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The following is a partial list of books, videos, and products for Single Cup & Ball routines and products, including the Chop Cup and other ONE cup routines that don't require a Chop cup. This listing also contains some Combo sets that include multiple cups with one or more configured as a Chop cup. Any prices listed are just estimates based on old and new references and are not likely to be accurate. They are provided only as a general benchmark.

Find Benson Bowl related reference guide/bibliography here: Benson Bowl Guide.

Please note that none of these items are for sale from this website. This listing is provided for informational purposes only and many of these items listed here are likely to be no longer available.

For tons of information and photos on Chop cups and cups and balls, see the following three websites:

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Brian Watson's Cups And Balls Magic website: (Brian has authored a book on the subject as well!)

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Acer, David: Natural Selections II; 1999 hardcover, Camirand Academy. Includes The Time Machine (with Richard Sanders), on justifying the use of a Chop Cup with a simple presentation, and The Chop Mug and Creamers: a quick idea for a total restaurant look to the Chop Cup

Alan, Don: Chop Cup Routine. The Don Alan routine is in a small pamphlet sold by Magic Inc. and also by Rings 'n Things II. You need to contact Magic Inc. directly as the routine doesn't appear in their catalog. You can also find the routine in Don Lawton's Lots of Lawton, Jon Racherbaumer's In a Class By Himself, and in a thorough manuscript by Ron Bauer (see entries below). Don's routine is short but concise, to the point, highly entertaining, and recommended. You can view an excellent performance by Don Alan in his Magic Ranch video series.

Alan, Don: Pretty Sneaky. 1956, softcover, Ireland Magic, 48 pages. Includes Bowl or Cup Load: a silk production ending for bowl or cups & balls routine using a paper napkin (originally designed for Don's Bowl routine)

Alexander, Scott: A Fakir Miracle. 2012, e-book, Alexander Illusions LLC. Chop Cup routine includes the Elevator Move and the Impossible In The Hands Penetration. The routine takes you back to the streets of Egypt and the ancient Fakirs in a joyful cavalcade of one liners and double entendre. 

Ammar, Michael: Encore III. 1993 hardcover, Secret Service. Includes a single "cup" routine using a "Beenie Weenie" (baked bean) can. At the climax, the can is revealed to be still sealed. Book also includes Two Dollar Bill Tear; Bill Switch; Sponge Ball Up Sleeve; Two Dollars to Four Halves and more.

Ayling, Will: Genii Presentations. 1972 hardcover, Supreme Magic. Includes Singular Cup and Ball: a Chop Cup routine using an additional glass, mechanical chick load, and a Topit

Ayling, Will: Knowing the Chop Cup (and Other One Cup One Ball Routines). 1989 softcover, Supreme Magic. From the Supreme Know How Series. This book features not just the Chop Cup, but a solid cup routine and an impromptu paper-covered glass routine as well. Great coverage with lots of moves and routine variations. Routines by Ayling, Ken Brooke, and Lewis Ganson. Many B&W, clear photos throughout. Highly recommended. 40 pages.

Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good? The Magic of Johnny Brown. 1974 hardcover, Standridge. Inlcudes Chop Cup Climax, using a duplicate chop cup, as well as a color changing knife routine, sponges, and more.

Bannon, John: Impossibilia. 1990 hardcover, L&L Publishing. Includes lots of magic including 1) Of Cups And Fuzzballs, a Cups and Balls routine, and 2) Chop, a Chop cup routine with several loads.

Barlotta, Dennis: Tribute to Don Alan. Includes a re-working of three of Don Alan's routines - The Chop Cup, the Benson Bowl, and Bag Stabbed card stab. Also includes 3 video clips. From

Bauer, Ron: The Complete Don Alan's Chop Cup. 2005 Softcover. The complete work including Don's theory, handling and presentation of his legendary routine. 28 pages includes photos and all the real work.

Baxt, Robert: Stabbed in the Baxt. 1987 softcover, Baxt Productions. Includes Impromptu Chop Cup.

Benson, Roy: Benson on Magic. 1972, softcover, Benson, 23 pages. Lecture notes includes Roy Benson's Ball and Bowl Routine.

Block, Dan: Block Busters. 1996 softcover, KEE-West Publishers. Inlcudes Chop Cup Routine, as well as a Three Shell Game, Sponges, and more.

Brewer, Doug: Unexpected Visitors. 2001 softcover, MagicSmith. Includes 9 excellent walk-around coin routines as well as Chopped Taters: a Chop cup routine using a shot glass sized Chop cup, 3/4" balls, a wand, and two tiny potato loads.

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke's Magic - The Unique Years. 1980 hardcover, Supreme Magic. Includes Ken Brooke's Cups and Balls, Routines with the Chop Cup, My Chop Cup Routine, and Bertie the Baseballer, among many other effects.

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke Series #2 - The Chop Cup. 1981, softcover, The Ace Place, 12 pages.

Burgoon, Tom: Tom Burgoon's Magic Lecture Notes. Softcover. Contains an idea for a clear Chop Cup

Busby, Jeff (editor): Larry Jennings On Card and Coin Handling. 1977 softcover, Jeff Busby. Section 3 contains Larry Jennings on the Chop Cup, a through explanation of L.J.'s famous routine. Uses two loads, handkerchief, and a shot glass, in addition to the standard chop cup set.

Colombini, Aldo: Laser Cup routine. Uses differently colored balls, with a giant ball load of mixed colors. Routine is also found in Colombini's IMPACT (see below), and Apocalypse Vol 14 No 8 Aug 1991.

Colombini, Aldo: IMPACT. 1991, softcover, Hades Pub., 145 pages. Includes Cups & Knots: A cups & balls routine using a rope and knots, Pom Pom Cups, and Laser Cup: A chop cup routine using a green and white pair of "chop cup" balls, one regular red ball, a 2" multicolored ball (red, green, and white), and a cigarette and lighter.

Darci, Steve: Commercial Close Up. 1973 softcover. Includes Chop Cup Routine, using a Chop Cup, set of chop balls, a chop ball of another color, a tennis ball, and a rubber ball the size of a tennis ball.

Doggett, R.L. (Dr. Bob): Easy Stuff, A Lecture. 1992 softcover. Includes a Chop Cup routine.

Doggett, R.L. (Dr. Bob): The Chop Cup Routine. Dr Bob's Complete Chop Cup Routine. Goblet Chop cup and video are also available from Dr. Bob's site.

Dreher, Carl: Professional Close Up. 1981, softcover. Includes Cups And Balls: a routine for Magicians using a Combo Set (Chop Cup and Balls set).

Dusheck, Steve: Dusheck's Close-Up Magic. 1994 hardcover. Includes Collapse-A-Pill Cup: a clever approach to a portable Chop Cup

Duvivier, Dominique: The Cups. 15 page manuscript; routine using a Combo set.

Fedko, John: Magic Treasures Compiled and Edited by Tom Clifford. Hardbound. 54 effects using Coins; Cards; Silks; Sponge Balls; Rope; Wallets; Beads; Card Boxes; Flashlights; Chains; Envelopes; Matchboxes; Wands; Bills; Wooden Blocks; Spot Cards; Chop Cups; Cups and Balls and more.

Finn, Jon: New Magic by Finn Jon. 1985, softcover, Georges Proust, Paris. Includes a Chop Cup routine (page 34).

Fox, Karrell: For My Next Trick. 1998 hardcover, Supreme Magic. Includes Impropchop

Fraps, Thomas, Book, or Don't Forget To Point (Kaufman). Includes Fruit Cups, a two cup (one Chop cup) routine.

Friedhoffer, Bob: Magic Tricks, Science Facts. A children's book of science principles used in magic. Contains "Chop Chop's Cup", with instructions on how to make your own and a simple routine (no final load).

Fromer, Roy: The Cups. 1972, softcover, D. Robbins. Mostly on cups & balls routines, but includes The $12.50 Carpet Tape Secret: a "Chop-cup" idea

Frost, Ron: Ron Frost's Lecture Notes. 1996, softcover. Includes Chop Cup & Bill Tube Routine.

Funsway: Ball, Cup & Me. e-Book from Features single cup and "bowl" type effects.

Funsway: ChopSign. e-Book from A performance handbook for anyone performing Chop Cup and Single cup & ball effects.

Funsway: Cup of T. Chop Cup style routine using a tea cup and saucer.

Funsway: FoldCup. e-Book from A one cup and ball routine you make out of 2 sheets of a magazine!

Funsway: Scout Around. e-Book from A handbook on using collapsible drinking cups as Chop Cups.

Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Legend, the Magic of John Ramsay. 1969 hardcover, Goodliffe. Includes a One Cup and Ball routine. Also has lots of coin and thimble magic, and more. 62 pages.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Volume 2. 1966, hardcover, L&L Publishing (reprint), 286 pages. Includes One Cup Two Balls (by J. Van Rinkhuyzen "Rink"), a short routine using a Chop cup and two balls, and David Berglas on Sleeving (includes Cups & Balls info!), and much more.

Garcia, Frank: Close Up Magic of Frank Garcia, Part II. 1982, softcover. Includes The Chop Cup Revisited: Uses two white chop balls, one red, and one blue ball. 102 pages.

Garcia, Frank: The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic. 1976, hardcover, Garcia, 224 pages. Includes The 'Soft' Chop Cup Routine, on page 173 which is a chop cup routine using modified Sponge Balls.

Garrett, Dan: Close-Up Connivery. 1984, softcover. Includes Rocky III, a solid chop cup routine with some rocks

Gordon, Brad (Scarnecky): Room 538. 2010, Ebook, Stone Cold Magic. Includes Butterflower, a chop cup routine.

Gross, Henry: Pure Magic! 1978 softcover, Charles Scribner's Sons. Includes Routines With One Cup and Three Balls: Uses a tea cup and four balls (not a Chop Cup). Features the one-ahead principle and a lemon climax.

Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's A Magic Lecture! 2000, softcover. Lecture notes include Great Scott's Table Hopping Cups and Balls Routine, which uses 2 cups from a Combo set (one Chop cup) and ends in a large ball climax. Also contain cards, coins, and ring and string. $10

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment Volume 1. 1996, hardcover, A-1 Multimedia. Features Uncanny, a Chop cup type routine with a solid ball and solid tin can (originally from Las Vegas Close-Up), and Bayberry Bag Swindle, a Chop cup routine using a paper bag (from Magic of Paul Harris)! This heavy volume also includes other effects from Paul's earlier works: New Stuff, Magic of Paul Harris, Intimate Secrets, Super Magic, Las Vegas Close-Up, and more.

Harris, Paul: Las Vegas Close-Up. 1978, softcover, Chuck Marinez. Lots of magic including Uncanny, a Chop Cup type routine with solid ball and tin can, where the ball eventually changes to larger ball, and at the end the can is shown to be sealed at both ends. (Also in Art of Astonishment volume 1).

Hollingsworth, Scott: Strolling Chop Cup Routine. 1999, softcover, 24 pages. Simple & Basic professional routine. Includes a vanish, appearance, penetration, audience participation and a surprise climax. Utilizes a small glass and Chop Cup, with double lemon climax. Scott Hollingsworth

Hooper, Edwin: A Host of Surprises. 1990. 84 tricks in 14 chapters. Includes Economy Chop Cup.

Ireland, L.L.: Ireland's Yearbook. 1962, softcover, Ireland's Magic Company. Includes Hocus Pocus With a Chop Cup.

Kaps, Fred: Kaps Lecture Book. 1972 softcover, Magic, Inc. Includes One Cup Three Ball Routine Denny & Lee's

Kardyro, Tony: Kardyro's Kolossal Kompendium of Klever and Kommercial Klose-up. 1981, softcover, Abbott Magic Co. Includes T.K.'s Mini Cups & Balls Routine: uses two small Chop Cups and two balls of different colors

Kaufman, Richard: Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi. 1990 hardcover, Kaufman & Greenberg, 120 pages. Close up, stand up, and stage magic. Includes The Solid Cup (a one cup & ball routine), Owan To Tama (Japanese Cups & Balls routine), Monte With Four (a four card Monte routine), New Era Linking Rings, and much more.

Kellerhof, Alfred: Typisch Alfred! (Typical Alfred!). 2003 hardcover, Zauber Kellerhof, in German. Includes My Chop Cup Routine: A crafty routine without too much repetition and with a potato climax

King, Bob: Bob King's Close Up Tutorial 6: Chop Cup Routine. Professional routine for the Chop Cup. Includes set of special balls. $15 Bob King Magic

Korem, Danny: Korem Without Limits. 1985, hardcover, D. Robbins & Co. Includes New Wave Chop Cup (with stand up final load).

Lavand, Rene: Magic from the Soul. Expanded translations of Slow Motion Magic I and II together with the unpublished third volume and Lavand's bread crumb and teacup routine. Also includes Rene's life story. 228 pages, hardbound.

Lawton, Don: Lots of Lawton. 1971, softcover, Magic, Inc. Includes a Chop Cup routine on page 54, which I think may be Don Alan's presentation.

Leveridge, Mark: British Close Up Magic Symposium. 1993. Includes Mark Leveridge's The Table Hopper's Chop Cup Routine. . Mark Leveridge magic.

Lewis, Martin: Martin's Magical Inventions Lecture. 1999, 36 pages. Includes Cheap Cup, a Chop cup routine. Also includes Prismatic Pencil (color change), Torn & restored cigarette paper, technicolor prediction, cardiographic routine, Come Back Card, Point of Arrival, Whispering Joker, Queenie, Lucifer's Card, and Maskelyne's 24 rules for magic performance.

Lewis, Trevor: ESOLC (That's Close Up). 98pg paper 1981. Includes commercial Chop Cup routine

Lewis, Trevor: Trevor Lewis Uncut (book). Compilation of Trevor's Party Pieces, More Party Pieces, Still More Party Pieces, Further Party Pieces, Favourite Party Pieces, and Final Party Pieces, and some previously unpublished works a well. A treasure trove of children's show magic. Includes Children's Chop Cup.

London, Jack: The Superb Mentalism of Jack London. Includes Chop-Cup Mentalism (using the Chop Cup for billet work) and applying the principle to The Ungimmicked Cup.

Loomis, Dennis: Routine for the James Riser/Dennis Loomis Micro Chop Cup. 2002, softcover, Loomis Magic, 11 pages. The core of the routine is similar to the Don Alan Chop cup routine, but has been redesigned so it can be performed in the hands and adds several ideas for clever climaxes. The routine includes several ideas for adapting to a resettable table-hopping venue. For the full routine, a Topit is helpful.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. 2000, hardcover, L&L Publishers, 720 pages. Includes Allan Hayden's One Cup Routine, and Barry Govan's Las Vegas Dice one cup and dice routine.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. 2000, hardcover, L&L Publishers, 719 pages. Among a ton of other magic, features a No Magnet Chop Cup Routine by Bill Brodersen. This is a one cup and ball routine with large load finale.

MacGregor, Jerry: Real World Magic (JM) 1999, hardcover. While mostly a book about the presentation of magic, the second half of the book includes lots of routines. Includes The Logic Cup by Jerry MacGregor, which is a Chop Cup routine using a mug.

Magic Christian (Christian Stelzel): Lecture Magic. 1983 softcover. Includes an effect called, Instant Chop Cup.

Marcom, Ralph A.: Marcom Presents Magic. 1979, softcover, Magic, Inc. Original routines with macabre themes. Includes Keeping Abreast - a Benson-Bowl and Four Sponges routine with an "adult" ending; The Lively Leprechaun - using a Dice-cup Chop cup and themed around leprechauns; The Life and Loves of Lucinda Ladybug and the Hallucinogenic Mushroom: a variation with a Chop cup resembling a mushroom, and ladybugs and a frog

Maxwell, Mike: The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings. 1986, hardcover, L&L Publishing, 267 pages. Over 85 routines. Contains a single cup and ball routine (not a Chop cup) using a silk.

McAllister, Bob: That Extra Touch. 1963, softcover, McAllister, 31 pages. Includes Dollar Bill Dice Cup - a chop cup routine with a dice cup and wadded up bill

McCarthy, Daniel: Dreams of Reality. 1985, softcover, McCarthy, 25 pages. Includes an item, Chop Cup Finale, by R. Travis Sapp, on page 16.

McComb, Billy: McComb's Magic 25 Years Wiser. 1972, hardcover, Supreme Magic, 185 pages. Includes Chop Cups for All - an impromptu version of a classic effect using a crumpled bill and a wrapped tumbler

Mendoza, John: The Excellence of Danny Fleshman. 1983, softcover, Tom Westerheide, 90 pages. Includes A Shot for You! - an intricate One Cup and ball routine using: two shot glasses, a half dollar, two crochet balls, purse frame, full purse, and just the bottom of a purse, napkins, and a Pressley Guitar dice cup (or other suitable cup, not a Chop Cup). To be performed seated.; The Cups and Balls Featuring the Original Fleshman Flash: a cups and balls routine to be performed seated. Uses a set of three cups, four crochet balls, five climax balls, a close up pad, and an 18x24" cloth to aid in holding the climax balls in the lap. Ends with a flash production of three large balls, and then two more!

Mendoza, John: Mendoza Cup & Ball Routine. 1971, softcover, John Mendoza. Uses the Combo Cups & Balls Set, with minimum sleight of hand, performed seated.

Mendoza, John: Sequel To The Mendoaza Cups And Balls Routine. 1980, softcover, Morrissey Magic. A follow up routine for the Mendoza Cup & Ball Routine, featuring the use of the Combo Cups & Balls set (one cup is a Chop Cup).

Mentzer, Jerry: Close Up File. 1994, hardcover, Magic Methods, 195 pages. Includes a chapter on Cups and Balls Routines: Cups and Balls With Baby Chicks (Mentzer) - not just for the finale!; One Cup and Balls (Dan Tong): a single non-chop cup and balls routine; Chop Cup and Balls (Jerry Mentzer); Ultimate Cup Routine (Jerry Mentzer) - two cup and ball routine using two cups (non-chop cup), chop cup balls, and a "portable" chop cup gimmick

Mentzer, Jerry (editor): Magic of Paul Harris. 1976, softcover, Jerry Mentzer. Cards, coins, business cards, and Bayberry Bag Swindle, a Chop cup routine using a paper bag.

Miesel, Bill (compiler): Fork Full of Appetizers. 1982, softcover, Ryan Press, 66 pages. Includes The Orange Chop (Bob Follmer) - using an orange juice concentrate can; and A Ball Production (Tom Gagnon) - for flat bottomed Chop Cup

Miller, Hugh (editor): Rink's Magic From Holland: 1968, hardcover, Unique Magic Studios, 255 pages. Features Indian Cups and Balls routine, Start for a Chop Cup Routine; A Chop Cup Prelude; and Cups, Coins and Balls - A two Chop Cup routine with M coins and larger balls.

Miller, Robert: The Omniscient Chop. Softcover, 1987, 8 pages.

Minch, Stephen & Adam Fleischer: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Three. 1984, Adam Fleischer, 135 pages. Includes Revised Chop Cup Routine (David Roth) - an update of his 1977 lecture notes routine.

Minch, Stephen: Spectacle. 1990, hardcover, L&L Publishing, 168 pages. Includes The New Theory Chop Cup (Finn Jon) - combination of Chop cup and Multiplying Balls ideas to provide an examinable Chop Cup and ball. Not a full routine

Murray, John: Inside John Murray. 1984, softcover, Murray, 118 pages. Includes Chop Cup Again!

Nelson, Earl, Alan Wakeling & Mark Wilson: The Chop Cup Book. 1979, hardcover, Mark Wilson Publications, 100 pages. Includes a simplex routine, a variation, moves, and a full Earl Nelson routine. Hard to find!

Osborne, Paul: Kidtrix. Softcover. Geared for the kid show performer. Includes Cheapo Chop Cup.

Ortiz, Darwin: Darwin's Theories. 1976, softcover, Ortiz, 12 pages. Includes Roth Chop Cup Routine (David Roth).

Ouellet, Gary: Two Goblets. Camirand Academy of Magic, 32 pages. Ouellet's two cup (one a Chop cup) and ball routine produced by Camirand Academy.

Page, Patrick: Pages from Patrick's Notebook. 1990, softcover, Martin Breese, 94 pages. Includes Transparent Chop Cup.

Pinard, Andrew
: The Shared Experience: 2002, softcover, Andrew Pinard. An Approach on the Presentation of Magic. Lecture notes with information on how to transform the presentation of tricks into fully developed performance pieces. Includes performance pieces: The Hole-Y Grail multi-layered Chop cup routine that is a good opener. The Shell Game Store

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams 1997 hardcover, Kaufman & Greenberg, 100 pages. Marlo without cards. Includes State-Street Cups & Balls, Jam It! move, Chop Cup to the Max (three Chop Cups!), Tea for Three impromptu cups & balls.

Racherbaumer, Jon: In a Class By Himself, The Legacy of Don Alan. 2000, hardcover, L&L Publishing, 296 pages. A broad collection of the magic of Don Alan. Includes Lean Mean Chop Cup, and Benson Bowl.

Raucherbaumer, Jon: Magie Duvivier - The Magic of Dominique Duvivier. 1996, hardcover, Kaufman & Greenberg, 179 pages. Includes the Duvivier Cups and Balls (a fourth cup appears at the end and uses a Chop cup!)

Regal, David: Approaching Magic. Hardcover.  Includes COCOA: A chop cup routine with a mug and marshmallow with a surprise load at the end

Riding, Joe: New Chop Cup Routine. Micky Hades

Roch, Ray: No Gimmick Chop Box. Book (also available as a DVD). The book includes additional ideas not on the video. The Chop Box is an Origami box build from 6 playing cards, with a lot of magic applications.

Rogers, Mike: They All Work (lecture). Softcover. Includes Cups and Balls and Not A Chop Cup.

Roth, David: A Lecture by David Roth, Coins Close-Up. 1977, softcover, Roth, 13 pages. Includes Chop Cup Routine - practical routine with two final loads, to be performed seated

Salinas, Jamie: Jamie Salinas' Chop Cup Routine. e-Book, LuLu Books, 6 pages. Not designed to be new, this routine was created to be simple and direct and provide the greatest impact. Routine has been proven in many live performances. At one point, the ball appears under the cup in the spectator's hands. Ends with two large load climaxes. Jamie is a Houston, TX magician performing in the Dinner Theatre Magic Island. LuLu eBooks

Sankey, Jay: Sankedelic Magic. 2001, softcover, Jay Sankey. Includes Chop Cup Subterfuge (not a full routine, but a bit to add to your routine); also appears in the compilation book, Jay Sankey's Twenty Years of Magic from 2003.

Schindler, George: Entertainment First! 1977, softcover, Schindler, 25 pages. Includes Chop Cup Routine: using a standard chop cup set, handkerchief, shot glass, and a large final load

Shute, Merlyn: How to Book of the Chop Cup. 1980 Softcover, Morrissey Magic, 45 pages. In depth coverage of the Chop Cup. History, moves, loads, variations, and routines. 34 pages, highly recommended.

Shute, Merlyn T: Cups Cups Cups. 1980 softcover, Morrissey Magic Ltd, 44 pages. Includes some routines using the Combo Cups & Balls set (cups and balls set including one Chop Cup).

Shute, Merlyn T.: Out of Your Pocket. 1982, softcover, Morrissey Magic Ltd., 49 pages. Includes Quick and Easy Pocket Chop - a short and commercial routine

Sisti, Jim (editor): The Magic Menu, The First Five Years. 1998, hardcover, L&L Publishing. The Nov/Dec 1994 issue contained Chop Cup Finale, a bit for the bar

Sisti, Jim (editor): The Magic Menu, Years Six Through Ten. 2001, hardcover, L&L Publishing. Includes: Chop Cup Routine (Jim Artle): uses a folding dice cup and balled-up dollar. Dollar ends up inside a cigarette; The Pringles Act: A tableside presentation in three parts, including Chop Chips; Cheap Cup (Martin Lewis): how to make the chop cup and a clever routine; Show Me the Money (Tim Spinosa): a one cup and ball routine using a coffee cup and a wadded bill

Sisti, Jim: The Working Professional's Chop Cup. Original was softcover, now available as an e-Book from Second in the Confidential Manuscript series. Includes a color change to throw off even the observant spectator, and the spectator is never made fun of. "Six-phase routine that's been tested under fire for thousands of performances for restaurant and bar audiences alike". Jim Sisti Magic

Skomp, Steve: Chop Cup Routine. 6 page illustrated manuscript (entry courtesy Dietrick Keller of

Spillman, Steve: My Hands Can Be Yours. 1973, softcover, Lloyd Jones, 79 pages. Includes Al Wheatley Revisited -the Soup Can & making your own; Oriental Tea Cup - another version; Handling Chop Cup; and Color Changing Load - red ball changes to yellow in a Chop Cup or Cups & Balls routine

Spooner, Bill: A Magical Spoonerism. 1975, softcover, Spooner, 12 pages. Includes A Chop Cup Add-On Move.

Sutz, Ian (Magic-Ian): Magic With a Steel Ball and Tube. 1982, softcover, D. Robbins, 28 pages. Includes Chop Cup, and idea for using the tube as a Chop Cup and a final load.

Swain, James: 21st Century Card Magic: 1999, hardcover. Mostly a card book with: Departure; Metamorphosis; The Miracle Deck; and Two effects by Bill Malone. It also includes Swain's handling of Jennings Famous Chop Cup Routine

Swinford, Paul: Paul Swinford Lecture Notes. 1971, softcover, J.W. Busby, 12 pages. Includes A Chop Cup Routine - routine uses an additional non-gimmicked cup

Thompson, J.G.: The Miracle Makers. 1975, hardcover, Magic Unlimited, 306 pages. Includes In My Cups - modifying a Scope bottle cap to make a small Chop Cup; and A Presentation for Bell of Bombay - a Chop Cup routine originally designed for the ornamental brass cup and ball set sold by Penguin Magic Co (of the 60's-70's) but adaptable for other Chop Cups

Thompson, J.G.: Top Secrets of Magic. 1956, softcover, Tannen Magic, 125 pages. Includes a section on Cups & Balls with three routines, one using gimmicked paper cups and minimal sleights, one using standard cups, and some ending moves for the Benson Bowl routine

Tong, Danny: The Close Up Magic of Danny Tong. 1979, softcover, Magic Art Book Co., 30 pages. Includes Cup And Balls - a one cup (not a Chop Cup) routine performed seated. More of a Net Ball routine using a cup to hold the balls rather than a cup and ball routine.

Tong, Danny: Restaurant and Table Magic. 1970, softcover, Dan Tong, 18 pages. Includes Chop Cup routine with two large loads, designed for restaurant work.

Watson, Brian: The C.I.A. Routine (Creating Incredible Astonishment). 2 tennis ball final loads appear in the spectator's hands

Watson, Brian: Chop Cup Know How. 80 pages. From choosing a cup, materials, balls, adjustment and handling, and much, much more.

White, Jeff: Visual Inspirations Part Two. Softcover, 1980, 32 pages. Includes Flabbergasted, an effect incorporating a small wand into a Chop Cup routine.

Willmarth, Phil: Trevor Lewis ESOLC (That's Close Up). 1981 softcover, Standridge Magic, 98 pages. Includes: Tervor's Benson Bowl Routine: with bowl, 4 sponges, and toy plastic dinner roll; and Commercial Chop Cup routine: A quick, straightforward non-insulting routine with double end load.

Wilson, Ron: Uncanny Scot 1987 hardcover, Kaufman & Greenberg. Includes Way Out of This World, Color Changing Silk, Card in Wallet, Chop Cup, Mental Miracles, Linking Finger Rings, Ring Flight, Rope Restoration, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper, and more.

Wolfsberger, Gary: Wolfsberger's Chop Cup and Ball Routine. 1976. Published by Magic Emporium. A routine to be performed seated, using a Chop cup, shot glass, and a silk. Uses a few bold moves. 9 pages, stapled booklet 5x8.5"

Wonder, Tommy: Tommy Wonder Entertains. 1983 softcover, Jeff Busby, 50 pages. Includes: Canned Craziness: Chop cup routine with a soup can and a meatball. Also Cough Cough routine, Jos Bema Cups & Balls routine.

Yeager, John: A Mixed Bag. 1981, softcover, Supreme Magic, 53 pages. Includes Rainbow Chop Cup.

Yee, Shaun: The Lecture Book. 1998.16 effects and ideas including: Coloured Gypsy Thread, The Mirage Knot, Colour Chance, Knotted Ring Escape, Easy Dice Routine, Chop Cup Rainbow Routine, Triple Colour-Changing Silk, Time Travel, Spirit Images, Magnified Pips, Finger Printed, Loading/ Switching/ Vanishing a Card, SY Forcing Deck, Transposition Surprise, The Chinese Prediction and A Bloody Card Stab. 31 pages. Price: Euro 8.00.

York, Scotty: Scotty York Decanted. 1991, 18 pages. Includes One Cup Routine: using a regular coffee mug, olives, and loads

Zak, Frank: On the Board Lecture Notes. Frank's 2nd set of audience tested notes from behind the bar. Includes: The Dice Game; Restoration Fuse; One Cup Routine; Four Ace Production; and 11 others. Also available on CD with additional notes (Zak's Baker's Dozen and more), or as a DVD (see below).

Zander, John: Mixed Bag Lecture Notes. 2005, softcover, Zander Magic. Includes Way Off Base - a stand-up Chop cup routine

Zavis, William: Diverse Deceits. Paper cups, crochet balls, coins, rubber balls, cards. Cups & balls w/one cup. 80pg.

Zollweg, Ron: The Professional Routines of Ron Frederick. 1982, softcover, Unikorn Magik, 47 pages. Includes The Ron Frederick Chop Cup Routine - using a  standard Chop Cup and an extra cup that fits over the chop cup; can be performed standing if a Jacket is worn.


Note: Some videos created years ago were in VHS format, and a few have not been converted (yet) to DVD format. Also, in the transition to DVD, often some videos are compiled into collections and titles changed. Keep this in mind as you search for appropriate videos.

Alan, Don: Greater Magic V28. Stevens Magic. Includes Chop Cup, rising cards, nickel on forehead, cigarette through quarter, invisible deck, little to big cards, big deal, 3 1/2 of clubs, card stab, Ranch bird, scotch & soda, Don Alan's bowl, Don Alan's big Nut production, Coat Hanger from Purse, Ring Flight, Fez Load (not all explained)

Alan, Don: Don Alan's Magic Ranch Series. DVD, Bill McIlhany/Todd Karr. Historic television footage. Features Don Alan performing close up magic and special guests for each show, such as Jack Gwynne, Johnny Platt, Clarke Crandall, George and Betty Johnstone, Al Flosso, Richard Himber, Jummy Reneaux, Sam Berman, Karrell Fox, Jay Marchall, Chan (Vic Torsberg), Ralph Pierce, and Neil Foster. Includes performances of Don Alan's Chop cup routine, Himber's Linking Rings, and an Indian cups & balls routines, among much more.

Ammar, Michael: Magic of Michael Ammar Volume 2, World Class Close Up DVD. L&L Publishing. Contains material originally from Videonics #62, with some added materials. This volume was previously published by L&L Publishing as part of the "Early Ammar" DVD series. Includes: the Striking Vanish taught with Michael's One Cup and Ball routine with a sausage can (Beenie Weenie).

Baker, Carroll: Magic On The Menu DVD. Carroll Baker. Table-hopping/strolling magic. Includes: Sponge Bunnies 3 phase routine for any audience; Inflation enlarging coin routine; Cheaters Lament card opener; Shaken, Not Stirred “twisting the Aces” routine; Just Think; Chopped Lemon un-gimmicked, chop cup routine that you can walk away and leave on the table; Coins across; Ambitious Card to Wallet (no-palm); Dragon Okito one ahead coin box routine that starts and ends clean. Leftovers; The Ring in Box trick (performance only).

Brewer, Doug: Unexpected Visitor Volume 2. DVD, 109 minutes. Includes Chopped Taters, Doug's handling of the mini-Chop Cup, direct from his acclaimed book.

Burt, Brad: Video #8, The Chop Cup. Brad Burt's Magic Shop. A full introductory coverage of the Chop Cup. Includes performance of the routine; Intro to the Equipment; How to Handle a Chop Cup; The Roll Vanish; The Sneider Vanish with a ball; The French Drop; Ball Thru Cup Move; How to handle the Large Loads; The Routine Explanation.

Carney, John: Classic Carney, The Video (DVD). Eight routines from Carnycopia, including Fruit Cup, a Chop cup type routine using a coffee cup and a bill.

Casmuz, Marcelo: Cubiltes (Spanish) DVD, 25 minutes. Bazar de Magia, Argentina. New work by Marcelo Casmuz presenting and explaining a full routine with two goblets. All passes and techniques detailed. 

Cloutier, Carl: Carl Cloutier's World Class Magic Video (DVD). Meir Yedid Magic, 90 mins. Includes: Sports Illustrated - Miniature sports balls vanish, appear and transform; Smoker's Delight - flash appearances and vanishes; Pencil Through Coin; Lit Cigarette In Coat; Single Cups & Balls - Miniature cup and balls routine. The cup appears, the balls appear, change color, grow and vanish; Candy Cards - Cards, candy bar, and a roll of Lifesavers; To Bounce or Not to Bounce: Bounce; Simple Battery - A battery is produced from a deck of cards; Money Madness.

Colombini, Aldo: Peter Warlock's New Pentagram Volume 10. DVD, WildColombini. Includes Giant Thimble (Lewis Ganson): A very strong and entertaining routine using a miniature chop-cup (or any chop-cup as a matter of fact), in many phases!

Colombini, Aldo: True Magic Volume 2. DVD. 113 minutes. Includes The Peak Cup, easy to do and easy to follow.

Darci, Steve: No Filler Volume 3. DVD, L&L Publishing. Includes Chop Cup, Steve's one cup and ball routine with two final loads.

Doggett, Robert (Dr. Bob): The Coin Box Video. Dr. Bob's Magic Shop. A complete 6 phase Okito Box routine with a bonus Chop Cup routine.

Duvivier, Dominique: Dominique Duvivier Strikes Back DVD Set. Includes Act 2: The Wooden Cup and the Chop Cup.

Galloway, Andrew: The Magic of John Ramsay Volume 2. DVD, 90 minutes. Includes One Cup & Ball routine

Greater Magic Teach-In: Classic Chop Cup DVD by Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co. Routines by Larry Jennings, Don Alan, Martin Lewis, and Brad Burt. 65 Minutes. 

Guyatt, Terry: Presents Close Up Magic. 90 minutes, VHS, I don't know if this ever made it to DVD (yet). Includes One Cup & Balls Routine, Magic Knife, Expansion of Texture, Relflextions/Do As I Do, Wand through Hanky, Erdnase Colour Change.

Harris, Paul: Reel Magic Quarterly Episode 1. DVD, Paul Harris. First edition of this multimedia magic magazine. Includes Dan Tongs Chop Cup Routine.

Harris, Paul: Stars of Magic DVD 2, Paul Harris Vols 4 & 5. Murphy's Magic Supplies, 90 minutes. I think in the VHS version, this was Video #12. Disk of Vol. 4 contains Uncanny -A solid cup routine using a can of Beenie Weenies.

James, Mark: Super Charged Classics. DVD. RSVP Magic. Includes Turbo Cup, a Chop Cup routine for restaurant work

Jay, Joshua: Close Up, Up Close Volume 2. DVD. Includes a performance only (no explanation) of The Lampshade, Joshua's acclaimed chop cup routine to music using a lampshade and a bulb.

Jedinat, Christian: Zaubern Leicht Gemacht 2 - Becherspiel & Chop Cup (In German) DVD. Translation to English: Magic Made Easy 2 - Cup Game & Chop Cup. Six magicians show and explain their successful interpretations of Cups and Balls and Chop Cup, including Peter Bold's Chop Cup without M's, and Christian's Coffee Bet Chop Cup routine.

Jennings, Larry: A Private Lesson. DVD, 67 minutes. Louis Falanga's videotapes of Larry explaining 12 routines, including Jenning's Chop Cup.

Jennings, Larry: Thoughts on Cards DVD, L&L Publishing. Includes the Complete Collection volumes 1 & 2 in one DVD set. Includes Larry's Single Cup & Ball routine. 

Johnson, Roy: In Person (Original in German, also released in English): VHS, I don't know of a DVD Release. Colour in View - Revelations of a selected name, The £80 Trick-A close-up or cabaret betting game, One at a Time - 'Coins Thru' Table with a gimmick. Instant Aces - Amazing close-up card transposition without skill. Chopper - The Chop cup with a difference.

Jon, Finn: Pierre Mayer Finn Jon vol 5 Stage Magic. I don't know if this was ever converted to DVD. Includes Three billiard ball routine, Chop Cup routine, among others.

Kozmo: Tales from the Street. 2 DVD Set. Complete guide to Street Magic. The magic disk includes Johnny Carson's Favorite Trick, a Chop Cup Bill to Lemon routine.

Lamanske, Todd: Get Real Volume 2, More Close-up Magic for the Real World. Moonbeam Magic, VHS (no DVD that I know of). Routines used for close-up and restaurant, from beginner to advanced. Includes: Foreign Exchange; Flying Aces; The Time Machine; Chop Cup; Mini-morphosis; Happy Birthday Card Trick; Hi Ho Silver; Let's Get Real!

Lancaster, Lou: Lou Lancaster teaches Classic Routines, International Magician's Society (IMS) Volume 10, Part of the Magic Academy DVD Disk 2. Includes Larry Jennings Chop Cup Routine

Lavand, Rene: Rene Lavand's Close Up Artistry Vol 2 DVD. Meir Yedid Magic. Includes Rene's famous Three Bread Crumbs routine using a single tea mug and balls.

Lavand, Rene and Luis De Matos: Maestro. Four DVD set. Essential Magic Collection. See Rene Lavand performing his professional show at the Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. Includes performance of The Three Breadcrumbs.

Lees, Walt: The Walt Lees Lecture. Two DVD set, International Magic, 2007 & 2008, 2 hours, 52 minutes. Includes PDF of Cannibal Cards. Also includes A Chop Cup for Mugs, and Combo Cups & Balls.

Lewis, Trevor: The Magic of Trevor Lewis DVD. L&L Publishing. Lecture, taped live at Mark Leveridge’s 3rd British Close-Up Magic Symposium. Includes: Trevor's Chop Cup with table hopping advice

McCree, Shaun: Stand and Deliver. 2 DVD Set. RSVP Magic. Disc 2 Includes Chopped or Diced, an ungaffed chop cup style routine with a dice cup & dice, with a jumbo die and pool ball climax

Mendoza, John: John Mendoza Live and Personal DVD (on VHS was John Mendoza Live, V2). Meir Yedid Magic (VHS was A-1 Multimedia). Includes John's Chop Cup and Cups and Balls routines

Mendoza, John: Live & Personal. DVD. Includes Chop Cup: A one-cup and ball routine where the spectator tries to guess where the ball is. As a finale two large balls are produced from under the cup.

Mendoza, John: My Best Volume 1 DVD. L&L Publishing, 1 Hour, 50 minutes. Includes John's Chop Cup - short, sweet, and to the point

Menoza, John: Routined Close Up. VHS format. International Video Magic Series Vol. 1, 105 minutes. Includes: Chop Cup, Collectors (Performance Only), Dice Stacking, Coins Across (Performance Only), Ambitious 1,2,3,4,5, Torn & Restored Card(Performance Only), The Squeeze, Cups & Balls (Performance Only), Routined Poker Mental, Mendoza's Cups & Balls

Michel: The Invisible Hand. Three DVD Set, Michel & Greco, Vernet Magic. The Invisible Hand is a holdout; this DVD set presents many ideas for its use, including Chop Cup - Final Load.

Nicot, Roger: Bar Cup Reloaded. Created by Roger out of stainless steel, this Chop Cup appears to be a normal cocktail shaker. The end of the routine produces two large loads, and then a full shot-glass of liquid.

Norsigian, Gary: Tricks That Will Get You Paid, Vol 2 DVD. Penguin Magic. Includes Chop Cup Routine - Gary's rapid fire routine and his lines will give you a different perspective on this classic effect.

Novak, John: Two Cups, One Ball video. Likely VHS as I find no recent references to it. Uses One regular and one matching Chop cup. Plus how to make your own.

Ouellet, Gary: The Very Best of, Volume Two DVD. L&L Publishing. Includes: Two Goblets two-cup and ball routine (w/Chop cup)

Ouellet, Gary: Gary Ouellet Vol. 3, Videonics Program #20. VHS, 1 hour, Videonics. Includes The Two Goblets two cup and ball routine with all the advantages of a three cup routine combined with a Chop cup and no disadvantages

Pinard, Andrew: The Shared Experience: The Nuts and Bolts Video. 2003, 85 minutes. Five routines: Hole-Y Grail multi-layered chop cup routine; Coins Across Redux; Static Currency floating bill; Autograph Collection bill switch application; Fifty-Two To Tango fusion of card to glass, card to forehead and card to wallet plots.

Regal, David: Premise, Power, Participation Volume 1. DVD, L&L Publishing. Includes My Best Friend (from Close-Up & Personal) - A chop cup routine with a the help of a small mouse

Sanderson, Martin: Corporate Close-up DVD. Russ Stevens. Approx. 2 hours. Includes: Rapid Fire Chop Cup

Sanderson: Martin: Martin Sanderson The Business DVD. RSVPMagic, 2006, 1 hour, 54 minutes. Includes Impromptu Chop Cup.

Schindler, George: Entertainment First! DVD. Meir Yedid Magic. Includes George's Chop Cup routine, billed as simple to follow.

Shortland, Mark: On and Off Stage. Two DVD Set, World Magic Shop. Includes Elevation, Mark's Chop Cup routine.

Southworth, Mark: Mark Southworth SureFire. DVD, RSVP Magic. Includes Supa-fast Chop Cup - A classic effect with a Tommy Wonder twist. With loading tips & audience management suggestions.

Swain, James: Miracles - the Magic of James Swain Vol 3. DVD, L&L Publishing. Includes Jim's The Chop Cup routine

Tong, Dan: Dan Tong Finally 50 Years of Magic Volume 2 DVD, Kozmomagic. 78 minutes. Includes Chop Cup: A short, fast routine that does not promote a gambling theme.

Various: 4 Stars Live, Videonics Program #58. Republished as Volume 14 of the Dai Vernon Revelations VHS series. Includes Michael Ammar's performance of his One Cup and Ball routine. In this tape no explanations are offered.

Various: Greater Magic Library Series - The Classic Chop Cup DVD. 1 hour, 12 minutes. Includes Larry Jennings, Don Alan, Martin Lewis, and Brad Burt.

Various: Magic of France, Greater Magic V48. DVD. Recorded onsite in incredible Musee de la Curiosite. Includes Etienne Lorenceau performing Ungimmicked Chop Cup and Subtleties for Cups & Balls.

Various: World's Greatest Magic: The Chop Cup DVD.  L&L Publishing. Seven Chop Cup approaches. Includes: David Regal's My Best Friend routine (including a toy mouse); John Mendoza Chop Cup Routine; Gary Ouellet's The Two Goblets (one chopped), with music; Danny Tong's Chop Cup routine; Steve Darci's Chop Cup routine; Larry Jennings' highly original routine, and Jim Swain's The Chop Cup. 

Various: World's Greatest Magic Close Up Magic Volume 3. DVD. L&L Publishing. Includes John Mendoza's Bowl Routine and Larry Jennings' Single Cup and Ball

Wilson, Paul: Restaurant Act. DVD Meir Yedid Magic (VHS was by A-1 MagicalMedia). Includes Chop Cup, with spectator involvement

Wright, Tom: Stand Up Magic. DVD World Magic Shop. Two DVD set featuring Tom's performance for corporate dinners. Includes philosophy as well as his Chop Cup Game Show, and more.

Zak, Frank: On the Boards DVD. Frank performs and explains all the routines found in the lecture notes of the same name. Includes: The Dice Game; Restoration Fuse; One Cup Routine; Four Ace Production; and 11 others. $25. Frank Zak Magic

Zavis, William: William Zavis Vol. 4, Videonics Program #17. Downloadable Video by L&L Publishing. 1 hour. Includes The Cup and Ball, a Single Cup and Ball effect that looks like a Chop Cup is used, but is not. 


Note: There is a glut of Chop Cups that come and go on the market, so the following list is not an attempt to list them all. Rather, I will attempt to point out historical cups, large manufacturer's of cups (such as RNT2), and unusual cups. You're probably better of going to one of the sites linked at the top where they have tons of photos of real cups. 

Allen, Mark: PD Chop Cup. For strolling magicians: a Play Doh cup with clay. A ball of clay is used in place of a regular ball, and at the end, the cup is full of clay again.

Arjan's Show-Biz Centre: In the Netherlands, this Theatrical warehouse used to sell a line of magic effects, but this seems to have gone away. At one time, they listed:
Arjan's Pofessional Copper Chop Cups & Ball Combination Set. Made from polished solid brass. German made. Supplied with hand knit balls, no instructions.

Bazar de Magia: Argentina. They manufacture a variety of Cups and Chop Cups, for example:
Chop Cup: Aluminum, Bronze, or Copper, 82mm High, 70mm mouth.
Combination Set: with one cup as a Chop Cup. In Aluminum, Bronze, or Copper.

Bonsall, David: Starbucks Coffee Chop Cup. Re-fashioned from actual Starbucks Espresso mugs. Available in 3oz or 8oz sizes.

Boulanger, Edouard: Presti Cup. The ad states, "You have nothing to hide, your hands do not hide any gimmick; You can use any cup; Color of the balls is interchangeable to suit your outfit or the theme of your party; The grip and weight of the balls are ideal for outfits; New passes are also explained in the video tutorial." Classic comes with A leather cup, A stick with brushed aluminum end pieces, 2 balls, 1 storage bag, and online video

Bourgoin, Stephane: Stephane has produced a number of unique Chop Cups through the years, for example:
Dice Chop Cup.  Dice cup rigged as a Chop cup. Routine is a gambling theme ending with a roll of $20 bills and your own watch
Pool Chop Cup
. A miniature billiard ball is dumped from a "corner pocket" taken from a pool table and a 10" pool cue is your magic wand.
Tennis Chop Cup
. A short tennis ball tube acts as the Chop cup, and miniature tennis balls instead of the standard size.

Busby, Mike: creates a set of "bizarre magic" related cups:
Gothic Chop Cups W/Gruesome Wand by Mike Busby: pocket sized gothic props with gruesome wand and "mummified" balls
Lost Souls Chop Cup: cup in embossed with skulls, and comes with mummified balls
Sea of Skulls Chop Cup: another cup embossed with small skulls

C&M Productions: No longer in business, but they made a nice leather chop cup and routine
Leather Chop Cup
. Borrowed Bill in Walnut. Leather like dice Chop cup with gimmicked U.S. dollar bill and routine. You receive the gimmicked dice cup, the gimmicked bill, a shot glass, four dice, a giant dollar bill and full instructions

Crosewl Magic:  Crosewl Magic ran a small shop in a Reneaiisance fair, and produced a number of clever "primitive" magic tricks to resemble what might have existed in the Middle Ages
Chop Cup Goblet
. Wood Goblet Chop cup, no instructions for balls included. Hand-turned on a lathe. Can be made from Cherry, Mahogany, or Walnut. 

Daytona Magic: a large magic shop in Florida, they seem to carry some items exclusive to them. For example:
Brass Chop Cup: Made in New England, maker not specified. Made from solid piece of brass. Measures almost 2 ¼" high and as a diameter of almost 1 7/8" at the base. Highly polished and comes in its own draw string bag with two balls.

DeeBee Mazik, India. Wholesale Manufacturer.
Chop Cup Aluminum: 3"
Chop Cup Brass: 3.25" tall, 2.75" at the mouth
DBZ Chop Cup Wooden: comes in a presentation box, in three styles: Worker, Classic, and Custom

Doggett, Robert (Dr. Bob): Used to run Dr. Bob's Magic Shop, but I believe it is now closed.
Chop Cup. A beautiful Brass Goblet. Stands slightly over 3 1/2 " tall. Comes with 2 balls and booklet with Dr. Bob's routine. Video and written routine also available separately.

El Duco : of Sweden. Christer Gustavsson passed away in 2008, but the Magic Shop lives on. However, much of the original El Duco line is no longer available.
Golden Combination Set by El Duco. Two normal cups and one Chop cup. Brass cups are ground, polished, and burn-lacquered. With 4 red balls (one gimmicked) and cloth bag. 

Fantasma Magic: TDryer's Fantamsa Magic is a manufacturer and a retail store in NY City. Their catalog currently (2015) lists a few unique Chop Cups:
Fantasma's Buddha Chop Cup. Wooden ornate chop cup ends with a large wooden Buddha statue climax.
Chop Cup Wooden, Aluminum, Copper: standard cups
Top Hat Chop Cup: Cute, beautiful wooden chop cup shaped like a magician's top hat

Funtime Magic (Calcutta, India; formerly ElectroFun): Funtime Magic makes a variety of Chop Cups
Chop Cup - Metal. Turned from a metal block. Small 2.5" in height.  
Chop Cup - Wood. Turned hard wood, polished and lacquered. Complete with routines.
Chop Cup Combo - Copper.
Chop Cup Combo Outfit Red White & Blue

Hale, Howard: Woodmagic Studio. High quality, hand-crafted products. I believe these are no longer manufactured.
Chop Cup & Chop Stick. Beautifully hand-crafted from select African Padauk, Wenge, Zebrawood and American Red Oak and match perfectly to each other. The Chop Cup is standard size and will hold a "normal" final load. The Chop Stick has a graceful, tapered design, 15 inches long and although one end is smaller than the other it is balanced for the "wand spin". Complete with small balls, travel bag and a full routine. Was $255.

Hecklau, Axel: Just A Cup. This is (not) a Chop Cup. DVD, script, tools set. Includes a genuine leather cup (not a Chop Cup), a very special die, a normal die, a normal red die, a bag, the Axel Hecklau "clip-gimmick", a Alan Wong Neck Cracker, a well illustrated booklet (english) with the full routine, a DVD with all the moves and two live performances.

Hennessey, Rich: Ca$h Chop Cup: Unique cup that is made from folded dollar bills, and using wadded bills for the balls. Available from Hennessey's

Hidden Wren Magic (, U.K.). Gareth Gwatkin, custom wooden magic, includes many varieties of Chop Cups such as:
Elegance Chop Cup: from Cocobolo Wood
Legacy Goblet: Cocobolo
African Blackwood Regal

Hudson, Alen: Chop Glass. Available from Scott Alexander. A "cozy" around a wine glass allows for Chop Cup routines. Combine with Wine Shot for a full glass of liquid climax. 

Ickle Pickle ;Steve Bender's company, in business for over 40 Years.
Aluminum Chop Cup
: Similar in appearance to the Morrissey aluminum cups for the cups & balls, this Chop cup matches the Ickle Pickle aluminum Cups & Balls set.
Chalice Chop Cup. Aluminum, 3.75" mouth, stands about 4.5" tall.
Chop Cup: Mini, Standard, Wide Mouth

Jenest, Mark: Jiggernaut. A unique One cup and ball routine with a shot jigger, realistic olive, and a finale load of two large wine corks.

Jieli World Magic Limited: Leather Chop Cup. Unsnaps and is collapsible.

Johnson Products: the coin gimmick manufacturer branched out into Cups & Balls some years ago, and the products were well received.
 Chop Cup: beautifully designed to match their acclaimed Cups & Balls set. Weight is almost 1/2 pound. Size is 3" tall with 2.5" mouth and 1.5" indented bottom. Comes with 2 ball set and black drawstring cloth carrying bag.

Kaminskas, Michael: MK Cups. Cups included the Carolina EDC; Carolina Mini; Carolina Jester; Carolina Queen; and Carolina King.

Kaymar Magic : of England Leather Chop Cup. This is a black leather dice cup gimmicked as a Chop cup. Comes with balls and a routine.

Koch, Bert: Chop Cup Würfelbecher: Routine features a leather Chop Cup with a gambling theme, utilizing a 9mm shell instead of a ball, and dice. (Found at

Kubo, Kuniharu: Evolution (Chop Cup). a Unique approach to the Chop Cup, in that the cup can be seen empty, and yet a ball can be produced. Product includes dice, but standard chop cup balls can be used instead. Retailed for $195.

Manuel, Brad: Dice Stacking Chop Cup. Custom leather bound polycarbonate cups are perfect dice stacking cups that double as chop cups. Uses dice instead of balls (though I believe balls can be used with the cup as well). Perform your normal routines with the bonus of the "audible" illusion inside the cup. Comes with cup, 5 casino dice, 1 "chopped" casino die, and instructions

Mason, Bob: Bob Mason Tooled Leather One Cup & Ball. Unique Working. This cup will enable you to drop in the gimmicked ball and merely turn the cup over and have it roll out showing clearly to a spectator that everything is above board. This was an excellent idea by the late Bob Mason who had this custom made and he gimmicked each one individually by hand. The height is 4" and the inside mouth diameter 2 3/8". Includes illustrated instructions and the crochet knit balls. No longer available.

Mikame Craft Products (Japan): Available through
Super Cup. Handcrafted. This stemmed metal goblet can be handed out at any time for examination. $185 retail.

Morrissey Magic: a long time manufacturer in Canada, sadly Morrissey Magic went out of business. One of the criticisms of the Morrissey cups were that the bottoms were not indented enough and the balls rolled off easily on the inverted cups. Copper cups are preferred for durability over Aluminum.
Chop Cups & Balls Combo: aluminum or copper.
Morrissey Chop Cup
. The design of the Chop cup is different than the single cup from the Combo set. Some reasons for the design differences are outlined in Shute's How to Book of the Chop Cup. Available in aluminum or copper. 

Murray, George: Chop Cup Tea Cup. A nice looking Japanese ceramic tea cup gimmicked as a Chop cup. Can hold a small lemon for a load. Includes two rubber balls, one gimmicked. Other Chop cup balls may work in this cup, but the balls included may not work in other Chop cups. Available through Nielsen Magic

Mycroft, Roger: Chop Can: A beverage can gimmicked as a Chop cup. Available in Coke, Pepsi, Lite Beer or Bud. Comes with two balls. No longer available.

Paul Howard Pro Magic: Chop Cup Russian. Uses a much larger ball and a wooden cup, no magnet. Ball is 1.5". Cup is hand turned from hardwood. Climax is the appearance of a Russian Doll. All the usual moves can be performed and the cup fits into your trouser pocket holding two balls making it easy to go around the tale. It works on the old marble vase principle using two bouncing balls which lend themselves to palming. Complete with cup, two balls, a Russian doll and routine.

Petty, Craig: Chop. Seven phase Chop Cup style routine using a regular cup and a signed bill. Includes DVD plus gimmicked Sharpie.

PFD Chop Cup. Made in China. Copper cup in the Paul Fox style. Sold by Penguin Magic, Kenneth Kok.

Porper, Joe & Pete Biro: Cocktail Surprise. Combination Cup and Ball Routine with beautiful Mini Cocktail Shaker that has a Liquid Kicker Finish. Comes with stainless steel modified Mini Cocktail Shaker for a liquid pour climax, two-piece Porper Wand, balls, shot glass, custom case, carry bag, and 8 pages of color photos. Perfect for the bar magician or the table hopper, can be done up close. $695. Available through Stevens Magic

Premium Magic: Distributed through Murphy's Magic Supplies, these cups are economical.
Chop Cup Copper:  0.255  lbs, 3.8x2.8x3.0
Chop Cup Aluminum: 0.155 lbs, 3.8x3x3

RAR Magic: Little Flat Chop Cup. This cup is unique in that it leather and can be unfolded (not gimmicked)! Includes a routine with four different endings, and you can use a borrowed banknote. Includes balls. Roy Roth passed away in 2013, and RAR Magic is no longer in business.

RNT II:  Bowl. Rings 'n Things was owned by Mike Brazil in the 1970's. RNT II was created out of the old company, and is now a premier manufacturer
Bowl: With Original Don Alan Bowl Routine & Lance Pierce Benson Bowl Book. Spun from 050 solid copper and polished to a mirror finish. Comes with Sponge Balls, Wand (wand style may vary), Don Alan Bowl Routine from Magic Inc. and the Lance Pierce Benson Bowl book and an embroidered bag.
Don Alan Chop Cup®  Authorized, authentic Don Alan Chop Cup with an added bold bronze lining and lip.3.75" high; 3.5" wide. Stainless steel (13.5oz); Aluminum (9.5oz).  Comes with plush bag, 2 1 1/4" white crocheted balls (one Chopped), and Don Alan's Original Chop Cup Routine.
Don Alan Stubby Copper Cup. Mike Brazill announces the birth of the Don Alan 50th Anniversary Stubby Copper Cup. Machined from a solid block of copper and lined with bronze that wraps around the lip. 3.25" high and designed to hold a larger load than Wheatley's original. Comes with bag, two one and 1/8" crocheted balls, Ron Bauer's Don Alan's Complete Chop Cup manuscript. 3.25" H x 3.25 D"
Little Don Chop Cup. A miniature version of the Don Alan Chop cup. 2 1/8" x 2 1/8", about 2 oz. Stainless or Copper $125. Also Baby Don Alan Chop Cup - "Le Petite", the smallest chop cup in the Don Alan family. Copper, with black embroidered bag, high-quality, tightly crochetted working balls and a pocket-sized routine booklet.
Monte Combo Cup Set. Look and feel of the original Monti cups. In copper and offered as a Chop Cup combo set. 3" high with 4 balls, presentation bag and instruction booklet. Limited supply.
Olive Sets. Realistic looking olives, hand made, with a realistic pimento inserted. Each set includes 4 olives (3 straight and 1 gaffed for Chop cup)
Glitter Working Balls. Crocheted glitter high visibility balls in Gold, Silver, or Red; available in 1", 3/4", 7/8", 5/8" and 1/2". 3 straight and 1 gaffed for chop and combo cups. $30. Also, 2" final load balls

Riser, James: James Riser is a manufacturer who has made some highly acclaimed cups & balls products in the past. I do not think  he is currently making any cups. When he does, purchase usually requires an interview first!
Micro Chop Cup: A small chop cup developed in cooperation with the late Dennis Loomis. Was available in copper or stainless steel, in slightly different sizes. The "full" set came with both cups, balls, routine, stainless steel flask & gimmick (for vanishing liquid), load balls, and bag and retailed at the time for $100

Rogers, Mike: The late Mike Rogers used to create excellent Miniature Baseballs made of leather and that were great for handling. They were available in standard cups & balls set, and he also made a chopped set. While these are no longer available, I think there are some new producers who are making a similar product to fill the void.

Shindler, George: Chop Cup Mug. A plastic mug with a handle, chopped of course!

Smesters, Leo: Harmonica Chop Cup. The Harmonica cups are designed as collapsible cups, which can be easily transported in your pocket or in some cases a card case. Available in Aluminum or Silicon.

Solari, Bob: Bob has developed several Chop cup variations through the years.
Major Development. A Chopped 35mm film canister with full routine and props. Climax is a roll of film. This is no longer available; I wonder how many in this age of digital photos would recognize a film canister?
Mini Chop Cup Goblet. A mini brass goblet gimmicked as a Chop cup. It stands 2 1/2" tall and comes with a velvet carrying bag and two balls (one gimmicked) and one load ball. No longer available.
Super Mini Chop Cup: hand-crafted by Bob in wood. Stands only 1.5" tall, with two balls, a load ball, and a load die.

Star, Tim: Tim Star products used to be available from Hank Lee's, but it is nice to see he now has his own website.
Star Master Chop Cup: new design with T-balls can be examined at any time, and the cup acts as a Chop Cup only when you want.
Star Chop Cup: large mouth, will hold a Tennis Ball. Aluminum.
Copper Lime Cup: A goblet style cup. Holds a lime or a lemon as a final load.
Goblet Chop Cup: in Aluminum, with a wider mouth. 4 1/8" high, 3 3/8" mouth.

Starsinic, Frank: Frank at The Ambitious Card produces a variety of leather products, including dice cups, Chop cups, Cones, and leather cases for magic items. His line of Chop Cups and cones include:
Killer Chop Cup: dark leather Chop Cup that looks like a standard dice cup.
Leather Chop Cup Ren Faire Cup. Leather tapered cup good for Rennaissance Fairs.
Leather Chopped Dice Stacking Cup: Dice-Chop Combination Cups. Design allows the ball to be rolled out. Includes crocheted balls and casino dice. Use for Chop cup or Dice stacking cup.
Beaded Chop Cup: Rigid with internal frame, leather sewn around the frame. 3.25" tall, 3.25" diameter. With crocheted balls that match the cup
Leather Cone for the Ball and Cones. Available with or without balls.

Magic by Stone: Developed various unique cups
Dragon Bowl Chop Cup. An Asian style ceramic chop cup.
Party Time Chop Cup. A light blue with white interior plastic tumbler gaffed into a Chop Cup. Looks right at home at backyard barbeques, picnics, and outdoor parties. Comes with two 3/4" Crochet Balls
Chop Cup Coffee Mug: looks like a standard white, rounded, coffee mug with a handle

Tannen's Magic: Out of NYC. Tannen's doesn't seem to be into the "manufacturing" or carrying of unique magic as much as they used to be. They used to advertise:
Ultimate Chop Chop Cup. Designed after the original Al Wheatley Chop-Chop cup with modifications. Spun from aluminum, anodized to satin finish. 4" tall with 3" mouth for large loads. Includes balls, routine and bag.

TCC Presents: Leather Chop Cup. Includes 2 mini leather baseballs, basic routine instructions. In "Clementine" (light brown) or "Sufr Blue" (looks black). Retails for $80

Teufel, Mark: Wood Chop Cup. An "incredibly well made Chop cup!" (Magicsmith). Light weight and size, made from Cocobolo wood; hand turned on a lathe. This retailed for $200

Uday Magic (India). Makes a set of economical cups. Distributed in the USA through Murphy's Magic Supplies
Chop Cup Copper: 0.306lb, 3.8x3.3x3.3
Chop Cup Aluminum: 0.231lb, 3.5x3.0x3.0
Chop Cup Brass: 0.363lb, 3.3x3.6x3.0

Wayne, Thomas: Thomas Wayne Magical Products Coffee Mug Chop Cup. Full size white ceramic coffee cup as found in many restaurants. Balls are unipolar to not attract when on top of the inverted cup, thus both balls are gimmicked. Comes with cup, balls, Thomas Wayne routine, and care instructions. This was a highly regarded cup.

Wilson, Gregory: Kiss Off. Chop cup routine using a can of Hershey's syrup and candy kisses. The climax includes production of two jumbo kisses and the result that the syrup can is sealed. Comes with 2 jumbo kisses, small kisses, and video. Hershey stopped making the can, so you have to get your own.

Viking Manufacturing Company: manufacturer of fine magic
Chop Cup Solid: for a manipulative single-cup and ball routine (not really a Chop Cup)
Caliph's Cone. Tall Chop Cup of hammered brass, 6" tall. Cone, balls, routine
Wooden Chop Bowl/Benson Bowl Routine. Bowl can be used for Benson Bowl routine, but is also gimmicked like a Chop cup! Comes with polished hand-turned solid wood bowl, two crocheted balls, 4 sponge balls, and a 4" production donut. Not currently available.
Wooden Chop Cup
. Hand-turned from select hardwoods, and hand polished to a satin finish.Cup measures 3.5" tall and 3" across the opening. Comes with two balls and complete instructions. Made in the Don Alan style.$95. A solid matching cup is also available. Not currently available.

Votiko, Victor and Bojan Flash: B Coffee Cup. Electronic Chop Cup that looks like a regular coffee cup.  One charge lasts up to three days.

Votiko, Victor and Bojan Flash: Flash Chop Cup. Plastic Chop Cup with a flash paper ignitor (remote controlled).

Wellington Enterprises: "Creators of the Finest Custom Illusions", NY
Wellington Chop Cup. In Brass or Aluminum, designed to hold a Baseball load, and with special balls. Retails at $150 and $200.

Yang, Sean: Transformer Chop Cup. Cup can act as your card deck holder, a stand for a business or playing card, and as a box-style Chop Cup. Does not include any balls.

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