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Paper Money Magic


Update: 09 May 2007: Lonnie Chevrie's DVDs Captured and Wanted; Sean Fields' Infinity Switch; Magic of Mark Leveridge DVD; Gallo's Osaka Bills video; World's Greatest Magic: Money Magic.

This category includes magic with paper currency only, it does not include coin magic. Also, it does not include the Pen or Pencil Through Bill effect, which is covered in the Pen Magic reference page.

None of these effects are for sale from this site. All prices are reference "ball-park" figures only, and are likely not current. Some items may no longer be available.

There are many effects that can be performed with paper money such as:

a. Bill Switch. A single bill changes into another bill.
b. Bill Transformation. A quantity of bills change into a quantity of different bills.
c. Money Swindle. A quantity of cash is mis-counted in a convincing manner.
d. Torn/Burnt and Restored Bill. A bill (often borrowed), is shredded or burnt and found restored, often in a impossible location such as inside a lemon or a cigarette.
e. Floating Bill. A bill, often borrowed, is caused to float.

This is a large category, so in no way does this list represent an exhaustive listing of possible money magic effects.


Acer, David: This is a Circle (2001 lecture). 16pp. Mitosis cell phone; Unflappable matchbook; Breakneck; Repeat Offender; Foiled; The Madden Force; Hot Pursuit prediction; Picturesque (a borrowed bill transposes with another in a photograph) and more.

Acer, David: Natural Selections. 148 pp. Cheap Labor stickman card; Transposition Ring flight; Richie's (Sanders) Double Bill Switch ($1 to $20 to $100); Spice Rack (salt shaker stretch); Around the World in 80 Dollars; Money for Nothing; Money Flies coin to glass; Swiss Pack (holey card); and 30 more. $30

Alan, Don: Close Up Time: Includes It's Flashy flash production; One Way Force Deck; Card in the Egg; and Bill in the Orange, among a few other effects.

Alan, Don: Pretty Sneaky: Contains Sneaky Card to Pocket (excellent card to wallet effect); Impromptu Card on the Wall; Wot Happened? card transposition; A Pretty Sneaky Nudist (deck); Flaming Hang Ping Chien (coins); Las Vegas Fairy Tales (cap and pence); Bill Lemon and Wrapper (bill in lemon routine); A Darker Shade of Maline (amazing appearance of a large hunk of coal under a Fez); and more.

Ammar, Michael: Encore III. A treasure of bill magic. Flash Coins from lighter; Name Is the Same (Klause bill transpo); Klause Bill Switch (TT switch with 4 ideas); Yeast Card ambitious card; All American Reverse Matrix; Beenie Weenie chop cup; Two Dollar Bill Tear ($2 to two $1 to $2 bill again); Magical Change ($1 to halves to $1 to quarters); The Gallo Pitch; Absent Minded Miracle 4 Ace; Sponge Ball Up Sleeve; and more.

Ammar, Michael: The Magic of Michael Ammar. Includes Stand-up Cups and Balls; coin and card moves; essays; Lou Gallo's Silver Certificate $1 to Silver Dollar transformation; Williamson's Coin in Pen Cap; Gallo's New Wave Coins Across; Williamson's Reverse Matrix; Gallo's Coins Through the Table Kicker; Williamson's Now Cut That Out coin finds selected card; rubber band magic (including Crazy Man's Handcuffs); Pencil Through Quarter; Let's Hit the Bottle coin in bottle; Signed Bill in Light Bulb; The TT Bill Switch; and more. $40.00

Andrus, Jerry: Kurious Kards and Five Dollar Trix. Combo book. Kurious Kards is a collection of flourishes. Five Dollar Trix contains 5 effects with dollars and coins, including Double Dollars coins from borrowed dollar effect. $20.00

Archer, Danny: 1-100. Danny's handling of the no TT bill switch. Clean and easy. Explained with 4 pages of text and pictures. £8

Baker, Ken: 21 Himber Wallet Routines. Includes some bill and money switches.

Bauer, Ron: Paul Chosse's Bar Bill Stunt. 4 approaches to the bill switch. An Origami goes wrong rotuine with a mis-made bill result. Drawn Instead of Quartered uses a comically drawn bill. The Bauer Befuddler using the mis-made bill again. 36pp $15

Bauer, Ron: Horn Swoggled Again. A shortchange routine. $12

Bauer, Ron: Xerox Money. Copying without a machine, and it is so good you can print money! $12

Behnke, Leo: Thread Reference. Includes A Stand Up Bill.

Bertram, Ross: Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram. Two Chapters on coin magic including: Knotty Knotty Copper/Silver penetration; Devaluation coin de-valuates during a coin roll; Diamond Penny penny & dime using regular coins; C/S Transpo; Money Changer half to English penny; Porous Paw coin through hand; Coins through Table; Coin Assembly matrix; Passing the Half Bucks coins across; Bertram's Best 6 coins across; and many more coins; Two Chapters on Card Magic; General Magic including Bill in Cigarette and Bill Tear using one bill; Tarbell Egg Bag; a chapter on sleeving; Carlyle cups and balls; Fox's Cashing a Cheque (check to bill); and much more.

Bornstein, Mike: Encyclopdia of Paper Magic Money. This is a collection of five of Mr. Bornstein's previous works on magic with Paper Money. Includes Money Magic, More Money Magic, Latest Money Magic, New Commercial Money Magic, and Eye Popper Money Magic. Includes a gimmick for the rising dollar bill.

Brown, Ed: The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser. Includes 2 Coin Interlude Plus; Harry's Cups & Balls; The Cap and the Quarter; Ball Cone & Box; 5 Card Monte; Copper Silver Gold coin box; Crossed Hands Vanish coin box; Purse Swindle with coins; Purse Jam (coins); Close Up Miser; Hornswoggled Revisited (short change); billiard balls; and more.

Burger, Eugene: Mastering the Art of Magic. Includes Sponges; Signed Card in Wallet; Signed Bill in Matchbox; Easy Money Presentation; Slow Motion Bill Change; 21st Century Bill Transposition; many more.

Caruba, Bill: The Magic of Folding Money. Includes a dollar bill ring, dollar bill guns, and Money Bunny.

Caveney, Mike: Harry Anderson, Wise Guy. Includes mis-made bill.

Caveny, Mike: MagiComedy. Includes: Folding Money coin roll routine; 3:32 coin magic; Cents of Touch marked coin found among many; Benson Plunger Benson Bowl; Signed Bill in Cigar; Thimble Act; and more.

Close, Michael: Workers 3. Includes the Origami Bill production.

Cornelius, John: Borrowd Bill Routine. The Hundred Dollar Bill Switch from John Cornelius is a must have. $7.00

Dell, Alan: Money Magic of Mike Bornstein. 44pp. 9 money magic routine including details (and gimmick) for the Rising Dollar Bill. $5

DeSouza, Marc: DeSouza's DeCeptions The Magic of Marc DeSouza. Shapeshifter (card change); Quad-Ringle Plus (ring & rope routine); Die of Destiny; Twin Transpo x 2 (2 card transposistions); Picasso's Bill (mis-made bill): Collection Agency (Collector's); and more. 140pp. $35

Fulves, Karl: Self-Working Coin Magic. Includes lots of coin and money magic, including: Quickprint paper to $5; Money Makes Money coin from bill; Impromptu Bill Vanish; dollar puzzlers; Safe Deposit rolled $5 and $1 vanishes the $5; and more.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 1. Includes chapters in Ring & Rope, Okito box magic; Gambling routines including Purse Swindle with coins; Phoenix Pouch bank night type money; Paddle routines; Brema Nut; Wierd Ones; The Ringer ring on wand; Thimble Box; a Chapter on Coins Alone (just coin magic) including Four Coins and a Tumbler; a Chapter on Coins and Things (coins with props); I.O.U. changes to dollar and back; a chapter on tube magic; Sponge magic, and Ellis Ring magic.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 2. Chapter on Destroyed and Restored including 10 Shilling Note burnt and restored bill and Note in Cigarette; Three Rings for Vernon Chinese Rings; Mentalism including Noted Number mentalism with bank notes; Bennet on Coins including a coin purse routine; Sleeving by David Berglass; The Egg Bag; and more.

Harkey, David: Simply Harkey. Includes East Meets West pencil through Bill (also in October 1988 Genii)

Harris, Paul: Art of Astonishment Vol 1 includes Buck Naked (from New Stuff) The bent corner principle used in Seductive Switch is used with currency to provide a bill switch gimmick; Improv Nightshades (New Stuff) Sunglasses drawn on a dollar bill flip up to show George's eyes; AeroDynamic Dollar (Las Vegas Close-Up) A bill is folded into a propeller and nailed to the ceiling. Card on the Ceiling without the card. Among many others.

Hay, Henry: The Amateur Magician's Handbook. Includes A Mentalist With Money serial number divination and The Lyons Bill Switch (no TT).

Hilliard, John Northern: Greater Magic. Includes several Bill Switches, Cut and Restored Bill, The Climbing Bill, the Perfect Lemon and Bill, The Bill in the Envelope, The Five Dollar Bill Tick, Dollar Bill and Tube Trick (Brema tube), among others.

Hilliard, John Northern: The Lost Notebooks. Includes Al Baker's Levitation of a Dollar Bill; Al Baker's vanish of a Dollar Bill (Brema Tube); Baker's Tearing a Bill; and a Bill Test, among others.

Hugard, Jean: Money Magic. Includes Bill in Lemon; Impromptu Tricks with Bills (21 effects); A Bill and a Cigarette, Bill and Lemon (again); Misc. Tricks with Bills (16 more).

Karr, Todd: The Secret Ways of Al Baker by The Miracle Factory. Includes Baker's Bill Switch, and The Dollar Bill Switch, Baker Switch Number 2, Bill Trick and much more. $150.

Kaufman, Richard: 5X5. Routines with cards, coins, bills, matches, matchbooks, silks and more. Coins multiply on the table; A dollar changes its size as it passes through another bill; Coins change places; and more. Includes Cocktail Bill Penetration: A bill is folded around a cocktail napkin and a pen penetrates the center of the napkin/bill with the bill unharmed. $30

Kaufman, Richard: The Collected Almanac. Tons of magic including Bill Steps Out one dollar to fiver; Rip It Redux torn and restored bill; and Bill Book and Candle burnt and restored bill.

Kaufman, Richard: Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver. Three and Three coins across; C/S Variations; Dollar to Halves to Quarters; Reverse Coin Assembly; lots more coins; Four Card Monte; UpStacking dice; The $100 Card in Wallet; Time is Money $20 bill in Hourglass; The Bill in Cigarette; and much more.

Kaufman, Richard: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Volume One. Includes Derek Dingle's Cornered Bill in Cigarette.

Kaufman, Richard: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Volume Two. Includes Gertner's Tobacco Road bill in cigarette; Weber's 20th Century $10; and Dusheck's Dollar Bill Coin Fold.

King, Kevin: The Ultimate Bill Switch Manuscript. This is a book form of Kevin's Money Morph video. $9

Klamm, R.M.: The Magic of God's Word. Includes 6 Bill repeat and how to make it.

Klause, Roger: In Concert. 288pp. Includes Roger's $100 Bill Change, The Torn & Restored Bill, Even Money, Cheque, The Chimerical Bill, Billision, and much more. $40

Kozlowski: The Hundred Dollar Bill Switch Manuscript. The classic $100 bill switch rendition. $12

Lancaster, Lou: Commercial Closeup Magic. Includes coin magic, the Bill Tear, The floating bill, and more.

Lasher, Micah: The Magic of Micah Lasher. Includes a Bill in Orange routine.

Lees, Walt: More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein. 35pp. 7 money routines. Improved Floating Dollar Bill, Stretching Bill, Elusive President and more. $6

Lewis, Eric: Martin's Miracles. Money effects include: Bill in Card, The Big Switch (?), Numismagic, Flying Eagles, A Variation, Coin Assembly, Texas Money, among many other effects. $25

Lierpoll, Jarle: Pocket Power The Book. Stealing from your pockets; No Gimmick Bill Switch; Toilet Paper to Egg; Stealing Techniques; Norwegian Travelers; Coke from Shoe; The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Tear, and more.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 1. Includes tons of magic and some money routine such as Dennis Marks Marksmanship Bill(et) Switch; Jim Ryan's no TT Bill Tear; Castillion's Coinswaggled short change routine; Bornstein's Clip Join penetrated bill and Bill Vedere and Bet a Buck; Davis Five One Transposition.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 2. Mueller's Bill Steal swindle; O Pen Sez A Me bill in Pen; Hirose The Invisible Hole (pencil through bill & paper); David Ben's How Sweet It Is destroyed bill found in sweetner; Bengel's Bill Matrix; Marshall's Quick Warp and Down and Out Bill Switch (no TT); Bornstein's Bill Stretch; Richard Bartram's Pinetrated Bill, and more.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 3. Bornstein's Static Cling and A Little Bit of Rubbing; Dean Dill's Four to Two halves to $2 bill matrix; Graham's Life Saving Bill Tube; and Sanada's Finger Through Bill.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volume 4. Doug Edwards' Triple Bill Restoration; Churchwell's Bill Flight; Dushek's The Pocket Bill; Regal's Ultimate Cut and Restored Bill; Lorayne's Rip-Storation; Stephens' the PH Factor coin from folded bill

Lorayne, Harry: The Himber Wallet Book. Includes Any Bill Vanish; Bill Fooled Bet; Bill Divination; Signed Torn Restored; among others.

Lovick, John: Switch! Forthcoming book over 400pages on the $100 Bill Switch.

Lovick, John: Whats the Rumpus? Lecture Notes. Multiplex Inter (Paul Harris' Reset/Travelers effect); I Dream of Mindreading; Hand in my pocket (non-sleight card effect); 100 Dollar Bill Change (no TT); 13 other items. $20.00

MacGregor, Jerry: Real World Magic. Includes The Logic Cup chop cup; Arnold by Mark Benthimer: Produce bullet, ribbon from a dollar bill, and finally change it to a $100 bill; Rush Lintball sponge balls; Pick a Key, any Key ring flight; The Pill Box Okito box; Star Ring finger ring on string; Perfect Voodoo - Perfect Pen routine; Rick Anderson's Ultimate Floating bill, and more cards, coins, and others.

Maxwell, Mike: The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings. Includes Jennings Bill Switch. Slow Motion, no TT. With Burned and restored bill effect.

Minch, Stephen: John Carney's Carnycopia. Includes Fruit Cup Single cup and ball routine with Bill in Lemon; The Logical Bill coins from bill; and Calligraphic Cash burnt bill to pen routines, among others.

Neale, Robert E.: Folding Money Fooling Book. Origami folding bills with entertaining effects. Actions, An Economic Comment, Fluttering Butterfly, Puppet Poetry, Billfrog, Pearching Parrot, Heart Homily, Crane in Flight, A Boy's Modest Adventure , Puzzles, Crossed Doubly, Seven Clever Bills, Hyperflex, Baffling Bill Braid , Tricks, Stretch A Bill, Presidential Portrait, Wormo, The Contrary Ones, Snake Basket, Pyramid of Immortality , Rabbit Redux, Bunny Bill, Oakes' Standing Bunny, Harris' Bunnies, 146 Pages, Hardbound. $40.00

Norman, Karl: Here's How. Includes Bill in Cigarette routine.

Ogden, Tom: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic. Includes Bill in Lemon.

Paulus, Dan: Up My Sleeve, Book Two Commercial Money Magic (Lecture Notes). 21pp. Coin and Bill work. Includes Mid Air Hang Ping Chien; Four Coins, Four Shticks Matrix follow-up; Business Card Quiz Show Chinatown Half routine; Minty Fresh Coin in "Bottle" (Tic Tac box); Kennedy Conspiracy Bill (half penetrates a bill); Million Dollar Olram with bills; $10.00 available directly from Dan Paulus.

Pierce, Lance: The Award Winning Magic of John Cornelius. Includes the IncrediBill Routine and the $100 Bill Change.

Pinard, Andrew J: The Shared Experience: An Approach on the Presentation of Magic. Presentation, misdirection, character creation, the business side of magic and more. Includes The Hole-Y Grail multi-layered chop cup routine; Coins Across Redux; Static Currency floating borrowed bill; Autograph Collection hundred dollar bill switch (no technique, just presentation and construction); Open & Closed Prediction; Fifty-Two To Tango (card to glass/forehead/wallet fusion); $10

Pogue, David: Magic for Dummies. Inculdes Bill in Life Savers routine.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards. Includes Bill in Potato and Flash Bill Routine.

Regal, David: Constant Fooling 2. Includes Origami Bill Switch.

Royal Magic: The Floating Bill booklet. Illustrated concise instructions with enough material for hundreds of performances and a gimmick for a 2nd version. $10

Sanders, Richard: Close Up Assasin. Sour Dough; Lime Richie; Richie's Little Stickman; Skinny Kreskin; My Cupped Hands Runneth Over (Coins across); Trick Photography II; Richie's Double Bill Switch; Behind My back; Cramped; Billboard; Trident Sugarless Bill.

Sisti, Jim: The Magic Menu Years 6 Through 10. Schindler's Nested Dolls (bill in nesting dolls) and Marked Bills in the Purse; Sander's Cramped (Bill in pen); Acer's Intangibill (finger through bill): Cloutier's Bill in Cigarette; Diamond Jim Tyler's The Birthday Bill.

Stone, Sol: Monte Too Book. Money Monte, the spectator can't follow the $5; Lota Monte w/vases; Magician's Coloring Book Monte; Shake Rattle and Roll rattle bars; Crayon Monte; Trash Can Monte; BB Bewilderment; Matchbox Monte; Color Changing Knives Monte; Find the Gum $20

Tarbell, Harlan: Course In Magic Volume 2. Includes a Bill in Cigarette routine.

Tarbell, Harlan: Course In Magic Volume 3. Includes an entire chapter on money magic, such as: Scarne's Bill Change; Grant's Slow Motion Bill Transposition and Million Dollar Bill Mystery; Novel Burnt and Restored Bill; The Life Saver; The Topsy Turvy Bill; Berland's One to Four; and more.

Tarbell, Harlan: Course In Magic Volume 7. Includes Money Magic chapter with Bandit Bill and Sabatino's Bill Tube presentation.

Tarr, Bill: 101 Easy to Learn Classic Magic Tricks. Includes Bill in Lemon;

Trickshop: Basic Bill Switch Technique (e-book). Basic thumb-tip based bill switch. E-book includes photo-illustrated instructions. 633 K, zipped Acrobat file $3.95 or by mail w/2 fake George Bush bills $4.95. Trickshop

Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles Book. Includes: The Gunslinger signed and selected card revelation; New Age Spellbound with a glass stone; FBI Trick Thumbcuff escape; Cat and Mouse card in mousetrap; Soaring Straw; Comedy Shuffling Routine; Fire Ball torn and restored paper; Animated Cardbox; Frog Hair card flip; Smoking Spoon bend; Pieces of Eight coin routine; Birthday Bill holes appear in bill spelling Happy B-Day; and more. $40

Wilson, Mark: Complete Course In Magic. Torn and Restored Dollar Bill; Six Bill Repeat; The Bill In Lemon.

Wilson, R. Paul: 13 Booklet. 32 pp. Money magic includes: Threadbare floating bill, Gone Wishin' coins from purse; Blin-Pen torn bill piece appears in pen, and several card effects. $25

Zak, Frank: On the Boards Lecture Notes. Dice Game 2 in hand, 1 in pocket; Power of Observation quarter to half and back; Pen and Cap striking vanish and reapparance; Let's Make a Deal signed bill to locked box; Trap Door TT salt vanish & restoration using borrowed bill; Flim Flam signed bill in impossible location; One Cup Routine with shot glass and olive; plus more. $18.


Allen, Harry: Harry Allen’s Comedy Bits and Magic Routines Video. Money effects include: Rare Coin Penetration (with ping-pong ball, coin, silk and glass); China Change (half to Chinese coin); Money Cups (Three-Card Monte with money and cups); R/B Coin Deck - Scotch & Soda; DHQ (prediction with coins); $1.35 Trick (coins); Flash Coins 2 coin transposition under cards); 2 Copper / 1 Silver. $30.00

Allen, Mark: 3-D Cash DVD. Fronts and backs of four one dollar bills are shown, then all four change into fives and fronts and backs are shown. DVD includes ideas and variations. $20

Ammar, Michael: Classic Renditions #1: The Floating Bill. Features performance on the Tonight Show. Fully detailed explanation and tips. Also includes John Cornelius' Coin that Falls Up. $29.95

Ammar, Michael: Classic Renditions Volume 3. The Invisible Bill Switch & John Cornelius' Borrowed Bill Routine. $30

Ammar, Michael: Easy to Master Money Miracles Volumes 1-3 DVD. Volume 1: 41 Cent Miracle; Continuous Production; Credit Card Quickie; Hornswoggled; Snappy; Michael's Matrix; Star Warp; Bent Penny Transposition; Incredible Coins Across; Hanging Coins; Cash Back. Volume 2: Shadow Coins; BeSwitched; Coin Flurry & Jumbo Production; Sensory Control; Copper Silver Transpo; The $2 Bill Tear; Sonic Squeeze; The 4 Coin Roll Down; Expansion of Texture; Self-Folding Bill. Volume 3: Coins Thru Silk; Dining on Dollars; Flying Eagles; $5 and $1; Coin From Pen Cap; Chocolate Coin; E-Z Money; The 10,000 Grains of Salt; Bull to Nut; Bill to Impossible Location.

Ammar, Michael: Easy To Master Thread Miracles Volume 2 (DVD/Video). Magic Using the I.T.R. including a Chop Cup application, Dave Nelson's Dollar Bill Flight; I.T.R. Floating Bill; Robert Henry's Ashra Coin; Al Baker's Erectile Bill; Floating Bill; The Coin in Beer; Baker's Ring on Pencil; and much more. $35.00

Berry, Jay Scott: The Cloaking Device Video. Video covers handling, palms, vanishes and productions and new effects using Jay's "Cloaking Device" bill switch gimmick. Includes Retrograde cut and restored ribbon; Vortex Production streamer and sponge; and Restoration torn and restored napkin. 30 minute. $25

Bornstein, Mike: Bornstein's Video #2. 2 hour lecture with 20 effects. Includes Ultra Bill Suspension, Ultra Oil & Water, X-Static Dollar Bill, and more. Philly Magic

Chevrie, Lonni: Wanted!: Lonnie Chevrie. DVD ncludes: Counterfeiter ($100 bill switch); String'em up (Gypsy thread using dental floss); Two bits in a bottle (coin in the bottle; coin and bottle can be examined at the end); A stab in the dark (table-to-table Stabbed Deck); Game of Chance (notably different chop cup routine). Includes both performance and explanation segments.

Chevrie, Lonnie: Captured! The Outlaw Magic of Lonnie Chevrie. DVD Includes: Grandpa's Dollar ($1 bill to a $100 bill); Miss Kitty's Favorite Card Trick (Kiss appears on selection); Silver City (Coins across with glass); Eleven Card Stud.

Close, Michael: Too Close! Volume 4. Includes A Visit from Rocco, a Larry West trick using giant bills. Also includes Rocco Returns routine for Ton Onosaka's Lucky Lady (find the Lady), Ring Fright (no pull flight); and more. $25

Cloutier, Carl: Cloutier's World Class Magic Video. Includes: Sports Illustrated; Smoker's Delight; Pencil Through Coin; Lit Cigarette in Coin; Single Cups and Balls; Candy Cards; To Bounce Or Not To Bounce; Simple Battery; Money Madness. 90mins. $25

Diamond, Paul: Lessons in Magic with Paul Diamond Vol 3 - Mr. Humble. Chink-A-Chink; No Palm Card to Wallet; Impromptu Rising Card; Salt Into Fist; Diamond Aces; Expanding Bill; Thumb Tip Lecture; Bill Switch; Ring and Spring; Penny to Giant Penny $20

Fox, Karrell: Karrel Fox The Legend video. 15 routines: X-Ray Glasses, Flip-Over Cards, Papers to Bills, Loop Lift, Mene-Tekel Book Test, Papa-Rose, Sealed Stab Prediction, Jig-Saw Cards, Cane to Wand, Cane to Rope, Flash-Strip, Magachance, Sonuva Switch, Two-Fisted Book Test, and Silkut. 50 minutes $30

Gallo, Jahn: The Osaka Bills Video. Visual production of bills from thin air. Developed over 25 years; produce up to 15 bills.

Gertner, Paul: Steel and Silver Vol 1. Includes: Bill in Cigarette (both borrowed); A Familiar Ring (coins across in the spectator's hands); Photo Copy (with prop) card revelation. $30

Harlan, Dan: Ultimate Impromptu Magic. Suspended Funds (Floating Bill); Dirty Torn and Restored;

Harlan, Dan: Premium Blend Vol 3 Video - Games People Play. Money magic includes: Money In Cards (money is produced from blackjack hands) and many other effects. $30

Harlan, Dan: Premium Blend Vol 5 Video - Funny Business. Money magic includes: Your Fortune torn and recovered bills (in fortune cookies); Penned-In borrowed dollar changes to I.O.U., bill is found in pen; Also includes Business Card Nightmare (w/Out to Lunch principle); Tenyo Zig-Zag Crayon; and more. $30

Harrison, Nigel: Hybrid. Two borrowed bills of different denominations fuse into one and is handed to spectator for examination. Bill is then ripped in half and the originals are returned to the owners. DVD and CD-ROM. DVD teaches complete routine, CD-ROM contains gaff templates in multiple currencies. Also includes: Fraction - borrowed $10 ripped into two $5 bills and then re-fused; RIPT flash torn & restored bill. $24

King, Kevin: Kevin King's Money Morph Video. A highly proclaimed bill switch handling. $20

Klause, Roger: Ultimate Slow Motion Bill Transposition. One and Five change places in spectator's hand. Simple, clean and direct. Comprehensive video $30

Leveridge, Mark: Magic of Mark Leveridge: Money Magic DVD. Mark performs and explains a wide range of routines using coins and bills. While some sleight of hand is, on occasion, required, there is nothing very difficult here. $35

Lewis, Jim: Million Dollar Mysteries Video. Utility Purse Switch; Turning a Dollar Bill Inside Out (Mis-Made presentation); Purse Frame Coin Production and Direct Coins Through the Table; Visible Coins through Glass Table; Hypnotizing the Professor (Professor's Nightmare); Foreign Exchange (Silver/Copper/Brass); One Coin Triple Change Spellbound (performance only); 55 mins; $40

Lierpoll, Jarle: Pocket Power The Video. No Gimmick Bill Switch; Toilet Paper to Egg; Stealing Techniques; Norwegian Travelers; Coke from Shoe; The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Tear; plus more.
Plus a variety of useful Tips and Techniques.

Malone, Bill: On the Loose Vol 2 DVD. Includes Counterfeit Money (Bill in Lemon) and Matrix Presentation, among others. 

Muerte, Manuel: Done by Misdirection DVD. Over two hours, 21 routines. Includes: The Vanishing Candle; About (Mis)Direction; Cards Under Glass; Bill In Lemon; Bill In Cigarette; Impromptu $100 Bill Change; Ring On Wand; Card In Shoe; Credit Card To Wallet; The Cups and Balls and more. Manuel also performs his award-winning FISM act. $45
Pablo, Juan: Origintal Stand Up Magic of Juan Pablo Vol 1. Video. 9 Effects: Bottle Opener (clean bottle production), Imaginary Cigarette (cig production from empty hands), Killed Card (card sword using a normal kitchen knife), Magic Elegance (Magical production of a tie around your neck), Exploding Silk (a hank disappears in a cloud of confetti), Fastest Bill Switch (Juan's visual and fast bill switch), Deck to Pocket (original version of cards to pocket with surprise ending), Riffle Card Control, and Bill Salad (Borrowed bill appears inside a red pepper).  Also included is a performance only of Juan's Bag to Coat. Over 1 hour. $30

Pablo, Juan: Original Stand Up Magic of Juan Pablo Vol 2. 10 effects: Rope & Card Penetration; Card in Ear Repeat, Fast Change (dollar bill change to two half dollars), Card in Balloon Sword; Imaginary Arrow (arrow appears in the hand and then stabs a selected card in mid air), 0-800 Slicer (bizarre magic using a change bag), Flaming Breath (spit fire), Daniel Racboon (racoon changes into a hat), 3 Thought of Cards; Wine (bottle production).  Also included is a performance only of Juan Pablo's marketed routine "Roped." Over 1 hour. $30

Pace, Jim: Visu-Antics DVD. Includes dollar serial number prediction

Page, Patrick: Magic with Paper Video. The Basic Paper Tear-Torn & Restored; The Page Boy Tissue Tear; Cigarette Paper Tear Sucker Ending; Patrick Page's Easy Money; Coin Fold; Patrick's Hat Trick; Clippo; Paper Tree for Kids; Burnt Tissue & Handkerchief; Trouble-Wit; plus more. $20

Peterson, Thom: The Amazing Guy DVD. Includes Ink, Inc. card printing routine; George of the Jumble - torn and restored mismade-ish bill; Thomato smashed tomato; Psycho card routine; Simply Three in-the-hands 3-Card monte with instant reset, regular cards, and killer ending. Also 8 other routines. $35

Regal, David: More Tricks! The Magic of David Regal video. The Origami Bill: extremely clean bill switch with Out to Lunch principle.

Royal Magic: Amazing Tricks with Money Video/DVD. Beginner's magic with money video including balancing a half dollar and having it lay down on command; two dollar bills penetrate each other; a pencil is pushed through the center of a bill, and more. $10

Sanders, Richard: Slow Burn DVD. Four bills are shown cleanly, one at a time, on both sides.  You pass your empty hand over the bills and they slowly and visibly change to four bills of another denomination or even another country.  Change ones to hundreds, change papers to money, coupons to cash, foreign money to local currency.  Self working, no sleight of hand, do it surrounded, instant reset, no palming or extra accessories involved, very visual. $20

Sankey, Jay: Sankeys Secret Files Vol 2 Video. Remote Control; Nomad (card tear); X- The ‘Invisible Deck’; Found Money; Midnight Special (birth prediction); Tunnel Vision (4 card - 4 coin routine); Fed Exchange (2 card transpo); Wave Load; Ditto (Do as I Do); Over the Counter (Floating Aspirin); Spontenous Combustion (card ignitition); Healer (torn & restored card); Classified (Newspaper Prediction). $30

Sankey, Jay: Best of Jay Sankey Volume 1 (DVD/Video). Money magic includes Identifying Features in the hands borrowed bill effect; Mexican Jumping Coins; and much more. $35

Sankey, Jay: Best of Jay Sankey Volume 2 (DVD/Video). Clipped linking paperclips; Unleaded pencil & rubber band; Mental Breakdown; Sankey's Choice; Broken English chopstick card prediction; Three Times Lucky three card predictions; Messiah Vanish bare hands vanish; No Jacket Required 'open travelers' with coins; Traveling Expenses bill switch routine; Greed bank night effect; Please Don't Feed the Cards; Back in Time Triumph; Switch Places Aces. $30

Sheridan, Jeff: Genius At Work DVD Volume Three. Includes: Lost And Found Bill - borrowed bill's serial number matches prediction gold-embossed on his wallet; Triple Headline Prediction; Jumping And Linking Pocket Watch; Cut And Restored String; Traveling Knot - scaled-down version of Pavel's classic concept; Dime And Penny - coin turns into another and penetrates a sheet of rubber into a glass; Sheridan Princess - performer predicts spectator choices with three pairs of cards placed under wooden plaques; Card Stab; Cold Capsule - dancing pill and levitating borrowed ring; Clone Cards - Wild Card outdone; Secret Slate - business card selection. $35

Studebaker, Peter: Classic Studebaker Video. Longhorn Paper Tear (cigarette); Chain Letter multiple card prediction; Lotto Cash lottery tickets change instantly into money; Kaps' FLASH CASH color change; I.R.D. Triumph; Chicago Universal cards; Peter's Elevator card gymnastics; and how to enhance your presentations with comedy. $30

Various: World's Greatest Magic: Money Magic. Michael Ammar: BeSwitched; The $2 Bill Tear. Jeff McBride: The Greatest Illusion Ever Created Money; Torn and Restored Bill. Dan Harlan: Presidential Expression; Suspended Funds; Acrobaticlips; Now U Z It; Dirty T&R. Jay Sankey: Traveling Expenses. Michael Close: Rubik's Dollar Bill; Growing Toothpick. Tom Mullica: The Bill Roll; The Burned Bill. Scotty York: Fast Eddie Smith. Robert Neale: Bunny Bill. Mark Leveridge: Paper Money. $20 L&L Publishing

Visibill Video. A borrowed bill visibly morphs into another bill, and is immediately handed out with the hands shown empty. Starts and ends clean. Also includes: Richie's Double Bill Switch, Time Travelling Bill, Pho-doe-copy, Check Please, and more. $30

Wilson, Gregory: Hundy 500 DVD. Five $1 bills transform instantly into five $100 dollar bills. Based on a Patrick Page effect. Good from all angles. DVD shows multiple angle performances for ease of learning. Highly rated. $30

Wilson, Gregory: In Action! Volume 3 DVD. Includes Time Card, The Slot Machine Scam, Chip on Shoulder casino chip, Cut Throat Aces, Foreign Affair Pound to Euro to Ruble to Yen to Hundred Dollar Bill, Garret Thomas' The Ring Thing, Bounce No Bounce balls, and more. $35 L&L Publishing


Ammar, Michael: The $2 Bill Tear. A $2 bill is torn into two $1 bills, then with a shake the ones change back into the $2 bill. Comes with a real $2 bill and two real $1 bills ready to perform. Automatic reset. $14.95

Barry, Dick: Lotto. Two small envelopes are removed from a wallet. One envelope is stated to contain a Million Dollar Bill. The spectator freely chooses, but the magician always wins. Comes with wallet, envelopes, and Million Dollar Bill. $15.00

Barry, Dick: Magician's Express. Two "traveler's checks" are shown front and back. The checksa re folded and unfolded and change into a $20 bill, which is also shown front and back. Comes with 6 extra checks, but not the $20! $15

Barry, Dick: Million Dollar Fantasy. A bill switch from a genuine $1 to a Million Dollar Bill (comes with a supply of (fake) One Million Dollar bills. $15

Big Bucks Trick. A shortchange routine with Jumbo bills. $30

Bornstein, Mike: Asrah Floating Bill. Two dollar bills are shown both sides. One bill is placed on your palm and slowly rises several inches. The 2nd bill is passed underneath. The bills can be examined at the end. Comes with gimmick plus two real dollar bills. $12.95

Bornstein, Mike: Bill In Snake Can. A borrowed $5 bill is signed and burned. The spectator opens a snake can to find the bill attached to the mouth of the jumping snake. $9

Bornstein, Mike: Improved $1 and $5 Trick. A $5 and $1 are shown, folded, and placed in the spectators hand. The $1 is removed, and the bills change places. Comes with real money. $15

Bornstein, Mike: Money Mania. A dollar bill is folded into quarters and a half dollar emerges. The coin vanishes, and another coin appears. The bill is refolded, and another coin appears. Finally 6 half dollars are poured from the bill. Special bills do most of the work. $20

Bornstein, Mike: Money Talks. The photo of George Washington come alive like a ventriloquist's dummy. $15

Bornstein, Mike: Polaroid Money Outdone. The classic Polaroid Money without a Himber Wallet. For dollar bills are shown front and back. One is placed on the table, and a $5 bill is placed with the other three. With a shake, all the bills are now $5 bills. A $5 is placed on the table, and replaced with a $10. A shake and all four bills are now tens! A $10 bill is placed on the table, and the $1 bill from the table is replaced in the stack, and they all change back to ones. Comes in stage money; you adapt to real bills. $7.50

Bornstein, Mike: Rising Dollar Bill. The original (see also Asrah Floating Bill). A bill rises from your palm, with a second bill run underneath. $2.50

Bornstein, Mike: Ultra Bill Suspension. A bill floats up from your fingers while held between your hands. No threads. $15

Burger, Eugene: Eugene's Last Dollar. A real work version of Grant's Slow Motion Bill. Created by Patrick Murphy after Eugene taught him The Twenty-First Century Bill Transposition published in his book Mastering the Art of Magic and on the Magical Voyages video set. Comes complete with special feke and two audience tested professional routines by Eugene Burger and Patrick Thomas Murphy. $25

Phanthomas: Hypno-Bill: Visual Bill change. Both sides of a bill are shown and the bill is folded in half. The hand is waved in front of the bill, and it changes to another denomination, is unfolded, and shown both sides. $15 (see video at; also available at Kennesaw Magic

Bye George. A dollar is shown all sides and your hands are empty. The bill is folded in half twice, and a quarter falls from the bill. The quarter may be borrowed. $10 Bob Solari

Cornelius, John: Signed Bill in Pen. A borrowed bill is signed, and the pen is shown to be empty. The bill is vanished and found inside the pen. Examinable. $35.

Dakota, Andrew: Self Folding Bill 2000. A borrowed bill is placed on a table and the bill folds itself into eighths! The bill can be examined at the end. $20

Definitive 5 and 1 Bill trick. A one and five dollar bill change places in the closed hands of spectator and magician.

Dubya: Dubya's Tax Rebate (aka Flash Bills). Six blank slips of paper transform with a flick into $200 George Bush bills! Based on Fred Kaps effect. Trickshop

Fields, Sean: Infinity Switch. A bill transformation. A bill is borrowed and folded once lengthwise. By simply sliding the bill between your first finger and thumb, the bill visibly transforms into a totally different bill! $20

Flash Bills. Several dealers sell Flash Paper in the form of dollar bills. Cost is usually about $1.50 to $2 per bill.

Gabrielson, Tim: Magic Set #2. Includes Floating dollar bill (borrowed); Hundred dollar bill switch; Thumb Tip with instructions for 14 other effects; $24.95 Tim Gabrielson Magic

Grant, U.F.: UF Grant's $1 to $5 Transposition. The original! A $1 bill is shown, and a $5 bill is borrowed. Both are folded and placed in the spectator's hands. The $5 bill is removed. It changes into a $1 and the spectator holds the $5. Comes with bill gimmick and complete instructions. $15

Harlan, Dan: Hot Crossed Ones. Two bills are placed in a wallet, and a credit card cleanly is pushed through them, yet the bills remain undamaged. $15

Harris, Paul: Night Shades. A dollar bill is clipped to a pen, and it is noted that a pair of sunglasses has been drawn on George. Sliding the pen over the image, the glasses are seen to flip up to George's forehead. Passing the pen back and forth across the bill causes the glasses to alternately flip up and down from his eyes to forehead and back to his eyes. $12

Hilford, Docc: Million Dollar Deck. A Stack of $100 Bills Instantly Changes Into A Deck of Playing Cards. The cards can now be used. $15

Jokers Are Wild. A wild card effect. Six Jokers change to Three of Hearts. The entire packet then turns into a fist-full of money. Comes with leather wallet, special money/card, and all necessary gaffs. Uses sleight-of-hand. $25.00

Jumping Signed Bill. A signed borrowed bill is placed in a 9" silk, rubber banded, and placed in a glass. A aluminum tube covers the glass. A second glass is placed upside down in a 2nd tube. The 2nd glass is now covered with the silk, held in place by the band, and the signed bill is found inside. The spectator may remove the bill. $55

Kennedy, John: Floating Bill. $10

Kennedy, John: Kennedy's Dollar Monte. The "money" card vanishes during a Three Card Monte routine. A dollar that has been in full view transforms into the missing card. $15

Kennedy, John: Money Mystery Box. A borrowed and signed dollar bill is pocketed, but then dumped from a wooden box that has been in sight the whole time. The walnut box can be handled by the spectator. $65.00

King, Bob: Cash in a Flash. Mini version of Dollarama. A blank paper is folded into a packet, and with no switching, instantly changes into a $100 bill. The full face of both sides can be shown. Self-contained, resets in seconds. $8 Bob King Magic.

King, Bob: Dollarama. Based on a Fred Kaps idea. A number of pieces of paper visually change into dollar bills and are shown front and back, singly or in a fan. Bills can be changed back to paper, if desired. Comes complete with Million Dollar bills (fake). $15 Bob King Magic.

Lair, Michael: Animated Origami Bill. A dollar bill is inflated into an origami balloon, which then rolls on its own power across your arms. The bill is deflated and returned to the spectator. Comes with 5 bills. $12

Lindenfeld, Menny: Nicotine Trick. A burnt bill to cigarette routine. A borrowed bill is signed and placed in an envelope along with an initialed cigarette. The envelope and contents are burned. The marker pen is opened to reveal the initialed cigarette, and the bill is found inside. $35

Malloy, Doug: The Lemon Game. A complete lost and restored bill effect with briefcase, money bag, gift card game, and the bill in the lemon with knife and a video. $325

Merril, Keith: Uni-Bill. A universal bill is shown: no value and no photo. Your wallet has three portraits (Jackson, Grant, and Franklin). Since you need a $20, the Jackson face is placed on the folded Uni-Bill, which then becomes a real $20 bill. $15

Mesika: Signed Bill in Lemon. A signed bill is placed in an envelope is burned. A bag is opened, to reveal a lemon. The original bill is found inside the lemon. $62

Mikame: Money Printer. A white paper is fed into the rollers and real dollar bills come out the other side. Highest quality. $95.00

Mismade One Dollar Bill. Made from real currency. Available from multiple dealers. $8.00

Peerless Bill Vanishing Tube. Signed bill is placed into a brass tube, which is sealed and handed to the spectator. The bill vanishes from the tube, and is found in an impossible location. $45.00

Quadriflex. A bill is folded into a packet and unfolded to show a mis-made dollar. $15.00

Richards, Paul: Federal Exchange. A $1 and $5 transposition. The folded one is placed in the spectator's hands. The folded $5 is shown all sides, but changes into a one when opened. The spectator holds the $5. Real currency. $20

Sankey, Jay: Billusion. A metal disk penetrates a borrowed bill. All can be examined at the end. $15

Sankey, Jay: Dough! Borrowed pencil through borrowed Bill with a post-it note. Originally published in Kaufman's 100% Sankey book. $10

Sankey, Jay: Ultimate Bill Switch Kit. Includes detailed handling for three routines. Includes three custom printed bills on Tyvek paper. Includes: Visually bend the image of a spoon, Openly transform a group of cards into a single selected card, Squeeze a 'lump of coal' into a 'diamond'. Includes TT gimmick. $15.00

Solari, Bob: Definitive $5 In $1 Bill Switch. Magician borrows a $5 and shows a $1 bill, both shown both sides. The bills are folded with the $5 in the spectator's hand and the $1 in the magician's. The bills transpose. Both bills can be signed, there are no switches, and they can be examined. $10 Bob Solari Magic

Solari, Bill: Metamorphosis Bills. A One and Five Dollar Bill change places under impossible conditions. Works with old or new style bills, which can be borrowed. $10 Bob Solari Magic

Trickshop: George Bush Bill Switch. A bill switch featuring a George Bush fake $200 bill with photo illustrated instructions. Uses TT (not included). $3.95 Trickshop

West, Larry: Passing the Buck. A "shortchange" routine. A story is told of a friend who owes you $8. Each $1 bill shown back and front. One bill changes into a $2, then a $5 appears. Added together, you have the $8, but the last bill becomes a $10. Comes in laminated Jumbo Bills. $15

Whittington, Bill: Whittington's Cash on Demand. A check is written out to cash and torn out of the checkbook. The check suddenly transforms to a fan of bills. $16

Xpan-Dough. The sudden and visual expansion of a dollar bill to a bill four times larger. Includes a real U.S. one dollar bill or a Canadian two dollar bill. $8