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Sponge Ball Routines


Compiled by Doug A

Updated Jun 2023 added Roy Johnsons' Lecture Notes.

The following is a partial list of books, videos/DVDs, and products for Sponge Ball routines. There are so many sponge ball references that this list is probably only scratching the surface.

Please note that these items are not for sale from this website. Some items may no longer be available. 

Sponge ball routines hold appeal because they usually involve the spectator and include "magic in the hands". Even though sponges compress quite well, their size still surprises. They are also inexpensive, and pack small.

Note: Benson Bowl and Cup routines using sponges are not included here. Please refer to the Cups & Balls reference page.


Ammar, Michael: Encore III. Excellent close up, including Roger Klause's bill switch and Sponge Ball up the Sleeve.

Anderson, George B.: Magic Digest. Softcover. Contains a good sponge ball routine.

Baron, Harry: Instant Magic, 65th Lecture. 1980 softcover. Includes Harry Baron's Sponge Routine, using several large sponge balls and one small one. Was also published as a single manuscript.

Benhke, Leo: New Magic Library #9, Sponge Balls.

Bennet, Horace: On Your Feet. Softcover, comb-bound. 8 routines including sponge balls

Blake, George: Master Magic. Hades Publication. Includes sponges

Brahams, Anthony: Karl Norman: Forty Years at the Forks. Hardcover, 82 pages (see also Karl Norman's Here's How, below). Includes Multiplying Rabbits routine.

Carey, Chris: Do the Stuff That's You. Softcover. Includes Growing Sponge Ball

Collier, L.C.: Complete Two Ball Sponge Ball Routine...That Requires Three Balls. 2003, 9 pages.

Colombini, Aldo: Throw in the Sponge: Softcover, 11 pages. A comedy sponge ball routine.

Conn, Doug: Conn-juring. Softcover or PDF. Includes: Rab-bit - sponge vanishes & reappears on spectator's shoulder

Darci, Steve: Master Routines. Includes Martian Sponge Balls and 3-D Sponge Bunny Magic amongst many others. Companion video available.

DeMasi, Frank: My Way. Concise booklet of beginner magic. Includes: Multiplying Sponges

Dill, Dean: Intimate Miracles Book and Video. See Video section under Tim Trono for description.

Fajuri, Gabe: Sponge Ball Magic (FUN Inc.): Introduction to sponge magic written for amateur, with material for the pro.

Fedko, John: Magic Treasures: Compiled and Edited by Tom Clifford. 54 effects including Sponge Balls

Fox, Karrel: Vita-Ball (from April 1995 Linking Ring). An ending for a sponge ball routine. A sponge placed in a handkerchief visibly grows after being sprinkled with "vitamin B-12".

Fulves, Karl: Best of Slydini and More. Magic with sponges and more.Two volumes, one text and one of photographs.

Fulves, Karl: Magical World of Slydini. Includes four sponge routine

Garcia, Frank: Encyclopedia of Sponge Magic. Out of print and very hard to find!

Garcia, Frank: Frank Garcia on Sponge Balls. Frank's routines, the Magic Count, Krazee Sponges, Perfect Sponge Ball vanish, Beginner's routine, Color change routine, Square and Cube routine.

Gardner, Martin: Martin Gardner Presents. Spongeballs and much more. 230 Tricks.

Ginn, David: Colorful Magic. Includes stage sponge ball routine

Gross, Henry: Pure Magic. Has an excellent sponge routine and includes many other magic classics.

Groves, David: Sponge Balls a Million. 14pg Spiral. Practical routine with strong ending.

Hay, Henry: Learn Magic: Many basic effects: Sponge Balls, Afghan Bands, Escapes, and Basic Card Sleights.

Hayden, Allan: Haydenizms. Includes card routines (including Monte), ideas, and Gozinta! Sponges from an in-n-outer boxes routine.

Jensen, Jon: Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volume 1: First in a series of three books on sponge ball magic.

Jensen, Jon: Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volume 2: 2nd in a three volume set. This volume covers mostly full routines with sponge balls.

Johnson, Roy: The Roy Johnson Lecture Notes. Softcover, 1970, Magic Inc., 22 pages. Includes Sucker Purse, a sponge ball routine with a purse frame.

Johnson, Roy, Second Time Around. 84pg Hardback. 16 Effects include R. J. Sponge Ball Routine

Kardyo, Tony: Close-Up Deceptions. 36pg. Includes Deceptions with Sponges

Kaufman, RichardLou Gallo: Underground Man. : Effects with coins, cards, bills, sponge balls, bare-handed production of a beer bottle, and the Gallo Pitch.

King, Bob: Classic Stand Up Close Up. Includes Sponge Ball Opener

Klause, Roger: In Concert. Includes the Sponge & Sleeve

Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade Commercial Closeup Magic. Includes Purse Frame & Sponge Ball Routine

Lewis, Trevor: ESOLC (That's Close Up). 98pg paper 1981. Includes a sponge ball routine

Leveridge, Mark: The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine Master Routine No. 1. £6.00 $12.00. Mark's commercial close up routine. Good, swift routine with strong ending. Two booklets. Mark Leveridge Magic

Leveridge, Mark: The Master Routine Series Collected Works. Over 20 years (from 1984) of routines now in one collection. Re-written and re-drawn. Includes: No.1 - The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine;

Lorayne, Harry: Apocolypse. 720pg hardcover. Over 500 items from the first 5 years of Apocalypse magazine. Includes 250 card, 140 coin, and others using bills, ropes, rings, cups & balls, sponges, knives and more.

Mardo, Senor: The Cups & Balls. 1955 Magic Ltd. 34pg. Passes, palming, loads, baby chicks, three full routines, the Homing Ball (ball and cone), three shell game, sponge ball routine, and Mardo's Chinese Cups and Balls routine

Marshal, Frances: The Sponge Book. 12 tricks. 44 pages. IN-202..

McComb, Billy: McCombical Stage Sponges. One trick manuscript Uses four 3" and one 5" sponge and some rope.

McFalls, E.M.: Cellini, The Royal Touch. Hardcover, 188 pages. Includes Cellini Sponge Ball Routine

Minch, Stephen: John Carney's Caneycopia. Excellent sponge ball plus coins, bills, glasses, matches, bottles, pens and more.

Norman, Karl: Here's How. 51pg. 1985 Collector's Workshop. Includes Multiplying Rabbits (using 3 adults & 6 babies),

Nosek, Terry: Sponge Ball Magic (Ronjo Magic). Softcover, 23 pages. A manual on how to make sponge balls appear, disappear and multiply in your spectator's hands. Complete with beginning tricks, sleight of hand and routines.

Ouelett, Gary: Close Up Illusions. Includes The Push-Pinch Sponge Ball Vanish

Page, Patrick: Magic by Gosh: Life and Times of Albert Goshman. Includes A.G. Sponge Balls, A.G. Benson Bowl Routine, and more.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams (Marlo w/o cards). Coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup and more.

Redford, Patrick G: Diapason. Not just mentalism or tricks, but full performance pieces. Includes Anathematize (sponge balls from hell)

Richards, Paul and Mike Gallo: Mike Gallo Close Up Insider Notes. Includes Sponge Ball Memories (Eddie Fetcher)

Schulien, Matt: The Magic of Matt Schulien. Includes:Sponge Rabbits

Shute, Merlyn: Nits 'N Bits. Includes The Office Party, As Time Goes By, Four Aces, Three-Two-One-Half sponge ball routine with a super surprise ending.

Simon, Bill: Slieghtly Sensational: 13 cards plus sponge ball routine, coin routine, and impromptu ring on wand routine.

Smith, Chuck: What If? 2001 lecture notes. Includes Multiplying Rabbits (sponge);

Snoberg, Richard: Just for Laughs. Book on clowning. Routines includeSponge Ball Surprise

Thompson, J.G. Jr.: Top Secrets of Magic. Cards, magic with sponges. Linking pins, ring-on-wand, the shell game, tarot cards, three paddle effects, a first-class cup and ball routine and coins through the table, among others.

Trickshop: How Many? Comb-bound or e-book, 9 pages. The "Two in the Hand, One in the Pocket" routine fully explained w/over two dozen photos and two basic moves.

Walsh, Audley: Classic Sponge Ball Routine. Good routine with additional routine by KOZAK.

White, Joe: Sponge Net. Fr. Aug 1993 Linking Ring. Sponge ball routine with an Irish flavor. Uses plastic bag to catch cascade of sponges from spectator's hand.

Willane: Complete Methods for Miracles (edited by Rae Hammond). Softcover, 246 pages. Magnificently illustrated manual of manipulation and general magic from greats including Edward Victor, N'Gai, Gus Southall, Edward G. Brown, Peter Warlock, Fabian and Willane. Includes sponge ball routines. Original manuscripts have been meticulously edited by Rae Hammond, and additional notes have been added to bring everything up to date.

Willmarth, Phil: Trevor Lewis ESOLC (Close Up; Up with an arrow!). 98pg paper 1981. Cards, dice, Benson Bowl routine, Coins, Comedy, a sponge ball routine, Brema Nut, and commercial Chop Cup routine Includes Monte Plus, Monte Plus Twist, and Monte Plus Elmsley.

Wilson, Mark: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. Excellent beginner/intermediate guide to magic. Includes cards, coins, rope, and sponge balls, along with lots more. $20


Ammar, Michael: Ammar's Exciting World of Magic Video co-wrote with Paul Harris. Includes advice on buying magic, joining clubs, attending conventions, subscribing to magazines, easy tricks vs. hard tricks, practice, the basic rules and when to break them. Effects include: Things I Wish I Had Known, The Impossible Penetration, The Bouncing Roll, Floating Roll, Iron Poor Blood, The Coin Through Table, Two in the Hand - One in the Pocket, Coin from the Roll, Sponge Magic, Cut and Restored Rope, Linking Headbands, Rubber band Through Thumb, Rubber Sky Lift, Out of this World, Double Fan, Swivilroo Cut, Card Spring, Fire trap, and more. $25 video, $30 DVD.

Andrews, Carl: No Jacket Required: contains Ain't No Mo - A cleverly constructed Sponge Ball Routine-that you WILL DO!Sponge Ball routine. $29.95 video

Baker, Carroll: Magic On The Menu DVD. Table-hopping/strolling magic. Includes: Sponge Bunnies 3 phase routine for any audience; Inflation enlarging coin routine; Cheaters Lament card opener; Shaken, Not Stirred “twisting the Aces” routine; Just Think; Chopped Lemon un-gimmicked, chop cup routine that you can walk away and leave on the table; Coins across; Ambitious Card to Wallet (no-palm); Dragon Okito one ahead coin box routine that starts and ends clean. Leftovers; The Ring in Box trick (performance only). £19.95 JBTV

Bergeron, Bev: Bev Bergeron on Tape: Broken Yarn, Business Card Link, Multiplying 3D Rabbits, Ring on a Stick Vaishing Glass, Matchless Match Boxes, and more. $49ppd Steven's Magic

Bertram, Ross: Legendary Magic Volume 1: Welcome Mat for Sponge Balls, coin magic, card magic, the Egyptian Ball, and more. $35 L&L Publishers

Buchanan, Tod: Sponge Ball Sleights Video,101. Basics of sponge ball magic. Studio shot video teaches basic sleights & moves. $10

Burger, Eugene: Greater Magic V4. Diamond Jack, Gypsy Thread, Card Sleight, Sponge Balls, Dracula and the Sorority Girl, Cocaine Cig, Coin Thru Table Steven's Magic

Burt, Brad: All About Sponge Balls $43ppd

Colombini, Aldo: The Essential Aldo Colombini Volume 3 DVD. Includes cards, Get the Ball Rolling in the hands ball routine, Throw in the Sponge sponge balls with comedy, Another's Bet coin routine, jumbo cards, and more. $35 L&L Publishing

Darci, Steve: Master Routines Video (see also book). 103 minutes of commercial, usable, close up routines. Includes Ultimate Classic Force, Double Card Stab, Card Grab, Card Fountain, Coins Across, Martian Sponge Balls, 3-D Sponge Bunny Magic, Mini Blendo, plus performance tips, moves, and misdirection. $30

Darci, Steve: Magic Secrets Video. Filmed at the Magic Circle in London and throughout England & Ireland. Includes Color Changing Deck, Four-Way False Cut, Ace Triumph, Sponge Ball Martians Ten Count, Coins Thru Table, Six Coins and a Ring, Signature Wild Cards, and a section on prop management and pre-show planning. 95 Minutes $30

Davidson, Larry: Scripted Insanity Volume 1 DVD. Includes: Half & Hole (half & Chinese coin transpo); Big Mystery (Kennedy's Mystery Box); Money In their Hand; 808 (Joker); Square Dance (4 coin production); Translocation; Blown Away (coins); Sponge Larry Roundpants (funny, though risqué)

Fedko, John: Fedko School of Magic Video Volume Three - Close-Up Cups, Coins & Cards: Hopping Half; Mind Blank; Monsieur Cassette; Cups and Balls; Pom Pom Pole; Chop Cup; Sponge Ball Cup; 113 minutes $15

Flip: Flip In Close-Up Part 1 DVD: Includes color changing lighter, color change purse (performance only), coin fold, and Sponge Ball Climax, among others. $35

Fox, Karrel: Greater Magic V1. 221 Rope, Impromptu Rising Card, George's Hair, Asrah Glass, Fireproof Hank, Enlarging Sponge, Simple Coin in Bottle, Chinese Coin, Houdini Band Steven's Magic

Garcia, Frank: Stars of Magic DVD Volume 3. DVD includes two videos: Frank Garcia and Frank Garcia Magical Classics. Includes a Sponge Ball routine, Elevator Cups & Balls, Cups & Balls, the Three Shell Game, and much more. DVD $20

Garcia, Frank: Video Tape Series No. 1. 12 minute card routine, sponge ball routine.

Garrett, Dan: Cabaret Connivery DVD. Includes: Sphere It! (sponge ball for workers); Roots (surprise from your hat); Rings of Saturn (linking rings including Garrett's Key Ring Display Move); Ultimate Card Revelation; Produce-tion (mentalism); Pickle Trick; Unhanded Overhand Shuffle; Professor's Daydream (variation of Equal/Unequal ropes); Plastic Cash 4.2; Mutated Spider Vanish; Four Card Teiteration; and performance only of Cardtoon Card Rise. $35

Goshman, Albert: Albert Goshman Live at the Kennedy DVD-R. From 1985. Performance only of: Salt Shaker, Sponge Balls, Coins Through Table, Chink-A-Chink, Nudist Deck, Benson Bowl, Rising Card. $45 Meir Yedid's Magic

Goshman, Albert: Magic by Gosh video $40ppd. Salt & Pepper Shakers, Copper & Silver, Sponge Balls, Cards through newspaper, Clink Clink, Glass Through Table. Steven's Magic

Green, Paul: In the Trenches DVD. Includes: Jeopardy: triple prediction; 2 Copper Silver: Uses 2 Copper Silver coin set or Silver, Copper, Brass); KB/PG Sponge Balls. Inspired by Ken Brooke with mini-spongeball climax; Mission Impossible: secret document (a signed playing card) ends up in mini-briefcase; Above, Beside, or Below. Coins across; Here, There, and Chicago Too. Plot with Chicago Opener; Four On the Floor. Card Revelation; Coming Together. Based on Peter Samuelson’s ‘New York Transpo'; The Rope Routine. Professor's Nightmare handling; Flying Eagles. coin routine $30

Hampton Ridge: 25 Amazing Magic Tricks With Sponge Balls. Decent introduction to sponge ball magic. Good for teaching the sleights, the routine is so-so. $10

Hooser, Troy: Total Destruction Volumes 1-3. DVD Volume 1 includes: Extroydinary; 3 Fly One and Two; Coins to Glass; Guess Your Weight; Bottle production; Throw Switch sandwich; Pendulum Cut; Zombie Change. Volume 2 includes: Touch of Brass; Color Changing Deck; Redirected Coins Across; Coin-Fusion; Ultimate Illogical Cut; Slipstream; Double Decker Plus; Dexterous Ditch; Sponge Ball Bonus. Volume 3 includes: Squeeze Away; 3 Fly Simplified; Bogus Torn & Restored Card; Troy's Triumph; Coins Through Table; Troy This One; Cool as Ace; Garrett Cut

Howard, Max: Effective Presentations: How Tricks Become Magic (video). Max Howard, 429 Rays Road, Stone Mtn, GA 30083. $40. 60mins. It's Magic By Gosh simple but effective sponge ball routine; To Make the Eagles Fly coins across; Westward Ho! the Aces to the Max jumbo Aces; The Silver Penny; ESPecially Wild presentation; Coloring Book Presentation. Includes not just how, but why. From Aug 1993 Linking Ring review.

Klause, Roger: In Concert Video Volume 1. Cards, coins, bills, cigarettes, sponge balls and silks.

Klause, Roger: Greater Magic V12. Sleeve Sponge, Coins for Connoisseurs, Klause/Victor 10 Card Trick, Oh No Steven's Magic

Knepper, Kenton: Klose Up and Unpublished. Torn & restored card, multiphase ungimmicked color change/shrink/vanish routine, marked quarer pentrates balloon, balloon is torn & restored, signed bill transposition, sponge ball multiphase routine. $30

Kosby, Ray: Wow! IT's Ray Kosby, the Video. 10 effects: Apple changes color while eating it, Solid Ball penetrates clear plastic bag, Four Coins migrate, Pretzel Stick curls itself, Solid coin filters through hanky, Four pieces of sponge form a 4, Giant coin passes through hand, rubber band breaks into three small bands. $35 Steven's Magic

Laflin, Duane: Clever Sponge Ball Magic on DVD. Begins with a complete sponge ball stage act. Following the routine you learn basic sleights such as the thumb palm, mash move, and retention vanish. After that is a series of individual routines including perpetual balls, balls to pocket in color, big ball ending, sponge balls close up and in color, hop skip and jump, double growing ball, and more. 1 hr 16 min

Leveridge, Mark: Leveridge's Master Routines Video 1. Spongeball routine in spectator's hand, Collector's card routine, Boston Box routine, Ring Competition ring and loop routine. $20

Leveridge, Mark: Mark Leveridge Master Routine Series DVD. 12 routines from the 1984-2003 Master Routine Series. The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine, The Free Selection Collectors, Stay At Home Coins (Boston Box), The Ring Competition (5" chrome ring and rope with comedy); Wild Dice (matchbox drawers and dice); The Ring and String Routine (finger ring); Spot the Difference (jumbo cards); The Security Pen (coin in pen); The Borrowed Ring On Pencil; The Emperor's Coins (Boston Box); A Bic Too Far (lighters); Slo Mo (coin routine) L25

Marlo, Ed: Pierre Mayer video: Vol 1: Without Cards. Sponge Balls, Ring on Stick, Silver Okito Copper, the Glass Bill & Egg routine $31 Steven's Magic

Mayol, Henry: Sponge Color. 3 different color sponge balls travel one by one from the magician’s pocket to his hand, then change into a large three-colored ball. Good routine for close-up or walk around. Props include six 1-inch sponge balls (2 each in red, orange and black) and the special tri-colored 2½-inch ball. $21 Steven's Magic

Mendoza, John: My Best Volume 2. DVD Bowl Routine (Roy Benson routine with an in the spectator's hands portion); Bendix Bombshell (2 signed cards to wallet; no palm routine good for strolling); Have You Ever Heard Of (three & four card Monte moving toward production of four Aces); Coins Thru the Table; Vernon Cups and Balls (Vernon's used as a starting point); Multiplying Bunnies (sponges); Automatic Deck (Ace production); Three Card Monte (ungimmicked cards); Translocation (four coins hand to hand); Barry Nelson's Flash Cups (a 20 second Cups and Balls routine). 1hr 58mins.

O'Brien, Obie: Fetcher's Aces DVD set. DVD One includes Fechters Aces, 3 K’s, Obie’s Chicago Opener & $1 Plate. DVD Two includes: Almost Mind Reading, Dunbury Deblusion, ESP Cards, Miss It The First Time, Nudist Deck, $30 Card Trick, Sponge Rabbits, Obie O’brien’s Big Bucks, Flying Eagles, Mystery Card, Two Card Monte, The Poker Deal, Big Mike/Little Joe & More. Magic Makers

Ouellet, Gary: The Very Best of Gary Ouellet, Volume 1 DVD. Three Second Wonder (Ace cutting); Ring and Rope routine; Washer Routine and Wiffle Dust Routine (coin routines with Retinal Vanish, Revolve Drop, French Canadian Drop, Al Schneider Retinal Drop, Stand-Up Vanish plus Box Coin Vanish); Sponge Balls and Banana with the the Flying Imp Pass and two sponge ball vanishes; Miracle Signed Card in Purse; Capricorn Card with Couture Spin Control and Gary's jog control; and The Silver Passage coins through table routine. $35

Page, Patrick: Close Up Video. Professional spongeball routine, Impromptu Cups & Balls, Tambourine Routine $40ppd Steven's Magic

Page, Patrick: Secret Seminars of Magic Volume 5: Sponge Balls DVD. Vanishes, productions, Benson Bowl routine, Professional routine, and more. $12.50

Paul, Johnny: Greater Magic V15. Bunnies, Card Stab, Transposition, Spirit, Torn & Restored Card, Cups & Balls Steven's Magic

Slydini: As I Recall DVD (2 disk set). Tribute to Slydini with recollections by his students and lots of footage of Slydini in action. Disk One includes: Slydini Performing: Coins Through the Table, Cigarette Miracle, Two Cigarettes From One; Cellini Performs & Explains: The Slydini Movement, Coins Through the Table, Cigarette Miracle, Two Cigarettes From One, Impossible Dream; Bill Brunelle performs Interlude With a Paper Napkin, Sponge Ball Routine; Charlie Cambra performs The Illusive Four; Bob Yorburg performs Slydini's Linking Pins. Disk Two includes: Slydini Performing Paper Balls Over the Head, Production of Silks, Knotted Silks, Paper Balls to the Hat (Box); Cellini Performs & Explains Production of Silks, Knotted Silks, Paper Balls to the Hat (Box). Disc One Approx. 1hr 45min; Disc Two  Approx. 2hrs. £45 JBTV

Tamariz, Juan: Greater Magic V41. Three Card Monte, Card Printed on Handkerchief, Three Goblets Prediction, Color Changing Knives, Double Ambitious (performance only), The Glass (perf), Tamariz Rabbits (perf) Steven's Magic

Tong, Dan: Dan Tong Finally Volume 1 DVD Includes: Card To Wallet (simple no palm approach); Bill Matrix (coin assembly); Sponge Balls with an in-the-spectator's hands portion; Ring Flight/Ring on Stick; an additional Matric routine; and Bill & Bowls (Benson bowl routine with borrowed bills and a sugar bowl). 71 Minutes $35 

Tremaine, Jon: Jon Tremaine: Volume Two - Commercial Close-Up Act. Chink a Chink: Coin assembly; JT Sponge Ball Routine: Various sponge balls, Gozinta boxes, and purse frame; JT Card Trick: Card changes to selection in spectator's hand; Triple Stretch: Professor's Nightmare; JT Coins and Glass Combo: Coins through table and Glass Through table combined; Impossible Card Trick: A selected card is found under almost test conditions; Last Two Cards Match: Larry Becker's "Will the Cards Match?" mental magic; Bishop Coin Trick: Marked coin vanishes and travels into a handkerchief held by a spectator; FIB Card/Long Card/Insurance Policy: Card trick; $30

Trono, Tim: Intimate Miracles: The Magic of Dean Dill $37.50. Book plus video. Includes Tonight Show Silks, Tonight Show Matrix, Tonight Show Closer, Real Magic Sponges, Bill In Sugar, In Case of Emergency, Flying Thought, Pen Thru Bill, Floating Match, Coins and Napkin, and Spotlight.

Wakeman, Randy: The Randy Wakeman Video Vol 3. 90 minutes of close up: cards, coins, cups & balls, sponge balls. $40ppd Steven's Magic

Wilson, Greg: On the Spot. 2 Volume set contains a ton of close up strolling magic. Sponge Napkins - The impact of a sponge ball routine with ordinary cocktail napkins

Wilson, Paul: Restaurant Act by A-1 MagicalMedia. Includes: Vanishing Silk, Sponge Balls (table hopping), Ambitious Card, Card to Wallet (table hopping), Chop Cup (spectator involvement), and Strange Intruder. $30.

Wizard Works CD-ROM: Sponge Balls, Cups & Balls. PC/MAC CD teaches 12 tricks with props $20


911 Bunnies. Bunnies in a pill expand to 2 adults and 6 babies when dropped in water. $5.00

And Then There Were 4. Sponge "cubes" with at Number 4 surprise ending. $4

Ball and Vase Sponge Ball 3 inches - Exotic Wood. Manufactured Cambodia. Hand sanded and carved. 3" sponge ball. $60

Ball to Square. Square sponge changes to two sponge balls, or other way around. $3

Chicago Ball Trick (Multiplying sponge balls). $5.00

Clones! Clone sponges travel to spectators fist and end up cloning themselves. $12.50

Colombini, Aldo: Throw In the Sponge. Short simple to perform stand up routine with comedy. Comes with routine & spongeballs. $10 Mamma Mia Magic

Color Changing Ball to Square. Red ball in fist turns to black sponge, and HUGE sponge. $3

Magic-Ian: Diminishing sponge ball 1983. 3" sponge is visibly and without cover cleaved and split into two 2" balls. One 2" ball is then split into two 1", then two 1/2" balls. There are two finale's: one where the 1/2" ball changes back to the 3', or can be combined with ball to bunny or ball to square which allows you to change all the visible balls 2", 1" and 2 1/" visibly into the square or bunny. Includes 5 sponge balls. Magic-Ian

Daryl: Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time. Complete with rabbits, instructions, and script. $5 Daryl.

Dill, Dean: Spot Light. Sponge ball lit by light, even when light goes out! All can be examined. $35

Diminishing Sponge Balls. 3" sponge turns to two 1.5" balls. 1.5" ball splits to two 1" balls, then to .5" balls. The .5 inch ball turns back to 3" ball. $6

Fisher, Cody: My Bunny Daryl. Sponge rabbit routine featuring Daryl, his other brother Daryl, his sister Daryl Hanna, and his Mother. Includes for special made "By Gosh" bunnies. $20 Cody Fisher Magic

Fisher, Cody: Squishy Balls. 3 phase sponge ball routine with comedy. Squishy balls are removed from invisible purse, jump from hand to spectator's hand, and more. With sponges, invisible purse, and commercial word for word patter. Good for table hopping. $10.00 Cody Fisher Magic

Fisher, Cody: Twinkle Twinkle - Cody Strolling Sponge Routine. In the spectator's hands. Inlcudes 10 Super Soft Goshman Sponge Stars, word-for-word patter, jokes & gags. $25 Cody Fisher Magic.

Growing Sponge Ball and Growing Ball Outdone. 2" sponge ball grows to 5" ball.Outdone version produces lots of baby balls. $5.50

Hank Lee: Pro Rabbits. Standard sponge rabbit set $3

Knudsen, Christian: Sponge Over There (sorry, in German only!). Two sponges materialize from both sides of a wooden spoon, and a sponge ball routine commences. Contained in the set are 2 sponge balls, the spoon. Includes detailed instruction guide in German Language. EUR 20,00. Christian Jedinat

Leveridge, Mark: Lucky Dip. A children's sponge ball routine. A clear zip top folder has four coin purses, each with a sponge ball in it (3 yellows and one red). The children each select a closed purse, but the magician ends up with the red sponge, despite switches being able to be made up to the last moment. Mark Leveridge Magic

Lewis, Tony: Pips-A-Poppin'. The center pips off 4 Aces are knocked off and turn into Sponges. They are vanished in the hands, but now appear on a Joker. Then the corner pips from Two's become sponge pips and is followed by the in the hands/pocket sequence, with a climax of a giant sponge heart. 12 page routine and all sponges. $20

Magic By Gosh / Ammar Magic. 3D Rabbits. Soft, 3 dimensional rabbits with excellent instructions by Michael Ammar. $15 Highly recommended.

Magic by Gosh: Bewildering Ball and Bunny Trick. Sponge ball changes into giant bunny.

Magic by Gosh: Go Go Gone! Go sponges disappear, turn to GONE sponge. $7

Magic by Gosh: Sponge Balls. Sets available in many colors, sizes, and standard or super soft textures. Standard sets include 4 balls, depending on size. Prices from $2 to $6

Marucci, Peter: Stonehenge Sponges: To a story involving the mystery surrounding Stonehenge in England, three "stone" sponges leap from hand to hand, and from the magician's hand to the spectator's hand and, finally, they all vanish. Effective as a table-hopping sponge routine. $6.00 Peter Marucci, 200 River Street, Suite 303, Fergus, Ontario, Canada, N1M 3H8. e-mail:;

Mayol, Henry: Sponge Color. Red, yellow, black sponge routine with three color climax. Goshman sponges. $10

McAllister, Bob: Cavorting Sponges. As seen in Tarbell 7. 1/2 inch spong balls.

Mitchell, Barry: Got Cookies? An Oreo cookie is twisted open to reveal the "stuff", a white sponge ball. The stuff becomes double stuff in the spectator's hand. The double stuff becomes chocolate stuff.

Morph Dog. 2" sponge cube changes to sponge dog. $9

Murray, George: 3D Multiplying Bunnies. Nice "top view" rabbit set. Rabbits are highly detailed and have glitter eyes. Sponge is dense and not as compressible as Goshman 3D bunnies or Mike Roger's bunnies, but some may prefer this. $15. Recommended.

New Boo! Includes 4 2" super soft yellow sponges with faces, 4 1" sponges, a boo boo bag; and detailed instructions. $13.00

Parabox. Black and Red "Gazinta" boxes are shown. Either box can be made smaller by putting a red sponge ball in it. The ball then changes to yellow, then blue. A large 3" sponge ball is produced at the end. 

Rabbits, Rabbits. Standard "cheap" set. $1.25

Rogers, Mike: Multiplyng Bunnines. Well made version of the standard multiplying rabbits and a good routine. $7. Highly recommended.

Sanada Gimmick: Invisible hand gimmick used to produce or vanish sponge balls or other small items. $10

Soft Spot. Sponge ball penetrate through signed card. $16ppd. Steven's Magic

Sponge Ball to Rabbit. $7.50

Sponge Egg: realistic creamy white eggs. $8ppd, 6 for $45ppd. Steven's Magic

Tenyo: Rabbit Explosion. 40 baby rabbits appear at end. With special holder and routine. $30

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