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Last Updates: Nov 2024: Duraty Magic Rings Fever book.
Mar 2023 Added Bruce Kalver's Classic Details book.
Dec 2022: Added Scott Alexander's The Rings Video/Rings.   Victor Volinko's Linking finger rings;

The following is a partial list of books, videos, and products for the magic effect "The Linking Rings". Note that not all of these references are available today, some might only be found in "used" magic book stores, on auction sites, or dealers that sell used magic. Also, this is far from a thorough coverage.

Advice: The secret to the linking rings is fairly well known, since inexpensive versions have been available for years and many beginner's kits include a version of this effect. The best defense against this knowledge is a good routine. I witnessed the Linking Rings while at Dollywood, TN, and the magician David Talant presented the effect so well, that even though I knew the secret, it wasn't obvious how it was used and his routine still amazed me and was real entertainment.

I would also recommend skipping the cheaper versions ($10-20) of this effect (for larger rings). If you are going to perform it, you should use a nice set, which can be found for about $50 and up. In shopping, it can be difficult to know what brand of linking rings you are getting, since many catalogs seem to simply list something like "12 inch Linking Ring Set of 8, $50", with no indication of who makes the rings. I have a set of Bumper rings which were about $50 (from Denny & Lee's Magic Studio), and they are a good starting set. The set of 3 locking rings from Houdini's Magic Shop available around the 1999 time period had great reviews for a $50 set, though I haven't seen them.

For books, I highly recommend the Dai Vernon Symphony of the Rings book. This has some beautiful moves, even if you don't use the routine as is.

Please note that NOTHING IS FOR SALE from this site. The below references are for informational purposes only.

Books or Pamphlets With Linking Ring Routines

Abbott, David: Book of Mysteries. 1977, 184 pages. David's long thought lost manuscript from the 1930's found and published. Includes The Chinese Rings, An Act.

Adams, Ralph: The Original Illusions of Ralph Adams. Softcover, 1994, 93 pages. Includes Adams Linking Rings Routine

Ammar, Michael: The Magical Arts Journal. Hardcover, 2010, 554 pages. Includes Dai Vernon's The Twirl Link move.

Anderson, Gene: Topper's Mad Mad Magic. Softcover, 1974, 54 pages. Included is a routine on The Linking Rings presented with both comedy and magic. Uses two keys, two singles, a chain of two, and a "battered" chain of two, among other props.

Andrews, Val: From Here to Obscurity. Softcover, 1960, 21 pages. Includes Night Club Linking Rings, using 4 Rings of an 8 Ring set.

Baker, Al: Al Baker's Magical Ways and Means. Hardcover, 1941, 135 pages. Includes Chapter 7 The Linking Rings, with Linking Rings Opening (8 rings) and Baker's Linking Rings (9 rings, one undersized)

Baker, Al & Karr, Todd (Editor): The Secret Ways of Al Baker. Hardcover, 2003, 912 pages. Includes Chapter 7 Linking Rings Opening and Routine.

Bandy, Rev. Albert R.: All About Linking Rings. Softcover, 1976, 72 pages. Thirteen chapters on counts, links, unlinks, patterns, routines, and more.

Behnke, Leo: Linking Rings Magic City Library #2: Softcover, 1990, 32 pages. Covers designs, links, unlinks, a basic routine, Don White routine, and Jean Hugard routine, and the Odin, Wrist, and Drop Counts. Explanations are brief, however.

Biro, Pete: A Book Entitled Son of Greater Magic Vol One. Softcover, 1975, 8 pages. Includes Pete's Secret Move for Linking Rings.

Biro, Pete: Comedy Linking Rings. Includes George Blake's Perverse Ring Routine and Pete's version, a Jay Marshall Key Ring gag, and Karrell Fox's Linking Finger Ring (with no switches).

Biro, Pete: Pete Biro Lecture No. 1. Softcover, 4 pages. Includes a Linking Rings Moves section.

Biro, Pete: The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings. Hardcover, 2012, 242 pages. Tons of information on the Linking Rings as well as some other linking things.

Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks and Secrets of Magic. Hardcover, 1941, 301 pages. Includes Chapter Three The Linking Rings and the Cups and Balls. Routine for 8 rings, The Dropping Ring move, ideas for adding the key ring.

Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone's Secrets of Magic. Softcover, 1929, 164 pages. Includes Chapter Three The Linking Rings and the Cups and Balls. Routine for 8 rings, The Dropping Ring move, ideas for adding the key ring.

Blake, John (Michael Carrion, ed): A Three Ring Routine. Softcover, 1999, 32 pages. Tannen's Magic. There is a also a DVD of this routine available.

Booth, John: Marvels of Mystery. Hardcover, 1941, 146 pages. Includes in Chapter Five Feature Mysteries with Modern Chinese Linking Rings.

Brock, Tudor: Great Wong's Routine for the Chinese Rings. Softcover, 1966, 65 pages. Includes moves and a full routine.

Brooke, Ken: A Lifetime of Joy. Softcover, 1982, 16 pages. Includes lots of Ken's bits of business, such as "Business for the Linking Rings"

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke's Magic the Unique Years. Hardcover, 1980, 222 pages. Section 6 is Classic Egg Bag and Linking Rings, including the Ken Brooke Linking Ring Count

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke Series Number 6 - Al Koran's Three Silver Rings book. Softcover. Presents Al Koran's 3-5 minute Three Ring routine.

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke Series Number 11 - Linking Ring Routine.

Burlingame, Price: Jerry Salazar Three Ring Routine. Softcover, 1980, 31 pages. A full three ring routine

Capehart, Chris: Three Ring Routine (Tannen's New Stars of Magic Series). Softcover. Simple, direct, elegant, and commercial routine. Designed for the street performer. Features a new approach to the crash linking, and a new unlink. Text includes 84 step-by-step photographs by Jennifer Ward.

Carney, John: The Book of Secrets (Lessons for Progressive Conjuring). Hardcover, 2002, 369 pages. Includes "Dissolving Steel", two old but little know linking ring moves.

Caveney, Mike: Caveney’s Impromptu Linking Coathangers. Coathangers can be borrowed.

Caveney, Mike: Harry Anderson, Wise Guy. Hardcover, 1993, 160 pages. Includes Linking Rings

Caveney, Mike: Ideas! Softcover, 1982, 28 pages. Includes Impromptu Linking Coathangers.

Collier L.C.: A Three Ring Routine. Softcover, 2003, 12 pages. Short routine suitable for children or adults.

Colombini, Aldo: Impact! Softcover, 1991, 145 pages. Includes Moves With Rings and Rope - a linking ring selection using two singles, the key and a 4 foot rope; and Thumb-Snap-Linking ring move

Darbyshire, Lydia: The Magic Book. Hardcover, 1997, 224 pages. Includes Chinese Linking Rings, using a standard 8 ring set. Teaches the count and basic linking.

Dean, Jack: FouRings. Softcover, 1996, 9 pages. Four solid stainless steel rings link, unlink, penetrate your arm, jump from arm to arm, and equal sized rings pass through each other. The "link" travels from one pair of rings to another, and chains of three and four are formed. No Key ring is used.

DeSouza, Marc: The Art of Artiface. Softcover, 1995, 22 pages. Includes Ring Rhapsody linking ring routine

DeSouza, Marc: Tricks I Have Turned. Softcover, 1979, 24 pages. Includes a Ring Addendum, three more linking ring moves to add to Marc's routine from Trifecta.

DeSouza, Mark: Tri-Fecta. Softcover, 1978, 21 pages. Includes Three Ring Rhapsody using the Key and Two Singles.

Dick & Fitzgerald (Publisher): The Parlor Magician or 100 Tricks for the Drawing Room. Hardcover, 1860, 129 pages. Includes The Wizard's Chain, a VERY brief explanation of the Linking Rings. 

Dietrich, Bud: Merlinale Lecture Notes. Presented in Vienna, Austria, 1991. Includes Three Ring Circus, a routine using 1 Key, 1 Single, and 1 Oversize ring.

Duraty: Magic Rings Fever. Published in Belgium. 1978, 43 pages. Routine with five close-up sized rings, can be adapted to larger rings for stage.

Fabian: Burtini's Linking Rings Routine. Softcover, 1947, 16 pages. Utilizes standard set of 8 rings and covers the count, links, unlinks, chains, designs, and climax.

Farelli, Victor: The Odin Rings. Hardcover, 1940, 68 pages. A classic on the Linking Rings.

Ferri, D. Angelo: Slydini's Linking Rings. Ebook, 2006, 92 pages. Slydini's Linking Rings as taught by Angelo Ferri (a student of Slydini's). Over 100 photos.

Fitzkee, Dariel: Rings In Your Fingers. Hardcover, 1946, 119 pages. Provides routines as well as lots of figures to make with the rings.

Fitzkee, Dariel: The Trick Brain. Hardcover, 1944, 311 pages. Chapter XXX on invention contains a section on the Linking Rings.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Volume 2: Hardcover, 1966, 286 pages. Chapter 2 Three Rings for Dai Vernon; adapted from Vernon's Symphony of the Rings but only using 3 rings. Describes counts, moves, etc.

Ganson, Lewis: Aldo Colombini's Rings Supreme: Softcover, 1978, 23 pages. Three ring routine that explains many of the moves and also uses a silk.

Ganson, Lewis: Fooling With Hula-Fooler. Supreme Magic, 1975 (circa) softcover, 12 pages. A routine with the Supreme Linking Hula-Hoops.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Parts I & II (in one book): Hardcover/Softcover, 1950, 251 pages. Part I includes The Chinese Linking Rings, an 8 ring routine with minimal figures.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Finale: Hardcover/Softcover, 1954, 255 pages. Chapter Five is on Ken Brooke's Linking Ring Count.

Ganson, Lewis: Three Chinese Rings. Softcover, 1977, 23 pages by Supreme Magic. Rex Taylor's three ring routine, moves, and some moves by Aldo Colombini.

Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon Book of Magic: Hardcover, 1957, 239 pages. Chapter 7 The Linking Rings includes moves with 14" rings such as Spinning the Rings, Crash Linking, Pull Through, etc.

Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings: Softcover, 1958, 26 pages. This is a must have, even if you don't do the routine as written. Contains some beautiful moves.

Ganson, Lewis: Tiny Trio. Softcover, 1978, Supreme Magic. Booklet of a three-ring routine for close-up performance. Came with a set of three 4.5" rings; one key and two singles. Rings are a good size for rope and ring effects as well. (also listed under products)

Garrett, Dan: Teasers and Ticklers Softcover, 1979, 27 pages. Rings of Saturn routine using 2 singles, one key, and one locking key.

Ginn, David: Comedy Linking Rings: Softcover, 1974, 22 pages. A 10 minute comedy treatment of the Linking Ring classic using a standard eight-ring set.

Gordon, Gene: Gene Gordon's Magical Legacy. Hardcover, 1980, 362 pages. Chapter 12 includes Gordon's My Linking Rings.

Gore, George, Jr.: The Linking Rings of Jack Miller. Softcover, 1973, 76 pages. With poetic and verbal patter

Grabel, Lee: Lee Grabel Archival Project (DVD & Book). Includes oversize book (11x17") and four DVDs. DVDs show the history of the Grabel show as it toured the country. Includes his Linking Ring routine.

Grant, Ulysses Frederick: Secrets. Hardcover, 1928, 48 pages Includes Linking Rings Without A Key Ring. Link and unlink solid rings, a good method and routine.

Guinn, Scott: My Best to You Volume 3 Close-Up & Stand-Up. Ebook, 2009, 72 pages. Includes a linking ring style routine using a keyfob, and Guinnward, Ho!, Scott's linking ring move.

Hart, Steven: Hart at Large, Lecture #2. Includes Linking Ring Routine using two singles, set of two, key ring, and one smaller ring, along with a carrying bag.

Hay, Henry: The Amateur Magician's Handbook Hardcover, 1950, 414 pages. Includes The Linking Rings: Parts of a routine provided with some photos. Link, Crash Link, Crash unlink, simple count, slow unlink, some routine basics. Okay as an intro.

Hay, Henry: Cyclopedia of Magic. Hardcover/Softcover, 1949, 498 pages. The entries under L include, of course, the Linking Rings and provides a full routine.

Hayden, Allen: Fancy Linking Ring Routine.  Softcover, 1983, 18 pages. Allen's is a 5 ring comedy routine (chain of 3 not used)

Haydn, Whit: Four Ring Routine: Softcover, 1982, 19 pages. Developed for street conditions; well regarded routine (also available in video)

Hilliard: Greater Magic: 1938, Hardcover, 1400 page classic. The Chinese Rings chapter examines the fundamentals and includes Jean Hugard's stage presentation and more.

Hugard, Jean: Modern Magic Manual. Hardcover, 1939, 384 pages. Includes Chapter 7, Linking Rings, with a routine for the standard 8 ring set.

Ireland, L.L., Ireland's Linking Ring Routine. Softcover, 1937, 20 pages. Nine ring routine (most can be done with standard 8 ring set).

Ireland, Laurie: Ireland Writes a Book. Softcover, 1931, 36 pages. Includes Linking Ring Move, a 2 ring move.

Jay, Joshua: Magic The Complete Course: Softcover, 2008, 280 pages. Comes with DVD. Includes "Lord of the Rings", a routine for the standard set of rings.

Jones, Erwin Beck: The Erwin Linking Rings. Hardcover, 1971, 45 pages. Photo illustrated. Published by Magic Limited, Lloyd E. Jones.

Joseph, Eddie: Magic and Mysteries of India. Softcover, 1940, 55 pages. Lots of magic from India. Includes The Linking "Link” (Linking rings done with 6 oval chain links)

Kalver, Bruce: Classic Details. Lecture covers three classics, including Miser's Dream, Billiard Balls and a Linking Rings routine involving two spectators. 

Kaps, Fred: Fred Kaps Lecture Book. Softcover, 1972, 9 pages. Includes "Real Magic", a linking ring and silk presentation, with references to Dai Vernon and Jack Miller moves.

Kaufman, Richard: The Amazing Miracles Of Shigeo Takagi. Hardcover, 1990, 120 pages. Includes New Era Linking Rings (six ring routine)

Karr, Todd (Editor): The Adventures of Winston Freer. eBook (PDF) on CD, 2008, over 200 pages. Includes The Maxam Ring Illusion, Freer's no-key Linking Rings routine.

Karr, Todd (Ed): Essential Robert-Houdin. Hardcover, 664 pages. Compilation of Robert-Houdin works including The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic, Card Sharping Exposed, The Secrets of Stage Conjuring, The Priory, and Memoirs of Robert-Houdin. Includes coverage of the Cups and Balls and the Linking Rings

Klamm, B.C. Ring Routine Featuring Klamm's Locking Key. Softcover, 1982, 18 pages. Book of moves and a routine that came with the Klamm Quantum Locking Linking Ring. Moves could be used with standard rings as well.

Laflin, Duane: A Practical Routine for the Linking Rings. Softcover, 8.5x11" comb bound 17 page book.

Levent and Todd Karr: Roy Benson by Starlight. Hardcover, 2006, 800 pages, Published by The Miracle Factory. Includes the Benson Linking Ring Routine

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. Jan 1978 through Dec 1982. Hardcover, 2000, 720 pages. Includes Jerry Fulton's Key Ring Cover, three handling moves for the Chinese linking rings (Apocalypse Vol 4 No 5 May 1981).

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10.  Jan 1983 through Dec 1987. Hardcover, 2000, 719 pages. Includes Tony Lopilato's Linking Ring Spin Flourish. (Apocalypse Vol 8 No 3 March 85)

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 11-15. Jan 1988 through Dec 1992. Hardcover, 2001, 719 pages. Includes Alan Alan's Chain Link, a method to form an instant chain of 4 Chinese linking rings using 1-k-2 rings (Apocalypse Vol 11 No 1 Jan 1988);  Also includes three articles by John V. Hope: Linked Through (one ring passes through another ring, using two solids; Vol 11 No 3 March 1988); Spin Out unLink (Vol 11 No 8 August 1988); and Link Over Wrist (Vol 11 No 11 Nov 1988).

Lunceford, Terry: Lecture Notes I, Magic for a Living. Softcover, 1995, 15 pages. Advice on getting work as a magician, with a bonus section of Terry's Three Ring Routine.

Marcom, Ralph A.: Marcom Presents Magic: Softcover, 1979, 70 pages. Includes Frank Caple's Three Ring Rhapsody

McAllister, Bob: Dot's Magic. Softcover, 1993, 47 pages. Magic with Bob's "McDots" (magnets). Includes use of McDots to make a second "key" ring for your linking rings routine.

McComb, Billy: McComb's Magic 25 Years Wiser. Hardcover, 1972, 185 pages. Includes The Five Rings of William, a simple and direct ring routine.

McFalls, E.M.: Cellini's Lord of the Rings: Softcover, 15 pages. Linking rings book

Meester, Henk: Henk Meester's Prize Winning 3 Ring Routine. Softcover. B&W Photo illustrated manuscript.

Meyer, Orville Wayne: Magic in the Modern Manner. Hardcover, 1949, 184 pages. Includes Chapter 6 The Chinese Linking Rings, along with Floyd Brown's Bounce Link

Miller, Hugh (editor): Rink's Magic from Holland. Hardcover, 1968, 255 pages. Features two 3-Ring moves, one tossing a ring in the air, another showing the rings plainly hanging on the thumb.

Minch, Stephen: Vernon Chronicles More Lost Inner Secrets. Hardcover, 1988, 245 pages. Includes The Twirl Link and The Threadborne Link.

Nosel, Terry: Chinese Linking Rings. Softcover, 1996, 18 pages. An inexpensive, concise guide to the Linking Rings

Novak, Bob: Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine. Softcover, 1945, 36 pages. Provides routine for 5 rings, with the first part using only 3, so may provide some ideas for any type of routine.

Pecore, Joe: A Sonata of Magic. eBook, 2000, 63 pages. Includes Dueling Linking Rings, a quick idea for a double magician performance.

Pierce, Lance: Roger Klause: In Concert: Hardcover, 1994, 254 pages. Includes Chinese Quartet linking ring routine. Uses moves modified from Symphony of the Rings, and patter after Jack Miller's.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Hardcover, 1997, 202 pages. Includes Poor Man's Locked Key Routine: Uses inexpensive linking rings gimmicked in a "new" way; Three Ring Classic using a single ring, key, and one oversize ring.

Riser, Harry: Secrets of an Escamoteur. Hardcover, 2006, 247 pages. Includes The Riser Rings - linking rings using three rings.

Robinson, Bill: Stage Magic 103: Linking Rings: Softcover, 15pg, 104 photos. A workshop on the rings.

Rogers, Mike: The Complete Mike Rogers. Hardcover, 1975, 250 pages. Includes Poor Man's Locked Key by Ed Marlo on how to gimmick the cheap SS Adams Linking Ring set for close up performance; The Marlo Rings Arrangement routine; and The Examined Linking (more on the above).

Ross, Richard: The Ring Routine. Hardcover, 1982, 104 pages. Written in three different languages (English, French and German). Provides detailed explanation of Richard's 3 and 6 ring routines.

Saint-Erne, Nicholas: The Chinese Linking Rings. 1981 Mid-America Manufacturing Co, TX, 15 pages.

Sands, George: 53 Years of Magic. Softcover, 1989, 82 pages. Includes Linking Ring Routine as part of My Backwards Magic Act.

Schenk, Uwe, and Michael Sondermeyer: Performing Magic for Children. Hardcover, 177 pages. Includes Linking Ring routine.

Schneider, Al: Al Schneider Magic. 2011 Hardcover, 732 pages. Includes "Halo" a linking bracelet routine using 5 rings.

Sharpe, Alton C.: Expert Hocus Pocus. Softcover, 1973, 160 pages. Chapter 5 contains, My Oriental Ring Mystery, using 2-linked, 1 single, 1 oversize single, and 1 key; recommends the use of 10" rings.

Stone, Ben: Coathanger Capers. Softcover, 10 pages. Ben's version of the linking coat hangers, came with the Delben Magic Co. Linking Coat Hangers.

Tarbell, Harlen: Complete Course in Magic Vol 4: Hardcover, 1927, 416 pages. Includes Lesson 54 Chinese Linking Rings: Eugene Laurant 11 ring routine (2 extra singles, 1 extra key); Weber's Emergency Routine - 2 singles: chain of 2, no key; Jack Miller's Spinning Rings; Tomy Dowd's Odin Ring Count; Tomy Dowd's spinning ring unlink

Tarr, Bill: 101 Easy-to-Learn Classic Magic Tricks. Softcover, 1977, 201 pages. Includes a section on the Chinese Rings, a traditional 8 ring routine.

Thompson, J.G. My Best. Hardcover, 1945, 384 pages. Includes Greer Marechal, Jr's Linking Rings; a 4 (5) ring routine using one oversized ring.

Tong, Danny: Commercial Stand Up Magic. Softcover, 1972, 10 pages. Includes Linking Rings.

Victor, Edward: More Magic of the Hands. Softcover, 1938, 133 pages. Chapter IV is on the Linking Rings and presents a 9 ring routine (standard 8 ring set plus an extra single ring)

Webb, Gregg: Society of Sleight of Hand Artists. Available as part of the CD-ROM/e-book collection The Book That Doesn't Exist...And More! 2002, eBook. These were originally newsletters produced by Gregg Webb. SOSOHA 19 includes Modified Jordon Count 4 Rings; SOSOHA 22 includes Middle to a 4 Ring Routine; SOSOHA 21 includes 4 Ring Linking Rings End Phase

Weber, Herman L.: Namreh's Lincoln Rings. Softcover, 1932. Herman Weber performed as Namreh. "Namreh" is Herman backwards.  (info from Genii's Magicpedia)

Weber, Herman L.: Weber's Linking Ring Routine: Teaches many objects.

Wheeler, Alan: Magic Presentations 2 - Four Rings, Five Envelopes, Six Bills. From; includes scripting and presentation for a four linking ring routine.

Yaffe, Malcolm: Paths to Enchantment. Hardcover, 255 pages. Provides a blueprint for devising your own children's magic show. Includes The Linking Rings and more.

Zimmerman, Dick: Linking Hula Hoops. Softcover, 12 pages with 45 photos. A Stage Act performed with four Hula Hoops. Two hoops are rolled away, and link as they roll back; a chain of three is formed, then a chain of four; a few figures are made, and they all unlink at the end.

Videos (VHS/DVD/Download) with Linking Ring Routines

A-1 Multimedia: A-1 Convention at the Capitol 2000. Includes Mike Caveney's Impromptu Linking Coathangers

Alan, Don: Magic Ranch Series, volume 2. The magic ranch series is a four video set which features the Don Alan's Magic Ranch television show from the late 1960's. Each show features Don Alan performing close up, and guest magicians generally performing stage acts. An excellent comedy performance of the Linking Rings by Richard Himber is included on volume 2.

Alexander, Scott: The Rings. Video download. Scott's version of the Jack Miller Linking Rings with an Edgar Allen Poe theme. Also available with rings (see products, below)

Baker, Carroll: Secrets Revealed: Linking Rings (DVD). In the "Secrets Revealed" DVD Series. Teaches Key Ring, The Count, Twist Link, Crash Link, Basic Unlink, Up the Ladder, and Steal Chair & Ball Displays. Also teaches a basic linking ring routine.

Blake, John: 3 Ring Routine: Video Tape with 32 page manuscript. Two and a half minute routine that is "uncomplicated, entertaining, and mystifying." Now also on DVD.

Blickby, Sebastian: 5 & 6 Linking Ring DVD. Sebastian Blickby performs his versions of Tonny van Rhee's 5 Linking Ring Routine using our special set of 5 rings and Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings using 6 rings from a standard set of 8 rings. Each routine is first performed and then step by step, clearly explained. The best way to learn the Linking Rings!  Gycklaren Magic Marketing (Sweden)

Breese, Martin: Visions of Ken Brooke DVD. Includes the Chinese Linking Rings KB ring count plus many of the tricks featured over the years in the Unique Studio catalogs.

Burke, Corey: Voracity DVD. Mercenaring, a Visual linking ring routine with the Ultimate linking-ring count

Burt, Brad: Linking Rings DVD. 1 Hour, 10 minutes. Straightforward 8 ring routine as found in Ganson's Routined Manipulation. Includes Theory, Explanation, Full Routine, Bonus Moves and Modified Routine

Capehart, Chris: Kiddin' Around DVD. Includes a performance (only) of The Rings along with other children's magic.

Capehart, Chris: Three Ring DVD. Astounding 3 ring routine with excellent crash link.

Carney, John: The Video Secrets of Carney Volume 1 DVD. Includes five routines from The Book of Secrets: Cigars From The Purse, two Linking Ring Moves, Miser's Dream, Ball routine with grapes, and Leipzig's Opener.

Caveney, Mike: Impromptu Linking Coat Hangers Video. Downloadable video recorded live at Convention at the Capitol 2000.

Cellini: Cellini Presents Lord and Master of the Rings DVD. Cellini's work using a normal key, and only one other ring. Presented as a set of ideas to challenge the imagination rather than as a specific routine.

Cellini, Jim: Slydini Lecture DVD. 112 minutes. Includes a performance only of Slydini's Chinese Linking Rings.

Colombini, Aldo: Classics of Magic (Video). Previously released as Classical Magic the Colombini Way by Supreme Magic Co. of England. Re-edited version by L&L Publishing. Includes a 3 Ring Routine, which is different from Colombini's Comedy Three Ring Routine video.

Colombini, Aldo: Three Ring Circus Video. Comedy Three Ring Routine. Performance and complete explanation.

Colombini, Aldo: Three Ring Concerto DVD. Three Rings (and a rope). 20 minutes.

Daryl: Essentials In Magic - Linking Rings. DVD. 1 Hour, 11 Minutes. Beginner's guide teaching flourishes, links, unlinks, a sample routine and more.

De Cova, Alexander: Das Ringspiel DVD. 1 hour 30 minutes. Starts with performance and lecture of "Figure Eight and Sechser Ringspiel Routines". Includes The Rings and Their Putting Order; The Vorzaehlen of the Rings; Presenting the Keyring; Concatenating Using the Keyring; The Entketten Using the Key Ring; The En and Entketten Without keyring (penetrations, even in hands of spectators); Ringspiel Figures; Conclusion.

DeSouza, Marc: Master Works of Conjuring Volume 1 DVD, 1Hr, 46min. Includes Marc's Linking Hearts routine, which uses heart shaped rings could be adapted to regular rings. Also teaches his Floating Ring.

DeSouza, Marc: Master Works of Conjuring Volume 4 DVD. This is Marc's 90 minute lecture/demonstration that weaves the history of magic with various effects. Includes performance and explanation of the Linking Rings

DeSouza, Marc. Prize Winning Stage Magic video. 70 minute silent act. Includes Linking Ring Routine and moves.

Dolani, Uwe: Linking the Rings (German Language). Explains the basics of the rings. Does not provide a specific routine. Includes (excuse the poor translation): introduction, prefaces, the basic grasps, Vorzaehlen of the rings, presenting the rings, the turning grasp, eddies of the rings, blade of the rings, lower arm presenting, re-catching of the rings, concatenating single and keyring, the Ineinanderdrehen, embracing, concatenation on the lower arms, the book method, the drop concatenation, the belly concatenation, the impact concatenation, throw concatenation, Entkettung Einzel-und keyring, Auseinanderdrehen, embracing, Entkettung on the lower arms, Buchrnethode, the up the shoulder pulling, reaching through, in the right angle, concatenating two single rings and the keyring, unity left - two right, the Entketten of two single rings and the keyring, the jump Entketten (circle-let), the jump Entketten, Three at one blow, the exchange concatenating, with the two-chain, with the three-chain, penetration in the chain, pulling, the rotated chain through, the G.P. method, suggestions for demonstrating, conclusion.

Draun, Steven: Standing Room Only Volume 1 DVD. Includes: Draun's version of Vernon's Symphony of the Rings with suggestions for close up

Fedko, John: School of Magic Volume 1: Classics of Magic: Includes the Chinese Linking Rings

Fleshman, Dan: Chinese Linking Rings, Close Up Version (Video): Inspired by Masahiro Yanagida. Complete with four 5" linking rings. This video is now incorporated into Dan's Restaurant Magic Vol 3 DVD.

Fleshman, Dan: Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman, Volume 3 - Desserts DVD. Includes Dan's Close Up Linking Rings using 5" rings

Flip: Flip-pical Parlour Magic Part Two DVD: includes Linking Rings (and more).

Frank, Tom: Legend of the Five Mystic Rings DVD. PPS Group & T. Frank Mint. Tom Frank's poetic presentation of the five ring Jack Miller routine. Some reviews have stated that the original text is a bit cryptic, and that this video makes it all clear.

Fun, Incorporated: 25 Amazing Tricks with Linking Rings (with Troy Hooser). Teaches a full routine plus techniques such as Solid Display, Twist Link, One Hand Link, Swing Link, Forearm Link, Crash Link, Round Square, and Iron Knot.

Garrett, Dan: Cabaret Connivery DVD. Includes Rings of Saturn, a linking ring routine including Garrett's Key Ring Display Move

Grabel, Lee: Lee Grabel Archive Project (DVD & Book set). See description in book section, above.

Garrett, Matthew: GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set. Can be passed out for inspection with no switch. Includes 2 GiR rings in Silver or Black Chrome, four standard linking rings, carrying pouch, and online instructions.

Hampton Ridge: Linking Rings (with Troy Hooser). Beginner's video on the Linking Rings. Includes several deceptive moves to link and unlink solid rings, and creating designs and shapes with linked rings.

Harlan, Dan: Early Harlan, Close Up Magic of Dan Harlan DVD. 110 Minutes. Includes Ring Around The Ropesy, a linking ring routine that evolves to a linking ropes routine, and much more.

Harlan, Dan: Pack Small, Play Big - The All Purpose Show (DVD). L&L Publishing. Includes Ring Master, linking rings up close.

Harlan, Dan: Harlan, Dan: The Band Shark. A-1 Multimedia. Impromptu rubber band magic video contains over a dozen rubber band effects and two bonus routines including Ring Around the Ropesy, a Linking Rings and Ropes Routine.

Harlan, Dan: The Manipulation Show DVD. L&L Publishing. 1 hour, 39 minutes. Includes an elegant and enchanting three-ring Linking Ring routine.

Haydn, Whit: Comedy Four Ring Routine: Usable, funny routine designed to entertain. Also available in book format.

Jennings, Larry: A Private Lesson DVD. Home taped, includes Jennings' Linking Ring Routine

Klause, Roger: Encore Performance DVD (and Vol 2 video): 85 minutes. DVD includes: Chinese Quartet 4 ring routine, among much more. 

Krenzel, Ken: Ken Krenzel Video 5 - Up Close. Includes Krenzel Linking Ring Move with two solid rings

Kramien, Stan: Magic Classics DVD. Includes Linking Rings

L&L Publishing: World's Greatest Magic Series - The Secrets of the Linking Rings DVD. 2 Hours. Includes Jeff McBride's 6 Ring Commando Routine, Aldo Colombini's 3 Ring Routine, Dan Harlan's 8 Ring Ringmaster Routine, Al Schneider's 5 Ring Routine, Dan Fleshman's Close-Up Linking Rings, and Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings.

L&L Publishing: World's Greatest Magic Series - The Secrets of Stand Up Magic Volume 2 DVD. IncludesVernon's Linking Rings by Steve Draun.

Lancaster, Lou: Teaches Linking Rings International Magician's Society (IMS) Volume 26: Teaches a complete ring routine, Roy Benson's Silent Link, Tommy Dowd's Spin Unlink, and many other moves.

Lewin, Nick: Ken Brooke Linking Ring Routine DVD. 90 minutes. Includes Odin Count, Al Koran Unlink, full patter, history, bonus gags, etc.

Levent: Levent's Ultimate Guide to the Linking Rings (DVD). 4 DVD Set. Seven hours of sleights, tricks and routines of the Masters. Featuring Levent’s original 11-ring routine, plus the Linking Ring routines of Roy Benson, Chung Ling Soo, Dai Vernon, Robert-Houdin, Claudius Odin, Paul Potassy, Jack Miller and others.

MagiKraft McAbee Rings Video. See rings, below.

Ogawa, Shoot: The Ninja Rings DVD. Close Up Linking Ring Routine. Based on Masahiro Yanagida's Ninja Rings routine. Rings used are 4.5" and routine is designed for close-up, walk-around, or table magic. Includes Ogawa's performance before a live audience. See Ninja Rings product below.

Ogawa, Shoot: Ultimate Ninja Rings DVD. Includes Silverman Switch, Spinning Link, Silent Link, Ring & Lock, and SAMURAI.

Pendragon, Jonathan & Charlotte: The Magic of the Pendragons DVD Volume 3. Includes: The Linking Rings explanation, timing, and safety; an interview, and more.

Randall, Chris: Live at the Magic Castle DVD. Includes Scandal Switch (for your linking ring routine); and more.

Randall, Chris: R2 DVD/download. Over 1 hour. Includes a method to hand the rings out for examination, with no stooge. Routine for 2 rings and a full routine.

Read, Bob: The Impromptu Miracles of Bob Read, The Lost Footage DVD. L&L Publishing. Originally released by Videonics and now digitally restored along with some never before released material. Includes performance only of Bob's Linking Rings

Robbins, D (EZ magic): All About Linking Rings Video: Learn Magic Vol 2 #5

Ross, Richard: Greater Magic V27. Steven's Magic. Includes Richard's Das Ringspeil (linking rings), Giant card fans performance.

Society of American Magicians (SAM): Magic from MUM Video. Vintage footage with reprinted notes from MUM magazine. Includes Bill Wisch - Two Ring Routines;

Schneider, Al: Al Schneider Technique, Volume 4-Stand Up DVD. 74 minutes. Al Schneider performs and teaches a 15 minute act including the Linking Rings (5 ring routine)

Schneider, Al: The Linking Rings DVD. L&L Publishing. 47 minutes. Teaches a five-ring false count, a six-ring keyless ring routine, Al's Solo Linking Rings, and a Full Stage Linking Rings routine.

Seabrooke, Terry: Terry Seabrooke's Magic is Entertainment Video:Includes Linking Rings for Kids, lots and lots of advice and bits of wisdom on Magic and Comedy, and more. 

Skinner, Michael, Master Teach In DVD. This DVD contains all three of the Master Teach-In videos in one volume. (The separate videos may also still be available in some places). Includes the Linking Rings using 3 rings. 

Smith, Samuel Patrick: Chain Reaction DVD. SPS Productions. Live performance combined with an easy to follow explanation including close-ups and slow motion. Includes Simple Count; Strike Link; Tumbling Ring; Figures; and more. 1995. About 15 Minutes.

Stedman, Peter: 8 Ring Linking Ring Routine DVD. Uses standard 8 ring set with audience participation, suitable for stage or close-up. Based on routine in Lewis & Tyler's Open Sesame. 

Sterling Steal: Monster Rings DVD. Sterling Steal's routine for the 17" and larger linking rings (though any size ring can be used).

Stevens Magic Greater Magic Library Teach In: The Linking Rings DVD. Stevens Magic. Includes Richard Ross' three ring routine, Max Hapner's three ring routine, Jay Marshall's comedy five ring routine, and Samuel Patrick Smith's 8 ring routine involving children.

Stoner, Dick: I Spell Magic F-U-N Volume 1 (Video only). Includes Linking Rings in the Buttonhole and more.

Tran, Quoc Tien: Complete Work on Linking Rings. Mayette Magie Modern. DVD, 2 hours. 3 and 4 ring routines by QT Tran; Dai Vernon 6 ring routine, Odin 8 ring routine, and bonus moves Cascade, FIGS, in Bag and a blooper. Both large and smaller rings used.

Vernon, Dai: Revelations V3&4: Note: This is a remaster of the Videonics series and contains two volumes in one. Vol 4 includes the Symphony of the Rings

Vernon, Dai: Revelations V7&8: Note: This is a remaster of the Videonics series containing two volumes in one. Volume 7 includes Unpublished Linking Ring Move: the Vernon No Key Linking

Vincent, Michael: Elegant Deceptions DVD Set. Alakazam Magic. Disc one includes a live parlor show including: The Symphony of the Rings.

Voitko, Victor: Victor Voitko's Magic DVD Set. Stevens Magic. Performance video set includes Flying Linking Rings as performed TV Spain, 1999, and Circus Salto Nataly, Switzerland, 2006, among many other shows.

White, Bob: The Chinese Linking Rings - A Practical Approach DVD. By Scapegrace Pictures. Contents include Key Rings, Drop Count, Odin Count, Two Ring Links, Crash Link, Twisting Link & Unlink, Swing Link, Pull Through Unlink, Turning the Rings, Spinning the Rings, MidAir Three Ring Link, Three Ring Unlink, Rink's Interlude, Four Ring Links, Falling Ring, Two in Two & Eight Places, Figures, Five Rings, Linking Six Rings, Endings (Vernon & Rink), Threadbone Link, MidAir Link, Spinning Crash, Oversize Ring, Spectator Crash, and more. 

Products Related to the Linking Rings

(Note: I've included some prices below - but please realize these are ballpark figures only as they were noted at the time of listing, which has bee well over 10 years for some entries - nothing is for sale here and prices are always subject to change by the sellers!)

Stainless Steel Featherweight Hollow Linking Rings: Eight rings with carrying bag. Available in 10 or 12", between $200-300 price range. These don't appear on the current Abbott's website (2019)

Alexander, Scott: The Rings. Routine based on the Jack Miller Linking Ring routine with patter set to the rhythm of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Comes with 10" rings 3/8" thick, or a deluxe set of 1/2" thick 8" rings and bag and video instruction. Video instruction also available separately.

Linking Rings: Available in various sizes. Nice, good quality starter sets. $50 range.

Capstone Magic Ultra Pro Linking Rings: Made of 3/8 inch thick hollow stainless steel tube, polished to a high shine, 12" diameter. Lightweight with a heavy look, and sound when hit together. In 2004, a set of 8 rings cost $400. Please note that as of Dec 2010 Capstone Magic no longer makes Linking Rings

Caveney, Mike: Impromptu Linking Coathangers: A routine for use with standard hangers is available for about $4, or the entire routine with professional chromed hangers, hack saw, and more was available for $130. The techniques are completely different...

Comic, Andy: Andy Comic DVD Magic Tricks Linking Rings. Beginner's set of 4 smaller rings with a DVD instruction video included in a blister pack. Around $20.

Dutch Illusion Design (Netherlands): Giant Linking Rings. Dutch Illusion Design

Empire Magic: Chinese Linking Rings. 4" set of linking rings for close up with written routine.

Enardoe: Tru-Tone Rings. Linking rings that "ring like a bell". In 8" and 10" models(?). No longer available.

Fantasma Magic Linking Rings and DVD. Set of  4.5" linking rings with a how-to DVD starring Shoot Ogawa, with a bonus ring and rope trick.

Funtime Magic: Linking Rings (Calcutta, India): Economy models  - 8" or 10". From the website: "We make several models of Linking Rings, in various sizes. The iron plated models are economical, but have a limited life, as the plating will flake, and the rings with rust over time. The Stainless Steel models prove more than twice as expensive. We have now produced rings in a stainless metal, that will not rust, and has no flaking problems. It gives you the long life of SS rings, at a much more economical cost...made from solid rod about 5 mm dia, each set is a standard set of 8 rings." Includes32 page Linking Ring Tutor with four routines using 3, 4, 6, and all 8 rings.

Ganson, Lewis: Tiny Trio. Linking ring routine with three smaller rings and a bag. (listed above under books)

Garrett, Matthew: Linking Rings Close Up. Set of four 4.5" rings and a pull string bag. Includes DVD.

Garrett, Matthew: Ninja+. Ninja+ is a concept to link a Ninja ring to a finger ring, and hand it out. Available in various formats. Full set includes 1 key ring, single, double, Ninja+ gimmicked finger ring, ungimmicked finger ring, DVDs.

Garrett, Matthew and Brian Caswell: Ninja+ Fusion. Close up ring links to a solid metal ball, and can be examined. With DVD. See Ninja+ Sessions DVD for extended ideas.

Hank Lee Linking Rings: Welds are all but invisible. Each ring is perfectly symmetrical, sounding a beautiful tone when hit together. Comes complete with 8 rings and the routine. Came in 8, 10, 12" rings (for an 8 ring set) and a set of 3 rings. Hank Lee's is no longer in business

Houdini's Magic Shop Linking Rings: Three ring set with 10" magnetic locking key. Most of the reviews of this set state they are very good for the money.  I don't see these on the site as of Dec 2019.

Houdini's Magic Shop: Standard 8 Ring Linking Rings. Available in 5", 8", and 10", about $20-$40 a set.

JL Magic: Big Linking 3Ring. 22" stainless steel linking ring set of three; with one magnetic key. Come with a velvet storage bag. Single ring weighs 370g (380 key ring).

Klamm Magic Locking Linking Rings: Quantum Q Locking Key Ring 12" set of 3. Precision tooled. 10" ring also available (notch lock, matches Rings & Things and Bumper 10" rings). Klamm Magic is no longer in business.

Long, Raymond: The Rings. Seamless rings. Six ring set - two double, one key, one single, also include one metal keychain and a flannelette bag. Gold rings, about 4.5" in diameter.  With DVD.

MagicMakers: Dragonfly Rings. 2.3" pocket sized rings and instructional DVD featuring Ben Salinas. Includes 4 rings. About $20.

MagicMakers: Linking Rings. Standard set of 8. 5.5mm thick, invisible seams. Available in 4", 8", or 10". Comes with instructional DVD.

MagicMakers: Perfect Linking Rings. Brass rings plated in chrome, feature a gravity locking system. Set of three 12" rings. Were around $150. I don't see this on the current site (2019)

MagiKraft: McAbee Rings: Close Up Linking Rings. Spectators can link and unlink the rings, and they can be examined at the end of the routine. Rings are bracelet size and available in two veundrsions. There was a standard set with rings, instructions, storage box, and video for around $50. An upgrade set of solid nickel silver with no plating to chip off and produced by James P. Riser was $95, or $120 with video. The James Riser rings are no longer available.

Melero, Ernesto: Melero Rings. 5" Chrome plated four ring set, with a slightly altered key ring.

Merlins Wakefield: Newman Rings (Derek Newman). Very unique linking rings made of beryllium (from Harrier Jet Engines) and they are flat, rather than rounded. Originally released in the early 1980's. Comes as a set of 3 rings with instruction book. Exclusive to Merlins Wakefield (U.K.) Around $75

Mr. Magic Linking Rings. Available in 5, 8 and 12-inch. Stainless Steel, with cloth bag and basic instructions. 

O'Brien, Michael: Ninja+ Sessions. DVD. 2.5 Hours. Expansion instructions for the Ninja-style close-up linking rings. Includes linking the rings to other items, such as finger rings, key rings, etc. (Ninja+ created by Matthew Garrett)

Ogawa, Shoot: Ninja Rings. Smaller 4.5" rings designed for the Ninja Rings routine (see DVD above). The Ninja Rings are seamlessly welded then coated with very heavy nickel plating to last for many years under constant use.

O'Neil, Hugie: Quadro Viciuos Linking Rings: set of locking, barbed wire linking rings with Terry Seabrooke routine.

Owen Magic Supreme Linking Rings No. 4148 The Ultimate Linking Rings. Tuned to give a clear vibrant ring. Lightweight hollow rings made from high grade highly polished stainless steel. Available in 10", 12", and 15" diameters. Can be purchased in singles, or sets of 2, 3, or 8 rings. Oversized, Undersized, and Locking Key Rings are available. Solid rings in 8" are also available.

Porper, Joe: Master Key Ring. Locking/unlocking key ring that automatically opens by striking one ring against the other. Comes with key ring and two solid steel 13" rings, carry bag, and instructions. These were around $500.

Porper, Joe: Mini Ghost Rings. Five-inch rings are made of stainless steel, beautifully polished. Key is not a locking key, yet allows other rings to visibly "melt" together. With three rings, custom carrying bag; and a full routine written by Jonathan Brown. Approx. $125

Porper, Joe: Whit "Pop" Haydn 4 Ring Routine. Set of 12" rings, custom case and DVD. Listed around $450 and were available from Stevens Magic when available.

Proline Magic: Linking Rings (Clifford Wiggs). Outstanding, large 13" aluminum rings. Rings "chime" when hit together. Feature a locking ring. Each ring goes through a 5-step quality process to eliminate seams and that looks exactly like chrome. 3/8" diameter. 3-Ring Set $160; 8-Ring Set $260.

Pyramid Gold Magic: Linking Rings 6 Inch, set of 8 chrome rings and drawstring pouch.

Redefine Magic: Redefine Pro Rings. Handmade rings. 8 ring set 12 inches of stainless steel and seamless welding. Includes carry bag. $280.

Rings 'N Things: Solid Carbon Steel Plated rings. No longer available.

RNT2: Solid Stainless Steel Rings. 12" heavy rings. No longer available.

Romhany, Paul: Linking Hearts. Includes four 5” heart-shaped triple plated metal rings that can fit in your pocket. The heart shape allows for moves not possible with standard rings. Also includes a DVD with Romhany's routine and bonus ideas. DVD also includes a ring on string routine, "Heart String".

Royal Magic
: Linking Rings. Inexpensive in 5" or 8" sizes.

Sankey, Jay: 3 Ring Circus (DVD + Rings). Linking ring routine using key ring rings. Plus 8 other routines: Dowsing, Economic Risks (mentalist), Hot Date coin transpo, Sudden Triumph, Kung Fu Coin Change, Collateral Damage vanish & appearance of a signed bill, Menage a Trois mental sandwich effect, and Yes & No killer card effect. Comes with custom rings. $40

S.S. Adams: Linking Rings. Inexpensive 5 inch rings.

Sterling Steal: 17 Inch Linking 3 Ring Set. 17 inches in diameter. Light weight, Perfectly balanced, Highly Polished to a mirror finish, NO weld marks and ring like a bell. With magnetic locking key ring. $240. A 30" set is also available!

Stevens Magic: Giant Linking Rings: Huge, 15" rings constructed of 1/2" diameter hollow aluminum. 3-Ring Set $115.

Stevens Magic: Linking Rings with Locking Key. Hollow, Locking Key, Linking Rings. Light-weight, 10-inch, hollow rings are crafted of anodized aluminum. $85

Tannen Super Locking Rings. 11" rings, 5/16" thick of anodized aluminum with magnetic locking mechanism. Set of 3: $120, Set of 8: $240

Tannen Linking Rings: Set-8 Rings in 5", 8", and 10" (High Chrome) ranging from about $20-80

Taylor, Merv: Orb-Eternal 8 and 10-inch Rings. Solid seamless stainless. (no longer available). Merged with Owen Magic.

TCC Presents & Michael Ammar: Deluxe Linking Rings. Introduced in 2020. 11-inch stainless steel hollow rings, 1cm diameter, .2kg weight each, available in 5 and 8 ring sets with carry bag for around $200-$250.

TCC Presents: 4" Linking Rings. Close-up version of the Rings with basic Video guide, four rings, and a carrying pouch. Available in four colors. Each ring weighs about 48g. 

Tenyo: Chinese Linking Rings. Set of four 10cm (approx. 4" rings)

The Essel Magic: Linking Rings. Linking ring sets available in 5", 8" and 12".

UDay's Magic World (Uday Jadugar): Linking Rings. Available in 6", 8", and 10". Eight ring set made of steel. India.

Van Dokkum Linking Rings (Netherlands). Hand-made,  of hollow brass or stainless steel. Light, but can withstand professional performer's demands. Can be ordered in any size, but 11" is recommended. Custom sets can be provided with choices of: Single rings, chains of two or three, key ring, and the van Dokkum Locking Key. The van Dokkum Locking Ring can be opened and closed with one hand, is not magnetic, yet cannot be seen from even two feet away.

Viking Manufacturing Company: Linking Ring 3 Ring Self Locking. Light-weight aluminum 3-ring set with magnetic locking 'key'.

Voitko, Victor: Flying Linking Rings. This unique set of Linking Rings also float in mid-air while linking (for stage). Includes three DeLuxe Flying rings made from polished aluminum, DVD instructions, case, gimmick, and more. These are in the $500-800 price range.  From Magic-Votiko (Russia); available at Stevens Magic.

Votiko, Victor: VLR Votiko's Linking Rings. Linking rings in finger ring size with rings forming a single finger ring finale.

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