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Last Update: 2 April 2013: Added The Magic Toad kives, Cleaned up the descriptions, added links to book contents listings, moved historical knives under the products section to the Color Changing Knives article
Added: Knives, Knives, Knives article from Apocalypse, Durarty's Magie Pour Les Amis (in French); Close Up Magic of Frank Garcia Volume 1; Lewis Ganson, Nic Niberco, & Rink's routines in The Gen;
Bob King's Fantasy Knives; Michael Austin article in Sorcerer; Paul Swinford Lecture Notes; Marcos Platiquini Platimagics II; Jimmy Sanders routine from The Sphinx; Jim Sisti's Grandpa's Fruit Knives; Stephen Tucker's routine in Spellbinder; Tommy Wonder Books of Wonder 2, T.C. Tahoe routine, TCTahoe Re-Thinks #5;  Robert E. Neale This Is Not a Book; and probably a few others! Added images to the Products section, added Chad Long's Flash, The Magic Apple's Color Changing Swiss Army Knives; Steve Draun's Standing Room Only Volume 1 DVD.

Thanks to Lawrence O (over at TheMagicCafe) for the French references!

Introduction: This is a listing of books, videos/DVDs, and products related to the "color changing knives" effect. I have not included most related effects, such as the Hot Rod (with a few exceptions). I started a section with Magazine References as well.

Please note that none of these items are for sale from this site; this page is for informational purposes only. Any prices listed are just ballpark estimates and are provided only for comparison purposes. Check with your local dealer for availability and current prices.

Books with Color Changing Knife routines, moves, or references:

Adair, Ian: Adair's Ideas. 1959, softcover. Page 12, Crazy Knife

Ascanio, Arturo de: The Magic of Ascanio, Volume 4, Knives and Color-Blindness. 2008, hardcover, 132 pages. Ascanio's treatment of the Color Changing Knives, formerly available as Jose De La Torre's Ascanio's World of Knives, listed below. Includes sleights, routines and philosophy of the color changing knives.

Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good? The Magic of Johnny Brown. 1974, 101 pages. Contains a Colour-Changing Knives Routine on page 3. Published by John D. Standridge, Mesquite, Texas.

Bennett, Doug: Extra Sensory Deceptions. 1984, softcover, 27 pages. Close up magic, including Mirror Knives, a color changing knives effect using a small mirror.

Bobo, J.B.: Watch This One. 1947, hardcover. By the author of Modern Coin Magic. Features cards, coins and more, including a move for the color changing knives (not a full routine).

Brahams, Anthony: Karl Norman: Forty Years at the Forks (see also Karl Norman's Here's How, below). 1995, hardcover. Includes a four knife Color Changing Knives routine.

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke's Magic, The Unique Years (Edwin Hooper, editor) 1980, hardcover. This collection of Ken Brooke magic includes Ken Brooke's Penknife Routine, p. 50. A Supreme Magic publication.

Conn, Doug: Connsolidated Connundrums. 2006; e-Book/PDF. Includes Switchblades, a Color Changing Knife routine. Uses a four knife set (such as b/b, w/w, w/b, b/r).

Daryl: New Millennium World Tour Lecture. 1999, softcover. includes Daryl's unique Daryl Color Changing Knives, that uses a unique knife with a thumbprint! I don't believe the knife set is available anymore. Daryl's web site\

Duraty: Magie Pour Les Amis. (In French) 1975, 117 pages. Includes, "Le Canif de Bagdad", a three knife routine using sleights by Juan Tamariz, Bob Ostin, Alex Elmsley and Arturo de Ascanio. The knife changes color several times to end up, after a sucker explanation, being multicolor (p.105 to 112)

Frank, Gary: Classic Color Changing Knives and Paddle Routines. 1993, softcover, 21 page booklet, no photos. This booklet is essentially an extract of Merrill's Knife Book, covering approximately the first half of that book. Covers basic moves, push through color change, turn around color change, the switch, silks and the knife, visible color change knife, advanced move with color change knife, and advanced routines for two identical knives. Gary Frank worked with Dr. R.D. Merrill and is mentioned in Merrill's book. Gary's booklet can be purchased alone or with set of knives, though I would certainly recommend getting the Merrill book instead (also available from Gary). Gary Frank's Fantastic Magic

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close-Up Volume I: 1996 (reprint), hardcover. Includes a Paddle Trick chapter that features two color changing knife routines. One knife routine is Niberco's routine using 2 knives, one gimmicked and one regular of a completely different color. The other routine is Rink's Simplex Routine, using one gimmicked, and two regular of each color.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Part II. 1950, softcover; my edition includes parts I and II in one volume, but they used to be separate. Ganson's Colour Changing Pocket Knife routine uses three knives: W/R, W/B, and Striped.

Garcia, Frank: The Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia, Vol. 1. 1982, 103 pages. A Handful of Entertainment is Frank's color changing knife routine using 4 knives: W, B, B/W, and B/Striped.

Garin, Jean: La Magie Des Canifs (In French): 2001. Hardcover, 166 pages. A complete text in the color changing knives, with moves and several routines.

Giobbi, Roberto: Secret Agenda. 2010, hardcover, 414 pages. Includes Climax for a Knife Routine, in which a knife changes into a lot of tiny knives.

Green, Paul: Take a Stroll With Me Lecture Notes: 1998, Softcover, 20 pages. Notes contain thoughts on the business side of doing Magic. Complete but not for the beginner. Includes a Color Changing Knife routine that appeared in Genii Magazine, Two Card Transposition, Two Copper Silver routine - appeared in Magic Magazine, Card in Match Box, Chicago Opener/Here, There, Everywhere routine, Four Card on the Floor routine, and Left Handed Card to Wallet for Right Handers. $12.50 H&R Books

Haydn, Whit: The Intricate Web of Distraction. 1989, softcover. Excellent, fully explained color changing knife routine. As usual to Whit's style, includes comedy patter. This is a three knife routine using the gimmicked knife and two others, one of each color. Explains moves, including a couple of unique variants, a nice close vanish, and the routine. Recommended; also available as a video/DVD. Chef Anton's School for Scoundrels

Jensen, Jon: Monte Too. 1988, softcover. Collaboration between Jon Jensen, Dan Harlan, Phil Kannen, and Gary Darwin. This book applies the "3 Card Monte" theme to other props such as bills, Lota bowls, trash cans, film canisters, chewing gum, coins, crayons, matchboxes, color changing knives and the magic coloring book (though NOT the endless chain).

Kellerhof, Alfred: Typisch Alfred! (Typical Alfred!); 2003, 159 pages. This German language book contains many routines of Alfred Kellerhof. Some of the effects include: flaming wallet, Egg to Glass, rope escape, milk in bulb, short sponge ball trick with rabbit climax, a chop cup routine, as well as "Das Färbemesser", his color changing knives routine in which the knives can be examined at beginning and end. Available from Zauber Kellerhof (Germany).

Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade Commercial Closeup Magic. 1984, softcover. Includes Lou's Lost and Found Department color changing knives routine. The routine uses the "standard" 2-knife set; the knives in the photos appear to be Enardoe style knives.

Lavand, Rene: Magic from the Soul (and Slow Motion Magic Volume II). 1993. Magic from the Soul incorporates Slow Motion Magic Volumes I & II, as well as the never before published Volume III. Features tricks with normal and prepared decks, and many essays. Also includes a section on Color Changing Knives and Playing Pirates, a cards across routine using a Himber wallet. $45 From Mike Caveney's Magic Words.

Leech, Al: Manipulating With Leech: 1952 (with lots of reprints), Softcover. Includes Bob Lotz' Color Changing Knives and a Flip Over move (among other non-knife effects). The Bob Lotz' routine is a good one, using four knives: gimmick, two regular knives (one each color), and with a tiny knife climax. Recommended. Magic Inc.

Leveridge, Mark: The 8th British Close Up Magic Symposium Book. 2003. Available separately or in a book compiled with the other Symposiums. Includes Richard Pinner's The Opening Colour Change, a novel color changing penknife idea.

Lichter, Millard: FunTASTIC Knife Routine Book. 2000, softcover. 12 phase color changing knives routine consisting of changes (many color), transpositions, transformations, triple climax, complete comedic script, and photos. Explains painting, moves, routine, and analysis. Occasionally available through e-Bay and available direct at

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Vol 3 No 5 May 1980. (Available as part of the hardcover bound set Apocalypse Vol 1-5, 2000). Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse volume 3 number 5 contains the routine Knives, Knives, Knives by Gonzalez, Kaufman and Stone with three handlings for the Color Changing Knives.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Vol 17 No 1 Jan 1994 16th Anniversary Issue. (Also available as part of the hardcover bound set Apocalypse Vol 16-20, 2002). Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse Vol 17, number 1 contains Bob King's Fantasy Knives, which uses two knives and a total of three color changes. Includes patter.

Mentzer, Jerry: Another Close Up Cavalcade. 1975, hardcover, 160 pages. Includes Knives: a routine for the color changing knives using two regular knives of contrasting color and the gimmicked knife. Follows the "Enardoe" pattern, but includes a nice flip color change and ends with both knives examinable.

Merrill, R.D.:Merrill's Knife Book: 1981, softcover or hardcover, 64 pages. A complete book on the color changing knives. Contains everything from the basic routines to the most advanced flourishes and moves. The Merrill knives are a classic, and this book is very thorough. I like Ascanio's World of Knives a little bit better, but the Merrill book is still highly recommended. Available from Gary Frank's Fantastic Magic Company.

Minch, Stephen: Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Volume 1: 1991, hardcover & e-book, 424 pages, this routine originally from 1954. While most of the effect are cards, the chapter "Minus Fifty Two" includes non-card effects and features: The Elmsley Color-changing Knife Routine, a three knife routine featuring a visible-color change knife (uses R/Blu, W/W, Blu/R-Blu visible color change).

Morris, BudI Am Curious (Magic). 1970, softcover, 54 pages. Includes an entry entitled, Color Changing Knives Revisited, on page 14. Magic Limited (Lloyd Jones).

Neale, Robert E.: This Is Not a Book. 2008, hardcver, 410 pages. Includes a color changing knife routine around a tale of love and tragedy (not for children). Hermetic Press.

Norman, Karl: Here's How. 51pg. 1985 Collector's Workshop. Card on the Ceiling, Change for A Quarter (torn & restored card transposition), Coin in the Bottle, My Coin Collection (CSB & Okito box), Sympathetic Matchboxes (commercial props), Multiplying Rabbits (using 3 adults & 6 babies), Polish Rocket gag, Impromptu torn/restored Cigarette, Bill in Cigarette, Color Changing Knives (uses 4 knives, adapted from Schulien's routine), Ring Flight (commercial prop), Linking Pins with handkerchief, Karl Norman's Three Shell Game Routine (uses brass cups, can use regular shells as well), Carnival Loop Routine (Chain of Chance; with comedy, fake knot, etc.).

Platiquini, Marcos: Platimagics II. 2011, 52 pages, e-Book. Translated from the Spanish, includes Colour Changing Knives. Uses a visible color change knife.

Sisti, Jim: Grandpa's Fruit Knives: 2011, 12 pages, e-book. Structured around a Michael Skinner routine, designed for strolling, and with a logical script.

Swinford, Paul: Lecture Notes. 1971, 12 pages. Includes The Color Changing Knife, which uses just a standard set of two knives.

Tahoe, T.C.: TC Tahoe Re-Thinks #5 - Color Changing Knife. 2011, 10 pages, e-Book. a "fun, fast and entertaining" routine.

Tamariz, Juan: Bewitched Music Vol. 1 Sonata: 1989. A classic book of magic. Pages 1 through 263 include card magic such as The Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC), Sandwiches, Turnovers, Lapping, false shuffles and more. Pages 263-304 are on the color changing knife and includes The Tamariz Twist, 3 knife routines, and multiple moves and ideas.

Tarbell, Harlan, Course In Magic Vol VII. 1972, hardcover, 400 pages. Lesson 87 Novelty Magic includes a color changing knife routine. This routine is the "standard", using a two knife set (one gimmicked)

Torre, Jose De La: Ascanio's 'World of Knives": 1958 (Spanish), 1975 (English), softcover, 96 pages. Second edition published by Meir Yedid Magic in 2011. Jose's translation of Ascanio's World of Knives is not a word-for-word translation, but was meant to represent highlights of the original work. This book presents complete instruction, from an explanation of the knives, what makes a good color changing knife, moves, and complete routines. Highly recommended. There is also now available a full literal translation of the original work available as The Magic of Ascanio, Volume 4.

Victor, Edward: More Magic of the Hands. 1938. 133 pages. The second in a series of three books on manipulative magic. The series covers cards, coins, silks, billiard balls, thimbles, cigars & cigarettes, and more. While some of the effects are dated, much of the material is still usable. This volume contains a decent 9 ring Chinese Linking Ring routine and a color changing knife routine called The Rainbow Penknife and using a set of four knives. 

Walton, RoyCome A Little Closer, ed, John Derris, 1998, hardcover. Contains contributions from Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis, Roy Walton, Bobby Bernard, Ted Danson, and of course, John Derris. Among other effects, it includes Roy Walton's "Knifed", color changing knife effect. L&L Publishers

Wilmarth, Phil: The Magic of Matt Schulien. 1959, 178 pages. Nice color changing knives routine. This one uses four knives, including several gimmicked. It also uses comedy.  Magic Inc.

Wonder, Tommy: The Books of Wonder, Volume 2. 1996, hardcover, 342 pages. Includes Tommy's Toss and Turn one handed toss paddle move on page 59.

Yedid, Meir: Magical Wishes. 1994. Includes a Color Changing Knife Interlude (not a routine) as well as lots of other coin, card, and other magic. $20 Meir Yedid Magic

York, Scotty: Original Handling and Presentation of the Color Changing Pocket Knives. 1998, 38 Pages. Instruction manual that was available only with Scotty's Color Changing Knives (long out of manufacture). Includes some history, knife design, basic moves, a Fred Kaps routine, the Double Edge Knife Case, and an Al Cohen routine.

Magazine References and Routines that came with Props:

Ammar, Michael: Magical Arts Journal:
1986 Vol 1, No. 4: Tahoe, T.C.: This Is Only a Test: Color Changing knives routine presented as a friendly challenge (also reportedly in T.C. Tahoe's notes, "Thoughts, a Lecture to Think About")

Association Syndicale des Artistes Prestidigitateurs (A.S.A.P.): Journal de La Prestidigitation (In French)
1975, No. 302, Kaps, Fred knives routine using a handkerchief and described by Ascanio in Navajas y Daltonismo. French translation by Rémi Verlet. Page 10, 11.
1976 No. 308: Verlet, Rémi: Corbier’s Penknives Routine. Uses four knives: W, W, B, B/W; page 218.

Breese, Martin: Sorcerer News-Sheet
1981 No. 4: Michael J. Austin: Routine for the 5 Knife Set: outline for a routine using a Tamariz 5 knife set.

Enardoe Routine:
Original routine that came with the Enardoe B&W knife set.

Ganson, Lewis & Harry Stanley: The Gen
1951 Volume 6, No. 11, March. Includes part One of Lewis Ganson's The Colour Changing Pocket Knife: type of knife to use, a convenient holder, showing the sides
1951 Volume 6, No. 12, April. Part Two The Colour Changing Pocket Knife: vanishes, color change while held by spectator, changing one knife for another.
1953 Volume 9, No. 5, September. Ganson, Lewis, David Berglas' Suit-Able Sorcery: contains an excellent section on sleeving penknives
1959 Volume 15, No. 4, August. Niberco, Nic (Holland): Niberco's Colour Changing Knife Routine (also in Ganson's Art of Close Up Vol 1)
1960 Volume 16, No. 9, January. Rink (Holland): New Lamps for Old - a Simple Colour Changing Knife Routine.

Gibson, Walter (Editor): The Conjuror's Magazine
1948 Vol 04, No 07, Sep, Edeling, Haakon: An Original Method for the Color-Changing Knife

Goodliffe's Abracadabra Magazine:
Vol 1, No. 8, 23 Mar 1946, John K. Bays - The Bays' Knife Routine page 4;
Vol 13, No. 330, 5 July 1952, Roy Baker - Colour-Changing Knives page 378;

Hilliar/Wilson/Mulholland: The Sphinx
1945 Vol 44, No. 4, June. Little Johnny Jones: Knife Flourish. A move for the Chameleon knives
1952 Vol 51, No. 2, June. Sanders, Jimmy: My Color Changing Knife Routine.

Hooper, Edwin (Supreme Magic): Magigram.
1977 Vol 10, No. 1, Sep. Kellini: Kellini's Colour-Changing Knife: a color changing knife that is specially gimmicked
1978 Vol 11, No. 3, Nov. Gavilondo, Luis, M: Some Notes on Colour-Changing Knives: page 215

Ireland, Laurie: Ireland's Yearbook
1949 Ireland Yearbook: Dave Lee, New Effect for the Color Changing Knife Routine: a move for the color changing knives

Kaufman/Larsen: Genii Magazine
Feb 1975, David Bamberg The Casavalle Anti-Giro. Dr. Carlos M. Casavalle's rendition of Ascanio's Ultra Rapid Turn.
Jul 1994, Lester, Neil: The Trouble With Gravity. From Genii July 1994 (and used to be available from Cards by Martin until Martin's death in 2009). A color-changing-knife routine with only one knife. A unique, `short and sweet' routine with rhyming patter. Knife vanishes while held at eye level, or higher and at arm's length with no pulls, no topits, no sleeves (pure skill!). Includes two new color-changes, one in the air and a one-finger-turnover move.
Feb 2000, Vol 63, #2. Robert McDaniel: Technicolor Changing Knives. A four knife routine with Silks.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse
1980, Vol03, No05, May. Gozalez, Kaufman, Stone: Knives, Knives, Knives; Three handlings for the Color Changing Knives
1994, Vol17, No01, Jan. King, Bob: Fantasy Knives: Uses two gimmicked knives with a total of three different colors. Includes patter.

Mogar, Joe Routines:
Fantasy Knives Routine
. Routine that came with the 5 knife Fantasy Knives set by Joe Mogar.
Miracle Knife Routine. Routine that comes with the Mogar 4 knife sets.

Prost, Jean-Yves: Arcane Journal (In French)
No. 19 and 21: Cavailles, Marc: Marcus Routine: clever routine using two gimmicked knives with a micro knives climax.

RFA Productions: Channel One Magazine.
2000, Issue 3. Draun, Steve: The Draun Knives. Another excellent routine. Provides some very subtle moves that work well, and a full routine using three knives (two gimmicked, one regular). Steve uses Mogar knives. Recommended. Channel One magazine, RFA Productions

Torre, Jose De La: Routines
Color Changing Knives and More. Routine that came with Jose's knives.
Smash Climax: 4 page instruction sheet; as the penknife passes through the fist, it changes into a multitude of mini-knives

Tucker, Stephen: Spellbinder
1982, Vol 02, Issue 16. Tucker, Stephen: Excalibur Color Changing Knives.


Bernard, Bobby: Videonics Program #04 Bobby Bernard Close Up Moves Vol. 2. 1980, VHS. Includes a color changing knife lesson along with some coin magic and a lesson on sleeving. L&L Publishing bought the rights to the Videonics line; I don't believe they have released any DVDs with this material on it yet (as of Mar 2013). L&L Publishing

Burt, Brad: Down and Dirty Color Changing Knives Instructional DVD. DVD comes with a set of Enardoe Style knives. Includes the Paddle Move, the Basic Thru the Hands Change, the Flick Change, the Transposition of Knives and Brad's favorite Vanish. $25 with knives. Brad Burt's Magic

Carney, John: Greater Magic Volume 8 DVD Includes: The Logical Bill Trick, Coin in Bottle, Strike up the Band, Card in Balloon, Color Changing Knives, Ring on stick. $30 Stevens Magic

Daryl: Fooler Doolers Volume One DVD Includes Bennett's Boner, Instantaneous Knot, Pretzel Knot, Dai Vernon's Climax to a Dice Routine, Daryl's Color Changing Knives, Four of a Kind, The Trick Question, Chinese Laundryman, Mystery of the Traveling Marbles, As Many and As Much As You, Sponge Ball Routine, Cup and Ball. $35. L&L Publishing

Davidson, Larry: Scripted Insanity Volume 2 DVD. Includes: Dad's Deck (Haunted Deck), Kitchen Sink, Cut Above The Rest (Color Changing Knives vs. Knife Through Coat with Baby Knives); Relaxation Principle (Cards to Pocket); Vapor; Pearl the Poodle (giveaway); High Rise (rising card); Nice Butt (torn & restored cigarette); and more. 2hr, 14min. $35

de Cova, Alexander: Close-Up Session Volume 4. (In German). This German video (not available in the US as far as I know) includes: Farbemesser-Routine (Color Changing Knife) with demonstration of Juan Tamariz' Rainbow effect; Glass & Newspaper; Benson Bowl routine, Chink A Chink, Cups and Balls, Coins through the table, and Baellchen (sponge balls?).

DeSouza, Marc: Master Works of Conjuring Volume 1, Stand Up Magic for Cabaret and Stage. Includes: Multiplying Balls opener (based on Alan Wakeling routine); The Full Circle Rope Routine (begins and ends with single length of rope); Card and Ball Routine (manipulation); Linking Hearts (a Linking Rings act using Heart Shaped Rings, but adaptable to normal rings); Bills and Coins (variation of Kaps Diminishing Bills to Coins); Tequila (requires Andrus' Zone Zero); and a Bonus of the Color Changing Knives.  Murphy's Magic Supply.

Draun, Steve: Standing Room Only Volume 1 DVD. Includes Steve's Color Changing Knives routine that automatically resets and allows the knives to be handed out for examination.

Eason, Doc: After All These Years DVD. Live performance (only) from 2003. Includes The Disappearing Knife (color changing knife); Card Transposition; The Puzzle; Torn & Restored Card; Bar Bets, and Card on Ceiling.$25 Doc Eason Magic

Griffin, Gerry: Video Magic Lessons Vol 1 (VHS): Effects include a Color Changing deck routine, transposition of Aces routine (black Aces instantly change into two red Aces), Gerry's version of Twisting the Aces, Color Changing Knives, a coin vanish where both hands are shown empty, a sponge ball routine and more. These tapes were part of the Gerry Griffin Teaching Tapes (of California Magic & Novelty).

Haydn, Whit: The Intricate Web of Distraction DVD/Video. Includes the theory, moves, patter and presentation for Whit's routine, plus a live performance. Available in Video or DVD $35. Chef Anton's School for Scoundrels

Keith, Jon: Impromptu Close-Up Magic Instructional Video Tapes. Card Magic, Rope Magic, Sponge Balls (Jon Keith's Special Stand-up Routine), Ring and Rope, Color Changing Knives (with special handing that will fool Professionals Magicians),Wild Card (with the explanation of the Hammond Count on video!), All types of shuffles like the Surf Shuffle, Mexican Shuffle, One handed Shuffle etc., The Keith's Trilogy, Wild Card Outdone, Spelling the Aces and more. $65.50 ppd for three video set. See Jon Keith's website.

Lavand, Rene: Close-Up Artistry Volume Five DVD. Includes The Greek (4 Jacks); Perhaps Some Day (card and wallet routine); Homage to Larry Jennings (cards to pocket); The Tijuana Story (gambling); The History of Cumanes (Cutting the Aces); My Penknives (red and white knife change places and colors); Mirage (gambling); Single Handed Matrix (one-handed). $35 Meir Yedid's magic.

Malone, Bill: On the Loose Vol 4. Includes Twisted Flush, How Cheaters Cheat (Invisible Palm routine), Radical Aces, Resetting Reset (version of Paul Harris’ Reset), Good Trick - Bad Trick (fan force), Skinner’s Matches (impromptu), Walk Around Knives (strolling color-changing knife routine, no table required), Four Burglars, Only Had Two, Two Card Impossible Location, Bill Malone on the Multiple Selection. $35 L&L Publishing.

Mogar, Joe: Chameleon Knives DVD. From Camirand Academy. Joe Mogar's encyclopedic work on the color changing knives. 95 minutes including 7 essential moves, 13 color changes, 4 vanishes, 7 switches, and 6 miscellaneous techniques. Includes how to use the Pocket Pal. $35 Joe Mogar.

Nu, Alain: Close Up Sketches DVD: Be My Home Computer (all backs), That Old Coin Trick (visual coin), Eraser Head (rubber ball and coin), Switch Blades (color changing knife routine), Forked Up (coin). $30.00 Meir Yedid's magic.

Romero, Antonio: The Perfect Holdout System with video. $225. See description under Products, below.

Skinner, Michael, Master Teach In DVD. This DVD contains all three of the Master Teach-In videos in one volume. (The separate videos may also still be available in some places). Includes the Color Changing Knife routine, Ring On Stick, and Linking Rings. Original videos were produced in 1998. The color changing knives is an approximately 15 minute presentation of Skinner's commercial color changing knife routine with standard and not-so-standard moves. The Linking Rings routine uses 3 rings. $35. Fun Inc.

Skinner, Michael: Skinner's Legendary Repertoire Volume 3 DVD. 2 disc set includes Boy Scout Matches, 4 Phase Match Routine, Safety Pins, Colour Changing Knives, Sponge Bunnies, Cut & Restored Rope, Devilish Miracle, Card Thru Hank, Red/Black Location, Ring on Pencil, Ball & Vase, Nudist Deck, Penetration of Thought, Ultimate Three Card Monte, Vernon's Three Card Monte, One Card Monte, and more. Presented as home video, non-studio footage. Meir Yedid's magic.

Tamariz, Juan: 1st Lecture DVD-R. Independently produced DVD. Live lecture from 1990 at the International Magic Convention in London. Performance only of: Shuffled/Unshuffled, Spectator Locater, Three Card Surprise, Memory Routine, Colour Change Knives, Follow Your Leader, Four Card Prediction, and Cards Across. Lecture explains: Spectator Locater, Three Card Surprise, and Cards Across. 75 minutes. $45 International Magic.

Tamariz, Juan: Greater Magic V41 DVD: Three Card Monte, Card Printed on Handkerchief, Three Goblets Prediction, Color Changing Knives (see products below), Double Ambitious (perf), The Glass (perf), Tamariz Rabbits (perf). $30. Stevens Magic

Thompson, Johnny: Commercial Classics of Magic Volume 4 DVD: Cups & Balls, Cutting the Aces, Color Changing Knife, Color Changing Deck, In Depth Interview with Michael Ammar $35  L&L Publishing

Various: Bar Magic Greater Magic V49 DVD. Eric Mead: Bar performance, Lazy Man's Card Under Bottle, Short Fuse, Hydrostatic Glass, Killer Three Card Monte; Scotty York: Performance, Change for a Twenty, Color Changing Knives, Doesn't Time Fly?; Bob Sheets: Performance, Heba Haba Handkerchief, Tonte $32.50 Stevens Magic

Various: Magic of Japan, Greater Magic Library V45 (currently still VHS only). Includes Johnny Hirose: Triple Shock, Invisible Hole & Knife; Masao Atsukawa: Coins Across, 2 Coin Sequence; Hiro Sakai: ESP Prediction, Duck Change, Alibi in the Box; Dr. Masashi Neo: Neo's Knives, Card Printing; Dr. Yoshihiko Mutobe: 3 Coin Assembly; and Dr. Hiroshi Sawa: Piano Trick, Supernatural Rope Stevens Magic

Various: World's Greatest Magic: Color Changing Knives, Worlds Greatest Magic Series. Includes: Bill Malone - Walk Around Knives (comedy strolling magic); Johnny Thompson Color Changing Knife;  René Lavand My Penknives (a love story); Steve Draun - Color Changing Knives (another walk around version); and Daryl's Color Changing Knives (using a unique knife). L&L Publishing

Wilson, Mark
: Color Changing Knives Routine DVD with Knives. Mark Wilson teaches his personal routine. The knives are modeled after the legendary Sanders Color Changing Knives. Set with 2 Knives is $50, or $60 with the optional third knife. Mark Wilson Magic.

Zavis, William: Videonics Program #15, William Zavis Volume 2 (VHS). This video featured Color Changing Knives, complete in every detail. Down She Rises card routine for jumbo cards or regular deck. Queens Guard is a close-up card effect. L&L Publishing bought the Videonics video line, but all of the videos have not been converted to DVD yet. L&L Publishing.

Products: Only recently available knives are listed here. For historical knives, see the Color Changing Knives Article

No Smoking
Image from
Bertrand, Jean-Luc: No Smoking: A CCK routine performed with specially made lighters. A standard BIC lighter is designed for non-smokers, and the image jumps on and off the lighter and from lighter to lighter, ending with an "impossible object" climax. $60
Fantastic Magic Knives

Frank, Gary: Color Changing Knives: Knives are 2 7/8" long and come as a two or three knife set. Includes Classic Color Changing Knives and Paddle Routines (see description in book section). A photo of the two knife set is available at Gary's web site. $27.00 for the two knife set $35.00 for the three knife set. A visible color change knife is available as well for $15. Fantastic Magic

Funtime Magic Color
              Changing Penknife
Image from
Funtime Magic: Color Changing Penknife #2 and #3. The two knife set is Black & White, the three knife set is Black, White and Red. These are a lower quality knife, but now made in Aluminum so as not to rust. They feature a rivet at one end and a bolster at the other end. Inexpensive but workable knives. Funtime Magic.
Ganson Color
              Changing Knives
Image from
Funtime Magic: : Ganson Color Changing Knives: Funtime has taken Ganson's color changing knife routine and packaged it with a set of inexpensive (read "cheap") knives. These knives actually come in two sets. One set has a Red/Blue knife color change, with Striped knife climax and features Lewis Ganson's routine as found in his book "Routined Magic". The second set uses the same type of knives, but in different colors and with a "generic" set of instructions. Both feature a set of 3 knives with metal holder and routine $9.95. I purchased both sets to obtain a wider variety of color combinations. These knives are workable, but quality is only fair. Because of the low price, however, you won't be afraid of damage or loss! Chazpro (Click for image: Ganson Knives)
Chad Long Flash
Image courtesy Chad Long
Long, Chad: Flash. A variation of the color changing knives using USB-style Flash Drives instead of knives. Includes 2 small flash drives, 1 long flash drive, and full color instructions (the drives are custom made and are not working memory sticks). $30.00 From Chad Long.
Magic Toad Knives
Photo courtesy The Magic Toad
Magic Toad Knives: Metodie Jorgancievski (The Magic Toad) is currently producing a set of custom knives similar in style to Mogar knives, and in a wide variety of colors. You can contact Metodie direct at; he also occasionally sells his knives on e-Bay as seller "kg4rgw". I purchased a set and really like the handle material, and since the knife style is similar to Mogar's, the handling is excellent, of course!

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Mogar Stag Knives
See many more Mogar styles at
Mogar, Joe: Color Changing Knives. Mogar knives come in a variety of colors and styles, with several sets available. Joe's knives are very nice with good routines and I highly recommend them. Joe carries knives that will fit almost any routine.
Individual knives (regular/gimmick) in a variety of colors: $20 each

Visible Change Knives: $20 each; VC Stag knife $30
Gold Mirror Knives: $20 each
Rainbow or Stag Knives: $30 (Rainbow/Stag combo is $40)
Jumbo Knives: 5.5" $25 each
Standard 3 Knife set: Black, White, Gimmicked Knife $60
Mogar's Fantasy Knives set: Black, White, B/W, W/R/VC, R/B knives $100
Stag Visual Change Set: W/W-StagVC, W/Stag $60
Stag 3 Knife Set (Whit Haydn): W, BStag, W/BStag $80
Stag Miracle Knife Routine: As above, with Stag/W-VCStag Knife $100
Stag Sensation Set: 3 Knife Stag set plus W/Rainbow knife $110
Perfect Knives: These knives use silk-screened colors and clear handles. This prevents any "bleed" of the color when viewed from the opposite side (similar to the Merrill Knives). Individual knives are $25 each, and sets are available.
Jigged Bone and Rosewood: beautiful sets in rosewood, jigged bone, or smooth bone: $100 for a 3 knife set.
Hot Rod Knife: perform your favorite Hot Rod trick with this knife. $30 (Ray Szwec). Also in giant 4.5" size for $40.
Mini 1" Knives: in many colors. $10 each
Flag Knives and a Flag Triple Changer: $25 each.
See Joe's website for a full listing of what's currently available, and see Ray's website to order the Hot Rod knife and witness a clever turnover move in a short video. Joe Mogar., Ray Szwec

Enardoe Coor Changing Knives
Morris/Empire/Royal/Enardoe (E.O. Drane Co.) Magic Puzzle Knives. Classic Black & White two knife set. Knives are puzzle knives in that they hide a secret locking mechanism that allows the magician to open them but no one else. Knives are a good shape, though I find them a little too wide for my tastes. Old timers may know them as the Enardoe knives, but E.O. Drane no longer makes them. I've seen similar knives by Empire, Royal Magic and Morris, though the quality is not as nice as the original Enardoe knives (made by Imperial Knives). The routine that came with the original sets is a great starter routine; I'm not sure what comes with current sets. Available from several shops including Chazpro, Hank Lee's, The Trickery, and Stevens Magic
Lovins Hot Knife
Image from Murphy's Magic Supplies
Rodger Lovins Magic: Hot Knife. Rodger's version of the Hot Rod knife. Rodger Lovins Magic
Transformed Knives
Image from Murphy's Magic Supplies
Rodger Lovins Magic: Transformed Knives. 3 knife set manufactured with stainless steel blades, brass liners, and silver bolsters. The knives feature a Pearl White and Brown Jigged Bone handles for good contrast. Size is 3.5" long by 0.5" wide. The single gimmicked knife is available alone as the Ultimate Color Changing Knife as well.
Antonio Romero
              Perfect Hold Out
Image from Close Up Magic Shop (Spain)
Romero, Antonio: The Perfect Hold Out. A new dimension pull. Includes instructional CD-ROM with video and three effects using the device. Routines are: 1) Super knives, 2) Incredible Card to Wallet, and 3) Multiple Vanish: Four coins vanish $225
Sqeeze Case
Image from The Ambitious Card
Starsinic, Frank: Leather cases for the Color Changing Knives. Cases help to hold your knives in position in your pockets with the proper sides up so you don't have to fumble when you retrieve your knives. Frank makes a few different cases including 1) Zipper Case for Color Changing Knives. Holds 4 knives and has zipper closure to keep them secure between performances. Case is slightly larger than a deck of cards. $29. 2) Squeeze Case for Color Changing Knives. Holds 4 knives and includes a compartment to hold mini-knives for a "smash climax" ending. $24
Magic Apple Color
              Changing Swiss Army Knives
Image courtesy StevensMagic
The Magic Apple: The Incredible Color Changing Swiss Army Knife (Duffy Demetrus). Includes two real Swiss Army Knives (one regular, one gaffed), detailed 3 page instructions for two routines with full color photos. $100.

Hot Rod Knife
Szwec, Ray: Hot Rod Knife (Joe Mogar). Combines the hot rod and color changing knife. A rainbow colored knife is shown both sides, and the spectator chooses a color. The rainbow knife changes to the chosen color, on both sides. Two knife set. $54

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