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Miscellaneous Magic With Balls

Danny Archer Thre Ball Routine

Compiled by Doug Atkinson

Last update: Dec 2022: Added Scott Alexander's Standing Up With Balls! DVD.
Jan 2022: Added Tom Stone's Eye of the Last Dragon eBook; Jay Leslie's Ball Manipulation #1 video.
Feb 2020 Added John Rogers Walrus 3 Ball Routine book;

The following is a list of books, videos/DVDs, and products that contain references to magic related to small balls and other miscellaneous ball magic such as the Ball & Vase, the 3 Ball Trick, Bounce/No-Bounce Balls, etc. It does not include general Billiard Ball Manipulation and the Multiplying Balls, The Ball & Cone, or Sponge Ball Magic (each of these have their own Reference Guide).

Please note that none of these items are for sale from this web site. This page is for informational purposes only. Prices are estimates only and are not current. Many items are likely no longer available. 

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Abbott's Magic: Perpetual Balls. Softcover, One Page Manuscript came with three balls. A Three Ball routine in the hands.

Alan, Don: Pretty Sneaky. Softcover, 1956, 48 pages, Magic, Inc. Includes The Four Jacks and the Bouncing Ball.

Andrus, Jerry: More Sleightly Slanted. Softcover, 1977, 29 pages. Includes Mylar Mystery: ball and cone with a Mylar sheet and Effects With a Ball

Archer, Danny: Three Ball Routine. Softcover, 6 page manuscript by Danny Archer Magic; came with "superball" type balls.

Archer, Danny: Working Alone Lecture Notes. Softcover, 1994 (circa), 19 pages, by Danny Archer Magic. Includes Balls, a fast paced stand up sleight of hand with small rubber balls.

Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Three. 1980, 52 pages. Includes Ball and Vase Monte

Colombini, Aldo: Get the Ball Rolling. Get The Ball Rolling. Stand up no table required version of 3 ball routine. Comes with booklet and balls.

Daryl: New Millennium World Tour Lecture. 24 pages, large format. Includes Daryl's Bounce Across with the bounce-no-bounce balls

DeSouza, Marc: The Art of Artiface. 1995, 22 pages. Lecture notes include Ballero (one ball manipulation routine)

Flosso Jackie (editor): Close Up Magic of the Masters. 1983, 33 pages. Includes Two New Ball Sleights (George Starke): for small balls

Fox, Karrell: Clever Like a Fox. 1976, 200 pages. Includes The Dwarf's Bowing Trophy, a routine for the plastic ball and vase.

Friedhoffer, Bob: The Magic Show A Guide for Young Magicians. 1994, 80 pages. This nice children's book includes Bounceless: making your own Bounce-No-Bounce balls from "Pinky" balls.

Ganson, Lewis: The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. 1994. 239 pages. Includes Three Ball Transposition (3 ball routine with net)

Garcia, Frank
: Real Secrets of the 3 Ball Routines. Garcia's version of the Balls in Net, Romaines Persian Pearls, Daly's Chromo Spheres, Sam Horowitz moves, more.

Giobbi, Roberto
: 3 - Ball Routine. Described and arranged by Roberto Giobbi. Three balls move from hand to hand, then, from the bag back into the hand and finally they disappear. In their place appears a lemon. Comes with small yellow baseballs, a silk net, and full routine (in German?).

Govan, Barry: One Pitch Is Worth a Thousand Words. 1981, 32 pages. Includes The Ball and Vase.

Guinn, Scott: Having a Ball. eBook. Three ball routine with color changes, productions from the mouth, etc.

Kaufman, Richard
Balls! Lessons in Sidearm Snookery. Includes a rainbow ball routine.

Kaufman, Richard: The Collected Almanac. 1992, 398 pages. Bound edition of Richard's Almanac magazine. Tons of great magic. Includes Mike Gallos' Ball and Vase routine using two S.S. Adam's Ball & Vase sets.

Kelly, Kevin: A Pasteboard Odyssey, The Close Up Magic of Kevin Kelly. 130pg, spiral bound. 31 routines, many contributors. Includes bounce no bounce ball switch

Lane, Frank: Funny Talk for Magicians #1. Unique presentations for classic magical effects including Ball & Tube; Billiard Balls;

LaRue, Robert D. Jr. & Steve Spangler: Bouncing Back. 1997. Book of ideas and routines for the Bounce-No-Bounce balls.

Long, Chad: Some Other Stuff... 2000, 12 pages. 8 routines in these short notes by Chad Long. Includes Bounce/No-Bounce Opener, a clever idea for opening or closing with this ball set.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. 2000, 700 pages. Bound volume of Harry's Apocalypse Magazine with tons of great magic. Includes Kuronuma's The Subliminal Switch, which is good for the Bounce-No-Bounce balls; Jon Townsend's Best Ball Retention Pass for use with smaller balls; and Sol Stone's The Chaperone two in the hand and one in the pocket.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 16-20. 2002, over 700 pages. Bound volume of Harry's Apocalypse Magazine with tons of great magic. Includes Joe Rindfleisch's Three Ball's Through, a balls thru the table using 1" multiplying balls set; Roy Benson's Black Balled (also using the gimmick from a multiplying ball set); Harold Cataquet's Roll-A-Ball Squeegee Move for superball sized balls.

Luka, John: L.I.N.T. (Luka In The New Tops) 143 pages. Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians. Includes Chromo Balls (sleight of hand approach to Daley's Chromo Spheres)

Luka, John: Uncovered. 100 pages, hardcover. Includes: Chromo Balls (version of 3 Ball Transposition)

Lyons, P. Howard: Ibidem Volume 3 & AZIZ & Beyond. 2002. Includes Dan Tong's Net Ball (3 Ball routine)

Mentzer, Jerry: Close Up Cavalcade Finale. 1977, 187 pages. Includes Impromptu Three Ball Routine - done with three small paper balls, can be performed anywhere

Miller, Gordon (editor): Tops Treasury of Ball Manipulation (Abbott's) 104 pages drawn from TOPS and NEW TOPS magic magazines. Productions, vanishes, changes, and complete routines.

Osborne, Tom: Cups and Balls Magic. 1937, 59 pages. Article No. 53: The Cup and Ball Vase: some maneuvers with the ball and vase

Page, Patrick: Patrick's Pages of Magic. 1976, 33 pages. Includes The Al Koran Ball Routine Climax: ending for the John Scarne 3 ball routine

Raucherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards. 1997, 202 pages. Includes Duplex Ball and Vase using a small ball and vase prop; Diminishing Golf Ball; Silver Spheres small ball routine;

Racherbaumer, Jon: The Hierophant Number 2, Winder 1969. Includes Petite La Pilule Du Diable; Notes on the Vase (Hurley) and Marlo's "Pitch" Routine; all on the Ball & Vase.

Richards, Paul and Mike Gallo: Mike Gallo Close Up Insider Notes. Three Ball Routine (Balls and Net)

Rogers, John: Know Sleight Intended. 2001, 30 pages. Includes Walrus 3 Ball Routine.

Roger, John: Walrus 3 Ball Routine: 8 page separate notes for just this routine.

Skinner, Michael & Jeff Busby: Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic. 1982, 37 pages. Includes Bewildering Ball Vase.

Starke, George and Dr. Jacob Daley: Stars of Magic. Hardcover, 168 pages. Great magic from Dai Vernon, John Scarne, Ross Bertram and more. Includes John Scarne's Classic Ball routine for small balls; The Egyptian Ball (ball color change with silk)

Stone, Tom: Eye of the Last Dragon. 2007 eBook, 16 pages. This book is a long essay about the Multiplying Billiard Balls, interspersed with moves, techniques and plot ideas.

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Vol 8. Includes Tarbell Ball and Vase Routine.

Thompson, J.G.: The Miracle Makers. 1975, 306 pages. Includes The Golden Fleece using 1/2" balls of two colors along with a small bottle and Genii patter

Vernon, Dai & Harry Stanley: Dai Vernon European Tour 1955. 28 pages. Includes Three Ball Transposition.

Webb, Gregg: Best of Feen-X Magazine Volume 2. Ebook, 2001. Includes New Opening for the Three Ball Trick: Alternate Opening for Ball Routines.


Alexander, Scott: 10 O'Clock Show DVD. Includes Jumping Jacks (children's Jacks and Bounce/NoBounce Balls)

Alexander, Scott: Standing Up With Balls! DVD or downloadable video. Includes Snookered; Amazeballs PLUS; Sponge Bob Round Pants; Balls from Mouth; The Ball Cubed (sponge); Ping Pang Pong - ball on the nose gag with a cool angle; Juggling Lesson; Abbott’s Hole in One; Billiard Ball Shtick - A funny approach to the Billiard Balls for the Stand Up Guy.

Archer, Danny: Essential Magic Classics 2 DVD Set. Includes Ballz, balls change color, transpose, etc. Was originally on Danny's Working Alone DVD.

Cloutier, Carl: Carl Cloutier's World Class Magic Video, 90 mins. Includes Sports Illustrated routine using miniature sports balls;  To Bounce or Not to Bounce (Bounce, No Bounce Balls effect)

Colombini, Aldo
: The Essential Aldo Colombini Volume 3 DVD. Includes Get the Ball Rolling in the hands ball routine

Daryl: Live from London V1: Includes Bounce/No Bounce Balls.

Daryl: Magic Castle Lecture video  Includes Bounce/No bounce balls

Garcia, Frank: Stars of Magic DVD Volume 3 (also Stars of Magic Video #2). DVD includes two videos: Frank Garcia and Frank Garcia Magical Classics. Includes a Sponge Ball routine and much more.

L&L Publishing: World's Greatest magic - The Fabulous Three Ball Trick. DVD includes Balls & Net (Johnny Thompson); Three Ball Transposition (Fernando Keops); Three Ball Routine (Gary Ouellet); Asteroids (Flip); 3 Ball Trick (Johnny Thompson); Balls In the Net (Dai Vernon); Fabulous Tree Ball Routine (David Roth)

Leslie, Jay: Ball Manipulation #1. 65 minutes. Includes Bare Handed Vanish, Mid Air Color Change, Body Roll, Scoop Vanish(3 Parts), Behind The Back, Back Handed Change, Rolling Color Change, Pocket Techniques, Vanish With A Silk, The Grab, The Drop, Pull Over Vanish, Pull Over Color Change, Elevator Color Change

Miller, Charlie: Greater Magic V18. Includes Balls in Net

Miracle Factory
: Mystic Craig's Camera. 3 DVD set. Over six hours of historical footage, including lectures and performances by Dai Vernon, Brother John Hamman, U. F. Grant, Jack Miller, Kalanag, Edward Victor, and Peter Warlock. Performance of Dai Vernon Ball & Cone, Balls & Net; Edward Victor Sleight With Four Thimbles, Billiard Balls; and much more.

Ouellet, Gary: The Very Best of, Volume Two DVD. Includes: Three Ball Routine

Page, Patrick: Balls video. Benson Bowl routine, Split, Four Miracle Vanishes, Ball thru Table, and more. 

Sheets, Bob: Bob Does Hospitality Volume 3 DVD. Includes the Three Ball Trick with motivation, gags, and more.

Thayer, Floyd: The Magic of Thayer videos 1 to 4. Narrated by collector Dr. Robert Albo. Thayer's magic is displayed, demonstrated, and explained. Includes John Carney's rendition of Thayer's Ball Vase, billiard ball effects, brema ball effects, and more.

Thompson, Johnny: Commercial Classics of Magic V1. Includes Balls & Net 

Thompson, Johnny: Commercial Classics of Magic V3. Inclides  3 Ball Routine

Tremaine, Jon: Volume Three - Encores. Includes Three Silver Balls: tinfoil ball effect; 

Vernon, Dai
: Revelations V3&4; Note: This is a remaster of the Videonics series and contains two volumes on one tape Volume 3 includes Balls in the Net

Williams, Dick
: Take Two! Magic in Focus video. Includes Ball in Vase, blindfolded Juggling, and more. With Guest appearance by John Calvert.

Wilson, Gregory: In Action! Volume 3 DVD. Includes Bounce No Bounce balls, and more.


Adams, S.S.: Magic Ball & Vase. Classic plastic ball and vase with black ball

Arbor Scientific: Happy Sad Balls. Arbor's version of the Bounce No-Bounce balls. 1" diameter

Arcana Publishing: Arcana Three Ball Trick. Balls jump from hand to hand, vanish, etc. With crochet balls and online video instruction.

Colombini, Aldo
: Get the Ball Rolling. Easy-to-learn Three Ball Routine with no table required.

Daryl: Bounce Across. Happens in the spectator's hands. A bounce no-bounce ball routine in which the bounce is removed from a rubber ball and placed into a piece of modeling clay. Finishes clean.

DuneCraft: Vice Versa Balls. DuneCraft's version of the Bounce No-Bounce Balls.

Educational Innovations: Choositz Decision Balls. Larger 1.5" diameter bounce, no-bounce balls.

Empire Magic: Ball and Vase. Plastic ball and vase.

Fakini: Frank Radtke's Fakini products are considered the best by many. They have a rubbery surface that makes control and handling easier in most cases. Their products come in several sizes and colors, and they also make eggs and golf ball sets. Fakini balls are not cheap. There are some who don't care for the feel of these sets, so if possible, try them out before you buy.

Funtime Magic
(Calcutta, India) Funtime makes inexpensive magic items.
Ball & Vase
(plastic): Cheap plastic Ball & Vase
Ball & Silk Vase
: Wooden Ball & Vase, with addition of Silk element.

Magic Makers, Inc: Carry several Ball & Vase Sets
Magic Ball & Vase: inexpensive plastic ball & vase
Marble Vase: metal vase with smaller marble; can be handed out after ball reappears
Mega Ball & Vase: 6.75" tall, 2.5" wide, metal and chrome-look ball

Midwest Magic: Ball & Vase Exotic Wood from Cambodia. In 1.5", 2", or 3" sponge ball sizes, or even a Ping-Pong ball version

Rogers, John: 3 Ball Routine Plus 4 Balls. Utilizes custom 1.25" silicon balls from Fakini. Professional routine (not for beginners) as performed by John at FFFF 1999. Uses no volunteers, table, or net.

Sankey, Jay: Behind the 8 Ball. Two in the hand, one in the pocket routine. Uses miniature 8-balls with large 8 ball climax.

Spangler, Steve/WREN Enterprises: Bounce No Bounce Balls. The ball will bounce for the magician, but not for the spectator.Steve's version are 1".

Uday: Wooden Ball & Vase from India

Viking Manufacturing: Ball Vase. High quality wooden ball & Vase.