classic Cups & Balls. Manufactured by Tony Spina, Tannen's Magic. Solid heavy copper base, chrome plated, polished to a high luster. 2 3/4" mouth (will hold a tennis ball), 3" high, 2 1/4" indented top (will hold three balls). Eleven studs circle the cups for grip. No single or double lines circle the cups. Comes with drawstring bag, Osborne's Cups and Balls book. Were over $200

Gazzo & Knight: Street Cups. Designed by Gazzo and Gary Knights (Gary Animal). Heavy gauge copper, hand spun by a master craftsman in England. Large enough for a baseball or an orange. Stack smoothly. Size: over 3.5" tall, 4 1/4" wide mouth. Weight over 6oz each. Prices ranged from $350 to $1,500 (for Silver)

Gazzo Laced Pouch/Street Cups Combo. Handmade laced pouch and Gazzo's copper Street Cups designed by Gazzo and Gary Animal. Were almost $800

Great Scott Magic: Renaissance Leather Cups and Balls. Genuine leather cups and balls based on the original drawings from Hocus Pocus, Jr. (1634) and "The Conjuror" by Hironymous Bosch. No lip to prevent sticking. Comes with 3 hand-stitched genuine leather cups, 4 hand-stitched leather balls, and attractive velvet drawstring leather bag.

Hank Lee: Monti Style Cups. Fashioned after the legendary Monti Cups designed by Harry Monti and produced by Rings & Things.

Harries Magic Bosco Cups. Named after European performer Bartolomeo Bosco (1793-1863). Large Traditional Style cups in copper. I've heard good comments about these relatively inexpensive cups. Size: height 4 1/2", bottom diameter 2", opening diameter 3 1/2". Suitable for Stage or Close Up. Copper

Harries Magic Classic Cups. Aluminum. Size: height 3", bottom diameter 1 3/4", opening diameter 3". No photo at the Harries site.

Hidden Wren Magic Props: Cups and Balls. U.K. company. Three styles:
Cocobolo Cups and Balls. Available with matching chop cups, solid cups, Takagi cups. Size: Each cup 2 7/8 inches high, 2 3/8 inch mouth. Custom order from £300
Mini Cups. Elm, 3 straight cups, 1 chop cup and 1 solid cup, with a set of 3/4 balls. £270
English Oak Cups and Balls. £160.00
Takagi Style Cups and Balls. Separates at the bottom by means of a hand chased thread.  Each set comes with a Takagi style cup, and matching chop cup, bags, chop ball set, wax, and the hidden wren logo displayed somewhere on the cups.Custom. Size: 2 1/2in (64mm) Tall, 2in (50mm) mouth

Ickle Pickle Cups & Balls. Aluminum set, tall and narrow design. No bead. 3 hand knit balls, drawstring bag.

JESMagic Squatty Cups. These cups are reproductions of the Danny Dew Paul Fox style cups. They are hand spun from copper, and weigh approximately one pound. Also available in nickle chrome plated copper. They can be obtained direct from JESmagic. Were over $200.

Johnson Products Cups & Balls. Recently introduced (2000), these cups are designed after the Paul Fox cups. Triple bead in middle, sealed rim. These cups are not spun. Can hold 3 1" balls when nested. Highly recommended by many. Cost was around $200.

Kaminskas, Michael: Limited Edition Cups. Limited to 100 sets. 100% brass turned cups with letter of authenticity. Each cup is 3.7oz and they are of the Ross Bertram short and stubby style: 2 3/4" high, 2 5/8" mouth, 1 5/8" top indent. Top holds 3 1" balls. Cost was about $300. Michael has added many more sets through the years.

KBmagic Cups and Balls. Classic thick brass and heavy plating in dumpy style with double ribs and good top (bottom) depression. Nest three 1" balls with no wobble. 3" diameter and just over 3" tall.

Kristian Charles. The 1000-G Cups. Heavy and durable sets designed for hitting without damage. CNC Machined from 303 Steel with solid beads. Cups are 1.5 pounds each. Sets come with 303 Stainless Steel wand for an effective sound when hitting the cups. Includes four 1.25" rubber core crochet balls, carrying bag and box. Cup specifications: Mouth opening: 3.5", Cup width excluding beads: 3.625", Cup height: 3.77", Saddle depth: 3/16", Saddle width: 2", Cup weight each: 1.5 lbs, Cup stack weight: 4.5 lbs. These cups are expensive at $1000 in 2022.

Lee, Michael: Millennium Cups and Balls. Large, Paul Fox type cups. Can take a 3.5" (huge!) load with plenty of room between the cups when nested. Hand spun by master machinist with over 50 years experience. Available in Heavy Guage Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and a limited edition in Sterling Silver. Highly rated. Each cup is marked with 'MLMC'. Costs started at $350 and up.

Loftus International Empire Professional Cups & Balls. Inexpensive but fully functional plastic cups. They have the appearance of popular metal cups in chrome finish and "Thermos" bottle top style. A step above the tri-colored beginner's sets. 2 11/16" tall,l 2 13/16" mouth.

Magical Imports LLC, Cambodia: Hand Spun Wood Cups. Note that since these cups are individually hand made, they won't be identical. 3" mouth, 4" high w/4 1" crocheted sponge balls.

Magical Imports LLC, Cambodia: Indian Cups and Balls. Hand turned from a single piece of cambodian wood. Balls are hand knit over Goshman sponges. 3" mouth, 4" high w/4 1" crocheted sponge balls. Includes the cups, balls, wand, and detailed instructions.

Magic Makers, Inc. Cups and Balls. Magic Makers, Inc. has produced an inexpensive set of "Paul Fox" style cups. I have read that the quality varies, so it is best if you can see the set you are purchasing beforehand or ensure that you can get a refund if not satisfied. Also available in a miniature size. $100, or $50 for the miniature size.

Magicmania Goblets - Cups & Balls. A set of dark wooden cups with 4 balls.

Magicmania Professional Cups & Balls - Bussolotti. Three wide cups of  un-coated brass. Provided with custom leather case and includes video of 25 routines.

MAK Magic: Cups & Balls 3 Colors. A set similar to the beginner's plastic sets by SS Adams and others but in spun Aluminum. Each cup is a different color, powder coated. Comes with red crocheted balls and instructions.

Mason, Mark: Masons Nesting Cups with DVD. Cups manufactured by Auke Van Dokkum. Each cup has been spun from a solid block of stainless steel and decrease in size by a minute fraction so that each cup fits and locks inside each other. Allows a unique approach to the cups & balls. All cups reverse stack so that any regular cups and balls routine can be performed. Cups can also vanish one cup at a time and still produce a final load from the one remaining cup. Comes complete with cups, balls and dvd. Were around $350

Morrissey Chop Cups & Balls Combo. Two normal cups and one chop cup. Morrissey cups are a good step up from the plastic sets and come in aluminum or copper. The tops (bottoms?) are indented, but not greatly. The copper is preferred for durability. Comes with four knit balls (one gimmicked) and drawstring bag. Use smaller 7/8" balls. Large Aluminum, Large Copper, Mini Aluminum, Mini Copper

Morrissey Cups & Balls. Set of three cups and four balls with drawstring bag (check your retailer to be sure). The Morrissey design is not ideal, but is a step up from the cheap plastic sets. The indents on the bottoms are not great, so the balls can roll off easier, they don't give the illusion of small capacity, and you can't nest multiple 1" balls without the top cup rocking (use 7/8" balls). Size for Large cups is: 3 5/16" high, 1.5" bottom, 2 5/8" mouth, 1.5" to 2nd rim. Small cups have the same diameter but are only 3" high and 1 1/4" to the 2nd rim. Large Aluminum, Large Copper, Mini Aluminum, Mini Copper

Morrissey Magic Indian Cups and Balls. These are squat metal cups on a small pedestal base. Uses a variety of cork balls. Comes with routine by Charlie Miller.

Mountebank Products (Eric Evans): Monkey Fist leather balls. These balls are hand made from a number of small leather strips wrapped and tucked around a core in the rope-worker's "Monkey's Fist" knot. They have a good grip and weight for the cups & balls. All balls are 7/8" diameter. Available in white, tan, or dark brown

Mountebank Products (Eric Evans): Muscade Leather Balls for Cups and Balls. The "muscade" leather ball is one of the most difficult to make. Available in Solid Black (5/8"), Solid Red (7/8") and a red and yellow diagonal striped ball (7/8"). 4 balls to a set.

Murphy's Magic: Legend Cups and Balls. Copper Three cup set. Weight 2.175 lbs; Dimensions 7.5×4.25×4.25in. Available in two finishes, polished or aged.

Owen Magic Supreme No. 1834 Stainless Cups & Balls. Spun out of stainless steel in large diameter to fit a standard tennis ball. Can nest 3 1" balls. Has single bead in middle and closed rim. Were over $350 or were available in aluminum for about $75. 

Penguin Magic Penguin Cups. These seem to be the same as the Magic Maker Inc. cups.  4.45oz, 2.75" H, 2.65" Mouth, 2.9" Rim. Heavy solid copper and buffed for a fine finish. Comes with 4 Deluxe Knit Balls, Rugged Carrying Sack with drawstring.

Porper, Joe: The Porper Cups. Machined out of solid blocks of Copper, Stainless Steel, or Brass with high attention to detail. Interior coated with special black compound baked on for years of use. Exterior is coated to keep the cups looking new without polishing. Interior just under 3", 2 7/8" Height. Takes a large load, and easily nests three balls between. Comes with a 14.25" long, 9/16" diameter Cocabola two piece wand, balanced for spinning. The cups and wand come in a Alder wood box to hold everything. Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, and started at $700.

Raphael & Bluther Magic with TCC Magic: The Two Cup Routine by Tommy Wonder. Two Brass cups, knitted bag, and necessary pom-pom balls to perform Tommy Wonder's two cup routine. Was listed at $155.

Rings 'N Things II: Bells of St. Mary. Each bell stands 3" tall with an outer diameter of just under 3" and an inner diameter of 2.5". Crafted in solid stainless steel then chromed and nickel plated. Ring lke church bells when struck with a wand. Comes with four 3/4" crocheted RNT2 balls, presentation bag and instruction booklet. Were about $350.00

Rings 'N Things II: Black Beauty® Cups. Crafted out of acetal resin. 2" tall for strolling. Each contains the laser cut RNT II hallmark. Three 1/2" balls nest comfortably between two stacked cups.     Includes four ½” white, crocheted cork balls, plush bag, instruction booklet. Also available in White.

Rings 'N Things II: Foxy One™ Aluminum Cups. 2” high, exactly match our Black Beauty™ Cups in design. Hallmarked inside with "RNT II". Three ½” balls nest comfortably between two stacked cups. Includes 4 ½” white, crocheted cork balls, Plush bag, and Milt Kort's "Miniature cups and balls routine", excerpted from "Kort is now in session". Also available in Brass

Ring 'N Thinkgs II: Foxy Two™ Combo Cups Brass. A high quality combo set in a smaller package. Foxy Two™ Cups stand 2¼" high. Three 5/8” balls nest perfectly between two stacked cups. A Foxy Two™ will completely cover a Foxy One™ for a “cup load". Includes three 5/8” white, crocheted cork balls, one 5/8” white, crocheted chopped cork ball, presentation bag, and Ron Bauer Cups & Balls routine. Also available in Aluminum.

Rings 'N Things II: Mini Paul Fox-Style Cups Copper. Faithful reproduction of the original Paul Fox cups. 3 ounces each. Come with a instruction booklet, crocheted balls, crocheted load balls and an attractive double zippered bag that also serves as a close-up pad. Each cup stands just over 2" tall with a mouth diameter of 2". Also in Stainless Steel.

Rings 'N Things II: Monti Combo Cups Copper. Look and feel of the original Monti cups in copper and in a combo set! 3" high, just under 3" outer diameter, 2½" inner diameter. Includes four 3/4" crocheted RNT2 balls, presentation bag and instruction booklet. $280
Standard Monti Cups Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass

Riser, James: Riser Jumbo Cups. Large cups but shorter than most. Nest looser than Riser Mini-Cups for better handling. Hand spun from heavy copper for durability. Can nest three 1.25" balls, holds a baseball sized load. Larger than the Johnson cups. Very limited supply.

Riser, James: Riser Mini Cups. Designed for the serious close-up performer. The whole set can easily be carried in an outside jacket pocket - perfect for the table hopping magician. Designed to accommodate three 3/4" balls between the cups thus allowing all standard routines.These cups will be produced in very limited quantities and introduced in the fall of 2001. Cup height = 1 15/16", Stack height = 4", I.D. = tight 2", O.D. at rim = 2 3/8".

Riser, James: Traditional Cups. Spun from copper in the traditional style, more like a drinking cup with double beads. 3 1/2" high with a 2 7/8" mouth diameter. Three 1" balls will easily fit between nested cups.

Rogers, Mike: Miniature Baseballs. Mike Rogers produces a set of miniature baseballs to be used for the cups & balls or chop cup, as well as a larger, but still mini, load ball to be used for a final production. Highly recommended by many. Available in 7/8" or 1" size. $

Rose, Colin M.I.M.C., Five of Hearts Magic Productions (U.K.): The Trafalgar Collection presents The Nelson Cups; The Horatia Cups; The Emma Hamilton Cups; The Francis Nisbit Cups; The Cadiz Cups; The Agamemnon Cups; The Burnham Thorpe Cups; The Hardy Cups; and The Nile Cups. All of these cup sets are made from wood and each feature a unique shape or other feature. Some come in wooden presentation boxes, others in bags. Most of the sets are limited editions and once sold will not be available anymore. These beautiful sets ran about £300 each. 

Sankey, Jay: Magus Capsule. A unique approach to the cups and balls using a spun aluminum pull apart "capsule" to create two "cups". Fits in a pocket for walk around performances. Includes a 75 minute DVD explaining the retention vanish, false transfer, pop-up move, spider vanish and more. Routines include "Shaken, Not Stirred", "Nesting Instinct", "Three Balls Across", "Time Capsule", and "Wild Fire", as well as three other effects. Includes 4 hand-crocheted balls.

Sherwood, Brett: Brett Sherwood Cups. The "World's Most Beautiful Cups". Endorsed by the Dai Vernon Estate. In the Paul Fox, 3 bead design. Every review I have read has been positive.Will hold a tennis ball as a final load. In Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with Gold Plate, or All Gold Plate over Sterling Silver, with prices starting over $1,000.

Sisti, Jim: Professional Worker's Cups & Balls. Paul Fox style cups. Can use 7/8 or 1" balls. Single bead in middle rather than double. Brass, copper, or chrome plated. Highly rated. 2 3/4" high, 3" diameter mouth, with carry bag and Mike Roger's baseballs. These were around $200

Star, Tim Style Combo Cups & Balls.

Tannen Cups for Cups & ball. Similar to Vernon design. No balls, no routine:Large Aluminum Cups RR-100, Large Copper Cups RR-104

Tayade's Hindu Cups & Balls. Wooden cups hand painted and heavily lacquered. With 4 knit balls, and complete instructions.

Tayade's Indian Cups & Balls Set. Wooden cups hand painted and havily lacquered. With wand, 4 knit balls and a complete routine.

T. Frank Mint: Phoenix Cups & Balls. Bertram/Miller style cups in copper-alloy. Size: 3" high, 3 3/8" mouth, 2 1/8" top. Also features open knit "Tayade-style" balls, an ironwood wand, and a presentation wooden case. These originally cost around $200

TCC Presents Artisan Cups and Balls 2.0 (ACAP). Three Brass Cups with bronzed surface; set of crochet balls, and knit bag, featuring a routine by Michael Ammar.

TCC Presents Mini Cups and Balls. Three brass cups with bronze finish. Cup mouth diameter 38mm, bottom diameter 19.3mm, height 33.9mm. Comes with three red crochet balls, four red soft rubber balls, and storage box. Retail price $60.

Trickery Shop Combo Cups & Balls. Brass combination cups & balls (two normal, one chop cup). Three balls rest comfortably on top. Includes four balls (one gimmicked), oak wand, and bag. Also available in mini size (2.25" high) in copper

Van Dokkum Standard Cups. Turned from a single block of metal. Three bead style, stack steadily. Easily hold 3 1" balls between stacked cups. Available in Stainless Steel or Brass. Also Jumbo Cups holds a standard size baseball load in Stainless Steel or Brass. Size 3 1/2 Inch W 14 Oz. Also available in Solid Silver and can hold a 2 1/2 inch load. Prices ran around $325 to over $700.

Van Dokkum Economy Cups. Paul Fox style cups. Hand turned in Brass or Copper. Same dimensions as standard cups, can hold a 2 1/2 inch load.

Various Wooden Cups & Balls. Various sets of cups made from wood are available.

VULPINE Creations. Amazing Coffee Cups and Beans by Adam Wilber. Hard plastic coffee cups designed to last and to look like ceramic. Four semi-soft rubber "coffee" beans; one Chop bean; three final load beans; magnetic loading system with metal arm holdouts; travel bag, and hours of video instruction from Adam Wilber, Tom Wright, Craig Petty, Michael O'Brien, Matthew Holtzclaw, Jonas De Bruyn, Perseus Arkomanis, Rylan Petty and more. $250 in 2022. 

Watson, Brian: Watson Cups in Polished Copper. 1lb of polished copper, designed as a workers cup. Can hold 3 1.125" balls on the saddle and in the attic, and holds a tennis ball load. Were also made in heavy Nickel Plate.

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