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The Three Card Monte

3 Card Monte

Compiled by Doug A.

Last Update: June 2023: Added Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse Volumes 6-10 with several Monte routines; Added Lou Lancaster's Gambler's Secrets Exposed video by IMS; Greater Magic V47 Magic of Germany;
July 2022 Added books - Tony Giorgio's Tossing Broads
Oct 2021 Added TCC Presents: Q&A Jumbo Three Card Monte.

The following is a list of many, but certainly not all, of the references (books, video/DVD, products) to the effect the "3 Card Monte". There are TONS of references to Monte type effects, so I have tried to restrict the list to mostly 3 card versions, though a few others have crept in, especially in the products area.

Please note that none of these items are for sale from this site and some items may no longer be available.


Asher, Lee: Catch 33. E-Book, 75 pages. Three Card Monte Routine in a specific order, building to a climax. Includes: discussion of basic Monte technique, the Mid Air lay down, the Grecian Turn sequence, and Ripped, a ripped corner dodge. No trick cards used.

Bartram, Richard Jr.: Mystification. 110pg. Book includes Three Card Monte, among a total of 34 effects.

Bauer, Ron: Private Studies Monograph Sudden Death Gypsy Curse. Clean presentation of The Gypsy Curse (see cards in product section).

Brooke, Ken: The Unique Years. 1980. Includes gaffed version "Dutch Looper".

Brooke, Ken, The Sidewalk Shuffle. Ken Brooke Series Vol. 4

Buffaloe, Jim: Buffaloe'd - The Magic of Jim Buffaloe. 223 hardcover. Coin work, ring on ropes, kid show routine using Ton Onosaka's jumbo Monte cards, essays, and more.

Burger, Eugene: Performance of Close Up Magic. Includes "Three-Card Monte as a Magical Entertainment", and assumes the reader knows the basic moves. 

Carpenter, Jack: Expert's Portfolio (maybe)

Caveney, Mike: Harry Anderson, Wise Guy. 168pg, hardcover. Includes coverage of Harry's marketed packet effects (Gang of Four, Last Monte, Shadow Card, etc), and Monarch Monte.

Cummins, Paul: From a Shuffled Deck in Use (FASDIU). Almost every effect can be performed without any prior preparation. Includes Old Faithful, an in-the-hands Monte routine.

Deutsch, Gerald: 3 Card Monte Climax, published in Steve Schneiderman's Ruminations, March 1987. At the end of a normal 3 Card Monte routine, the spectator is asked to sign the Ace to ensure it isn't switched out. Again, the spectator can't find the Ace, and it is found that it has turned into a Ten! The signed Ace is found in the performer's pocket.

Erdnase, S.W.: Expert at the Card Table. Includes one of the best coverages of the 3 Card Monte.

Evans, Henry: Lecture Notes. Brief notes on seven of Henry Evans' commercial effects including his 2000 Three Card Monte (Henry Evans Famous Three Card Monte).  All effects require custom Henry Evans gimmicks and props that must be purchased separately.

Falanga, Louis: Lake Tahoe Card Magic. Contains "Virginia City Shuffle"; a good Monte routine.

Ganson, Lewis: Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic Part Two. Published by Harry Stanley's Unique Studio, London, 1955, originally in three volumes. Endfield's handling for standard sleights are explained in full details. Part Two includes The Three Card Monte.

Garcia, Frank: Don't Bet On It, The Real Secrets of 3 Card Monte. 28pg softbound. Covers the moves, the psychology, the hustles, the scams, and the real work on the streets.

Gaultier, Camille: Magic Without Apparatus. 1945. Contains lots of manipulative magic for cards, balls, thimbles, etc. Includes 15 pages on the Three Card Monte.

Giorgio, Tony: Tossing Broads. 30 pages. 2010. Tony's book on the Three Card Monte.

Gordon, Paul: Corner Of Picadilly: A three/four Card Monte with Kicker ending. Back in print but new and improved (formerlly called Monte Sunshine.) Three red cards and one black card used in a three-card monte routine; performer ends up with three black cards and one red card. Uses a one-ahead idea with no hard switches or difficult moves. No gaffs and easy reset. Utilizes reproduction antique cards.

Groves, David: Three Card Monte. 29 pg Spiral. Complete routine. Includes: Why is the Monte So Good?, The Cards to Use and Why, The Strategy, Setting Up the Spectator, The Con (three phases), Fake Explanations (the Flip and the Bent Corner).

Hay, Henry: Amateur Magician's Handbook. Includes brief section on the "Three Card Trick", including good explanation of the Mexican Turnover.

Hayden, Allan: Card Sharp on Duty. 67pg. Gambling demonstration routines including Three Card Monte

Hayden, Allan: Haydenizms. Lots of bits and tips including Wildcard Monte using Tens and Queen and Bullet Monte: a souped up Color Monte.

Haydn, Whit: Notes on Three Card Monte. Includes references to movies and books with Monte segments. The real work, based on actual Monte throwing. Includes roles played by the shills: the hook, the reel, the cooler, etc.

Howie, John A. M: Full Pack Monte. pub by Zodiac Magic

Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations. Original (c) Max Holden 1934. 163pg softbound 1973 (Dover). Tons of card magic, including card spreads, fans, and card throwing, as well as effects such as diminishing cards and 3 card Monte.

Jacobs, Dick: Don't Be A Sucker. The real secrets of the three card Monte as worked by Dick Jacobs. Sleight of hand method, using just a black ace and two red cards. Printed manuscript teaches several methods, with plenty of illustrations.

Kaufman, Richard: The Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi. 120pp. Close up, stand up, and stage magic. Includes Monte With Four (a four card Monte routine)

Kort, Milt: Off Color Card Tricks. Card color tricks including Off Color 3 card Monte, and more.

Lancaster, Lou: Commercial Closeup Magic. 124pg Comb bound. Includes a no-gaff 3 Card Monte.

Lavand, Rene: Slow Motion Magic V1. 115pg. Tricks with normal decks, gambling routines using rosary chain stack, tricks with prepared deck, two Montes (one with tea cup).

Leech, Al: Card Man Stuff: Includes Ace, Deuce, Trey, Surprise Monte

Lewis, Eric: Martin's Miracles. Sidewalk Shuffle handling

Lewis, Trevor: ESOLC (That's Close Up). 98pg paper 1981. Includes Monte Plus, Monte Plus Twist, and Monte Plus Elmsley.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. 720pg hardcover. Over 500 items from the first 5 years of Apocalypse magazine.Includes Monte Plus (Trevor Lewis); Monte Plus Plus (Ken Krenzel); Three Card Monte Expose (Jackie Flosso); Monte Plus Minus (Phil Goldstein); Japanese Monte (Wesley James); Poor Man's Monte (Richard Vollmer); Four Card Monte (Michael Powers); Macho Monte (Harry Levine); Acrobatic Monte (Shigeo Takagi); Devil's 3 Card Monte (Tonny Van Rhee)

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. 2000. 719 pages, hardcover. The next 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. Monte routines include: Clipped Again (Sol Stone); More Monte (Bob Kubota);

Luka, John: Uncovered: 100 pages, hardcover. Lots of photographs! Includes Michigan Monte (no gaff “Sidewalk Shuffle”)

Miller, Hugh (editor): Rink's Magic from Holland. Includes cards, coins, Indian cups and balls and much more. Features three effective "find the lady" Monte moves and a suggestion for a routine.

Minch, Stephen: Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities: 224 pg, hardbound. 34 effects. Cards, coins, and more. Any card at any number, 2 forces, copper/silver transpo, stabbing a card, slow motion 3 card Monte moves and more.

Ortiz, Darwin: Annotated Erdnase. Erdnase's Expert at the Card Table with hundreds of annotations by Darwin Ortiz.

Ortiz, Darwin: Ortiz At The Card Table. Includes Darwin's Three-Card Monte.

Picente, Sal: Street Monte Book. Step by step instructions for the street routine. Includes Three Shell Game as well.

Riding, Joe: Only 3 Card Trick with Four Cards. Fred Kaps' handling. Three card Monte with Jumbo Cards. Three black and one red shown. Spec can't find red card. At the end, all are red but one black. Ungimmicked Cards.

Riding, Joe: Three Card Monte 1990 Joe Riding Exclusive

Rogers, Wayne: 1997 Magic Castle Lecture Notes. Adapted gaffed version of Ken Brooke's "Dutch Looper"

Scarne, John: Three Card Monte. A classic treatise on the effect originally written in the 1930's. Covers the traditional approach and includes bent corner ending and other approaches. With B&W photos. 34 pages, paper, stapled booklet.

Smith, Chuck: Why Not? Lecture Notes. Includes: Switch-a-roo Monte

Starke, George (editor): Stars of Magic. 168pg Hardcover. Includes Dai Vernon's Royal Monte

Steinmeyer, Jim: Device and Illusion, 134pg. Stage and Illusion. Contains 9 original illusions and 6 stage/platform routines. All can be made up with items you own. Includes San Fernando Monte (3 card monte) and more.

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Volume 6. 410pg. One effect is a 3 card monte type where the Ace disappears.

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Volume 7. Includes sections on: Card Magic section includes Audley Walsh's 3 Card Monte using a matchbook.

Tarr, Bill: Now You See It Now You Don't. Lessons in Sleight of Hand. 224 pages, softcover large format. Includes cards, cigarettes, cups & balls, thee shell game, three card Monte, cut & restored rope, miser's dream, cons, and more.

Trickshop: Swindled! Three Card Monte eBook. 35 pages. Includes advice on what types of cards to use and where to get them. Concise step by step explanations and color photos with the hows and whys. Covers powerful endings like the Torn Corner and Bent Corner dodges. 

Vernon, Dai: Inner Card Trilogy (compiled by Lewis Ganson). 235pg, hardcover. Book combines Inner Secrets, More Inner Secrets, and Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic. Further Inner Secrets contains 8 pages on the 3 Card Monte.

Wilson, R. Paul: Knock 'Em Dead Lecture Notes. 26 pg. The Hot Zone, After Eight, Tipless, Miracle Card, Lean Chop, In the Hands of June, Archaic Spares, Welcome to the Plant, Sticky Residue, Randall Flagg, Overworked Poker, Justify Me, Dark Forces, The Red Headed League, Absolute Zero, Gypsy's Monte, Spellbound to Please, Pass at Red, Zulu Sandwich, Crowded Coins, Double Deal Turnover, Hailstones, Wild with the Ladies, Julie's Number, Mark of the Gambler, Mr. Spoons, and An Old Favorite with a New Twist.

Wilson, R. Paul: Little Black Book Lecture Notes. 15 effects. Ingrained Reaction, Absolute Zero, Gypsy's Monte, Spellbound to Please, Pass at Red, Zulu Sandwich, Crowded Coins, Double Deal Turnover, Hailstones, Wild With the Ladies, Julie's Number, Mark of the Gambler, Mr. Spoons, Schrodinger's Cat, Lean Chop Cup Routine, Stave Hamilton's In the Hands Wildcard. Most reprinted in Knock 'Em Dead Lecture Notes.

Wilson, R. Paul: Taking Them Easy. Performer provides a brief history of the Monte scam, demonstrating four variations, each more baffling than the last. At the end, all the cards are queens. No gaffs and no difficult sleight of hand (Elmsley count).

Wimhurst, Andrew: Low Down Dirty Tricks Lecture Notes. Advanced card work. Includes Yellow Kid's Monte ending.


Ammar, Michael: Icebreakers Video. 12 impromptu effects plus a bonus Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte

Anderson, Harry: Hello Sucker. Hello, Sucker! video. Harry performs his trademark routines: Buffalo Bill, Cuff Links, Needle Through Arm and Monarch Monte. Contains adult language.

Bertram, Ross: Legendary Magic Volume 2 DVD. Includes demo of the Three Card Monte

Burger, Eugene: Gourmet Close Up. Performing at the Biggs Restaurant in Chicago. See Three card Monte, Allerton's Aspirin Box, Thought Sender, Shotglass Surprise, Voodoo, and more. Learn Mullica Wallet, Card under Tablecloth, Shotglass surprise.

Colombini, Aldo: The Essential Aldo Columbini Volume 1 DVD. Includes cards, jumbo cards, Bleached Monte routine, linking ropes, Ringing Around four phase ring and rope routine, and more.

Carpenter, Jack: The Magic of Jack Carpenter Vol 2. Gambling routines featuring Steppin' Out With Molly - a 3 card monte routine.

Castro, Rick: Packet Trick Teach In. Chameleon Cards, Stars in the Sky, Wild Card, Eight Card Brainwave, and three card monte, Elmsley count, Olram subtlety, Hamman Count, Dai Vernon's Thru the fist flourish. Includes cards.

Daniels, Paul: Greater Magic Video #33 (Performance Only). Includes: Cut & Restored $50 Bills, Burned & Restored Credit Card, Three Card Monte, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, Lightning Fast Magic Square, Rabbit in the Hat, Chinese Block and Ribbon, Sidewalk Shuffle, Daniel's Classic Bill in Nut.

Eason, Doc: Bar Magic V1. Card Under Glass, Repeated selection of a card, Ambitious card routine, Triumph, 3 card Monte routine, multiple selection of 20 cards.

Frye, Charlie: Eccentricks Volume 3 DVD. Includes: Card Manipulation; Ball Vase; Ring & Rope; Three Card Monte; MacDonald's Aces. Also includes a wide range of showy moves, impressive stunts, and professional juggling gags. April 2006. 73 minutes.

Guastaferro, John: The Creative Card Magic of John Guastaferro Vol 1 DVD. Ballet Cut (in the hands false cut); Fairy Tale Frogs packet trick with rubber frog climax; Troubleshooter (all-backs routine with a surprising twist); Lost & Found (signed card vanish and reappears in clear plastic wallet); Color Blind (Ace cutting demo); Palm Reader (four Aces); Club Sandwich (cards); Double Monte (three-card monte exhibition ends with an impossible-looking transposition); No Jokers Allowed (impromptu); Detour (fun card to wallet); Tidal Wave Aces (color changing deck)

Harlan, Dan: Pack Small, Play Big - The All Purpose Show (DVD). L&L Publishing. Includes Starcle (circle torn from napking changes into a star); Hold It, Buster! (jumbo card Monte routine); C&R rope (cut and restored); Tee Bag (egg bag - production routine); Herman (the multiplying balls); Ring Master (linking rings up close); Lester (miser's dream); Mine & Yours (money!); It's Not the Size (growing and shrinking wand).

Harris, Paul: Close Up Astonishment. Among many others, includes "Quick Con", a 3 card Monte effect where the money card ends up face up in the face down deck.

Keyserlingh, WolffBaron: Greater Magic Video #47, The Magic of Germany. Jorg Weber Three Shell Game, Bills Across; Christop Borer Pendulum, Rune Stones; WolffBaron Keyserlingh Torn & Restored Deutsche Mark, Three Card Monte; Stephan Kirschbaum Finger Print, 9 Card Monte performed; Helge Thun Explosive CTM, Instant Camera Card; Thomas Fraps A Tough of Glass performed, Uncle Scrooge's Coin, Walter (Rocky) Wins Again performed.

Lancaster, Lou: Gambler's Secrets Exposed. IMS Volume 19. Includes Lou's treatment of the 3 card Monte, dice stacking & switching, etc.

Lewis, Martin: Martin's Close-Up Miracles DVD. Two shows in front of live audience and performance details. Includes: Queenie, The Amazing Dancing Girl, 3 card monte type routine; Sidewalk Shuffle, classic monte routine; The Odd Card, another Monte routine with jumbo cards; Spec Deck; The Stampede Second (deal); Dice Propagation, three dice and dice cup routine with vanishes, appearances, shrinking, color changing, expansion, and multiplication!; Spelling Collins' Aces; Point of Arrival; The Computer Cards; Rabbit Test (packet trick); Texas Money, borrowed penny and silver dollar routine; Impossible Miniature Card Rise; Color Changing Pencil; Sinister Glimpse; Bridge Hand Steal; Tosser Coin Switch.

Lorayne, Harry: Best Teacher Ever Card Series V7. 81 minutes: Para-Psychology, Monte Plus Plus, Poor Man's Monte, On Hand Vibration, Would you Believe in Mindreading, Card Shark & Four Gambles, and more.

Lovell, Simon: Art of Cheating at Cards V2 (How to Swim with the Card Sharks without being eaten alive!) The Late turn, card stacking, riffle shuffle & stake, the fluke, the proposition man, marking cards, the drunken paw, the check switch, best hand forward, take switch and double drop, magical second deal, find the lady (3 card monte step by step).

Malone, Bill: On the Loose Vol 1 DVD. Includes Ultimate Three Card Monte (comical presentation of the Michael Skinner Classic), Sam the Bellhop, I Don’t Even Have a Pocket (Ambitious Card routine), I Should Have Done It Myself, Cheating in Las Vegas with the Aces, Back the Way They Were (presentation of Dr. Daley’s Last Trick), Test of Strength, and The Slydini Silks

Mendoza, John: My Best Volume 2 DVD Bowl Routine (Roy Benson routine with an in the spectator's hands portion); Bendix Bombshell (2 signed cards to wallet; no palm routine good for strolling); Have You Ever Heard Of (three & four card Monte moving toward production of four Aces); Coins Thru the Table; Vernon Cups and Balls (Vernon's used as a starting point); Multiplying Bunnies (sponges); Automatic Deck (Ace production); Three Card Monte (ungimmicked cards); Translocation (four coins hand to hand); Barry Nelson's Flash Cups (a 20 second Cups and Balls routine). 1hr 58mins.

Michaels, Loren Christopher: Kick the Trick video. Includes Band-It (linking and unlinking rubber bands), Bizarre Monte; Brain Seltzer (card revelation using Alka Seltzer), Ring String and Capital Gain routine (Loren's complete ring string and dollar bill routine), Enquiring Minds (mentalism)
Ultra Sucker Egg; Flash Cigarette Production; and more. 90 minutes

Million Dollar Monte DVD and Cards. Special cards in Bicyle Rider Backs. DVD with Rudy Hunter, Marty Grams and Rob Stiff. From ideas of Ken DeCourcy and Peter Pit.

Minch, Stephen: Vernon Chronicles Book Three. Further Lost Inner Secrets. Includes explanation of the near legendary "Joker Monte" trick that Mr. Vernon used for decades to tease and baffle fellow magicians. With new ideas by Tom Gagnon and Bruce Cervon. 219 pages, hardbound with dustjacket.

O'Brien, Obie: Fetcher's Aces DVD Set. Vol I includes Fechters Aces, 3 K’s, Obie’s Chicago Opener & $1 Plate. Vol II includes Almost Mind Reading, Dunbury Deblusion, ESP Cards, Miss It The First Time, Nudist Deck, $30 Card Trick, Sponge Rabbits, Obie O’brien’s Big Bucks,Flying Eagles, Mystery Card, Two Card Monte, The Poker Deal, Big Mike/Little Joe & More...

Ortiz, Darwin: At the Card Table: A-1 Multimedia. Jumpin' Gemini, Darwin's Wild Card, Hitchcock Aces, Dream Card (Ultimate card to wallet), The Vegas Shuffle, Darwin's 3-Card Monte, Pinky Count, Zarrow Shuffle.

Page, Patrick: The Original Three Card Trick. Trick A Tape Series. The Kitson Miracle developed by Patrick Page.

Peterson, Thom: The Amazing Guy DVD. Includes Ink, Inc. card printing routine; George of the Jumble - torn and restored mismade-ish bill; Thomato smashed tomato; Psycho card routine; Simply Three in-the-hands 3-Card monte with instant reset, regular cards, and killer ending. Also 8 other routines.

Regal, David & Bob Sheets: Tonte Video. Performance and explanation of Ton Onosaka's Tonte jumbo monte effect by David Regal. Also includes performance by Bob Sheets of his version of this effect. (see also Greater Magic Library #49 Bar Magic) Available in Poker or Jumbo size.

Rogers, Mike: Greater Magic Video Library #32. Includes: standard, ungaffed 3 Card Monte routine with bent corner. Force by Play, Top Change, Glom It Out, Mental Force, Cards Across, Your Deck, Card in Envelope, Vanishing Deck, Linking Matches.

Rogers, Mike: Greater Magic Video Library #46 Encore Collection. Juan Tamariz Total Coincidence (performance only), Book Test; Bro John Hamman Skipping Kerns, Jack's Come Back (perf), Pinochle (perf), Invisible Card Trick (perf), Poker Palm Shift; MikeRogers Cups & Balls, Dice Stacking, and Unconquered Card 3 Card Monte Handling; Roger Klause's Billusion.

Sawa, Dr. Hiroshi: Greater Magic Library #43. Includes: Rescue Rope, Vending Machine Coins, Heads or Tails, Submarine Coins, Coins thru Hand, Facsimile Card, Mosquito Card, UFO Rope, SAWAP ESP, SAWAP Monte.

Sheets, Bob: Greater Magic Video #49 Bar Magic. Eric Mead Bar Magic Performance, Lazy Man's Card Under Bottle, Short Fuse; Scotty York's Bar Magic Performance, Change for a Twenty, Color Changing Knives, Doesn't Time Fly?; Bob Sheets' Bar Magic Performance, Heba Baba Handkerchief, Tonte, 3 card monte, Hydrostatic glass.

Tamariz, Juan: Greater Magic Library #41. Includes: Three Card Monte with Giant Cards, Card Printed on Handkerchief, Three Goblets Prediction, Color Changing Knives, Double Ambitious, The Glass, Tamariz Rabbits.

Various: Magic of Germany Greater Magic V47. Includes: Wolff Baron Keyserlingh 3 Card Monte; Stephan Kirschbaum: Nine Card Monte;

Vernon, Dai: Revelations 9&10. Note: This is a remaster of the Videonics series and contains two volumes on one tape). Volume 9: Beerg Move exposed, Trick that fooled Houdini, Three Card Monte. Volume 10: Vernon Cone and Ball Routine from Harlequin Act, Ball and Silk, Vernon on the Dye Tube, Chopstick Principle & the Jog, Chopstick Double Lift, Overhand Shuffle, Pinky Count, Greek Break, Stabbing the Deck, bottom to Top transfer, peek handling, fan force.

Wardell, Peter: Hustle DVD. Features Peter's live performance in London, followed by a detailed explanation of each routine. Includes: 4 Aces (set-up for McDonald's Aces); McDonald's Aces; The Almanac (Soldier's Prayer Book revisited); The Green Baize Jungle (gambling demonstration); The Broad Osser (Three Card Monte with torn corner finish). Almost 2 hours.

Weber, Michael: Greater Magic Video #22. Includes: One Two Punch, Upward Mobility, Wild Monte, Backward Rope Trick, Ring on a Stick, Ship in a Bottle, Dime Store Faith Healer.

Wilson, Gregory: In Action! Volume 2 DVD. Includes Kissing Up, Vanish 5000 sugar packet, Off-Base broken/restored wine glass, and Flat-Out Monte 3 card Monte routine (and more).

Wilson, R. Paul: Knock 'em Dead video. Includes: Crowded Coins 3 coin routine, Unholy Gathering travelling hole routine, Absolute Zero, Collector's Day, Gypsy Monte, Coins to Purse, Mr. Spoons, Think, Stop & Emergence, Hail Stones, Wild With The Ladies.


2 Card Monte. One card held behind back, other in front face down. Specs are always wrong.

3 Hand 3 Card Jumbo Monte. 9x11" cards. Specs can't find Ace of Clubs. A fake hand is clipped to the card, and the spec is still wrong.

Anderson, Harry: Last Monte. Three Card Monte looks and feels like the real thing, but with a blowout ending. One corner is finally torn, but it is still not the Ace. All can be examined. Uses blue gembacks. Meir Yedid, I believe, can supply full decks of these cards if needed.

Anderson, Harry: Three Card Prince. Three Card Monarch in smaller size. 12x16".

Anderson, Harry: Three Card Monarch. Jumbo Cards. A classic, as presented in the video "Hello Sucker"

Bean, Gordon: Monte 3.0. In the hands Monte with a red and a pair of black two's, ending with three Aces dealt into the spectator's hand! No extra cards. No cards stuck together. All fully examinable. And when you put the cards back into your breast pocket you'll be completely reset. No complicated sleight of hand. Uses a brand-new gimmick, Bicycle stock.

Backstage Monte. Stage sized 3 card monte. Fan of cards shown both sides. Red card with red back in middle of two blue backed, black cards. The spectator's can't follow the right card.

Bennet, Keith: Kick Back Monte. No sleights, examinable at the end. Bicycle Cards. Monte Card in middle jumps to pocket. Repeated. Even from spectator's hand. Then becomes a court card.

Bloom, Gaeton: Gaeton Bloom's Visible Monte. 1986 Jeff Busby. Routine with gaffed cards.

Cardfusion. Four card monte. Odd card can't be found. Use three cards, odd card can't be found. Use two cards, odd card can't be found. Turn over odd card, it has changed.

Carin, Matt: Mondo Monte. In the hands three card monte. Cards change location, reverse, and backs change color. Stand out effect of 1975 British Ring Convention.

Cataquet, Harold: UltiMonte. An 8 of spades between 2 court cards is shown. Fan is closed and 8 jumps to the bottom, then the center. All cards are turned over to show all eights. Gimmicked cards.

Cervon, Bruce: Cervon Monte. 36pg. Three routines, each with own set of cards. Includes a no skill version.

Clever Ace. Red Ace of Diamonds, two Three of Clubs cards, 14.5x9.25". Specs can't follow the Ace. Gimmicked Cards.

Dollar Monte. Three cards (one odd) and a dollar bill are shown. The bill is placed inside the performers shirt pocket lengthways so that half the bill remains visible at all times. Spectator cannot follow odd card, then it vanishes. The dollar is placed with the cards, and it changes into the missing card.

Duraty: House Mouse. 4 Jumbo cheese cards shown. One repeatedly vanishes to be replaced by mouse card. Mouse card finally disappears to be replaced by cat card.

English 3 Card Monte: Cards by Martin. A great "3 Card Monte" effect that's all done in one hand. No odd moves, with one WILD visual change. This is one of MY all time favorites. The cards are simply turned face down and they can't find the odd card. At the end - they visibly see the odd card vanish. It looks like it simply melts away. It really looks spooky. Available in poker size in just about any back. Skill required. (Long lasting.) $17.50, Jumbo Bicycle for Parlor and Stage

Evans, Henry: Henry Evans Three Card Monte 2000. Three card monte. With almost no movement, the money card travels from one side to the other. When done, you are left clean. While strong, the routine is short.

Farmer, Bob: Bammo Monster Monte. Stunning Monte routine in 7 phases. Do it surrounded, completely in your hands, without a table. Perfect for walkaround. Resets automatically. Bicycle cards & detailed instructions. $15, Replacement cards (2 sets) with classic Mike Skinner routine, history, tips

Goldstein, Phil: Circus. Three cards, one with picture of the Amazing Jumpini. Jumpini jumps to the middle, to the top, to the bottom, etc. All three cards now show springs.

Gypsy Curse. A crooked gambler plays a Monte routine on a Gypsy using 7 ancient playing cards. She curses the cards so they all turn the same.

Hamman, Bro. John: Blushing Joker. Monte routine with sucker finish on Bicycle stock.

Jumbo 3 Card Monte. Two Kings and a Queen shown. Queen can't be found. At the end, all turn intothe Queen, then all turn into the King. 4.5x7" cards.

Kennedy, John: Dollar Monte. In the hands 3 Card Monte routine. Odd card finally vanishes, and U.S Dollar changes into the playing card. With cars, routine, and gimmick made from real dollar.

King, Bob: Mechanical Two-Card Monte. Jumbo sized Joker on table changes place with Queen in paper bag. Both sides are shown and cards can be handed out.

King: Bob: Auto Monte. A three card Monte with cards riveted together at one end. Yet, the money card jumps from the end to the middle, and back. Can be repeated with no reset. Self-working. Available in Poker or Jumbo Bicycle.

King, Bob: Jumbo Four-Card Monte. Sidewalk Shuffle with no gimmicked cards. Three Jumbo blanks and one Ace of spades; can be examined.

Kovari's Own Three Card Monte (Find the Red Spot) Cards made from bent metal to represent a version during the Middle Ages. One card has a red dot, which the spectator must follow. Each metal card also has a holde drilled in one end. The spot card is turned so the hole is opposite the others, but still the spectator can't find the spot card. Effect is non-mechanical. $35

Lewis, Martin: Sidewalk Shuffle. Based on Joe Riding's "Three Card Trick with Four Cards" marketed by Ken Brooke. Three blank cards and an Ace are shown, one blank is placed aside. The Ace disappears and trades with the blank. At the end, all cards are shown to be Aces.

Mental Monte-Zuma. Three cards with green square, two blue circles. Square turns over, circle turns into square, square changes to two crosses.

Mentzer, Jerry: English Monte. Packet effect.

Million Dollar Monte: Queen and two blanks shown. Spectator always picks blank, even when the third card is selected.

Moorehouse, Hank: Money Shuffle. Adaptation of Martin Lewis' Sidewalk Shuffle for trade shows. Jumbo card with 3 $ signs and several blank cards. Money card always jumps to top. End is three blanks become money cards, Money card becomes blank.

Onosaka, Ton: Lucky Lady. Large plexiglass board printed with a spread of five Jumbo Cards: 4 black and middle one the Queen of hearts. Board is turned over to show backs. Spec tries to clip the Queen, but when turned over, he has failed. Spec tries to clip any BUT the Queen, when turned over, it is one giant Queen of Hearts.

Onosaka, Ton: Tonte. Jumbo Tens change one by one into Queens. Available in Poker or Jumbo size.

Pocket Three Card Monte: Cards are removed from a small wallet. The odd card in middle of three. Cards are placed face down in the wallet and can be seen through a clear plastic window. Cards are removed one by one with the spectator's told to follow the odd card. The spectator fails, and all three cards are turned over to reveal they are all the same!

Powell, Dave: King Monte. 14x9.5" Jumbo cards. Cards change from King of Clubs to Queen of Hearts and back again. Blue Bicycle backs.

Rogers, Mike: Unconquered Card. Multiphase, no reset 3 card monte, using a pair of red deuces and black ace. Gimmicked cards in Bicycle.

Simplex Monte. Self working, mechanical version. Two Jokers, One Queen displayed. Queen ends up disappearing.

Skinner, Michael: Ultimate 3 Card Monte. L&L Publishing. Ultimate 3 Card Monte. Self-working gimmicked cards. Text by Mike Maxwell. Bicycle Cards.

Somerdin, J: Perfect Monte. Ungimmicked cards, two red backs (red 10's), one blue backed Queen of Spades. Queen is sandwiched between the red cards and all are face down. Cards are mixed, and spec is asked to identify the cards. The 10's are correctly identified, but the Bue card is your give away! The Queen has disappeared.

Steinmeyer, Jim: One Card Monte. lay heads or tails with two halves of a joker, spectator is always wrong. Everything is left clean. 16 cards of heavy stock included.

Steinmeyer, Jim: Soft Shoe Monte: The most amazing game of Three Card Monte ever devised, including the specially-made mechanical cards, step-by-step instructions with photographs, full presentation and patter. Uses three jumbo Bicycle back cards. Even when you use one hand and two cards, the spectators are completely flummoxed. $20

TCC Presents: Q&A Jumbo Three Card Monte. Stage routine using 27cm x 22cm cards, with downloadable performance video and instruction.

Temple, Jim: Color Monte. Variation of 3 card monte using colored diamond cards with kicker ending. Relatively easy moves.

Trost, Nick: Nutshell Monte. Three cards with nutshells printed on the backs. Two are blank, one has the pea. The pea vanishes. Finally, all turn to 8 balls. Mechanical.

Wayne, Doc: Humbug Monte. No gimmicked cards. Moves by Greg Wilson, including the bent corner scam. Tony Dunn & Doc script, practice cards, minisighn & audiotape.

Yedid, Meir: Great Escape. Jumbo cards: two red numbers, and an Ace of Spades. The Ace disappears to appear on your back. Includes bonus 3 card monte routine by Trevor Lewis and Ken Krenzel

Zander, John: The Big Ol' Monte. Comedy three card Monte routine. Comes with CD with Quicktime video.

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